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Open file (187.29 KB 1000x562 sn.jpg)
Soytendo Direct Anonymous 09/14/2023 (Thu) 12:10:33 No.5586
https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=rfYfuAOKTxA Shitch 2 let's fucking gooo.
Open file (93.24 KB 1200x1099 CardboardBoy.jpg)
Let me guess, a lot of remasters to buff up the library.
There's Splatoon 3 already?
oh boy, another Mario shovelware
>have to explain the most basic gameplay elements the absolute state of the nintendo audience
Open file (165.97 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
Open file (153.65 KB 1280x720 1.jpg)
Prince of Nigeria looks like a fucking browser game
Open file (270.81 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
>asking money for this
Open file (128.09 KB 1280x720 gdf.jpg)
cute peanut but this is a PS3 game
Open file (200.79 KB 1280x720 3.jpg)
>Super Mario RPG numake
Open file (231.23 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
just play the original ffs
Yup, more remasters
>more Marioslop enough already
Open file (171.31 KB 1280x720 t4.jpg)
>Stronk womyn Peach game
Open file (273.95 KB 1280x720 21.jpg)
>new SaGA game >looks like an actual browser game
Detective Pikachu, now with a bunch of mystery meat brown people. Great.
>Tomb Raider remasters >you can switch between a PS1 look and a PS2 look wew, take my $70
>>5603 yeah lol right away
More wii gimmicks. It's so over for Nintensoys.
Open file (187.43 KB 474x316 ClipboardImage.png)
>online battle royal brawler
The artstyle on all these games looks so ugly. How are you gonna make a Contra game look like that?
Open file (274.59 KB 1280x720 t.jpg)
>Contra remaster holy fuck it looks ugly as shit, made by Pajeets again
>>5608 Just a bunch of cheap remasters to buff up a library so you could says you have a famous IP
>New Vanillaware >another browser looking game jfc...
>luigi's mansion 2 HD lmfao wow, a bunch of remakes and phone games.
>>5612 Yeah I hope these are like $20 apiece or else this is laughable
They're still making amibos?
>another remaster are you fucking kidding me...
<see fzero >Oh shit ok, new Fzero game? <fzero 1, NOW HD AND ONLINE
Open file (295.34 KB 1280x720 yhrh].jpg)
Another browser game, great.
>>5616 >making new games why when your audience eats all this slop
Open file (167.67 KB 1280x720 lol.jpg)
Holy shit, what is this 2002?
Open file (98.56 KB 864x640 nintendo new jrpg.jpg)
Bruh >>5618 I wonder how hard they're soyjakking right now.
Open file (360.78 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
Open file (208.19 KB 561x448 ClipboardImage.png)
Redditur is eating it up.
>this fucking ugly RGPmaker crap >Console exclusive! wew what a sell
>Mario Kart >not even a new game
Open file (131.59 KB 945x708 trash.jpg)
>we put a wii track in mario kart 8 >among us DLC Unreal how bad this is.
That's it? That's your fucking Direct? Literally nothing but browser looking games and remasters...
Open file (61.53 KB 1270x448 ClipboardImage.png)
Not a single even remotely modern game, just a barrage of pixelshit and PS2 looking remasters. Unless they all cost like $5 each I don't know who's retarded enough to buy any of this shit.
Well anons, you thought this was bad? Unwatchable? In 6 hours there's the Snoystation State of Play. Stay tuned...
Why even have this presentation if you have literally nothing to show?
>>5627 current state of gaming in 2023
Open file (577.46 KB 2184x1408 Mister Metokur.jpg)
>>5622 >>5627 <Bros if we all buy their shitty remakes for $70 a piece our masters might bless us with another shitty remake for $70! Absolutely shameful.
Why would anyone buy a Switch at this point? You can literally play all they have to offer on your phone.
>>5627 <when Shitendo does remakes, it's good. The whole reason why remakes are a thing now is bc it costs too much and takes too long to make AAA games. Nintendo sidesteps this by not using powerful cutting-edge hardware anymore and making hybrid handhelds. So they occupy a different market from Sony and Microsoft. Their last cutting-edge hardware was Gamecube. They can't make anything new or good anymore so they must rely on nostalgia and love for the Mario and Zelda IP's to sell. And it works. If AAA games development is too expensive and takes too long, I would like to see Sony try this approach and use less-powerful hardware and introduce a new way to play, similar to how the analog stick offered something new. Go back to making PS2 games and work that new gimmick, whatever it is.
>>5637 I'm not gonna pay for PS2 level graphics when I can already play them for free, on my PS2. From 20 years ago. If we've gotten to this point of grefix, I want to see actual games with said grefix. That said, even Shitch can do at least somewhat reasonable visuals i.e. Xenoblade Chronicles and the like. They're just lazy fags who don't want to bother doing anything because all this cheap low effort slop is selling all the same to their retarded audience.
>>5637 I dont think they can depend on mario anymore, Wonder looks like trash first glance
>>5638 Part of me thinks that one needs a bottleneck in the console's power to restrain the developer's vision of a game. Otherwise, you get developer nightmares like when Squaresoft tried to make FFXV and has to cancel 3 or 4 games or just putting the game on a railroad track like FFXIII. Or how Bethesda is taking 8-10 years between their Elder Scrolls and Fallout games. But ofc, these are as large as possible, open worlds so they are the extremes of game development. Or the time between each GTA now is huge. There has to be a good solution around this. And hiring small Chinese and Indian teams to make mobile-tier games isn't the solution. Bottlenecks breed creativity. Just like how most of the music on NES and SNES is good bc there are only a couple channels one can use to make music, so the musician had to make it good. Whereas now, most of game music is just forgettable trash and tries to emulate background movie tracks.
>>5640 It's too late for that now. Certainly I don't want any pseudo retro shit and paying for it, back in the day what is now retro was the state of the art visuals. It would have been nice if the graphics stopped at the late 6th gen and instead CPU power was chased. Although now games are also bottlenecked with diminishing returns where graphics aren't progressing at all.
>>5637 >they must rely on nostalgia and love for the Mario and Zelda IP's to sell. And it works. The last Zelda was legitimately good but the good will for nintendo can only last so long. Initially people would buy anything called Metroid or Fzero because there are still people with nostalgia from their childhood, but with nintendo shitting the bed and failing to put out a good game with a new formula for years with the rare exception people are going to start noticing. Nintendo doesn't know what they're doing and this is proof, especially trying to hype up wii wagglan games in 2023.
>>5684 zeldo was never good its all shit
>>5684 People don't even notice PS5 and Xbox Series X have no games. Normies buy on the expectation that something good will come out on the consoles eventually. Elder Scrolls 6 won't even be shipping on PS5 and Series X. But people THINK it will. The big 3 are coasting on good will built up from PS1,2, and 3 eras to some extent. Or the perception that this is the console I'm SUPPOSED to have. Y'know for when GTA6 comes out or to play the latest Madden. Latest and greatest, right? So I don't think anyone will wake up from Nintendo nostalgia. Nintendo can put out stuff and make people feel warm and fuzzy so they win by default. Doesn't matter that nothing's new. Doesn't matter if the graphics looks like Wii U. Maybe Nintendo has put out such quality over the years that their reputation is never tarnished. Think about it. People wanted a sequel to Super Metroid for years. Then finally they got Metroid Prime, reimagined in first person view. And people ate it up. Just like all those 2D ones on handhelds like GB Advance. No one ever really says, "This major Mario/Zelda/Metroid was really really bad. Like 2/10." Instead, every major Nintendo game, like a Zelda or Mario gets 10/10's from IGN and every major game review site. Not bc they necessarily are, but bc the reviewer knows they're expected to be quality and the benchmark for gaming.
Open file (1.52 MB 498x278 lmao.gif)
>>5684 >The last Zelda was legitimately good
Open file (987.24 KB 2208x423 16.png)
>>5700 How does it somehow have less detail?
>>5700 It seems gamefreak took over all of soytendo anons!
>>5640 It isn't always good, imagine DS2 if the orginal director was allowed to make his vision of a tightly knit semi-open world with time traveling and demons like he originally wanted. not the nu open world shit we think today Because he got cucked by consoleshit we had to wait to see Elden Ring to a fraction of thay vision, and by than it was far away from what he wanted. Also he was never allowed to direct a dark souls game ever again and fromsoft never allower anything new to be added to souls games. every improvement DS2 brought to gameplay was undone I think the butchering of dark souls 2 has helped contribute to the modern state of the endless amounts of shitty souls clones being around today, and it was the hardware that helped ensure that happened.
>>5633 Metokike needs to die, thanks for the funny memes even on /kong/ redditkuranon.
Open file (9.18 KB 220x220 wakka.jpg)
>>5703 >DS2 >improvement to gameplay
>>5627 Mr. Metocare is too inept and lazy to download Dolphin emulator, download F-Zero GX gamecube ROM, (maybe download gamecube BIOS), and plug in a controller to play the game. Instead he wants a remaster or remake which would likely just fuck up the game. Bro, you don't have to wait years and be at Nintendo's mercy. Their decision to make low-tech, tablet-tier graphics games means it's all easily emulated now. From Wii, to WiiU, to Switch. It's playable with graphics enhancements right now on your computer, let alone original Gamecube hardware. No need to pay Nintendo for the privilege of buying their game yet again. >B-but I want the convenience of playing it on my Switch! Ok, but it's not like you don't already have a Steam Deck as well, which can be loaded up with emulators and games.
Open file (617.16 KB 750x645 MnM9ApG.png)
>>5703 So are you one of those contrarian types that insists DS2 was the best one, when it was actually the worst Souls game? Here's why: 1. The graphics got a massive downgrade right before launch. Previously, it was advertised with a new lighting model that had nice dramatic shadows and real time lighting from the torch and even that knight boss with lightning illuminating the scene. It was a developer's idea of a graphics rugpull. Bait and switch. I think they claimed they had to downgrade it to get it to run on PS3/360. Then when you play the game, you realize the game's level design suffered immensely. Unlike DS1, where the world loops in on itself and reconnects in various ways by elevators, and paths from the central bonfire hub, DS2's level design branches off in dozens of directions on railroad tracks. You follow each line out and then it was a boss, then bonfire to warp back. Lots of dead ends. This is lazy level design. DS1 had a little of this toward the end, bc it was clear they had money/time restraints around the lava levels. But this linear branch style of level design defined DS2. The world was no longer interconnected and amazing in its intricacy. >his vision of a tightly knit semi-open world with time traveling and demons like he originally wanted. I'm not sure what this vision was supposed to be but it's at least enticing. >he was never allowed to direct a dark souls game ever again I wouldn't let the guy who made the worst one, direct another one either. I'd let him have a side project. Iirc, DS2 was the B team at From Software, not their A team. >every improvement DS2 brought to gameplay was undone What improvements? I'm not being sarcastic. Genuinely curious. Btw, I don't think DS2's failure stopped innovation. As Bloodborne experimented even further, by forcing you to be offensive since the shield was removed in favor of gun-parry weapons. >Hardware bottlenecks of PS3/360 butchered DS2. Here's why I think you're wrong. Demon's Souls released on PS3 and was not shit and nobody had any complaints since this was everyone's first Souls game. It was great. Then DS1 released on PS3/360 and that went down as one of the greatest games of all time, and regularly appears in top 5 games of all time. Sometimes number 1. So this same hardware did not affect Demon's Souls and DS1. Yes, I know they tried to upgrade the graphics and use a new lighting model on DS2 but it was too taxing. Still, they could have done the PC version like that with the fancy lighting but FROM never does PC ports well. It's always an afterthought filled with poor framerate or microstutters. I'm not saying DS2 was utter crap. It was just the worst Souls game, especially following DS1, a high bar to follow. The desert sorceress enemy sure was sexy though.
Open file (46.93 KB 680x680 morrigan pacha.jpg)
>>5716 Absolutely based and savage devastation. DS2 feels like a simplistic childish game made by a lesser developer imitating the DS formula, whereas DS1 was the peak of game development by a team at the high of their craft. I don't even care about the graphics or the lighting downgrade, the gameplay in DS2 is so laughably easy and simplistic, no wonder it's often called the DMC2 of the Souls series.
>>5705 I mainly was talking about power stances and the addition of Hexes, I also like the idea of denigration of health/appearence of ones character every death. A lot of these additions to gameplay could have been ironed out in Dark Souls 3, or just nerfed a bit in the case of Hexes, and instead they were all removed. >So are you one of those contrarian types that insists DS2 was the best Nope, I actually personally enjoyed Demon's souls the most when it came to the lore, but Dark Souls was the overall best made. >>5717 Did you anons even read my post? The original director planned for DS2 to be like Dark Souls 1 but with many new ideas put in, a more interactive world, time travel, and it was all to twist back into itself like DS1 in a Metroid like style. However, he got to ambitious with the graphics/size of the world, and not only was he held back graphically he spent so much time on the new engine that he was never able to finish the games base world itself. Fromsoft than lost confidence in him as a director and had Miazaki stitch his game together into the disapointment we got later, with it only being made okay with Scholar of the first sin and a couple mods and echos of what it was meant to be in the three DLCs. I don't even think it would be better than Dark Souls but it would have tried some new ideas without the world being mashed together like Earthen Peak to the iron keep, you also would have had a far more in deph and cute relationship with the Emerald Herald, being her sort of autistic Father figure or older brother figure as a child, meeting her as an adult would showcase her mysterious faith in you which is a bit different than other souls maidens. Aldia would have been the autistic time sorcerer trying to change the fate of the autism kingdom btw, or he was unlocking its secrets, theirnare some good videos on it but the point is there were meant to be demons, and actual dragons in the game, and more than that. Director was so obsessed with his vision he forgot he only had half the team, half the experience, and that the 360/ps3 couldn't handle the size or the original world and the graphics together. >DS2 feels like a simplistic childish game made by a lesser developer imitating the DS formula Funnily enough the original souls director took over half way through and it was him who sort of turned the assets into the game we got, and I don't entirely agree with you with the base game. Majority of the bosses were either easy as shit or unfair. A couple fun gimmiky boss fights like mirror knight or straight annoying fights like the Smelter Demon. Original Director, as I said before got to give small echosnof his original vision on the form of the three DLCs, each one had better boss fights minus the blue fucking smelter demon and a small semi-open world that twisted back into itself like the original dark souls. Again, don't think DS2 was the best, but had its original vision been followed we would have seen some creative additions to the souls series, instead of the boriny rehash of DS3 which only has open world elements/shortcuts in individual areas and Elden Ring which decided to makea lifeless map as the answer to Formula Fatique. Might I add that much like DS2 Elden Ring's bosses are either easy as shit or just grind a ton to win type boss fights, well DS2 was more straight unfair but the point is the more fairer well made balance in Dark souls isn't present.
>>5724 *boring *make a Sure there are more errors but I am tired, hope its somewhat understandable.
>>5725 *there were
Open file (8.70 KB 181x291 philsmug.jpg)
>>5714 I lold at all the nintendo babbies playing Tears of the Kingdom at 30fps on their Switch, meanwhile I'm playing it on PC at 60fps and for free.
>>5700 Sometimes a darker color scheme works better why do they have to bloom and brighten the shit out of everything? Their Wind Waker "remaster" had the same shit going on with brightness and bloom shitting on the original color scheme and making it a migraine inducing eyesore.
>>5739 gotta make everything bright and clean for the HDslop crowd, that's how they consumed everything and that's the only thing they know
>>5700 >numake >runs at higher resolution >completely fuck the art style making the game look worse then the original Many such cases.
>>5788 It's so pointless too, at least make it something different if you're numaking it. Just doing the exact same thing but worse is beyond shit.
>>5788 Total numake death, people need to be led to quote the titular lawnmower man.
Open file (1.89 KB 332x176 gh4.png)
>release the same game but without the outlines >sell it for $30 again

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