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Anonymous 09/16/2023 (Sat) 17:57:57 No.5715
Fuck man, I miss when cutscenes were a reward for overcoming a challenge and beating a portion of the game. Whether they were state-of-the-art CGI or in-engine, they always had an immense impact on you when you actually deserved them. Despite a lot of games even having simple short stories they became iconic and legendary due to this, each and every moment burned into memory. Now compare to all this modern slop with HUNDREDS of hours of cutscenes literally nobody remembers, where it's all about muh story, story, story with game as an afterthought.
cutscenes used to be the hardest thing to do in a game, now they're the easiest thing to do in a game so most games are just cutscenes
It should be 'cutgameplay' now as gameplay occasionally intercuts hours of cinematics.
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>>5822 FFX best FF
>>5829 No, but it's the last classic FF so it's still fantastic.
In the '90s devs considered cut-scenes as indeed part of the game, of the whole package. As mentioned it was incredibly hard to even make a cutscene, hence why awfulness like FMV became a thing. It's hard to say if the cut-scenes would of remained in that same category since the chase for 'muh cinematic just like moobies' has completely steamrolled the craft. There will never be such a time again.
>>5715 I miss the pre rendered cutscenes, they always felt like a true reward. I remember spending hours and hours unlocking all the endings in Tekken. Nowadays even if they make those you can't even tell them apart from in game graphics so they are redundant and don't mean anything. It's another one of those things that will never come back. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=lKHaMeTcVr4
>>6024 Spending days to level up and finally manage to beat a hard boss at 3AM in the morning and get a major new story beat with a brand new jaw-dropping CGI cutscene... Zoomers will never undrstand.
>>5715 What was cool about cutscenes in pre social cancer, pre jewtube and even pre broadband era, is that you couldn't really easily rewatch them. Some games had cutscenes theaters but not many. So you really only got one fleeting chance to see them, especially final and secret cutscenes, without having to replay a portion or the entire game again. This made them very special and ultimately iconic. Nowadays fuck, people just go and watch final, secret and whatever cutscenes on jewtube without even beating the game.
>>5899 Full-Motion-Video My ass anon....
>>6920 Or in the ass.

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