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Open file (64.26 KB 600x478 pumpkin-645382271.gif)
Spooky Scary Games Anonymous 10/03/2023 (Tue) 21:46:44 No.6097
What spoopy games do you like? Which ones you find memorable?
as shitty as it is i like Slender just for its simplicity. still never beat it. SCP: Containment Breach is fun/scary for about 10 minutes, then just gets really tedious and annoying. there's no point in checking what the different SCPs do since they'll most likely just gimp/wound/kill you in some way, so most of them time you're just hunting down keycards and outrunning 106. and to get the "best" ending requires doing the least amount of work.
furry servers on gmod during halloween, really creepy
Maybe it doesn't count but I just have been playing but nothing but doom lately, there is something of a horror aspect when I see some of the custom-made imps throw energyballs at me that constantly follow my every move.
>>6099 lol
What was that game on a ship?
Open file (26.92 KB 474x296 th-250456093.jpg)
>>6097 I don't really like horror anything, games especially, but there are some jap waifucore horror games like Clock Tower 3 that are more comfy than scary.
Open file (207.48 KB 316x316 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6107 ghostship zombieship vampireship skeletonship blackship any of these?
>>6111 These are all real games?
>>6107 Resident Evil Gaiden?
Open file (54.38 KB 1024x768 7.jpg)
Open file (58.29 KB 1024x768 10.jpg)
Open file (68.95 KB 1024x768 02.jpg)
Open file (91.78 KB 1024x768 03.jpg)
Open file (68.27 KB 1024x768 12.jpg)
>>6107 Cold Fear. It's pretty solid.
Wheres everyone going? Bingo.
>>6123 Now that's what I call backup.
Open file (29.31 KB 474x630 sh2.jpg)
>>6110 Soon to be butchered with a numake
Open file (21.16 KB 474x266 th-1656863116.jpg)
What do anons think about Amnesia?
>>6241 Very forgettable :^)
Open file (92.39 KB 900x1240 Thief.jpg)
>>6242 Gotta admit it had an interesting system with the custom maps one could make. What do anons think about thief? I've never played it but seems to be what inspired dishonered, and I thought the first dishonered was okay, 2nd was, well the 2nd had good old queen anita inserting diversity and it was basically the same fucking shit. Thief looks super cool, didn't know they were making stealth games of the first-person type during the late 90s, at least in the way it seems to have been made. Apparently it was a big success and I had nevet heard of it.
Open file (9.18 KB 220x220 wakka.jpg)
>>6249 >never heard of Thief
The original Clock Tower is quite fascinating. It's basically a point and click adventure game for SNES (later a PS1 port). You would never think a 16 bit game could be scary but it does have a rather unnerving atmosphere and even successful scares.
Open file (388.87 KB 1200x1196 dc.jpg)
Dino Crisis > Resident Evil.
Open file (441.71 KB 500x423 sci.gif)
>>6269 It's a legitimate achievement to pull off effective horror in a 2D game. Shame it's an obvious Dario Argento ripoff otherwise.
>>6287 Yeah it's a genuine art form. First thing they were able to nail is the artstyle, the pixelwork doesn't come of as cutesy superdeformed like in most 8/16 bit games, and the art on the character portraits is legit disturbing and haunting. Then the animations are very smooth and insanely detailed, even for something like picking up a plank of wood there's a unique animation of turning with it and carrying it. Finally the story is both simple yet complex in its set up and how it unfolds, I would say very much ahead of its time and feels very much like something from the golden age of horror games of the 5th/6th gens.
>>6270 true because dinos > zombies
>>6270 Always like Regina's pretty red hair, I should probably try it out tbh.
Open file (1.23 MB 316x227 1.gif)
Open file (1.38 MB 298x214 2.gif)
Open file (6.09 MB 540x399 3.gif)
Open file (1.32 MB 320x230 4.gif)
>>6334 Dino Crisis is great. Unlike Resident Evil it uses fully 3D backgrounds, some really impressive stuff.
Open file (89.26 KB 547x800 Siren.jpg)
Open file (2.25 MB 390x220 011.gif)
>>6349 >ps2 graphics better than 90% of modern vidya today
>>6349 These were good, the first and the weird sequel really hit that weird survival-horror feel.
Open file (319.03 KB 850x505 .36.png)
Open file (460.34 KB 400x225 00.gif)
>>6359 Yeah I still remember how it was praised for stretching the insanely photorealistic textures on models. Coupled with excellent directional lighting and you got some of the best spooky scary games on the market.
God I fucking love 6 generation aesthetics
Open file (968.17 KB 970x546 Diablo_Arm.png)
Diablo >>6360 I love how the photo-realism doesn't not make me want to barf?
Open file (392.26 KB 640x480 the gateway 1.png)
Open file (437.30 KB 640x480 the gateway 2.png)
>>6366 Back then any attempt at photorealism was an insanely hard and ambitious thing to pull of, requiring as much skill and effort as anything else.
>>6367 100 percent true, LA Noire is the only recent game that did a damn good job with the photo realism.
Open file (2.28 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6368 I don't know about good job but at least it was up and front about it being a gimmick.
>>6369 Maybe not good looking but the faces are truly expressive due to all the effort they did into making them from the autistic cameras angles for just one face.
>>6384 mocap is like the antithesis of effort
>>6385 I partially agree, sometimes it can be used for some interesting shit which can make cutscenes and with LA Noires case faces more expressive, but from the perspective of the sixth gen where devs dis a good job emulating all that stuff without any Mocap it does seem lazy in most cases, I want to go back.
>>6392 L.A. Noire looked impressive for a very limited window in time but now it looks goofy with overly animated 'real' faces on stiff 7th gen models with inadequate textures and lighting.
>>6097 The original Castlevania comes to mind for me. It's one I've beaten like two or three times and just like the basic mechanics. Most people seem to prefer Castlevania III, but I prefer the simplicity of the first game. >>6100 Knee-Deep in the Dead definitely had a horror feeling to it. There are definitely others creepy parts of Doom, like E2M6. >>6366 I don't like WRPGs, but I'll give Diablo credit for having great atmosphere. I remember finding it fascinating as a kid seeing the previews on the WarCraft II disc or seeing it in Best Buy and knowing my parents wouldn't have let me play it. I'd like to actually beat it someday.
Open file (877.84 KB 500x448 ad.gif)
>>6398 When I was a kid I couldn't play Castlevania games not because they were too hard but because they were too scary for me, especial Castlevania 4.
>>6398 >I don't like WRPGs, but I'll give Diablo credit for having great atmosphere It's literally the only thing it has and been cruising on it for 30 years.
Open file (121.18 KB 870x1000 5.jpg)
>>6402 I disagree, I personally like the autistic gameplay of clicking until things die, I also love all the autistic builds you can make in D2 and D2 Mods, that being said everyone knows D3 and beyond is....well its shit.
>>6424 >I personally like the autistic gameplay of clicking until things die But you can do that in other games, and better. That's why the only thing Diablo truly has going on for it is the atmosphere.
>>6425 I mean maybe its because it was a childhood favorite but I really do have fond memories of playing Diablo 2 in particular, being a Necromancer and just making an army of undead destroying fucking everything, it can get to the point where you can solo monsters designed to be fought in parties at some point. Also you can make hybrid-builds so you don't just cast Amp damage/decrepify, you could also use bone and poison related attacks to bolster your army. Obviously that's just one class, and my favorite in particular of D2, Eastern Sun rises was a mod that I also really liked playing since the enemies ere tougher but I could spawn as many (((golems))) as I wanted as a Necro. Damn I really do play as the necro a bit to much, maybe in the future I should try Barbarian, but I get the feeling I am the type of anon who listens to the same cd for 30+ years but with video games so that might be the reason why I have so much enthusiasm about D2.
>>6426 Having enthusiasm is good. Especially for classic games.
Open file (276.84 KB 616x353 y.png)
this was almost great, a RE4 spiritual successor from Shinji Mikami, but then Slopthesda had to ruin everything
>>6402 I'm only talking about the first game. I don't like the direction Diablo 2 went, so any Diablo past the first one has next to no appeal to me.
>>6450 Isn't Diablo 2 just more of the same?
>>6451 The world is opened up more at the expense of the gothic feeling that the first game had. It's got jungles and deserts and stuff. Even the more typically medieval parts felt different to me when I played it, probably because they lack the calm but ominous nighttime ambiance that Tristram had in the first game. It's been years since I tried the game though, and even then I only played a multiplayer session at someone's house.
>>6452 So the great atmosphere is only the gothic look?
>>6453 That dark, gloomy, medieval feeling is what I like about the first game. It's a bit of a pet peeve of mine when traditional Western fantasy settings start throwing in jungles and deserts and stuff like that. It's not like people weren't aware of environments like those in medieval times, but it gets away from what I like about those kinds of fantasy settings. I think the WarCraft games followed a similar path. The first game felt dark and gritty, WarCraft II brightened things up a bit and started throwing in fruity pseudo-steampunk technology and trolls talking like Al Pacino in Scarface. WarCraft III began putting in Jamaican-sounding jungle trolls and introduced the Taurens, who are basically injun minotaurs and took the cartooniness up a notch. The first WarCraft might have been heavily derivative of Warhammer, but I liked the worldbuilding and foreboding feeling the original game had. I've always liked WarCraft II, but I've become more critical of parts of it as I've gotten older. It's not that I'm inherently against having lots of different biomes or steampunk-like aspects in a fantasy work, but it depends on the kind of world in question. It doesn't bother me in a Nip-style fantasy game like Final Fantasy, for example. I guess part of it is that I like my run-of-the-mill, Tolkien-imitating Western fantasy worlds (I don't know what the proper name is for them) to feel mysterious and relatively closed off. It probably has some relation to my hatred of lorefaggotry and having everything spelled out instead of being left to the player's imagination.
>>6454 Tolkien is anything but closed off tho
>>6455 Yeah, I get that. There are the Haradrim and Easterlings and the Undying Lands and everything. I prefer things feeling more isolated though.
>>6454 >It's a bit of a pet peeve of mine when traditional Western fantasy settings start throwing in jungles and deserts and stuff like that >Tolkien-imitating Western fantasy worlds (I don't know what the proper name is for them) to feel mysterious and relatively closed off LOTR is full of forests (like half the story is set in forests) and mountains and swamps and stuff like that. All of them feel very mysterious. It's about the right atmosphere not the locale.
>>6462 >LOTR is full of forests (like half the story is set in forests) and mountains and swamps and stuff like that. All of them feel very mysterious. It's about the right atmosphere not the locale. Those are kinds of environments I like in those kinds of fantasy stories as long as they're temperate and are portrayed in the right way. Examples of what I don't like would be things like knights trekking through a tropical jungle or exploring a faux-Egyptian temple. It's like taking a bleeding chunk of one kind of setting and then grafting it onto another. If they'd take a less traditional approach to fantasy aesthetics and mix things up more within each of the settings they're combining it would bother me less. I don't know how to explain what I mean, but it feels like they're taking from their influences too broadly in a sense, rather than getting creative with individual influences they're combining. It's like seeing the seams of the worldbuilding. I think there's several different things I'm talking about here and having problems expressing. When it comes to a "generic" (for lack of a better word) Western fantasy worlds, I like things feeling isolated rather than expansive and details about the world hinted at rather than necessarily being explicitly revealed. If a particular work is going for the feeling of a larger world, I want it to get more creative instead of involving situations like a race of not-medieval-Europeans interacting with a race of not-Chinamen (or, for example, anthropomorphized pandas standing in for them). A lot of it comes down to visual aesthetics more than anything.
>>6465 >knights exploring a faux-Egyptian temple That's pretty cool tbh.
Open file (763.46 KB 943x1114 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.22 MB 498x280 the-evi.gif)
>>6443 Story has been completely buttfucked by Bethesda but gameplay is pretty solid.
Open file (103.27 KB 280x325 soma.png)
>>6490 Cute elf/hobbit.
Open file (1.80 MB 1048x1033 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6804 What's that?
Happy Halloween anons! cute vampire girls ask for candy
Open file (245.72 KB 1920x1065 ae2.jpeg)
>>6877 Happy Halloween Boo!
>>6878 Don't awaken my coomer instincts anon.
Open file (165.73 KB 1080x1080 f25ee.jpeg)
>>6882 Embrace the coom.
>>6883 You make it hard not to anon....damnit.
>>6921 >>6878 how am I supposed to get scared with this massive erection
Open file (79.09 KB 385x328 gl.png)
zoomers discovered Gaylo I guess
Open file (129.90 KB 1280x1024 g_5wallart.jpg)
Why did the survival horror genre have to die, bros? ps2 was really the last platform it was still kicking. Seems like graphics also died after that.
>>7124 I actually don't remember a single horror game on PS3. I'm sure there were some, but I don't know them. On the other hand I can name you like 10 different horror games for PS2 off the top of my head.
>>7124 That's because the late PS2/Xbox era is when the niggercattle really started getting into vidya. And slower more complicative horror where you had to consider your actions past 'hurr durr me got gun me shoot zombie' wasn't going to appeal to the gaylo fans that quite frankly far outnumbered vidya's original customer base.
>>7144 >That's because the late PS2/Xbox era is when the niggercattle really started getting into vidya You mean PS3/360
>>7124 nice legs
>>7153 Nah. The PS2 had GTA 3 and the Xbox had Halo. Those where some of the biggest offenders when it comes to getting normalfags into video games. It was all downhill from there.
>>7188 lolno, there isn't any single game that brought normalfags into gaming and certainly not those games as they came out so early it was almost still the '90s and games were still seen as children toys. No, what brought normalfags into videogames was the gradually expanding media attention which exploded exponentially after the rise social media cancer at the beginning of the 7th gen.
Open file (40.10 KB 1024x768 spook.jpg)
Open file (18.32 KB 612x480 silent-hill-psx-6.jpg)
Do you think a survival horror game in the style of the PSX classics could be successful today? I'm talking about something on the same level as silent hill or resident evil in terms of scope. Do you think people would accept it today, so long as it was actually scary?
>>7253 No, zoomers and normalfags are literally allergic to anything that isn't modern handholding standardized crap, and will never play it. We need a literal alternative Barenstein universe where the survival horror genre hadn't died out for this to happen.
>>7253 Yeah, there's plenty of people looking for that kind of thing despite what eternally griping faggots like >>7261 say.
>>7253 no, gaming is dead
I always wanted to see the 5th-era game style done in 'modern' graphics but alas.

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