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Licensed games Anonymous 02/15/2023 (Wed) 21:18:30 No.637
Contrary to popular belief, licensed games can be fun.
A lot of the LOTR games looked really cool back in the day, any worth still playing?
Open file (130.21 KB 640x480 snapshot.jpg)
Open file (142.57 KB 1920x1080 LOTR FOTR.jpg)
>>638 Yeah the two official games - Two Towers and Return of the King are really fun, look really good too. When the first film came out there was only one game released, based on the books instead of the film, it's a different experience far from a hack-n-slash but it's pretty comfy too. It even has Tom Bombadil.
Open file (126.50 KB 640x480 32850-.jpg)
it's funny, in the 90s licensed games didn't have the stigma of being bad but were often considered the safest bet for a good AAA game
>>658 What facilitated the change for licensed games to be mostly shit?
>>682 hmm, perhaps at the beginning of the 6th gen games were starting to be seen as a major lucrative industry (in the 90s video games were basically equated to toys) and so studios started ordering more and more movie/shows tie-ins to get in on the action
>>697 Were licensed games in the '90s tied closely to the film release? That became the main issue.
The honest reason I think a lot of them became shit was because it was a lot easier to create shovelware with the advent of the mass-production methods of 3D games.
>>881 That's true, for 2D games you have to create custom pixel art manually no matter what which requires skill and effort, for 3D games there's a significant leeway of just throwing together some shit in a builder.
Open file (37.15 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
"Peter Jackson's King Kong" This game is divided into two sections, the first section you play as "Jack" in a FPS survival style and in the second section you play as"King Kong" in a mix of Beat 'em up with platform.
>>1120 This one is okay, visually nice tho.
Open file (202.81 KB 640x480 Scarface.jpg)
Open file (201.90 KB 640x480 The Godfather.jpg)
Open file (202.81 KB 640x480 From Russia with Love.jpg)
So in the mid 00s there was a whole slew of high-profile licensed games like Godfather, Scarface, From Russia with Love and so on. They were actually pretty solid.
>>1766 Speaking of, most of James Bond games are quite decent.
A dumb one but my favorite licensed movie title is Die Hard trilogy on PS1, it is just bloody and gory violent fun. Then you have Alien Trilogy that is a guilty pleasure, a more well known licensed game that people do not believe is licensed is Parasite Eve by Squaresoft which is a sequel to the novel Parasite Eve. >>1766 Godfather was a genuine fun game. Wouldn't say that Scarface was a good game even for that timeperiod, some say that even Godfather was just OK but I would argue out of the GTA clones it was able to distinguished itself really well. Like it was only Mafia before it, set in that timeperiod, that was able to have a GTA experience in the sandbox mode on PC with just the sandbox fun without any penalties for fucking around. >>1770 James Bond games where really solid even the fucking PS1 games where solid piece of fun. But as great James Bond games then it is like GoldenEye and Everything and Nothing where really awesome games.
Open file (290.92 KB 1111x647 latest_version.jpg)
>>1775 >Die Hard trilogy, Alien Trilogy Yeah those were good, done by the same dev too. >a more well known licensed game that people do not believe is licensed is Parasite Eve by Squaresoft which is a sequel to the novel Parasite Eve. I don't think that qualifies as a licensed vidya, at least in the traditional sense. It was more of an adaptation/sequel type of thing. >Wouldn't say that Scarface was a good game even for that timeperiod I'd say it was, for what it is. It wasn't amazing or anything but definitely not bad. It looked good and played good too. >James Bond games where really solid even the fucking PS1 games where solid piece of fun Yeah, 6th gen Bond games were probably the best, like Agent Under Fire and Nightfire.
Open file (980.90 KB 900x675 ClipboardImage.png)
you often see normalfag ecelebs memeing it up as a low hanging fruit, but in actuality it's pretty decent
>>1890 Great theme song as well - https://yewtu.be/watch?v=z54MpfR3XE4
Open file (145.10 KB 853x480 snapshot.jpg)
On the one hand, Enter the Matrix is super jank, but on the other hand, it's easily one of the most ambitious cross media tie-ins ever made. The fault really lies with the absolutely inept developer they chose.
Open file (64.18 KB 640x480 10183732.jpg)
>>1972 there's definitely stuff to appreciate in enter the matrix but fuck is it an ugly game. ironically it definitely wasn't a quick cashgrab but the game looks so bad it comes off as such and no doubt added a lot of credit to that stigma, being one of the most anticipated games back in the day
Open file (791.53 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
I wish the japs could get their shit together and make a decent anime game. Instead we get garbage like this. The west can make a good game about fuckin Spongebob but japs can't make one about superpowered cyborg ninjas or flying space gorillas?
Open file (144.85 KB 1280x720 Initial-D.jpg)
>>2008 There are quite a few good anime games out there. There are just too many anime games out there that finding a really solid one can be a hassle.
>>2003 hours passed doing shit in that dos thing
i played the mummy 2 tie-in recently since middle school and it's shit i gues but it has its charm, especially if you use imhotep
>>2205 The third Mummy game is semi-decent iirc.
Open file (552.32 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)
the toy story2 "tie in" game was a very good action platformer. Demonstone was good ROTK clone and kind of remember good Indiana jones emperor's tomb action/hack&slash tps game
Open file (218.09 KB 960x720 29a21d450.jpg)
>>2430 Emperor's Tomb is pretty damn good. Actually, all Indiana Jones games are. Can't not mention The Fate of Atlantis.
Open file (42.49 KB 640x400 smax.png)
>>2431 Speaking of licensed Lucas Arts adventures you've gotta mention Hit the Road.
>>2432 Yeah everything by Lucas Arts was great. I'm glad they didn't survived into the CY to get raped in the ass.
>>2434 Disney did that well enough already, now they just exist to give studios loicenses: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucasfilm_Games
>>2441 Everything will be numade, naturally.
Open file (50.98 KB 475x457 k.jpg)
Open file (272.80 KB 1239x1234 I.jpg)
>>3072 I remember the pod racing one being pretty good.
Open file (1.51 MB 800x1015 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2829 That reminded me. All Cool Spot games are great.
>>1766 all of these were kino
>>2008 plenty of good anime games, anon
>>1972 It still baffles me they picked some literal whos with no major experience in 3D games to work on this huge project with a time limit to boot. Could have picked literally anyone, any developer from any country would have gladly jumped on the opportunity at that point. There was a clear intent to make it something other than a standard shitty tie-in game but it ended up being a standard shitty tie-in game.
Open file (59.79 KB 360x359 ygh.jpg)
>>2266 Late response but this game was indeed a lot of fun. Jojo is pure autism and it makes for a great canvas for a game. The fan service of the Jojo's meeting and interacting with each other in particular is one of the highlights of the game.
Open file (587.96 KB 1920x1080 694.jpg)
>>6546 Indeed. Also the artstyle is amazing, in fact better than the anime.
Open file (887.35 KB 1486x2030 goji.jpg)
>>6548 Certainly better than part 5 and 6's anime adaptations.
>>6875 all of them really. game models look better than 3D models they use for the show lol
>>6855 So many memories...
Does anyone like this game? I finished a run through of it and its pretty meh to me after hearing for years how great it was. I guess if you are a big fan of the series its great, but as its own game its just kinda whatever.
>>6983 Watched a let's play of it a while, certainly looks good for the art/story, unsure about the gameplay, heard the PS2 Berserk game is a lot of fun. >EIDOS Same guys behind Bionicle Heros, a fun shooter game racked down with one game mode that makes it more boring than it could be.
>>6987 Eidos is the publisher, it's a japanese game.
>>6989 Oh oops, srry got blinded by Nostalgia.
>>6989 the deus ex publisher?
>>6993 yes
Open file (2.99 MB 3516x2880 Xena01.jpg)
This absolutely has got to be one of the best looking games on the Playstation
>>7091 Damn that does look more like an early PS2 game.
>>7092 Not quite but in some places maybe yes. Very impressive regardless.
Open file (317.77 KB 600x563 lol.jpg)
At the end of a systems life cycle they often have a shit ton of bad licensed/cash grav games released on them. Is it because the hardware makers simply does not give a shit anymore? See ps1/ps2 and GBA/DS
>>7125 kek
Open file (20.83 KB 265x376 night.jpg)
>Made by the same guys who worked on DMC 3 >Even this game has a non-worthless dodge roll while DMC 3-5 doesn't Really makes you think
Open file (59.22 KB 470x653 shruk.jpg)
>>7183 >hey, we have this license for a 90s children's cartoon <let's make a character action out of it! I miss the golden age of gaming.
Open file (797.21 KB 736x736 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (76.88 KB 780x438 4.jpg)
New Indian Jones game from Slopthesda. Thoughts? https://iv.nboeck.de/watch?v=dONgbI1xQbc
>>8436 >strong womman character it's over
Open file (257.09 KB 1024x1024 ry.jpg)
>>8436 >takes place in the year 1937, between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade >story starts with a break-in in the dead of night, and Indiana Jones sets out to discover the secrets behind the theft of a seemingly unimportant artifact >locations include the temples of Sukhothai,the pyramids of Egypt, and the Himalayas >combat is a mix of stealth, melee, whipping and gunplay >whip can be used to attack/distract enemies and traverse the environments >first person camera is used for combat and during puzzle solving sections >third person camera us used for cutscenes and environmental traversal
Open file (675.49 KB 1080x1065 54.png)
>>8436 Graphics are pretty outdated, looks like a PS3 game at times. The fake Harrison Form voice is annoyingly off; a smart dev would have minimized the dialog usage if you can't get a good impersonator but this one just can't keep his yapper shut which is also out of character for Indy. The title is, once again, shit, like like with the new movie. What is it with all these new Indiana Jones properties that can't get a single good sounding title. Gameplay looks like it's gonna be casual autoplay shit because that's all you can do in first person. You can already see the annoying strong independent woman.
>>8458 >looks like a PS3 game at times Why is that a bad thing? People on here bitch rightfully so about photorealism killing games but at the same time they say "looks like a ps3 game" as a supposed insult. Which one? Lower hardware requirements is a good thing. Gameplay should always be prioritized over graphics. It's nice to see first person, not more 3rd person over the shoulder trash.
>>8459 >Why is that a bad thing? Because PS3 was 15 years ago and you are asked to pay full price for a game that looks like a game from 2009. When you were buying PS3 games they were state of the art.You are expected to pay half a grand for a new console or a new grafix card, then pay full price for a game that looks like something from 2 gens ago. If I'd want to play a PS3 game I get one for free or minimum cash. >It's nice to see first person Enjoy pressing X to watch a cutscene of gameplay I guess.
>>8460 >looks like a game from 2009 So what? Graphics aren't that important. Only fake gaymers think they are. >You are expected to pay half a grand for a new console or a new grafix card I don't have either. I like seeing games being accessible to people that don't buy into that, especially since it makes the redditors with their "rigs" seethe. >Enjoy pressing X to watch a cutscene of gameplay I guess. Fake gaymer detected. Never played an fps before?
>>8462 That sounded more inflammatory than it should have. No offense. Shouldn't have called you fake gaymer. I probably will eventually get a laptop with a graphics card or good integrated graphics, but probably will go with mid range when I do and only targeting one or two games. There are only a few games in the last 10 years I even want to play, such as AC6. I'm glad when games have decent requirements and target gameplay because I'm not planning to get a console or gaming rig. Moreover, when there haven't been any advancements in actual gameplay or mechanics, I don't see a reason to keep up the escalation in requirements and visuals when the gameplay is not keeping up or is suffering as a result. The press X to action becomes more and more ridiculous and absurd the more advanced the graphics become.
Open file (720.25 KB 1143x889 hmm.png)
you know the drill
>>8519 >protag is clearly not a stronk independynt, stunning & brave, trans-non-dimorphic mtftmtf nigra woman searching for the latest in gender-fluid treasures left by Blackrock... all while demonstrating at 30 stone that heros can be beautiful at any size. DAS RAYCISS <Though fighting off the evil white nazis can stay in place, of course. In fact double-down on that.
>>8519 It's over
>>8521 >main Nazi looks suspiciously like Dup
>>8521 Give it time. There will either be a bait and switch where you play a stonk indumpendint for 2/3 of the game or there will be one that shows up to 'put those silly boys in their place and show them how it's done' all the time. They're just not putting it front and center because they know how much damage it does to sales.

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