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Open file (365.20 KB 1344x775 5t5g.jpg)
Photorealism killed video games Anonymous 02/16/2023 (Thu) 08:32:25 No.646
When the opportunity to make games look like movies presented itself, it was all over for the good old gaming. Not only did it make games look ugly and cheap, with the ability to just scan somebody’s mug and then turn it into stuff of nightmares with bad shading and bamp maps and whatnot, it also opened the gates for all the failed wannabe holyjew directors who now started using gaming as an outlet for their self-assertion, which in turn attracted the unwanted attention of the msm and npcs. Even now they will tell you that photorealistic graphics are better.
>>646 IMO, the actual problem isn't the invention of new, obviously-better technology. It's the kike-up proposition of squeezing every last drop of Jewgold out of the goyim. A big part of this is using more & more pure-diversity interns at the studios. After all, who cares if they don't know shit and have zero artistic skills? They work for 0 sheqels!
Open file (706.08 KB 761x700 Then.png)
Open file (279.22 KB 1080x2160 Now.jpg)
>>647 >the actual problem isn't the invention of new, obviously-better technology But it is. Art always comes from adversity, the new technology is only "better" in it allowing for more space and easier development circumventing the need for artistry, which facilitates laziness. Even in people who can do better with the new technology. But more important is the moral push for accepting that photorealistic is better.
>>648 >the new technology is only "better" in it allowing for more space and easier development circumventing the need for artistry, which facilitates laziness. Lol. That it certainly can do, but that's by no means a given. The problem is primarily just as I've described. Expect this to continue as long as humans are in the loop. The Jewnited Snakes and every other country under their thumb financially are all on a civilizational downslide. I guess you could say that in one interesting sense, this collapse of good studios is a microcosm of the general collapse 'civilizationally'. It's kind of like the canary in the coal mine, since the same factors are driving both (Jewish greed). Eventually almost everything is going to break (as was predicted years ago by Sam Francis and others). Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. >Even in people who can do better with the new technology. Possibly so. But a good character or pipeline TD generally flourishes with more powerful tools, not the opposite. The artists (particularly lighting) are the key here. And as I've pointed out, they just keep getting dumber and dumber as they get more and more brown/vaginal/troon. >But more important is the moral push for accepting that photorealistic is better. That's a good point, granted. The Uncanny Valley is a true bitch. >lol my autism...
>>654 >That it certainly can do, but that's by no means a given It is at this point. In theory new technology should be great and wonderful, and in context of gayming that's what people thought in the late 6th/early 7th gen. But in actuality new technology is targeted at simplifying and streamlining its previous iteration, making it easier to work with, which inevitably leads to the decline of the whatever thing it was used for. Internet was only good when it and technology for it was more obtuse and you had to have at least some basic knowledge of the hardware and software to utilize it; the second it became trivialized and could be accessed on a fucking fridge it was all downhill from there. Gayming was only good when everyone involved had to actually work for it and solve problems. >The artists (particularly lighting) are the key here The only type of lighting that gets worked on is the photorealistic lighting though. Back in the day every game had a unique custom build engine and devs had to approach every problem uniquely individually, nowadays the only race is to make things more photorealistic.
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Open file (361.74 KB 743x720 1.jpg)
Open file (369.86 KB 890x619 3.jpg)
Open file (525.84 KB 1424x720 4.jpg)
Open file (782.68 KB 1020x600 5.png)
>>646 realistic graphics is just a trade in that happened because most of the PC developers from 2000 to 06 started to go into console development. But think your gripe is not with realistic graphics but rather what became of gaming when everything tried to be a cinematic interactive experience or a movie, either with ubisoft sandbbox rules or just making the game-part so shallow that people can just remember uncharted for it's set pieces. Because I can think of a good reason to use both photoscanning and not to use it but it depends on what kinda game the developers are making. The most recent game I played now, it pure artsy game with just modelling and one could mistake it for being a ps4 game or something earlier if one did not know of illumination and light sourcing techniques.
Open file (122.17 KB 1280x720 trt.jpg)
>>686 PC graphics from 2000 to 06 weren't any more realistic than they were on consoles, they shift happened specifically because the 7th gen was marketed before it even began as "the realistic one". Back then the very notion that in-game visuals can be realistic was seen as a great achievement and the way forward. Now gaming was getting legitimized, becoming more like film than its own unique self, in the eyes of the more and more casualized audiences. >not with realistic graphics but rather what became of gaming when everything tried to be a cinematic interactive experience or a movie Everything tried to be a cinematic interactive experience or a movie because of the realistic graphics. >Because I can think of a good reason to use photoscanning You can have a good reason like not having money, experience and/or talent for real modeling, but that will not change the fact of it being an inferior method. After 15 years of this shit we can safely say that. >one could mistake it for being a ps4 game The difference between a "PS5" game and a "PS4" game is negligible, a slight performance boost. That's why they still sell PS4 versions of games 3 years after the release of the PS5, that has never happened before.
>>692 this post reads as following I hate modern video game design, so I am going to blame on graphics. >pc graphics didn't try to be realistic or wasn't trying to be more realistic than consoles. PC graphics from 2000 to 06 or 08 was some of the most impressive graphically and also physically that happened. So I just gave an era because it is easier to say 2000 to 06 or 08 because that was the last PC only triple A development and tech focus in PC gaming with crysis being the last real PC game in 08 that showed what PC graphics could be like, or next gen graphic could be like and I would say, it is near close but not close enough because cryengine tried to be middleware engine and still does try to be that without new tech improvements except for a cleaver way of using ray tracing. So the spat fest that is consoles versus PC was a thing that was big before and Far Cry and DOOM 3 was the big games that showed why you needed to play on a computer back in the day, then came Half Life 2 and later there was FEAR that showed how big of a difference between consoles and PC. All of these games where influenced by having a cinematic-like experience but the interactive or wanna be movie wasn't the big thing as it was because there wasn't a formula like it is with Uncharted 2. This game had more impact on gaming than what people want to admit because it showed how to be a movie, and everything tried to copy it, even ubisoft figured out a model or formula to use were it is technically a game but everything is so shallow that it is amazing hat it is even being sold, it is just competent and nothing more. >because the 7th gen was marketed before it even began as "the realistic one". no, ps3 tried to sell as the realistic one and it just so happened that when all of the computer developers and most of the old guard of console developers goes to handheld console or becomes studios for hire instead of making new and weird games, along with them having a formula of what to have in a game and what not to have in a game. >The difference between a "PS5" game and a "PS4" game is negligible no there is more like better vfx, lighting, more polygon and better texture loading and other stuff. >That's why they still sell PS4 versions of games 3 years after the release of the PS5, that has never happened before. Happened before in ps3 to ps4 but the difference is that most people bought PS4 because it wasn't hard to come by compared to a PS5. PS5 is still hard to come by but most don't think twice about it because there isn't a game that is ps5 only or next gen only that you need to buy. >You can have a good reason like not having money, experience and/or talent for real modeling, this one is just dumb but you need to be a 3d modeler even when you use 3d scanned textures or models, the difference is that it is easier than just modelling everything by scratch. Kinda why you need to know animation before you can animate people with a suit, it isn't something that will cost less money in fact it can cost more money.
>>692 damn anon you can really see the difference. >>701 <a-actually its totally different Really anon I don't see a big leap in graphics, and cinematic bullshit does suck in games for the most part.
Open file (1.20 MB 400x225 fag.gif)
>>701 >this post reads as following I hate modern video game design, so I am going to blame on graphics. Graphics are inherent part of the modern video game design, brainlet
Open file (80.41 KB 920x617 1620163013650.jpg)
>>712 Like I said graphics was pushed really hard during PC game development in 2000 to 2006, even more so than 2 generations with consoles. People remember consoles more because with the 7th generation of consoles then most PC developers jumped ship to 360 or PS3 development,also the bullshot demos and other fancy cgi being promoted as gameplay, that changed with some few e3 into the futures and a few games showing what the consoles could do, unlike with the 8th generation you have developers wanting to make fun and good games by the end of console lifespan. Also by the 8th generation then most of the PCuck developers had embraced consoles and then put more and more PC tech and development into their game design into consoles or PS4 and xbone, this was such gradual change and the biggest alarm was indie games and not triple A or the beginning of double A vidya development. >>713 Depends, for now I have seen some games not giving a fuck about graphics. The problem is, that you have just seen the triple A shit and then the shilled stuff and then blame every game on that game design and believe that graphics is in the forefront. When in fact if it's a cinematic experience, then story and lastly graphics and the last gameplay because you need to do something in the game world. Like I said, I saw PC graphics change with what seemed like a blink of an eye and for someone like me, I am still somewhat expecting PC to do those amazing changes in graphics even consoles to some degree but I doubt it, will be this generations of games because cinematic experience is being shilled then there is the nu-roleplaying games, I just hope that nu-roleplaying games isn't just going to be like Marvel Midnight Suns
>>646 Michael Does Life always talked about it, zoomers and niggers only care about the look in games, not good programing and innovation.
>>775 they always did
UGLY ass fucking NIGGER MONKEY BRAINS want to shove buttholes in your face. Ugly faggots who want you to be in a world of ugly so you have no options.
>>794 2D is the last haven. They can't start drawing ugly 2D... right?
>>794 yeah, the weird thing is that they put niggers and ugly characters at random to make the world feel real but it only makes the game world feel like shit. And then you have allot of devs not being good at making textures shadows and relying too much on in-engine solution to make the illumination and light maps do the job of realistic-like textures.
>>808 >And then you have allot of devs not being good at making textures shadows and relying too much on in-engine solution to make the illumination and light maps do the job of realistic-like texture when most games are proceduraly generated wastelands chasing for the scale stat, it's pretty much all you can do, which is also why they're so fucking broken.
>>810 Some are made with an artist and then you have these lunatics putting procedural generation in side-quests because in theory you can have unlimited ammount of gameplay but what they don't check out, if it's the same few 20 quest being used as blueprint over and over again. There is one rpg game that is being made that is spiritual successor to Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall but this whole game is being procedural generated with some artistic touches here and there, I do wonder if that is going to be good or if it's vaporware? Also, don't forget that for some reason western devs think that everything from Japan now, sucks. Because they still follow the normal beauty standard and have normal gameplay instead of superficial gameplay with no depth to it, the depth to the western gameplay is enemy with higher health and having an aggressive AI not having a better AI. That is really depressing that most AI is like GoldenEye on N64.
>>825 >Also, don't forget that for some reason western devs think that everything from Japan now, sucks. This isn't new, during the 7th gen there was the whole "Japanese gaming is dead" meme going on, when all the western gaming had to offer in that gen were stale brown shooters. If back then it was hubris charged, now it's politically charged with nips refusing to take the knee for the longest time, although that's getting to an end now sadly.
>>775 >Michael Does Life /who/
>>852 He is some cuckchan /v/ lolcow.
>>859 jfc
I hate modern gaming like you wouldn't believ bros....
Open file (13.28 MB 576x366 67j5.gif)
I think another poisonous paradigm spawned by photorealism is that games were forced to all look impressive to a standard, because "muh realism" has a certain obvious threshold of expectations. You may think that's a good thing but it's really not because it pretty much killed AA and smaller professional developers, and looking "okay" is no longer even acceptable. See, back in the day not every even AAA game looked impressive or great, a dev could make a game look better if they wanted to but there was no great need if it looked good enough and played nicely. It was cool but it wasn't a big deal. Vice City for example never looked "good" when it came out, but it was an acceptable sacrifice for what it was presenting and it looked good enough, it was fine. But that showed people that you didn't need a huge expensive team pushing the hardware to make competitive retail games. Nowadays if you're not part of a team of 500 troons working on a walking-talking simulator with a budget of a billion dollars, the best you can hope for is the NuRetro niche.
>>827 First people didn't like Japanese games because they would not go full-on or all-out on voice actors and just hire random people. Then they started to hate it because the Japanese games where too wacky and not serious enough. Then it was because women aren't represented correctly and that they aren't following every random trend that a feminist or essjaydoublejew wants. Also, the bending the knee is more or less just saying no gender and it is just making sure they aren't loosing money, I kinda think that most Japanese publishers are hoping for a western word of mouth to curiosity buy that could happen in PS2 and PS3 days. In PS4 or during that generation, I noticed the disturbing trend that genres and niches started to be cut more and more away from video games, and they started to have a formula that was shallow gameplay and making sure it was a sandbox. I never thought in my life that Sony would turn so hard towards the west, like they've done now. Also, in Japan you have a strange marketplace when it comes to vidya, it is consoles and mobile like the switch and smartphones.So I am seeing a shift that is going more and more towards smartphones, and I do not think many Japanese games will be on consoles, if they haven't had a form of success on smartphones but that might be around the end of PS5 generation or mid PS6 because at some point 100 million dollaridoos is just too much for a publisher and you can make a mobile game for less than that. >>1633 you have double A still but it isn't in the west but in Japan and the reason you probably haven't seen or heard of these games, is that you just follow what is the big triple a game that is being talked about and not the random Japanese game that no one but niche faggots have seen or heard about.
>>646 Amen. Fuck photo realism. Once pedowood got involved, leftist politics came pouring in along with the leftist sjw vermin.
Open file (104.65 KB 360x240 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1739 au, what a beauty, 10/10 game
>>1739 Hideous
Open file (323.04 KB 2048x1280 63091-1310932652.jpg)
Vidya graphics peaked in the 6th generation. Just enough polygons to render detailed models and environments and no early 3D jank like lack of z buffer. There is literally no reason for games to go past this level of graphics. Every game genre was possible in the 6th gen. Modern games could be made with PS2 level graphics and the gameplay wouldn't be affected whatsoever. The only right path is to focus on CPU power.
>>1869 6th gen was the Goldilocks zone, a perfect balance of technology and artistic input. There will never be a time like this again, sadly. I look back at myself during the 6th gen, anticipating when games will get "supr realistic in the next gen" with a sigh.
>>1874 It is a real shame we just didn't get higher resolutions and the same style of graphics in the 7th gen, I really love the taste of realism in the 6th gen but you could always tell it was a fucking video game and not some gay shit that we got later.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4cWu-0g2P8 Stuff like this is why I played video games, being simultaneously sad, campy and funny at the same time, being a real human being, and why modern cuckeo games suck ass.
Open file (408.64 KB 1920x1080 snapshot.jpg)
>>1901 >It is a real shame we just didn't get higher resolutions and the same style of graphics in the 7th gen Yeah that was a great shame, like mentioned before the second any semblance of photorealism started to loom on the horizon, everyone jumped on it. Usually with gen transitions you get a lot of "next gen" games that are basically made for the previous gen but with the expanded capacity of the new gen. But with the 7th gen we didn't get that, instead the hideous experiments with photorealism started immediately. >>1903 With stuff like that I'm actually not a fan of the forced HD, game wasn't designed for that, it looks better on PS2.
>>1905 >Usually with gen transitions you get a lot of "next gen" games that are basically made for the previous gen but with the expanded capacity of the new gen. But with the 7th gen we didn't get that, instead the hideous experiments with photorealism started immediately Yep and the obsession with graphics killed many a games development cycle and forever crippled them into what they became, example being dark souls II and how its "realistic graphics" forever ruined its original intentions forever and turned into the okay but patchwork game today.
>>1906 >Yep and the obsession with graphics killed many a games development cycle and forever crippled them into what they became 7th gen also happened on the rise of HD tvs so movie-like visuals became part of the cross media selling point.
>>1869 I like how 6th gen filters zoomers now. They literally can't stand it, gotta have a photorealistic numake.
One of the worst aspects that photo realism conjured is the celebrities with their likeness in video games.
>>2288 Yeah that's where the "video games are now movies" shit trend started. Was it Kevin Spacey in some Call of Duty game that was the first one?
Open file (136.15 KB 1280x720 8.jpg)
Open file (139.21 KB 1012x1012 cyat.jpg)
>>2737 >somebody's job is to spend weeks modeling this
>>2743 This is literal definition of mental abuse.
>>2744 >failed your schedule >off to modeling niggers you go
Some type of bubble burst is coming, everyone can feel it, I don't think it's gonna be "the second videogame crash" but maybe more and more devs will go to simpler stylized graphics a-la Switch, done on a smaller scale, and games will stop being bloated unfinished messes. What do anons think?
Open file (30.98 KB 400x400 Junckers.jpeg)
>>2813 AAA is going to crash after consolidating and they're going to see massive restructures. Everyone knows this shit isn't sustainable in the slightest, most games keep flopping as well. All the signs are there >All the normalfags are either sticking to mobile, getting a Switch or playing F2P PC games >Ubisoft hasn't released a single meaningful game in 4 years and their stock value has plummeted to the point most of their heads have left, they're trying to be bought out and nobody does and they don't have a big as a service game keeping them afloat, closest thing is Siege and that shit has like 60K players average and mostly ASSFAGGOTS addict paypigs >Bethesdas last fuckhuge hit was Skyrim and their published games outside arguably Doom, were not enough to sustain the company and Altman sold the company to Microsoft before he died because he knew they could remain Private without either finding a massive hit (which Altman though was going to be F76 and pushed super hard for it) >Activisions golden goose was COD, they bet everything on it for almost 20 years and after that IP started seeing diminishing returns with none of them seeing the peak popularity and even sales of BO2, even with microtransactions and DLC up the ass, and as the IP was not enough to sustain such a bloated company based on Cali, Destiny was not the massive cultural phenomenon they expected as well so they sold it off, they had a small time frame where they desperately tried to diversify their game portfolio with Crash, Spyro and Tony Hawk, both of which had barely any popularity and thus they sold themselves to Microsoft >EAs bread and butter was FIFA and they literally lost the license this year, FIFA literally cannot exist anymore and they can't use whole teams and players which is half the reason the niggerball retards buy this trash every year in the first place, they have Sims and Apex and not much else, not even close to enough to support the most bloated shitty company in the market, the Battlefront 2 ordeal should tell you just how bad they fucked up and how bad not having the FIFA license will fuck this company up >The PS5 is a shit console with no games scalped to hell and back that will do half the PS4 numbers if lucky due to mobile, Switch and PC being already stable alternatives with actual games, even Sony exclusives are going PS4/PS5 because nobody owns one >Microsoft will mismanage these companies they're buying to hell and back and kill them, and since the Xbone debacle they haven't had any kind of influence or huge success and the brand has turned into a service brand moreso than a product, non fangirl fucks hate it, Microsoft will be fine but the Xbox brand has been in life support since 2013 Only AAA companies financially stable are Steam, Nintendo and Take2 as of now and plenty of mid sized and smaller companies are popping up left and right and stealing the market share of these bigger ones with sleeper hits left and right. AAA is over, it's always been terrible, it simply has reached peak kikery, to the point even normalcattle are fucking sick of it.
>>2819 Oh yeah, forgot Epic as well, they're pretty much set financially since they literally have Tencent in the board of directors.
>>2819 All of this is true but watch nothing change for the next decade. People been talking about the inevitable crash any day now since 2013.
>>2819 >Only AAA companies financially stable are Steam, Nintendo and Take2 >Take2 how so?
>>2822 >but watch nothing change for the next decade. Plenty changed last decade, it will change this decade too. Back then AAA was still healthy, they're not anymore, people have been saying this for years because it's evident what's going to happen long term. >>2825 >how so? GTA prints money and every retarded shitskin buys it out of brand loyalty alone.
>>2830 >Plenty changed last decade Almost nothing. Things got worse but didn't change in any meaningful away. >Back then AAA was still healthy In 2013? Healthy? There's a reason for saying gaming died in 2007.
>>2737 female king!
Open file (2.27 MB 2304x3414 2.jpg)
>>3786 remember how during the 7th gen, westoid journos and devs decided to declare that "japanese games are dead"? lol
>>3786 God I'm so tired of niggers.
Open file (296.91 KB 759x597 44.png)
They start to suspect something.
Open file (277.04 KB 759x843 1.png)
Open file (4.93 KB 250x231 OOO.jpg)
>>3941 >muh realism Okay so a woman shouldn't be fighting then. Especially with melee weapons or given the time period Fable is based on. Also, get rid of all the magic shit because that's not realistic either.
>>3945 >woman
>>3945 Holyjew has already substituted a reality where a 30kg woman can beat men twice her size. There's an entire generation who grew up thinking that. >>3958 kek
>>3937 auuugh what a beauty
>>1869 truth
Open file (117.71 KB 938x813 sheeit.jpg)
>>646 >mfw OP was mocking flopson and I didn't even realize it
>>4510 based
Open file (31.02 KB 450x360 shiet2.jpg)
>>646 https://youtu.be/PrmPx5jGlgs?t=8 Take this from someone who back in 2010 went through a college course for game development (sounds pointless but it does leads to job offers) and then tried to integrate into the already tranny-infested local indie gamedev scene before quickly giving up: It's not photorealism that killed gaming. It's related to that because everything is interconnected, but it's actually the changes in development, management and team makeup that killed gaming. Before gaming was dead it was run almost solely by turbo-autists with no social lives. They didn't even have reddit. These are guys who had to get through the filter of learning to program only with the help of cryptic C and assembly books and mailing lists. They didn't have fancy pre-made game libraries at their disposal. They didn't have smart IDEs there to hold their hand. It was a struggle to make interesting things happen on a screen, but they were fucking nerds so they made it happen. If you were a game studio in the '90s up to the early '00s then you were basically forced into making 75-90% of your hires these turbo-autists. The rest were artists and musicians who where also autistic, because doing those things on computers back then required autism. In the mid-to-late '00s when things really started getting bad, it all happened in line with studios generally transitioning away from being turbo-autist dominated. They weren't as important any more. You could get away with having less than 25% of them on your team. Sometimes a lot less. Finally the majority of your programmers could be replaced with regular shitty autists who can barely get a handle on javascript. A huge chunk of your team is now made up of artists, because you need a lot of them to create assets for the pre-built game engine the studio is using. Management now spends as much time or more with the artists than they used to with the turbo-autists. The studio budget now allows for dedicated "ideas people" who have a less-than-useless university education that they feel they need to shoehorn into the product to justify their student debts. The input of the turbo-autists who are the only ones actually capable of creating a mental model of what makes a game good or bad is now completely ignored, simply because the development process no longer has to revolve around them. The more success the studio has, the more its management allows itself to fall into this counter-productive pattern and then it almost definitely becomes stuck there and goes bankrupt. You can boil everything down to the lack of influence from turbo-autists. Think about the genres that are still somewhat satisfying today. They are the ones that remain dominated by the turbo-autist out of necessity, no matter how photorealistic the games may be.
>>4930 When anon says photorealism killed gaming, he means all the creative and artistic juices. Obviously it's the marginalization of gaming with normalniggers and it becoming a giant globohomo industry what killed the body of gaming, then photorealism being an asset of that killed its sovl.
>>4931 I'm trying to make a subtle distinction but I think it's an important one. OP is right that it was over as soon as photorealism became an option for sidestepping the tastes of real gamers, but I'm arguing that there were already unavoidable systemic problems with large-scale development that would have kept gaming on a decline regardless of whether the realism trend ever appeared, as much as it was unavoidable in itself. Really I'm only replying to the thread title. If it wasn't there then I probably wouldn't have replied because I do agree with the post itself for the reasons you said.
>>4934 >there were already unavoidable systemic problems with large-scale development that would have kept gaming on a decline regardless of whether the realism trend ever appeared Photorealism is what in many ways dictated the large-scale development, games had to be more like movies, more epicer, more open-world to showcase the photorealistic graphics.
>>4930 This. It is a repeating syndrome, and actually one we can be thankful for, in a way. Goyims who gobble down the latest goyslop, and the faggots and stronk, independynts working to create it will each get what they deserve in the end. >t. fellow, former, insider
Open file (125.76 KB 1024x801 yikes.jpg)
>>5081 that's a ma'am
>>5081 To be fair, western devs always made women look like dogs.
The dumbest thing about photo realism is that they started parading real life celebs in video games. Like why the fuck do I need a real life actor in a game when you can have a completely unique and new believable character with zero suspension of disbelief needed.
Open file (1.48 MB 1424x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5919 especially since instead of making hot girls they started shoving ugly actresses into games
Open file (3.16 MB 7111x3843 e6.jpg)
i fucking hate photorealism
Open file (37.31 KB 943x1316 heavy screaming.png)
>>5081 >>5934 what bothers me about some of these is that they take screenshots of characters when they're in the middle of saying or yelling something then complain about how ugly they are. like yeah if you take a picture of someone screaming their lungs out they're not going to look good. if they were photos of them with a neutral position and at a good angle they'd be easier to determine if they look good or bad. some of those are objectively ugly, but a few of them look fine, like the two in the top left and maybe #3 as well
Open file (1.20 MB 1400x700 final-fantasy-10.png)
>>6092 Literally only two of them are in the process of opening their mouths and if you think they're gonna look better with their mouths closed you're delusional. Also no, if you're good at your job your characters never gonna look ugly, whether they have their mouths opened or not. Taking a picture? The whole point of the thread is that photorealism sucks ass so you shouldn't imitate what happens when you take a picture of someone.
Open file (2.89 MB 1920x1080 y7.png)
>>6095 Why are they always so dead set on making the negresses as realistically ugly as possibly...
>>6135 Because having standards is heckin' racist.
i hate "photo realism" so much anons
Open file (568.75 KB 1196x1200 7u.jpg)
Open file (223.13 KB 1245x1080 gerg.jpg)
Open file (140.53 KB 480x346 kazuya.png)
I prefer pseudo realism
>>6489 >mfw
Open file (279.36 KB 1080x1049 1.jpg)
No wonder everything looks the same now.
>>6466 >black cat for decades: i want to bang spider man >black cat in current year: my black muslim girlfriend in paris
>>6725 it is very unfortunate
>>6726 it unfortunate coath
Open file (292.75 KB 1200x893 h546.jpg)
When should we have stopped caring about graphics? Pic related. Every console after the 6th gen failed to replicate what made gaming special. I feel its due to the graphics, yeah they tried to improve them over the years since the beginning but the 6th gen feels like the last time to put game quality>graphics. I can confidentiality say everything after the 6th gen was the start of the sharp decline in the hobby.
>>7799 Before muh photorealism the "caring about graphics" was different because there's wasn't a ubiquitous standard to judge them by. Nowadays it's muh photorealism so everything is judged by how close it's to reality and if it is it's beterrer. But back then what constituted "good graphics" was a rather nebulous concept that manifested in more aspects than one.
>>852 A genius who always talk about the reality of the situation.
PS1 > PS2 Behold: THPS2 GTA2 GT2 CTR Syphun Filter Sheepdog n' Wolf NFSIII Wipeout 2 I wish PS1 was the iterative stagnate-gen and not PS5 Come and fite me bro
>>8292 >PS1 = PS2 ftfy
>>8292 >Behold: All are inferior to their PS2 follow ups. PS1 was a stepping stone to archive the true greatness that is PS2/6th gen in general.
>>8298 ps2 follow up to sheepdog and wolf?
>>8301 Nobody even knows what that is, but I'm sure there's something.
Open file (29.37 KB 652x234 ClipboardImage.png)
>Americans 1. PS2 2. SNES 3. N64 4. NES 5. Switch >Third Worlders 1. PS2 2. N64 3. PS1 4. NES 5. SNES PS2 won at life.
>>8298 Those games, I'd still be playing them. They have not been bettered. By PS2 you've got ports of Deus Ex and Battlefront II and those games, I'd still be playing those as well... But you should really be playing those on your PC instead. >>8367 >Millennials 1. PS1 >Zoomers 1. PS2 If I'm mistaken, then I don't get why. Naivety is the reason THUG2 is better than THPS2. Play the old ones, get gud, go and look... If you wanted your PS2 to be your stagnatory gen then great, because it sort of was. It's not like you didn't have a shovel for some turd stains on the PS1 but by PS2 you've got 3 different Shrek games and can go and play those. Are you just going to forget as well that PS1 was the generation where they were all an experimentally on the market new design/IPs? If I'm going to have all of western/western-influenced developed society give up on new design improvements and stick to interative improvements, like the PS5 does, then I would rather they worked incrementally on the MIPS chip in the PS1. Specifically I would rather just be playing more new PS1 releases and not more PS2. The graphics suite didn't push the dev teams so hard as to invest the bulk of their energies there. I want that time period all over again frankly. By the way from the looks of your list nobody owned a Dreamcast or a GameCube which is really sad. Dreamcast hits in the feels in a way that the others just don't.
>>8368 PS2/6th gen was simply the best. Visuals were at their peak before they got ruined by photorealism. The expanded hardware capabilities allowed for any type of gameplay, both from the past and experimental innovations, that didn't get improved on in any way since. >I want that time period all over again frankly. If you want PS1 to be your stagnatory gen with its lack of z buffer, wonky deforming textures and fog 3 feet away from you everywhere then great, but it sounds like some purgatory nightmare.
>>8368 >They have not been bettered. Lmao, are you seriously going to sit here and say GT2 is better than GT3/4?
>>8369 But we're entertaining a reality in which they didn't develop a PS2 and instead reiterated the PS1 a bunch of times Z buffer is one of those things that I would like to see addressed >>8370 GT2 is a tool box/toy box that you can express dreams within and hits immediately into the blood with similar rapidity to Street Fighter II. People still be modding GT2 to add more to it. GT1 is thematically superior, and POS manufacturers started poisoning the well with things like the Prius and the Yaris/Vitz/Echo by GT2's period, but that one singular game is the one I'm clutching even if I'm stranded on a desert island without anything else to play
>>8367 PS2-san strong.
>>8367 >Americans >5. Switch People who live on the coasts shouldn't be allowed to vote.
Open file (263.11 KB 613x393 ww.png)
>>8546 >Adam's apple slider [-----------------X]
Open file (350.63 KB 883x1041 brow.jpg)
Do you miss piss kino?
>>8675 No. What a bizarre trend that was. Human revolution was one of the worst offenders.
>>8675 Yeah, I'd take it over generic photorealism any day.
>>8678 i like it. the only problem is that it generally was overused
Open file (242.50 KB 812x1484 u.jpg)
>>9427 Unsharted or AssCreed, what ruined gaming more?
>>9430 Grand theft auto
>>9486 GTA has barely any negative influence on gayming, especially in comparison to Ass or Uncharted.
>>9487 >barely any does it matter if it is literal cancer and inspired even worse cancer?
>>9488 Other than a few GTA clones, none of which are that bad, it inspired nothing. Especially compared to the literal catastrophic influence of Uncharted and Ass.
>>9489 >it inspired nothing it literally is patient 0 it is why RE4 exists
>>9490 Err, no.
>>9491 yes wei fag
>>9492 It's literally not a thing that happened.
>>9493 >is third person and you look at their ass all day >generic male fag character >has a gun >is "inspired" by movie shit >multiple elements of it is in every modern game that isn't japanese I dunno you sound like a retard
>>9494 Is this a bait post? All those things predate GTA and are just basic video game elements.
Open file (46.37 KB 377x500 Shrug.jpg)
>>9495 >is this a bait post?
>>3941 >An ugly, fat sack of shit thinks that vidya characters should be ugly, fat sacks of shit just because he is an ugly, fat sack of shit. Clearly he was talking in general, the fact that he's an ugly, fat sack of shit himself has nothing to do with it. :^)
Open file (3.47 MB 2042x1719 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9626 sexo
>>9629 On the left!
>>648 westoids have always been obsessed with muh realism thats why in art school thats all anyone is taught to draw while in japan people stylize and spam moe blobs
>>9626 Left looks like The Amazing Atheist
>>9779 I dunno. Left is more manly then bananaman.

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