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Anonymous 10/23/2023 (Mon) 07:18:03 No.6596
What's the best Castlevania game?
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Open file (64.43 KB 260x376 u4.jpg)
>>6596 I like Symphony of the Night, Circle of the Moon, Aria of Sorrow etc., because I love metroidvania style of gameplay so much, but I'm also partial to the PS2 Castlevania games.
>castle man shit game trying to rip off mario and zelda and failing at both castle man: simp of the night is ok though
>>6615 I played Curse of Darkness on PS2, at first I didn't like it but eventually it grew on me. I liked the familiars system.
>>6620 There's this issue I have with (most) 3d ps2 games. Ps2 was powerful enough to have 3d but not powerful enough (right on the cusp) of being able to do it right. All the 3d games with textures mostly feel overly dark and dead. The interiors and textures are boring. All the hallways and corridors feel the same.
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Open file (534.21 KB 640x480 5.png)
>>6654 What? PS2 was the peak of graphics, it was all downhill from there. Play more than three PS2 games anon.
>>6675 I remember when I was playing PS2 and Half Life 2 back in 2004-2005. >Man it doesn't get better than this, this is peak gaming! >How can games get better than this? Turns out it really didn't get better than that. I think left 4 dead and dark souls were some of the last games that got mainstream appeal that I understand why.
Open file (1.03 MB 1182x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6680 Yeah I distinctly remember me and my buddy waiting for the upcoming 7th gen, imagining how amazing it's going to be compared to now. In actuality it was the beginning of the end, and most games after that point aged like milk whereas 6th gen games are timeless hitting that perfect balance of tech and artistry.
>>6681 Not the biggest fan of the gameplay, its okay, but Uncharted was the only mainstream 7th gen game I gave a crap about that came out at the time because Drake isn't the same but hes close to classical video games protagonist like Leon, Snake, and Dante. Also DMC5 was pretty good.
>>6683 Eh, Drake is probably the only memorable new character from 7th gen and onward because he at least has a personality. Although he was the beginning of the snarky reddit type that everyone had to be later.
>>6675 That's why I said most. Some developers knew how to pull off 3d environments on the ps2. A lot of your examples are rpgs as well. But for every game that did it right there were like 3 with boring drab gray corridors, lack of lighting, and bland textures.
Open file (337.95 KB 640x480 1.png)
Open file (446.07 KB 640x447 2.png)
Open file (613.84 KB 853x480 3.png)
Open file (326.29 KB 640x480 4.png)
Open file (439.46 KB 640x480 5.png)
>>6687 >That's why I said most. You said all games mostly. >A lot of your examples are rpgs as well. Here are entirely non-RPGs. >But for every game that did it right there were like 3 with boring drab gray corridors, lack of lighting, and bland textures How is that a PS2 issue? That applies to gaming in general, and to 7th gen and onward especially. If anything, PS2/6th gen had the highest ratio of quality games to shit. So many games were made, of course that means that a lot of shit was made but also the highest amount of quality was made.
Open file (6.93 MB 728x408 cast2.gif)
Open file (9.19 MB 728x408 cast1.gif)
>>6615 >>6620 They have their moments. Bosses are pretty fun.
>>6684 >Although he was the beginning of the snarky reddit type that everyone had to be later. Snarky? I always thought Drake was more tongue and cheek cheesy than snarky, he might have been an inspiration though, I supppose. He wad basically just Nathan Filion's character from firefly but not in space. Shame they had cuck holland play him instead of hin as well since Filion stared in a short Uncharted fan film which was far more accurate to Uncharteds sort of Indiana Jones but modern and even more cliche gimmik. Uncharted was pretty fun for what it was, being a 3rd person cover shooter, but it got old fast for me after one game, at least after 2. Uncharted 1 although considered by many to be the worst and unbalanced at least has some more well challenging gameplay.
Open file (1.32 MB 1200x675 drake's fortune (1).png)
Open file (1.30 MB 1200x675 drake's fortune (2).png)
Open file (970.02 KB 1200x675 drake's fortune (3).png)
>>6731 Uncharted 1 is by far the best. The only people who consider it 'the worst' are normalfags who enjoy Snoy's movie "games" that play themselves. Uncharted 1 is an actual game and not just a scripted cinematic bullshit simulator like the rest of the series, there are barely any cutscenes in it and it has some decent gun combat. I also really like the vibe and the setting of the old abandoned Spaniard town in the Caribbeans. Did you know that the first Uncharted was designed by Yasuhara Hirokazu, lead designer of the original Sonic games? He worked with Naughty Dog all throughout the 00's.
>>6733 >Did you know that the first Uncharted was designed by Yasuhara Hirokazu, lead designer of the original Sonic games? He worked with Naughty Dog all throughout the 00's. That explains why its so good.
>>6734 Yeah. And just in general they were making a game and not a cutscene that plays itself.
>>6735 There are a lot of fun moments in 3 and 4, problem is like you said, many of the set pieces autoplay, kinda like GOW's quick action events I've always despised despite enoying the series and its obvious DMC-gameplay ripoff.
>>6743 >4 It's mega woke
>>6748 There is a funny glitch where sam and nats knocks the strong woman on the ground and she like reality doesn't move if two 180-220 pound men took a 140 pound woman and slammed her onto the ground. https://youtube.com/watch?v=0x6D-VUPoy4&pp=ygUaVW HAPPY TO HELP!
Open file (86.72 KB 1280x720 maxres.jpg)
>>6767 kek
>>6767 Kek. The absolute state.
>>6596 Akamatsu Era - CV 1-3. One man's vision of what he wanted the games to sound and play like. Consistent, satisfying, and challenging. My favorite. Experimental Era - 16-bit/CV64/Legends (overlaps with IGA Era) Hit or miss. Konami was trying to figure out what to do with the series. Several remakes of the first Akamatsu game. Some storylines from this era were later retconned. But Rondo Of Blood was the strongest and seemed like the best evolution of the Akamatsu games. IGA Era - Started off strong with SotN, then spent the rest of the time trying to re-capture it. Never really succeeded. Most of the games were on handhelds with limited hardware, and the main console entries were very lacking. Effeminate character designs, and weird one off games like Judgment. Tried to appeal to kids with the DS entries. The most talked about, and overrated era, but it was clear why IGA was let go.
>>7013 I honestly only really like SOTN. Not that all the other games are bad, but it's more so that SOTN was very special not just gamelay wise but in every aspect of its presentation, affirmed by the fact that I don't really care much for all the other blatant carbon copies that followed.
Open file (44.90 KB 739x415 castlevania.jpg)
After playing Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness back to back, I can safely say they're genuinely great games a good translation of the series to 3D (bonus points for having actual vampires to fuck up and even some spoopy moments). As rough as CV64 it is I still believe it should be played first for the full experience, if only because experiencing a classicvania without a whip-wielding chad first is just wrong and mostly because Cornell is a bit too overpowered for most of the game. The camera and controls in the original aren't that bad either, any problems stem mostly from the automatic camera being forced into awkward angles and some ridiculously precise jumps, which thankfully were fixed in LoD.
>>7226 Yeah I enjoyed those games as well.
>>7226 It’s always interesting to see how games transition from 2D to 3D. They were trailblazing, they didn't even know what to do. It's a very interesting experience.
Open file (644.19 KB 897x775 shieeet.png)
das rite
>>7385 >we wuz castles n sheit this desperate to justify their pathetic existence on this planet and their total failure as a race
>>7385 >and their history >castlevania is set in romania Is there a single thing niggers have that they didn't steal from someone else?
>>7395 I wouldn't be surprised if they set the whatever that is in Africa.
>>7395 <actual castle in transylvanian hiv aids originated in africa so theres that they can be proud of in their history
>>7395 Mudpies, maybe?
>>7397 dat looks like africa to me

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