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Open file (381.77 KB 640x448 1_162u.png)
Anonymous 11/11/2023 (Sat) 09:33:13 No.7178
I miss the old prerendered look.
Open file (231.52 KB 512x512 yoAfksc.gif)
Open file (621.71 KB 640x480 fl1M5HY.gif)
Open file (262.48 KB 1024x768 b23b0e08038.jpg)
i love them so much
>>7178 >>7185 Stop it my boner can't take it
The thing that makes pre-rendered backgrounds so great are the kino angles. Brainlets who says that you can have this fidelity in-game now don't even get it. First of all, no you can't, and even if you could it's never gonna be the same because you can make each new pre-rendered screen look unique and distinct from other on a fundamental, handcrafted level whereas in-game everything runs on the same engine and will always adhere to the same restricted conditions, same lighting etc. But more importantly, people who say 'look, this modern whatever has just as much clutter now!" are missing the point, you can literally never have the same atmosphere with your generic free moving-camera behind character, you can never instill the same level of emotion when you're always seeing everything from the same flat eye-level, one singular perspective.
Open file (174.60 KB 512x512 TOl9AiY.gif)
Open file (374.33 KB 1920x1080 7dvve6y.jpg)
Open file (48.14 KB 570x449 X4VWD.jpg)
Open file (70.50 KB 640x480 r32rh.jpg)
Why did this style die out? It was coexisting with full 3D games all the way up to the PS3 era.
>>7310 Because normalniggers think 2D=old.
>>7311 That can't be because all the pixelshit and fake 2.5D pixelshit is so popular with normalfags
>>7312 I honestly can't think of a single pixelshit game that's actually popular among normalfags. Sure some shit is "popular" but I can't think of one I've ever seen or heard about them actually playing.
>>7313 Undertale or whatever it was called.
Does it count if it's 3D but fixed camera angle?
Open file (313.83 KB 1920x1080 eHtTMwM.jpg)
>>7315 It's better than nothing but it can never compare to pre rendered.
>>7351 That's a large part of what made FF7 so memorable. It made the world seem way more deep and interesting than just the story and dialog.
>>7352 Not just FF7, every pre-rendered RPG, but of course Square's in particular. Such unique detailed worlds telling a separate story parallel to the narrative.
>>7354 >every pre-rendered RPG I don't know. There was something special about FF7. Maybe it's just nostalgia.
>>7355 FF7 certainly is special because it was Square's very first 3D game so it caries a very particular atmosphere about it.
>>7178 lost artform
>>7178 Am I a schizo or did Kamui or whatever - the game where you play as Yoshitsune - also had prerendered backgrounds?
Open file (83.43 KB 594x446 5ODY0ODc@._V1_.jpg)
>>7481 Genji? No, it's fully 3D.
>>7178 The best Fixed camera and pre-rendered backgrounds It was like being personally pampered Someone took time out of their life to ensure a perfect shot and beautiful vista Games which suddenly move the camera to a more efficient point of view to better understand puzzles or platforming sections are cool too We dropped all of that for waypoints, yellow paint and detective vision Life is fucking sour

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