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BandCamp General Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 04:19:26 No.10
Post bandcamps here
Open file (36.48 KB 700x700 botcamp_.jpg)

Bunch of tracks from ARF. RIP /mu/
It is quite the bitter feeling for me, because just a few days before infinite was closed we had a legendary ARF listen-along stream. It seems like from the main page, a "filler" album was made for August. I wonder how Spalding, Kuol, MacadamiaNut, and the /mu/tants & gastarbeiters are doing right now? sage for off-topic
oh yeah I think I remember that stream. ARF was a lot of fun. Nice to have had some creative community thing going.
Open file (1.23 MB 1000x1000 Album-Art2.png)
Hey /mu/, been a while. Just released this 10 track electro album. Some weird stuff in here, but I hope you like it.

Open file (341.90 KB 700x700 cover.jpg)
Songs from the Islamic State, including the famous Salil Sawarim.

Open file (909.81 KB 1400x1400 AyyLmeow.png)
Just released a new album after a few years, hope you guys like it. >synthwave, darksynth, hypersynth vaporwave https://ayylmeow.bandcamp.com/ >>131 I like the swing to your tracks, I feel like they would work well as game OSTs. >>169 Kek I haven't heard these since the early 8chan days. >>110 We clearly need to bring this back ourselves
So where did /mu/ move to? Presumably Julay is about to shut it's doors forever at any moment now.
>>701 >double-checked and /mu/ is staying on in Garfields.world derp, nvm.
Open file (483.70 KB 1500x1500 cover.jpg)
Bedbug - if i got smaller and grew wings and flew away for good >bedroom pop, lo-fi, singer-songwriter https://linkedin.bandcamp.com/ If you're a fan of projects from Sam Ray (Ricky Eat Acid, Teen Suicide) or Spencer Radcliffe (Blithe Field) you'll like this.
Open file (323.22 KB 1200x1200 a2183640364_10.jpg)
http://lupusvir.bandcamp.com/album/repeated-grey-fields I released this album some months ago. It has neofolk, lofi hip-hop and ambient music. Very simple, it's just a hobby for me. I use to post some aesthetic presentations of the songs here: https://flatlinepsalms.neocities.org I like to make a video of each song too.
Open file (231.58 KB 1080x1080 track-art.png)
Do everyday things seem unusually large or small? A bag contains 20 blue and 10 green marbles. You have to draw out a marble six times. https://deepdown.bandcamp.com/
Open file (187.39 KB 800x1200 1622425975850.jpg)
Industrial, dark ambient, and noise label https://moonmusiq.bandcamp.com/ >>131 Really playful and fun >>721 Electronic nu-metal. This has some nice production. Enjoyed this
>>792 Releases are now free here. No need to copy a promo code or anything http://moonmusiq.com/#releases
Open file (6.14 MB 1600x1600 cover.png)
Open file (179.81 KB 492x456 8842547.png)
Open file (833.72 KB 1400x1400 npf.jpg)
https://4headedgenitalia.bandcamp.com/ industrial dark ambient buyer's marketcore

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