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Can any one recommend me more music similar to this please?

BO Edit: This is officially the QTDDTOT thread, you can ask about where this music came from, requests and recommendations, anything related to music. If it is music theory related, I strongly recommend that you ask it in the Music Theory Thread.

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BandCamp General

Post bandcamps here

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Soundcloud General

Post soundclouds here

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Music Theory

After thinking through and wondering how I could possibly make this work, I am going to go forward with this. Since there are a lot of potential gastarbeiters here, I took upon myself to do daily posts hopefully on this thread that revolves around Music Theory, not Music Composition.

Quick disclaimer: I am not a music guru, so a lot of the information I giving to you is being backed by decent sources and my good background on this subject. You'll never get it right the first time, so practice if you have the time. Music is a time-consuming hobby, if you want get the most out of it just take it at your pace. There's no rush, so enjoy learning as you go.

Any other gastarbeiters or /mu/tants are welcome to post any questions, answers, etc, as long as they are relation to the topic. Hell, I'll even allow music theory "memes" since they helped me understand certain things better.

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Do people even lurk this board anymore? Does this mean I have to go back to cuckchan/mu/?

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this is sum neo nazi rap

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Is there a better duo of albums?

Or in other words, celebrating the release of Bath and Leaving Your Body Map 288 days early.

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can anyone summarizes for me the key ideas to remember when covering a song such as playing claire de lune or maybe rondo capricioso or any songs' sheet? especially on how to hit the right notes that creates the song in particular

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Can someone lead me to a 20th century classical piece that sounds like the Nintendo Gamecube startup screen? I'm looking for staccato melodies with a poly rhythmic backbone, and a jarring juxtaposition between soft and hard sounds, just like Gamecube. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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Vaguely political song thread?

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Good music thread

Post some of your favorite tunes to celebrate the founding of this board.

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SKA IS NOT DEAD r-right?

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What is the secret website /mu/ migrated too?

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Cover art thread

Post your favorite, interesting etc album covers in this thread. Anyone got the source to the dude on East Side Militia.

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Black metal

Arntor, ein Windir

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It's great.

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Is being an audiophile a curse?
I think it is

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How is this cuckoldish looking Swedish band from the 70s so fucking good...?

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Rucka Rucka Ali

a full archive of all videos:

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Sound Effects

Are there good sound designs in games, movies or any other material that you really enjoy?
Personally, I really like the drills used in techno/industrial songs.

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A help identifying some instruments

I'd like some help in identifying the instruments in the photo.
In particular, the one held by the man on the left and the one on the right placed on top of the table (it's bent in a strange way and hangs down the table.)

Long version (in italian): >>>/ita/865
Short version: some time ago, I discovered about the "gabusifonio", which, after a lot of research, turned out to be an instrument created by Giuseppe Gabusi near the end of 1800.
I'm trying to find out exactly what this instrument looked like and this photo is the only lead I have right now.


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Asian Indie/Alt

Asian Alternative Indie Rock General Japanese Scene I personally like to collect issues from Zankyo Record as they are the host for my fav Té. And many other bands like cinema staff, ppl, cabs (disbanded :'(). They are producing so many talented artists. Thinking of ordering people in Boxes albums. Wish I could try their music before getting overseas. Outside of these I have listened downy from felicity. They sum up my teenage years. Let me know thoughts. What other music should be looked into from Japanese scene? Or beyond, within Asia? (Bbl with my reviews on Korean labels, later)

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I like this album a lot. What do you all think?

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Things you hate in music.

I'll start. >downloading an album after hearing a sample and finding out the song you heard first was the high point >one section of a song is good and the rest is just ok >ending a song with a slow drumroll (see Motörhead - The Hammer)

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Old School Punk Rock Night because fuck you, that's why

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/mu/ makes an album: Gunt Edition

A bunch of /mu/tants has banded together into "Autistic Rage Festival" to create music.
We have been doing this for quite some time, and across several chans.
Now YOU have the chance to unleash your inner musician and/or autist and join the good cause.
Each time, we will put all the music posted in this thread into one album, and then we will listen to that album together.

I messed up last time, so we listen to the album of this edition, as well as the previous one.

Feel free stop in the cytube room before the listenalong, Muscises will do a 45 minute /vgmg/ segment.
By request, we are doing the listenalong in a different cytube room:

We will be rolling for artwork and album title in this other thread:

Deadline and listenalong:
Which is the same as:

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/mu/ for the Infinity Cup 2020!

Hey lads.
We are currently streaming the group phase of the current year's 8chanCup (or as it's more properly known as the Infinity Cup) but due to the exodus and 8ch hiccups we've lost a few teams whose boards never really recovered.
We're wondering if you guys are still interested in it, because in that case you may want to go to the wiki, edit some stuff out for the team and apply to join the next one!

All you need to do is create a wiki entry of your own team over at (use the layout of other teams as a preset), coming up with members/players that represent your board's culture and in-jokes, create a proper emblem and jersey combo and optionally choose strategies, skills and exportable 3d models using the rules set up at and we'll make sure to consider your application for the future pot.
I should mention that we would also really appreciate if you came over to our cup's stream at to spectate what the cup's really all about and to propose your own ideas to make it even better.
See you on the field!

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Trying to ID the background of a moonman song

Was checking bitchute for the stuff that got shoah'd of youtube, Figured i'd ask on a board since i really do like the track. Thanks in advance

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Join the fun. Once a month we are living the /mu/ life.

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Post your favorite songs from various electro swing artist like caravan palace, jamie berry, lyre la temps, and so on.

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Post amazingly top-tier to God-tier Kanye songs

Since he's /mu/core so of course I can bring him here too. He's always been a part of /mu/ and will be remembered for it. Stop pretending like he's not a part of our /mu/ culture.

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/metal/ thread

Post anything meal related

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Synthesis and Music Hardware/Software

hey /tech/. Do you like playing with synthesis, or making music? What devices do you have? Do you have any songs or sounds to share? Share them here!

I used to be an avid consumer of the demo scene, so I love c64 and Amiga tunes, and I also have quite a few synths laying around that I like to make sounds with. I currently have:

Waldorf Blofeld
Roland Sh-201
Yamaha Tx18z
Casio Privia
tons of controllers and other bullshit

I really want to get a Roland D-50 to see what kind of sounds I can make with those kinds of old synths.

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ITT: Guys YOU JUST KNOW are going 2 release this year's best album