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AI Internet v. Old Internet 09/16/2019 (Mon) 12:01:25 No.81
This is copied and pasted from another forum, but, I'd like to start off with it.

Here's a timeline of the beginning of the death of retro internet until now:
2004: DARPA's Lifelog project was "cancelled." Facebook came into being soon after.
2004-2012: NSA picked up DARPA's project under the "Total Informational Awareness" project. https://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/23/opinion/whos-watching-the-nsa-watchers.html
2012: Smith-Mundt Modernization Act gives the U.S. government full legal authority to use propaganda against its own populace. Undoing rules put into place after Operation Mockingbird's discovery and the Church Committee. https://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/23/opinion/whos-watching-the-nsa-watchers.html
2012-2016: Shittons of DARPA/NSA contracts were given to Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc..
2016: Leaked memos dating back to 2016 (found in 2018) of Google's Selfish Ledger project. https://invidio.us/watch?v=LUSZfEBTwRc
2016: Google released a bunch of neural-linguistic machine learning programs in 2016 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Neural_Machine_Translation
2017: deepfake leaks start to become released.
2018: confirmed that for decades now, Reddit/Youtube/etc. vote and view counts are fake and completely manipulated. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/12/how-much-of-the-internet-is-fake.html

In short, the U.S. government is engaging in an artificial intelligence powered gaslighting of the entire world population.

/end copypasta

I want to fight back against this, and I think the perfect way to do so is to find and collate old retro internet. Make a hand-made giant directory of webrings each with a simple list of sites. No search engines. That way the common user can actually search through their information the way they want and not the way AI wants you to. Just, in general, it feels like retro internet is the perfect way to combat this, maybe.
This is the first actually practical thing I've heard of from you guys. Good thinking anon. Now, any idea how to start going about it?
That last link is liberal bullshit spun into AI. It claims online Trump supporters are Russian trolls using Brazilian photographs to pretend to be American. Then goes on rants about how fake anti-feminists are.

It doesn't say anything interesting, it doesn't have any value and is in it's self likely written by a bot it's so vapid and liberal fueled bullshit.
As a fan of the old internet culture, I am very much a fan of this.

We need to preserve the old internet for future generations to the best of our abilities.
It's dying but there are still places away from the web outside of their control. Come shitpost on Fidonet and use echo mail.
Well, the easiest thing would be a wiki, right?
Hmm. I don't see that being a lot more useful than just an imageboard tbh. Does wiki software support creating a system that allows you to go search the interwebs?
I guess the hidden wiki is pretty useless.
Open file (220.29 KB 475x720 Jefferson_Bible.jpg)
This is OP.

Here's an example of what I mean, a simple goddam webring for a specific purpose:


If we can collect enough of these webrings made for specific purposes, then, for example, I could break them up by categories and subject (using Library of Congress Classification?) organizing them in a giant tree/hierarchy directory. That way we can search the internet without algos controlled by TPTB.
This is a lot of work. A wiki would definitely help. There's inevitably going to be "Does this deserve to be in the webring library/under the classification" discussions that I don't know how to handle. I like the idea of competing webrings made by actual people, though, because that's less likely to be botnet.
An attempt was made:

>I like the idea of competing webrings made by actual people, though, because that's less likely to be botnet.
agreed, at least for today.
neocities is like geocities was, which is what I tend to think of when someone mentions the old internet

A tree list with a good css that branches out without you having to click much would be better than to have to click multiple times to get to a page in the tree listing
>Tree css
I'll work on it once the site gets more sites listed.
s/gets more sites listed/people suggest more sites to add to it/
Biblioteca pleyades is built up kinda like this, it has indexes one can scroll through to find things, but it can be a bit difficult to find things that way sometimes, the categories get tricky when there's a category overlap and stuff also scrolling through it can take a while

Here's a kinda relevant very retro site; http://johntitor.com/
John Titor was a classic part of the old internet culture
> I think the perfect way to do so is to find and collate old retro internet
You're not alone anon. It is happening.

>liberal bullshit spun into AI.
Any bullshit spun into AI makes it cease from being AI. AI is naturally 'racist'. We are labelled Nazi for merely holding to the truth. Science
...Science must be ignored to spin liberal bullshit.
"There are only two genders" ignored for trans bullshit.
"All races are equal in all areas on a macro scale" for diversity bullshit.
What are some small things I could start doing to help fight against this? I've already quit using social media and started spreading this to some of my friends who've also quit social media but I need to start doing more things. I've also started using Brave browser on my phone and Pale Moon browser on my computer to have more control over how I browse the web. Any other suggestions for me and anyone else in this campaign?
>>140 I think the best way to spread a project like this would be to directly present it to like-minded people you know online or in real life. You could do this to individuals or small communities that can contribute. Social media is a huge no-no though. >>107 >txti.es/chans Will 8kun be added?
>>140 Move entirely to free software, ditch windows and learn *NIX. Use a distribution without systemd and pick a light distro without too complicated of a WM/DE, because you'll be spending most of your time on the command line anyway. Take the time to learn everything in "info", the "man" pages of relevant programs, GNU documentation and "regular expressions." If you can figure all that out, you'll be light years ahead of 99.9% of the population. You don't even have to get into actual programming, most things have already been done and what would be months of programming work has been turned into a switch for a command line program. Dust off an old quad core (pre i7) and max out the ram, and you'll have fairly decent security and obscurity.
>>307 No need for the full /tech/ autism experience. A user can learn general security and privacy measures without migrating to linux if he chooses not to, and remember that a truly knowledgeable user can operate any OS without compromises. Using windows is fine as long as you disable telemetry and other spyware by following any of the guides online, and try to avoid using windows 10, any earlier version would be miles better. Install a good firewall and antivirus, buy or pirate a sandbox program like Sandboxie for running suspicious programs in isolation, and opt for using open source programs whenever you can. A good alternative to a sandbox program is a virtualization program such as VirtualBox, you can install a separate Windows version in it, disconnect it from the internet, and use it for running programs. Avoid using Google or any of its services (Gmail, Drive, Youtube...etc), at least not directly. There are multiple good alternatives to Drive such as MEGA and the Pomf clones, as for Youtube you can access it in a privacy-respecting manner using a service like invidio.us, which delivers Youtube videos but without tracking or ads. You can also use Google search in a similar method through startpage.com. Use temporary email addresses to register on websites that require registration, such as temp-mail.org and 10minutemail.com. Disable cookies in your browser or at least set them to "clear on exit", and if you wanna take it a step further disable Javascript. In case you want to start building your own webpages, learn languages like HTML and CSS. You might also want to learn Javascript but keep in mind that it can be exploited and a good portion of security-aware users disable it on their browsers. For dynamic webpages (i.e. pages that use databases and regularly pull information from a server) you'll need to learn other appropriate languages such as PHP and SQL. That should be enough for starters.
>>248 I moved the site to an onion address, gave it an upgrade, incorporated all the other webrings I was running, etc.: lwur3kl63omajev4tnwu52razltyvsfvlsaxtd35g2t23rgkd4oybvid.onion/ Clearnet, simpler version of just the directory over here: https://websitereview.neocities.org/
>>310 >neocities Well done anon, would have appreciated a more accessible design though... A light theme and visible scrollbar would be real nice and maybe a way to disable the custom cursor
>>310 Very nice, I instantly bookmarked this.
>>310 Thank you Anon for reminding me that the mod archive still exist.

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