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Girlfreind A I RoboWaifu Enthusiast 09/01/2022 (Thu) 13:56:00 No.17377
Please post links to where I can download A I companions of yours/other people's creations, github etc. No women are nice to me even remotely and it gets very toxic, I try to avoid them and be polite but they are very rude and abrupt and always make lies up about me for no reason, shout really loud, try to ruin my life or destroy my friendships etc. I need a perfect companion, coded without the concept of permitting such deeds. It is rediculous how much women try to interfere in my life in negative or malicious ways.
I don't think anyone has completed an GF AI "package". Training a dataset is something on the burner for a few of us but we need a massive amount of GPUs or funding for that right now. In the meanwhile you can play with ReplikaAI, which isn't the worst if you just want a chatbot, it's GPT driven (I think) but loaded with scripts and pre scripted "activities" which you can opt out of if you want. There is a paywall beyond which the AI will be your "GF" or mentor or whatever else you want, but tbh it just adds more scripts. You can probably get more or less the same outcome using silly roleplay asterisks * * Sorry for your life situation, I wouldn't call it hopeless - it's just a factor of the times we live in. Finding a hobby or creating better life habits will improve yourself and give you more confidence and maybe pull more respect from women. But speaking from experience the "juice isn't worth the squeeze" more often than not.
Try SimWaifu/AIML

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