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Open file (180.39 KB 1280x963 02349.jpg)
Moral conundrum thread Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 21:32:44 No.281
What would Jean Luc Picard do?

In this thread we post and discuss moral conundrums that we can encounter while exploring the galaxy.

So you finally have the chance to rid the galaxy of one of it's worst scourges - the Borg. Fool proof concept: hack one guy that infects all the others. Boom - the Borg are no more. Just as you are about to pull the trigger the female doctor - who is only on the ship because her good-for-nothing-husband died under your command and you felt bad about it so you gave her a cushy job in hope she'll never get on your nerves again - starts moralfagging about how genocide is not cool while conveniently forgetting that the Borg did exactly that to tens of thousands of worlds and billions of people.
Was it right to cave in to her bitching and letting the most dangerous and destructive force in the galaxy off the hook or should you have manned up, wiped out the Borg and given that broad a good over the knee spanking til her cheeks glow as red as her dyed hair?
Open file (720.11 KB 320x240 Picard Vs. Chunk.webm)
Open file (284.66 KB 228x240 Chunk Vs Picard.webm)
>given that broad a good over the knee spanking til her cheeks glow as red as her dyed hair?
Been reading some fapfiction again anon?

As an answer, movies or tv show Picard?
>a good over the knee spanking til her cheeks glow as red as her dyed hair?
The real question is why you aren't doing this already.
I'd love to giver her a good spanking while Wesley has to watch. (He's not allowed to touch himself ofc)
Go full clockwork orange and force him to watch while giving him huge doses of apomorphine.
Open file (179.48 KB 1280x720 burg.jpg)
we have never killed a species they live on in our collective. you will also live on. resistance is futile.
>>281 Throw some of Wesley's nanomachines at the Borg then get them to join the Federation.
Open file (207.02 KB 300x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>281 This is literally Icheb's origin story

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