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Waifu Thread Anonymous 08/18/2019 (Sun) 11:30:19 No.296
Ezri the best!
Open file (74.02 KB 692x530 dax.jpg)
Me needs a real woman
Open file (58.62 KB 486x374 jadzia (2).jpg)
Based and old-man-pilled
Ezri is easily hotter than Jadzia. Plus, she didn't get Worfed.
Terry Farrell is a babe. Take the MILFpill.
Anon, Ezri was in her underwear when she woke up because it had to be TV-safe. It doesn't mean she didn't get Worfed.
>>296 Geeky Cardassian babes, assuring you of their health and childbearing potential, are the patrician choice. For some reason I can't add a pic to this post, but just picture the cardie who got all hot and excited for the chief in the DS:9 episode with the prophecy about the meteorite destroying the wormhole.
Open file (57.01 KB 297x324 obrien.png)
>>536 I used to watch a lot of Becker, which pretty much ruined me for Terry Farrel. >>828 picrel
Open file (78.90 KB 692x530 Image-2.jpg)
>>828 They are also all QTP's. It's like they are designed from the ground up as perfect waifu's for anyone with the slightest amount of taste. >>296 >Ezri Is this that diaper shit again?
>>835 >Is this that diaper shit again? It is now that you brought it up.
>>836 I just remember the old threads on 8ch where the faggot that kept simping for Ezri would also rant on about her and diapers or some shit like that. Was that shit just some guy with a fetish for diapers or was there a story?
>>837 IIRC it was literally one diaper fetishist who started spamming it (from one still frame in a single episode where her butt looks a little bit 'padded' under the uniform), people told him to shut up, and trolls kept pumping it to annoy everyone.
Open file (1.30 MB 800x823 ClipboardImage.png)
/cuteler/bro reporting in
There's no girls in Trek I can think of but this little qt is definitely waifu material.
>>909 Not bad.
Open file (143.74 KB 274x857 Tora_Ziyal.png)
For me it's Ziyal. I want a cute art lizard waifu.
>>911 That Ziyal? Not the other one?
>>912 I dunno man, there's just something about this one. I like cheerful ones though, even in real life. And an arty chick that isn't some mopey slob? *chef's kiss*
>>911 good taste

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