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The Orville Anonymous 08/18/2019 (Sun) 11:47:36 No.297
Last I heard that Season 3 was coming to Hulu and that's about it. Really not sure what else I can say.
Open file (426.98 KB 1100x849 1548994968913.jpg)
I miss Alara. I hope they do something interesting with Keyali because right now she's just female Worf, but not hot.
Isn't it also not coming out until next year?
So anyone played The Orville vidya?
Yes but there's not much to it at the moment other than shitpost sessions.
After S2 I'm not desperate to see more. Half the show was character bullshit anyway.
She was cute but the actress couldn't act for shit. Another Jadzia situation.
Is there anything wrong we should know about Hulu?
Comcast used to have control over it which it handed over to the mouse last May.
Same here. S1 had fun Trek-type exploration (bioship, Krill ship, 2d universe), but S2 was mostly relationships and characters. It sucked.
Open file (231.50 KB 1380x966 1563669571748.jpg)
There's not a lot of info about the third season, all we know so far is that it will air in late 2020.
Anyone read the Orville comics Dark Horse released? Are they any good?
I watched the orvile and tbh I don't see how trekkies care for it. it's pretty much the worst parts of voyager and enterprise combined.
I like it as long as it's not about some mind reprogramming SJW plot. Like: pretty women, nice space battles, ground action, Picardo. They manage to show that a robot can't replace a husband. What would be great is having characters develop traditional families - an element strangely missing from the entire show.
still better than STD
>What would be great is having characters develop traditional families - an element strangely missing from the entire show.
Other than the Moclans and the show has been doing its best to destroy that.
I'd pay for a spinoff called "Traditional Moclan Family Values"
>piss is better then shit
Technically yes.
ah urophilia then, that explains it.
Technically speaking urine is already clean, whereas shit is a waste product and can do nothing but bad things when consumed. Urine can also be filtered into "drinkable water" rather easily which is why it is recommended for wilderness survival in places that lack clean water. There is nothing sexual about this.
>Technically speaking urine is already clean
it's not
>it is recommended for wilderness survival in places that lack clean water
it's not
You're certainly correct about urine being superior to feces in most every case, but 'already clean' certainly isn't one of them. Like all organic waste material it's loaded with bacteria, just not nearly as noxious as with fecal matter.
drinking your own pee only helps to recapture lost water. not very idea. however poop collected from herbivores can help fertilize soil and also has the benefit of burning excellently, just in case you needed a longer lasting torch.
Poop is better for growing crops. Just saying.
There's a small news about the 3rd season. Doug Drexler who worked on StarTrek since TNG and BSG has joined the art department of The Orville last october.
>>763 Seth just going to hire all the talent isn't he?
>>764 Why not? To me, having Drexler means a lot because the guy stepped away from the business years ago after Hutzel passed away. I wonder if Seth could get the Okudas to work on the science stuff with Bromanis. I saw a dumb rumor about NBC wanting to buy Star Trek to give it to Seth. As much as I want this to happen, I know we're stuck with the Kurtzman crap.
>>765 >I saw a dumb rumor about NBC wanting to buy Star Trek to give it to Seth. That is something I could see there being talks about but there being a gorillion millions of red tape as it were preventing it going forward. I don't think anyone knows exactly who owns the copyright to Star Trek these days or what licenses there are around.
after having seen S2 i just dont care about it anymore it was never that great to begin with, too goofy for its own good, but S2 was the final nail in the coffin and let us not forget that seth macfarlane literally promised everyone S2 was going to feature even more sci-fi than S1, the guy is a liar and not worthy of my time
Open file (123.13 KB 1000x1096 14144314_p0.jpg)
>>767 And why is that?
Open file (20.03 KB 500x378 1575285224388.jpg)
>>626 It is. Its like all the worst moments of Voyager but with a dash of Family Guy comedy. Only original and good thing on the show is the robot, but he's basically just a poor-man's Data or Spock substitute.
Open file (844.29 KB 800x450 alara_angry.webm)
>>798 One of the producers said that it was not true. They recently got a tax credit to shoot in California. I guess we'll see.
Bit late but this place is almost not dead. >>800 https://trekmovie.com/2020/06/11/interview-tom-costantino-and-david-goodman-on-how-the-orville-season-3-will-be-a-barn-burner/ https://tvline.com/2020/09/28/the-orville-season-3-premiere-date-delayed-pandemic-hulu/ Recent news and the tax credit has to do with legacy TVs receiving it in a new round of funding. >In 2015, the size of the program was tripled to $330 million annually to compete effectively with New York and Georgia, and it was then extended to 2025 with a credit of up to 25% of qualified expenditures spent in California. >The commission also announced Monday that there are 25 legacy TV series, who were previous recipients of the credits, selected for the inaugural round of tax credits under California’s Film and Television Tax Credit Program 3.0 — which launched July 1, concurrent with the state’s new fiscal year. >Recurring programs include Lucifer and Orville Thing is, Luci got picked up for a S06 and final season, so they get funding. Orville getting funding again implies that they want to keep filming. I think Hulu is waiting to see ratings to see if it's worth picking up another season before announcing it.
Open file (32.01 KB 862x553 1601774940699.jpg)
>>812 Nice. Thanks for the update.
Open file (223.30 KB 883x1200 GRRM (orville).jpg)
>>812 Good to know. Thanks.
S4 of STD already filming and S2 of Picard is going before christmas. Good news however, is that Orville is beginning production again on S3 before it got canned by Corona. https://trekmovie.com/2020/11/09/exclusive-the-orville-season-3-is-returning-to-production-in-december/
>>829 >S4 of STD already filming Season 3 is probably the worst so far and yet they're making another season?
>>830 Maybe I'm living in an echochamber, but I thought s3 of STD didn't even do that well?
>>831 There's no way to know the actual numbers, since CBS is keeping everything secret. Season 3 of STD is really awful, Kurtzman's ego is so big that he even named an episode "Unification part 3" and used edited footage of Spock from those TNG episodes. From what I've heard, the nightmare isn't ending, they might bring the Guardian of Forever before the end of the season.
Open file (106.60 KB 475x528 rage.jpg)
>>833 >Kurtzman's ego is so big that he even named an episode "Unification part 3" and used edited footage of Spock from those TNG episodes. From what I've heard, the nightmare isn't ending, they might bring the Guardian of Forever before the end of the season.
Open file (153.76 KB 650x536 can't wake up.jpg)
>>834 They've actually brought back the Guardian in a two-parter where they've "humanized" Mirror Georgiou aka Space Hitler before they sent her off to another timeline (for the Sec31 spin-off). At the end, there was a eulogy with the Discovery crew, all crying about their "friend" Georgiou. Tilly said that Georgiou redefined the word "badass", the redhead from the bridge said that she loved Georgiou's style, with her leather jacket and her boots. I... wish I was joking.
>>839 Christmas is ruined!
Open file (832.80 KB 750x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 1749x1652 ClipboardImage.png)
I disliked the show, but found uniform design to be kind of nice, even though the actual product didn't looked great. And god I hate the orange for the engineering as certain angles and light make it look red (looking like more of security), should have been yellow. And I just discovered concept versions, too bad I abandoned contributing to the space game else I'd had a field day spriting reference shit again.
>>299 >female worf but not hot Are you saying regular Worf is hot?
Open file (2.10 MB 3024x3024 New Uniform.jpg)
>>812 Damn, been a year already. So some things, Orville didn't film last year obviously but they started up again in December and are hoping to get it out by the end of the year. https://trekmovie.com/2020/12/04/the-orville-restarts-production-on-season-3/ Also some ship models coming out. https://trekmovie.com/2021/01/29/review-eaglemoss-hero-collector-the-orville-ship-models-are-no-joke/
>>887 Eh, he's alright. Not Q, but alright.
>>903 BO, why do you entertain sodomites here? If there's anything the invasion of Big Tech (and the Hollyjew, for that matter) by these sexual deviants has taught us it's this: they will absolutely corrupt any and everything they are a part of. Permaban, please.
>>904 Not until I'm convinced he's serious.
Board seems sorta dead. But S3 of Orville is out March 2022, filming wrapped up in August. Only 11 episodes this season but each episode is a full hour rather than 45 minutes.
>>919 The board is dead. It's just you and me.
Open file (266.24 KB 1200x630 datatears.jpg)
>>922 Yeah, it's pretty sad.
This board seems really fun. Have you guys though about attracting star trek fans from other websites?
Open file (823.05 KB 1000x1119 picard.png)
>>924 I mention it when it's appropriate, but I don't just spam it everywhere. That shit is just obnoxious.
>>927 I'm expecting woke garbage.
>>929 I'm actually pleasantly surprised, ep 1 was a little preachy but 2 was great, they actually worked out the original concept of the borg into a thing, which they could'nt for tng due to budget reasons. Have not finished 3 yet but so far it's pretty decent, very farpoint which is also the general theme, rehashing tng stuff, but still infinitely more enjoyable then nu-trek

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