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Open file (23.68 KB 574x382 Your Drazi Dose.jpg)
Babylon 5 Thread Anonymous 08/26/2019 (Mon) 14:53:26 No.411
Mr Morden really had our best interests at heart.
thanks doc!
I need to watch this one of these days.
The first few seasons and the sideplots are best, I think.
Wasn't Season 5 tact'd on cause they got renewed literally at last second?
>literally at the last second
I rather doubt that.
Open file (374.83 KB 879x560 ClipboardImage.png)

It was a reasonable okay watch, their MC got the crazy's and had to be replaced (and this happens like every year with characters of various importance). Seasons 1-4 are pretty straight forward if a little rushed towards the end. Entirely worth watching for Bester for being such an irredeemable character, strong performances (better then the arks really but the arcs were solid) and an interesting universe that tries to be science fiction instead of science fantasy that you get with some shows.
Open file (220.60 KB 342x498 what do you want.png)
>>411 Acting jobs dried out of Ed Wasser, so he started construction company. >>716 The series finale was shot during 4th season and season 4 finale was something they came up with minimal budget and time. Content meant to run until half way thru 5th season was squeezed into second half of 4th season, 5th season is pretty much half season stretched to full season.
Open file (97.00 KB 928x523 mira furlan.jpeg)
Open file (24.90 KB 644x564 mira furlan2.jpeg)
As usual, Babylon 5 curse has manifested itself. Latest victim being Mira Furlan, who passed away at 65.
I've heard that they have made an HD version of the show for the streaming platforms. The CGI scenes are less blurry than the DVD versions.
>>877 From what I understand is that they basically re-scanned the live action film footage, ran standard definition FX sequences thru AI filter to upscale and clean it up and then edited everything together.

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