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Simple Tailor 09/23/2019 (Mon) 14:41:12 No.468
This is /strek/'s primary home until further notice Use this thread for meta discussion and submitting banners, spoilers, etc. Rules. 1. No hasperats 2. Talk mostly about Star Trek. Keep discussion of non Star Trek shows to an appropriate thread. 3. No Hasperats 4. Spoiler porn and gore. 5. No hasperats 6. There is no rule 6 7. No hasperats 8. Have fun!
Edited last time by dukat on 12/31/2020 (Thu) 19:01:25.
I'll have a look if I can do a /strek/ stream before the 9:30pm est restream, kind of missed last week since I was away for most of it, but this seems like a good occasion.
Feel free to request particular episodes.
The one where Dukat wins and the one where Wesley dies a cruel death and is never seen again.
Also want to see the episode where Picard fucks Beverly.
Give me the season and episode number, or at least the name.
You motherfucker. Is there really no episode when JL and Beverly fuck though, or was it just heavily implied they did?
None of the things mentioned to far ever happened. We're fucking with you.
I know, but am I just misremembering things or was it at least implied Picard and Beverly fucked or where in a relationship or something?
In the star alcohol episode they may have fucked. I don't really recall. It was always implied that there was something between them, but it never manifested.
They were in a relationship by the end of TNG but it wasn't really showed on screen. I doubt that it was acknowledged in the TNG movies.
They were close for many years but Picard never boned her. He was friends with her former husband/Wesley's Dad but the early seasons of TNG kind of implied that he might have been the kid's real father. Beverly and Picard had breakfast and dinner together all of the time. She was in his quarters constantly in TNG but he never made a move.

Picard is a majorly autistic when it comes to women. All his love interests in the show never went anywhere or died/left shortly after he starting getting anywhere with them.
He's also a career man first and foremost unlike Riker who LARPs as a career man but stopped going forward as soon as he had a cozy position on the Enterprise--having a waman to worry about would get in the way of his ability to command a starship. The one time he did try a serious, somewhat normal relationship (Lt. Cmdr. whatshertits from Astrometrics) it bothered him when she went on an away mission, so he broke it off. And as true as it might be that he's autistic about the opposite sex, he's managed to bag a good few throughout the show--about as many as Kirk did, I believe. Kirk only had half the screen time of course so he still wins out, but Picard was no slouch despite the memes.
Well shit. I'm a retard and never saved my shared secret. I guess we'll be starting with a fresh board on 8kun
Mark posted on smug/a/ saying he was trying to help old BOs get their boards back:
>Email me on sharedsecrethelp@tuta.io and I'll find your shared secret by using sents emails from the claims email address. Please use the same email you used to send the request to claims@8ch.net. I'll look through sent emails to find yours.
Man I used some throwaway cock.li adress. I claimed /strek/ and a few dead boards all with different throw away adresses. I have no clue what I claimed /strek/ with.
Do we even want to go back at this point? h8kun is going to be even more full of boomers and CIAniggers than it was before. I'd rather stay in our sekret club that's still relatively obscure.
Could we make the Anonymous name on this board redshirt?
I'm going back, but I will leave the bunker open so stubborn faggots like you can still post here.
I think the fact that Tor can be shut off like a light-switch and boards locked down at will by administration is all the proof we need that it’s going to be a giant honeypot. 8kun is going to be flooded with qoomers and edgy kids who now know it as the manifesto / livestream shooting site
That's been my concern as well. I'll still check it out to see how bad it will be and if its' salvageable, but I've been getting less optimistic with every new piece of news about 8kun.
Even though I can only post on julay.world whenever I am in the city, I really don't trust 8kun or going back at all. To go there especially with all the revelations that have gone on you'd have to be extremely cucked.
We've been attempting to debug that problem but no one ever sticks around long enough to work with us. Are you using a VPN or your ISP? Either way, if you can, let the page continue to load. Sometimes it takes 30-60 seconds on first load but after that it'll load and will work as expected afterwards.

You can also use the tornode: brlivwmnxi2l3ck7kpooqjnl2qrklsubq4nd4ebcqudcockcjenmdzyd.onion
Can you try using the https://spqrchan.xyz/ to see if it makes any difference?
Tried both and never works. Using satellite internet when in country in case you are wondering.
Made no difference. I meant to tell you fags about it a month ago but was out of city for much longer than I thought.
I honestly have no idea what causes that issue. Never had it on 3 different networks. Try the onion domain as >>648 suggested for now. (You'll need Tor Browser)
Yeah I'll try it out next time in country. Assume though if I don't respond in a month it didn't work.
What about using a proxy or VPN?
He literally just said that in the thread.
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