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Open file (8.15 MB 426x240 trash.webm)
Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 15:57:42 ID: 89e51a No.534
Why did they do this?
Also Spock is now written like Sheldon from TBBT for some reason.
I did'nt watch Discovery, what the fuck is this shit?
Is.. is that canon? The stronk, independynt cringe is literally tangible.
What was the point of that scene beyond "hey Star Trek fans, remember when they sang Gilbert & Sullivan?"
Nothing. STD is pure pandering
I guess that instead of doing a focus group test to understand why people prefer The Orville over STD they've decided to write "lol so random" comedy.
They want you to kill yourself.
They want to systematically destroy everything you've ever loved.
Wait until you see the next Short Bus Trek
Holy shit that Tribble episode was bad. I think it might be the worst Kurtzmanverse episode.
>and then everyone clapped
Open file (3.16 MB 900x374 STD - Hamlet.webm)
Hell yeah.
Open file (29.75 KB 240x160 SO MUCH STUPID.gif)
>Doesn't quite back anything.
>Just says hell yeah.
You could use a sledgehammer to whack off my big toe (digits have alot of nerves in them so it would fugging hurt) and it'd still be less painful than listening to that.

I swear RLM's one has moreemotion put into it, even if it's a send up.

>Standard NPC responses quoting Archer.
These fucking people...
It can always get worse, see the latest Short Trek about the tribbles (webm not related)

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