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Lower Decks Anonymous 07/12/2020 (Sun) 21:26:41 ID: d979ab No.796
I guess the show that the hacks from Midnight's Edge and Doomcuck thought that it didn't exist... is still a thing and it's coming out on CBS All Access. It's Reddit & Morty but with the Starfleet logo.
Open file (116.25 KB 515x476 puke 2.jpg)
It looks so indescribably awful.
>>796 i would do absolutely anything to work with a spunky black young thin retard who ties her hair back and rolls up her sleeves and bullies me relentlessly every single day for being square. She would only be putting the sheilds up and down and up and down not because she found it amusing in and of itself rather because she knew exactly how to push my buttons like pulling a pigtail on a playground.
>>796 >tfw you've wanted a show that focuses on the non-bridge crew of a SF vessel since you started to respect The Chief >this ultra-generic cringe worthy lolsorandum shit is probably as close as we'll ever get Why are we here, just to suffer?
>>805 Every night I think of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine and even Voyager.
>>806 The shows we’ve lost… the characters we'll never see again … won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it, too, don’t you?"
Will we ever have good Star Trek again? The Orville Season 3 when?
>>807 I'm gonna make them give back our franchise.
>>809 Just one thing Anon, this isn't about the franchise, this is about the genre. >>808 Probably, but not for a long time. It'll take major cultural and political changes in the American media machine, and even at best that's a decade away.
>>810 It's also about hot alien babes.
>>811 But of course, how could it ever not have been about the hot alien babes?
Fuck you, I liked it.
>>805 The problem with this prompt is that it could never be sensible. Even in a pitched battle sequence with the fate of the Galaxy on the line, the non-bridge crew (and I exclude I anyone in charge in Engineering ala Scotty or Geordi, or other "main characters") is going to be doing unimportant things. There's Klingons on the starboard bow, and you want to focus on the dude repairing the broken power conduit in jefferies tube 420, section 69? Okay, sure. And anytime there's not really anything going on, their usual jobs are going to be even more mind-numbing. As it turns out, most people have jobs that are rote and boring and would not make good television content. The only way this can actually function is if you have rare episodes as "filler", focusing on the mundane as a breather in between all the action. But an entire show of "filler" is impossible. Like a novel without a plot. So the only way to solve this dilemma is to add in random wacky shenanigans that pretends to be important, when you already know it CAN'T be important. >>810 What IS the genre? Because I feel the way I view sci-fi is very different from the way a lot of people do. I see it as a method of exploring the human condition using extreme situations that are impossible with our current universe and technology. A bunch of hot-shots blasting around the galaxy having super-amazing space battles is cool, but it doesn't explore anything. It doesn't ask the viewer anything but to sit back, let their eyes glaze over, and shovel popcorn down their throats.
>>895 I'm guessing the conventional plots sf has shifted towards is a reaction to the navel-gazing behemoths of earlier years. Sf is honestly difficult to pull off without becoming a masturbatory exercise for the author. Doesn't really excuse it, but it does seem like a case of trading one set of excesses for the other.
>>899 >Sf is honestly difficult to pull off without becoming a masturbatory exercise for the author. But that's exactly what sci-fi is, almost by definition. The freedom sci-fi gives allows authors to explore things they otherwise aren't able to, or straight up can't, in other genres. It also has hot alien chicks and robots and lasers and stuff.

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