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New Board Stormtrooper 09/30/2019 (Mon) 22:57:12 No.2
Are we going to get our threads ported over from vchan? And will we eventually go back to 8chan?
>And will we eventually go back to 8chan?
>go back to 8chan?
anon I...
>e we going to get our threads ported over from vchan?
The admin said he could do it, just needs to write a script. I've asked him to do the port here:

>will we eventually go back to 8chan?
If 8chan comes back, I think it will be Qposting boomers and CIAniggers; would we really want to go back?
I'd say give it a few weeks or so. If the niche boards end up a /pol/-tier glownigger honeypot as well, to the point where actually talking about star wars shit is impossible, then it'll be worth investigating other options- and maybe even making a /sw/ imageboard hosted by a willing anon.
> would we really want to go back?
yea, I think so
think of all the communities that are currently in bunkermode just waiting for infintychan to launch again

after a few weeks 8chan will be like the old days again
Open file (37.07 KB 630x630 1137503_1.jpg)
>he thinks 8ch will ever come back
Go back to kikechan where you belong you fucking loser
didnt hotwheels announce infinitychan would return
Open file (73.89 KB 1127x408 Discord_TOS.png)
Most of the /sw/niggers who came in during that damnable "Hunger gaymes" shit likely came from 4gag or plebbit; all websites are under watch anyway.
Undoubtedly most of these kiddies use dicksword or other social media, which is no better, only that your info is being sold rather than monitored, and I'd rather the latter than the former.
HW is working with activists and leftists journos to stop 8chan from returning and any similar imageboard from being created. He also doxed CM last month.
Open file (430.44 KB 1280x800 1343941356032.jpg)
>stop 8chan from returning and any similar imageboard from being created
Actually this isn't entirely accurate, but if you mean a board running on infinity then yes
There's a chan with board creation and torposting named similarly but more fully than the old 8ch, but it runs on lynxchan and is full of pedos and absolute trash
As far as I'm aware, none of them actually ended up staying. If anything there's been a bit of a slow decline in posts due to the lack of new material, and the disneyfags inevitably moving on to their next capeshit netflix series.
You mean 8channel?
It's run by alt-chan fags >>>/cow/7486
Yeah, I thought it might be wordfiltered on here
I know, my board was on fedoration chan for a while but the incompetency kept piling up so that board is not on there anymore
There’s also the 08ch but last time I was there it was fairly dead with the Star Wars board having 3 posts, two being mine.
>it runs on lynxchan and is full of pedos and absolute trash
I don't mind "pedos". Actual pedos are usually pretty benign & don't want the attention & eventual shutdowns posting ACTUAL CP brings, so they'll stick to their instagram legal pics & 3d lolis & shit, and their presence is typically a good sign the site is actually pretty "free". IMO.
8channel WAS garbage though, I didn't even realize it was another ACF fagfest for a while.

Then they shut it down. The cattle chuting shit they're doing is pretty clear, they've done it several times now, setting up some 'alternative' to ACF sites, getting everyone sick of them to hop on board, datamining them & then shutting it down so the ACF ones seem like the sole stable ones & noboy wants to trust any actual non-ACF sites that pop up.
>actual pedos are usually pretty benign
>and their presence is typically a good sign the site is actually pretty "free". IMO.
Please go fuck yourself with the business end of a rusty shovel
>muh eebil pedos
Fuck off normalfag
/sw/ fans in a nutshell. Into the most normie franchise in the history of Western media and calling people normalfags for not wanting to be around pedos.

You people deserve the kike dildo you got.
>s-stop bullying me for wanting to fuck children
Rope is cheap Mr. Shekelberg.
I find pedos and their predilections very distasteful. however, I don't have a problem with their existence, as long as they keep their impulses under control and don't victimize real people.
people said the same thing about faggots
there's an essential difference between those who are mature enough to handle sex and are capable of giving consent, versus those who are not.
Open file (55.79 KB 1126x634 b9mmv5drtju11.png)
>when you're mature enough to die for Israel but not raise a family oH sAy CaN yOu sEee...
>>3480 You seem lost friend
>>3480 Yuros would just eat the shit plain.

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