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Arch Linux Eliteism Anonymous 12/31/2019 (Tue) 23:30:03 No.1221
Does anyone know why the Arch community is eliteist? Out of all communities, they are the most eletist and toxic, even gentoo isn't that bad, despite similarities.
It isn't. What a fucking useless thread.
Arch linux is pretty easy people just don't enjoy explaning easy things you can find in 5 minutes on https://wiki.archlinux.org/.
Arch is a distro for fags. Imagine being elitist while using systemdicks.
>>1221 You are the only toxic thing around here. Hey mods, delete this thread.
ty OP for sharing this 10 year old pic, made me laugh. Why arch? I think linux as a whole has had a problem with inadvertant elitism and autism that has clouded real concerns like privacy and freedom for users, but it's only natural since its devs are hobbyists with side jobs, who don't get paid for their contributions, they're so into it they have lost touch with basic pleb users. The impact of that has been pic related basically, still to some degree, at least pleb users have ubuntu or mint. People really don't want to program a command line as a flashback to 20 yrs ago. >>1225 Linux has improved a lot though in the past years. Too bad with the systemD, CoC, bullshit though. I see a lot of retards who support it shilling for it, red hat gov contractors basically ripped of CAT and magically convinced people overnight to adopt their(root spyware) which is concerning and suspicious on it's own.
In my expierence debianfags tend to be far worse in elitism. Archbabies are just retards that come off as elitist.
>>1231 >since its devs are hobbyists with side jobs, who don't get paid for their contributions I'm pretty sure the current kernel developers (those with a high standing in the hierarchy at least) receive money from various organizations and enterprises. Red Hat also pays its employees, and some of them are kernel developers.
>>1225 /thread.
Install Gentoo
>>1221 >the Arch community is eliteist? proofs and we can have a discussion until then hide and sage
As a member of said toxic eliteist community, I can confidantly say that it is the package manager and the install process. God I fucking love pacman
>>1221 There is a flaw to Linux altogether and that is that it never really adopted a "plug and play" mindset for the user experience and that its very much a "read the handbook to learn how it works" OS. And because of this there is the common mistake in teaching Linux of making people belief that using Linux is just like switching from an IPhone to an Android phone and that all they is just the right distro and they are good to go just like on a Windows machine. Linux requires a learning period and a willingness to learn it before it can be used as a substitute for Windows or MacOS. Conveying that to people is more important than what distro they try out first. On top of that I think a good beginner book for Linux is mandatory as searching the Internet for answers to questions can suck ass and in some cases Internet isn't always accessible when installing a new system, especially for people who have just one computer.
>>3045 I'm not a huge faggot when it comes to operating systems, but I really love gentoo. Portage is so fucking nice, USE flags are the best idea any package manager has ever implemented. I hope CPU power continues to increase enough to the point that normal machines can compile software without perceptible delays, though even on my 8 year old laptop compilation isn't that bad unless it's some bloated piece of shit garbage software like firefox.
>>3050 Do you ever want to keep an old version of a package, because the updated version isn't working? How would you set that up with pacman?
>>3227 Pacman installs packages compressed then decompresses them to install them. Everything you have ever installed as a package is stored on the pc. The directory tars are stored is the variable called cacheDIR or someting in /etc/pacman.conf. The default is is /var/pacman/pkg or something. Also op is a literal faggot, i have never mat a elitist arch user but i fucking met at least 5 autist obsessed with the elitist arch user boogeyman, op is one of them.
>>1221 It used to be because of the relatively cumbersome install process, but that's not really the case anymore, archinstall makes what used to be a journey and a half for beginners into a pretty breezy experience. Why anyone would pride themselves on the obtuseness and lack of functionality of their software is beyond me. I do use arch, btw.
>>3055 Imagine trying to use Gentoo 20 years ago. It has become more usable over the years. Trying to compile everything used to take days.
>>1225 But I love SystemD though.

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