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display technology Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 22:12:46 No.1297
So is OLED/microLED going to ever get market share, or will desktop users just be stuck scrounging up half-dead CRTs and buying mediocre LCD panels?
>will desktop users just be stuck scrounging up half-dead CRTs and buying mediocre LCD panels Yes. Don't expect actually good modern monitors to ever exist. The death of SED signified the death of improvement in display technologies in any other direction than thinness and flexibility for the sake of mobileshit.
So what's /tech/ using? CRTs or muh flat panels? >>1298 Really hate the thinness meme- it just needs to be small enough to fit on your desk and leave room for a keyboard. After a certain point, any space saved is really just a placebo.
>>1301 I use a mix of both. I snatch up any CRT that I find and run two currently in my multi-monitor set-up. Coming by decent CRTs is getting harder every year and since reddit started buying them for hipster points the prices for decent ones have gone through the roof. I got most of mine out of dumpsters and from boomers that wanted them out of their basements.
>>1297 >>1298 Is it possible for SED to pick up again, or is it doomed to rot in patent hell after Applied Nanotech's jewry?
oled is the best for movies/television--perfect blacks equal much nicer and more natural image. my eyes no longer get tired watching movies. gimped for desktop due to burn in, however. have owned an oled for 5 yrs + had no problems with burn in, however, i only watch films, no video games. for desktop, we're fucked however. crt is good, sadly leddit has pushed up $
>>1301 Sadly I am using LCDs these days as my CRTs have died or almost died. At least I haven't paid for any of these dreaded things.
>>2463 Not with the advent of Quantom dot displays. Those have all the advantages of SEDs while being more kike friendly in that they can be integrated into existing LCD fabrication methods unlike the more autistic SEDs.
Are there any technologies that could be manufactured by individuals? I assume a lot of new ideas never get into production because they cannot be mass-produced easily. But suppose you only want to manufacture small quantities, would that open up any new doors?
>>2829 That's not how any of this works. Mass production is always far cheaper than individual production, "cannot be mass-produced easily" means it's only two or ten times cheaper rather than a hundred or a million times cheaper. Integrated circuits are in the "million times cheaper" category, the ability to make enormous batches of them at once is the only reason they're economically viable.
quantum dot doesnt fix LCD, it just makes color better. you still get terrible viewing angle issues, anti glare coatings, and pixel response curves >>1301 it's all moot. it doesn't matter how big the screen is, as long as it isn't assballs quality like LCD
>>2830 But suppose there were a manufacturing process that would require a high IQ individual to manufacture a device. Most companies would probably never even attempt to research such ideas, because even if they could sell professional monitors for 10k USD per monitor, they wouldn't be able to get any kind of significant volume, because there wouldn't be enough high-IQ workers. For an individual with the right skillset and the right tools, however, that approach could be doable.

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