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Fucko (((FUTURE))) tech thread RIP privacy Anonymous 04/19/2020 (Sun) 07:19:37 No.2624
>https://blog.google/inside-google/company-announcements/apple-and-google-partner-covid-19-contact-tracing-technology >Jewgle >"opt-in" >It's a tracking app that will be uploaded onto our phones >No way to turn it off(API), or a guarantee that it will be turned off once the memedemic is over >non removable closed source >insisting that it's private >It's "anonymous" because we say so deja vu, always gotta find ways to sugarcoat it We're about to get zogged/china'd/pozzed even more, forever. Jewgle and Apple will rape their users by permanently baking a GPS/wifi/BT tracking system into android and iOS updates itself as clearly exploitable an update and API specially designed for governments along with it for "contact tracing". To use for... shit like: https://twitter.com/TectonixGEO/status/1242628347034767361 >notice 'device_id' , 'query_string' https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/apr/02/experts-warn-of-privacy-risk-as-us-uses-gps-to-fight-coronavirus-spread >they say all this user data caught and bought from such as randomly downloadable apps which request GPS location. But it's not enough. They are collecting WIFI+GPS+Bluetooth, and now on an even larger scale which means data alone can reduce it to where you live and whoever you came in contact with. The data alone is not private itself regardless of how much they claim it's "anonymous". And this Is only a will away from ID, Credit card, Social credit, so they can click on people like some faggot NPC in SIMS in the Tectonix data viewer and laugh looking at their SIMS NPC slaves while they can have it all under wraps like secret police without touching as much as a strand of hair. How convenient. Right now the best governments can quasi-legally get is cell tower triangulation without requesting straight up GPA data from userdata sellers. Governments could just say “hey look these 30 phones(people) were around this building.” But now with contact tracing you can legally place all these smart-phones in the same room with each other. On its own It’s a massive attack on privacy. In the larger context, were at the point where if you want privacy, at all, you virtually can’t own smart phone that's not offline, in the best case at least a non-proprietary one. You have to get a dumb phone. Or maybe a pinefone-tm. In any case it will be without WIFI, GPS and Bluetooth. Funnily enough "COVID-19 contact tracing" is in fact quite similar to network analysis someone would want to do to crush an insurgency. Physical location is important, but building out a web of connections is also important, way more in-fact. But until now at least that information has not been so accurate that the individuals we're around are all identifiable and logged or at least not without a lot of trouble. Not anymore. I bet china uses the same system to measure social credit. Buckle up, the (((future))) is going to be so fun. The epitomy of the surveillance aparatus going to be installed, under the preface of "our protection" of course, its never going away after that. if Stalin was still alive right now he would jizz his pants so hard he would die. No one will have privacy ever again(at least with smart phones which is pretty much everyone because everyone is addicted to their phones and can't life without it for 2 seconds like crack cocaine).
>>2624 >The epitomy of the surveillance aparatus going to be installed, under the preface of "our protection" It was always for 'your protection' filthy goyim.
Open file (252.82 KB 1005x772 There is.png)
>>2624 >always on tracking apps <smartphones have gps <telecom companies have 0 day NSA/CIA backdoors solely for the purposes of tracking <implying they don't already track every single smartphone holder already You should really know better by now.
>using smartphones
>>2624 >tectonix >le heatmap of smarphones during summer This can't be legit. Unless they truthfully confirm they have spy satellites so precise they can pick off individual heat sources people carry in their pockets.
>>2643 A heat map isn't from literal heat sources you fucking muppet.
>>2643 A 'heatmap' is simply a graphical diagnostic used for statistical analysis. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with actual heat, and in this case certainly doesn't. It's simply a graphical view of active phones and their locations.
Open file (203.89 KB 505x468 smug stocking.png)
>Not using Lineage/Replicant with MicroG
>he uses any ""smart"" devices running on proprietary software
>>2668 >he uses any ""smart"" devices Absolute retard.
>>2681 >>2668 >smart devices Heh, not like you're fully free either using fsf certified computer either https://store.vikings.net/d8boardryf with 2 400 to 800$ worth of free open source cpu's. >the price of freedumb
>>2682 Heh, not like your best interest isn't making yourself the highest-hanging fruit on the tree. Or, did you have other suggestions Anon? Licking Google's boots maybe?
I know the importance of privacy and security but I'm a total retard when it comes to actively executing it. Part of it is bad habits I can't shake off and part of it is sloth made worse by dumb mental blocks. I hate it.
>>2683 Your best interest is not using "smart" devices where not necessary, and especially not ones that cost a hundred times as much as equally powerful alternatives and only offer the illusion of security. Actual security is a people problem more than a tech problem, and getting it requires making sacrifices and tradeoffs: you can't simply empty your wallet and brag about it, you need to put in effort.
>>2684 Small steps bro. When I started using Tor Browser, I only used it for some things. These days I use it practically exclusively. It's not like any browser will protect me 100%, but at least with Tor Browser I can be sure that most sites will shit bricks immediately, so that pressures me not to visit sites that aren't actually that important. Ironically it's always the "alt-tech" sites that are always a pain in the ass at best to get to work without JS, whereas the big sites tend to work to some extent, or at least someone has created proxies for them.
>>2701 >Tor Browser Like, I know julay/tech/ is Brazilian nigger brain pants on head retard​ed, but I keep being outstanded how nature breeds stupid at alarming rates. Hey retard, why do you like using Navy software full of pedos that have been recently fired with a Mozilla crack so bad it makes Google's malware look like a joke? If you're going to browse the fedonion, use something with less vectors than your mother's closet. What TUI clients do you even know to browse the httponionverse? BO, you sure are a retard​ed Brazilian nigger.
>>2705 Well, you certainly changed my mind. I guess from now on I'll just use my clearnet IP and perhaps give some shekels to one of those fashionable VPN providers. I'm sure they will take good care of my security and privacy. Thank you Shlomo, you truly are my greatest ally.
>>2706 I didn't tell not to use fedonion, there's plenty many more libre onionnets off ECHELON hands, you're just too retard​ed not to be using them. I'm telling you to stop using Mozilla's shitfested handout. Depending on exit node to play nice is what's really at stake. —HSDir ridiculer
>>2708 >>2705 Ok wise boy you are just here just to brag in cryptic about avoiding exits to people? Wow you are super intelligent, good job.
>>2709 I'll give an offer you can't refuse: Disconnect from the net. You don't deserve it. It wasn't made for you. It won't require you, not so long as you have your head stuck up your ass. Call me up when the next Mozilla handouts shatters into a million pieces, and you cried you didn't listen on an Anon who took the NSA Ant catalog pill. Shoo shoo.
>>2705 Hi /pol/kiddo, fuck off we're full.
>>2712 dilate
>>2712 You should call me a Navy Officer, Qtard.
Open file (493.20 KB 945x909 345452335efefs.png)
>>2710 Deal, but only if you disconnect from life first.
Open file (34.48 KB 460x460 gramps wat r u doin.jpg)
>>2713 >>2714 Shameful display of samefaggotry.
>>2717 >reply to bait >is bait himself <i reply to bait wtf are u doing nigger
>>2719 Coping he could not design llarp himself.
Jula/tech/ is absolutely hopeless https://archive.md/bT3LG
Open file (901.00 B 300x100 hate.png)
Custom ROMs won't go along with this faggotry, right?
>>2752 From what I've seen it's being pushed out through GAPPs. So as long as you don't use it you should be fine.
>>2746 I mainly lurk nanochan /g/ desu
Open file (239.85 KB 550x417 1379083578588.png)
>>2650 >not using lineageos Without microg just what do you need the gapps for?
Everything is fucked, because of centralization. I can't get any form of employment if I don't use botnet tools. You have yourselves to thank.
>>2818 >You have yourselves to thank. Are...are you really blaming everyone else for this anon?
>>2818 Nobody except the evil jewish paranoid schizophrenics and their golems plaguing our nations asked for that you fucking retard
>>2819 >>2820 Find me a good paying libre source job I can contribute to the community without subscribing to the botnets.
>>2821 Why are you asking a loaded question? Why should I find you a job? You didn't know the system doesn't like libre source because it exposes and eliminates the (((profits))) and big brother jail society which is the mass surveillance dystopian talmudic assrape they keep burdening and exploiting people with, selling their data like NPC's for some fucked up schizophrenic purpose like OP described? Just like anything else not kosher it won't exactly be advertised on TV. Because the system is about controlling the owners in jails, with the devices they bought, for their own ends, rather than the owners of said purchased being capable of fully controlling and modifying what they paid for if they so wish. It's always about depriving people of freedom. Right now a subset of people are trying and have made small businesses oriented around making open source alternative advances related to hardware such as, phones, motherboards, CPU, peripherals et cetera, for a decent amount of money. What profit they make i have no idea. But if you have the skillset required make a business yourself or maybe try to get a job there by sending an email. This is implying FSF FOSS hardware will suddenly become trendy and not just a very important issue recognized by a small group of people who are not just consumers and who actually care. But who knows, maybe plebs will be tired of this technological judaism in the near future and finally see the importance.

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