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8/tech/ is BACK Anonymous 04/20/2020 (Mon) 01:51:33 No.2628
>implying theres anything there worth saving should've stayed dead.
This was a sad trip down Memory Lane.
>mark gets fired >progress on restoring boards immediately starts being made they're all kikes but that's still fucking funny
>please come back >the pig farm needs you
Already archived some threads dream computer: http://archive.is/d1RjZ old hardware thread: http://archive.is/yrSFS power free computing: http://archive.is/mm9px thinkpad thread: http://archive.is/rhJoE terry: http://archive.is/yhDo9 via terror pc: http://archive.is/9oeV8 linux phone: http://archive.is/kRv3L backdoors: http://archive.is/cduTR iconic reliable tech: http://archive.is/PH9wA cool tech: http://archive.is/GLpik some linux to bsd thing: http://archive.is/VFowo linux alternative general 2: http://archive.is/aznKs
>>2662 >>2661 >julay's javashit ctrl+v forcepost autism Those were some really good archives anon, high quality thank you.
>>2661 >>2662 You're so sad. If I shutdown archive.today, what do you have?
>>2664 >implying you're not just a dumb incapable nigger >implying people won't just page capture notables they like dumb nigger
>hmmm look at all these anchored threads >oh yeah mods became cancer on tech >well the board is just back and this weird bot thread is still up so you never know >check back a few hours later >posts deleted, thread deleted I live in a CIA prison. A nigger runs my prison. In prison, the nigger tries to torment me. yeah thanks but no thanks glowkuntop
Open file (1015.27 KB 2198x375 1580988603109.png)
Open file (1.00 MB 640x800 1581014221420.png)
>>2666 How much are you willing to bet mark and that fag jim gave tech up to the same filthy rotcroch homos who were given /g/ and turned it into a self destructing sewer?
>>2628 Just in case anyone still had any doubts about 8kun's shittiness: Lolis have been banned. The canary in the coalmine for free speech is kill, as if that hadn't been obvious after the /pol/ shitshow. https://archive.is/MzXDL
>>2670 It's been dead for 2 years. What are you, a coma returnee?
>>2665 If I'm understanding your niggerlicious Brazilian monkey brain, You think a screen capture is all you need to keep a proper archive of a thread? If that was true, yeesh, archive.moe wouldn't have died for nothing.
>>2670 >lolis are banned old news
>>2672 >doesn't know how to just capture full pages in png format omitting the reliance of external free service that's not imageboard NEGRO
>>2688 On what imageboard will you repost a fullcap if there's no imageboard to post on?
only absolute brainlets dwindle on posts of the past, it's better to go where there are fresh posts then swim in stale old posts. I will never understand the obsession of staying with boomerchan just because it has stale bread, especially when there are better alternatives. You don't need post history to make new posts.>>2690
Open file (420.37 KB 1501x973 Jahy question.png)
>>2659 who are you quoting? the OP literally just redtexted to save posts or images, before /tech/ goes down again. we've never had the chance to do it before, as /tech/ wasn't resurrected with 8glow's "relaunch"

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