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Anonymous 04/30/2020 (Thu) 18:00:01 No.2743
Cross post from >>>/meta/ 2 days ago As the end draws near, I want to share my ideas on Final solution. Note: I am not an expert, this is just personal thoughts Idea: >p2p >semi-centralized moderation >anon via Tor/i2p/freenet/loki/Gnunet >hierarchial tag based "boards" Idea detailed: >all posts + data(eg:images) is seed and transfered by p2p >moderation providers can be subscribed, anyone can be a moderation provider >moderation can be inherited with some personal changes >banned posts/checksums/regexs will not be seeded >anonymity can be provided through any chosen protocol >overboard is root, eg: /tech/robowaifu, /pol/left Reasons: >no single point of failure >easy moderation, semi-decentralized, less drama >no central cost, no donation necessary (everyone keep their machine on all the time anyways) Problems & possible solutions: >cannot ban a poster <regex ban possible <whitelist style moderation provider >post latency/conflict/feds mods <blockchain? >moderation latency, problem for blacklisting moderation (eg:download CP before banned) <don't decrypt/show posts after moderation lastpost counter How is this better than the current model? >Not everyone can pay for a server, but everyone has a computer >Massive boards possible, with combined moderation and stuff >grouping boards allows wide topic discussion and stuff
Yes, this kind of model can theoretically work if no one tries to destroy it on purpose, and if people want to participate. It would be worth trying, but in my opinion it would be more interesting to first create a P2P file sharing protocol. It might be easier to get people to participate in P2P stuff if they have something to gain, and a good repository of free games and anime might attract people to use it. A messaging system could then be built on top of the file sharing protocol.
>>2743 Having the right people to use it is more important than just having people. >destroy it on purpose Depends. Spamming will definitely be a problem, but the combined effort of multiple modation providers can probably overcome it. The design provides limited protection against moderation monopoly. It is inspired by FOSS development. It would be a problem if there is lots of traffic. If blockchain or some kind of validation is used and there are more real users than bots(proof of work), other than outlawing such network, a p2p system can't really be destroyed. >p2p files and games etc Lurk moar.
>>2807 >proof of work Ridiculous libertarian idea, rather than enforcing rules let's make everyone waste money so we can handwave away issues as "muh free market".
>>2812 True. Proof of work is a waste. But how else can you enforce rules anonymously? Bad actors exist, so some kind of resource must be spent on defending against them.
Tfw, loleron was Esther M. Aronowitz background: url('https://prolikewoah.com/uploads/fade-miku.png') top repeat-x, url('https://prolikewoah.com/.media/4ee013a1e13eb4eaa704ece5616aecc9243f9dae7c4a313620a142efcfd1f2c7.png') bottom 0px right 20px fixed no-repeat; .postInfo, .opHead, .divMessage, .panelUploads, .panelIp, .panelProxyIp, .contentOmissionIndicator, .labelOmission, .labelId, .panelASN { He's seems to be having fun scraping jula/v/ like he always wanted.
>>2817 That's nice.
>>2814 >But how else can you enforce rules anonymously? Jannies. Fully decentralized rule enforcement is a meme.
>>2824 Glownigger, this is exactly how you get a controlled opposition. You can fool no one. (((They))) can always infiltrate any group. Decentralization is necessary.
>>2827 Do you even know what decentralization means, election tourist? Hint, it doesn't solve infiltration and botting: look reddit and its upvote system, what "people" (the anonymous mass of users that vote) reward is shameless, unoriginal, tryhard pandering. And if you're worried about DA JOOS and the three letters infiltrating any tiny insignificant community, why are you even trying to start a community at all? Drop the mask and admit you're making up excuses for when your half-assed attempts will inevitably fail.
Open file (88.74 KB 642x643 Capture.JPG)
Open file (56.50 KB 700x740 glow.jpg)
>>2828 >And if you're worried about DA JOOS and the three letters infiltrating any tiny insignificant community, why are you even trying to start a community at all? <da joos
>2828 >>2835 shhhhhhhh shut the fuck up why are you pointing it out LOL you idiot
>>2835 >NOO YOU CANT MOCK MY PERSECUTION COMPLEX NOOOOO Learn to build a convincing argument, tourist: if there's powerful actors ready to infiltrate every tiny online community of a certain kind, creating more tiny online communities of that certain kind won't help you get away from them. But given that you vomit Terry maymays you got from youtube and don't even know what decentralization is, I'm probably asking too much.
>>2838 Fine, let me show you how it works, agent. >global p2p chan infiltrator can >1. try to get in the biggest mods provider >2. sway discussion by sliding ddos 1 is protected by the anon nature of the network, mods data can be like posts on the p2p network but with cypto signature 1 is also as strong as the opssec and mind of the admins, so don't trust anyone if 1 falls, seasoned anons will see the difference. Then they can use another mods provider or become one. 2 is protected by glow detecting mods providers Together the quality and level of subversion depends only on the decentralized mod providers. Decentralized means no central authority, in this case everyone can be the central authority. Now go suck your boss's fuck and report to him.
>>2841 >he thinks infiltrators can only infiltrate moderation or ddos This is why you're a tourist and you're being mocked. Ever heard of astroturfing? Raiding? Brigading? Shilling? >b-but mods will fix it No they won't, they'll split on the first controversial case and from then onwards it's reddit v2. And even ignoring all of that, keep in mind that you're a faggot so assblated you think any one guy disagreeing with you on a niche site must be a CIA nigger: you're going to snap at other mods and start drana faster that I can type "told you so".
>>2844 I wonder if your anus glow much brighter, assbusted agent. >astroturfing? Raiding? Brigading? Shilling? Cool with that ass glow, you can't read with that glare. >mods will ignore that You are the mod. Oh wait, you are still blinded. >guy disagreeing with you on a niche site must be a CIA nigger But you are, or you are niggerlicious.
retard niggerlicious retardation nigger niggerlicious reta​rd r​etarded
Open file (3.86 KB 299x140 out.png)

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