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Open file (86.06 KB 1024x606 khara_01.jpg)
Blender 2.80 Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 22:04:26 No.30
Hope you're used to the new interface. Now Studio Khara's using it:

Discuss your rendering/video editing tasks or problems here.
Blender is the BEST video editor.
they changed the interface just as i started to bother learning it but i adapted quickly.
also this
I always hear people say that, but I've never tried it.
The only catch is, rendering videos as I know of now is done by default on only one thread of the CPU and video playback is really ass.
imo, Blender's user experience is now much better for a newcomer since things do what you expect (left-click to select things and right-click for context menus, for example). there are just tons of improvements, to 2.8. why Ton didn't make v3.0 I have no idea tbh. Their kiketube channel has a growing list of new 2.8-specific videos btw.
Open file (1.78 KB 170x236 1331778002841.png)
>pythonshit is now killing anime
I did some basic modeling in 2.79, only saw a bit of 2.80 but didn't have time to use it yet. I will need to replace my placeholders one day anyway.
your post is a little confusing to me anon. are you sperging literally because of python? or is it because of 3D CGI computer animation moving into the realm of hand-drawn anime production?

For the first point, Blender is written in C and C++, with just a smidge of Python for UI management mostly. For the second point, Glorious Nippon has been doing that for a long time now, much earlier than it became common in the West to do so.
Open file (183.83 KB 1892x1240 blender_funds.png)
Nvidia is starting to fund Blender development. Also for 2.81, RTX support is coming through OptiX. Will you still buy RTX, goy?
thanks for the tip. and no, not at this time. maybe later.

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