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The canary has FINALLY been updated. -robi

Server software upgrades done, should hopefully keep the feds away. -robi

LynxChan 2.8 update this weekend. I will update all the extensions in the relevant repos as well.

The mail server for Alogs was down for the past few months. If you want to reach out, you can now use admin at this domain.

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Anonymous 11/01/2021 (Mon) 14:19:03 No.3291
are there still any traditional forums with activity that don't suck, or is the old web dead?
It's looking pretty grim to me. I'm thinking the only way forward is building something yourself.
Yes, but the ones that have no common interest are gone. All the people who used those all migrated to FB, twattser, Reddit
Forums suck especially the design.
looks like 8ch.moe dieded
>>3314 Some do if there's too much traffic, it's not a good format for people trying to have conversations in sentence length posts. It's a format better suited for posting in paragraphs, which doesn't work well with smartphones and tablets. One common problem, but not exclusive to forums, is a lack of forward linking in posts when quoted. This can make it difficult to respond to someone in a thread with many pages as there's no indicator of the quotation in the OP and it's only apparent if reading the entire thread, which is way too time consuming if there are more than a few pages.
>>3291 Only forum I can think of that is still active and isn't managed by faggots/trannies is kiwifarms, although I don't browse it a lot since if you're not a lot into the lolcow type of hobby there's not much to do, other than the tech section. Technically not a forum, but I also found an under development future forum about the old net on neocities (tranny hole in general) called aethernetwork or something, the good thing is that unlike most neocities users the guy doesn't seem to be a fag/tranny, in fact he seems to be (discreetly) an anon; but considering the braindead policies of neocities and whatnot, it is logical he doesn't show it too much. But other than that, and although I wish it wasn't, the old web is pretty much dead yeah.
The Federal government wants to force everyone off anonymous sites that aren't censored. They're taking out chat rooms and forums. Most of the people that would have been here had their internet connection redirected to mirrors of sites that just have bot spam that resembles actual posts. They are pushing "free speech" sites with the caveat that they require identifying information so you can be targeted by terrorists of the state or groups they protect if you become too good at changing people's minds and hurt their plot to manufacture consent.
>>3369 >implying the same bot shills aren’t here already.
>>3369 >The Federal government wants to force everyone off anonymous sites that aren't censored. True, i am suffering from the same problem in my shithole.

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