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Post Notifier Anonymous 03/16/2024 (Sat) 19:45:17 No.3519
I'm looking for a way to get notifications when posts are made on all my favorite imageboards as a way to A) Discourage myself from spending hours aimlessly lurking dozens of sites and finding maybe one or two new posts, while I have stuff I really should be doing. And B) Encourage activity on these places by being able to respond promptly. I want these notifications delivered to my phone, because I spend most of my time outside. I know /whitelist/ on Junkuchan has an RSS and an Atom feed, but I don't think most boards do. If there's some app that already does this that would be cool, but it needs to work for any IB. I've tried out some IB browsers but they only work on a handful of boards, and never the ones I actually use, and with the current state of IBs to rely solely on some guy, who's probably knee-deep in a computer science major, and working on 6 other projects, to learn about every new IB I like and get it on their app doesn't seem practical. And besides, I don't need a IB browser, just something that notifies me when a post is made. If this is something I'd have to make myself, I'm willing to do that, and if so, I'd love to be pointed in the right direction(s). I'm not particularly learned on computers or programming, but I've always been able to mash out anything that I set my mind to.

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