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Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 02:34:20 No.359
I want to teach my youngest brother to type. How should I go about it? webm entirely unrelated.
how old is he? maybe you can try one of the typing game programs if he's younger, or one of the full typing teacher programs if he's older. Either way, he'll learn faster if you help him with it I imagine anon.
He's about eight. I'm definitely going to be there with him walking him through it, I just want to know what the best way to teach him is.
there are some vidya-styled casual games that are like old cabinet games where you shoot the ayys by typing the right keys. just look around, good luck.
Typing of The Dead
Also teach him DVORAK
lmao yeah lose the benefit of learning how to touch type
Open file (623.05 KB 640x360 You're a retard.webm)
>durr I can type without looking at the keys just not on 99.9999% of keyboards
yeah sure thing buddy
>he doesn't know you can change the layout via software
Enjoy your hand cramps and slower wpm
split keyboard with blank keycaps
If rsi was actually a thing you might have some autistic point but it isn't. So all you did was learn a layout that nobody uses just so you'd have to change settings everywhere you went like an actual autist. Do you also ask people to turn off 5g when you are around?
How often do you use other peoples computers? Just change it once on your computer and you're set.
>but it isn't
horseshit. you must be a woman.
If it's a totally personal thing then why would you pick dvorak? Are you using a typewriter?

>muh fibromyalgia
>calling me a woman
Do it like how it has always been done:

> The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
> The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
> The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

There is no substitute.
Just make sure he's using all his fingers before he develops bad habits.
>typeracer, keyhero and other gay related not as free as in freedom websites, useful for flexing on the spot
>break his legs for not being 100 wpm
>if you want something more strict and more than the typical alphanumeric, speedpad exists and is more free as in freedom
>push him over a flight of stairs for not being 100 wpm
>typing of the dead for maximum fun and nice balance between endurance and speed with the difficulty settings be available, there's also initial d typing but not recommended due to it's non-english nature
>have a 'light' keyboard (35g topre clones, hall effect switches or optical switches etc.), have a 'medium/heavy' keyboard (buckling springs, kalih box switches, anything 60g and up), depending on the boy's preference and can be used for training
> The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
>never learning the S
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs
It's "jumps" you retards
>35g topre clones, hall effect switches or optical switches
Hello fellow keyboard autist

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