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Gahoole2/Patrick Nelson Toad 08/15/2021 (Sun) 04:12:35 No.114821
The Ogre who >we all enjoy from time to time, know by name or like the spent some time watching japonese wrestling In recent months his life story has been developing, from a small Youtuber and BO of /tv/, now he's a lolcow in the claws of foxdickfarms trannies. Tranks to his streams with Ashton Parks and Earwinson, he has gained some fame among a new group that is more than happy to enable his depression and bad habits and will eventually help him into become a left-wing Ogre or tranny himself, like his sister brother. His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba0Ep0yWSBnfZj1IDdUKpQ/videos
>>185459 >>185676 >>185763 There is no doubt that Gahoole is a anime loving child fucker projecting all his weird internet loser shit onto other people. Oh yeah he's going to start telling people he's got a girlfriend so he doesn't get made fun of for being an incel but it's going to be Adam in a wig and a dress. He'll break down and hire a hooker within 6 months, he won't check the account though and it'll accidently be a mtf tranny hooker and Gahoole will end up getting fucked in the ass again. The trauma will trigger his high school related ptsd and he'll murder-suicide Adam and Daiymo while dressed up like buffalo bill. Can't wait.
>>185952 lol he really is denying being an incel now on tvch but this comes after years of making what were more or less pretty good incel videos. He is probably trying to extricate himself from the internet to "get his life together" at the ripe age of 25.
Open file (414.26 KB 621x453 ClipboardImage.png)
Hnnggg does someone have the titty shots of this semen demon. This has got to be the hottest most retarded bimbo I have seen.
>>185966 fuck wrong thread
Lol Gahoole's queer tranny squad is in super serious defense mode bickers you guys said tv's going to die this year, one of them is in a panic cycling through i.p's bumping old threads and samefagging so it doesn't look like everyone's left the site. Desperate and pathetic.
>>186226 One of those Moliberry kikes is here falseflagging as a "super hardcore /cow/anon" in the Nuzach thread to try and bait /cow/ into their tranny drama.
>>186232 It must be the master of falseflaggers, a moliberry tranny that tries to falseflag as other posters constantly over one thing or another that's made him angry or he doesn't like. Does the same trying to make it look like /tv/ organizes raids against zzzchan, always talks about how posters that hate all the tranny ramon posting are nuzach and emojitroon, totally love/hate obssessed with Gahoole, like really crazy. Posting white girls with big tits makes him angry and he'll spend the entire day bumping old threads and spamming bbc and gay porn to try to get rid of it.
>>186270 I always assumed that was nuzach
>>186276 It could be, things have gone nuts, but he always uses nuzach as a way to tag something as bad. He'll say nuzach doesn't like balvin posting so if you complain about a balvin post shiting up a thread you must be nuzach. There's another guy running around saying nuzach won, which I don't belive, I don't think anyone there is winning anyting.
>>186278 This is why even I stopped posting there, just too much of that insanity to wade through. The internet may be a game but if you're playing to win you've missed the point so it's so grating to seem them play grab ass all day.
>>186226 >>186278 >>186280 >Panic Bumping I like this bickers it always happens whenever somebody mentions that tv no longer has the same amount of posters it used too. For two days there's frantic bumps and tons of quick throw-away posts to make it seem like activity and an active base but then whoever it is can't keep up so it dies back down right away. Also they can only do one board at a time so you can watch the boards jump up one by one from 20 posters to 45 posters with a single post and then right back down. Mentally broken trying to make a dead site look like it hasn't been killed. Someone else was in the habit of pretending to be other, more stand-out posters for a while too but had to give that up bickers they couldn't keep up the disguise and always had to use the attempt to falseflag something.
I thought he killed himself six months ago. Mandela effect.
>>187054 No. The option is definitely on the table, it's something Patrick has probably contemplated but I'm sure he'll wait until he either gets caught again with a harddrive full of underage russian model image sets, or after a particularily hard valentines day spent alone contemplating his life of incel solitude. Or after another sex assault accusation. Either after getting caught with more child porn or sex assaulting another woman.
>>187169 >sex assault accusation He was accused of sexual assault? I've never heard this before.
>>187180 Yes. He tried to rape a girl in college, he says he shit his pants and didn't do anything but Gahoole always says he shit his pants and didn't do anything wrong about everything. F.B.I kick down his door? He shit his pants and didn't do anything, it was Zach Yes he says Zach did it Try to rape a girl? He shit his pants and didn't do anything, she's lying, not the autistic incel that's been caught lying about anything you could think of online for years.
>>187336 >>187180 What kind of person is friends with Mark Mann? Patrick Nelson is the type of person to be friends with Mark Mann. Mark Mann is an actual manchild retard with a substandard i.q, living in a group home, masturbating to child porn. Patrick Nelson has spent ten years hanging out with Mark Mann and other internet diddlers. Not even a joke it's become a well known fact that Gahoole's personal discord as well as /tv/ is full of active MAPs. There is no way that Patrick Nelson is not a sex offender. As in zero percent chance that he's not a danger to children.He didn't surround himself with gay groomers tons of child bride enthusiasts and guys that literally produce loli porn by accident, he's friends with all those types of people bickers he's one of them. Patrick would probably actually try to rape or molest any underaged girl he was left alone with, and that's not made up to attack him. I 100% believe that he's a complete scumbag that pretends to be a NICE GUY.
>>187716 This is true.
You want to know why these guys do backflips covering for DJ Axel? Sunken cost Fallacy. Gahoole and Daiymo have invested too much time into DJ Axel and they're afraid of guilt by association. If he's a real homopedo grooming teens, then what does that make them, the people that hang out with him on a personal level? Puts them under suspicion. You can see Daiymo do it in his gay break up video, even after Axel tells him to fuck off for not wanting to get bullied, Daiymo's not willing to admit the facts bickers he doesn't want that taint rubbing off on him. Gahoole banned people for calling DJ Axel out on his website. Why? What's so special about DJ Axel? Why protect a guy from being called a sweaty gamer if his online gimmick is to pretend to be a sweaty gamer? bickers he really is a sweaty gamer and he uses his gimmick to cover any slips he might make. It's in Gahoole's vested interest to make sure people don't know about his friends, bickers so many of the people he hangs out with on a day to day basis are actual child fuckers. People made the joke months ago but it turned out to be true, a big chunk of Patrick's friends are molesters, and Patrick will go above and beyond in order to protect them from criticism
Open file (26.64 KB 481x418 Pointy Nips.jpg)
Gayhole said a few days ago he finally got laid, on a stream with sweaty gamer organization. I'll take it as an admission he's consummated his homosexual with relationship with his long time roommate.
>>188509 >I got laid I swear it guys! If he is it's too bad this thread predicted he would start saying that bickers he was getting made fun of too much. My prediction is that Gahoole and Daimyo break up next after Daiymo spends too much time with the ogre in real life.
>>188509 Someone should tell him having intimate sensual relations with tulpas do not count.
>>188562 Gahoole is a transitioning fag. His site is infested with Moliberry trannies and he refuses to do anything about it. His mods jack off to the gay porn. Gahoole probably Jack's off with them. https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/126022.html
Gahoolia Sexy Fetallio 😍 😋 😩
>>188508 no its bickers axel is funny and joking about being a pedo
>>188641 Axel has never been funny. He's just a conniver that gets off on trying to puppeteer other people like some basement dwelling Machiavelli. He's got no real personality, he's a soyboy that jerks off to video games and the idea that he's making people angry. He's a 10 year old looking up at you with blank innocent eyes, "I shit his pants and didn't do anything, I don't know why people are so upset, I mean, am I crazy or are they?" Disgusting faggot behavior.
>>188653 Dj Axel must be a mod or Gahoole's boyfriend bickers a mod deleted a thread making fun of Dj Axel an hour after people started posting about him. Daiymo quit Axel's server over free speech issues, can't make fun of Axel or he'll ban you, wonder what he would think of Gahoole's official policy that you can't make fun of Axel on tvch or the thread will get deleted and you might be banned. Can't make fun of Axel or Gahoole will ban you from his website. Lol what is going on with these guys and DJ Axel. He must have some logs on these guys talking about loli sessions or something.
>>188683 >>188653 >>188562 Dj Axel gets off on causing trouble, watching that stream of him with Gahoole and Daiymo says it all, he enjoys causing conflict. He suffers from smartest man in the room syndrome but in his defense he seems to be able to fufill his puppetmaster fantasy due to the fact that he only surrounds himself with people that suffer mental illness, cognitive issues, or are generally unintelligent. Daiymo is just bright enough to catch on to the fact that Axel is only consistent when it serves him. If you don't benefit Axel in some way you're useless to him and he doesn't need you around. He's going to ban critics or anons that make fun of him right away, you aren't serving him and he doesn't want criticism or jokes at his expense, he wants his ego stroked. He's an unabashed gaslighter that gets away with it bickers he's picking on the retarded. Look at how he treats Gahoole. He honestly treats him like shit on stream and Gahoole sits there and eats it. At the end he has a little tantrum and hangs up, I guarantee Dj Axel sent him a message telling him not to be a little crybaby and Gahoole probably apologized to DJ. Gahoole is a complete bitch in the relationship, he behaves like a woman dealing with an abusive boyfriend she can't admit is beating her. Gahoole is so afraid of drama with DJ Axel he really does delete threads making fun of him. It's crazy. Gahoole is a total betabitch.
>>188851 >>188683 >>188653 >He's just a conniver that gets off on trying to puppeteer other people like some basement dwelling Machiavelli exactly. i don't know why you don't understand that a lot of people find conniving jew types to be entertaining. littlefinger was one of the most popular characters in game of thrones especially among foids.
>>188886 It's entertaining on television when the character is charismatic, DJ Axel's a creep and it's weird watching him play mind games with a pack of gremlins that don't have the social skills to defend against his child-like manipulations. Any normal adult would tell Dj Axel to fuck off (big hint about the people that hang out with him). One funny thing he has managed to do is destroy any attempt Gahoole has ever made of presenting himself as anything other than a low level sycophant orbiter.
>>188914 he unironically ironically pretending to be a pedo, but i haven't seen any damning evidence that he's a creep. the people he fucks with are known creeps, however.
>>188947 >damning evidence he's a creep He acts like a creep, his half-hidden grin when he's baiting someone, the way he talks, the way he dresses. His behavior, his comportment. He carries himself in a manner that would leave me to expect him to be the type of person to finger bang dogs or sniff his grandmother's underwear out of the laundry hamper. I've heard Axel talking about wanting to fuck boys, is that evidence that he's a creep? Kind of is.
>>188949 >>188947 >>188914 >>188886 DJ Axel is a faggot and needs to kys.
Open file (147.02 KB 1600x900 cover3.jpg)
>>114821 I live in Florida, I met Gahoole through a Discord acquaintance. We met IRL, at fist he was fun, we were drinking at a bar then we went at his place. He knew I was a MtF, he was really drunk and told me to get naked. He then started taking pictures and forced himself on me, he raped me while calling me a troon the entire time. Now he is threatening to blackmail me and has banned me from /tv/, while still allowing CP on the board. TL/DR Beware of Gahoole, he is a sex pest.
>>189023 None of us say mtf just ask me to larp for you next time.
>>189023 Do not post screencaps that contain links to cp.
>>189023 Your first mistake was saying you met Gahoole and had fun, instead of something realistic like immdiately threw up, turned away in disgust, felt revulsion or fear at the sight of him...something a person would actually feel. >>188653 >>188683 >>188851 >>188886 >>188914 >>188947 >>188949 >>188953 I heard a rumor DJ Axel was making Shaggy do sex stuff now while Shaggy's stoned and drinking. Shaggy posted something about it and then deleted it right away.
>>188851 >>188947 >I guarantee Dj Axel sent him a message telling him not to be a little crybaby and Gahoole probably apologized to DJ Lol this is the truth, Gahoole streamed with Dj Axel the next day and was an autistic spaz just spouting dumb shit. He's sucking Dj Axel's dick for exposure to Dj Axel's audience, all he has to do is eat whatever shit sandwich Axel hands him and Gahoole gets to pretend he still has a seat at the table. Gahoole has no integrity or self-respect, he's a complete Гунтer now.
>>189155 Gahoole is an actual high functioning downy. I don't know what people expect from him when they've seen with their own eyes him shit his pants and do nothing but plant his ass in front of a computer monitor and play video games and watch anime for ten-fifteen years straight. He doesn't do anything. If he reads a book, it's fucking magna. If he watches a new show it's either an anime or the same generic garbage every other npc guzzles up. He loves Better Call Sau, The Boys and The Last of Us. Fuck why not, it's good television, nothing wrong with liking smart t.v shows, right? Gahoole's a switch loving soyboy as much as they all are. Guzzles down his brand of Soma and farts out the same digested pablum everyone else around him does. He's all Oda, no Otomo.
Nuzach shit all over Gahoole's site again with G​AMERGATE dicks lol.
>>189199 Did you really need to show >us? Fucking faggottard lol
/lit/ bo ruined another stream... yawwwn.
Open file (221.82 KB 321x318 faye.PNG)
>>189032 Why would I LARP, smh? >>189135 It happened to me.
Open file (25.75 KB 604x414 fejV-PVETpg.jpg)
>>189466 At least use the same name you have saved on the image. >It happened to me Okay timestamp with that same face and >we will believe ya.
One day I'm going to visit this bitch at his apartment near Orlando and cut his head off
>>189509 I won't post more bickers I am being blackmailed. You can contact me on my Twitter. https://mobile.twitter.com/JulietteFaye3
>>189622 That's to a locked one, if you're actually being blackmailed go to the cops and don't type that out. It's too late now and the organization who was blackmailing you had likely harvested your organs by now but fyi for next time. Don't use a picture of a cis woman that Catfishes use genius.
>>189509 >>189622 >>189638 It's just one more schizo that's fallen into Gahoole's twisted faggy gravity well. Trannies and fags get obbsessed with the idea he's their friend for some reason. Maybe it's bickers he acts gay or has a tranny sister. Probably something to do with him being tangibly associated with various pedo circles thanks to his choice of friends. Lol Gahoole went from having famous people posting on his site in wink wink nudge nudge secret style and a youtube channel that was getting a few thousand views per video to a bunch of trannies and gay kids posting faggot stuff non-stop and having to do streams with DJ Axel to stay relevant. And now Axel's trying to do to Gahoole what he did to Shaggy, it's pretty funny if you ask me.
>>189657 8chan moderation has nothing on tvch.moe. blacked.moe is better. Tvch mods have a list of ip addresses they use to build profiles on users bickers the mods are always seething for some reason. They see boogeymen everywhere, hence the "Nuzach" bullshit. Gahoole presides over all this as a beacon of epic comraderie. What a "fat" joke lol.
Reminder that /lit/ BO, TBC/Wrist, has CP saved to his computer

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