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Gahoole2/Patrick Nelson Toad 08/15/2021 (Sun) 04:12:35 No.114821
The Ogre who >we all enjoy from time to time, know by name or like the spent some time watching japonese wrestling In recent months his life story has been developing, from a small Youtuber and BO of /tv/, now he's a lolcow in the claws of foxdickfarms trannies. Tranks to his streams with Ashton Parks and Earwinson, he has gained some fame among a new group that is more than happy to enable his depression and bad habits and will eventually help him into become a left-wing Ogre or tranny himself, like his sister brother. His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba0Ep0yWSBnfZj1IDdUKpQ/videos
>>123611 stop posting dog rape
It's hilarious to see bunkertrannies, ni/gg/ers and tvch vols joining forces trying to invent narratives against a single /cow/ anon.
>>123623 For images posted at total, three are images (itl and trannypol back on 8chan days and two tranny memes) and a webm with MarkMann and /leftypol/ BO having sex. Nothing about zoofag shit. And yet, the post got deleted, I wonder why. Maybe MarkMann still has influence on tvch or some leftypol faggot is infiltrate as a vol.
>>123631 intl* Also like I said, nothing about zoofag or pedo shit, so stop trying to make up this narrative. What will be next? Try to push fake stories about Yakuza and trsperg?
>>123611 You post tranny porn and pretend to be "transphobic" lol, you're obsessed with pics of trannies. Typical ni/gg/er behavior.
>>123638 Who? Where? Is the tranny pic poster with us right now?
>>123638 Kys pedochu Don't you have anything better in your life right now than try to D&C and being some autistic loser both here and on tvch?
>>123639 He is, his so-called "transphobic cocks" are unspoilered pornographic pics of the axe wounds. >>123641 What did I say that could in any way be construed to be pedochu tier?
>>123754 kek, based wordfilter alogging my post
Why this loser has an obsession about The Rock? He wish he had "Chad" mutt genes instead of being a genetic dead end mutt? Also for the third time this year he recommended me a film about some fat and short black dude scoring white girls. No sure if he's doing it to joke with me or he's really projecting himself as those characters.
Open file (22.23 KB 712x311 ClipboardImage.png)
Hey Patrick, this shit is getting tiresome, I never got banned one single time back on 8chan /tv/ days, but now I get this shit for nothing? Remove mod and vol from the majority of people, let only the old and trustful people taking care of it.
>>124071 >april 2021 Doesn't sound to me like anyone will even remember what that was at this point. How can you know it was for nothing?
Open file (70.71 KB 1462x674 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (142.80 KB 1469x398 ClipboardImage.png)
<Literal pedos, feds and etc can post, but not me.
There's at least one vol saging multiple threads for no reason, like the Fallout thread. Al
Open file (170.35 KB 1478x705 ClipboardImage.png)
Fix your vol/mod team, Gahoole, please. I'll have to create a fucking discord to talk with you?
>>125512 Being honest here, some of the vols are really weirdos and fags, like the one deleting the dox of two trannies a few days ago. Meanwhile, some fags like this OP https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/81500.html is just trying to start shit.
>I don't care! >He's unfunny! Anyone who has known Gahoole for years knows very well that when he uses these phrases, he is in fact jealous or annoyed on some level. Big cope. Also, he's now hanging out with the lolifag know as Trifox. Smh, I guess he will never learn.
>>128216 same is going on atm with this daiymo drama, same happened with Earwinson before, and many others back in 8chan days eventually, his discord troons will go after anyone here shit talking him.
Anyone can explain to me why Gahoole love to accuse others of being pedos like Andy Toad McKinley, but have no problem with being a close friend of MarkMann, AnalVape, Wolfspider and many others??? Also, ignore the FBI stuff, okay. I mean, I used to like the guy back 8chan days, but things are a bit out of hand now.
Patrick Nelson recently did a math to explain why he and other americanmutts will continue to be incels.
Pedohoole is not only ugly, but he is literally sick. Of body and mind, he has a weak immune system and constantly has a fever and in this feverish state he makes videos or post retard shit, has hallucinations and shows his true opinions. Not only that, but he definitely also has some mental illness such as bipolar disorder. Honestly, I have no doubt he has no soul, that would help explain his materialism and escapism. Honestly, it's a favor to humanity that he will never reproduce.
>>132702 kys trsperg
He's been having a constant mental breakdown for the last few weeks, on twitter, on his own site, cytube and whatever. Even on livestreams https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/88758.html https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/88950.html Perfect time to Bryan and Mr.Deadman destroy him once for all.
Some boring faggot made a stream about Gahoole https://www.twitch.tv/mlp_thegod
i would smash this idiot's face in
Open file (247.41 KB 586x700 gakuma.png)
Why does Gahoole make some people seethe so hard? He is a funny weird kind of guy and seems genuinely nice. But for some reason that pisses people off so hard that they want to destroy his life by making up false reports of him having CP or wishing death upon him. It's not like he is a lolcow, he doesn't sperg out or act the fool. At most he gets drunk and maudlin on stream, but when you consider how shit his life it that is kind of understandable. It is all so fucking weird.
>>140887 I've been on HRT for 6 months now and I want to kill myself. I feel constantly down, my skin has gone to shit, my penis and ballsack withered and I have no sex drive. None of the promises I was told have come. Even my buds are weird and misshapen, not at all like a woman's should be. I was listening to gahoole's latest stream and wanted to call in after the suicidal guy bickers it felt right but I was so scared gahoole would accidentally make fun of my tranny voice and that would probably be the last straw for me. I promised myself I wouldn't kill myself before I get at least one of the top 10 times for elden ring but the more I try the more I fail and I can barely open the game up now. I listen to gahoole, fail at finding any new tech in elden ring. Even tvch isn't the same escape as it's dead and full of /cow/ards. I started watching Gahoole in 2016 and have watched every single video he ever made. In August 2021 I decided I wanted to meet Gahoole in person so I drove down to Saint Cloud Minnesota. I sat in my car outside his apartment for hours but decided not to do it. I've fallen in love with the idea of Gahoole and if I meet him and I see the horror in his eyes at the abomination before him I might lose it. I drove back home and cried.
Gahoolian is Sexy. Gahoole is a work of art. ūüė©
Open file (655.95 KB 1151x615 see_orgre.png)
What a handsome looking Ogre.
Gahoole scares the Feds with his Sexy Shrek abilities.
Open file (353.48 KB 807x437 nelson part 1.PNG)
Open file (762.00 KB 655x694 nelson.PNG)
Gahoole. Also known as (((Patrick Nelson))) is getting exposed in this thread by me. First of all, his name is not (((Patrick Nelson))) I first caught wind of this a few months back but i just brushed it off. But right now i saw another one of (((Patricks))) appearances on a tv show. I knew i just had to expose him. To expose how his name is made up i first need to expose his acting appearances. I will post 2 clips of this. 1 of them is relevant to his fake name and pretty much all the fake stuff surrounding him. The second clip will just be a extra clip showing him doing another acting gig. I have to link the first clip to catbox since its 25mb https://files.catbox.moe/bkxt43.webm As you can see from this clip (((Zach))) doesnt exist and is made up. He used the name (((Zac))) from this acting gig to create a fake persona called (((Zach))) -nelson part1.PNG Then you have a dailymail article about this event where you can see the womens names that he (((tricked))). One of them has the name of (((Jayme Nelson))). Do you see it? Her last name is (((Nelson))). Thats where (((Patrick))) got the last name. https://archive.ph/aA3l4
>>174491 the third file webm Portlandia - Real Nerd.webm is the second clip of him doing another acting gig. No wonder he has a imageboard for movies and tv. Its his life!
Open file (71.21 KB 1418x401 wow.jpg)
Members of Gahoole's spicscord club are now posting their sexual fantasies involving the ogre himself. Just when you thought these freaks couldn't get any worse, instead of banning Super Faggot posters like this, they ban innocent tvch posters thinking that they are NuZach/Sneedious/Emojitroon/TRSperg/Zach/etc. These anons have been living rent free in the minds of the vols for years. Gahoole's right hand man, Moliberry, tries and utterly fails to dox posters of tvch, and in the process the cuck G‚ÄčAMERGATE got everyone's discord account banned. Gahoole needs to cut bait with these cuckchan rejects and get some moderation who don't ban innocent posters for being BOTM and ban literal faggots like this.
>>175042 super ramon is one of the worst forced memes of the decade
>>175042 >>175110 Hi Nuzach
>>175042 the tvch volpedos are seething at this post
>>175042 >>175110 >>175131 nuzach why are you angry and ramonposters?
>>175162 He's a shitskin, but with a small dick and unfunny
>>175042 Totally agree, these fags are still seething over some discord messages from 2 fucking years ago, retarded vol3 thinks i got patrick's discord banned twice, hopefully someone beats his head in
>>175042 > they ban innocent tvch posters thinking that they are NuZach/Sneedious/Emojitroon/TRSperg/Zach/etc Literally nothing wrong with Nuzach, TRSperg, and hell even Zach. They all attacked the /cow/kike vermin. Anyone who does that is good in my book. Vol3 needs to be shot right between the eyes and Gahoole should receive 50 lashings on his fat back and be put on an intermittent fasting diet. Time to clean up.
Open file (13.84 KB 561x561 john_who_could_it_be.png)
>>175349 >>175350 You're pathetic as fuck.
>>175355 Says the loser who is seething for months now about being rejected by a man.
>>175389 Wtf are u talking about, I only started posting for like a week, haven't posted for months prior
>This thread Hahahaha. Ah you guys are swimming in the kiddy pool. Why doesn't anyone ask if Patrick dropped out of University bickers of the rape allegation? Or... Why Is Patrick friends with verifiable sweaty gamers but also goes around accusing people that he's in disagreements with of being sweaty gamers? Or Did the feds keep his computer bickers they found out he was an 8chan mod and wanted access to his contact list? Or... Why is it that every single 'normal' youtube personality that becomes involved with 'Gahoole' quickly moves on and disavows him publicly? What is it about Patrick that makes other people not want to associate with him on a professional level? Or... Why did Patrick spam his own website with his own memes, attacking his board owners personal threads with his 'oc'? Or... Actually it goes on and on and on. He's a shifty one, this Patrick. Ask him why he gets uncomfortable around little girls and watch him stutter (There's pictures out there, he's been jerking it to anime loli and doesn't like to be reminded...)
>>175874 Good post, bro, what about packing it and sending on discord to Bryan Dunn
https://archive.ph/3swWy nuzach and emojitroon circle jerking each other on nuzach thread

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