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Gahoole2/Patrick Nelson Toad 08/15/2021 (Sun) 04:12:35 No.114821
The Ogre who >we all enjoy from time to time, know by name or like the spent some time watching japonese wrestling In recent months his life story has been developing, from a small Youtuber and BO of /tv/, now he's a lolcow in the claws of foxdickfarms trannies. Tranks to his streams with Ashton Parks and Earwinson, he has gained some fame among a new group that is more than happy to enable his depression and bad habits and will eventually help him into become a left-wing Ogre or tranny himself, like his sister brother. His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba0Ep0yWSBnfZj1IDdUKpQ/videos
Posting in Zach thread
the ogre got really PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd when people "aloged" his feet in a recent thread, to the point of him crying about it on a stream
/leftypol/, yakuza or trsperg, who's accusing the ogre of having CP this time? https://tvch.moe/dup/res/79933.html#80401
Open file (779.39 KB 1184x607 gahoole deformed feet.png)
Open file (28.48 KB 1490x379 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (45.86 KB 610x672 ClipboardImage.png)
>>115264 I don't remember him being as depressed as he is this year.
Open file (172.74 KB 461x553 ClipboardImage.png)
>>115322 A ni/gg/er or the faggot crying about IsaToad McKinley, in any case, both try to blame /cow/ for everything.
>>115323 There are a good couple of fags on tvch that constantly bitch about /cow/.
>>115322 He wouldn't by any chance have given Dio vol, would he? If it is him, maybe lay off the discord for a bit. Might be something viral.
Open file (4.48 MB 300x313 magic.png)
>>115322 >TRSperg what are they even talking about?
>>115334 >>115350 There's at least one faggot there crying about /cow/ all the time, and he's very active for the last days, to the point of being posting no stop for almost 10 hours in the same thread. Also, essayfag or someone else there is now calling TRSperg of pedo and acussing him of being part of Mark/John circle, what's pure bullshit even if you deslike him.
Open file (14.36 KB 1457x82 ClipboardImage.png)
>>115387 I found the post, the context was a thread making fun of /dunk/, then TRSperg was pointed out by the anon together with all the other usual names.
Open file (21.33 KB 698x264 ClipboardImage.png)
>>115322 >>115323 So, this faggot also deslike Gahoole while hating /cow/. I wonder who could be...
>>115387 I've never called TRSperg a pedo, it ain't me.
>>114821 >The Ogre who >we all enjoy from time to time, know by name or like the spent some time watching japonese wrestling <getting friendly with cows kys
Gahoole is finally opening his eyes, he now knows that he should not trust the snakes sociopaths from this board
>>115422 That's nobody is your friend, trsperg.
Man, /dunk/ is absolutely garbage, that place is unironically discordfags and cuckchan tier shit. Even zzzchan /b/ is less pozzed and low IQ.
>>115807 that would make sense, over half of tvch's userbase is jannies from gahoole's discord server
>>115820 /tv/ and /dup/ at least have some organic posting and more anons, /dunk/ is in fact only the trannies for discord dick sucking the ogre
>>115936 from discord
>>115641 rent free
fun fact, I have never ever posted on tvch
>>115991 >>115993 I don't believe you, TRSperg, as you've been showing yourself quite two-faced recently. But at the same time, I don't believe the idiot on tvch accusing you of being part of the Mark and Koi pedo circle.
>>115993 >>116064 I believe someone posted a screenshot already on thread 9 or Isabella thread, about someone there, maybe a discord tranny from Gahoole server calling you a pedo and including you as part of Mark and /japan/ crew. I wish I had it saved.
>>115936 /dunk/ made fun of blacked.moe that one time over /hebe/ so naturally it had to be added to the list of support/meta boards to control the narrative on. Just another battleground culture war. It's hell out there.
>>116064 I honestly think is funny that there are a group of people trying desperately to profile me when I've been rather forthright from day one. Including outright admiring the only reason I keeped posting TRS shit way back in the day was to bait (You)'s from idiots who where unironically into that aut-kike fedposting shit I never posted on tvch bickers it was associated with Marks webring and is full of reddit tier wannabes who post low quality memes. I fucked with Gahoole bickers of his association with Mark Man, bickers I was trolling Mark for almost three + years before 8chan died. The Golem of cake was one of my favorite lolcows, but that Golem of cake had also supported cartoon images of lolicon and furry shit. Gahoole getting investigated is most likely dude to his association with Mark and 8chan in general. If by "two faced" you mean me coming around to sorta liking Gahoole, then yeah. Dude trying to get /fit/ and get his life together is something I respect. >>116072 yeah I saw that screenshot, its why I came to check out Gahoole's thread.
>>115936 >>116102 I didn't checked there for the past week, the same spergs are fighintg about China, Taliban, calling everyone of mutts and aloging /cow/? >>116103 >Dude trying to get /fit/ and get his life together If only that were true.
What the hell is his obsession with Toad McKinley all about?
>>116103 In a month he hasn't lost 2kg or gained any muscles, he spent his day on discord or foxdickfarms talking with his tranny friends, or playing Genshin Impact. >>116394 Which Told?
>>116500 this, in two weeks I put on more muscle and lost more fat, majority of his friends be irl or online are just ballwashers, he will never improve his life with people like that around him
Open file (225.36 KB 842x960 1509978224083.jpg)
TRSperg is still obsessed and pretending to be better than Gahoole, the dude is almost twice the age of Gahoole and spends more time on cuckchan and webring than the owner of tvch himself! And lusting for trannies and nasty mutties while LARPing to be somehow mature and successful with women!
>>117832 https://alogs.theГунтretort.com/cow/res/2.html#q117884 If he doesn't like you, you automatically become a tranny sodomite from /tv/
>>117980 The dude literally is a drug addicted in his mid 30's dating some slut older than him, imagine that.
>>114821 this dude is so fucking ugly, holy shit
Open file (98.01 KB 522x221 ClipboardImage.png)
Pic related, (1) showing up to simp for Muttni >>117994 He made almost ten posts in the last weeks all seething about Gahoole and tvch
Can someone explain how this guy has been trying to lose weight for 6 weeks yet hes somehow losing next to nothing/gaining weight? Literally all he has to do is eat less.
Open file (163.30 KB 1455x473 ClipboardImage.png)
foxdickfarms and discord are really affecting him. I have no doubt that in a few years he will have a trans-phase.
Open file (5.32 KB 409x106 ClipboardImage.png)
Gayhole is acting like he's the Gaytor to P P P and mad at /cow/ and Surfer
>>119063 That's a fake account, the real one is gahoole2
>>119082 Even if that's true, it doesn't change the fact that he's a faggot and dropped the ball once again with his stream about P P P and Surfer.
>>119191 This, the foxdickfarms already have way too many means to force their narrative, give some space to people from here to expose their opinions and histories
>>117998 deadass looks like shrek in human form
Is fox dick that boring that you have to do your baseless shitposting on a dead imageboard?
Wait, so there are actually people here who don't think ogre is guilty? The FBI doesn't just raid for no reason. If they only suspect, they're perfectly cocks to surveil and collect evidence for years at a time. And that's probably what they did.
>>119901 Eat a bullet, TRSperg
>>119901 He claimed they raided him for having too much computer stuff. Then he claimed that they raided him bickers his laptop accessed a CP website, and that it was his roommate who used his laptop when drunk. The ogre 100% is guilty and struck a deal with the FBI to turn his website into a honeypot. Fuck gahoole.
>>120017 HI Zach.
Open file (181.81 KB 500x279 shinji crying (again).gif)
>>120047 not about making fun of some nobody, you are all just glowing too obviously Neon Genesis Evangelion and glow frog memes very fitting
>>120047 You call everyone you deslike a pedo, TRSperg, meanwhile you're posting toddler porn on zzzchan or simping for Britanny Toad McKinley
>>120075 >you're posting toddler porn on zzzchan no, that's what /cow/ does
Open file (42.01 KB 978x251 proof1.png)
Open file (59.54 KB 1065x429 proof2.png)
More damning evidence that the ogre is a piece of shit and can't be trusted. Picrel is gahoole's hacker forum account, gahoole@cock.li is the email he likes to use a lot. I know this forum account is his bickers it uses the same password he always uses, gahoole123. 2nd pic is a post of his on the hacker forums. VERY not a good look.
>>121033 Big if true. Actually wasn't the FBI investigation bickers the Ukraine govt sent in a tip?
>>121033 >>121039 You'll never be white, tarrantranny
>>121033 sending this to the fbi lol
>>121061 Tarrantfaggot does not have the typical Jewish phenotype and is a millennial autistic who acts like a zoomer? I rememver of seeing him spering out about gahoole on cytube before and posting his cringe pics before.
Open file (152.76 KB 1546x339 ClipboardImage.png)
Both TRSPERG (pic related) and Tarrantranny are proving to be more idiotic and pathetic than Zach imo
Seethe more essayfag, you're a retard NeetSoc.
Open file (92.06 KB 1460x276 ClipboardImage.png)
is impressive how tvch, especially /dunk/ has the same talking points from foxdickfarms, whatever they talk about politics or lolcows their opinions are totally different from /cow/
Open file (123.97 KB 1314x703 ClipboardImage.png)
Discordtrannies are getting desperate with their cope.
Open file (230.95 KB 1104x1215 Welcome to tvch.png)
The current state of tvchan, Censored for your mental health. They're been reduced to this! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
>>120006 >>121174 >discord foxdickers desperate to defend their homosexual lifestyle from the inevitability of Islam saving the west from itself still seething and coping that their gay cabal got btfо'd by 8/pol/ peek cope
>>122118 >Censored for your mental health Is it the Rock and/or Vin Diesel?
>>122126 copious amounts of chocolate phallus
Based Tvch pedos are letting one /cow/ anon live rent free in their schizo heads https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/74674.html#q74933 https://tvch.moe/tv/res/226874.html#226899
>>122971 >trsperg malding Good.
I am more convinced than ever that Gahoole is not much different from Asston, jcaesar187 and Jewsh, full of cope and hypocrisy. Stop getting into dramas or letting discord trannies like molifag and essayfag influence you and do your own thing like you always did.
TRSperg is such a loser. It's embarrassing to see an old man like him be the jester around here.
Open file (426.97 KB 1283x440 ClipboardImage.png)
>>123064 >/tv/ unironically supports lolicon I've never posted on gayhoole's site take your meds /tv/troon
Open file (10.50 MB 1280x720 guntfiction.webm)
>If you call out pedos and trannies on /dunk/ and /dup/ you are accused of being trsperg. https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/74759.html#75630
>>123091 >idoldup's wholesome webms are pedophilia For fuck's sake trsperg, just kill yourself already.
>>123126 You're a pedo. For real, you're the one trying to D&C /cow/ and /tv/ for some reason, maybe bickers you're Moliberry/Essayfag or one of lolipedos from Koi group. Kys.
>>123171 I'm not trying to D&C anyone and not a pedo. I'm not Moliberry or Essayfag, much less one of the lolipedos. But idoldup wasn't posting drawn cp like you seemed to imply. He just posted one of the idol webms he has always posted. Keep projecting, champ.
Open file (188.20 KB 688x456 fellow_cowboy_spotted.png)
You have been banned from all boards for the following reason: Gore spam Your ban was filed on Saturday 30 October, 2021 and will not expire. Your IP address is not stored on tvch.moe. We currently hash IP addresses
You have been banned from all boards for the following reason: Gore spam Your ban was filed on Saturday 30 October, 2021 and will not expire. Your IP address is not stored on tvch.moe. We currently hash IP addresses
Gahoole need to make a total cleanup about his mods and vols. Majority are unironically furfags, pedos and foxdickfarmers. Keep banning the real anons, bud. Let zzzchan pedos, bunkerfags and discordtroons taking control of the place. Go ahead, it will end up very well tranks to these mods/vols.
Pedochu and his goons are lurking this thread and trying to push Gahoole vs /cow/ with some fake narrative about /cow/ anons being the true problem with his shitty site.
But yes, Gahoole definitely need to take care of the vols and mod situation. It's getting ridiculous, discord ruin everything. Same about foxdickfarms.
Now I understand why this faggot is doing his best to fuck with the site
Beside loving G​AMERGATEs, Gahoole also love trannies now? bickers his mods are deleting any "transphobic" or anti-/leftypol/ posts.
>>123611 stop posting dog rape
It's hilarious to see bunkertrannies, ni/gg/ers and tvch vols joining forces trying to invent narratives against a single /cow/ anon.
>>123623 For images posted at total, three are images (itl and trannypol back on 8chan days and two tranny memes) and a webm with MarkMann and /leftypol/ BO having sex. Nothing about zoofag shit. And yet, the post got deleted, I wonder why. Maybe MarkMann still has influence on tvch or some leftypol faggot is infiltrate as a vol.
>>123631 intl* Also like I said, nothing about zoofag or pedo shit, so stop trying to make up this narrative. What will be next? Try to push fake stories about Yakuza and trsperg?
>>123611 You post tranny porn and pretend to be "transphobic" lol, you're obsessed with pics of trannies. Typical ni/gg/er behavior.
>>123638 Who? Where? Is the tranny pic poster with us right now?
>>123638 Kys pedochu Don't you have anything better in your life right now than try to D&C and being some autistic loser both here and on tvch?
>>123639 He is, his so-called "transphobic cocks" are unspoilered pornographic pics of the axe wounds. >>123641 What did I say that could in any way be construed to be pedochu tier?
>>123754 kek, based wordfilter alogging my post
Why this loser has an obsession about The Rock? He wish he had "Chad" mutt genes instead of being a genetic dead end mutt? Also for the third time this year he recommended me a film about some fat and short black dude scoring white girls. No sure if he's doing it to joke with me or he's really projecting himself as those characters.
Open file (22.23 KB 712x311 ClipboardImage.png)
Hey Patrick, this shit is getting tiresome, I never got banned one single time back on 8chan /tv/ days, but now I get this shit for nothing? Remove mod and vol from the majority of people, let only the old and trustful people taking care of it.
>>124071 >april 2021 Doesn't sound to me like anyone will even remember what that was at this point. How can you know it was for nothing?
Open file (70.71 KB 1462x674 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (142.80 KB 1469x398 ClipboardImage.png)
<Literal pedos, feds and etc can post, but not me.
There's at least one vol saging multiple threads for no reason, like the Fallout thread. Al
Open file (170.35 KB 1478x705 ClipboardImage.png)
Fix your vol/mod team, Gahoole, please. I'll have to create a fucking discord to talk with you?
>>125512 Being honest here, some of the vols are really weirdos and fags, like the one deleting the dox of two trannies a few days ago. Meanwhile, some fags like this OP https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/81500.html is just trying to start shit.
>I don't care! >He's unfunny! Anyone who has known Gahoole for years knows very well that when he uses these phrases, he is in fact jealous or annoyed on some level. Big cope. Also, he's now hanging out with the lolifag know as Trifox. Smh, I guess he will never learn.
>>128216 same is going on atm with this daiymo drama, same happened with Earwinson before, and many others back in 8chan days eventually, his discord troons will go after anyone here shit talking him.
Anyone can explain to me why Gahoole love to accuse others of being pedos like Andy Toad McKinley, but have no problem with being a close friend of MarkMann, AnalVape, Wolfspider and many others??? Also, ignore the FBI stuff, okay. I mean, I used to like the guy back 8chan days, but things are a bit out of hand now.
Patrick Nelson recently did a math to explain why he and other americanmutts will continue to be incels.
Pedohoole is not only ugly, but he is literally sick. Of body and mind, he has a weak immune system and constantly has a fever and in this feverish state he makes videos or post retard shit, has hallucinations and shows his true opinions. Not only that, but he definitely also has some mental illness such as bipolar disorder. Honestly, I have no doubt he has no soul, that would help explain his materialism and escapism. Honestly, it's a favor to humanity that he will never reproduce.
>>132702 kys trsperg
He's been having a constant mental breakdown for the last few weeks, on twitter, on his own site, cytube and whatever. Even on livestreams https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/88758.html https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/88950.html Perfect time to Bryan and Mr.Deadman destroy him once for all.
Some boring faggot made a stream about Gahoole https://www.twitch.tv/mlp_thegod
i would smash this idiot's face in
Open file (247.41 KB 586x700 gakuma.png)
Why does Gahoole make some people seethe so hard? He is a funny weird kind of guy and seems genuinely nice. But for some reason that pisses people off so hard that they want to destroy his life by making up false reports of him having CP or wishing death upon him. It's not like he is a lolcow, he doesn't sperg out or act the fool. At most he gets drunk and maudlin on stream, but when you consider how shit his life it that is kind of understandable. It is all so fucking weird.
>>140887 I've been on HRT for 6 months now and I want to kill myself. I feel constantly down, my skin has gone to shit, my penis and ballsack withered and I have no sex drive. None of the promises I was told have come. Even my buds are weird and misshapen, not at all like a woman's should be. I was listening to gahoole's latest stream and wanted to call in after the suicidal guy bickers it felt right but I was so scared gahoole would accidentally make fun of my tranny voice and that would probably be the last straw for me. I promised myself I wouldn't kill myself before I get at least one of the top 10 times for elden ring but the more I try the more I fail and I can barely open the game up now. I listen to gahoole, fail at finding any new tech in elden ring. Even tvch isn't the same escape as it's dead and full of /cow/ards. I started watching Gahoole in 2016 and have watched every single video he ever made. In August 2021 I decided I wanted to meet Gahoole in person so I drove down to Saint Cloud Minnesota. I sat in my car outside his apartment for hours but decided not to do it. I've fallen in love with the idea of Gahoole and if I meet him and I see the horror in his eyes at the abomination before him I might lose it. I drove back home and cried.
Gahoolian is Sexy. Gahoole is a work of art. 😩
Open file (655.95 KB 1151x615 see_orgre.png)
What a handsome looking Ogre.
Gahoole scares the Feds with his Sexy Shrek abilities.
Open file (353.48 KB 807x437 nelson part 1.PNG)
Open file (762.00 KB 655x694 nelson.PNG)
Gahoole. Also known as (((Patrick Nelson))) is getting exposed in this thread by me. First of all, his name is not (((Patrick Nelson))) I first caught wind of this a few months back but i just brushed it off. But right now i saw another one of (((Patricks))) appearances on a tv show. I knew i just had to expose him. To expose how his name is made up i first need to expose his acting appearances. I will post 2 clips of this. 1 of them is relevant to his fake name and pretty much all the fake stuff surrounding him. The second clip will just be a extra clip showing him doing another acting gig. I have to link the first clip to catbox since its 25mb https://files.catbox.moe/bkxt43.webm As you can see from this clip (((Zach))) doesnt exist and is made up. He used the name (((Zac))) from this acting gig to create a fake persona called (((Zach))) -nelson part1.PNG Then you have a dailymail article about this event where you can see the womens names that he (((tricked))). One of them has the name of (((Jayme Nelson))). Do you see it? Her last name is (((Nelson))). Thats where (((Patrick))) got the last name. https://archive.ph/aA3l4
>>174491 the third file webm Portlandia - Real Nerd.webm is the second clip of him doing another acting gig. No wonder he has a imageboard for movies and tv. Its his life!
Open file (71.21 KB 1418x401 wow.jpg)
Members of Gahoole's spicscord club are now posting their sexual fantasies involving the ogre himself. Just when you thought these freaks couldn't get any worse, instead of banning Super Faggot posters like this, they ban innocent tvch posters thinking that they are NuZach/Sneedious/Emojitroon/TRSperg/Zach/etc. These anons have been living rent free in the minds of the vols for years. Gahoole's right hand man, Moliberry, tries and utterly fails to dox posters of tvch, and in the process the cuck G​AMERGATE got everyone's discord account banned. Gahoole needs to cut bait with these cuckchan rejects and get some moderation who don't ban innocent posters for being BOTM and ban literal faggots like this.
>>175042 super ramon is one of the worst forced memes of the decade
>>175042 >>175110 Hi Nuzach
>>175042 the tvch volpedos are seething at this post
>>175042 >>175110 >>175131 nuzach why are you angry and ramonposters?
>>175162 He's a shitskin, but with a small dick and unfunny
>>175042 Totally agree, these fags are still seething over some discord messages from 2 fucking years ago, retarded vol3 thinks i got patrick's discord banned twice, hopefully someone beats his head in
>>175042 > they ban innocent tvch posters thinking that they are NuZach/Sneedious/Emojitroon/TRSperg/Zach/etc Literally nothing wrong with Nuzach, TRSperg, and hell even Zach. They all attacked the /cow/kike vermin. Anyone who does that is good in my book. Vol3 needs to be shot right between the eyes and Gahoole should receive 50 lashings on his fat back and be put on an intermittent fasting diet. Time to clean up.
Open file (13.84 KB 561x561 john_who_could_it_be.png)
>>175349 >>175350 You're pathetic as fuck.
>>175355 Says the loser who is seething for months now about being rejected by a man.
>>175389 Wtf are u talking about, I only started posting for like a week, haven't posted for months prior
>This thread Hahahaha. Ah you guys are swimming in the kiddy pool. Why doesn't anyone ask if Patrick dropped out of University bickers of the rape allegation? Or... Why Is Patrick friends with verifiable sweaty gamers but also goes around accusing people that he's in disagreements with of being sweaty gamers? Or Did the feds keep his computer bickers they found out he was an 8chan mod and wanted access to his contact list? Or... Why is it that every single 'normal' youtube personality that becomes involved with 'Gahoole' quickly moves on and disavows him publicly? What is it about Patrick that makes other people not want to associate with him on a professional level? Or... Why did Patrick spam his own website with his own memes, attacking his board owners personal threads with his 'oc'? Or... Actually it goes on and on and on. He's a shifty one, this Patrick. Ask him why he gets uncomfortable around little girls and watch him stutter (There's pictures out there, he's been jerking it to anime loli and doesn't like to be reminded...)
>>175874 Good post, bro, what about packing it and sending on discord to Bryan Dunn
https://archive.ph/3swWy nuzach and emojitroon circle jerking each other on nuzach thread
anyone know what this asshole is doing exactly in his "I've moved on" phase?
>>179881 soyfacing to nintendo directs via livestream and going bald mostly
This guy love to suck Plategang/Forgegang cock and also simps for a Jewish pedo, and yet, he's trying to shit talk the Ogre King https://youtu.be/rGSmdWJa2rQ
This fatty fatty weirdo. Lies about the stupidest shit, talks to the dumbest fags online, honestly fucking retarded. Stop posting about him, he's sickening. Looks like a child rapist murderer.
>>182096 And I mean he looks like he rapes children, and then murders them, not that he murders child rapists. I'd give him a pass for that even though he's a grotesque fat monster. But seriously he looks like he's been accused of rape at least once in his life.
>>182097 >But seriously he looks like he's been accused of rape at least once in his life. funny you mention that, he almost raped a girl when he was in middle school
Gahoole should delete his imageboard and move on from the internet, his site is just platespics and discordfreaks posting and circle jerking each other.
Open file (286.22 KB 381x565 gahoole_bewildered.png)
God he's so fucking UGLY. He lost nearly every single category in the genetic lottery except for the missing chromosome, is it a wonder he hates spics? He envies them bickers even the most mediocrr beaner can pull in pussy compared to this fucking hideous monstrosity. He should just kill himself, inceldom is the only thing awaiting him.
Does this fat faggot have brain damage? Why did he even let other people create boards if he was just going to cut their nuts off and get angry when another board gets as much attention as his? He's such an autistic loser about things, why the fuck would you spam already dead boards only active threads with your forced meme? Did he think it was funny or did he really just want to make sure people didn't use the site? Deletes the weirdest choice of threads for personal reasons with no explaination other than he doesn't like it, pretends not to care but always takes things personally, and actively chased contributing posters away bickers the only person allowed to take the site seriously or have fun is him, except that he is so fucking boring. Fucking literally shits his pants and does nothing. Anime, video games, movies. No wonder he's a fat slob. This guy got so insecure about some of his posters talking about finances he started telling people that he bought a cabin, his dad's cabin. He pretended that he owned his dad's shitty summer shack bickers anons talked about having money. I'm embarrassed I wasted time talking to this fuck-up. Crying about how his dad thinks he's a loser. Yeah no shit, you are a loser, low level office worker with rapist vibes and no interests beyond stuffing your face with flaming hot cheetos and mountain dew. Oh yeah and jerking off to anime.
>>182721 Gahoole got involved with a group of pedos and loli enthusiasts and has a small cabal of trannies that hang out on his site, he might have gotten catfished by a tranny and now he lets gay shit and tranny posting all over his site when he used to delete it before. There's people openly posting about wanting to fuck young boys on tv/ now and Gahoole started banning people calling out DJ axle and deleting youtube clips of DJ axle talking about fucking kids, says posting youtube clips and making fun of axle is 'honeypotting'. IKT's pretty obvious that Gahoole has been subverted somehow by a bunch of trannies and pedos that are invested in taking over his site. There's some fucked up stuff going on with Gahoole that he's hiding from people.
>>182760 The dude got raided by the goddamn FBI for kiddie porn. Gahoole is a sweaty gamer. Is it any surprise he allows faggots and trannies to post fag and tranny porn to the site? I hope he gets raided again and goes to prison forever.
>>182540 >>182097 >>182118 >>182360 >>182540 >>182721 >>182760 >>182787 He's a fucked up piece of shit, there's a whole history of this guy going behind people's backs talking shit about them and then playing the victim when they call him out. He's always innocent even though there's a long chain of suspicious facts and coincidences that follow him around. Anyone have the stream when he's talking about how him and Mark Mann don't hang out or talk any more right as he gets a call from Mark Mann asking when he's going to be ready to game? Patrick Nelson, formerly of Saint Cloud Minnesota, Father Tom Nelson and mother Colleen Nelson of Saint Cloud, now Patrick Nelson, Florida, operator of tvch.moe under the pseudonym Gahoole; raided by the F.B.I for communication and possession of child pornography in 2018-19, Investigation Pending, Accused of Sexual Assault while attending University. Victim of Repeated Homosexual Sexual Assault while attending high school. Main social group is comprised of several *known* internet sweaty gamers and lolicons, is know to have a collection of Nagatoro loli pornography. His sister has transitioned FtM and Patrick Nelson has called himself a right wing incel. Patrick Nelson under the pseudonym Gahoole, has run interference for known sweaty gamers on multiple occasions, denying, excusing or fabricating information in order to protect individuals responsible for creating, transmitting, and communicating child pornography comprising of both real children in sexual situations, and drawn pictures depicting minor-aged characters. Patrick Nelson under the pseudonym Gahoole has also associated openly with several individuals who have stated their intent on engaging in homosexual relations with minors, even linking to some of these individuals on his youtube channel. Patrick Nelson, once potentially a minor youtube celeberity, now disavowed by much of the community of small streamers making a living reacting to each other's videos and known for associating with members of homosexual MAP organizations and producers of illegal material involving the depiction and sexualization of minors.
https://archive.ph/vKIDU Yet another transsexual sweaty gamer thread on fatass's website. I pray that he gets raided again and goes to prison for life, worthless piece of fatass shit.
>>182890 Nobody is going to think that with that link, bravo you failed at transphobia somehow. Impressive
>>182926 What's wrong with the link? Why does the link scare you besides the hideous trannyshit hidden inside?
Open file (1.36 MB 378x396 1632248237878.gif)
>>182968 I'm saying the larp is transparent in how fake and gay it is. Here are some smokes you coon
>>182996 Take your meds, retard.
fatass is going tranny to own us or something https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/121754.html#124136
>>183141 Lol he killed his site to prove a point about how nothing he does has to be popular for him to enjoy doing it and now pedo axle and trannies from moliberry's faggot discord took it over where they circle jerk about how safe they are bickers Gahoole will ban all the bad people and delete all the mean posts making fun of trannies and pedo furfags. Vol3 is a cuck to trannyporn and a fat anime pedo that laughs at him for caring about the board. Gahoole laughs at vol3 for wanting to mod and vol3 cries it off in his cuckshed bickers he doesn't have the balls to say anything to Gahoole or he'll lose his ability to shit his pants and do nothing but watch while Gahoole and some trannies destroy the last remnant of /tv/ completely.
ZACH WON Even though he is a hapa Zach looks better than Gahoole by a mile, the arguably has better taste in movies, and unlike Gahoole’s anime body pillow and swarthy loli waifu, Emma Watson is a real life woman you can cuddle with.
>>183308 Zach and Nuzach won lol. FUCK GAHOOLE
Stop bullying Gahoole, she...I mean he is the most Sexy Looking Ogre in the entire Alogs Swamp. You cannot dispute the fact 'Gahoole' is a Sexy Ogre.
>>183413 How lazy do you have to be to weight 250 lbs of pure fat throughout your goddamn 20s? Pathetic.
Open file (1.67 MB 950x1000 1656724386390.png)
>>183432 He’s just big boned
Vicious and brutal, /tv/ and tvch.moe is dead. Gahoole inherited at least two or three hundred posters from 8ch during the migration and during his time as board owner managed to piddle his way down to less than twenty actual posters. That's right. Less than twenty actual posters. What's that? Why does the poster count always jump around? It's kind of sad, three different posters cycle through a series of proxies in order to engage in conversations with themselves, spam tranny porn and genera unabashed samefaggery. Gahoole can't even get the peopel that watch his videos to post on his site. Gahoole can't even get the people in his discord to support his site. He's paying 300 dollars a year so Moliberry trained trannies can talk about how much they want to fuck young boys in the ass. Lol what the fuck happened to Gahoole? Utterly destroyed online. Asa should do a burial video on this clown and finish the job once and for all but if he did Gahoole might commit suicide for real.
>>183554 lol wicked post....but true!
>>183554 Seethe more cuckster, u want latina trans like every else, natural, and better
>>183569 lol touched a nerve there tranny? Not even faggots like trannies, the only people that fuck them are std infected junkies too high on crack to care what they fuck.
>>183571 >lol touched a nerve there tranny? low test seething from the Gahoole Defence Force We all know the Big Guy would be a lot happier if he found himself a cute Latina tranny GF down there in Florida
>>183578 Sad and pathetic, another delusional trans creature trapped in half man purgatory. You'll never be a woman, and you'll never be a man. You're probably exactly what Gahoole's looking for, he's definitely into traps and trannies more than real women. He was literally fucked in the butt in high school and shit his pants and did nothing about it.
>>183554 >>183562 >>183569 >>183578 >>183587 Hahaha. Oh man that's funny. The only people defending Gahoole now are actual trannies. His entire group is a bunch of barely under the cover sweaty gamers, above the cover out loud and proud gay sweaty gamers, and tranny dickriders. Seriously what happened to Gahoole?
>>183624 >what happened to Gahoole He went into a big incel depression in 2020-2021, curiously right after the FBI cp raid, and in 2022 had a mental breakdown and moved to Florida. He was talking like he was going to get his shit together in 2022 but it was all ominous cope babble. Gahoole is just fulfilling the incel meme where incels go gay or tranny to get some. Its not true in general but Gahoole is so destroyed and psyopped that he needs to perform the internet meme to compensate for his site dying. Gahoole is probably transitioning.
>>183630 I don't know about that but did him and his old roomate move to Flordia together? The both of them packed up and moved away from everything and everyone they know to go live in Flordia...together? They both quit their jobs and planned a new life in Flordia...together? Who does that? Are they dating? bickers that is a pretty strange thing to do even if you are best friends with someone, usually you have enough of your own life to not leave everything behind to start over across the country for one person. What does the guy do for a living? Nothing?
Open file (716.90 KB 512x512 Gayhoole.mp4)
>>183642 >Are they dating? Listen, it’s complicated, OK? Just leave them alone, bigot.
>>183642 >>183689 >Adam really did move with Patrick to Flordia. >It's not a troll joke >It's really true. Holy fuck they're gay. This is what killed The Гунт. Finding out Gahoole is a gay gave jcaesar187 a stroke. >>183642 lol that is supremely homo-suspicious. Couples don't even do that when one of them goes off to college. Adam really decided to leave his own family and friends to go live in Flordia with Patrick? Does he have any family or friends to protect him from the rape ogre forcing him to dress up as Nagatoro?
>>183798 He is literally wearing a fag rainbow shirt lol. Gahoole was looking up little boy porn that's why the FBI knocked down the door.
>>183834 His dick must not work that well. That's why he needs a small boy to Insert inside. What a Pathetic Gayhooole. >>PsuedoBear
ofcourse the ogre is fucking gay, he's eventually going to become a tranny. One day he'll randomly post a video about how he goes by Patricia now.
oh and his sister or something trooned out so it's in the family. He had a meltdown over it.
Open file (229.44 KB 434x700 1663778642533.png)
GAHOOLE’S LOST HIS MARBLES https://yewtu.be/watch?v=0Zgwz6zh_ZI
>>183903 Yeah, thanks for another deliberately shit video, fatass. Fuck you too.
Open file (387.53 KB 1080x1893 Sexy Gahoolia.jpg)
Open file (65.84 KB 600x600 Weighin.jpg)
>>183966 What the fuck happened to his weightloss arc? Are we just gonna pretend that never happened and focus on the gay lovers in Florida storyline now?
>>183971 fatass only did the weigh ins as a sarcastic gripe after I seriously tried to encourage him to get into shape before he left his early 20s. He thought he was "owning" me as he is highly sensitive and can't take any advice but in he only ended up further showcasing his gyno stack and bitch tits. Fatass.
Gahoole the man has died. All that is left is Gahoole the heifer. His tits, ripe for my jewish mothering, have only swelled as he gains maturity, growing from a calf into a full sized cow. Speaking of cows, 'his' website doesn't even get as many posters as /cow/ now. He has hit full irrelevance as a board owner and as a creator. His only way back into fame is if he sex assaults Adam on stream live. Which has already happened if you watch a few of his earlier wrestling videos. Clearly cups some package and gets some stinkfinger in a few of those. Bald, gay, fat, ugy, obnoxious, two-faced and dishonest. The cards have really been stacked against Gahoole in life. At least he isn't a virgin, he has that going for him. Gay sex counts right? I would think having a man's dick in your ass means you're no longer a virgin, and in that case Gahoole's cooler then everyone posting. 'Don't care, had sex, later losers.' You just know he uses a disposable shower head to wipe his ass, something TheGatorGamer never learned, so Gahoole's got that too. I can't wait for the obituary. 'He died unloved and unwanted, disowned by his parents as a homosexual failure, rejected by the world at large, remembered only by his life partner of fifteen years, Adam, a man that spends all his time hanging out online with 10 year old children trying to make them cry. He will be buried in a ditch next to the highway, mourners are not expected and will be turned away. Donations can be made to NAMBLA or your local drag queen story hour organization in Patrick's name, he would want them to know they have his support in death as in life.' A definitive end to a disgusting, bitch-made fatty lolcow. Rest in Peace Gahoole, you burnt bright and brief then guttered out in a foul stream of black smoke as all candles made of pig lard do.
Gahoole looks like a G​AMERGATE.
>>184073 It's all true. Rest in piss fatboy.
Open file (62.21 KB 1213x627 sand nigger.jpg)
What sand G​AMERGATE is this?
>>184541 oozepop aka anal vape
Open file (389.39 KB 1024x576 995039778754.png)
>>184541 He could do with shaving those face pubes.
>>184541 Every single one of the the people in that christmas stream look like they are registered sex offenders with long case histories of hanging out in community center playgrounds and walmart bathrooms. Gahoole seriously surrounds himself with the most inhuman and repulsive looking people possible. Every single person he knows is utterly digusting in every way. Gahoole can't even breathe now without sounding like a pig struggling in the mud. Does he not know a single normal decent looking human being? Is every one of his acquaintances a loathsome toadlike creature of one variety or another? Does the sickening circus never end? The next person he does a stream with just won't have a face. Just raw meat. Does nothing but scream through his lipless teeth about his genshin waifu tier list. Ends the stream by cutting off both his nipples and eating them. That would still somehow not reach the level of horror we just witnessed. I've lost hope. I've lost hope in the world.
>>184729 I honestly just hate Gahoole now. tvch was the last hope and it was snuffed out on his watch bickers of his godawful moderation and his stupid paranoia over the cp raid. He let buttfuckers run wild on the site and banned and censored everything else. Fat fucker.
>>184729 they soybeard guy he had on when he lived in saint cloud minnesota looked fairly normal
This is the last year of Tvch.moe. The site is on its definite last legs. Not quite dead yet, it's going through the last tremors of a terminal illness inflicted by the ogre's pathetically dishonest moderation. Many people would have thought that both Tvch and Gahoole's demise is a result of his quarrels with Asston and God'sEarSon, as I originally believed, or the fact that Gahoole chose to surround himself with a group full of self-identified child molesters and loli porn masturbaters, a choice that repulsed a good portion of his user base when they discovered who exactly was hanging out in Gahoole's discord and youtube chats. While these certainly contributed towards the inevitable death of Tvch, it was an event that went unnoticed by almost everyone that actually killed both Gahoole's youtube momentum and the growth and development of his website. Did you know that Gahoole managed to lose almost 100 posters in a single day? Amazing but true, Gahoole once managed to convince nearly one hundred posters to leave his website in the span of three hours. I don't know if people can go and check the metrics of his site, if you can though you will see a definite and noticeable drop in the user count. At the time that was almost half of his poster base. Another interesting fact I never knew until recently and I bet you didn't either is that 'something' Gahoole did helped galvanize the connection between Triple P and Hyde! According to sources there had already been a good amount of communication between the two parties for some time without any real commitment, but apparently Gahoole gave them a behind the scenes boost that saw the Ass not only get various superchat payouts, but resulted in Toad McKinley getting pummeled by a fat salty mexican for the delight and amusement of youtube viewers across the globe. I'm sure everyone who enjoyed watching Toad McKinley get felted appreciates Gahoole's efforts. Gahoole probably doesn't appreciate the results in the same way, but of course Gahoole has too much personal integrity to concern himself with getting payed and being popular, plus the storefront he has selling tvch hoodies and shirts must be making thousands of dollars a year in merchandise sales to compensate for all that free donation cash the Three PP needs to keep himself stocked up on kraft dinner, R.C cola, and maple leaf brand bacon. Without that donation money, who would pay for Toad McKinley's cocaine? Toad McKinley? Not likely. Gahoole doesn't need free cocaine money though, he's got Adam's stellar trolling career to live off of. Who can't resist CoD team killing compilations after all? That's where the big money is. In memoriam Patrick Nelson, Gahoole, the Ogre, Fathead, Baldy, Pedopig. You flew too close to the sun and melted like wax. Now you're just a puddle on the floor. Rest in Peace, we never loved you.
>>185459 Very poetic. I'd give the site another few months before Gahoole pulls the plug. There's no way he'll let someone else take over and there's no chance the site recovers, people will keep leaving until it's the same three people talking to each other from different proxies. >>185017 Are you the soybeard guy he had on? It's ok, not everyone Gahoole's met or talked to is a certified child diddler, only the people he considers personal friends. Honest question, how many child gropers can you be friends with before people start to get suspicious? One? Two? Three? What if you're friends with five or six people verified to whack off to child porn, is that suspicious? How many times can you be raided by the f.b.i for possession of child pornography, as well ashaving a large friend group full of MAPs, before people get suspicious of you? Just saying, I'm suspicious. I suspect shenanigans.
>>185676 I think everyone is really quick to that accusation out there, but when it comes to Gahoole I think it's fair. Had his door kicked down for possession of child pornography, hangs out with DIFFERENT types of chomo, guys that jerk off to pictures of cartoon kids, guys that jerk off to pictures of real kids, guys that solicit minors for sex on stream, guys accused of molesting their niece, guys accused of trying to pick up underaged boys, and on top of all that he's also one of the people that jumps to calling others a pedo the moment he gets into an argument with them, which at this point we all know is a huge red flag. I'm going to call it an officially label Patrick Nelson a SWEATY GAMER, or as the british would say, a nonce. Gahoole is a deviant who is aroused by the depiction of underager children depicted engaging in sexual activity or posed in a sexually provocative manner. He's a diddling chomo and I wouldn't be surprised if he moved to Flordia to get away from accusations in Saint Cloud.
>>185758 All brits are nonces especially Vodrak who's currently on onion farms molestering Angry Canadians new son.
>>185459 >>185676 >>185763 There is no doubt that Gahoole is a anime loving child fucker projecting all his weird internet loser shit onto other people. Oh yeah he's going to start telling people he's got a girlfriend so he doesn't get made fun of for being an incel but it's going to be Adam in a wig and a dress. He'll break down and hire a hooker within 6 months, he won't check the account though and it'll accidently be a mtf tranny hooker and Gahoole will end up getting fucked in the ass again. The trauma will trigger his high school related ptsd and he'll murder-suicide Adam and Daiymo while dressed up like buffalo bill. Can't wait.
>>185952 lol he really is denying being an incel now on tvch but this comes after years of making what were more or less pretty good incel videos. He is probably trying to extricate himself from the internet to "get his life together" at the ripe age of 25.
Open file (414.26 KB 621x453 ClipboardImage.png)
Hnnggg does someone have the titty shots of this semen demon. This has got to be the hottest most retarded bimbo I have seen.
>>185966 fuck wrong thread
Lol Gahoole's queer tranny squad is in super serious defense mode bickers you guys said tv's going to die this year, one of them is in a panic cycling through i.p's bumping old threads and samefagging so it doesn't look like everyone's left the site. Desperate and pathetic.
>>186226 One of those Moliberry kikes is here falseflagging as a "super hardcore /cow/anon" in the Nuzach thread to try and bait /cow/ into their tranny drama.
>>186232 It must be the master of falseflaggers, a moliberry tranny that tries to falseflag as other posters constantly over one thing or another that's made him angry or he doesn't like. Does the same trying to make it look like /tv/ organizes raids against zzzchan, always talks about how posters that hate all the tranny ramon posting are nuzach and emojitroon, totally love/hate obssessed with Gahoole, like really crazy. Posting white girls with big tits makes him angry and he'll spend the entire day bumping old threads and spamming bbc and gay porn to try to get rid of it.
>>186270 I always assumed that was nuzach
>>186276 It could be, things have gone nuts, but he always uses nuzach as a way to tag something as bad. He'll say nuzach doesn't like balvin posting so if you complain about a balvin post shiting up a thread you must be nuzach. There's another guy running around saying nuzach won, which I don't belive, I don't think anyone there is winning anyting.
>>186278 This is why even I stopped posting there, just too much of that insanity to wade through. The internet may be a game but if you're playing to win you've missed the point so it's so grating to seem them play grab ass all day.
>>186226 >>186278 >>186280 >Panic Bumping I like this bickers it always happens whenever somebody mentions that tv no longer has the same amount of posters it used too. For two days there's frantic bumps and tons of quick throw-away posts to make it seem like activity and an active base but then whoever it is can't keep up so it dies back down right away. Also they can only do one board at a time so you can watch the boards jump up one by one from 20 posters to 45 posters with a single post and then right back down. Mentally broken trying to make a dead site look like it hasn't been killed. Someone else was in the habit of pretending to be other, more stand-out posters for a while too but had to give that up bickers they couldn't keep up the disguise and always had to use the attempt to falseflag something.
I thought he killed himself six months ago. Mandela effect.
>>187054 No. The option is definitely on the table, it's something Patrick has probably contemplated but I'm sure he'll wait until he either gets caught again with a harddrive full of underage russian model image sets, or after a particularily hard valentines day spent alone contemplating his life of incel solitude. Or after another sex assault accusation. Either after getting caught with more child porn or sex assaulting another woman.
>>187169 >sex assault accusation He was accused of sexual assault? I've never heard this before.
>>187180 Yes. He tried to rape a girl in college, he says he shit his pants and didn&apos;t do anything but Gahoole always says he shit his pants and didn&apos;t do anything wrong about everything. F.B.I kick down his door? He shit his pants and didn&apos;t do anything, it was Zach Yes he says Zach did it Try to rape a girl? He shit his pants and didn&apos;t do anything, she's lying, not the autistic incel that's been caught lying about anything you could think of online for years.
>>187336 >>187180 What kind of person is friends with Mark Mann? Patrick Nelson is the type of person to be friends with Mark Mann. Mark Mann is an actual manchild retard with a substandard i.q, living in a group home, masturbating to child porn. Patrick Nelson has spent ten years hanging out with Mark Mann and other internet diddlers. Not even a joke it's become a well known fact that Gahoole's personal discord as well as /tv/ is full of active MAPs. There is no way that Patrick Nelson is not a sex offender. As in zero percent chance that he's not a danger to children.He didn't surround himself with gay groomers tons of child bride enthusiasts and guys that literally produce loli porn by accident, he's friends with all those types of people bickers he's one of them. Patrick would probably actually try to rape or molest any underaged girl he was left alone with, and that's not made up to attack him. I 100% believe that he's a complete scumbag that pretends to be a NICE GUY.
>>187716 This is true.
You want to know why these guys do backflips covering for DJ Axel? Sunken cost Fallacy. Gahoole and Daiymo have invested too much time into DJ Axel and they're afraid of guilt by association. If he's a real homopedo grooming teens, then what does that make them, the people that hang out with him on a personal level? Puts them under suspicion. You can see Daiymo do it in his gay break up video, even after Axel tells him to fuck off for not wanting to get bullied, Daiymo's not willing to admit the facts bickers he doesn't want that taint rubbing off on him. Gahoole banned people for calling DJ Axel out on his website. Why? What's so special about DJ Axel? Why protect a guy from being called a sweaty gamer if his online gimmick is to pretend to be a sweaty gamer? bickers he really is a sweaty gamer and he uses his gimmick to cover any slips he might make. It's in Gahoole's vested interest to make sure people don't know about his friends, bickers so many of the people he hangs out with on a day to day basis are actual child fuckers. People made the joke months ago but it turned out to be true, a big chunk of Patrick's friends are molesters, and Patrick will go above and beyond in order to protect them from criticism
Open file (26.64 KB 481x418 Pointy Nips.jpg)
Gayhole said a few days ago he finally got laid, on a stream with sweaty gamer organization. I'll take it as an admission he's consummated his homosexual with relationship with his long time roommate.
>>188509 >I got laid I swear it guys! If he is it's too bad this thread predicted he would start saying that bickers he was getting made fun of too much. My prediction is that Gahoole and Daimyo break up next after Daiymo spends too much time with the ogre in real life.
>>188509 Someone should tell him having intimate sensual relations with tulpas do not count.
>>188562 Gahoole is a transitioning fag. His site is infested with Moliberry trannies and he refuses to do anything about it. His mods jack off to the gay porn. Gahoole probably Jack's off with them. https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/126022.html
Gahoolia Sexy Fetallio 😍 😋 😩
>>188508 no its bickers axel is funny and joking about being a pedo
>>188641 Axel has never been funny. He's just a conniver that gets off on trying to puppeteer other people like some basement dwelling Machiavelli. He's got no real personality, he's a soyboy that jerks off to video games and the idea that he's making people angry. He's a 10 year old looking up at you with blank innocent eyes, "I shit his pants and didn&apos;t do anything, I don't know why people are so upset, I mean, am I crazy or are they?" Disgusting faggot behavior.
>>188653 Dj Axel must be a mod or Gahoole's boyfriend bickers a mod deleted a thread making fun of Dj Axel an hour after people started posting about him. Daiymo quit Axel's server over free speech issues, can't make fun of Axel or he'll ban you, wonder what he would think of Gahoole's official policy that you can't make fun of Axel on tvch or the thread will get deleted and you might be banned. Can't make fun of Axel or Gahoole will ban you from his website. Lol what is going on with these guys and DJ Axel. He must have some logs on these guys talking about loli sessions or something.
>>188683 >>188653 >>188562 Dj Axel gets off on causing trouble, watching that stream of him with Gahoole and Daiymo says it all, he enjoys causing conflict. He suffers from smartest man in the room syndrome but in his defense he seems to be able to fufill his puppetmaster fantasy due to the fact that he only surrounds himself with people that suffer mental illness, cognitive issues, or are generally unintelligent. Daiymo is just bright enough to catch on to the fact that Axel is only consistent when it serves him. If you don't benefit Axel in some way you're useless to him and he doesn't need you around. He's going to ban critics or anons that make fun of him right away, you aren't serving him and he doesn't want criticism or jokes at his expense, he wants his ego stroked. He's an unabashed gaslighter that gets away with it bickers he's picking on the retarded. Look at how he treats Gahoole. He honestly treats him like shit on stream and Gahoole sits there and eats it. At the end he has a little tantrum and hangs up, I guarantee Dj Axel sent him a message telling him not to be a little crybaby and Gahoole probably apologized to DJ. Gahoole is a complete bitch in the relationship, he behaves like a woman dealing with an abusive boyfriend she can't admit is beating her. Gahoole is so afraid of drama with DJ Axel he really does delete threads making fun of him. It's crazy. Gahoole is a total betabitch.
>>188851 >>188683 >>188653 >He's just a conniver that gets off on trying to puppeteer other people like some basement dwelling Machiavelli exactly. i don't know why you don't understand that a lot of people find conniving jew types to be entertaining. littlefinger was one of the most popular characters in game of thrones especially among foids.
>>188886 It's entertaining on television when the character is charismatic, DJ Axel's a creep and it's weird watching him play mind games with a pack of gremlins that don't have the social skills to defend against his child-like manipulations. Any normal adult would tell Dj Axel to fuck off (big hint about the people that hang out with him). One funny thing he has managed to do is destroy any attempt Gahoole has ever made of presenting himself as anything other than a low level sycophant orbiter.
>>188914 he unironically ironically pretending to be a pedo, but i haven't seen any damning evidence that he's a creep. the people he fucks with are known creeps, however.
>>188947 >damning evidence he's a creep He acts like a creep, his half-hidden grin when he's baiting someone, the way he talks, the way he dresses. His behavior, his comportment. He carries himself in a manner that would leave me to expect him to be the type of person to finger bang dogs or sniff his grandmother's underwear out of the laundry hamper. I've heard Axel talking about wanting to fuck boys, is that evidence that he's a creep? Kind of is.
>>188949 >>188947 >>188914 >>188886 DJ Axel is a faggot and needs to kys.
Open file (147.02 KB 1600x900 cover3.jpg)
>>114821 I live in Florida, I met Gahoole through a Discord acquaintance. We met IRL, at fist he was fun, we were drinking at a bar then we went at his place. He knew I was a MtF, he was really drunk and told me to get naked. He then started taking pictures and forced himself on me, he raped me while calling me a troon the entire time. Now he is threatening to blackmail me and has banned me from /tv/, while still allowing CP on the board. TL/DR Beware of Gahoole, he is a sex pest.
>>189023 None of us say mtf just ask me to larp for you next time.
>>189023 Do not post screencaps that contain links to cp.
>>189023 Your first mistake was saying you met Gahoole and had fun, instead of something realistic like immdiately threw up, turned away in disgust, felt revulsion or fear at the sight of him...something a person would actually feel. >>188653 >>188683 >>188851 >>188886 >>188914 >>188947 >>188949 >>188953 I heard a rumor DJ Axel was making Shaggy do sex stuff now while Shaggy's stoned and drinking. Shaggy posted something about it and then deleted it right away.
>>188851 >>188947 >I guarantee Dj Axel sent him a message telling him not to be a little crybaby and Gahoole probably apologized to DJ Lol this is the truth, Gahoole streamed with Dj Axel the next day and was an autistic spaz just spouting dumb shit. He's sucking Dj Axel's dick for exposure to Dj Axel's audience, all he has to do is eat whatever shit sandwich Axel hands him and Gahoole gets to pretend he still has a seat at the table. Gahoole has no integrity or self-respect, he's a complete Гунтer now.
>>189155 Gahoole is an actual high functioning downy. I don't know what people expect from him when they've seen with their own eyes him shit his pants and do nothing but plant his ass in front of a computer monitor and play video games and watch anime for ten-fifteen years straight. He doesn't do anything. If he reads a book, it's fucking magna. If he watches a new show it's either an anime or the same generic garbage every other npc guzzles up. He loves Better Call Sau, The Boys and The Last of Us. Fuck why not, it's good television, nothing wrong with liking smart t.v shows, right? Gahoole's a switch loving soyboy as much as they all are. Guzzles down his brand of Soma and farts out the same digested pablum everyone else around him does. He's all Oda, no Otomo.
Nuzach shit all over Gahoole's site again with G​AMERGATE dicks lol.
>>189199 Did you really need to show >us? Fucking faggottard lol
/lit/ bo ruined another stream... yawwwn.
Open file (221.82 KB 321x318 faye.PNG)
>>189032 Why would I LARP, smh? >>189135 It happened to me.
Open file (25.75 KB 604x414 fejV-PVETpg.jpg)
>>189466 At least use the same name you have saved on the image. >It happened to me Okay timestamp with that same face and >we will believe ya.
One day I'm going to visit this bitch at his apartment near Orlando and cut his head off
>>189509 I won't post more bickers I am being blackmailed. You can contact me on my Twitter. https://mobile.twitter.com/JulietteFaye3
>>189622 That's to a locked one, if you're actually being blackmailed go to the cops and don't type that out. It's too late now and the organization who was blackmailing you had likely harvested your organs by now but fyi for next time. Don't use a picture of a cis woman that Catfishes use genius.
>>189509 >>189622 >>189638 It's just one more schizo that's fallen into Gahoole's twisted faggy gravity well. Trannies and fags get obbsessed with the idea he's their friend for some reason. Maybe it's bickers he acts gay or has a tranny sister. Probably something to do with him being tangibly associated with various pedo circles thanks to his choice of friends. Lol Gahoole went from having famous people posting on his site in wink wink nudge nudge secret style and a youtube channel that was getting a few thousand views per video to a bunch of trannies and gay kids posting faggot stuff non-stop and having to do streams with DJ Axel to stay relevant. And now Axel's trying to do to Gahoole what he did to Shaggy, it's pretty funny if you ask me.
>>189657 8chan moderation has nothing on tvch.moe. blacked.moe is better. Tvch mods have a list of ip addresses they use to build profiles on users bickers the mods are always seething for some reason. They see boogeymen everywhere, hence the "Nuzach" bullshit. Gahoole presides over all this as a beacon of epic comraderie. What a "fat" joke lol.
Reminder that /lit/ BO, TBC/Wrist, has CP saved to his computer
Open file (18.54 KB 800x800 teev-chan.png)
>>189790 OH NOES He is the only tvch janny I liked.
>>189790 >>189895 All the mods are fucked up. I thought vol3 was Rudy for awhile. There are legit serious problems with all the people behind the site now. Gahoole and Daiymo and now officially sucking Axel's cock and bowing down to him. Axel's biggest claim to fame is that he 'pretends' to be a sweaty gamer and streams to one thousand of the Гунтinator's cast offs. Gahoole's joined the youtube dramacycle sector where everyone takes turns stabbing each other in the back or snaking someone then making up or debating or stream sniping or whatever it is they're masturbating to now.
>>189905 These guys and their whole thing will be dead and gone in a few months. Dj Axel has always been a sleazy little weirdo, he's actually described himself as a cult leader before. He's into playing mindgames with people to see how far he can push their buttons, if he wasn't such an obvious pervert and ineffective loser he'd be the type to have a compound out in the woods where he'd convince single mothers and vulnerable young men to go join him to live a simple life of tranquility, gaslighting, and butt molestation. He creates half the drama he ends up talking about. I'm glad Gahoole and Daiymo have gotten deeper with him bickers nothing positive or constructive or good has ever come out of that circle. That means they're done. They'll be eating each other until there's nothing left and Axel will be laughing at them the whole time. Wait until Axel needs some extra drama or Gahoole tells him about some more personal problems and it'll be Gahoole's turn to cook on the spit roast for Axel's dinner.
It's depressing going there now, I don't even bother posting, I check maybe once a week now but everyone I knew that posted there is gone and the people that are left are the most desperate and hateful anons I could think of. Very clear nobody there posting likes any of the other anons left, it's all bitter posting and fightbait. You are honestly not allowed to enjoy anything at all any more. What happened to all the O.C creators, why did all the anons that were capable of conversation leave? It couldn't have been that bad was it? What happened for real, tvch is a corpse, a ghost of what it once was.
Open file (47.89 KB 492x449 1609220531851.jpg)
>>190522 I know that feel. After I was banned in September last year I haven’t bothered going back there. Even back then every thread quickly turned into shit when anons accused each other of being NuZach or Emojitroon/Darth Sneedius. I simply didn’t have the patience to put up with that any longer and took that ban as a sign that it was time to move on. Sadly every other imageboard I looked at was also fucked, so I’ve hardly done any shitposting in months now.
>>190532 Smaller 4tranny imageboards where there aren't as many zoomers like vrpg fa and some vg thread + discord vc is pretty much all that's left unless you want blacked.blacked or nazi spiccord tv moderation it's totally OVER bros.
>>190532 >>190555 >>190522 Discord killed what was left of imageboards. Drama and avatar fags get their fix, people can still pretend to be anon while building their own private in clubs iwth all the hiearchy shit that brings and there's no challenge in making your own channel. Getting banned means nothing either bickers of the friends list, people make alternate discord channels to other channels all the time. People use discord invites for clout and status. Can't get that from an imageboard unless you're a janny and you love to banny. >OC creators Gahoole went after them like he had a personal grudge. It was a bizarre situation, I don't know if it was a behind the scenes thing, I know everyone talked about how if you did OC you'd get banned for no reason soon after. Whatever it was most anons that tried doing stuff seemed to leave really quick.
>>190522 >What happened to all the O.C creators, why did all the anons that were capable of conversation leave? It couldn't have been that bad was it? It became a boring shithole. There was no point in making shops or webms since the userbase is so bitter and spiteful they hate anything that gets posted. It is just Gahoole's discord+mentally ill spics. Both sides will accuse you of being the other and turn any thread you make about something you made into a shitfest of screaming and crying.
Gahoole probably put that mexican jew dude as a mod, the one from foxdickfarms who used to simp for TheGatorGamer. The site will be dead by the end of 2023, is mostly discord fags in their autistic wars and whatever some anon post anything okay or good oc, their posts are reported by one of those discordfags and a mod actually delete the post without any explanation.
>>190671 >>190563 Gahoole or one of the mods really did go after them. There's a strange spiteful little hater that got angry at anyone that created anything, still posts on the siteseething about porn artists, might be the one. I know Gahoole got super annoyed when anything that he didn't like got popular or was posted. Some furfag made fun of anime and the child molestors still haven't gotten over it, shut the whole site down, no original cocks allowed.
>>190803 >I know Gahoole got super annoyed when anything that he didn't like got popular or was posted. Like Super Ramon? I know Gayhoole came up with the JBlavin shit, and that is unironically the worst thing being posted on that site other than straight up CP and G​AMERGATE dick spam.
>>190804 Gahoole used to be down with molibery's crew wasn't he? What happened with that. Jbalvin is def Gahoole, he's fat so of course everything he does revolves around food, Balvin is mcdicks Dunccacino is donuts.
>>190817 >Dunccacino -donuts >Balvin - cheeseburgers Ok well that's just a coinciden- >Road to Perdition - donuts That fat sneaky son of a bitch slipped one past us for years!
Open file (387.62 KB 1836x3264 Patty the Popper.jpg)
>>190817 >>190915 He can’t keep getting away with this! He’s just as bad as PeePeePee who would ogle foreign buffets. What is the esoteric food symbolism of Patty the Popper? Is he a boozy Ronald McDonald knockoff?
>>190935 More of a small town soda jerk, Gahoole's tribute to movies like the burbs and ince cream man. Patty represents the barely concealed evil beneath America's shiny silver facade. Turn your back for one second and Patty's harassing your children and raping your dog all under the disguise of 'peddling' ice cream treats and floats to the naive and innocent. It's a dark commentary on sex abuse victims and perpetrators. I don't know wether Gahoole should be condemned or applauded for his striking portrayal of such malignant darkness.
Someone posted a thread about Gahoole's food memes on /dunk/ and it's funny as fuck. Gahoole (fake)admits he's sucked Adam's dick but it's not gay bickers Adam was an anime when they did it.
>>191244 Gahooles trooning soon lol
>>191244 Is Adam a feeder? That would explain why Gahoole botched his weightloss arc.
>>191247 Gahoole's just lazy. He's not going to change now. Plus there's the bonus addition that he actually secretly thinks he's tough, he thinks being fat means he's big bickers he play wrestled with a bunch of skinny kids. Meanwhile in the real world outside his head Mark Mann used to push him around like a bitch. Mark Mann. Mark Mann. Gahoole deleted a thread instantly when someone reminded him of that.
>>191443 Mark Mann and Gahoole had sex in New York.
>>191489 I can believe that. Who was the bottom? I’m leaning towards Gahoole.
>>191499 Gahoole is an extremely dangerous individual IRL.
>>191512 Isn’t he shorter than jcaesar187, and only barely in better shape though? How dangerous can he really be?
>>190803 It's vol3. He ruined the site.
>>191547 >>191512 Dangerous to associate with bickers you get put on a government list and can't go 100 yards within the presence of a kindergarten anymore. >>191489 >>191499 Def Gahoole. Mark Mann is one of those living pervert otaku stereotypes and Gahoole's an autistic follower. There's no way Mark didn't pummel Gahoole's mallable fatboy starfish into a gaping glazed donut. Gahoole has a history of bottoming for guys too, he spent a year of high school giving it out to some guy and even went all the way.
>>190935 Just his usual sweaty gamer self lol
I got perma banned by the Ogre himself for posting it He's having gay sex with Daiymo irl and sucking this tranny cock
>>191649 Would
The pedo Ogre is also giving fake excuses to ban anyone there First ban, was Emojiwon, he got banned for "posting gore" without having any gore in his pictures Second ban was from someone from /christian/ who probably made Vol3 or other Varg fanboy mod sneethe The third was me, I got banned for posting Daiymo and his ugly tranny wife. Is the Ogre admitting that his best friend married with a tranny?
Open file (3.93 MB 508x555 Kai kiss.gif)
>>191651 These NuZach and Emojitroon boogeymen have buck broken the Ghoul and his jannies. I was banned for being a "pedo" when posting this gif of Kai Schreiber and saying Kai would win the queen election.
>>191651 It's a den of "ironic" trannies jacking off to gay porn and sterilizing themselves while complaining about Jews and G​AMERGATEs. Gahoole gets raided for child porn lmao. >>191652 "Nuzach" is just regular ol anons but they really think there's this boogeyman out there trying to get them for some reason. Troon brain rot.
Open file (12.06 KB 1780x130 Screenshot 2023-02-14.png)
The tvch resident tranny porn enjoyer is trying to sweep it up for the Ghoul. Sad!
Vol3 is banning anyone for going against the administration group think now. Fatass is no doubt seething over this thread. Virtually no one posts now on tvch.moe besides Gahoole and his troons.
>>191756 Oh yeah, tv is dead. One poster is responsible for half their poster count, just cycling through proxies after he gets banned so he can post again. There's less than twenty people posting on the site now. It's one of the trannies (troons by the way is the tranny gang from something awful used to get called tranny+goon and basically marks where you're from), in a love/hate relationship with Gahoole.
>>191802 I enjoyed shit/schizo posting with spider but otherwise it was just pure bullshit by the time I got around to it, pity really but clearly not all trannies are created equal and those troons rot everything they touch.
>>191651 >>191652 >>191678 >>191723 >>191756 >>191802 You fags are pathetic as fuck, i hope the dophin-kun gets your ip
Open file (211.14 KB 436x700 Ogre_crying.png)
>>191937 <immediate reply you never learn, jewzach
>>191937 BitchZach over here crying up a storm today
>>191948 >immediate reply Pot meet kettle, faggot. I am sure the ogre appreciates you sweeping for him on other sites as well as producing 90% of the shitposts over at tvch to give it the illusion of activity. >>191949 Only one crying is the Ghoul and his busy jannies. So sad to see the old place deader than 8kun.
>>191957 Nah you're crying about me on tvchan right now, very predictable
Open file (716.90 KB 512x512 Gayhoole.mp4)
>>191964 I haven’t been to your dead imageboard since September last year, and I’m not going back there just to mock you or your ogre massa. When I left the place was riddled with “ironic” tranny memes (Super Ramon), and the Ghoul’s cringe attempts to force J Balvin as a meme. What’s it like being the Ghoul’s buck broken house niggеr sweeping it up across the Internet? Are you so desensitized to niggеr dicks and tranny porn and the two or three other shitposters calling each other names that it doesn’t faze you anymore?
>>191966 I dunno I'm just pissing off Nuzach by obvious posting, haven't been there in a while
>>191957 >>191966 Dude, you really will keep up with the same cope and seethe from 2022? sad!
>>191976 Not as as sad your awful grammar and womanly passive-aggressive sweeping. Gayhole is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, if you slither in like a discount Gaytor to do defend him off-site.
>>191976 He's a shitskin sweaty gamer, he lost at the game of life, being an online sperg is the only way he can have any meaning in life.
>>191967 >muh Nuzach You do understand that you are buck broken, right?
Open file (14.54 KB 1233x126 lmao.PNG)
the life of an internet janitor is a harsh one bros...
>>192049 I can't believe I got him to say that lol
The final message from the meta thread is that Gahoole can't do anything, the website is fucked. The meta thread is insanely funny. Gahoole basically said he can't do anything about the spam or thread derailment and disruption, it's not just one or two specific people, it's everyone posting there. When he was asked about stuff getting deleted he threw in some bullshit about how you could post what you want and it's not just what he wants, but also if he doesn't like it he'll remove it (drama/porn) which just isn't true, there's been really innocuous threads deleted, maybe bickers of some random bit of deep lore drama, who knows. Whenever he was directly confronted on issues he tried to turn things back on the posters by blaming them of doing what they were comlaining about, he avoided talking about why he chased off quality posters, and offered no solutions or game plan other than to say the staff was probably going to start directly deleting posts in threads if they aren't on topic. And through the whole thread trannies and schizos are spouting off at each other about how they're the only reason the site still exists or they aren't the only ones spamming G​AMERGATE dicks, it's a G​AMERGATE dick conspiracy, then it becomes a cycle of people accusing each other of being Nuzach and blaming Nuzach for posting all the things they hate and every poster that disagrees with them is Nuzach. I mean, one look at the thread and you realize the site is fucked and dead. You also get to witness the proxy pph boost effect. Dup posters, 18. Tv postes, 30. Dunk posters? 78 all situated right in the meta thread. More activity than the site has seen in months, all in the thread the trannies and pedos and schizos are fighting in. (Sorry wolf spider but you are a sweaty gamer for real) Crazy shit, great IB drama, probably some of it's finest. The whole sector is coming off like they need lithium pills and thorazine for breakfast or they'll shit their pants and fuck a gerbil to death.
Open file (593.63 KB 551x522 1575677873220.png)
>>192165 Gayhole needs to pull the plug on that site. It is beyond saving at this point, and partly due to Gayhole inserting his fat ass into gay Internet drama and attracting legit degenerate shitposters who are running rampant on his site as the Ghoul and his jannies are unable to do anything about it. Doubt there are anyone left from the good old days of 8chan there now. Just two or three trolls who spam niggеr dicks, Super Ramon and J Balvin “memes”, and another two or three newfags who accuse the trolls of being either NuZach or Emojitroon, with the result that every single thread is derailed and dies.
Patrick Nelson is a deformed sweaty gamer who will burn in hell. Vol3 is a white trash who love G​AMERGATE dick fucking his ugly methwhore girlfriend. Emojiwon. "Nuzach" won. Blackchu won.
>>192165 Keep speaking the true, Wolfspider is a pedo, the world deserve to know the true, the shitty moderation from tvch and nu/cow/ are protecting him for a long time. We can only hope someone would make a video calling out them.
>>192172 I’ve a sneaking suspicion you are one of the no-effort spastics who spam niggеr dicks and troon maymays for hours on end, every day of the week over at tvch.
>>192175 >vol3 cope
>>192180 The worst niggеr dick spammer on tvch is always seething and kvetching about vol3. But I am sure that is just a crazy coincidence.
Open file (109.73 KB 651x768 bd9.jpg)
>>192182 >B-boogeyman Nuzach! Hahahahahaha no matter how much you suck gayhoole's small deformed dick he will never love or respect you, retard, accept it, we won. Tvch belong to us. And you are obviously not welcome with your forced memes about coons and troons.
Open file (38.34 KB 600x500 Its a raging clue.jpg)
>>192189 This comment gives everything away, Nuzach chronically false flags namefags as sweaty gamers bickers nuzach is one, gahoole is a retard who should have killed him long ago irl, unironically, nuzach is a pile of shit who's spent 4 years calling himself emojitroon or other names and posting for 14 hours a day. The issue isn't the shit posters, the trannies or innocent boy who I looked into unlike you, wolf spider. Nobody likes you, cut upwards not across bitch
>>192165 >>192171 >>192173 Gahoole is just making excuses. He just posted that his site bans more pedos than blacked.moe, him and his pals all jerk it to loli porn at the least. They only go down form there. Essentially he came into the thread to blow smoke up everyone's ass and tell them it's alright, nothing is wrong business as usual. I did notice that the only time he responds to a poster properly is if you kiss his ass, otherwise his replies are just bullshit meant to make you feel bad for even thinking there's a problem. What a loser, total refusal to accept responsibility. It's not his fault again, it's everyone else, he shit his pants and didn&apos;t do anything. Gahoole has fucked up and accused several people of being sweaty gamers when he gets into arguments, and he does it in a semi public forum, and then when he finds out that these people have friends and bigger audiences than him he turns around and sucks their dicks or pretends he didn't say it/do anything wrong. Gahoole is a liar. Constant liar, gets caught and just ignores getting caught bickers he isn't big enough for anyone to care that he's dishonest.
Hey faggots >>191723 Not me, I only post with my captcha on tvch if I am posting as me now >>191652 You are a sweaty gamer >>191651 The guy who was banned for gore did post gore, the guy who was banned for tranny shit did in fact post tranny shit I have never seen daiymos wife on the site. the jesus post was literally for spam not bickers it was about jesus. It was like 5 or 6 seperate OPs which is spam and we do ban for it. The cocks itself wasn't the problem. >>192165 Nothing you have said is true. People have only brought up vague shit in the thread, I have only addressed actual legitimate concerns people have about the site, the rest of it is just people stirring drama for no reason. >>192243 Yeah we do ban actual pedos on the site and we don't allow loli. You can shittalk me all you want but it won't change reality.
>>192165 lmao someone really needs to do a "JUSTed" Fraser edit of Gahoole. I'll do one later if none exist by then.
>>192206 >mentally ill troon from the tvch administration. The only kys necessary is you.
Open file (400.99 KB 2117x1597 cb6wbla7cdk91.jpg)
>>192406 Listen I get that I act like a janny and keep things railed and keep sites running better than any actual janny in the sektur but I do not have a broom and am only brow beating you to further my agenda of removing shitty low quality posters like you so I can flood in actual quality posters. I ain't no janny bro.
>>192407 >I decide what is quality Get off your high horse, pull the stick out of your ass, shove it up your nose, and then fuck off back to Reddit you dumb asshole.
Open file (464.49 KB 657x644 Gaymer_Gahoole.png)
>>192403 >You are a sweaty gamer I am not the one who was raided by the FBI for cheese pizza and openly admits to lusting after underage characters in Chinese cartoons, you fat faggot. That ban was bullshit and you know it. I was one of the last posters who occasionally made an effort on your site. Better pull the plug on that shit site now before the feds show up on your doorstep again, spaz.
>>192412 No it's fun up here
>>192171 My theory: Nuzach really was one guy originally who is an 8chan oldfag, likely /intl/ poster bickers of the chaos, and his shit posting was so infectious and funny that he corrupted the newfags from soyjak.party and then Nuzach truly became a multi user rebellion against moderation.
>>192403 A lot of what >>192165 is true. The thread is right there for peopel to read. You should smoke some pot so maybe you'de slow down that rat mind of yours a bit and contemplate things. You said you can't do much about the spam and derailment bickers it isn't obvious to you and there's too many people using the boogeyman and shitstirring tactics. Deleting things, hey it's your website but don't be shocked if people just leave.For example, your problems with porn are your problem, not anyone elses. Telling people you'll ban porn bickers you don't like it and can't control yourself is literally telling people what they can and cannot post. That's not the only part of it but nobody can prove you're deleting things so that's a freebie. You did say that your staff would start to directly delete posts, and the entire thread is full of crazy people babbling at each other. And the pph thing was probably right too, /dunk/'s is still crazy high for what it is now. And as for the 'vauge shit', every complaint has been 'People won't stop freaking out about boogeymen, people keep derailing threads and attacking posters to disrupt the site, people keep spamming G​AMERGATE dicks. How is that VAGUE Be Honest Gahoole.
>>192420 I think having dozens of photos of underage girls saved to your computer so you can post them on imageboards makes you a pedo-phile. I don't care how much effort you put into the site if you are literally posting underage girls then you can fuck off and take your pedo cocks with you. >>192445 Are you reading the meta thread? People are complaining about shit a bunch of different mods, posters, discordspics are doing on the site but only in vague terms, never in actual concrete actable reasons. People are bitching to bitch. >can't do much about spam I never said that >and derailment I said it's hard to take serious action on as the posters doing this hop IPs. Doesn't mean I will not be banning for excessive derailment just means it can't be completely eliminated. >telling people you'll ban porn bickers you don't like it There are plenty of places to post porn online. You can say whatever you want on the site but there is a hard line in the sand for me that excessive porn makes imageboards feel awful to use. It's why I generally never come here anymore. It's not even a matter of me liking or not liking the porn that is posted it just is an awful thing to have on your site constantly. I allow it spoilered but that is it.
>>192448 Why do this now and not when the site had users? And >>192445 isn't completely wrong. People are complaining but some of those complaints are specific. These are the issues we want solved, what can you do. You keep saying vague but I do not think it means what you think it means (lol its a quote from my favorite movie if you didn't get it I was recommended it on reddit if you haven't seen it you should lol ;P) Spam is wrapped up with derailment. If people are i.d hopping and using proxies to spam and derail...The spam isn't even the worst of it anymore, a year ago it was way worse, but a year ago there were more posters. The G​AMERGATE dick spam is specifically triggered to upsetting one poster noone is able to concretely identify that throws fits. Mods know when it's him, posters know when it's him, yet he's a mystery man. >Excessive porn. Your site has never had a problem with that until the G​AMERGATE dick spam that overtook the site. You shit yourself about the furries and made sure they all left, cool, but why have we had to put up with the G​AMERGATE dicks when you and the G​AMERGATEdick spammer are the ones that hate that and everyone else hates the goddamned NIGGERDICKS! We got to stare at spear chucker dicks if we want to post and you're worries about excessive titties? Nobody spams porn unless it's G​AMERGATEdicks or bbc! Or Cp! We used to have great titty and ass threads, and they kept it there, and that was alongside all the G​AMERGATE/tranny/bbc. Now we just have G​AMERGATE/tranny/bbc! Seriously, what the fuck happened and why do you care now that nobody posts on your site?
>>192448 >>192492 If this really is Gahoole he's just here to spread more of his bullshit. He can't control the narrative by deleting threads and posts and he can't get our comments or the thread on him deleted so he's going to paint himself as a helpless yet concerned administrator just trying to figure out what's wrong. You were told what was wrong when it started and you were told which people were doing it. Fuck off back to your dead site and your discord full of child fuckers. You piece of shit liar, fuck off.
>>192448 Tell them the truth or I'll post my ass Gahoole.
>>192445 >>192448 >>192492 >>192506 What are you even doing here? Don't you have a meta-thread on your own site where you can ignore everyone's complaints? 'Hey Gahoole we're sick of the spam and boogeyman derailement' 'Pretty vague there man sounds like a you problem.' 'Oh Gahoole, first time caller long time listern, been dreaming about sucking your cock for years. Love your site, everything's going great, you're doing a great job, but uh do you think you could do something about the boogeyman derailment?' 'Oh of course! Why didn't anyone say anything earlier? You guys, if you want me to do something you have to be SPECIFIC and not vague. Tell you what though, since I don't want posters to realize that this is the same shit and if anything the site's moderation and posting are going to get even worse now, why don't you bring everything over to email so no-one can see the discussion and I can say whatever I want.' What the fuck do you want Gahoole, what are you expecting here now? You let the spam and thread derailment go on and you picked fights with your posters so people left. Unfortunately for everyone a lot of the people that left were the ones making OC or interesting conversations. Go ahead and say it's not true or that's not what happened, it's too late. Nobody cares. There's noone left to care. You've got the community you chose to have, the people that left are doing their own thing, and the people that remained are the ones causing your problems or have no where else to go. You've got your youtube videos and now I guess you're streaming with Wolfdick the ironic sweaty gamer. So...good for you? At least you have that? Hey you could stream with Axel and Daiymo and have Adam on as a guest and call the show Three Soyboys and a Gaybe! Gaybe is Gay and Baby put together just in case you didn't get it. Reality is the chapter on tch.moe is over. Thankfully as owner, administrator and captain of the site you can say you had nothing to do with it, nothing was your fault, you have no clue what happened or why. Case closed, story is over, go home.
Open file (1.06 MB 1458x2592 CatboyGhoul.jpg)
>>192448 >I think having dozens of photos of underage girls saved to your computer so you can post them on imageboards makes you a pedo-phile. I don't care how much effort you put into the site if you are literally posting underage girls then you can fuck off and take your pedo cocks with you. Pure projection, you lazy fat cunt. I made one – 1 – gif of a Kai clip posted in a thread to make fun of the queen election, saying Kai should win. That one gif from a social media post was all it took for you or one of your jannies to ban me. There had been countless Scheiber threads before that, with red carpet photos and social media photos and videos of Kai and Liev, and undoubtedly these are still there. How many of those posters were banned for being pedоs? There is no fucking consistency in your moderation. It is all up to whatever mood you are in at the time. By right you should have to ban yourself for being a pedо openly lusting after underage anіmu waіfu on social media and Dіscord. You have unironically been raided by the FBI for cheese pizza, and you are posting about your underage cartoon waifu on your Twatter. You are the last person who should be calling anyone else a pedо. Sit there on your fat ass, cry about your tranny sister/brother, your neverending inceldom, your faggot wrestling, and project your blatant pedоphilia onto others whilst your site is on life support, flooded with no-effort shitposts and your beloved niggеr dick spam.
Open file (66.97 KB 800x450 goodluck.jpg)
>>192492 >The G​AMERGATE dick spam is specifically triggered to upsetting one poster noone is able to concretely identify that throws fits. Mods know when it's him, posters know when it's him, yet he's a mystery man. lmao that is the funniest thing about all of this, that there is this one epic powerful shitposter out there behind 7 proxies.
>>192407 >so I can flood in actual quality posters And this is bullshit too. You don't know anyone. You don't have any quality posters waiting in the wings. All you do is post other people's art and make everything about you. Nobody is coming back, there's no swarm of posters waiting to come flooding back to the site once the posters you personally don't like are gone. The IB community is small, the drama sector is just as small, and the base isn't growing, it's shrinking. All these guys stream to the same groups of people, discord with the same groups of people, get into slapfights with the same groups of people. That's it. Nobody posts on tvch bickers everyone that would already knows what the site is. Everyone that hangs out on Gahoole's channel has been made aware of his site and decided *not* to post there. Everyone in the sector knows about Gahoole's site and chooses *not* to post there. Discord, youtube chat and dms, and twitter are more preferable than Gahoole's site. You're deluded if you think there's people out there just waiting to post on your word.
Open file (37.73 KB 611x404 nigger dicks.jpg)
>>192492 >he spends the rest of his post going on about G​AMERGATE dicks lmfao I laughed so hard, thanks anon! This whole thing has been absolute COMEDY GOLD Thanks to whoever this mystery shitposter is! He made the webring worth using!
>>192606 I'm pretty sure it's three of >us doing it at this point.
>>192606 NiggerDicks is a serious problem man. They're everywhere, behind spoilers, hidden in ascii art, okakei, in the trees. Wherever I go there are NIGGE DICKS looking me right in the eye. You wouldn't laugh if you had to deal with all these NIGGERDICKS and the goddamned time! I see them when I'm asleep, I see them when I'm awake, NIGGERDICKS haunt me no matter where I go. And the monster behind it all? The King of the NIGGERDICKS? Gahoole! He's behind it all, NIGGERDICK as far as the eye can see, every folder, every file nothing but NIGGERDICKS NIGGERDICKS NIGGERDICKS I am sick and tired of all these motherfucking NIGGERDICKS on my motherfucking internet!
Open file (1.67 MB 950x1000 1656724386390.png)
>>192612 Time to shop that cane into a big ol black cock.
>>192613 It appears the Louis C.K. (Cuck King) maymays made Gahoole take the niggеr dick maymay seriously. One of the mods actually admitted to me in private that Gahoole does it to assert his dominance over the jannies, forcing them to sweep it up, and to create the illusion of activity on the site.
LOOOL THE META THREAD IS LITERALLY FULL OF CRAZY PEOPLE! HAHAHA WTF! Seriously what is Gahoole trying to save? Fatboy, what you trynna save? You're paying for that shit? Whew this fat fucking retard is paying money so shit crazy funny farm rejects can sperg it up over which one posts more NIGGERDICKS! than the last! Yeah! Oh man I wonder what it's like to go through life totally sober and still be such a stumbling fucking nutbag! Gahoole's a brave motherfucker rawdoggin life the way he does living it the way he does. God bless that child diddling fruit, him and every single one of them, mods, posters, they're all just off the wall. I was warned about this! A few of you were warned about it too! Shit I did not realize exactly what he meant when he said the site was radioactive until I read that thread. It makes sense now. They're in a feedback loop and just keep putting more and more energy into winning an unwinnable state. It's awesome and it won't stop. Too much mental and emotional effort has been invested to back out now, and with this few posters left, the kill is so close.... Imagine getting addicted to a negative emotion skinnerbox. Might as well be a tranny on twitter!
Here's a friendly reminder for anyone reading the thread at the moment. Gahoole is a liar and a bad board owner. This meta-thread is him trying to get ahead of things bickers one of the crazies has started posting on his youtube channel about the website. Gahoole has been told about the spam and disruption for two years. Multiple threads have been made describing the exact issues, what was going on and who was doing it. Gahoole was even told who some of these people really were, how his buddy Sneed from moliberry's server is obssessed for some reason (he is still talking about Gahoole to this day, they actually have awordfilter on the server to fuck with him bickers of it), the guy that was banned from Gahoole's discord for spamming G​AMERGATEdicks and fag shit and the spammed the same images on TV except that Gahoole couldn't put two and two together, how Sneeds buddies Gamegrumps and Emperor Chuck and Gropper, ect back him up when he's falseflagging people. Even better though is that Gahoole's directly to blame bickers one of the worst spammers is the old /dup/ board owner, someone Gahoole selected himself (it's not his fault, it never is), and then fired after it turned out the guy was purposefully causing trouble. He's pretending he has no idea what's going on and he needs specifics or he can't do anything, He was told over and over about what the problem was and some of the people behind it. He's a full of shit lying fatboy and the only thing he should be in charge of is flushing the toilet after he fills it to the brim.
Open file (4.11 KB 1920x91 modslovetrannies.png)
Here's some proof mods support the derailment posts and tranny posting. Ramon is Moliberry server garbage that they try to claim is OG tv posting, he's a faggot that fucks men in the ass. He's a sodomite and the mods support that sort of stuff all the time.
>>192753 They are nothing but porn addicted incel nazis desperately trying to tickle their last fried dopamine receptors with tranny porn fetish.
>>192165 >>192171 >>192243 >>192173 >>192403 >>192405 >>192445 >>192448 >>192492 >>192506 >>192559 >>192599 >>192601 >>192653 >>192695 >>192753 >>192798 Meta-Thread revelations. 1000 posts, most of them seemingly insane. One Thousand posts in 3 days and 99% of them are screeching about someone being a poster the other doesn't like. Vol3 reveals his ass, Gahoole reveals he's completely oblivious to any form of social normality and he's a big fat lying baby (Come back Gahoole, come tell us more lies! I remember you bumbling into threads threatening to ban people bickers posters were talking to an esoteric hitler thot in /dunk/ you fat faggot, I remember you shitting your pants like a bitch in that Queen of T.V thread.), and the posters left on tv show off a wide variety of mental illnesses and personality disorders! They honestly hate each other. And think about the type of reject loser that goes out of their way to suck Gahoole's dick. Patrick Nelson. An actual punk bitch, who took it up the ass in high school. A sad sack of shit that blames a roommate *and* Zach for getting raided by the F.B.I for child porn. (He worked at Lockheed and Martin and you all know that's were the i.p report came from! Right everyone, right? You believe me!). A bottom dweller in his own right sucking up to a man that 'pretends' to be a pedo, who surrounds himself with lolicon enthusiasts over and over by coincidence, openly suffering from a pornography problem...(what type of porn are you having a problem with Gahoole? Like what, you see a pair of tits and you can't control yourself, you've got to start wanking on the spot, or is it the type of porn you're looking at...) Hell, suck that that dick faggot. Get down there and suck that fat loser's dick. Get his balls while you're there, you know he hasn't been washing them with that Гунт of his. Toadies, bootlickers, losers and rejects. Tvch's legacy. No need to go on. I don't even think I need to say anything else, nothign I can say is worse than posting there on tv.
>>192929 No lie detected. IT’S OGRE
Emojitroon you will continue to be banned from tvch bickers you are a dumb faggot.
>>193069 tvch trannies still come here? That's funny. kys
>>193069 If you're vol3 could you tell us whether you're a toady, a bootlicker, a loser, or a reject? Sucking that Gahoole dick must be tough work If you're Gahoole fuck off fatty no-one posts on your faggot tranny site you chomo pussy.
Open file (169.88 KB 313x562 Ghoul.png)
Did the Ghoul ever get his laptop back from the feds after the cheese pizza raid?
>>193231 No he did not
Well, what's in store now that fatass had his big meta thread where he announced he is going to shit his pants and do nothing and blamed his ever dwindling users for everything?
>>193304 tvch.moe meetup in orlando in 2024. gonna jump him and beat his ass.
>>193304 Nothing, his meta-thread was just so he could blame his users for everything at the same time he tells everyone there's no problem, he didn't see any problems with the site and as far as he can tell everything is fine and running as well as it has from the beginning. The only thing that anons that post there are going to see is new ban messages. >>193306 I didn't want to watch his latest video but I was told it was just too pathetic to pass and it was. So Gahoole has no friends. Not even the Daiymo went to his birthday. He actually owns a season pass to universal studio which he goes to alone, essentially making Gahoole one of those sad lonely disney adults, he's like Jenny Nicholson only instead of being charmingly autistic he's fat and ugly and a child molester going to theme parks by himself so he can go on the fast and furious roller coaster and sniff the hair of whoever's sitting in front of him...and also most of all Adam really is his boyfriend. The logistics of packing up and moving across country together, arranging to find employment in flordia, arranging to move in together, everything about it reeks of codependent homosexuality. Patrick would never have moved to Florida on his own. Yeah who could pass up the chance to meet up with an ogre pedo in the middle of a theme park designed for literal man-children. It'd be funny if he's tricked into meeting one of those trannies always orbiting around him.
Yagule Pedolenstein
You will get banned now and your post/thread deleted if you are even mildly mean to anyone on the site, let alone the mods or the Fatass. No vpns either, you'll get banned for using one.
Open file (6.58 KB 738x209 bannywanny.png)
>>193405 Someone caught this ban for making fun of Dj Axel a few months ago, the bad link was the youtube link of DJ axel talking about wanting to fuck kids on stream. The thread was deleted and this guy was banned, permanently! For making fun of DJ Axel and posting a youtube link. I think the wierd ban reason is so the ghoul doesn't have to explain protecting his buddy to the mods he can just say that the deleted thread was a link to russian porn or whatever. Hehehe, tvch's been buck broken and they still haven't got rid of the trannies.
>>193406 That is disturbing and doesnt help the cp raid odor still stinking the site. Gahoole is a deeply corrupt, duplicitous piece of shit. I honestly thought the guy was just a regular anon wanting to have a good time but I was totally wrong. I just mouthed off to some soyjak.party fag, I'm using a VPN bickers why would I expose my real IP address to a sweaty gamer site, and bam, banned and deleted.
>>193406 Got an archive of the deleted thread?
>>193569 Probably not, the ogre gets away with some bold deletes bickers most anons aren't expecting to have to back up a thread that didn't seem like serious bizness. I had a thread deleted out from under me and all we were talking about was how a bunch of older posters weren't there any more. Wasn't a troll thread, just 'boy I miss these oldfags' and then it was gone, no reason given.
>>193569 All archived page from ogrechan: https://archive.is/https://tvch.moe/* And the latest archived version of the site on the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20230128061021/https://tvch.moe/ A lot of the (half) decent threads on that site are gone forever, and now we have two or three spergs accusing each other of being some nefarious boogeyman. Sad!
>>193607 >archive >archived the thread that helped end TV https://archive.is/AWmD9 Here's Gahoole accusing a bro of posting deviant furry child porn on his website, without evidence and weirdly enough instead of instantly banning the ip/poster for it he tried to dox him instead, but isn't able to show any proof of his claims amd instead looks like a massive sperg autist. Interesting point, Gahoole uses his mod powers to try to call this guy out, but never once in the history of TV has Gahoole ever publicly called out any of the guys that spammed big black dicks or trannies. Makes you think...
>>193607 >Sad! Hi nuzach/G​AMERGATEchu
>>193597 Not even deleted, there were some good threads that got pushed off the catalogue that probably never got saved. Sliders loved going after anything popular or active. >>193634 Is that a real thread? Is that really Gahoole or someone trolling. There's no way he wouldn't ban someone he thought was posting cp. Was it vol3 getting butthurt about someone, trying to build a dossier so he could dox them?
>>193672 >>193634 There it is. This is the thread that was essentially the killshot for a lot of people. This is after a few months of nonstop constant NIGGERDICK, tranny, gore, animal rape, cp and loli spam, ect. A constant barrage of spam on every board, every day, non-stop. People message Gahoole on discord, people make threads, people email him, the whole nine yards. He tells everyone he doesn't know that someone's spamming the site, he tells everyone he hasn't seen any spam. He tells everyone they delete the spam instantly. Months of dealing with cp and loli up for hours while these mods run into any thread with a pair of unspoilered boobs to shut the whole show down. And that's not even an exaggeration, people would report cp and post porn at the same time, and guess what would get spoilerd and deleted? That's right, the normal naked adult woman. People start posting things that they know trigger Gahoole's mental little friend, or 'whoever' was responsible that was also the person that could get manipulated into melting down and posting gore and animal rape. People start posting big fat white girl asses, and big fat furry asses. Well if all the trannies and G​AMERGATEs didn't get a reaction out of Gahoole, this one sure did. He threw multiple tantrums across the site. He attacked posters, he lied through his teeth about posters confronting him, about the spam, pretty much playing his hand out in the open. I don't know if it was it was easier going after the posters he knew wouldn't just keep using proxies and vpns, or bickers he knew that it was easier bickers they wouldn't respond with weeks and weeks of child porn and gay men kissing if he tried to get them to leave, but I do know for a fact that he accused the absolute wrong motherfucker, and he did it in the sleaziest underhanded way possible. I also know that Gahoole's has deleted a thread and various posts about it, he doesn't want people to know he's a backstabbing liar. Lol too late, he literally lost half the site that day. Yes Gahoole, you're not going to ban him, you'll wait with post i.d on until you see him posting and then you'll accuse him, but you won't have any way to prove it, even though you've been keeping a log of his posts and collecting 'evidence' for a few weeks. You're a dumb stupid baby and I'm glad you refused to shake his hand, you absolutely proved you're faithless and untrustworthy.
>>193677 >This is after a few months of nonstop constant NIGGERDICK, tranny, gore, animal rape, cp and loli spam, ect I've only seen G​AMERGATE dicks posted lately. >I don't know if it was it was easier going after the posters he knew wouldn't just keep using proxies and vpns, or bickers he knew that it was easier bickers they wouldn't respond with weeks and weeks of child porn and gay men kissing if he tried to get them to leave, but I do know for a fact that he accused the absolute wrong motherfucker, and he did it in the sleaziest underhanded way possible not sure what you're even talking about here.
>>193634 >>193672 >>193607 >>193677 >>193679 Hahaha Jesus Christ Gahoole 'I don't jerk off to loli porn!' 'What about Nagatoro? She's 16.' 'We don't talk about that! This isn't about her!'
>>193679 >not sure what you're even talking about here. read the thread and know your deep tv lore. This is all about a year ago, end of 2021 start of 2022. Gahoole accused a poster of posting CP...except he couldn't prove they had posted anything and like others pointed out didn't ban from the site. It felt like Gahoole wanted to drag someone through the mud more than concern for the site. Then a bunch of other posters came out to remind him of his issue with masturbating to nagatoro hentai and how nobody cared about the furfag shit, we all wanted him to do something about the people that were spamming the website and disrupting all the threads. After that people stopped posting. NIGGERDICKS The spam used to be much much worse, but there used to be entertaining people posting there that set off one or two of the more pathetic trannies trying to lay claim to tvch as their own personal territory. Something Gahoole was completely happy to allow them to do. Now Gahoole and his mods can hang out with the trannies and Emojitroon and Nuzach and Blaine and Sneedious DJ AXel and insert name here and whoever is left. Personally I know I'm being petty as fuck but I liked 2018/21 tvch, it had some of the best oc and threads. It really was the high point of /tv/.
>>193681 No it was fun having some faggot spam BBC and dead women in threads and then have the fat ogre shid and piddle about some slut that might be posting or how tits are evil bickers he can't stop whacking off and he'll always be a virgin.
>>193680 To be fair, Nagatoro truly stands above the rest.
All the power in the world online yet he is a fucking cashier irl. The internet truly is a place populated by nothing but faggot ass losers who were unable to succeed irl, and yes this applies to almost all of you as well.
>>193706 I don't deny it, though I am more successful than most here, and I won't say why bickers then I would be doxed.
>>193706 Most mainstream celebrities/actors would also have trouble succeeding in a normal capacity, but that doesn’t really detract from the entertainment they produce. One’s proficiency in the field of entertainment in all its forms, even shitposting, should be viewed separately from their success in their everyday lives just so long as the cocks is sufficient.
>>193680 Lol it's real, not even a joke. What a shitshow. >>193706 >>193716 >>193718 Let's not go crazy. Gahoole has no power. He doesn't even control his own site. He's got no influence, he's not popular with other youtubers, he's not likable in any way so other cocks creators don't want to hang out or have him on with them, the people he can stream with are guys like this https://www.patreon.com/mkybiz (It's DJ AXel's patreon! Man does he go on about being/not being a pedo! Not suspicious at all, totally ironic.Here's a stream where DJ goes on about how much he wants to fuck kids, and then hey! Daiymo shows up to call a bunch of people like Warhammer, sweaty gamers! Crazy! This is the youtube video that is considered honeypotting/bad link and got a poster banned from tvch permanently. Posting this video got someone banned forever.). Gahoole spent all his currency already, he's got nothing to pay his way with and nobody to lend him any money. Nobody wants him around. He's a snake. His friends are snakes. They lie. He lies. He gets caught lying and then pretends he didn't lie. If he gets caught on his website he deletes it. If he gets caught lying somewhere else he runs away, pretends that's not what he meant, or does backflips tring to make you out to be the liar. Nobody wants to deal with that. Gahoole can say whatever he wants to people behind the scenes, he can tell his mods and his discord and whoever else whatever he wants, but people don't like Gahoole. He's not the good person he tries to make himself out to be, he's a weird spaz who can't tell the truth.
>>193718 I forgot the link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obys4hmjWNM& Here's Axel being a big pedo, here's Daiymo being a janked up rat, here's why nobody in their right minds wants to do anything with Gahoole and why he's got no pull or power in any circle, group or community. He's a bottom ring betacuck bitch surrounded by people barely one step above suffering from downs syndrome. All you need to do is take a look at the people he links to for proof, they're all either severely autistic or suffering from some kind of developmental delay, or just openly talking about fucking kids.
>>193736 This so much. Seriously, fuck Nutvch.moe. I hate that place, and the new posters are worse than cancer.
>>193736 I will admit though I am perturbed by his recent video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN-KXgu3Cog Gahoole's new "reframe" is to say "I don't like you" to all the criticism. That's the problem, it's not about you, you bald obese ogre virgin. I am just not going to post there ever again besides randomly shitting on some of their god awful newfaggot posters.
>>193750 and I bet that fatass would read this post and be like "good! I don't want you!" Again, all about him. I bet he said that every time the old posters left and his site died until it was nothing but soyjak.party newfaggot posters and discord tranny moderators swimming in a sea of sperm and shit. Never think, "hey, what am I doing wrong?" Just blame the anons! Not unlike much woke entertainment on tv these days. Blame the fans, blame the anons. FUCK Gahoole.
>>193749 >>193750 >>193751 He doesn't care, it's just haters, it's discord trannies, the site was never that big to begin with, it's only people trying to alog him, it's /cow/'s fault. He's a G​AMERGATE, he dindu nuffin. >>193775 Lol vol3 here to protect his fat faggot loser friend. Fuck off pussy you know it's the truth. Have fun on your shit dead website, have fun on Gahoole's shit dead discord, or have fun talking on Axel's faggot ring-kissing discord where you can all talk about how funny he is or get banned. Lol you guys lost and you lost bickers Gahoole acts like he's better than other people. And you lost for no reason at all.
>>193740 I cannot get over the fact that the board owner of tvch, a site built around the /tv/ board, has a BO who looks like Shrek and unironically and openly loves the Fast and Furious movies. Not to mention he jerks off to underage animu characters and Bible Black and was raided by the feds for cheese pizza. Gahoole is the most underrated lolcow of this sektur.
>>193800 Don't forget how his site is constantly raided by literal G​AMERGATE porn.
>>193803 Here is my tinfoil hat theory about that: Gahoole is the nіgger dick spammer, and he does it to cause gay drama to divert from his interest in underage animu characters, and to fuck with vol3 who has to sweep it up. Someone should suggest that conspiracy theory on /truth/
>>193800 Gahoole's a weeb. He grew up watching top ten crunchy roll anime. He said Ninja Croll made him feel uncomfortable, M.D Geist was too gory and I heard Genocyber sent him into uncontrollable fits of vomiting and masturbation. >>193803 >>193804 People have said Gahoole's one of the spammers before so it's not far-fetched.
>>193804 >>193806 Fuck he is one of the spammers. Gahoole was spamming or was letting one of his friends spam the board with wojaks all the time. Every second post was a wojak at one point. Then when the wojak spammer had a showdown in a thread with one of the furry posters the wojak spammer cried for the mods to come ban furry pictures and Gahoole himself showed up by coincidence five minutes later and banned furry posting. Wojak poster actually posted 'I'm sick of these damn furry pictures every time I post a wojak!' in the thread and Gahoole popped out of nowhere to save him from getting his spamming ass beat. So Gahoole either knew about the spam and didn't care/thought it was a joke, or was spamming wojaks and couldn't handle the bantz. Gahoole by the way cannot handle the bantz. None of them can handle the bantz, it's ridiculous. Gahoole especially has autisim level reactions, gets super serious about it, takes it personally while pretending he's not taking it personally. Like how he freaked out when someone made fun of his steam avatar having long hair while he's bald and an egg, came out and got really intense about defending the fact that Gahoole in no way shape or form chose that avatar bickers it had a full body of hair, and he wasn't Gahoole spending something like two or three hours in a thread defending Gahoole's choice of gaming avatar. They are soft boys hiding in their little safe spaces coming out sometimes to use their big boy imaginations to call someone else a pedo then running away before they hear someone call them a bad name back. It's funny. Gahoole bald
itt: emojitranny and jewzach trying to stirshit, seething and coping
>>193901 Lol fuck off back to faggot land! ITT nobody wants you around. You want to be around us so bad you come into a thread you know is full of people that hate you. Back to the losers and reatrds you go.
Open file (3.49 MB 450x468 C.Ronaldo kek.gif)
>>193904 >instant reply >all those posts above making up shit and coping Lmao, you're pathetic as fuck, even by the webring standards. I am happy that I constantly make you seethe.
Open file (850.09 KB 1836x3264 Patty the Popper animu.jpeg)
>>193906 This coming from vol3 who is sweeping it up over at tvch right this moment and has /cow/ open in another tab to ensure no one badmouths the ogre.
>>114821 Hey Gahoole! I found you the perfect girlhusband!
>>193906 >LMAO What's funny is that we're not over at tvch shitting it up or spamming, you're over here defending Gahoole's reputation. Or you are Gahoole. Hey Gahoole you fat lying faggot pedo, fuck off you piece of shit, you called my friend a pedo bickers you're a loser faggot with no real friends. Get smacked in the mouth cunt. If you aren't Gahoole then lol get his dick down your throat even more lapdog, what a joke. It must be doing real well over there, you guys must be having so much fun on the site now that everyone you wanted gone is gone hahaha.
>>193906 >Lol webring standards I shart myself >I'm happy about how much I love G​AMERGATE dick >Gahoole's really my friend and tvch is important to me >Better defend M'Ogre's honor, perhaps shmee might give me a crumb of bussy >baby needs his stank wanky bussy Lol gross get the fuck out of here you faggot. Seriously get the fuck out of here, you've got a faggot site to post on. Nobody is coming back and it's bickers Gahoole sucks. Have fun posting with 'make he seethe nuzach hate ramon and jbalvin now he post G​AMERGATE porn' fag and the other queers.
vol3 lost amirite tvchbrosbros
>>193934 WTF does vol3 even want with that place?
>>193938 I vol3 frequents this place in between sweeping up the nіgger dick spam in a stupor after huffing gasoline, but good luck getting a straight answer outta him. He is utterly loyal and devoted to the ogre.
>>114821 Rita Page Griffin is calling your name Gahoole, go to Jamaica Blvd to rescue her from her evil mother who forces her to bathe.
>>193960 I'm calling mommy dearest and tattling on you Rita, thank your white knight for pushing you into pastures were >we can cowtip!
Open file (1.03 MB 1845x1038 cover5.png)
>>193906 Tvch mods are the hardest seething mods I've ever seen. They get in fights with users in their threads. They do all kinds of arbitrary power tripping in search of their boogeymen, and they stalk other websites for said boogeymen. You are totally buck broken. There's a look out there posting G​AMERGATE dicks to your shitty dead site at will and you're buck broken. You're buck broken!
>>193908 Is paddy his sweaty gamer alternate personality?
>>193963 Actually it's Paddy the Popper. Not Paddy the sweaty gamer.
>>193969 Yes, but “Popper” obviously refers to Patty popping the cherries of underage girls.
I think a tvch mod was the one who started the shitty Nuzach thread here, it's the same dumbass who blames and screencaps every anon on the webring as Nuzach. Tons of TV trannies shit that thing up.
>>193979 That or someone who simps for the ogre but isn’t even a janny. The only posters left are massive autists, borderline lolcows.
Open file (555.46 KB 848x710 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (75.21 KB 1000x614 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (163.09 KB 885x301 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (184.45 KB 914x413 ClipboardImage.png)
I ask, to all the gentlemen here, is this a coincidence? Gayhoole and his dicksuckers are totally humiliated by everyone in the very site they "run", nobody there like or respect them. And suddenly, "Zach, the boogeyman-mor" reappears? Now I believe you, Zach never existed, he was a figure created by Gayhoole and Weasel/Zachfag so they both could mingle with the oldfags from 8chan, both spammed interracial porn, cp and attacked other anons and blamed some random guy. I've seen theories that Zach actually existed in real life and was one of Gayhoole's high school bullies, maybe the sweaty gamer deformed Ogre always been jealous that Zach got a lot more girls than he did. Same about the Weasel/Zachfag, since both are incels losers. So they take his pictures and created this fake poster to get their fame. Funny that Gayhoole and his dicksuckers who did their best to destroy the webring are chronically online on 4chan to search for "Zach" and come back to the webring to call a Personal Army to attack the boogeyman.
>>194287 Big if true. See this thread - https://archive.ph/5b47B some faggot from the Guntstream or tvch mod tried to shill this dead site to the cuckchanners while seething about Zach, but it backfired and the Ogrepedo got PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd instead.
>>194287 >>194295 Two interesting facts. Zach and Weebdup both had the same posting schedules. Zach and Weebdup also had the same style of arguing and the ability to spend up to eight hours fighting with someone in a thread. Weebdup used to be friends with 8chan mods and could get you banned for fighting with you. Zach the hated enemy of Gahoole was never once banned or accused of ban evasion in spite of being a well known hater, thread spammer, and autistic post reporter. Are 'Zach 'and 'Weebdup' the same poster? How and why are they connected to the mods? Were they allowed to operate on tvch with the knowledge and permission of the mods? Did vol3 really pretend to be a girl for months to catfish 'Zach'? Did vol3 ERP with Zach? Is Gahoole Truthsayer?
>>194287 >>194295 >>194316 Zach was a real poster, but he is not coming back. This is probably Gayhole trying to stir up gay wrestling drama in a last attempt to save his site from irrelevancy.
I was banned for "derailing" after I reported Ramon tranny porn and told the troon to kys. So Ogre chan mods actively cover for tranny porn and tranny posters. Guess what happened then? I cleared my browser cache, switched to yet another proxy, and proceeded to post as if nothing happened. I love making shit mods seethe and squirm, and especially the fatass himself.
Open file (195.42 KB 450x681 1621912012138.png)
>>194327 >I was banned for "derailing" after I reported Ramon tranny porn and told the troon to kys. So Ogre chan mods actively cover for tranny porn and tranny posters. Guess what happened then? I cleared my browser cache, switched to yet another proxy, and proceeded to post as if nothing happened. I love making shit mods seethe and squirm, and especially the fatass himself.
Open file (68.46 KB 900x900 LOL.jpg)
>>194328 lmao the tvtroon mods actively browse this thread!!!! >soyjak Ogre has promoted soyjak.party into the moderation! LMFAO
>>194328 >seethes >fucks up the greentext
Is this vol3 youtube account? https://youtu.be/MLgjLzDtRWc Check Gayhoole YouTube channel, this lose seethe about Zach and simps Emma Stone
>>194331 Vol3 was doxed in 2020 but I missed the details.
Fathoole got a new vol which is almost as bad as vol3 in my opinion, he's obviously a thinskin fag from soyjak party. As a matter of fact, he can be Sneedious. He obviously is a weebfag, i've seen him deleting four to six posts already for using the term "CUCKNIME" and he make shitty memes about soyjaks to attack any anon with different takes about movies. See the thread about westerns, that thread had almost fifteen posts deleted bickers he lost a debate about American Westerns vs Spaghetti Westerns. >>194331 Probably another vol or some loser from the Guntstream.
>>194409 >>194409 >i've seen him deleting four to six posts already for using the term "CUCKNIME" good, the ">cuckime" spam got old and cringe after approximately 0.0432895423 seconds.
>>194421 Once again here, vol3? Lol.
>>194409 Hello. This is my post. The post being made fun of, not the picture. You guys are getting talked about on discord now. This is the result of any attempt to discuss film or television on the television and film board on tvch. I don't feel like my point was made in an insulting manner so I don't know why he reacted the way he did. This picture was supposed to send me into a frothing rage I suppose, instead it made me feel the person who made it was rather pathetic. They couldn't even discuss the subject with me, they just wanted to be right, and when they didn't think they were getting that recognition they decided to be rude and insulting. Who wants to talk to a person like that? It probably is a mod, Gahoole and his friends make a habit of using post i.d to single out posters they don't like and attack them. Gahoole and another mod have definitely done it to different 'anons' from what I've seen from the facts. Fortunately they don't seem very intelligent so their attacks are consistently riddled with basic logical fallacies ( the same fallacies they would accuse posters of making), and frankly not well structured or thought out. They can dish it, but they can't take it.
>>194439 >you guys are getting talked about on Discord now. You mean Gahoole and his tvtroons are mad at us?
>>194287 Zach never existed, it's just the ogre blaming all the dumb shit he gets into on his own personal boogieman.
>>194522 I'm not going to start dox or posting screencaps from discord. Nobody really talks in his discords, it's always the same small group, Gahoole almost never talks. Other posters are talking together and asking questions. Some of what's in the thread about spam and posters being attacked, the queen of tv thread. Gahoole has said different stuff to different people. How he deals with the spam problem makes it feel like he's covering some things up. I don't know. It's strange. Too much drama for an imageboard admin. To tell the truth it look like he's ignoring the problems deliberately for his own reasons while he also reassures everyone he is doing something about the problem. It doesn't make sense. He doesn't understand but does he really not understand?
Gayhoole is spending his Saturday night circle jerking his homosexual friend who's married with a literal ATHEIST TROON https://youtu.be/UC_cS8krkto No care for his own site, the fat pedo only care about his faggot e-celebs friends and their troons wifes Remember, if you post the picture from the troon married to that unfunny guy Gayhoole it will permaban you! AFTER ALL, he was at the sodomite wedding He probably sucked """her""" dick! But ignore that, pay attention to the boogeyman Zach, Nuzach or Emjitroon, ignore the sodomite and sweaty gamer behavior of the Ogre and his dick suckers lol
>Gayhoole took a S​ARGON BBC GAYHOOLE penis up his asshole.
N​IGGER BBC Alabama Nigger Penis Gayhoole
Open file (1.16 MB 1589x2139 1677694055085344.jpg)
Things Gayhole could have given up for Lent: • spamming interracial cuckold pornography on his site to stir up drama and the illusion of activity • lewd Chinese cartoons with underage characters Just get this fat faggot on Cozy.tv already.
>>194409 >>194439 I was the one who talked about Spaghetti westerns and posted a list of films, some butthurt mod, probably a normalfag muttmerican got butthurt. He couldn't take the heat and deal with opposing opinions from people who obviously understood more about cinema than he did. https://tvch.moe/tv/res/306656.html See, the thread is dead, the mod killed it. I had four posts deleted and I got banned for "derailing" the thread. I saw at least twelve other posts deleted. Without the mod ruining it that thread would have thrived. I tried once again to argued with the mod about my preference for Spaghetti westerns, he deleted the post and banned me again, so I give up of having any serious conversation and just tried to banter, once again banned, the ban lasted four days, during which the site become way more dead than usual. Is about time to the site get a public log so the users can see what the mods are doing. I have nothing against Gahoole and vol3, even though I think they surround themselves with bad company. I just want a website to use, I hate the modern internet, all environments are "toxic" or full of normalfags. There is no land for oldfags like me.
Where's the public logs, Gahoole? I had an IN TOPIC thread on /DUP/ about modern stupid whores being all about abort and how the fabric of society is ruined, bickers in the old days, women preferred to sacrifice their own lives for their children. THE THREAD GOT DELETED FOR NO REASON. That's why I miss 8chan /pol/, /dup/ is all about "jokes", not Jesus. Yourself pretend to be a Christian, having a big, vain silver cross hanging on you doesn't make you a Christian.
>>194745 As a matter of fact, not only my thread got deleted, yesterday "Nuzach" posted a very nice post about Gahoole being devoted of light and God in this thread. https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/129018.html The post is gone. I think the Ogre was offended after reading that nobody cares about Zach/Dunkaccino/Rex Viper/Jbalvin/Super Ramon and that he just uses these memes to cope with the void in his heart. So the vols spent their weekend cleaning the site, deleting threads, posts, etc, just bickers offended them.
>>194745 >>194747 The new mod has a case of paranoid schizophrenia that makes vol3 look tame. It's a basement dwelling Zoomer nazi from soyjak.party. I was in a thread the other day talking to a guy about how big two women's asses were, a black dick got posted in the thread and then me, the other guy, and the bbc poster were all banned. I think Fatso and his soy mods are just massively butthurt. Clearly "Nuzach" defeated them.
More posts deleted. That site is dead, good one, mods. Good one, I hope all those ""boogeymen"" in this thread actually make you faggots kill yourselves. I am leaving tvch forever, even /pol/ and /tv/ on 4chan probably are better. I want actual discussions, not shitty memes about fast-food and e-celebs. >>194768 Is a new mod and Gahoole himself, the Ogre got really butthurt with the post on /lit/ and /dunk/ about him having no soul, just unfunny memes like Jbalvin/Rex Viper to cope with his sad existence. People are saying he was crying on discord, if anyone have a record post here.
>>194770 >I hope all those ""boogeymen"" in this thread actually make you faggots kill yourselves. That's the plan love.
>>194745 >>194745 >>194747 >>194768 >>194770 I don't think they really get what's going on over there on the mod slack. TV died the moment it became 'The Gahoole and friends meme and kayfabe funtime show'. Turns out you have to have a personality and ambition to be able to do that, most people don't like being told they have to find something funny or clever if it's not funny or clever. How can you tell when one of Gahoole's friends have been blasted? When they post 'You aren't as funny or clever as you think you are.' That's the post you get when you know they're rolling in jealousy. Gahoole's group is notorious for throwing fits when someone else 'steals' their spotlight. Hell, Sneed tried to critique MAd God and was laughed at for it so hard he started sliding and spamming the page, now if you mention the movie he'll post a greentext reaction pic of a soyjak or tranny and start sliding the thread. (In Sneed's defense it could have been another retard convinced jews are behind every scene in cinema). Now they're in such a panic to stem the drain of posters (too late) or root out badposts they're cleaning out threads and deleting replies that aren't from someone on their list of regular posters if they look too sussy baka for their taste (or get reported enough by a spaz with a proxy).
GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole GayHoole <rot in hell PedoBear LOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOL
Open file (498.53 KB 640x360 video0-24 (1).mp4)
The site is absolutely dead, there's just a sad creature thumping old threads. Kill yourself already, Patrick, God doesn't love you, your body and soul are twisted, you're an abomination. >>194747 Did anyone saved the posts? I read them and loved the words, they were facts, a painful truth that Pedohoole and his inner circle of troons refuse to accept in their rotten hearts. Instead they cope with their unfunny forced memes. If I had known they would have caused so much pain in their asses I would have screenshot'd the posts myself. Would be like the /trannypol/ meme, with the troon seething about being told he YWNBAW.
Open file (2.76 MB 1920x1043 cenohoole.png)
Was the complaints/suggestions/meta thread on tvch just for show, or did the Ghoul actually promise to fix shit?
ITT: Discord sweaty gamers, zzzchaG​AMERGATEs and e-celebs seething about some poor guy and his /tv/ board.
>>194875 Hey, vol3, pretty sure there is some cheese pizza and nіgger dick spam for you to sweep under the rug over at ogrechan. Stop wasting time here and get to it, boy.
>>194873 Pure show. The moderation actually got worse. Gahoole can't take the heat!
>>194770 What /lit/ post?
Open file (407.09 KB 2448x3264 gahoole's sister.jpg)
>>194873 The site is perhaps worse than before, I am officially declaring that my "loyalty" and "sympathy" for Gahoole and the vols is over. I don't care anymore about alogging Nuzach, Emojitranny, Blaine, /trannypol/, the G​AMERGATE dick spammers, bots or any other fags that I used to banter or fight against. Neither do I care about creating OC's anymore, since the Ogre will steal them anyway and use them in his shitty streams with ecelebs. It's over. For all this time, I cared more about the site than Gahoole himself and his vols. I always contribute with serious posts or shitposting. I created the majority of good threads in the last two years. Be on /lit/, /truth/, /dup/ and /tv/. But I see that even if I make ten good posts, engage in good conversations with other anons, one out of those ten posts will offend a vol in some way and I will be banned for it. Go ahead, keep fucking with the vols and the Ogre, they no longer have my sword and shield.
Open file (871.03 KB 1197x807 gayhoole redditor.png)
>>195311 Where did you read that, Blaine? I am a true and honest anon, even tho I used to banter with you and other namefags, I never had you living rent-free in my mind, like vol3 or platespics do. It's an imageboard after all, even with fights people should have fun, not be bitter and seething irl about internet drama.
>>195320 Discord, twitter and cliques ruined imageboards forever.
Open file (177.63 KB 1306x745 tvch paypiggie.jpg)
Vol3 or another vol from tvch/alogs.space
Open file (860.41 KB 1414x2930 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (855.35 KB 744x744 sargon dinosaur 1.png)
>gahoole went bald, exactly how I predicted <he tried denying this for years zach was right AGAIN
>>195479 Next do a Sargonasaurus Rex please.
Open file (216.35 KB 553x679 ClipboardImage.png)
>>195123 Someone wrote a nice paragraph about Gahoole reflecting on his life and lack of spirituality which he needs to make up for using shitty memes to fill the void. Some vol got butthurt and deleted it. Literally the best post in the entire /lit/ thread. Not that that says much... >>195464 The 26's years old bald fed first tried to force Zach again, after nobody caring he's now trying to force Dunkaccino. How is this not considered DERAILING? Same about the Louis Cuck fag, always posting over and over again the same shit about G​AMERGATE dicks.
Open file (21.42 KB 716x199 fbi.png)
>>195464 IT’S OGRE Let us pour one out for Gahoole and his site and remember the good times. For me, it’s the FBI cheese pizza raid. What an incredible twist to Gahoole’s story line. The only thing that could top that is his sister trooning out and becoming his brother (sister/brother).
>>195513 >This was a lie. >He did not end up getting his computer back >His I.P was not spoofed by Zach working at Lockheed Martin >It was not his roomate >He was caught hitting honeypot sites of Russian 'models'
tvch needs plategang, at least they are traditionalist, christian and against degeneracy, maybe that's why gahoole and his troon mods hate them so much
Hahahahahaha! >>Tldr:I'm a faggot drama queen, probably Bryan Dunn or another hypocrite fag with zero talent. >Zero Talent! Hahahahaha it's true! They've got no bantz! They're bitchboys! Look at that! Can't laugh, can't even come up with a good comeback, just blubbering tears and Gahoole's fagmeme! Totally buck broken. No wonder Axle and Gahoole don't leave their safe spaces.
>>195914 you sounds like a sperg with small dick problems, I hope you're falseflagging, otherwise Gahoole just got a massive win.
>>196105 This whole thread has become a containment thread for the worst posters on tvch, it was always gahoole, and by extension anons win.
>>196105 Buddy you know all about small dicks, just like the constant cope threads about microdicks in /dunk/. Nobody thinks laughing about the predicted 'no talent' shot at someone's little jape, just a funny little quip, is a win for Gahoole. Just admit that there isn't enough imagination left over there to come up with a proper comeback. We can see the thread. Either Axle, Gahoole or one of the notorious trannies fixated with defending Gahoole is in there being super serious and dramatic while every other post is a magnus opus of shit posting.
>>196106 >>196105 >>196116 >>195914 You can tell it's autism. There's the thing, if they could get the joke then it wouldn't be so bad, I'd respect it if they could put up some back and forth, but they can't. Whoever responds gets 'super serial' and takes it 100% face value, eats the bait hook line and sinker every time. Even if it's not Gahoole whoever it is takes it so personally it might as well be Gahoole. Relax, make a joke back. Nope, the site is under attack, he's a list of bad men responsible and how dare you say these terrible things. Lol ok back to the short bus you slope foreheaded mongloid you aren't ready for big boy school.
>>196105 Was it always a win for gahooru anon? I think this thread was an epic win when zach first made it, still is now.
>>196105 Ghoul, pls.
I got banned for DERAILING. Being a derailing is the new boogeyman since the META thread. >What you did, anon? Are you derailing? I called out a vol for posting Louis C.K memes in all threads. Another anon was banned bickers he said something like "all cucks should be killed"
>>196178 Tvch is a trans and cuck friendly imageboard, you bigot. Take your hatred elsewhere.
vol3 and other faggots from Gahoole inner circle are trying to sage this thread https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/133153.html#137245
Open file (164.90 KB 1510x581 ClipboardImage.png)
essayfag new schizo theory about "Nuzach" and his other boogeymen faggots like these are the mods from nu/cow/ & tvch, that says a lot, doesn't it? vol3 and essayfag are always together on telegram gossiping like girls lol or crying about the evil boogeymen haunting their nights the funniest thing is that essayfag is a britbong that can barely express himself in a livestream sounding like a total sperg without any social skills, just repetitive memes i bet he's behind "you have no talent" post lol
>>196185 Where’s the lie though?
>>196186 >all the bad things that happen are "nuzach/emojitroon/jason/koi/bryan dunn/corey/james bond/blackchu", not us, not the mod team!
>>196189 Which lolcow boogeyman are you?
>>196180 Yes, the vols love some dick, be it black dick or troon dick. >>196185 Everyone was happy thinking that essayfag would have finally killed himself after his hrt and severe depression. He was taking a vacation in a psychiatric ward after all...
Open file (133.00 KB 1022x325 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (40.93 KB 729x299 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (131.20 KB 1209x403 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (315.19 KB 1103x1009 ClipboardImage.png)
<Jbalvin <Super Ramon <Rex Viper <Louis C.K <my boogeymen <dajoooos <Which lolcow are you? <you have no talent <Vargoonposting Is it a surprise why they are menchildren losers?
>>196198 I don’t get it. What’s the problem here?
>>196203 nuzach hates fun.
>>196205 Tvch is failure, is infamous for its namefags like Gahoole, Yakuza, Ravenfag, and other retards, and almost every thread devolves into accusing random users of being "Koipedo", "Emojitroon", "Nuzach" and "Moliberry" or any other namefag boogeyman of the day, where's the fun in that? So you've got no real response to being called out as the hypocrite unfunnyfag you are? For shame, anon. >nuzach Thanks, I knew I forgot a boogeyman in there :^)
>>196206 I thought that was hilarious and always will, I think you just hate being caught in a thread and losing some of your anonymity, it is your own fault for being so transparent nuzach.
>>196198 To be honest, Louis C.K being over posted is kinda annoying. But it's interesting that you faggots primarily hated Ramonposting and Jbalvinposting. A simple image about J Balvin makes you angry. A little quote about Ramon makes you spam and derail /lit/ threads.
Gahoole goons are doing what they do best, posting shitty memes and sucking the Ogre's tiny dick. Their master doesn't care about tvch at all, he is busy with foxdickfarms drama. https://youtu.be/rUr77HMxy5w Great board owner!
>>196260 Can I get a physiognomy check on Gahoole?
>>196229 Nobody cares about balvin, the fact that you cling on to it so much shows how much you've invested in it. If people cared then it wouldn't just be the same people posting balvin. The only reason people complain is bickers everytime balvin is posted we're all supposed to jump up and clap like seals or you get butthurt about not being funny.
>>196229 >You guys are faggots for not liking ramon >Ramon the faggot who fucks men up the ass >The faggot posted by moliberry fags >who then pretend ramon posting is mainstream everywhere forever I hate ramon posting bickers the people posting him are tranny chasing faggots who think if you don't like a gay crackhead you must be Nuzach.
The anons won so hard. We have the vols quivering in their boots.
>>196305 Ramonposting is sort of an implicit last stand of white imageboard culture.
>>196229 He's not even white. He's a gay G​AMERGATE crackhead who fucks men for money. Is that really what white imageboard culture wants to be known for? I didn't know catboy was running imageboard culture. Traps are gay my friend, bussy is just another word for man ass. Ramon posting is basically like drag queen story time at the local library. We must fight against the gay menace that strikes at us from the shadows like the demons they are. Don't let demons run your life anon, renounce ramon posting now or suffer eternal damnation.
>>196331 Hey fren I see you trying to preach the bible without knowing it, knock it off I know more ancient languages than you. Just call him a faggot, don't drag demons into this. Demons are cool you faggot.
>>196229 I'd be into it if it was funny, or if it was anything at all. The /lit/ thread has these moments where things fall together and people write things that are actually really amusing in their own unhinged schizo way, and then someone posts one of these memes, and they kill that tangent of creativity flat dead. Is that the joke? The fact that you ruined something that was actually funny, with something that was less funny?
>>196335 >Oh look I'm probably possessed and dominated by a demonic spirit of some form! Go bathe in clean wood smoke you deadite. >>196409 >is the joke ruining something funny with something less funny? Yes. It's to kill momentum and divert attention away from the subject. It always is. That's the point of the joke. And if you complain you get to be another punchline.
>>196414 >I'm using a pop culture term so I know what I'm talking about I swear. Feeling spicy today I see, any other Veggie Tales level quips or are you done pretending you know the slightest of the religion you espouse.
Open file (18.93 KB 548x309 getanaxe.jpg)
>>196421 >I'm totally not a demon guys I promise. So uh...could you like let me out of this root cellar...? Nice try demon. Time to GET AN AXE!
Open file (169.84 KB 2592x1944 Root_Cellar-Maudslay-4-L.jpg)
>>196433 No leave me in the root cellar but heed my words, the one inside your heart is much worse than me.
Open file (318.60 KB 1364x2048 1670198337840.jpg)
>>196434 If you are a cute semen demon I would come hang out with you in the root cellar.
>>196208 Nuzach is the fictional creation of the Ogre's mind as is Zach.
>>196335 >Hey fren I see you trying to preach the bible without knowing it, knock it off I know the Bible, and I know men who know much more about it than myself. AMA fren. >Demons are cool you faggot. Fallen angels are not your friend. Their destruction is already certain. Unless you're a complete reprobate, then yours isn't yet. Why not repent instead? :^)
>>196475 >I am trapped in the Abrahamic matrix mindset Weird flex, and not OK.
>>196475 Spose it's finally time to powerlevel about my degree in theology huh?
>>196477 Sure if that's what you wish, fire away. I dropped out of HS myself, heh. :^)
>>196479 Very cute. I'll bring out the kibbles n' bits. :^)
>>196481 Kinda missed the point, God's not here.
>>196483 >Kinda missed the point You did, I think. :^) >God's not here. Lol. >"If I ascend to the heavens, You are there; if I make my bed in Sheol, You are there." https://biblehub.com/psalms/139-8.htm (BSB)
>>196488 This is not the heavens now is it?
>>196491 To expand; What exactly do you think Revelations was? It happened in 200AD >we are in hell, >we have been in hell, the Demiurge rules this earth you.
>>196491 >>196492 The keys of Death, Hell, and the grave have been taken from Satan, him being beaten naked, bloody, and toothless. All authority from God has been given back to the sons of Adam, in particular to Christians. God is here among us, and Satan's destruction is certain heh. The Hound of Heaven can run you down no matter where you try to hide, fren. :^)
>>196493 No dude I'm saying that Gehenna is still open and just like six days meant six eons so too was it not shut instantly. >We must go through this perdition knowing that Christ can only save >our souls and not our mortal lives for the Devil did win and >we must wait for Jesus to come again and seal Ghehenas Gates. 177 more years.
>>196494 Hell will certainly swallow up everyone in open rebellion to God. So yea. It's smoke ascends forever, and it's worm never dies. Alternately, you can choose all Eternity with the Great God who made you and loved you enough to suffer Hell on your behalf instead. I'd suggest this approach for you instead Anon. Cheers. :^)
>>196475 >>196476 >>196477 >>196478 >>196479 >>196483 >>196488 >>196491 >>196492 >>196493 >>196494 See this is the kind of crazy that helped ruin /tv/. Each one of these nuts wanted to make /tv/ their own personal fiefdom to spread their crazy and couldn't handle the not completely insane people posting there. And no I don't want either one of you trying to flex your bullshit at me I don't believe it I've got other things going on and not a single moment of anything you'll say will benifit me in any way shape of form.
>>196498 I'm legitimately just bored.
>>196499 Which lolcow member of the tvch administration are you?
>>196501 What is this? Some kind of Spanish inquisition?
>>196502 Sí. Responder a la preГунтa, por favor.
>>196509 Die platespic!
>>196515 vol3 detected shameful sweeping!
>>196498 /tv/ has always been the thinking anon's /b/.
>>196519 That explains the non-stop barrage of nіggеr dick spam…
>>196517 This is boring now, I'm going to bed
>>196521 But whomst will defend Gahoole’s honor when you are sleeping?
>>196524 He doesn't need defending really, anyone aligned against the council of evil looks like a fucking retard so who gives a hoot? I just shitpost and derail threads and also gayop Jersh inducing schizophrenia onto the faggot bickers fuck him.
>>196526 Do us all a favor and stick to tvch. There are enough spastics here without you adding more unhinged shitposts and nonsense to the pile.
>>196526 >Council of Evil Lol Oh no no no! Don't get too close to those guys! I heard something might be brewing up. Gahoole the sex assaulting pederast rape victim might be the least of it. There's rumors now that someone was straight up groomed as a kid. We'll have to see what develops on this new front! Any guesses who might have had their donuthole fingered behind the furnace?
Months ago it was said that Nuzach was one or two anons with association with Plategang and zzzchaG​AMERGATEs, this thread and how they have been actively trying to attack gahoole and people associated with Gahoole is the final proof. Touch grass. >>196305 You're so easily baited, Nuzach. >>196288 What a massive cope and revisionism
>>196229 The truth is, Nuzuch just like Zach likes to spam G​AMERGATE dicks, it's been a few months since he's done this as far as I know. Consider the following, Nuzach always cried about "nazis", "manchild from /cow/", "small white dicks", "Vargoon" etc. It's obvious why memes about interracial porn and being a cuckold don't bother him as much. I recall he once got butthurt for being called Acidkike, even though I doubt he's Acid. He like some fags from /christian/ don't like "nazis" and Varg, but he's perfectly okay about interracial shit. It was always so obvious.
Open file (831.38 KB 1002x1344 gahoole_dark.png)
>>196541 >>196547 Yeah I would say this is a pretty accurate take, the main nuzach is the guy who always posts "/cow/shitter, vargcoon, nazi, tiny white dick" while the other anon associated with his faggotry is that guy with terrible grammar who always seems to cozy up to people he perceives are his "enemies" enemies. Not sure he is actually with platespics but as of now I think both now are trying to shill for them I would say it is just a case of what I said in particular, you can never know with these discord faggot types. He always tries to cause a problem on the site but than becomes the first to "alert those idiot mods" that the site is "being killed" ironically enough by his spam. For some reason he continues to spam his narrative on /cow/ and for whatever reason they try to go to other sites and even on jewtube accounts to try to personal army, the butthurt is strong.
Open file (27.16 KB 600x450 conanlet.jpg)
>>196549 >guy with terrible grammar I am a guy with terrible grammar, only recently have I seen someone like that join them, way before the zzzchaG​AMERGATEs used to sperg out about "ESL's" from "/cow/" being their alogs bickers an ESL and I were the ones complaining about the toddlerapish (maybe Eden, Koi or Mark) anon from /japan/, /b/ and /v/ in zzzchan. This same guy was the one who used to get angry if anyone criticizing his excessive sweating made a mistake, be grammatical and typo, as if that completely invalidates the fact that he actively jerk off to cp and lolishit. He was one of the first of Nuzachs, easy to be noticed by this demeanor and the hatred he harbors for Gahoole. More recently, on tvch, he has started to be accused of being Bryan Dunn as he likes to write long essays about Gahoole being a "pedo" together with Axle, and last week he was for some reason very nervous about a Daiymo thread on tvch. Basically, yes, there are several Nuzachs, the point was never that, one of these Nuzachs in particular always thought that invalidated his alogs, but I always knew it was a loose group of people with similar talking points. >cozy up to people he perceives are his "enemies" enemies. Months ago, one of these Nuzaches started to worshiping the ground that Asston Parks crawls on, he used to post pro-Asston posts both on tvch and the cyclical thread.
>>196554 Don't worry anon, I know not everyone with bad grammar is a nuzach, you at least try.
Open file (18.91 KB 400x400 2QEsdokL.jpg)
>>196541 >>196547 >>196549 Clearly you two mouth breathing mongrels are the two last cucks who frequent tvch other than the jannies and the ogre himself. He even have you two dregs posting his OC (do not steal) JBalvin anti-meme, and edits of him wearing a toy wrestling belt that have to be shooped to hide his beergut and ogre-like balding head. No amount of seething and coping about your headcanon and boogeymen will ever bring back the glory days of 8chan /tv/ before the ogre took over, or bring back tvch from life support. No amount of denial and copium will bring back Gahoole’s laptop from the feds, or any of the non-shitposters to the site. If sycophants and house nіggеr bots like you two are the last anons left on tvch, then its death cannot come soon enough.
>>196541 >>196547 >>196549 >>196554 Holy shit it's Cuckensteins's monster! The ultimate sigma male grindset! Yeah, suck that ogre's cock! Get down there and tongue those tiny balls! Get the taint! Yeah! >>196554 Lol this is such an excellent amount of cope. Reality is Gahoole is Nuzach and you guys simply aren't as smart as you thought. Nobody thought you guys were funny, or clever, or talented, so they left. Your memes were bad, you weren't interesting, and nobody wanted to listen to anything you have to say. So they left. They left bickers of Gahoole and they left bickers of you, and they aren't coming back. And they were the good posters. Sorry vol3, sorry action5, but all your effort is pissed away bickers a fat bald sex offending retard convinced himself that he was what anons anted instead of what anons told him they wanted. Nobody wanted his fag friends spam, nobody wanted Sneedious and his molibery crew there (the guy that got doxxed for all the spam, you know who he is.), nobody wanted Gahoole having his autistic meltdowns behind the scenes banning people and lying about it. Enjoy your dead faggot site, and enjoy the drama addicted no life faggots that you've chosen to make the focus of your life, like that doesn't prove how absolutely pathetic you are. Fuck off you dumb gayoping tranny. You lost. Get over it. Everyone knows who Gahoole is, they know who the spammers are, and nobody wants to have anything to do with the site or the people still posting there. You have to come here to get attention now.
>>196563 I like how they showed up after >>196530 hinted about more juicy council leaks. Kind of telling that they come out with 'facts' that only they know about when someone threatens to release more details about how degenerate the council really is. Besides, everyone knows the spammers are Gahoole, the old /dup/ owner, sneed and his faggot friends, and the street shitter crossposter.
Gahoole is such a failure at life he couldn't even succesfully rape a girl. What kind of pussy gets accused of rape but still doesn't manage to get laid? That's fucking pathetic. Gahoole can wrestle Adam to the ground and keep him pinned dick to dick for hours but gets beaten up by a crying roastie while trying to tear her pants off. Loser.
>>196322 kys, troon >>196229 kys, troon >>196498 it's just tvtroons. The troon brain is not very stable bickers of the hormonal imbalance. They seethed over this thread hard and are not shitting it up with troonery. >>196541 kill yourself >>196547 >Nuzach there is no such poster, tvtroon, it's just your drug addled troon brain popping off. >>196549 >>196554 kys tvtroons
>>196598 Hang yourself platetroon.
>>196600 kys tvtroon
>>196598 >>196600 >>196636 You know what's sad? I have it on good authority that one of the parties invovled with spamming tv also attempted to spam /cow/ bickers of this thread, but bickers /cow/ has effective moderation the spammer was completely PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd every time and has yet to disrupt the board the way they were able to run rampant over the Ghoul's site. It's fucking odd how the spammer shows up in /cow/ to defend the ogre's honor. Of course the moderation here doesn't hash i.p and there's i.d for every poster in every thread so it's much harder to samefag control of the narrative like on /tv/, where the moderation uses poster i.d to try and openly dox and attack their own users.
The vols are now shadowbanning people, I got banned for posting my opinion about a show. While another anon got banned for posting a screenshot from one of gahoole friends.
Open file (79.55 KB 1505x340 oldfag trsperg.png)
Open file (66.82 KB 535x656 trsperg.png)
Remember, "TRSperg" tried to save everyone with the truth, but he got hunted by Pedohoole and his minions.
>>197046 TRSperg was a massive faggot who mysteriously left after bragging about having sex with a 30+ married woman and who disappeared as soon as gator was doxxed. He deleted his entire 8chan folder bickers he was afraid some dumb whore would find it, talk about pathetic.
>>197045 It's not reddit, they just ban you. Gahoole tried playing around with an anti-spam script or bot but he couldn't get it to work properly. Gahoole's banned plenty of posters permanently for seemingly small things, I know he banned a bunch of furfags for posting saucy cat pictures in a spoilered porn thread, I know he's banned people for talking about how much of a faggot pederast Dj Axle the furfag is (weird how Gahoole hates furfags and doesn't want them posting on his site, but his new patron and Edaddy is a homosexual pedo fur who just went to a furry con), he's banned people for making fun of him being a bald loser. He's banned people for pointing out that his dad Tom and his mom Connie both think he's a failure, a loser, and gay. (Which is brutal bickers on facebook they look like such a happy family, Margo thinks he's such a great boy! Does she know he'd rape a 10 year old girl if he could get away with it? I'm one of his mom's facebook friends lol it's pretty funny. ) Too bad about your sister there Patrick, she was cute looking for a big girl, I'd have fucked the shit out of her stupid irish looking ass. Anyways, he's banned people for posting memes at the spammers, he's banned people that have complained to him about the spammers, he's never managed to ban the spammers though. He banned a bunch of people for being emojitroon bickers emojitroon posting almost became a funny meme until people got banned bickers he can't tell the difference between sarcasm, irony, and emojitroon. I think he even banned the forgotten realms erotic fanfiction guy for something I'm not sure about that one but I remember someone saying that's why it stopped >>197046 >>197051 TRSperg was annoying as fuck. A broken clock might be right at least twice a day, but that bitch still getting thrown in the trash.
>>197127 *Sorry, Colleen, not Connie. Patrick's mom's name is Colleen, I'm just looking at Connie Robinson's facebook, she works at Pat's old school, I just want to get her recommendation on an old student, ask her some questions. Perfectly legal questions any member of the public can ask about a potential hire or intern. You know, silly stuff like that.
>>197127 >Gahoole tried playing around with an anti-spam script or bot but he couldn't get it to work properly Why doesn't he enable captchas??
>>197182 bickers it wasn't about stopping spam. He could have whitelisted. He could have restricted image posting to fixed long term i.p addresses, he could have enabled post i.d, he could have restricted image posting to a post/word count tied to i.p/i.d and then banned people trying to circumvent that through word spam, he could have done a few things. The antispam bot was the ogre's attempt at shadow banning or limiting the amount that certain anons could post. A captcha doesn't circumvent actual posters, just bots and spam attacks. Gahoole wanted to limit anon's posts without banning the poster.
Child porn up on tvch's /dup/ board for more than 2 hours. If it was a naked adult woman the picture would have been deleted and the poster banned, right now Gahoole's trying to figure out how to make the guy who posted it a mod. Vol3, how does it feel knowing that Gahoole killed tv being an autistic liar? How does it feel knowing that no matter what he wants to say the reason tv failed and died was bickers of the creepy autistic sex offender in charge of the website and running the show? Lol vol3 doesn't care, he'll be glad when tv closes.
>>197222 vol3 is actually a /cow/boy and the biggest Gahoole alog there is. It is all some elaborate deep gay op just to mess with the ogre and kick off another FBI raid and finally get the site taken down for good.
Open file (394.57 KB 600x600 Gahoole.png)
cheese pizza and nіggеr dicks still up on tvch
>>197222 >>197239 Child porn up for 4 hours now. According to Gahoole all cp is instantly deleted or has never once been posted on his website depending on who's asking him. Get Gahoole's attention by posting a white woman with big tits and he'll show up to ban you.
tvch has a strange tranny agenda. Why is so much tranny porn posted and then defended by the mods?
>>197247 Who do you think started Ramonposting? Could it be the same loli lover who had their sister troon out? Hmmm…
>>197250 What's wrong with loli
>>197298 >I'm a sweaty gamer Technically nothing except that everyone invovled are in the closet pedos that can't admit what they are. It's just drawings, but it's drawings of kids. So you know, the whole kid thing. >>197250 Gahoole freaks out about trannies and tells everyone no trannies allowed on tv. Now on television, Ramon posting, trannies openly post about wanting to fuck kids, about being gay, trannies follow Gahoole online and try to buddy buddy with him, offer him life advice, defend him when people say mean things. Gahoole says no cp, he gets raided by the F.B.I for child porn, his group of internet friends are outed as sex offenders, cp gets spammed to his site and stays up way longer than it should, the whole thing about him masturbating to cartoon children way too much to the point where he openly says he has a problem. Gahoole says no furfags, starts sucking off an openly gay pedo furfag. At this point there's not much to say, the joke writes itself. You know if Gahoole starts talking about no gays allowed and how him and Adam are completely straight that within a year they'll be married and/or transitioning.
>>197367 >i am a mojcaesar187ag also >gahoole got raided for cp and no cp was found so i will say that he's a sweaty gamer hoarding cp for no reason
>>197552 The astroturfers are honestly retarded, Gahooles got facts to back up he's not a pedo. At most he's a bisexual bottom who got Catfished into exposing his asshole, he's autistic and couldn't handle running an image board. So what? That's why he's a funny bumbling dude I enjoy, idk how these morons can manage to hate him like what has Gahoole done to scare them so much? Is it just getting banned from his site? Switch IPs nigga, it ain't like that's an archival site so why care about shitposts being deleted? It's fucking pathetic but I'm going to have to openly shame these retards so they stop shitting things up. They should just make up ridiculous stories about him and be funny about it not go uhhhh the FBI cleared him so he's a pedo when really no any image board site who's owner gets raided by the FBI isn't as investigated, the criminal doesn't own the image board so they don't seize the attackers computer, they seize the devices with all the fucking evidence. Either the sektur is flooded with children or people seriously can't think their lies through to an unhealthy degree that just allows facts to speak louder to the people who actually do shit around here. It's just hot air and it's boring and that's the big thing here. Nontent of the highest degree.
>>197552 >>197554 Oy vey, it was a (((coincidence)))!!!!
>>197557 So when they seize a public server for evidence does that mean the public is a pedo? 🤔
>>197554 >The astroturfers are honestly retarded, Gahooles got facts to back up he's not a pedo. 🧹 So what if he was raided by the feds and openly lusts after underage anime characters on Twitter? So what if “someone” posts cheese pizza and spams nіggеr dicks on his site and it stays up for hours? He’s said his not a pеdo, and that’s good enough for me.
>>197563 That's kind of my point, the lolicon shit is a better proof of being a pedo, use that instead of harping on something that can logically be explained from multiple angles. The Loli shit is cut and dry here.
Open file (299.25 KB 600x600 Gahoole The Whale.png)
>>197566 Why not mention the FBI cheese pizza raid then? He still hasn’t been given back his laptop. God only knows what nefarious stuff they found on that; snuff? loli? After the happened in 2020 he put up the disclaimer reading: “Luckily I’m not a fucking pеdophіle so I should get my PC back eventually, but who knows when that will be.” Can I mention his friendship with notorious loli aficionado (((Mark Mann)))? When you put all these separate things together, it paints a rather sinister picture of the supposedly friendly ogre.
>>197570 It does but the issue is he has a reasonable out for his devices being seized since he hosted his own site from them. Point out the bitch tit Mark thing, that also works. Thing is dude >we all know so I'll ask ya what I asked someone else about Barnhill, is there new information? If not why bring it up, that makes >us think you expect >us to do something about it. There's nobody left to convince fren, post the evidence or be funny about it that's all I'm asking. It's just stale to see the FBI thing repeated forever when logically like I said if he was innocent(which I kinda doubt)it'd still be seized cause he's a dumbass who personally hosted his shit instead of using a rented server.
>>197570 If they found something he would be arrested by now, or they are putting some magic tmp files in the cookies for a nice arrest on piggie there.
>>197552 >>197554 >>197573 >>197575 If it was just one thing then acussing Gahoole of being a pedo would be a normal internet handshake. But it isn't just one coincidence. It's not just Mark Mann, OR Dj Axle, OR trifox, or Wolfspider, or the other anime arists/loli whatever. It's that he's friends with MULTIPLE pedos. It's not just the cp spam that was ignored for hours in exchange for vigourosly censoring boobs, or the F.B.I raid, or the love of loli porn, it's ALL of those things. He loves loli porn, was raided for cp (if it was just cartoons in the states it might not be enough to send him to big boy jail), the cp porn, him calling everyone a pedo WHILE he has so many associations to actual out in the open pedos, I mean where there's smoke there's fire. Gahoole at the VERY VERY VERY least is a lolicon. That is a matter of fact. GAhoole is a lolicon, indisputable. Whether or not it goes deeper is for other people to say.
>>197554 1. Fuck off tranny faggot. You're like those twitter loser sucker fish that attach themselves to some z-celeb snail at the bottom of the internet aquarium, offering them weight advice and health tips, 'If you listen to me and follow my advice you'd be so much more popular/better off that you are now' 2. Gahoole hasn't scared anyone, He destroyed a really cool community by being a complete autistic shithead about running his site. Gahoole's a fat asshole who suckered people into thinking /tv/ was a legitimate bunker when it was just a gay little hangout for his members only fagmemes. There's a reason that Gahoole's website went from a couple hundred people to maybe 20. His discords have a hundred or so members but only 5 or six ever say anything, those are dead, meanwhile the discord created by smart people after Gahoole's first discord got banned is thriving, a few hundred members, comics and webseries, people are animating and putting together pilots, video games, writing stories, you name it. What's Gahoole and his friends doing or creating? Drama videos about how gay they all are. 3.You should be ashamed for breathing. Your parents are shamed everytime they think of their child, raising him to become a toady ogre-fucker. Gahoole isn't some loveable goofball. He's a fucking chore to talk to personally about anything and that's from several people, the only time he actually responds is if you suck his dick, which is not happening bickers he's not worth it. He's an upper middle class anime loving softboy. He's literally one of those 'privileged' white kids that sat around and developed the personality of a marshmallow. He doesn't do anything other than 'run' /Tv/ and make videos about him being fat and ugly. Everything he does is a bad fanfiction rip off of something else. >>197594 >>197367 5. Everything about him is sooooooo coincidental. Aaaaalllll the time. Regardless of your strawman response, it really is true about Gahoole scerams the loudest about what he doesn't want you looking at. Yeah he really hates furries, he bans people for making fun of DJ axle the pedofur. Yeah he hates trannies, he's surrounded by them. Oh yeah he must really hate cp, just look at all the evidence, healthy group of friends absolutely not into cp or loli in any way, no f.b.i investigation bickers normal people usually don't get those, the history of lolicon doesn't exist at all of coures, completely clean he checks out! Come on, that's the joke! And you want us to leave Gahoole alone bickers he's crying about how mean people have been to him? Maybe he shouldn't have fucked around with people that are way faster on the ball then some weird fat kayfabe loving mental midget and the posse of misfit trannies and closet gays that have chosen to make him their gay titty lolcow mascot. >Gahooles got facts to back up he's not a pedo Bullshit. Present them. He was in Hawaii when someone was on his laptop jerking off to cartoon kids or whatever porn he's got such a huge problem with? He's got more strikes against him than he does for him.
>>197603 It seems like you missed the point I was making by taking everything at face value and I apologize for forgetting I shouldnt be sarcastic on this board. My only actual point is >we all know his devices got seized but he can make excuses that are logical which he cannot do for the other accusations leveyed against him, some by himself. I play devil's advocate to cut off excuses, I don't really have a desire to white knight others, just go over what they have and I do it the most when what they have makes sense. Whatcha want me to do? Kill his site off? It's dead lol. Legit this >There's nobody left to convince fren, post the evidence or be funny about it that's all I'm asking. It's just stale to see the FBI thing repeated forever when logically like I said if he was innocent(which I kinda doubt)it'd still be seized cause he's a dumbass who personally hosted his shit instead of using a rented server. >>197594 >GAhoole is a lolicon, indisputable. Whether or not it goes deeper is for other people to say. Gahoole is going to go deeper into those kids he kidnapped from the bus stop last Thursday the tenth of March at 7:26PM, I sure hope nobody tries any vigilante justice to free those kids and let the cops slowly bungle another investigation.
>>197605 Doesn't make sense* and I fucked up the greentext but really dude I'm just repeating myself in that post anyways.
>>197605 I'm used to being in attack mode so I'm going to apologize for coming out strong. I get the point you're making about people beating that one point about the f.b.i into the dirt. Yeah that horse is dead. There's a pile of dead horses at this point. Just saying 'F.B'I' raid can get tedious but that's not all he's getting nailed on and the posters here aren't spamming 'pedopedofatpedo' over and over, there's some nice variety in the insults. Someone said they knew they were being petty posting here and I'll admit that this is petty bullying, however it's the kind of bullying that the victim invited on themselves. He's legit lucky too, he's not smart about his data and there are people that could really mess with him. Call his mom and dad up type of shit. I'm fucking shocked someone hasn't just for shits and giggles but I already said he's lucky. Gahoole could be crying about people swatting his parents right now but someone else already told everyone to take it easy on Gahoole. For no known reason that I can think of considering Gahoole was the rudest piece of shit to him. It actually stuns me how lucky that fatboy is when it comes to him poking his head out in the internet.
Open file (8.13 MB 464x262 zzzz.gif)
Open file (44.84 KB 756x744 my-bad.jpg)
>>197609 Thank you, I understood your frustration which is why I explained myself without being catty. >He's legit lucky too, he's not smart about his data and there are people that could really mess with him. Call his mom and dad up type of shit. He's very lucky and was very close to getting this treatment though I'm not sure if I can ground him like I have for others so I hadn't pulled the trigger besides the fact that others anons know the lore far better than I and thus could explain to his parents easier. Thing I often find is shitty people come from shitty parents so often I have to ask myself, will the parents care? Will it do anything? I don't mind cow tipping if it's for a good reason or is funny and harmless but it really comes down to me thinking it wouldn't do anything if I tried. Might do it later and record it just for kahhhhhnnnnntent but if he gets too bad it would be easier and better to just compile a dossier on him and give it to the local neighborhood watch who aren't really bound by law and also bored enough to accept this kinda shit unlike say police kek. Ultimately there's just so many out and proud paedos to deal with, I've got the time but I'm really just a dog that needs directions and objectives or I'll only do it if I find it personally funny. And nah it's my bad, sarcasm doesn't translate at all though text but everyone hates tone indicators and I haven't been able to keep my irl habits from bleeding in. >>197613 Lmao yeah yeah ik ik
>>197614 >like I have for others You haven't done anything to anyone bickers you're a keyboard warrior
>>197655 Nah, I got a 29 year old woman grounded for two weeks by calling her mother, the other poster brought the concept up or I'd not mention it as honestly crank calling isn't impressive, it's just good fun any troll should partake in at least once. It was funny, I don't have 'enemies' or 'alliances' and just don't mind being friendly in general so not really much of a warrior even. But back to Gahoole, last I heard he crossed the Florida border in a bid to escape authorities and it's unknown at this time if the three adolescent girls are with him in the vehicle or if they have already been butchered and put in his chest freezer as a taunt to the local police and the FBI. BE AWARE THERE IS AN OVERINFLATED BALDING SEX DOLL ON THE LOOSE, IF YOU SEE GAHOOLE DO NOT ENGAGE AS HE IS CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS
>>197655 I dare you to say that to my face not the internet I'm a 6'9 300 pound navy seal green beret and I could karate chop you so hard your neck breaks my hands are lethal weapons I have to register them in every state I go to or I could go to jail for concealed weapons if I get into a fight. You try messing with me and you get the horns man you understand what I'm saying bickers game on time I become a raging bull you don't want this fury I come at you like an animal just imagine your on the farm in my pasture with your pants down messing around with one of my sexy cows you better be ready man better believe I come out of the air like a screaming bundle of muscle and sinew, three hundred pounds of pure chredded death machine ready to pounce and tear you apart. Yeah you better be afraid you step to this you better know how to dance, you better be a ballerina of mortal combat or you won't even last five seconds in my deadly tango of death. >>197614 I know you from somewhere other than tv, I def recongnise that semi-sperg style.
>>197614 Just keep bumping into each other everywhere. This is like the 5th place. >>197655 Can dial a phone while seated
Open file (69.65 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (6).jpg)
>>197858 Bait me once, shame on me, bait me you can't bait me again. >>197678 Lol yeah I'm prolific.
>site is dead as fuck for days <Hmmm, I guess I'll keep deleting and banning users bickers they had a different opinion about a certain show or music The absolute state of tvch, the site is just like zzzchan at this point, dead, with only coomers and the vols themselves posting. My post on /ost/ with a music got deleted. Why? I don't know. Having soyjak.party people being mods is the bottom of the barrel. What's next? People will be banned for using the term "tranny" bickers some of the mods are e-dating trannies or are trannies themselves? I'll tell you all, just stop posting in the site for at least one month. Let's see how the Ogre will cope, if he cares anything about the site anymore. Oh, wait, he doesn't care at all! Gahoole only care about e-celeb drama, foxdickfarms and forcing memes in his shitty life streams. At least he could give the domain of the site to someone better who actually care about /tv/.
Open file (28.85 KB 407x539 glownigger.jpg)
>>197051 >>197127 >>197129 Look, the local Ogre's sissies are ready to suck the small deformed dick of their master. >seething and gaslighting this hard about "TRSperg" Oh, boy!!! The fact that an actual oldfag from 8chan was right and you newfags are so happy that he, a dissident voice is gone, says enough how nu/cow/ operates. As a matter of fact, "TRSperg" only showed hated for feds... I guess the people ITT are right after all, you guys are feds. <meds! schizo! Like "TRSperg" used to say "okay tvchtroon".
>>197868 You're a strange little idiot and you should fuck off back to /tv/ where your stupid shit goes unnoticed by the resident retards. Nobody needs gaslighting G​AMERGATE trannies making comments on people's posts when that's not what the posts say. You probably are TRSperg, still fucking dumb as shit, too stupid to understand when people agree with you but still don't like you. Fucking assbandit, suck Blaine's dick.
>>197877 >You're my boogeyman! You're a little idiot! The argumentative skills and mental stability of a woman (or someone who at least likes to pretend to be one). You probably are TRSperg No, I am Jason.
Open file (13.59 KB 221x228 download (18).jpeg)
>>197877 >Fucking assbandit, suck Blaine's dick.
>>183913 >>184073 >>185459 >>197877 Hi Bryan, where's the paternity test?
>>197881 >I'm not trsperg I'm the guy that licks his ass clean on the weekends! Jason's gay. >>197883 >My boogeyman How's it going over there these days. You guys...uh...seem...well...Is everything ok?
>>197881 >No, I am a pajeet Don't you have a street to be shitting in? >PLEASE SHOW BOOBA AND VAGEN You've used that a lot and you're either afrraid of women (likely), dream about being a woman (likelier), or you're a south asian pajeet woman larping as an icelandic tranny (likeliest). >>197882 I'm just trying to get you laid
Open file (434.06 KB 626x854 brazilian doggo.png)
>Gahoole goons are so fucking PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd to the point of trying to mimic ChadZach aka Nuzach style of replies to finally get a W Nuzach won. Emojitroon won. Trsperg won. Tarrantdup won. All the chads boogeymen won.
>>197908 Lol perpetually buttmad pajeet foid.
>>197911 YWNBAM, blaine.
>>197916 Yes femboys will never be men, thank you. >>197894 I'm a sapiosexual so while I appreciate it there's not many I'd open my legs for in the sektur.
Someone created a thread in /dunk/ asking: Why nobody posted anything here in the last 14 hours??? The thread got deleted. I guess the mods and discordfags are here, doing damage control for their Fed Ogre, instead of posting in their own site. The site officially died. >>197222 It happens every time, cp or black dicks always stay up for hours, anything making the vols mad is deleted in a few minutes. I've seen people post screenshots of cp staying for almost 18 hours without being deleted, the vols just acting up when the anons revolted against it. But I'm sure it's pure chance...
>>197916 If I was Blaine you'd suck my dick in a fit of trannylust. >>197923 Of course they'd delete a thread like that, it's drama bait. Nobody posts bickers the only people left are Gahoole's little cliche of soyjakers and trannyites. They are here in this thread too, pissing their pants about not being able to delete the thread and ban everyone involved, knowing all the terrible things said about Gahoole are true and not having the guts to say anything about it. Mark Mann was a more successful board owner in the long run than Gahoole. Cakejew beat the Ogre. At least Gahoole has his spot on DJ Axle's discord channel.
>>197923 >I guess the mods and discordfags are here, doing damage control for their Fed Ogre, instead of posting in their own site. Exactly that, now they are trying to do gayops and fit in with the cool guys. Even their tranny pet Blaine is here. Nuzach really destroyed them. Emojitroon really cucked vol3 really hard.
>>197941 Stfu Nuzach I'm not their pet you're just too spergy for even me is all.
Open file (12.86 KB 448x479 7d4.png)
>>197943 Nuzach is destroying tvch and scaring off users. Nuzach is costing tvch money. Nuzach is bullying users of this site. Nuzach is causing every problem on tvch. Every post that I disagree with is Nuzach. Nuzach is responsible for everything on every board at all times. Nuzach is every moderator and every shitposter. Nuzach is the pedo poster and the anti-pedo poster. Nuzach is every user everywhere at all times. Nuzach creates the dankest memes but they are too powerful so they will destroy us. How did this happen? How did 10-15 shitposters become so powerful that they are everywhere at all times. The answer is that he is a Jew. He was always a Jew. We must put an end to the Nuzach reign of terror. I say we raid zzzchan into oblivion and send him back to where he came from. Nuzach must be destroyed before it is too late. If Nuzach is not destroyed he will destroy tvch. Just as the Jews with to take over the world Nuzach wishes to take over tvch. Just today Nuzach posted BBC porn and blamed it on tvch Even though everyone on tvch is also Nuzach this cannot be allowed to stand We must take our website back from the dangerous shitposters that call themselves Nuzach. Nuach is the cancer killing tvch. Nuzach is spreading aids. Even though we ourselves are Nuzach. Nuzach is the G​AMERGATE of tvch. Nuzach is the illegal immigrant of tvch. Nuzach is the boat people. Nuzach is smell. Nuzach made the ogre sad. Nuzach will stop at nothing to destroy us all. Nuzach will destroy us for our own good. Nuzach is the hero we deserve but not the one we want right now. So we will hunt him. bickers he can take it. Nuzach is crashing this website with no survivors. Nuzach is a big guy for you. If we remove Nuzach will it kill him? It would be extremely painful. Remove the Nuzach now.
>>197938 >Cakejew beat the Ogre Not difficult when Gahoole doesn't even try.
At this point this entire thread is just nuzach and emojitroon talking to each other. Makes me unironically miss Ravenfag and Zach, they were at least fun, and didn't post child porn.
>>198005 Your mom posts child porn faggot.
>>198005 Maybe if you suck Gahoole's dick hard enough Ravenfag and Zach will come back! Right now this thread is more active than the entire other board at /tv/. You faggots are coming here, not the other way around. How much child porn has been posted in this thread ocmpared to /tv/ in the last...say 23 hours? Oh shit this thread already won? Looking bad for /tv/, you might have to switch over to /cow/ for all your conversational needs.
>>197938 >they are here in this thread too, pissing their pants about not being able to delete the thread and ban everyone involved. This so much. This thread is literally /cow/ vs tvtroon mods. Tvtroon mods are hands down the worst moderators I've seen in 10 years of imageboard frequenting. No one on 8chan comes close. The true scum of the Earth.
>>198032 Idunno, there one janny over at (((Mark Manns’))) honeypot who is by far the worst and most thin-skinned janny I have ever encountered in all my years. You could, possibly, excuse Gahoole, vol3, and whomstever else are there, as being incompetent, but Vampyr who is in charge of /b/ is just a straight up snowflake who will ban you for anything, delete your and his own posts to make himself come off better. There is one thread about him at their meta site, but no one seems willing to do anything about him.
>>198168 Was he ever a mod for /co/?
>>198182 The mods on the original 8chan were truly awful. Cucked as hell and desperate to silence anyone who disagreed or used gaymer words. Funny how jannies on 8chan would ban someone for edgy language and opinions.
>>198168 MarkMann is one of tvch mods, people are being banned from there if they dare to talk about Mark or anything negative about vtubers.
Hahahahaha! It got worse! I thought /tv/ was a little more active the last day, nope it's all spam and proxy cycling again. I guess you can spam the site as long as it's not a soyjak, a naked black guy, or a naked white woman, the mods on TV left all the trump spam up that the mods on /cow/ got rid of right away (cross poster spams both sites but his spam gets removed from /cow/. Strange.) Right now I have to think that the mods are just plain stupid. No ability to maintain consistent quality, no ability to prevent disruptions and thread derailments, lots of tranny and fag talk, lol tvch is dead. The mods are sucker retards sucking a chomo's babydick, Gahoole's a fag tranny enabler running a dead board for his MAP squad. How do you lose to people that tell you up front they want you to shut your site down, spam and attack threads until every regular poster has left openly and with no attempt to disguise what they're doing, get told or already know who these people are online...in Gahoole's mind this is all one epic own against his haters.
>>198434 Here's a small tidbit of information. I'm not a mod but I did hear some things a while back. About a year and a half ago, Gahoole got really really pissed off at some of his users. You guys know what a power poser or a power account is? Someone that pushes or dominates threads or forum discussions, or has multiple posts per hour, high traffic high post count. Well Gahoole had a fwe posters like that, and for some reason this made him mad. Like, irrationally upset. For some 'unknown' reason Gahoole became furious with the fact that there was a woman posting on the site, that posters were giving her attention, talking to her or about her, he got upset with the esoteric posters, I'm pretty sure he got into a movie debate with one of the power posters and lost bickers he was really focused on a couple of people that really didn't deserve his attention considering the other very problematic posters. These people were getting popular, making names for themselves identity-wise, and apparently Gahoole had a serious problem with this. The thing was that this was all driving activity on the site. It was making people post. Gahoole in essence was upset with his posters for being active and bringing more people to the site. He was angry that people were posting. I think he was pissed that /dunk/ turned into a hangout when he wanted the main board to be /tv/. I don't know, but I do know that when tv was at it's height Gahoole decided that too many people were posting things that he personally didn't like but had no rules against, and that he was going to take care of the situation. And he did. Gahoole traded I don't know how many contributing posters for the ones he has now, and he did it deliberately. He did it on purpose. TVCH right now is the end goal and ultimate vision of Gahoole's success. He really did win, bickers all the posters he doesn't like don't post there any more and that's the only thing that matters, that Gahoole doesn't see things he doesn't like. Lol this is all true by the way, you can ask Gahoole himself if you don't believe me. He hated Mandy, and he hated any anon poster that got too much attention for being smart. Gahoole still posts on TV and he doesn't see any problems with the site after all.
>>198435 That's just what happens to every imageboard ever
>>198436 True, every BO has an ego and since they're the most important person in their world that means the board serves them, not the other way around. I'm surprised it's lasted this long.
Open file (102.27 KB 1512x323 zach int hapa fag.jpg)
>>198434 >>198435 The part about the whore was about the only part that actually happened, but no poster that wasn't a faggot who worships whores wanted her on the site, she was an attention whore that was bullied off the site by most anons. Everything else just sounds like a fanfiction written by someone with clearly malicious intentions. Removing the G​AMERGATEs, disgusting pron and other gross stuff is a minimum thing that mods should do, I also don't see cp to often, and it is still posted unfortunately by who knows what creeps or bots, the fact that it disappears so fast shows that they do still do their jobs. The webring as a whole serves as a place to preserve what little was left of 8chan, sadly anons weren't as unified as most thought, many had already moved on from using image boards or anything 8chan related before the sites death. Most of 8/tv/ was already gone by the time tvch had been founded and it slowly, but unfortunately withered away as time went on. It is unfortunate but this decay has happened to every single board on every single site in the webring, at least for the ones that haven't already disappeared into history. You clearly have some sort of malicious contempt for gahoole and the site which is likely the only reason why you are specifying that "tvch is dead."
>>198444 God zach is so gorgeous. Look at those lashes. The ogre clearly hated zach so much bickers of how stunning zach is and how utterly ugly gayhole is.
.>>198435 >>198444 No, this sounds accurate. This actually makes sense on the timeline and actually isn't the first I've heard something like it. Gahoole freaked out on several posters openly about various things that don't make sense. 'Oh you're talking to a girl! How dare you talk about magic!' >she was an attention whore that was bullied off the site by most anons No, they made fun of the esoteric hitlerism, they bullied the trans faker that tried to make people think he was Mandy. Are you the guy that melts down at the thought of titties? Who cares if some dumb slut's an attention whore on a shitposting board? Is having a bunch of trannies doing the exact same thing only worse a better replacement? No, unless you like dudes. >faggot that worships whores nevermind you're the fucking tranny. Tvch is dead bickers Gahoole went out of his way to kill it you sperg, you probably are Gahoole with the way you defend him. Reminder, he blamed Zach for his cp raid. That's true too, he said it a few times and insinuated it to a bunch of people, always goes out of his way to mention Zach worked at Lockheed and Martin and everyone knows that's where the warrant originated from... Of course he also told people it was his roomate so you can decide. I don't like Gahoole personally bickers he tried to make a friend of mine out to be a pedo. He tried to do it a couple of times and he tried to tell people behind the scenes my friend is a pedo. I have nothing but contempt for Gahoole, you're right, but that doesn't change the fact that the site is dead and the staff is to blame. Mainly Gahoole, but also posters like you. You helped kill tv and for your efforts I thank you.
>>198435 >>198444 >>198463 Yeah I also saw Gahoole freak out on people for posting, Gahoole spent more effort chasing after poster that weren't causing his site problems than he did dealing with tarranttranny and emoji. I don't know what crack >>198444 is smoking but the Mandy threads were some of the best, that bitch was crazy who the fuck knew that nine angle shit even existed? >You don't like Gahoole! No shit you fucking shady-ass revisionist, Gahoole's gone out of his way to be unlikable, and Gahoole's a piece of shit that lies about people. You clearly have some strange dicksucking agenda for Gahoole and won't stop riding his little worm. Are you the one that keeps telling Gahoole everything's ok while everyone leaves bickers they're sick of the bullshit? Good job, he believed you and now TVCH.MOE IS DEAD
>>198444 >>198463 >>198464 Half the posts on the site right now are spam. There's one person very very desperate to make it look like tvch isn't finished, but it's really apparent what he's doing. Half the posts are trump spam, half the posts are from the moliberry Ramonposter Gahoole has to obey or they'll release the nudes they have of him. /TV/ has been taken over by trannies and the only people that post there are the trannies, the mods, and Gahoole.
Are there any /tv/ alternatives at all? Boards that are not dead or ruled over by the likes of Gahoole?
>>198466 No, /tv/ was going to be the big alternative to 4chan but now it's all on discord bickers unfortunately it's got better quality control and posters are vetted. There is no active alternative unless you go to 4ch or find a very small, hidden board with dedicated posters. >>198444 Sorry but too many people have had hands on interaction with Gahoole for anyone to believe this. He did attack a number of innoccuous posters bickers of popularity and activity related issues, he complained to enough people about it at the time, of course it's going to leak out that you don't like the people bringing the most activity to your site.
Open file (267.65 KB 983x2115 IMG_0350.jpg)
>>198465 As the representative tranny of the webring; He's dead TheTheGatorGamerGamer
in fact of course, the /lit/ novel is the only good thing to come out of tvch, and if Gahoole cared about his community, he'd read the whole thing on stream.
>>198500 At first I thought the /lit/ novel was dumb as fuck but then I realized that it's a great community art work. Everyone that wants to can input whatever they want and it can be changed in the next post by whoever else wants to, and it's a great excersise and demonstration in free flow collaberation. I've never posted in the thread but I do think it is one of /tv/'s best oc ideas, even if it's unreadable as an actual novel it deserves recognition.
>>198435 He's a fat piece of worthless shit.
You're a big G​AMERGATE for you.
NEW TVCH BOARD! Gahoole made a video game board to try and draw in the lolifags from the jrpg cliche. The cycle is complete. Gahoole has become Mini-TheTheGatorGamerGamer. No, TheTheGatorGamerGamer's a mincing closet case and Gahoole's a fat fat fat piggy. Gahoole is El Grande TheTheGatorGamerGamer. His own little failure of an 8ch clone, each new board doomed to die before it's even created, with just as many nefarious pedosexuals and tranny gender benders working behind the scenes to insure no-one offends El Grande's delicate sensibilities as he tries to masturbate to his loli pornography in peace. Someone tried to get me to watch his new video but I refused bickers 100% the bulk of the cocks if Gahoole commenting on something he either has no knowledge of or is completely guilty of in return, I notice it's about e-girls so I assume it's Gahoole fuming about women showing their tits online and telling people not to waste their time, making me wonder which e-girl broke the piggy's heart and bank. Gahoole interjecting himself in drama he's completely uninvolved in and offering unsolicited advice is surely not attention whoring in it's own way, it's not like coat riding drama and dropping names is getting him more views than anything relating to his own cocks...Hmmm. Someone should remind Gahoole before he casts any stone at people that he actually had his front door kicked in for CHILD PORN POSSESSION I don't think he's filed the request documents to get his laptop back, usually they'll send something telling you they're busy or they lost it, can't find it, don't want to, but they'll always send something back to tell you why you probably won't get it. If it's the feds they love paperwork so another one they'll send out is one that is a request denial and they'll tell you why and the number one reason for a request denial is that said property is still in active use or if you don't get it, that it is currently 'evidence', which is bad. So Gahoole will guaranteed never be getting that laptop back. Gahoole is a perfect case of the lad doth protest too much, he really only gets loud about two subjects, girls online, and people other than him and the known group of pedos he hangs out with having a pedo problem. What's two or three problems we all know Gahoole has? Has a problem with girls online, has a problem with some kind of porn, whoi knows what kind, and has a problem with knowing a bunch of skeevy little diddlers.
Open file (15.19 MB 480x270 loldidntread.gif)
>>198725 No he was right in that one and even said #notallwomen so not sure why it set you off so much. Dude sucks but this is an odd screed.
>>198730 I didn't watch it, I'm not joking. I have no idea at all what the video is about, I didn't even listen to a description of it. >>198728 >posts a picture of a G​AMERGATE. No shit you didn't't read it, G​AMERGATEs don't read.
>>198725 IT’S (UNIRONICALLY) OGRE I remember he swore he would never make a /v/ board after he supposedly ended things with (((Mark Mann))). >>198728 >glorification of nіggеrs and fastfood Hmmm… I wonder who this could be. If you want to look at cheese pizza and nіggеr dicks you can go back to tvch. No need to sweep here.
>>198728 Hi Gahoole. Thanks for posting more fast food.
Open file (296.29 KB 864x1920 Big guy.jpg)
>>198728 for you
>>198769 lol pun intended
Open file (3.89 MB 1280x720 yakuza room.webm)
Yakuza is spamming on the site but nobody bans him, meanwhile, any post being associated with "Nuzach/Emojitroon" gets deleted and the user permabanned. Is about time to we get a thread about Yakuza and his dox. Imagine being in your 50's and spamming imageboards. Imagine being addicted to blacked, jav and tranny porn.
>>198444 Seethe more, essayfag, you're a fucking loser, your only three skills in life are sucking mods cocks, acting like a sperg and making shitty oc's about your boogeymen.
>>198810 >>198811 You talk about "boogeymen" meanwhile you just whine and bitch about other anons all the time, a bit ironic nuzach.
>>198820 Go shit up /tv/ you unwanted moliberry faggot, take your tranny loser meme and go back to your shit pile with the rest of the pedo tranny rejects. Nobody wants to talk to you that's why everyone left and literally don't post there, so we don't have to talk to the faggots from Gahoole the child rapist's website.
>>198820 >posts troon porn he jerks off to "ironically" >Muh Nuzach Yup, it's a Moliberry troon!
Open file (1.98 MB 640x360 1661767926602.webm)
>>198846 Nonsense, I was jerking off to (cute) troons (ironically) for years and years before I started Ramonposting.
>>198864 kys fr
>>198864 >Blaineposting
Is Cakejew a mod or the BO for the new board? And why Gahoole created a new vidya board, when alogspace has a vidya board? Is the Ogre not that friendly with the Guntstream fags anymore?
>>198868 Clearly not
Open file (4.27 MB 611x462 Super Ramon smite.gif)
Open file (7.65 MB 854x480 alogs_jbalvin.mp4)
>>198844 >>198846 >Jewzach is seething with Ramonposter number 2 Hi, I am the anon who brought back Ramonposting but in fact I'm just an anon with no discord involvement, unlike you, discordspic. I am an "elderfag" and OC creator of many memes from back 8chan days and most recently J Balvin webms. These memes are primarily created to try to bring the spirit of /tv/ back and for anons to have some entity to relate to regardless of the situation. Vide J Balvin, Rex Viper, Harvey Weinstein, Emma Stone, The Rock and Ramon. But spergs such as yourself and Zach just gave more strength to these memes and extra reasons to other anons to post them. Let me tell you something, I don't jerk off to porn, be it straight or not, 2D or 3D, and usually I am an anti-coomer. But I know for a fact that you are the typical degenerate who gets mad at others being degenerates, so you feel the need to project and act like a moralist. In short, you are a legitimate hypocrite and autistic. >>198864 I know you're falseflagging, but whatever, Nuzach is such a sperg he will seethe even with your small shitpost.
>>198886 The true ramonfag is based and redpilled as he should be.
>>198888 Blessed Quads.
Open file (23.31 KB 1502x109 ClipboardImage.png)
>>198725 wow bud, you should be careful now, essayfag aka the mr fellation aka the britbong using a voicechancer is after you!!!! he'll do bad oc's about you and join the gahoole stream to cry about your "essays" >>198886 >>198892 >>198888 kill yourself tvtroon
>>198886 >I'm a true faggot! Weird flex to be bragging about getting dicks shoved up your ass, but since you're gay apparently that's how you fags behave. Kys.
Open file (65.60 KB 225x300 Ramon.jpg)
>>198905 Bigots like you have no place on tvch. Ramonposting is sort of a last implicit stand of imageboard culture, and as long as the tranny is cute and feminine, it is not even gay, even if you are the bottom. It is literally nothing worse than getting pegged.
>>198911 Kys tvtroon
Open file (3.82 MB 370x377 1679310172099.gif)
Open file (3.82 MB 370x377 1679310172099.gif)
>>198911 You triggered these newfags hard, semper fudgedelicious.
>>198918 >blaineposting So it's true the spammer is one of Gahoole's fag friends.
>>198920 I have no idea dude, all I know is a double post response is funny ya git. Also this is gin.
>>198898 They shouldn't try to dox some of the people in this thread they are really probably not who any of you think they are and it will not be safe. >>198886 That's a lot of words for you to tell us all you're a gay loser. The only way you could be more of a trashbag reject would be if you were actually Gahoole himself, whcih from the autistic way you post is a good possibility.
Open file (11.68 KB 246x205 friends4ever.jpg)
>>198886 >>198892 >>198911 >degenerate Big words from a little man depending on mods to keep him safe from tactical responses. Your mods aren't here to save you little homo.
>>198920 My money is on Gahoole himself. There are four or five semi-regular shitposters on tvch in addition to the ogre and the jannies. Gahoole is also the one trying to force the J Balvin meme; his love of nіggеrs and junk food is well known, and his sister is now his sister/brother, so the tranny porn/Ramonposting is no doubt his doing as well. Sadly the four or five shitposters left are retarded so now both these Gayhole memes have caught on.
Open file (16.69 KB 474x516 141231234.jpg)
Ramonposting is a sin committed by in the closet faggots from moliberry's tranny server. These fags are so gay that they've been banned from Gahoole's servers and from his website for Ramonposting, and still insist it's a /tv/ meme. They had to beg Gahoole to allow porn free Ramon memes and they still get deleted half the time. The same people that literally get thrown out of every online community or group they attempt to ingrate themselves in bickers they do the same thing every time. I've actually watched them come into servers and immediately get banned bickers they're big troll is to start posting G​AMERGATE dicks and gay shit right away.
Open file (173.15 KB 760x1086 630826486B.jpg)
Open file (133.04 KB 724x1024 C-hKZkYXcAUTAgs.jpg)
>>198923 >>198925 There is literally nothing wrong about ironically posting trannyporn. Anons have done that since the 4chan days. You need a reality check, bro.
>>198921 I'm sorry could you say that in english not homosexual? The rest of us need normal straight person translations for what you're saying. >>198924 Gahoole has always taciturnly supported the spam behind the scenes. It was always amazing how some people could spam wojaks and gay porn but if any one responded they'd be the one getting the ban. Hell, Gahoole literally publicly attacked one of the only people that confronted him about the spam on /tv/ and discord and did everything he could to make him leave the site.
>>198928 Having a double posted meltdown is funny so I called it out. Sorry but I speak clearer than you do so pull that cock out of your mouth baby.
Open file (72.71 KB 790x1024 1678007589419.png)
>>198924 You know, I never thought of that. Gahoole's tit snipped troon sister may be causing him to transition politically to troon advocacy. >>198927 >it's ironic! So a straight guy gets passionately worked up about *checks notes*......posting fag porn and G​AMERGATE dicks ironically? Nah, you're absolutely a fag and you jack off to gay porn.
>>198929 I'm sorry I'm still not understanding everytime you open your mouth giant spurts of faggots cum sploosh out your mouth, it's really hard to decihper what you're trying to say.
>>198927 >faggots have been acting like faggots since 4chan! I don't see how the amount of time you've spent on being gay has anything to do with the fact that you're a moliberry tranny faggot.
Open file (77.54 KB 634x709 Gahoole_lore.png)
>>198928 Some of it could be due to his very hands-off approach to modding. We had hardly any issues when Gahoole was vol2 on 8chan back in the day. The old BO was AWOL for months and months, but we never had anyone spamming all sorts of vile shit: nіggеr dicks, legit cheese pizza, soyjaks, etc. All this started after Gahoole took over and began shilling the site on his Twatter and YouTube. >>198930 >You know, I never thought of that. Gahoole's tit snipped troon sister may be causing him to transition politically to troon advocacy. Don’t forget he was also sexually abused in school. He was already deep into anime, in particular hentai and loli, so his sister trooning out was probably the last straw. For some unknown reason Gahoole feels the need to share all these private matters and details online.
MASK OFF SO DUMB DUMBS CAN LEARN TIME what do you do when you're trolling? Prompt a reaction, usually seethe. What is the guy ramonfagging doing? Prompting a reaction of rage extremely easily. Get a grip c'mon guys this is sad now >>198932 Better but this is just a no you in response to my no you so neither of >us are going to get high marks.
Open file (34.28 KB 474x1013 188764657.jpg)
>>198935 >Blaineposting
>>198935 you will never be a real woman
>>198934 8ch wasn't under Gahoole's control, there were other mods that would have taken over modding duties especially if one of Mark's buddies got his feelings hurt by a post. Gahoole's got control of tvch so all the tendencies he had when he was just a mod/shitposter on 8ch have free reign now that he runs it all on his own. He would let spammers take over the board then go after the people complaining about it, so if it is bickers of peopel from twitter and youtube then he was recruiting his 'friends' from there and letting them do what they want. >sexually abused He also tried to rape a girl in college.
There's no need to effort post in response to him, that's what he wants. Has this really just become right wing cancel culture where >we forget that >we are all trolls who enjoy annoying others? That's what's supposed to bind >us, not politics, but that's beside the point. The point is why in the hell are you guys eating his bait so easily? Genuinely I'm confused at this point, it legitimately seems like most people wanting to be around these sites aren't actually trolls is all. Are >we all going to forgo trolling for politics? Why not just go breakout Trump if you want that instead of posting?
>>198939 Gahoole contacted the AWOL board owner of 8chan/8kun /tv/ and gave him an ultimatum and he was given the BO position since the old one could not be assed tard wrangling anons anymore. Gahoole and his BFF (((Mark Mann))) later set up their /v/ and /tv/ bunker before these split up into discount 8chan and tvch.
>>198927 Was that zerosugar? What was that about. I know under Master Qanon being BO didn't mean too much but I remember the road to perdition meme being everywhere all the time, same with truthseeker edits and something else I can't recall. Now that I think of it that road to perdition meme was used in almost the exact same way balvin is. Someone asks for an opinion or posts an opinion and the next reply would be no but did you know some bullshit about where road to perdition was filmed? And now it's Balvin doing the same thing. It wouldn't be a problem except for that Gahoole also clearly cannot stand anyone responding when they get tired of it. In fact from what I've seen Gahoole has a problem, any 'organic' meme that isn't his own, anything becoming popular that he isn't directly responsible for seems to be a big no-no on that site.
>>198941 >>198947 I tagged the wrong post, I wasn't going to reply to the Ramon poster.
Open file (403.03 KB 1132x898 J-Balvin.jpg)
>>198927 Nice falseflagging, sweaty gamer
>ZzzchaG​AMERGATEs and platespics are so butthurt with actual /tv/ anons to the point of falseflagging Essayfag is 100% right, you guys are a bunch of malicious faggots without any life.
>>199040 >>199039 Go back to your faggot pedo tvch and suck more ogre dick. Nobody wants y ou here. You're coming here to fuck yourself off in the ass in this thread. Nobody is going over to tv to post or bitch. Go suck up to your wanna be rapist pedo overlord while he kisses both Axle and that e-girl on Axle's servers fudge rings. What's her name? Fucking funny as shit, sniffing around her DMs like a creeep. No wonder he did a video on E-girls.
>>199052 >TL;DR
Open file (23.73 KB 474x711 162345234253.jpg)
Open file (154.88 KB 1150x1531 Vaush nudes.jpg)
Open file (17.66 KB 474x508 123412351451.jpg)
>>199079 Weird small dick, he looks like a fag.
>>199087 Yeah, “looks like”…
>>199066 Disgusting, Emojitranny.
>>199191 I agree, vagina is icky, gross, ewwie
Open file (2.70 MB 498x498 awooga-kreygasam.gif)
>>199194 Thread saved
Open file (19.55 KB 400x343 456342234523.jpg)
>>199229 You mean boy with tits. A non-white, negroid boy of some type. Thank white Jesus that all good christian men can see through this evil communist degeneracy.
Open file (25.36 KB 400x569 17845673673.jpg)
>>199229 >tvch >home to Gahoole's tranny pedo team >Christian I don't think that's what tvch is.
>>199229 >>199235 More proof that Tvch posters are faggots and trannies. Def not christian. Prob American church of Satan, ultra liberal leftists, considering the tranny porn.
>>199237 Even if trannies are gay Jesus said gay is okay, stop being a fucking Jew prick.
>>199239 Go back to Israel bootlicking kike worshiping protestant eunuch.
>>199240 Jesus was a jew. >>4d068f Weird, I thought you were a christian? Didn't you just say TV is a christian board and Jesus loves trans? Post i.d is on you know.
Open file (3.77 MB 574x1080 1664081610579.webm)
Open file (2.92 MB 586x1080 16636494871093.webm)
>>199239 >>199242 You sound very hateful and un-Christian IMHO. Love is love.
>>199240 >>199241 Jesus says being gay is bad anon, and trannies must die.
Open file (859.09 KB 544x960 1560831563644.webm)
>>199245 He said a lot of things, but not that. You clearly have a lot of hate in your heart. Accept Jesus into your life and you will be a lot happier, and less hate-filled.
Open file (40.55 KB 538x675 150404.jpg)
>>199244 >>199246 I don't see how a couple of faggots spouting the current faggot pedo meme (MAP slogan love is love) actualizing anti-christ behavior have any understanding about christianity other than 'like peace and love man'. Nihlist feels good do it attitudes like that turn young men into buttfucking queers jerking off to boners. Like you guys masturbating to men with breast implants. Sinners.
Open file (287.61 KB 1240x1800 Fq93UxTXgAA3Zj-.jpeg)
>>199242 >>199245 >>199247 >Triggered pedo having a meltdown This is why I'm the Queen that was so fucking easy dude.
Open file (34.88 KB 474x632 154345234523.jpg)
>>199247 No, when God said be fruitful and multiply, he obviously meant in dude's assholes. And when he said men shall not lie with men as women, he obviously meant unless it's like a joke, or he's a really good looking trap. Noep wait they're gay and they're going to hell for being fags. Unloved and disappointing their parents all the way down to the bad place.
>>199250 Jesus died so I can fuck feminine men.
>>199249 >blaineposting >I'm bleeding therefore I am the winner! Lol knowing it's you makes it even sweeter. An actual tranny pedosexual.
>>199247 You are very hate-filled and angry for someone who claims to be a Christian, putting words into Jesus' mouth. And posting overweight nude women while ranting and raving is a bit rich. >>199250 Imagine using Jesus as your justification to spew hate and post lewd and loose women. I don't think you have any right to talk about sin and going to hell.
>>199251 Your little sister died bickers she reminded you that you'd never be a woman.
>>199253 Haha imagine being a mincing little queer pretending he's straight so his friends won't call him a faggot, get bent homo. By the way I never claimed to be christian, I happen to be Buddhist and Buddha hated fags.
>>199254 Who killed her? This psychopath here >>199252 ? >>199253 Christ isn't in their souls dude, they're actual servants of the antichrist, it's obvious to those that can see and that's why they flee online.
>>199254 Very Christian behavior.
>>199253 I never put any words in Jesus's mouth, bible says God Hates Fags. Unless you can find the part that says 'and verily, God said it was ok for him to blow his pozload in your neghole, for the bussy was juicy and the stank be ripe.'
>>199258 >James 2:10 says whoever stumbles at one point of the law is guilty of breaking it all If you eat pork or seafood, if you wear modern clothing the. You are not without sin and just as guilty as a gay you retard. I'm not making it up, that's the core thing that's repeated and infinitum. I am a Christian, you are clearly not.
>>199258 Could you point me to the Bible verse in question? I remember there being a lot of ancient Hebrew laws, like men who have had their testicles crushed, cannot enter the temple, but I do not remember God saying he hates fags.
>199259 Ahhh, well can you tell me what my diet is? Oh you don't know what I eat? Ok could you tell me what I'm wearing right now? No...?Hard for you to make any sort of assumptions on whether or not I'm breaking God's laws when you don't know anything about me. I know you're gay, and that's totally a sin. In fact >>199261 That's a good question, in Romans 1:26–27, in Corinthians it specifically mentions effeminate men going to hell, and in both Mathew and Mark Jesus himself says that God create Man and Woman and that neither can be seperated from each other. FAGS GO TO HELL
>>199263 You can't even quote it and just claimed you never wore woven fiber. >>199265 >Meltdown from a closet homosexual I'm never going to fuck you.
Also I still have my dick and I'm bisexual I'm so confused right now, do you think I only let men fuck me? That's a bit queer.
>>199266 >never claimed you wore woven fiber For someone talking about the bible...it's blended or mixed fabris, not woven fabric. You can wear 100% cotton clothing like I do whenever I'm in public. Otherwise I'm completely naked like right now, just hanging out nude on the computer. Holy shit Blaine, you can't even use the bible hypocritically as a weapon properly bickers you're so fucking dumb you don't even know what you're trying to say. You're going to hell for being stupid *and* gay
>>199268 >There are two passages in the Mosaic Law that forbid the wearing of different types of fabric; that is, the wearing of blended fabrics—those woven from two different materials. Sit the fuck down when it comes to theology and me.
You know shorthand and you're being pedantic as you are trying to claim to be without any sin and thus on par with God himself you fucking Sammael headass moron.
>>199270 I've been saved I've been saved I've been washed in the blood of our lord and savior, I've been washed in the blood of the lamb! Praise Jesus and Hallelujah! Once Lost, now found, Once Blind, Now I see! Oh What Amazing Grace has found me!
>>199275 Ever sing it? Amazing grace? Do it once unironically before you die with others, it's a bit different than the other boring hymes.
Open file (932.52 KB 3462x1962 35308 - SoyBooru.jpg)
Open file (3.82 MB 370x377 1679310172099.gif)
>>199229 >>199235 >>199244 >>199246 >>199251 >the tvtroon meme is real Nuzach made tvtroons seethe so hard they finally dropped the mask Gahoole: a closet fag Gahoole's sister: actual tranny tvch users: actual trannies Ogre PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD. Total Nuzach victory.
>>199373 You shouldn't open the cyclical then dude or you're going to kill yourself when you realize most of >us are fags
Open file (243.56 KB 756x756 34858 - SoyBooru.png)
>>199375 >>199373 Why do I have the sneaking suspicion you came here to do your own concern trolling after posting trannies getting railed by nіggеrs?
>>199374 I mean, you are not wrong, but don’t say the quiet part out loud.
Open file (29.94 KB 640x454 Tvtroon.jpg)
>>199376 >NO, U >tvch tvtroon seething Spoiler your goddamn tranny sex, tvtroon
>>199377 I'll stop ruining the joke true, he posted a soyjak so I figured telling him wouldn't hurt anyways he won't believe >us.
>>199374 >actually /cow/ is gay! You're on the wrong site, tvtroon.
Absolute evidence anyone coming over from tv is incapable of not posting trannies or G​AMERGATE dicks. Why is the site dead, no idea. I mean it's so dead that they've been reduced to coming here now for the attention they no longer get on tvch bickers everyone refuses to interact with them there. Isn't there that new video game board Gahoole created to bring life back to the site? Why don't you go talk to people there? So strange how the spammers from Gahoole's site show up to protect Gahoole's reputation and honor all the time. Must be a coincidence.
>>199394 Bro you're calling it /cow/ and pretending you're part of >us? Gtfo bitch
>>199398 >bro Stupid fucking tvtroon G​AMERGATE. Go jam another G​AMERGATE dick up your ass, you "ironic" troon.
Open file (25.13 KB 640x360 LOGO Phantom.jpeg)
>>199409 >newfag proves the unironic tranny of the cyclicals point. Those filters are great for you coons who can't even use another slur.
>>199419 >hurr during proved something The only thing proven here is that you tvtroons are indeed the fags we say you are. Jerk off to more G​AMERGATE dick going up your ass, fag.
Open file (301.86 KB 598x337 8921589128152512.png)
>>199421 No you proved a tranny uses this board more correctly than you can porch monkey.
>>199424 Yeah it's you Blaine you fucking tranny. Go download grindr for the assreaming attention you need instead of shtting up everywhere else begging people to look at you. 'Look at me look at me look at me!' Why don't you go post on tvch, I know for a fact that you'd fit right in and they'd love to have you there.
>>199426 I legit don't think you know what trolling is. Being an obnoxious namefag is not trolling. Having people know exactly who you are everytime you post is not trolling. Trolling is putting an anti-abortion episode in the middle of season 2 of we baby bears. Trolling is embedding yourself in a tranny discord for 2 years gaining the trust of the mods until they give you admin privlidges and then banning everyone and deleting the channel. That's trolling. You are not a troll, you are an attention whore e-trans. You should be web-camming in cat ears right now on omegle.
>>199427 >You should be web-camming in cat ears right now on omegle. Now you're just being horny.
Open file (3.82 MB 370x377 1679310172099.gif)
Open file (3.82 MB 370x377 1679310172099.gif)
>>199424 >posts gay porn <no YOU'RE gay >Jerks off to G​AMERGATE dicks <no YOU'RE the porch monkey. The tvtroon plan: when you get caught, just say it's "ironic."
>>199430 Except I wasn't the one who posted the porn. You're quite dumb to not check the tags.
Open file (34.31 KB 112x112 545 - SoyBooru.gif)
>>199433 Ty you hurt my feelings when you called me a coal burner and I overreacted.
Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture.
>>199547 The one on the left looks friendlier and more trustworthy.
The soyjakparty new mod just banned me bickers I made him butthurt even if I didn't mean to. He can't deal with any anons with different opinions. >X anime sucks BAN! >Actual America has problems BAN! >Shitty soyjak meme BAN! I am pretty sure he's in this thread right now as f22008, trying to give a bad name to us "vol3 alogs".
Open file (409.57 KB 1438x1918 PXL_20230324_032729694~2.jpg)
The complete Patty the Popper saga: new year new me (1 January 2021): https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Zppq3udr_QQ patty the popper: resurrection (12 November 2022): https://yewtu.be/watch?v=48JcPXX72Wk the clown (23 March 2023): https://yewtu.be/watch?v=rcmzzuyBpVU Does Gahoole do children's birthday parties?
>>199727 >26 >balding >greying >acne <the clown I think Gahoole made that video bickers he was triggered by >>199547. He is clearly hyper monitoring this thread.
>>199724 he monitors the site constantly, which is proof that he is a basement dwelling no life loser. It's obvious they have no idea who is posting the black dicks and tranny porn bickers they blanket ban anyone posting within a certain timeframe as the dick/troon porn poster. I guess they assume anyone posting on the site at that time is also the poorner so they ban everyone. They are buck broken.
>>199774 Even more pathetic is that Gayhole knows exactly who the people spamming bbc and tranny posting are. He just can't do anything about it. He's some sort of helpless retard incapable of competence, who also wants to rape babies. Good advice is to stop posting there bickers the only people left are the ones that think it's fine to hang out on a site run by a fat bald pedo loser and modded by lolicons and trannies. If those are the people that you want to talk to then go ahead and post on tvch.
Remember the Wild West thread? Yes, the one where the mods max banned people with different opinions or for knowing more about. They are trying to bump the thread like crazies and forcing discussions again. PLASTIC. Everything in Gahoole life is fake, just like his mods. No soul. No original opinion.
>>199802 Best advice is to not post there any more. >>199776 is right, the site is run by a pedo and vol'd by degenerate losers. There is no reason to post there unless those are the type of people you like talking to.
Gay Hoole
Fathoole or one his tranny minions got butthurt with this thread https://tvch.moe/dunk/archive/res/130523.html#130565 Meanwhile they created another unfunny Jbalvin thread That's why the site is dead. Only the ogre and his cappos can shitpost or have opinions
Open file (269.79 KB 1080x1330 FsHGu1DWcAQEkQr.jpeg)
>>199881 Oh wow they deleted the first slightly above shit thread in months and a few others. Gahoole makes it very obvious how fearful he is of namefags while he allowed a few tripfags of posting forever. Gahoole is like a fat chick, he can't stand people being considered "cooler" than him in his spaces and would rather burn everything down than let anyone have any sort of fun. Ah well, not like that thread would have saved the sharty-I mean TVchan. Shits been coaldust since before I went there.
>>199881 >>199884 First time checking the site after weeks. All the posters left are coomers or Gayhoole minions Their wife election is already a disaster
I shit on some grimy whore and apparently some tvtroon freaked out during his gay sex masturbation session and screenshot one of my posts along with some other guy, and posted them here in his quest to dox random anonymous guys. Tvch only has the die hard troons left. Even the soyjakers are gone.
>>199884 >>200228 >>200326 >Don't post on TVCH it's a bad site with bad posters. >Post there >Have bad time >Wonder why. Don't post there.
>>200407 You post there all the time, pedo.
>>200427 >tvtroons still seething in the GayHoole thread
Open file (10.23 KB 204x247 1b9.jpg)
Smelly dumb Ramon coon and GayHoole owned again! https://archive.is/LWz0R Ghostrider
>>200427 >Gahoole getting an alert any time his /cow/ thread updates You know who posts on tv more than anyone? Blaine. Blaine posts almost more than anyone else does. Then there's that guy from the sneed factory that always says mang, and the old /dup/ board owner tarrantranny, some other tranny that probably self identifies as a Sneedious, this guy >>200475...if we're all being honest, who the fuck wants to talk to those people? Nobody. If people wanted to talk to them they wouldn't be social outcasts and misfits posting on a website run by fat balding sex assaulting child fucker Patrick Nelson. Don't post on tvch unless you like sucking pedo dick, and could all the posters from tvch stay there. You are unwanted everywhere you go. That's why you have your ogre daddy Gahoole to take care of you. Please finish transitioning into a necrobussy deadite so you can fuck off and die. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
>>200481 >Seething about Weakload Essayfag and Wrist/LitBO is once again 100% right about you
>>200483 Who the fuck is weakload? Game Grumps or Emperor Chuck or Gropper or some dumb shit I'm sorry I don't have time to sort out all your dumb little pirate nicknames. Please suck a shotgun you faggot. You literally don't know who any of the peopel in this thread are. They're all Nuzach to you and you are fucking obssessed with him bickers you follow him around the internet whereever he goes. People will leave to get away from you and you will follow them. Go away.
>>200481 Lmao I love your posts, essay fag. I consider you a staunch ally of the anti-tvtroon alliance
Open file (42.59 KB 600x720 ebe.jpg)
>>200481 I've made 5 posts there this last month, if true that's hilarious but sadly you're just a fucking retard who doesn't know who the fuck is who.
>>200488 >Essayfag I don't know who that is but you know what, it's a step above Nuzach at this point so I'll take it. >>200490 >Instantly summoned by calling it's name Fucking demons. The fuck you have bullshitting crossdresser. Queen of the desert keeping the spice safer than worms terrifying all the normal humans with souls.
>>200487 Holy fuck, newfag, what about you just fuck off from the webring once or all, platespic?
Open file (5.24 KB 225x225 images (1) (4).jpeg)
>>200491 There is no funny to be found by deceiving you, much like a demon I do not respond to my name obscured or something actually funny. Your tinfoil fit your agenda with a clear lacking of observation with a character you used to paint your portrait. Use me not for your message and I shan't annoy you.
Anti tvtroon slide bump
>>200494 Could you take your habit of of newfaggism and shove it up your faggy loner ass you fucking tranny queer?
>>200494 I forgot to mention, bickers it's so clear you're either a total dropout or still learning english, It's 'Once and For all.' If you are going to use metaphors, idioms, and colloquialisms, at least try to learn how they are put together before you use them, fucking dumb mutt. Sick of trailer trash on the internet. Who gave you retards computers, some obamacare program probably.
Gayhoole is now officially a tranny https://www.youtube.com/live/_bFm1hIBzg4 The Daiymo and his tranny wife are slowly transforming the Shrek into Fiona.
>>200549 >>200551 To be fair you're indeed a newfag. And he using "is" over "are" is part of their unfunny Sargon memes about individualism.
Open file (8.12 KB 231x218 images (3).jpeg)
>>200606 >Council Polycule Broke Up Heh
I heard for april first Gahoole's mom called him up and said she loved him and that she and his dad were both very proud of him.
Open file (716.90 KB 512x512 Gayhoole.mp4)
>>200705 That’d be a first rate April Fool’s prank.
Open file (403.03 KB 1132x898 J-Balvin.jpg)
>>200549 >>200551 The newfag is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a shit-stir freak, p3dophile, zzzchaG​AMERGATE, moefaggot, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a newfag and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”
>>200738 Whatever newfag
>>200738 lol newfag post
>>200738 >Balvin coon tvtroons are here
Open file (401.62 KB 801x1039 Gayhole.png)
>>200750 Got to defend their pedo e-daddy Gahoole from the mean words people are saying about him on someone else's website. >>200789 Is the G​AMERGATE posting better or worse than the pro-trans and pro-pedo posts made there constantly now?
>>200792 There is more G​AMERGATE dick posting now than ever before despite Gayhole beefing up his moderation with permaloser soyjak.party zoomers. Some guy is also posting legit tranny porn now in response to the Ramon faggot, could be Ramon himself since he is an open tranny lusting queer. IDK.
Gahoole complained about this thread so much to these mods that they anchored the thread. Truth hurts lol.
>>201031 Probably anchored the thread so fat pedo hate didn't overtake fat Гунт hate. Considering all the shit he and his tranny posters talk about /cow/ I'm surprised 'Gahoole is a pedo' isn't a banner. Another reminder that Gahoole told people that the reason his personal laptop was taken by the f.b.i was either bickers his roommate was looking at child porn on his personal password protected laptop, OR, that Zack somehow managed to track down and identify the i.p address of his personal laptop, then spoofed it, visited bait sites operated by the feds so they would have the i.p listed, and then reported Gahoole's doxx'd and spoofed i.p to federal agents who decided to kick Gahoole's door down. Yes that's right. Gahoole told people that his roomate that he never named or shamed for being a pedo was responsible for having him raided by the f.b.i, at the same time he was telling other people it was Zack's fault. Is he crazy? Is he stupid? Is he just a dumb fat bald liar? Probably all three, we'll never know for sure.
Welcome to tvchan!
Open file (8.67 KB 493x131 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (184.63 KB 653x670 Jewish Surfer.png)
A butthurt vol deleted lot's of random posts from this thread for being "Nuzach/medbvll/greek/italian/brazilians" no only that, but hey are addicting more images into the filter to block anons from posting any memes who made them mad, this one about Surfer for example dead site & awful vols
>>201124 it's as bad as Mark's /v/. When an imageboard has vols actively tracking anons across the site to harass them and delete posts inside the thread that don't violate any rules, then you know it's fucked.
>>201124 Lmao, they really filtered that meme about Surfer.
>>201189 Lol they've filtered so much. These guys are literal soft crybabies. They've banned people for making fun of Gahoole and Axle when the hurtful words got too close to home. Axle who had been grooming minors on secondlife for about 5 years for real, trying to get actual underaged boys to erp or camcall him. That guy and Gahoole, who had his door kicked in by the f.b.i. for child porn both hang out in the same server and it's not full of other suspicious people with coincidental grooming or child porn issues in their past at all.
Open file (414.08 KB 424x486 Mark.png)
>>201189 >>201133 >>201288 Holy fuck, they are filtering anything about (((Surfer))) and also deleting any posts against MarkMann or anti-excessive sweating. Five to six posts got deleted in the last few hours, the site is dead as fuck, so is easy to figure out which posts got deleted. The Ogre is just giving vol positions to more faggots from discord who can't deal with anons having different opinions.
>>201379 Surfer got drunk and Axle made him do sex stuff for him and now there's a cover-up. Nobody can talk about Surfer or Axle on tvch or you'll get banned. Axle 'pretends' to be a pedo so he can say he was only joking if someone ever accuses him of grooming but he's been a gay groomer for awhile and he's afraid someone will out him with more evidence. Gahoole and Daiymo both suck Axle's dick on discord and Surfer's Axle's little jerk-off monkey so you can't talk about what they're doing or you'll get banned from their little clubhouses and they kick you out of the gang.
>>201432 Not the first time I've heard this.
>the vols are banning and deleting multiple posts in the last days at least one faggy vol can't deal when the anons have different opinions about any subject, if you deslike show X or have opinion Y about a certain school of thought you'll have your post deleted. No only that, but they are filtering anything negative about Epstein or Trump, I can't post a webm about Epstein now. Wow! The site isn't just dead, it's rotten.
A jannyfag is doing a good "work" by deleting post after post in this thread https://tvch.moe/dup/res/130474.html#130474 The final nail in the coffin, if you disagree with the left-winger tranny chaser mod, you post will be delete, no matter if you respected the rules or wrote an essay. At this point, at least twenty posts were deleted, that's how they killed the Western films thread, a butthurt vol deleting anons for having more knowledge and different opinions.
Remember, mass report the Ogre youtube channel.
>>201826 This. Find his videos where he says "G​AMERGATE" and report him for racism. It's his old car and late night incel videos. Piece of fatass ogre shit.
Open file (477.66 KB 864x2068 Welcome to tvch!.jpg)
Welcome to tvch!
>>201826 >>201839 Go ahead, jewzach, mass report his channel together with your discordspic friends.
Open file (35.16 KB 703x256 ClipboardImage.png