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Open file (124.61 KB 854x280 schizo_lolicon.png)
Nuzach / Pedochu / Niggerchu / Eric Unironic Ralphamale 09/02/2022 (Fri) 01:02:27 ID: 32497c No.170550
Nuzach once enjoyed the prime-time bloodsports even before jcaesar187's downfall at the hands of the Гунт with by far the most stupid reasons to lose one's mind for; a good deal of 8ch veterans kept enjoying his seething about alogs until this day. But not nuzach, he was too much of a trailer trash white G​AMERGATE himself to laugh at a lolcow proper and enjoy the show. But most importantly, he was a ni/gg/er at heart. He didn't luck out with the /cow/ userbase that repeatedly mocked his inclinations to waste time playing cuckeogooms and to want to fuck children. Neither did he luck out with the administration, and his buddy John was ousted and the ni/gg/er-infested cancer known as /v/ removed from my jewish mother. As a result of my jewish mother cracking down on pedos, he lost 90% of his remaining sanity. To get told to "go and make your own site if you want to jack it to children" was the straw that broke this buck's back. As a result all his pedo buddies, those parasitic cliques that had already lost 60% of their numbers when TheGatorGamer got rid of /hebe/ and other boards, were left without a host again. Some went to KC, others were scattered in the wind forever. Enter zzzchan, a pretty rulecucked site existing pretty much solely for the ni/gg/er pedos to play smash and jerk off to kids, where the mere suggestion that loli is pedophilic earns the poster a ban. Even the few boards that wanted none of that were eventually infested. Nuzach now spends his days seething on zzzchan about the alogs and tvch, sometimes going to those sites to seethe at the moderation and screech at "/cow/kikes" and Anita. Nuzach is definitely the main individual lolcow of the webring, the juciest one among the collective lolcow that the ni/gg/ers from zzzchan are. Banned from every board that isn't ran by pedos, he says the "/cow/kike moderation" and "feminists" are at fault for him getting banned from every place he goes to. No, it couldn't be the precious Eric, he's too good to be fairly banned.
>>230518 >I didn't at all post those G​AMERGATE dicks I mean you've been doing it pretty consistently for three years as you said, why would you like now nuzach?
>>230690 Fuck off pedohoole lover
>>230690 lol you're so fucking retarded and easy to be destroyed, vol3 just like your whore white trash gf who loves BBC
Lmao Moliberry is seething fucking hard and crying about "Nuzach" going after a "personal army" against him.
>>231147 fuck off nuzach
Open file (143.35 KB 957x447 ClipboardImage.png)
Lol he is a Britanny TheTheGatorGamerGamer simp, now everything makes sense, Calculator-kun won once again
Open file (23.51 KB 960x288 ClipboardImage.png)
Nuzach is on /dup/ promoting excessive sweating together with Koi. Some anon PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd both really hard.
>>235027 You keep deleting my replies and banning me. Thought you soundly won the argument? Strange that you have to resort to jewish tactics.
>incels still mad at Nuzach bbcamenko won
>>234863 Typical degenerate tvchanner behaviour: ignore the accurate claims that your site is a haven for tranny porn and cheese pizza, and most likely a honey pot, and focus on Vеntі as a distraction. Sad!
Open file (1.80 MB 498x269 Conan top kek.gif)
>>235098 >>235104 >Seething and coping this hard for being totally destroyed and assblasted by vol3, Wrist and Weasel. Just kill yourself, you brown sissy latinx.
Open file (21.21 KB 1556x173 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (37.24 KB 1552x248 ClipboardImage.png)
So many typos, so much astroturf.
>>235171 First pic is some made up bullshit like usual, no lies found in the second pic though, actual facts.
>>235174 I 100% trust you, pal, you're a truly and honest anon...
>>235176 Yeah and that's why tvch is currently at the peak of popularity and not dead being samefagged to death by an esl sneeder and Gahoole's tranny meme. So many og posters still there. Get with it. You can be his friend or his bootlicker if you want but be honest about it. Maybe another metathread will fix everything.
>>235181 Typo sperg, you will never be Essayfag, he was intelligent and gifted with charisma, you just try to imitate him, calling others ESL, when you are unable to make a single post without committing typos. By that, I imagined you are part of /japan/ crew. It's pretty obvious that you were really hurt by Gahoole at some point in your life, maybe he said something mean to you on discord, or demonstrated to the world that you and your friends are unironically pedos JOHN BARNHILL IS A sweaty gamer. No matter how much you jump ips, it's easy to see who you are. And to make it funnier, you are slap-fighting with other losers who hate Gahoole. Go ahead, cope hard and keep fighting your own little friends in your autistic Jihad against ChadOgre.
>>235189 That's a lot of words for >My e-daddy is a sweaty gamer lol gay.
>>235189 Hey so maybe you can answer this. Why is it that when people talk about tvch and why it died, the answers are universally the same and not just from anons but also from people that used to hang out with Gahoole or on his discord and then stopped suddenly? Why do so many people say they want nothing to do with Gahoole? Why did all his posters leave the site? What caused everyone except the few 'anon's' left to leave?
>>235189 btw, which one was Essayfag?
>>235215 Unironically any anon that made an effortpost >>235189 doesn't like. >Detective conan How'd shilling that soap opera garbage go? Too bad nobody posts on tv otherwise I'd go make fun of your bad taste in japanse children's cartoons.
>>235189 This faggot must be the last devoted poster on tvch, willing to sweep for the ogre like a battered housewife. Sadly his autistic obsession with a childrens cartoon and impotent damage control cannot bring tvch back from life support. Judging by his ongoing defence of Gayhole and cringe obsession with a childrens cartoon, I would not be surprised if he shares the ogre’s degenerate interest in lolicon.
>>235141 It's fun watching you destroy your own website bickers you can't handle losing an argument over the connotation of the term "pederast" of all things. You're so hysterical about it that it makes me wonder if you're hiding something...? Too bad, I was a constructive poster until you threw your tantrum and started crying about random boogeyman #6,000,001.
>>235189 >Gayhole posting bbcamenko won!!!
Open file (3.13 MB 654x720 1701942704424584.webm)
Open file (3.33 MB 1022x376 1702191904089917.webm)
>>235251 FAKE NEWS
>>235812 The webring is soooooo dead.
>>235812 >>235898 >Yakuzapedo posting
Open file (186.95 KB 921x354 ClipboardImage.png)
>>235189 >>235141 u still here running damage control little G​AMERGATE?
Open file (79.09 KB 903x263 ClipboardImage.png)
For someone who really hates tvch and /cow/, he can't stay away. Once again is back spamming G​AMERGATE dicks and CP and complaining about "white men all have small dicks" Literally Zach tier with his hatred and small dick energy. Sorry bro, you'll never be an Aryan chad with a BWC.
btw, you should all go and contribute to tvch, bickers I'm getting tired of only talking to that one guy who isn't funny.
Thread was accidentally deleted a week ago, I restored it. Sadly some images are missing due to orphan media pruning. Feel free to repost images, and they will be automatically restored to the earlier posts as well.
Open file (78.58 KB 206x245 ClipboardImage.png)
Can we haz nuzach thread rob
Open file (3.28 MB 1500x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
gayhole thread robi pls
>>243405 Oh yeah bring back the Gayhole thread. I wanna laugh at him for being friends with gay furries that post pedo cub art online.
>>243402 Two threads were accidentally deleted. Were the locks accidental too?
>>243469 To be fair those were getting shit on with that weird semi-schizo anti-nuzach stuff which should be contained to his thread or small stuff about him in the general. Mod probably got sick of looking at 'nuzachposts' all over the website and hit the delete button.
>>243470 Oh shit the mods filtered Gаhoole's name to nuzach. Nice.
>>243470 This, this one schizo is still constantly shitting up the nastasia thread while complaining about why his shit gets deleted. I'm being lenient right now and letting him do his routine in the nuzach thread, bickers per definition, his shit is actually on topic. But my goodwill is quickly fading bickers this retard just can't follow basic image board rules, like actually being on topic. We will see how this plays out I suppose, he can have this thread as his sanctuary, but if you're constantly forcing the owners of said sanctuary to clean up the turds you leave right in the middle of the village square, you're going to get evicted.
>>243480 And you're free to post them here, but keep shitting up unrelated threads like the nastasia one and there's no real reason for me to allow you to post here at all.
>>243484 And ofcourse he just goes right back to shitting up the nastasia thread, and he wonders why he keeps getting thrown out of every image board he joins.
>>243479 >>243484 >>243490 Lol yeah this guy has been around for years and he's just off the wall. I'm half convinced it's a psyop, from what I've seen and heard he's either online 24/7 or there's more than one. His triggers are the fat kid and that nastasia chick.
>>243470 >>243479 >>243484 Go fuck yourself up the ass, you stupidass prick. Every other thread on this dead shitty site is filled with dogshit. Go "quality control" your whore mother's vagina, it would be an improvement on this place. Kys too while you're at it.
>>243513 Lol you're the company you keep anon, says more about you that you keep posting here on this dead shitty site than it does on anyone else...
Open file (2.21 MB 480x270 butthurt.gif)
>>243513 >Go fuck yourself up the ass, you stupidass prick. >Every other thread on this dead shitty site is filled with dogshit. Go "quality control" your whore mother's vagina, it would be an improvement on this place. >Kys too while you're at it. lmao
>>243497 I'm more inclined to lunatic over psyop, it's easy to see from this post >>243513 that he is fairly emotionally unhinged, complaining about the ogre is basically his reason for living. I was even wondering if he somehow automated the spamming process, but just from the way he posts he must be refreshing and filling in captchas manually. He's literally spending hours on here, reposting the same caps over and over again just bickers in his mind making sure his spam stays up is the most important thing in his day, or the last 3 weeks more accurately. Also note how he was complaining about deleted posts he made 4 years ago, he has been at this for half a decade at least, and still made zero progress in his quest of destroying his arch nemesis. I'd question if he actually made those posts, but the writing style and buzzwords are still practically the same as back then. It also means he screencaps and archives all his posts just in case someone deletes them going back 4 years, the amount of work he puts into this makes sisyphus look like a slacker.
>>243537 TheTheGatorGamerGamer you should apply to being a gvol on tvch you would be a godsend there.
Thank jesus you removed it after i mentioned it god bless french ziddane
>>243557 ​​​​​Je ne sais pas ce que j'ai fait pour recevoir des paroles aussi aimables de votre part, mais de rien, je suppose. S'il vous plait, restez dans votre fil de confinement, merci beaucoup. -Z​​​​id​​an
>>243699 Ne gaspillez pas vos mots, ce cochon anglo est trop stupide pour comprendre la langue française supérieure. Bientôt, l'ensemble du webring sera intégré à la nouvelle structure de contrôle et aucun tableau d'images ne sera à l'abri de notre modération. -le gateur
>>243402 it should've stayed that way. cow is over, btw.
>>245085 It sure is (((fellow anon)))

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