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Zachary "Zachy-Chan" Keith Hasbrouck #2 cyclical when edition Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 03:44:27 ID: 0647d3 No.21575
/tv/'s resident hapa autist, Harry Potter fanatic, Emma Watson waifuist/white knight and soyboy extraordinaire. Spams Emma Watson and GAMERGATE dicks, what lead a board volunteer to challenge him to a deathmatch.
Ghostposts in 4plebs (https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/search/text/stone/ghost/only/)
Reddit and 4chan refugee, with insatiable hatred for Emma Stone. Lives in Connecticut.
Things he enjoys: Emma Watson, deepfakes of her, Harry Potter flicks ("fantasykino" as he calls it), "Beauty and the Beast" (2017, with Emma Watson), cuck porn (or at least he's known for spamming it), Stanley Kubrick, Nickelback, weed, pizza, Delirium Belgian beer (export special for fools who like piss), "kino" grids (black and white collages with movie screencaps), pretending that Emma Watson is pretty or talented, giving half star reviews on aggregator sites to movies that "compete" with Emma Watson's, giving 5 star reviews on those sites to movies with Emma Watson in them.
Things that trigger him: Emma Stone, Saoirse Ronan, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Silvia Hoeks, Mackenzie Davis, "Lost River", "La La Land", "Blade Runner 2049", pics of Harvey Weinstein with Emma Watson, Razzies, Oscars, the original version of "The Beauty and the Beast", getting told that Emma Watson can't act or sing, people bringing up that he's a mutt, mods deleting his posts, /pol/ and the alt-right.
Main letterboxd account:
Youtube account:
ZMAN - YouTube: http://archive.is/3Cypg
IMDb known accounts:
Livejournal account:
Reddit accounts (banned):

First thread: http://archive.is/PshNg https: >>>/cow/6064
Clearly there's no point in uploading all the shit that needed archiving again, so have fun.
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 12/04/2019 (Wed) 03:46:26.
>>87567 3 cm erect?
Open file (54.70 KB 487x567 1513428713034.jpg)
Zach had a normal life, while the majority of his a-logs are deformed freaks without life.
>>87954 Zach is a cow, but to be fair, his haters are very similar to DSP haters. And DSP always win.
Open file (71.32 KB 186x224 1602780721431.png)
>>87954 >>87981 Flopson has no career.
>>87999 very true, but yet, Zach had a normal life way more happy than the life of the majority of his a-logs
>>88116 >lives at home with his parents >no job >no gf >no friends >only the most boring franchise to rewatch constantly
>>88221 Are you talking about gah0ole?
>>88116 >more happy "Happy" doesn't mean "hapaesque", Zach. It's from "happiness", a concept closely related to cocksment and satisfaction.
>>88116 And the comparative is "happier", not "more happy". Educate yourself, Zach. This one is for free: https://thegrammarexchange.infopop.cc/topic/happier-vs-more-happy
>>88264 Toad McKinley's family doesn't talk to him anymore since the FBI investigation
>>88356 lmao foxdickfarms keep saying that Toad McKinley is a pedo just bickers of that stream with Ashton
Zachys back on 4chan currently sperging out in https://boards.4channel.org/japan/thread/141582605#p141584662
>>88221 Zach owns his house in Stratford, not his parents.
>>89332 sure thing, hapa
>>89402 I'm going to find you and kill you.
>>89417 Flopson has no career!
Open file (92.11 KB 1080x1080 1610268628288.jpg)
Is Zach even still active anywhere?
>>102547 Honestly don't know, he lives on through the impersonators, you will know hes truly back when the G​AMERGATEdick spam returns.
>>102547 He seems to be back on /tv/ and freaking out at anyone saying anything slightly wrong with the tranny potter movies https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/155720235/
Open file (82.47 KB 900x300 Zachstrip.jpg)
I was explaining about Zach lore to a seventy one year old woman tonight. Also about Columbine. How bizarre is that? Why and how Zach managed to be doxed so easily?
>>117853 That's a yakuza edit, most likely.
>>118053 no idea what that means, you know what the song is?
>>118158 Post it for me the thread was deleted.
>>118310 Some french song, I will see if I can find it.
>>118311 It's Italian you fucking Amerimutt pleb
>>129115 same shit
>>129115 To be fair it's hard to differentiate one eurocuck language from another when they're all spoken with a mouthful of rapefugee cum.
>>138979 It tastes only slightly less bitter compared to the niggеr cum so beloved by amerimutts.
based zach
>>166117 hey zach, flopson has no career
>>166125 Zach > Gahoole
>>166138 uh, based?
Anything recent from the hapa king? He seems to have dropped off the internet 2-3 years ago.
>>171206 he doesn't live in Connecticut anymore, last i heard he was disappointed gahoole didn't visit him
Open file (13.68 MB 640x360 ZACHMOTHERLODE.webm)
>>171206 He fled the internet after this was released 3 years ago
The zach has returned. He's calmed down on the Watson simping but all the other posting characteristic are still there.
Open file (2.22 MB 433x498 emma-watson-smirk.gif)
>>193832 Zach was never gone.
>>193832 >>193833 Zach never existed.
Open file (6.70 MB 582x750 1641091130172.gif)
>>193834 Well, someone made all those shitposts simping for Emma Watson, and it wasn’t me. Maybe it was Gahoole? Idunno. In any case I would take classic Zach over any of the shitposters on tvch today. /tv/ went downhill after Zach left.
>>193836 /tv/ went down the hill when Gayhole picked it up
>>193834 Were Pedohoole and the Weasel posting all the interracial and cp porn creating this boogeyman so both incels losers could feel better about themselves and try to look cool at the eyes of the oldfags. Check the Gayhoole thread, way better than this one and more organic.
>>202708 ouch, good bump, pedohoole goon

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