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Zachary "Zachy-Chan" Keith Hasbrouck #2 cyclical when edition Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 03:44:27 ID: 0647d3 No.21575
/tv/'s resident hapa autist, Harry Potter fanatic, Emma Watson waifuist/white knight and soyboy extraordinaire. Spams Emma Watson and GAMERGATE dicks, what lead a board volunteer to challenge him to a deathmatch.
Ghostposts in 4plebs (https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/search/text/stone/ghost/only/)
Reddit and 4chan refugee, with insatiable hatred for Emma Stone. Lives in Connecticut.
Things he enjoys: Emma Watson, deepfakes of her, Harry Potter flicks ("fantasykino" as he calls it), "Beauty and the Beast" (2017, with Emma Watson), cuck porn (or at least he's known for spamming it), Stanley Kubrick, Nickelback, weed, pizza, Delirium Belgian beer (export special for fools who like piss), "kino" grids (black and white collages with movie screencaps), pretending that Emma Watson is pretty or talented, giving half star reviews on aggregator sites to movies that "compete" with Emma Watson's, giving 5 star reviews on those sites to movies with Emma Watson in them.
Things that trigger him: Emma Stone, Saoirse Ronan, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Silvia Hoeks, Mackenzie Davis, "Lost River", "La La Land", "Blade Runner 2049", pics of Harvey Weinstein with Emma Watson, Razzies, Oscars, the original version of "The Beauty and the Beast", getting told that Emma Watson can't act or sing, people bringing up that he's a mutt, mods deleting his posts, /pol/ and the alt-right.
Main letterboxd account:
Youtube account:
ZMAN - YouTube: http://archive.is/3Cypg
IMDb known accounts:
Livejournal account:
Reddit accounts (banned):

First thread: http://archive.is/PshNg https: >>>/cow/6064
Clearly there's no point in uploading all the shit that needed archiving again, so have fun.
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 12/04/2019 (Wed) 03:46:26.
I don't think Zach exists, sounds too retarded for this world.
>t. zach
Zach was tired, so we put him to bed.
He'll be back to play tomorrow if he eats his vitamins in the morning.
>no assblasted replies
I'm going to take a wild guess and say that despite getting called an alog on the birthday stream someone decided to pass my message anyways.
I'll check the CT obituaries.
No dice. He probably just cried himself to sleep. Wasted opportunity.
Open file (32.72 KB 600x450 zach.jpg)
I think this pic is missing from the other thread
It is, never actually ran into that one before.
Someone should give it the Zachy-chan treatment. Just the hair, not the tits.
Looks like a white person to me, Asians don't have skin that nice nor do asian males have hair that nice in fact of course
Boggles me how Zachy-chan seems/seemed to have a stable, normal social life and instead spends the time bothering and being hated by a community tired of his shit taste.
>community tired of his shit taste
Doesn't really mean much when the "community" "tired" "of his shit taste" is actually the ones with the pure shit taste and it shows with their shitty threads.
You are sick, Zach. Go out, spend time with friends, have a meal with them, pick up a productive hobby, enjoy life.
Hey Zach
>implying he has friends
lol he barely has parents
He spent his 30th birthday talking shit to people who hate him over the internet. Honestly I think /tv/ is the only thing preventing Zach from committing harakiri. When you think about it, he really deserves our pity more than anything. His life is shit, he's probably balder than Gahoole by now but just as fat, and his waifu is a glorified prostitute. Poor dude.
He turned 29 so what else are you lying about?
That's 30 in Zach years.
29 years of suffering take a larger toll than 30 well-lived years.
Nobody passed your message, it was too alog tier for anyone's standards.

That said, you were right about the movie being sleep-inducing bad. Also I still don't understand why you brought up WW.
>Honestly I think /tv/ is the only thing preventing Zach from committing harakiri.
What could we possibly do to make him commit harakiri, tho? In Minecraft, of course.
Shut down every /tv/ out there. He'll probably run to 4/tv/ then, just like butterdup and mygf fag did.
Open file (19.67 KB 207x253 fact.jpg)
>butterdup and mygf fag went to cuck/tv/
>sleep inducing bad
If you're a pleb
I didn't bother screencapping but butterdup is a regular, they know he's a tranny and they don't even make fun of him. He usually posts in arthouse and other pretentious threads. I saw mygf just few days ago: http://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/124995123/#q124998517
Open file (131.82 KB 220x220 spit.gif)
>mfw that mygf fag post
Your post made me look for butterdup and there he is: https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/search/username/ƸЖƷ
Holy shit.
Are we sure butterdup and mygf sperg aren't the same retard?
who in the hell is butterdup
Do you still think that now that the halfbreed is trying to kick Gahoole when he is on the ground?
The hapa livestreaming his suicide is the best thing that could happen. He'd end his neverending suffering from having an obsession with Harvey Weinstein's cumdumpster and he'd make something much better and worth a watch than the dullest franchise.
>Also I still don't understand why you brought up WW.
bickers despite being aimed at kids, being almost 50 years old and not having even half the budget as the dullest franchise had, it isn't dull and it doesn't fall flat when it comes to performances either. There are some moments of unintentional comedy but it doesn't destroy the show and it has great charm. My girl was obsessed with it.
Weinstein had nothing to do with Emma Watson being a movie star for two decades and has had nothing to do with 15 or 16 of her most watched movies

Seek help immediately.
>this guy is still repeating the dullest cuckchan meme
Just reasons why /tv/ is dead lol
You know, you might be a bigger alog than the original alog. But you're probably right in that the board hapa is hopeless, he'll never stop being a retarded sperg in denial of reality.

That's what you're doing by posting a photo of them at a bafta event while they were arguing with paparazzi, you sad little man.
He had nothing to do with 16 of her most watched movies.
I know I should lurk moar but can some /tv/ anon give me a run down on Zach? I've tried to catch up but it's hard to find time for it so I'm requesting spoon feeding. My only interaction with him was his birthday stream where he sperged out when I called Harry Potter a shit movie. Watching him over the last week has peaked my interest. I see him here everyday yelling at the BO. It's amusing but I feel like it'd be more funny if I knew the entire back story.
Zach is the anti-cuckchan, anti-shitposting virgin and anti-cuckime pleb
That's why he pisses off most of the tards that still cling to imageboards
Open file (2.99 MB 1577x3552 SMC Christmas v1.png)
>Zach is the anti-cuckchan, anti-shitposting virgin and anti-cuckime pleb
So Zach is reddit personified?
Cuckchan, reddit, twitter, it's all homogenized and the same nuthink, cuckchanners are no different from redditors today and for many many moons.
Ask yourself why would 4chan /tv/ for instance, claim they hate redditors or the general population and what they consume, while consuming the very same things, constantly posting about Marvel movies, DC movies, Star Wars and basically youtube and twitter shitposts.
Hey anon
This is zach

I know it's tempting but please try not to goad him on to much, he's got a very short temper. Any mention or insult towards emma watson, the harry potter series, stanley kubrick, ridley scott, marijuana, or his hapa heritage will cause to go off on very long angry rants against you, usually breaking down to calling you a cuckchanner, seething, or that you were "filtered" by the thing you are insulting. Now these spasms can last for hours on ened and it's really not good for his health so I'd advise against it. We DEFINITELY DON'T WANT him to sperg out for hours on end.
>he's got a very short temper
Once again the incel doesn't realize his hypocrisy. Say something positive about emma watson, the harry potter series, stanley kubrick, ridley scott etc will cause autists to seethe on end for years and then place the blame at anyone but themselves.
See the typical zach post in it's natural environment. Deflection, Redirection of blame, Denial of reality. Nobody gives a shit about emma watson on any board ESPECIALLY /cow/ but if you don't kowtow to this man's specific world view expect at least 500 replies in a single day about how much sex you don't have. This is why you should never INSULT EMMA WATSON unless you really want to see HUNDREDS OF ZACH POSTS
>Deflection, Redirection of blame, Denial of reality.
I'm hearing Firestarter in my head every time I see something like this.
If only Yakuza had enough footage for a Firestarter Zach music video.
Open file (647.06 KB 718x1045 1488014474699.jpg)
Pretty much. Pic related was created by Zach, can hardly get any more reddit than that.
He managed to get banned from there somehow though.
>denial of reality
sounds like you getting mad at the messenger who is correct in saying you
1) post a shitty stale cuckchan meme
2) cant comprehend Weinstein has had nothing to do with 16 of Emma Watson's most popular movies
But you can't even address this or the latter point, why? bickers you deny reality and cope to the max.

Never created that image, that was once again, a cuckchan meme that was posted by tons of people over and over again.
Zach, why are you lying again?
Your own instagram contains pictures of your favorite Belgian beer and you got shat over that last year by trappistanon.
Why can't you own up to the things you do once in your life?
Open file (514.53 KB 935x600 delirium.png)
Open file (930.90 KB 936x599 delirium1.png)
Open file (107.13 KB 720x720 meme.jpg)
The meme predates Zach why are you so upset by this meme?
>girls chatting up zach on insta
Open file (704.10 KB 628x3820 Star Wars beverages.jpg)
No it doesn't lol, that was spammed by Zach too and he was called out on it back in 2017.
Shit threads with "Do you agree?" as the OP.
This is one of the latest iterations of his (your) autism.
"Do you agree" was an easy bait to make on 4chan /tv/ for anything in 2017 or even beforehand.
This is why we can't have nice things, you end up thinking stuff like slaphead or cuckime all is one person.
This isn't "bait".
At one point somoene decided to ironically zachpost to mock him and started making threads saying "upvote if you agree".
People were also calling him out on his autism years ago:
That's the person who originally made/spammed the meme, for bait. Yes it's all bait
That is bait.
You are now obsessed with years old bait.
>calling him out on his autism
/tv/ is all autism you retard
The chronologu doesn't add up, sorry about your flhp'd dupbrain hapadup.
"upvote if you agree" appeared months later. And you had already been exposed at that point.
>him claiming to work for Paramount
I always shit on RLM, they are faggot youtuber reviewers with no talent, so nice try
Rent Free
and you being cucked to cuckchan posts
>cucked to assmad cuckchanners
This thread is some prime flhp'ing
Is that why you favorited their videos?
Hey guys remember this one?
>Prisoner of Azkaban flows better and has a more consistent engaging atmopshere and I love 2001.
Slapstick comedy in dramatic moments is "more consistent engaging atmosphere" if we believe Zach.
>slapstick comedy
>Cuaron kino
There you go again, autist!
You seem to know more and care more about shit I favorite than I even know or remember, mega autist.
I have never liked RLM bickers I do in fact like the prequels, so maybe you should stop being such a nerd
Nice damage control attempt Zachy-chan
>implying I made that thread
Rent Free, isn't it funny how everyone knows /tv/ is full of incels that hate on Watson? It shows.
No, I'm implying you tried to do damage control in that thread.
And I'm implying you're cucked to cuckchan so what do you do? Keep posting shit from cuckchan.
Well, you would be wrong. bickers to be cucked by cuckchan I would have to post there. You are the one who posts there, so you're g00k's little bitch.
faggot OP didn't include Zachs actual youtube where he uploads new videos daily https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXprLdAqIYu5y_qhw-cAntA
"I'm not cucked to cuckchan"
- Man who unwillingly is cucked to cuckchan, repeats cuckchan memes and actually searches cuckchan archives that are years old, but isn't "cucked"
Zach doesn't even know what marijuana smells like.
>drinks beer
>drinks only one kind of beer.
Zach went to Brussels specifically to drink that beer bickers that meme is his culture.
I drink all kinds of beer and random brews but American beer is pretty shitty
"Slaphead" might not have been one person, but it did start getting pushed out of nowhere.
Bullshit, unless you're saying that you just added weed onto your perfect day compilation bickers you thought it made you look cool.
If you actually give a shit about your culture you would've drank some proper monk brewed trappist beer Zach, not that factory garbage.
I'm pretty sure 5cbde2 was mocking Zach, anon
Now this >>22238 looks like something Zach would say.
Part of me thinks he knew and was adding on to my statement.
Is Adam Schiff, Zach?
Open file (88.15 KB 759x434 120+ million tv btfo.png)
I just want to hear five words from you and those are, Zach you know I really think you're an intelligent person who is actually always right unlike the shit tasting incels on this board, also Watson is a goddess, you are the patron Saint of /tv/ and a good looking lad.
based trappistanon telling it like it is
She is a goddess according to satanists that worship tranny gods.
Also still believing in box office sales in current decade is fucking so outrageously stupid, that I can't even finish this sentence for
Open file (507.52 KB 1020x579 GUNT FROM BELOW.png)
PPP, not the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now.
Open file (43.58 KB 602x373 1e29a869638981fa.jpg)
Zach isn't a tranny anymore, I've cut his HRT funding a year ago.
Open file (50.70 KB 1305x663 1511030043395.png)
baste fren
Open file (419.19 KB 750x451 GUNTED.png)
hapadup's flphp'd dupbrain is malfunctioning again
he's screaming in denial of reality now as usual
>I can't comprehend any other than surface level shit so Zach is the one denying reality
yeah hapadup I'm not convinced by your bullshit
his autism aside, dupfn's arguments sounded pretty solid to me, specially with video evidence to prove it
too similar to be a coincidence
>im not convinced and easily swayed by retards on an imageboard that have no idea what filmmaking is
Sure incel

Zachy at 12:32
>Let's go! This is it! This is the prime time! This is where we make our last stand gentlemen guntlemen
Backup here:
So is he playing a multiplayer game all by himself or am I just not hearing the other players?
Maybe he was the only one with a mic?
>give hapadup his own thread
>goes on a never ending flhp fit
I wonder if we can get him to sperg so hard he goes into an autistic zen state and finally finds peace instead of remaining a flhp'd hapadupbrain.
You're the only one seething m8
He was online defending m'harvested's honor hours ago but refuses to answer this. I thought a mic could be blamed but now I think your theory is the correct one.
/tv/ broke hapadup again, he's babbling incoherent nonsense again
Open file (261.36 KB 720x720 wew.webm)
There's also this one, he showed up to some stream with a voice filter but you can tell it's him
Not me at all, Rent Free all day long
It is you, same voice as the other video but older.
Now, were you playing a multiplayer game by yourself like a faggot?
Not me at all
were you playing a multiplayer game by yourself like a faggot?
That isn't zach, it was some discord dude pretending to be him. He was also on the game awards stream I did
Reads to me like you have a bogeyman problem.
It was Zach. You talked to him and didn't notice bickers you're a cuckimefag zoomer pleb who plays bing bings.
t. Zach
>claims he only eats once a day yet is morbidly obese
>only sexual experience is a handjob years ago and claims it ruined his life
>preordered tickets for the joker movie
>basic bitch taste in film, claims to like entry level kino while mostly watching cuckime and pleb trash like john wick at least 80s action movies you fat spend
>relentlessly attention whores whenever you give him a moments notice, was likely neglected as a child
>prematurely balding at 22, already has the hairline of a man twice his age in part bickers of his horrible physical health
>has a GAMERGATE nose and wide face despite claiming half swede/half Irish
>lost his job bickers he got in a fight with a homeless man
>waifus a 15 year old irish girl who works as a Disneyland cast member
Hey Zach, we're you playing a multiplayer game by yourself like a FAGGOT?
>everyone who doesn't like this fat retard is Zach
Not Zach
You timed this post between two others on /tv/ about Ruin Flopson, and this is a thread about yourself.
Now imagine how /tv/ is a board full of retards just like Gahoole with no taste that hate on actual patrician opinions and non-virgins
>being harvested is better than being a virgin
That's a word for actresses that didn't make 100 million dollars worth of fame and fortune while being in blockbusters for a decade that had nothing to do with Harvey sweetie, why are you so mad that almost every single one of her movies has nothing to do with him!
Hi Zach, you cocksmoker.
This is his longest sperg spree yet.
What drives this kind of insanity in hapas?
Is it the general yuro autism combined with the ant peoples' soulless dedication to work?
Any combination of mutts is mental beyond belief, only different input races create different flavors of insanity.
Hapas seem particularly obsessive though.
I have never seen a spicmutt or some mulatto go to these lengths for this amount of time to sperg impotently at a bunch of anonymous strangers bickers of something stupid like someone insulting his waifu.
They're usually just violent and animalistic with attention spans of ADHD children, meanwhile hapas will stew and rage for years on end until they either go full supreme gentleman or kill themselves.
hapas generally misuse their intelligence by pursuing utterly pointless endeavors
Every day and every night I pray to Yahweh that you die a painful death, hapa.
Open file (99.83 KB 882x617 mass reply.jpg)
Guess we'll have to remind him flopson is an ugly tranny again lol
cope retards, and Yahweh is a false god
Zach in denial of Flopson's inability to sing
>>23916 >incel seething over Watson's superior grace, beauty acting and voice again Your life
>>23936 Is so much better than yours? Yeah. I know.
>>23972 Lol alog retard
Zach’s not gonna like this.
>>24258 >draco was a good guy he was a weak cuck
>>24258 But do wizards still shit themselves and magic it away though is what I'd like to know >comicsgay Jesus Christ.
>>24258 >posting some garbage youtube video Kek all you do is consume soy shit
>>23976 >alog
Poor Zach Dupwalker of the Soy Wars boxofficetfo
Open file (1.56 MB 1920x800 (((Goblins))).png)
/ourgirl/ JKR is under fire, lads! Was Zach’s fantasykino secretly redpilled and based this whole time? Are the Goblins in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Anti-Semitic? - (((Alma))): http://archive.vn/JokWv / http://web.archive.org/web/20191226023843/https://www.heyalma.com/are-the-goblins-in-j-k-rowlings-harry-potter-anti-semitic/ Harry Potter's Gringotts Goblins Are Anti-Semitic Propaganda - Popdust: http://archive.vn/P5vSE / http://web.archive.org/web/20191226024234/https://www.popdust.com/gringotts-warner-bros-2627451691.html Tim “it’s complicated” Poole’s hot take on it: https://invidio.us/watch?v=By-4H4Pqzlw
>>24557 >being cucked to random media articles How NPC can you get?
>>24599 That's funny bickers you have shat up /tv/ with threads about the goblins being jews more times than I care to count.
>>25025 >one of the few good threads on /tv/ made in recent years >shat up Go kys or watch more cucktube videos faggot
>>25051 dupnon fucking loves her pussy by dupbrained hapadup
>>26478 COPE
Open file (980.21 KB 2732x2760 hapa 8kun.png)
>>26478 >believing the hapa He was on 8kun and vch minutes ago posting the same shit from the last 5 years. He's like the super zombies from Zombieland 2, braindead and stubborn.
>>26513 >He's like the super zombies from Zombieland 2 I think you are like that, since you're so braindead you watched zombieshit too
Open file (63.95 KB 500x602 thecathasyourwife.jpg)
>>26515 It was kino. Specially the Garfield scene.
>>26518 Nothing about that weak ass dogshit is kino, it's a shitflick
Open file (489.54 KB 500x263 56hn3jk6.gif)
>>26515 >no u
>>26568 Are you talking about The Circle again?
>>26702 No, talking about Stoneshit like zombieland 2 sweetie
>>26716 >Stoneshit Cope. You wish Flopson's material was one tenth as good as Stone's is.
>>26736 Stone's material isn't even 1/50th as good as watsons, all dishonest dogshit or shit tier flicks like movie 43 and zombieshit Can't even be in one bil dollar film that is a classic let alone 8 or 9
Has anybody figured out yet why Flopson can't act or sing?
Open file (1.84 MB 453x604 zach firestarter.webm)
what zach blogpost was this from?
>>27000 Zach had this strange tendency of filling in these big lists of questions children would send eachother, not realizing at the time it's just filled with personally identifying information. First post in the attached image.
>>27003 >Romantic, interdependent, histrionic, vain, paranoid, and hypersensitive Yep, that's our Zacchy-chan, alright.
Zach is our master!
>>27003 >answering online questionnaires at all >answering them honestly Have we been bullying a literal retard this entire time?
Open file (256.83 KB 300x100 zach tv rent free.gif)
The mongrel is seething so hard he's only been capable of repeatedly rattling off "cope" "rent free" and other stale one or two word phrases for the past week. This is why any and all hapas should be euthanized, there's no way he enjoys this, but he keeps coming back to be mocked relentlessly. What sad creatures, I don't know how anyone could be cruel enough to spawn such a miserable freak and pretend everything is fine and dandy.
>>27008 That thing looks surprisingly similar to the Guntfather
Why does zach save pictures of naked men with hardons and post them all over the place when someone makes fun of him?
>>27138 Do you think there's any connection to Flopson being unable to act or sing, unlike Stone?
Is Harry Potter turning the hapas gay? Or is if the soy they put in their hapa rations?
>>27246 >>27216 >>27138 >everybody shitposting that pisses me off is Zach! Yikes
Open file (33.77 KB 1280x720 alex.jpg)
>>27246 It's the soy in their hapa water.
Why hasn't slaphoole fought Zachychan yet? A 1v1 fight to the death livestreamed would be kino
>>27259 The slaphead is a coward.
>>27260 As if, you massive hapa coward. Gahoole has challenged you several times to a fight and the only time you brought up how you would "kick his ass" was when you were trying to impress a "girl" on the internet.
>gahoole shows his face and rolls with the insults >is willing to do stupid shit on youtube >meanwhile zach had to be doxed and is unwilling to do shit IRL Is the hapa definition of coward the exact opposite of the human definition?
>>27275 >the only time you brought up how you would "kick his ass" was when you were trying to impress a "girl" on the internet OH NO NO NO
>>27399 She looks like Joaquin Phoenix
>>27399 Zach said, rightfully, he could kick Gahoole ass from the beginning. RENT FREE
>>27260 /thread The slaphead can't even fight his hairline
>>27389 >gahoole is an attention whore zoomer retard >zach just shitposts >people have made sexual photoshops of zach bickers he shitposts so hard with his patrician opinions >/tv/ is dead as gahoole hairline Really makes you think
>>27470 >shitpost >patrician opinion
>>27480 >shitpost that actively goes against cuckchan and 8chin groupthink and pisses off incels >not patirican
>>27483 >patirican puertorican?
>>27483 >shitpost that actively goes against reality FTFY, dullest franchise lover
Open file (83.51 KB 357x334 1385255184903.png)
>>27533 I have to wonder which effected what more. Did Harry Potter being the dullest franchise cause Flopson to be unable to act or sing, or did Flopson being unable to act or sing cause Harry Potter to be the dullest franchise?
>>27533 >the dullest pasta in the history of cuckchan pasta >>27545 >tourettes tier post I wonder if you even have anything interesting to say bickers garbage that isn't true lmao
>>27569 If it's not true, then why is her career dead? And why can't she sing? Worst of all, why can't she find anyone who wants to be her bf?
>his new thing is calling everything tourettes Do you even know what tourettes syndrome is you retarded mongrel?
>>27575 >mommy, why does grandpa keep saying i'm not really part of the family <i-it's just tourettes, honey <you know he doesn't really mean it >really momma? <y.. yeah..
How obsessed are you fags with Zach?
>>27571 >film out right now that is acclaimed >acting for two decades >nine (9) billion dollar movies >you an incel in a bunker that is pissed >you an incel that repeats jewtube memes to boot >>27575 Yeah continually having a meme tick against based Watson and saying the same 3 retarded comments bickers you are fucking loves her pussy in every single manner with facts by Zach
>zach has gay porn saved to his hard drive If anything this just confirms Watson is a tranny as far as I'm concerned, hapa's clearly attracted to men.
>>27624 >his hard drive I think you mean the family desktop.
>>27630 Oh yeah I forgot he has to leave his trailer and walk ten feet to his parents' house in order to post.
>>27624 And Zach would find >her even hotter if >she had jcaesar187's face
Open file (1.24 MB 2560x4718 fresh sperging.png)
I told you to stay off 8, faggot.
Open file (99.82 KB 500x375 nani.jpg)
>>27836 Why does he insist that posting the pictures of Humble Harv guiding Flopson to the vehicle that would take >her to the harvest station constitutes "spamming"?
>>27836 So much for the bet
>>27866 Ain't Zack a delusional faggots that does not believe that Flopson was not harvested?
>>27917 He said he'd beat the shit out of Gahoole over what he calls the "lie" that Flopson got harvested. Ironically he pussied out of a fight against him back when Gahoole challenged him. He knows that Gahoole would supplex him into a wheelchair where he could live like his idol Stephen Hawking (minus the trips to Jeffrey Epstein's island) but refuses to admit it.
>>27917 Imagine thinking some random jew that had nothing to do with her being famous and rich from a decade of Harry Potter movies, plus nothing to do with her being attached to beauty and the beast with warner bros and disney, nothing to do with perks of being a wallflower, nothing to do the with bling ring, nothing to do with noah, nothing to do with Colonia and nothing to do with Little women ever fucked her to give her a career or fame
>>27866 >picture of them at a bafta event >Emma went to the event with her roomate that she was living with in London Why do cuckimefags have no common sense?
>>27990 That jew had everything to do with her even being allowed near a movie set.
Based thread
>>28010 No he didn't she was cast by completely unrelated people including JK Rowling for Harry Potter and then was in movies for two decades afterwards. cope more incel
Open file (286.05 KB 900x720 transfiguration.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 3419x2743 Emma_Watson_1.jpg)
Open file (3.88 MB 1280x720 Tranny Flopson.mp4)
>>28161 >tells others to cope more when he's the one coping OOF She was in the pedo tranny cult since Harry Potter, the sooner you come to terms with reality the better.
>>28255 >tells other to cope more when he's the one coping >posts more coping shit AYyyyyyyyyy
>>28277 You're the one coping with the fact that your childhood crush is a harvested tranny
Open file (1.17 MB 1920x800 peak.png)
Imagine obsessing over a cunt that peaked at 14.
>>28344 >no u Imagine coping so hard that you don't even have an common sense as to how someone with the most fame and fortune of any actress under 21 was famous for being in huge blockbuster movies for a decade that lead to her being in tons of other non Weinstein movies afterwards bickers you're an incel >>28348 Imagine being an incel
>/cow/fags are still threatened by based beauty Watson
>>28359 >deflowering Emma Watson OH NO NO NO
>>28362 >can't read Damn you are RENT FREE
>>28357 >>28359 >autism speaks
>>28366 >no retorts on topic INCELDOM SPEAKIN
Man, flopson doesnt look terrible with heavy photoshop, overblown lighting and 6 years taken off her old saggy 30 year old ass.
>>28369 Damn you're an incel!
>>28371 Imagine peeling off all that foundation, probably takes her longer than to put it on. Easily a metric pound of makeup there.
Open file (125.67 KB 1280x720 current year man.jpg)
>>28371 >BATB premiere What's that, 4 years old? IT'S 2020 ZACH
>>28381 It was 2 years old when you were crying the last 6 months incel!
>>28384 >all that blatant digital deaging oof
Open file (136.53 KB 1080x1349 emma on set little women.jpg)
>>28378 You're thinking of Emma Stone sweetie, who has to actually wear 2 pounds of makeup to look like a 4/10 now
>>28385 >blatant digital deaging Cope more incel! Thanks for proving she looks so young to your eyes you think they deaged her!
Open file (976.96 KB 1016x1315 Emma Watson vogue 2019.png)
Incels gonna COPE
>>28387 Obvios DNR artifacts at display
>>28389 Obvious COPing incel artifacts on display
>>28391 metric pound of makeup
Open file (155.84 KB 266x379 eww the fuck.png)
>>28392 Cope, here's stone in a movie from the same year why does she look 30 years older than Watson when Stone has a metric ton of makeup on her
>>28395 Flopson already looked like an old hag when >she was a teenager. Spoiler bickers it's gore as far as I'm concerned. >Her post-op wound is about as disgusting to look at as >her no-makeup face is is.
>>28396 Make up your god damn mind you stupid incels >>28348
Open file (795.70 KB 1928x2768 1507646077875.jpg)
>>28397 >/cow/ is one person I would have thrown Flopson from a cliff when >she was born, Spartan style. Dysgenic monster.
>>28400 >/cow/ is one person You might as well be with the shit taste and seething inceldom
>>28401 spoiler that hag
>>28401 >>28403 Hey virgin why are you so obsessed about this stuck up unlikable british cunt? There are many actually wholesome, decent women out there who look like her.
Happa, how can you like a guy that has transitioned that won't return your calls?
Open file (4.54 MB 640x480 123456789.gif)
>>28405 >women >who look like her Anon, those are trannies. Which leads to my second point: >trannies >wholesome, decent
Can somebody explain why Flopson can't act or sing? Why would somebody give her work when she's just gonna be box office poison? >no movies for 2020 Oh, nvm. Dead career. Yikes.
>>28383 >the video was 2 ears old when he started using it already OH NO NO NO
>>28414 How is Flopson rent free when you keep posting him Zach?
I find my own first cousin more attractive than Flopson. And I'm not a redneck so you get an idea of how little I like Flopson.
>>28397 I said she peaked at fourteen, which means that was the best she ever looked, not that she was beautiful to begin with.
>>28445 >10 billion dollar worth of films >starring in a movie that's been in theaters all month in 2020 Yep I'm thinking you're a fucking loves her pussy incel >>28619 She looked much better after that and still does, inceloid >>28405 Hey virgin why do you call someone who is wholesome and s
>>28405 Watson is wholesome, you're the virgin incel cunt lol
>>28601 So you're an incel memezoomer, lmao why does based Watson actually trigger you freaks so much!
>>28397 >>28673 >She looked much better after that and still does, inceloid Well I've seen the fucking movies, spazoid, and you're wrong.
>>28601 The only people who don't want to fuck their cousins are the ones who come from shitty genetic stock. We're on an anonymous imageboard, nobody is going to do anything to you if you say "my cousin is fucking hot and I've always wanted to fuck her tight pussy as I watch her perfect titcow julayers bounce". If you ask my opinion, she has a right to your dick. As in, if a cousin who is older than 18 asks you to fuck her, it's your holy duty to do it and refusing is plain immoral. If you don't admit you want to cum in your cousin I'm gonna assume you're an ugly faggot.
>>28696 >zach not only lusts after his sister but his cousins top hapadup
>>27003 >depressed, anxious, low self esteem, prone to regret Z-Zach, are you ok?
>>28680 I've watched them on the big screen and you're a filthy incel who is wrong, cope
>>28807 >15 posts by this ID How have you seen them on the big screen when you never leave your trailer?
>>28831 OH NO NO NO
>he took issue to LOTR being called entry level The movies are cool and all but they were made with children in mind. The hapa is even more deluded than I thought, thinking he's some sort of intellectual for liking something as unchallenging as Lord of the Rings.
>>28807 >he had to see her ugly mug in IMAX You poor bastard
>>21931 gahoole's first victim
If Zach thinks he's going to bury the discussion of Flopson's pathetic existence in slide threads he's sorely mistaken. Every thread he makes will become a Flopson FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !!ing thread.
Open file (13.83 MB 3840x2160 2.webm)
Is zach still a coomer?
Open file (1.94 MB 640x360 consider_it.webm)
How can I help you manifest your destiny, køter? Should I mail you a shotgun and a camera?
I want to pound zach hapa boipucci with my big brazilian cock!!!
So I went to cuckchan today to see if what I had been told about it was true (it was even worse, the entire site is a literal datamining operation) and found out they say stuff like "based retard" and "slaphead". Until now I had believed that was one of Zach's retarded made up words like "cuckimefag" but it turns out it's cuckchanner lingo. Imagine my shock.
>>31213 the first time i heard cuckime was here on julay i have been using it ever since absolutely everywhere including on cuckchan whenever cuckime threads pop up on boards they shouldn't i dont know if the hapa was the first to use it but its a great word
>>31214 The meme >cuckime is great, but "cuckimefag" is when things get the hapa touch. Like in "capeshit" and "capeshitting zoomer". He's a desperate being trying to fit in and miserably failing at it, sometimes attempting to repurpose memes that hurt his feelings like that one about soyboys that included Harry Potter and Star Wars and he substituted for Emma Stone and Game of Thrones leaving the rest of the pic unaltered.
Open file (67.34 KB 449x750 open-air-slut.jpg)
what is her face here trying to convey?
>>31217 "Wait a minute, this isn't Harvey!"
>>29328 Project more retard, as far as high budget fantasy blockbusters go LOTR and HP are simply very good movies.
>>31225 Harry Potter is shit and Lord of the Rings is decent but it doesn't make it any less entry level. Your tastes are as basic as it gets. Cope, basic bitch.
>>31225 Harry Potter is literally babby's first fiction film.
>>31220 kek He's not gonna let anyone take advantage of that neovagina if there isn't a chance of landing a role from it.
>>31260 >blah blah blah this is shit and this is decent >>31262 Msst stiupid fucking statement ever uttered on this dogshit board. You're literally either a zoomer or a retard They are both good, sit the fuck down with you ultra NPC takes
>>31262 All films are fiction and the Potter films are the most consistent long franchise of blockbuster films, try again.
>>31260 >your tastes are basic Kys you stupid bitch, I like tons of shit you've never seen or heard of, you're a contrarian edgy incel who can't call water wet, Harry Potter is one of the only good franchises of films now go watch john wick or fast and the furious like a retard that you are
>>31328 >>31329 >if you don't like my favorite series of children's films you must like these other shitty movies Whatever you say, Zach.
>>31327 >>31328 >>31329 >ultra NPC takes Harry Potter is literally THE film franchise most beloved by NPCs, you fucking sperg. Go cry in a corner, Zach. You will never be loved.
>>31377 >Harry Potter is literally THE film franchise most beloved by NPCs, you fucking sperg. No it isn't you fucking massive retard, Star Wars exists you fucking literal braindead fuckface. Tons of NPCs hate on harry potter, normal people like it and normal people hate on it. KYS for being such a fucking stoopid bitch.
>>31375 >childrens films >for all ages Stop being an incel retard. Fantasy like Star Wars, LOTR and HP are enjoyed by all ages.
>>31600 >normal people like it and normal people hate on it. Well, you're half right. Normal people hate this shitstain of a franchise, and no straight man has ever found Emma Watson attractive... aside from Harvey, that is.
>>31625 >Straight man >Harv He is a proud transman, bigot.
>>31602 "all ages" is codeword for children's movies retard
Open file (92.54 KB 1004x700 Zach portrait.jpg)
>be Zach >want to see Warner Bros'™ G.R.R. Rowling's™ How to Train Your Awesome Beast™ >go to the kinoplex >no singles policy >no problem, I brought my 1:15 Watson doll >buy 2 tickets >go to the concessions stand and get one large soy julay and pizza with jalapenos >about to enter the projection room >hear the inspector yell "HALT!" >he grabs my arm >there's a no-singles policy in place tonight >b-but I brought Watson with me >show him the doll >he says it's no good >"I guess I can make an exception for you kid, but you'll have to undergo a penis inspection first. We can't let incels in." >he takes me to the penis inspection booth >sees my 2 inch hapa microdick >"SECURITY!" >I have to go back home with no refund of my tickets >mfw >remember I still have my jalapeno pizza and soy julay >drink the soy julay >go get some Delirium™ Belgian beer from the fridge >get my jalapeno pizza and my pot ready >smoke until I can barely stand on my own >play Harry Potter: The Thinking Man's Stone™ on my 4K™ UHD™ HDR™ television set as I eat jalapeno pizza and drink Belgian beer >Watson shows up on the screen >I can't resist and start masturbating furiously >COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, right on the figurine's face >all is well with the universe again Another day as Zach, another day that I'm better than you shit tasting plebs
>>31649 Lmao based
>>31649 Zach was right. Apologize.
Open file (433.53 KB 594x1035 Zach.png)
What did he mean by this?
>>36162 This is who is dabbing on you Zach. A reddit using, Mr. Metakoof paypigging, wannabe youtube famous, reddi/pol/ browsing zoomer. You know, he is probably on /tv/ right now making some post about "HorrorKino" or Millie Brown hoping to snag some hot takes he can recycle into his videos. Man imagine if you could pull up the post histories of users like that. Find out who your detractors really are. You can find his youtube and reddit really easily.
>>36162 They probably meant Euroasian Tigah
>>36163 Nah, Zach's too much of a pussy to actually run /tv/, he loves shitting on the ogre for doing a poor job but knows he would fuck it up so badly he would never escape the shame.
>>36168 /tv/ is dead bickers of the ogre, cope it is over
Open file (71.32 KB 186x224 i am forgotten2.png)
>>36534 /tv/ is pretty alive on tvch, there will always be an audience wherever the ogre goes, you're just coping bickers you know that if you took this place over it would be a complete failure bickers no one would want to post on a television discussion board where discussing flopsons failing career would be a bannable offense. But keep seething about how bad the ogre is while your only contribution to imageboard culture is being the retard that spams black dicks when his waifu get's insulted.
>>36541 >failing career >10 billion dollars worth of movies and not even 30 yet >2nd billed in another hit that just came out at Christmas Cope more incel
>>36651 >practically a background character in her last movie >the one before that she had to be autotuned bickers she's so shit at singing I don't know how much of that Harry Potter money is left with her coke habits to be honest dude.
>>36168 >implying it would bring him any more significant amount of shame than what he already has The dude got catfished on an imageboard, there's nothing that can top that.
The Cellar-Dweller It was with a peculiar sense of unease that I set out on my visit to the Hasbrouck residency at the behest of a worried mother. Her frantic calls to my medical practice had filled me with concern and a sense of unexplainable dread; it was her vague comments regarding her son’s deteriorating mental and physical health which made me ill at ease, not bickers of anything definite, but the added sum of her vague suspicions, and what she hinted at, what she left unsaid. The pleading tone of her voice had at last convinced me to go on a home visit and examine her son. It was a chilly late autumn afternoon in late October, and the darkened, low-hanging clouds held the promise of rain. As I approached my destination the surroundings filled me with an overwhelming sensation of profound gloom and decay; the atmosphere was curiously dense and oppressive, highly concentrated, almost palpable. The house was located right next to a parking lot and the highway, but despite of this I was struck by a sense of isolation and extreme remoteness, like this property existed outside of the busy and chaotic world surrounding it. The surrounding garden was in a most sorrowful state; left to waste away untended thorough years of neglect. There stood oddly twisted and gnarled trees whose roots drew nutrition from the diseased, watersoaked earth; in their shade grew pale, worm-eaten fleshy fungi among the rotting leaves in great numbers. A utility trailer of severe dilapidation and surrounded by weeds caught my eye as I made my way towards the entrance. The house itself was a ramshackle building of advanced dilapidation, giving off a strong aura of abandonment and neglect, and I couldn’t help but wonder how people could have allowed things to slip so far into decay and abandonment. The paint was peeling and much cracked; dry-rot and fungi seemed to have infested the building long ago. As far as could be ascertained the curtains in every window were drawn shut, and I was struck by the thought that the house was slumbering. I knocked on the door, and it appeared my arrival had been expected, for the door was opened quickly. “Mrs. Hasbrouck?” I greeted, looking at the woman who stood in the doorway. She nodded her head and quickly ushered me inside the darkened interior. She was not old, but her appearance was somewhat haggard and she appeared weary and tired. She might once have been a woman of some beauty, and it was sad to see how the worn and neglected outside of the home seemed to mirror not only the interior, but its inhabitants as well. With her rather cadaverous complexion and bruise-like shadows under her large pale blue eyes, I wondered if it was not her who I should have examined instead of her son. Even her fair hair seemed lifeless and as if all colour was draining from her along with the spark of life. “Thank God you’re here,” she whispered, her eyes shining with unshed tears from the horrors endured in this worm-eaten, crumbling house. There was a certain hoarseness to her voice, and it made me think she had recently been crying, an impression strengthened by the bloodshot quality of her haunted blue eyes. The lustre in them was waning – her spirit was broken. “We really are at our wits end,” she let slip with an almost fearful look on those haunted blue eyes as she took my outer coat and hung it on the coat-stand. The air was curiously oppressive, and there was a strange and wholly unnerving scent that seemed to permeate the house; a vague smell of dust and of abandonment, and less savoury things best left a mystery. “I didn’t quite catch what exactly it is you suspect ails your son,” I spoke up as we entered the parlour, where she proceeded to serve tea with trembling hands. I sat down on the sofa with my back to the window – faint, grey daylight shone in through a narrow crack in the curtains. An old grandfather clock – the distant sound of traffic on the nearby highway reminding me of the outside world. She let out a short, hysterical laugh, spilling tea on the tablecloth, before she finally caught herself. “He’s sick!” she finally whispered, looking rather fearful and nervous, her eyes begging me to help. “When did you first notice this change in him?” I queried, taking the tea-mug from her and helping her to pour the rest of the tea in order to prevent further mishaps. “He’s always been a little different,” she said with a nervous chuckle, quickly taking her cup and sipping the scolding hot tea with gay abandon. “There was a noticeable change in him around 2016,” she added in a near-whisper, quickly followed by a low, mirthless giggle of nervous agitation. “Now he just sits down there all day! He hasn’t been outside in years! He won’t even come down on Christmas, or whenever we have relatives visiting,” she was unable to hold back the tears, and I handed her my handkerchief. Her voice was insistent, yet scarcely above a whisper, as if she feared to be overheard. “I can hear him move around down there at night,” she hiccuped, burying her tear-stricken face in the handkerchief as a shudder of terror passed through her frail body. What on earth could cause a mother to be this disgusted and fearful of her own flesh and blood? “We let it pass till we caught him with his sister’s panties,” she continued at last, clutching the handkerchief between her trembling fingers. There was a look of shame and misery that made her pale face flush pink with the same and passion of her admission. “When I was pregnant with him, it was strange… He was different. They wanted me to terminate, but I wouldn’t.” Unable to let her go on further on her ramblings, seeing how greatly this affected her, I got up and put a hand on her shoulder. “I will talk to him. See what I can do for him.” With a last, comforting squeeze to her shoulder I made my way through the room, heading for the basement door, I had barely been able to see in the darkened hallway as I removed my coat. The door swung open on its hinges, but not without some force on my part, since it was oddly uneven, and the floor too; the whole house seemed to have shifted, and was shifting still. With the door opened, I stood still for a moment, hesitating; the hallway was dark, and I began to feel ill at ease, feeling rather like Hermóðr on his journey down to Hel. Dusty beams, cobwebs and that nauseating smell of decaying fungi greeted me in the darkness as I slowly made my way down the rickety, creaking staircase, and the faint artificial light visible from below the only light to guide my path. As I held onto the wall for support, another smell made itself known; the malodorous odour of unwashed genitalia and sour sweat was of the most offensive kind – the rank stench permeated the dimly lit basement room, and felt my eyes begin to water as I fought the urge to gag. “Zach?” I called out as I had reached the bottom of the stairs, and looked out at this subterranean dwelling my patient had occupied for so long in solitude. There was a strange kind of grunt in response, in a harsh-sounding tone, though without any intelligible words. I introduced myself as my eyes searched for its source. He sat on a swivel chair in front of a desk littered with all kinds of knick-knack and trash. His head was turned towards me in an unnatural angle, and I was at once struck by the impression that his neck was abnormally malformed and twisted. “Where’s the light switch?” I wondered aloud, searching the surroundings in the awful gloomy dimness with my fingers. “No! No light! And close the door!” came a sudden, sharp exclamation from my patient. “But it’s so dark in here!” I protested, though obeying his wishes. “Yes, deliciously dark,” he said in a voice that made me shudder; it was somehow gibbering and gelatinous, and it filled me with a strong sense of uneasiness and loathing unlike any I had ever felt before. “I can hear the mould growing in the dark, and the rising damp climbing up the bed-legs,” Zach continued with a sigh of cocksment, before turning his attention back towards the computer screen. Though I knew his exact age from his worried mother, I could not have guessed it based on his appearance alone. He had a ghoulishly sallow complexion, and his shifty squinting slant-eyes betrayed his Asiatic ancestry. He gave off the impression of being somehow malformed, though I wasn’t able to point to anything definite, though he was noticeably bow-legged, and hunchbacked. The only sound was that of his fingers eagerly tapping away at the crusted keyboard. With some difficulty I was able to find a way over to him over the floor so littered with trash, and up close, in the glow of the computer screen his sallow complexion took on a truly sickly tone, like pallid and mottled, and the gleam in those shifty eyes caused me to shudder. He didn’t dignify my presence as he kept typing furiously on the keyboard – all Caps Lock it seemed. “You mother called me, told me to check in on you,” I began feeling my mouth go dry as I spoke in this acrid atmosphere. He turned to look at me again, and I had to fight not to recoil in terror at the sight; he was frothing at the mouth, and in his eyes there was the weirdest look of semi-sentience; below that of man, above that of a beast. “She told you I’m mad, didn’t she?!” he said in a surprisingly shrill timbre. “She is worried about you,” I stuttered, taken aback by the harsh accusative tone of voice. “Do you think I do this for fun?” he wheezed, looking at me with utter contempt burning in those slanty eyes. He seemed exhausted by the violent outburst, and quickly sunk back down to his usual hunched-over posture. I was desperate to change the subject away from his mother and the reason for my visit, and I caught sight of a large, though highly peculiar collection of DVDs occupying the nearby shelves, along with well-worn books of children’s literature. “You seem interested in movies,” I commented, inspecting some of the titles as best could be done in the dimness of the room. “Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of movies,” he responded in that dull, monotone voice of his without even looking away from the screen. Curious what could be of such interest, I threw a casual glance towards his screen and caught sight of the vilest and most revolting and degrading hardcore interracial pornography as he scrolled through a folder. He didn’t seem to care at all, though my stunned silence must have told him of my discovery of the disgusting images, of which he appeared to have a massed a rather sizeable collection. “They are wrong,” he stated suddenly, breaking the terrible silence. “Who?” I looked at him in confusion. He turned to face me in annoyance at the interruption and there was a gleam in his eyes – unmistakable hatred and madness. “The incels online!” he seethed with a frightful quivering, pointing with a finger trembling with agitation at the screen. “They are obsessed!” he yelled. I recoiled in horror at the ghoulish look on his face, and the abnormal way his neck seemed to move. He noticed my nervous reaction and look of horror; and his lips curled back in a grotesque, mirthless grin, and his tongue somehow reminded me of the awful, abnormally large slugs I had seen outside in the neglected garden. There was something so loathsome and off about his appearance, as if something was not altogether human. This vague sense of dread rose to new heights, as his revolting grin widened further, and the gaping blackness of his mouth revealed something inside. I was at once gripped by a terrible and horrific impression of something hiding in the skin of man. I think it was the oddly loose quality of the skin, the lack of facial animations, and that dreadful mouth that put the idea into my nervous mind, and once there it grew and grew till, at last, the idea was so strong and unbearable that my entire being trembled with terror. My terrified and revolted reaction seemed to please him, and his ghoulish grin widened further still, and he let out a low, gruesome wheezing chuckle from that open mouth; the jaw hung open, seemingly not fully attached. “What do you think, Doc?!” he chuckled ghoulishly, staggering to a standing position with some difficulty. He stood there on unsteady legs, struggling to gain some semblance of balance. He raised his long, thin arms to his mouth, and, while I stood there, too shocked to avert my gaze, he began to pull back his mouth; to my absolute terror I saw how his mouth extended beyond what should have been physically possible, and worst of all, how there were white strands of mycelium and festering dry rot visible within him. The shock to my senses and nerves was so profound that my initial reaction, or reflex, was merely to close my eyes. I believe that alone is what saved my sanity. Blindly I staggered backwards in horrified shock, the loathsome stench of dry rot festering in necrosis was so pugnant that it was like a physical barrier. My horrified reaction must have pleased him with a revolting sense of pride and enjoyment, for the wheezing cackle grew in strength, despite how pained he sounded. Then, came the sound of tottering, unsteady footsteps; they sounded oddly soft and hollow-sounding on the trash-littered cellar floor, and I knew that he was advancing on me. An involuntary cry of deathly fear and terror escaped my lips as I recoiled till at last, I was up against the damp, slimy basement wall, and my hands touched something lined up along the wall with all the other knick-knack stored there – an old baseball bat. That realisation made me break from the horrible grip of fear, and launched me into action at last. I grasped the bat, and before the shambling shape in the darkness before me could react I struck it with full force. Time after time I swung the bat, and my horror only intensified at the hollow sound as the bat struck the body, till at last it burst open like a bladder from the force of the blows. It was as if his body was as hollow, soggy and worm-eaten as the half-decayed fungi in the garden outside, for there was a softness to the rotten hollow body as if the bone had become mushy, and even after the head had caved in the body continued to tremble and writhe about on the floor. Still, I knew that it would be an unforgivable sin not to continue until all was over. When the rage and shock which had alone saved me began to subside I dropped the bat with a clatter to the floor and staggered backwards towards the stairs. I felt nauseated and light-headed from the rush of adrenaline, and my mind was still ringing from the dreadful shock my nerves and senses had been subjected to. As I ascended the basement stairs, leaving the thing which had masqueraded as a human on the floor behind me, I felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I cannot even begin to guess at the relief his parents and sister would feel. I staggered into the hallway and shut the basement door behind me. The mother stood in the doorway to the parlour, her hands clutching at the wall in nervous agitation and for support. “It’s finally over,” I stuttered. Her eyes searched mine for any final confirmation that the horror was over; after so many years, could she dare to hope? “It’s finally over,” I repeated, a little more calmly and held her gaze till the realisation finally sunk in, and she fell to her knees and thanked the Lord; her frail body shaking with tears of joy and relief that the nightmare that finally been brought to an end.
>>38636 PURE KNHO
>>38636 Obsessed
>>38766 Just a heads up Zach, Refn wants to snatch /tv/ from your hands.
>>38782 No, you're zach, I'm your superior, and refn is stealing your hapa hideout, better get him quick!
>>38636 10/10
Open file (399.38 KB 396x650 80s.png)
Open file (399.07 KB 396x650 who.png)
'The Cellar Dweller: https://pastebin.com/a2v4Ts3c
>>38636 >The lustre in them was waning – her spirit was broken. oof
I can't believe Zach finally kicked the bucket. Must have taken the entirety of /x/ making offers to Corona-chan.
He may have pussied out of imageboards but he still uploads his shitty looped soundtrack videos to jewtube so that Disney and Warner can get shekels for the hours he spends for free. The latest, a Soy Wars one from 5 days ago: https://invidio.us/watch?v=jPzkTPzLJnQ
>>42126 So his last act on this earth was to upload a looped soundstrack to YouTube? Rest in pieces, Zachy.
>>42617 How is that even real?
>>42617 No wonder he's been so angery. I know my penis ain't that big, but holy shit it's certainly much larger than 3 fucking cm lmao
>>38636 b*ste
Zach is living his life while you guys are obessed with him for years. lol, pathetic.
>>50359 Hey Zach
>>50359 Flopson has no career
>>21575 He's married and gay now
>>54362 only the latter
Nice try, Zach.
Open file (273.17 KB 671x456 suspicious_pepe.png)
>>54362 >a woman would marry a guy obsessed with /tv/
>>23565 Hi Zach. Emma Watson Queen Never Ever
I have broken new ground today in the study of Zachology. Those familiar with the hapa probably know these things about him by now: >hates John Carpenter, specially The Thing >hates Solaris by Tarkovsky and praises the 2002 remake >hates Emma Stone, in particular her movie Aloha >hates Nicolas Cage, in special his movies Fire Birds and Mandy >hates Apocalypse Now >claimed to be a Sikorsky employee to impress "Lauren" You guys know who the main character and the hero in The Thing was? R.J. MacReady, helicopter pilot. You know one of the many differences between Tarkovsky's and Sorderbergh's Solaris? Berton the helicopter pilot is gone from it. Who is Emma Stone's main character in Aloha? An air force pilot. Fire Birds has Cage as a helicopter pilot, Mandy opens with Cage entering a helicopter. The most famous scene in Apocalypse Now is the one with the helicopters playing Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner. Sikorsky is known for its helicopters. Zach's dream in all likelihood was to pilot a chopper. That dream was crushed by reality and he hates everything that reminds him of it. Alternatively, one of his bullies from school may have become a helicopter pilot.
>>77075 Perhaps Zach has a good taste while you're a schizoid plebbian redditor.
>>77085 Hey Zach
>>77171 >no penis worse hermione
>>77171 >shadman that's worse than being a pedo >>77172 dilate
Open file (16.57 KB 166x237 Robyn Krysiak.jpg)
Open file (43.97 KB 526x652 Robyn 76.png)
>>77600 >/japan/ post the thread so i can laugh at how retarded they are.
>>77601 I think I tripped a wordfilter, it wasn't the tengupedo board. Test: /japan/
Yeah I tripped a wordfilter. Well played jannies lol, it's probably for the best.
Open file (43.20 KB 867x244 1602313963826.png)
Unexpected ancient Zach tantrum found by googling "Emma Flopson" in pictures. https://archive.is/aHe7v
Open file (53.61 KB 1733x405 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (264.17 KB 984x1312 ClipboardImage.png)
I found Zach's wikipedia profile today, hilarious stuff. Also confirms that he lives in Stratford. Postcode checks out with the address we had too.
Open file (806.47 KB 1354x2245 zach desu ne.jpg)
Open file (1.10 MB 1354x6390 zach ratings1.png)
Open file (1.12 MB 1354x7232 zach ratings2.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 1354x7087 zach ratings3.png)
Zach's profile in Passthepopcorn + movie ratings
>>87436 >recent snatches OH NO NO NO
>>42617 >>42746 >3 cm tfw you are almost 7 times larger then Zach
>>87567 3 cm erect?
Open file (54.70 KB 487x567 1513428713034.jpg)
Zach had a normal life, while the majority of his a-logs are deformed freaks without life.
>>87954 Zach is a cow, but to be fair, his haters are very similar to DSP haters. And DSP always win.
Open file (71.32 KB 186x224 1602780721431.png)
>>87954 >>87981 Flopson has no career.
>>87999 very true, but yet, Zach had a normal life way more happy than the life of the majority of his a-logs
>>88116 >lives at home with his parents >no job >no gf >no friends >only the most boring franchise to rewatch constantly
>>88221 Are you talking about gah0ole?
>>88116 >more happy "Happy" doesn't mean "hapaesque", Zach. It's from "happiness", a concept closely related to cocksment and satisfaction.
>>88116 And the comparative is "happier", not "more happy". Educate yourself, Zach. This one is for free: https://thegrammarexchange.infopop.cc/topic/happier-vs-more-happy
>>88264 Toad McKinley's family doesn't talk to him anymore since the FBI investigation
>>88356 lmao foxdickfarms keep saying that Toad McKinley is a pedo just bickers of that stream with Ashton
Zachys back on 4chan currently sperging out in https://boards.4channel.org/japan/thread/141582605#p141584662
>>88221 Zach owns his house in Stratford, not his parents.
>>89332 sure thing, hapa
>>89402 I'm going to find you and kill you.
>>89417 Flopson has no career!
Open file (92.11 KB 1080x1080 1610268628288.jpg)
Is Zach even still active anywhere?
>>102547 Honestly don't know, he lives on through the impersonators, you will know hes truly back when the G​AMERGATEdick spam returns.
>>102547 He seems to be back on /tv/ and freaking out at anyone saying anything slightly wrong with the tranny potter movies https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/155720235/
Open file (82.47 KB 900x300 Zachstrip.jpg)
I was explaining about Zach lore to a seventy one year old woman tonight. Also about Columbine. How bizarre is that? Why and how Zach managed to be doxed so easily?
>>117853 That's a yakuza edit, most likely.
>>118053 no idea what that means, you know what the song is?
>>118158 Post it for me the thread was deleted.
>>118310 Some french song, I will see if I can find it.
>>118311 It's Italian you fucking Amerimutt pleb
>>129115 same shit
>>129115 To be fair it's hard to differentiate one eurocuck language from another when they're all spoken with a mouthful of rapefugee cum.
>>138979 It tastes only slightly less bitter compared to the niggеr cum so beloved by amerimutts.
based zach
>>166117 hey zach, flopson has no career
>>166125 Zach > Gahoole
>>166138 uh, based?
Anything recent from the hapa king? He seems to have dropped off the internet 2-3 years ago.
>>171206 he doesn't live in Connecticut anymore, last i heard he was disappointed gahoole didn't visit him
Open file (13.68 MB 640x360 ZACHMOTHERLODE.webm)
>>171206 He fled the internet after this was released 3 years ago
The zach has returned. He's calmed down on the Watson simping but all the other posting characteristic are still there.
Open file (2.22 MB 433x498 emma-watson-smirk.gif)
>>193832 Zach was never gone.
>>193832 >>193833 Zach never existed.
Open file (6.70 MB 582x750 1641091130172.gif)
>>193834 Well, someone made all those shitposts simping for Emma Watson, and it wasn’t me. Maybe it was Gahoole? Idunno. In any case I would take classic Zach over any of the shitposters on tvch today. /tv/ went downhill after Zach left.
>>193836 /tv/ went down the hill when Gayhole picked it up
>>193834 Were Pedohoole and the Weasel posting all the interracial and cp porn creating this boogeyman so both incels losers could feel better about themselves and try to look cool at the eyes of the oldfags. Check the Gayhoole thread, way better than this one and more organic.
>>202708 ouch, good bump, pedohoole goon

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