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Zachary "Zachy-Chan" Keith Hasbrouck Anonymous 09/07/2019 (Sat) 23:17:41 ID: 26dfeb No.6064
/tv/'s resident hapa autist, Harry Potter fanatic, Emma Watson waifuist/white knight and soyboy extraordinaire. Spams Emma Watson and nigger dicks, what lead a board volunteer to challenge him to a deathmatch.
Ghostposts in 4plebs (https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/search/text/stone/ghost/only/)
Reddit and 4chan refugee, with insatiable hatred for Emma Stone. Lives in Connecticut.
Things he enjoys: Emma Watson, deepfakes of her, Harry Potter flicks ("fantasykino" as he calls it), "Beauty and the Beast" (2017, with Emma Watson), cuck porn (or at least he's known for spamming it), Stanley Kubrick, Nickelback, weed, pizza, Delirium Belgian beer (export special for fools who like piss), "kino" grids (black and white collages with movie screencaps), pretending that Emma Watson is pretty or talented, giving half star reviews on aggregator sites to movies that "compete" with Emma Watson's, giving 5 star reviews on those sites to movies with Emma Watson in them.
Things that trigger him: Emma Stone, Saoirse Ronan, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Silvia Hoeks, Mackenzie Davis, "Lost River", "La La Land", "Blade Runner 2049", pics of Harvey Weinstein with Emma Watson, Razzies, Oscars, the original version of "The Beauty and the Beast", getting told that Emma Watson can't act or sing, people bringing up that he's a mutt, mods deleting his posts, /pol/ and the alt-right.
Main letterboxd account:
Youtube account:
ZMAN - YouTube: http://archive.is/3Cypg
IMDb known accounts:
Livejournal account:
Reddit accounts (banned):

Largely making this as a dump for old Zach cocks since he hasn't been very active lately (or at least not outside of cakechan), if you have any news about him since he got catfished by Stonegang, please contribute.
Open file (355.95 KB 1039x779 1.jpg)
Open file (359.24 KB 776x1039 2.jpg)
Open file (406.17 KB 782x1039 3.jpg)
Open file (404.07 KB 780x1044 4.jpg)
Open file (350.36 KB 1041x781 5.jpg)
Really wish I could just make folders for this shit, Allisons prom pics coming up.
Open file (356.62 KB 1038x779 6.jpg)
Open file (434.85 KB 1040x780 7.jpg)
Open file (413.61 KB 1040x778 8.jpg)
Open file (362.33 KB 1035x779 9.jpg)
Open file (225.25 KB 1038x779 10.jpg)
Open file (431.49 KB 1039x780 11.jpg)
Open file (330.07 KB 1038x780 12.jpg)
Open file (304.37 KB 1038x780 13.jpg)
Open file (336.91 KB 1040x777 14.jpg)
Open file (367.59 KB 1035x775 15.jpg)
Open file (257.52 KB 1036x776 22.jpg)
Open file (339.75 KB 1033x773 23.jpg)
Open file (292.99 KB 1032x772 24.jpg)
Open file (352.88 KB 1033x773 25.jpg)
Open file (332.31 KB 1034x771 26.jpg)
Open file (276.80 KB 1027x772 17.jpg)
Open file (308.58 KB 1034x774 18.jpg)
Open file (287.75 KB 1031x769 19.jpg)
Open file (286.16 KB 1035x774 20.jpg)
Open file (334.13 KB 1033x774 21.jpg)
What I dubbed "snapshits" I think these came from his instagram or something like that.
Of note is the 2nd and 3rd picture which where used to confirm his dox.
Open file (45.87 KB 551x554 qtzach51.jpg)
Open file (32.25 KB 403x431 qtzach72.jpg)
Open file (47.30 KB 550x546 qtzachred2.jpg)
Open file (44.67 KB 484x553 ultimateqtzach.jpg)
Open file (49.75 KB 554x552 zachsqtprom12.jpg)
Commencing Zachy-chan dump.
Open file (14.67 KB 310x311 221.jpg)
Open file (36.20 KB 435x432 jailbaitzach111.jpg)
Open file (120.56 KB 865x860 manlison manvent.jpg)
Open file (22.79 KB 300x311 qtzach2.jpg)
Open file (45.49 KB 553x553 qtzach81.jpg)
Open file (807.85 KB 1281x719 haramerzach2.png)
Open file (124.89 KB 1277x717 kinkyzach.jpg)
Open file (264.13 KB 1825x1018 morethicczach.jpg)
Open file (37.23 KB 500x375 titcowzachychan.jpg)
Open file (520.75 KB 768x1024 tomboyzachy.jpg)
Open file (137.29 KB 738x1106 zerosuitzachychan.jpg)
Open file (164.80 KB 669x696 zachcomic.jpg)
Open file (157.65 KB 669x696 zachychancomic1.jpg)
Time for some classic Zach derivatives.
Open file (167.42 KB 1200x1200 bigzach.jpg)
Open file (77.83 KB 400x400 pedro.jpg)
Open file (101.41 KB 400x400 piratezach.jpg)
Open file (307.09 KB 1920x1080 punished-zach.jpg)
Open file (41.56 KB 600x799 full (4).jpg)
Open file (26.89 KB 600x449 full (5).jpg)
Open file (25.09 KB 600x449 full (6).jpg)
Open file (22.14 KB 600x449 full (8).jpg)
Open file (46.34 KB 600x799 full (13).jpg)
Open file (163.11 KB 1916x1040 kate-zachinsale.jpg)
Open file (925.00 KB 555x746 Monster_Zachy.png)
Open file (880.35 KB 800x1000 trackstarzachychan.png)
Open file (150.08 KB 1920x1080 zachyraejepsen.jpg)
Time for some more random Zach posts on various media.
Time for some of the music and videokino.
Open file (14.57 MB 540x360 threalzachhasbrouck.mp4)
I'm sure I'll get to more classic Watson material at some point, but for now this is enough.
Any idea if this guy has a fanfiction account or what? If he's that deep into Harry Potter, then he for sure has an account floating around. Just curious as to what his username could be.
We never found any fanfic accounts, just reddit, letterboxed and some other things like that.
Known usernames off the top of my head:
franciszh https://franciszh.livejournal.com/ Zman, Zman awesome, chinadunk, half-bloodprince
You are all infinitely more autistic than he could be lmao
Hi Zach. Why can't Flopson sing without autotune?
It's not a real Zach thread until Zach starts trying to damage control in it.
Based Zach.
Found some more Zach material, some stuff is from 5 years ago with him asking about Rian Johnson. I think he had other Zorro-themed accounts on letterboxd that were named in the 8ch thread.
Also that link is a imdb archive.
You can feel zach nostalgia and sadness.
Hapas are subhuman.
Open file (1.57 MB 616x722 zach's_theme.webm)
Gonna find some more videos I had hold up
Open file (13.68 MB 640x360 ZACHMOTHERLODE.webm)
Open file (3.43 MB 400x224 1557561634642.webm)
And the ORIGINAL zach fight challenge video, may make a webm of it too hold up
Open file (4.75 MB 5184x3880 1572213177948.jpg)
ironic that slaphoole's life is in the toilet while zach is living pretty
Reminder that Zachy-chan is thirsty for Adam Driver dick
I would be very surprised if he didn't have a fanfiction.net or archiveofourown account in fact of course. Literotica (where Linkara roleplayed as a cockslut) is another good alternative, since they've got a celeb genre there, so he could have Emma Flopson erotica there.
Even if he deleted his account, his stories would likely be archived here: https://archive.org/details/FanficRepack_Redux
Stay mad pleb
Open file (3.14 MB 640x360 videoplayback (1).webm)
I'll leave this here
>jewtube retards
translation you can't stand accurate criticism of flopson.
Nothing accurate about retards on youtube having talking channels and thinking they are hot shit when everything they say is NPC cold takes for zoomer retards and mutts like you to eat up bickers you are cucked.
>nOThiNG ACCURaTE AbOut retardS on yOuTUBE HAvInG TalKiNg CHAnneLS AnD thiNkiNG tHEY arE HOT SHiT wHEn evErytHINg THeY sAy Is npc COLD TAkES FOR zOOMER RETaRDS aNd MUTTS liKe yOu to eaT uP BIckerS you aRE cUCKEd.
You are mixing up your hapas again.
I'm not, melon man
>being a flhp'd hapadup
Open file (287.96 KB 884x255 Protected.jpg)
enema flopson FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !!
Open file (83.32 KB 1024x626 femcel.jpg)
damn you are all cucks to the media and headlines like soy faggots lol
Can you answer some questions for us Mr. Hapa?
Why did you come running to /cow/?
Is it bickers the guntstream being advertised on /tv/ made you come to the conclusion in your deranged hapa mind that you should start spamming /cow/ bickers they dared have a friendly stream with /tv/?
>tfw you're such a self-absorbed cunt even GAMERGATEs won't touch you
Talking about yourself sweetie?
This is the best iteration of that word filter I've seen so far.
fark you for making me keep wanting to bang enema slopson by OPing her.
Well no one else wants to touch it.... flopson is a joke.
tbf id shag emma watson ngl
Open file (63.71 KB 750x748 1573456837385.jpg)
Zach need to stop watching porn
Open file (16.49 MB 480x360 p.mp4)
Zach is posting Emma on 4chan /int/ - /brit/.
>even jack hasbro went back to 4ch
8ch... is over
I think this is Z*ch's thread - https://julay.world/v/res/2702.html
When is zach's birthday???
April 15th, 1990
November 30, 1990 as you can see in his dox: >>6066
If anons could pay him a visit it would be funny. Just bring a Harry Potter movie, some Delirium beer and a motel reservation.
Hey Zach
No wonder he's a moron.
>rape is funny
You may not like it, but this is what peak alog performance looks like.
He's not Aries
Hey Zach
A reminder: hapas are subhuman
Zachy, if you're reading this I want you to know I would creampie your mother in a heartbeat and I mean that in the kindest way possible
It's not like his chink pappy would be able to stop you, either.
Here is the link to the poll for Zach's birthday stream movie, make sure you vote for We're the Millers.

>we're the millers is in the lead
>zach finally figures out why
>starts spamming votes for noah
Open file (5.02 MB 1003x420 cuckold.webm)
Open file (90.42 KB 1600x1067 csl.jpg)
Honestly it makes sense that /tv/ would pick We're the Millers, the rest is all boring pretentious shit. "Crazy, Stupid, Love" would be my personal pick though. Has Emma Stone, the Goose and Steve Carell. High meme value, it's basically a guy who gets cucked and then the Goose unfucks his shit out of pity.
Seeing that you guys wanted to stream "Cuck" for laughs it makes it even more topical, and it also ties with Zach's history of getting cucked and posting cuck porn.
>such a pleb he calls actual films and not C comedies "boring pretentious shit"
>and actually thinks Crazy, Stupid, Love is anything but actual boring pretentious shit

No wonder the internet is home of grade A sub 80 IQ GAMERGATEplebs like you
medup flhp by the board hapadup
>cuckime reddit jokerfag thinks someone has to deny his memes every time he posts them
See >>6097
>believing everything you read on nuternet forums
Poleddit is spelt with one l and two d's sweetie.
You confessed there.
Also Gahoole has stated on video that you used to spam GAMERGATE dicks whenever Flopson got called out for being shit.
>Gayhoole said something so I'm going to believe it like a cuck and then call others cucks
By all means believe the virgin faglord who lied about his virgin status and then cried about getting a handjob
>retard doesn't know any two bit troll would spam interracial porn and attributes anything negative posted to Zach
>nut internet
This might surprise you but the internet isn't just for cooming.
Nuternet implies post-cool internet where it's mostly made up of mutts like gayhoole who were born around the year 2000 and whom have nothing to offer but their fat faces
That's nice and all but most people weren't aware of the yellowish menace back then. It would fall flat as a trolling attempt.
No, that was a confession.
Gahoole also proved you posted tranny porn.
Oh so you jumped on TOR now hapa
A confession of some random anon who actually spammed the board, meanwhile Zach always spammed shit about movies that would piss off /tv/, like asserting Kubricks God Status
>denies Gayhoole lied about being a virgin
>believes anything some genetic blob like him says
>Zach this mad bickers of Crazy, Stupid, Love
That's it anons, discard the poll. We have a winner.
We are talking about Gahoole needing to have relations with women in order to experience the full spectrum of life sweetie
Nigger Panther won three oscars and it was shit just like Captain Marvelshit.
Gahoole is really a virgin?
The only one coping is you by posting some garbage hag that is already forgotten like Jennifer Lawrence since everyone knows their awards were fake handouts!
>this mad
Looks like "Crazy, Stupid, Love" is the winner for the stream then
Picture winning an Oscar and then having to do a fucking Netflix show with Jonah Hill and another shitty movie with Steve Carrel. If that's the kind of spoils Oscar winners get then damn, no wonder real artists couldn't care less about them.

I hate Black Panther and Battle of the Sexes and Captain Marvel too, I hope you marathon them tonight to try and "get back" at me.
Making you mad isn't enough, it has to be fun. And "Crazy, Stupid, Love" looks like it's full of funny moments mocking cucks. I lost count of how many times Carell said variants of cuck in that scene.


Damn, Dawkins looking rough
Maybe if Watson could learn how to sing, she could get and emmy.
Does anyone have Yakuza's "Message to Emma Watson" saved?
Open file (9.22 MB 338x240 YakuzaFag sings.webm)
No, but I do have this. Which is funny, bickers even Yakuzanon sings better than Flopson.
Maybe if Emma Stone was an actual desired film star with a pretty face she would be able to lead the highest grossing musical film in the UK, the highest grossing opening for a female lead film and be wanted by multiple major studios to lead a movie where the main character's name translates to Beauty.

Alas she is a Goose egg through and through. American slop.
He sounds only better than Emily Stone and not as good as Watson at all, who has sung in three movies.
I am absolutely not drinking right now.
lol stfu zach
fucking loser
and wait, is bickers wordfiltered? or am i that far gone right now?
Open file (3.85 MB 384x288 tabarnac.webm)
This video will never not make me laugh.
When he makes the high-pitched voice I consistently lose my shit.
Replying with a classic webm that he loves to post.
Yes, it is. Beaucause we can't allow people to write things undisturbed, the comedy value would be much lower.
Truly he is a national treasure. I don't want to detract too much from the purpose of shitting on a genetic mistake like Zach and tuneless skank like Flopson, but let me just post this absolute kino.

Roger that, fren.
The filters are there mostly so you can spot outsiders, which is kind of relevant since /cow/ has been raided many times before.
I'm shitposting all over the site bickers robi banned me from the julay irc for not knowing what bickers is from. Like I can keep track of every new meme you newfags invented over the past 12 years
I can check with robi, but are you sure it wasn't bickers you where shitposting all over the irc?
I don't get what most of the wordfilters mean either. And I must say I preferred the good old "PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD" to "fucking loves her pussy"
Wait, so the comedic value is unintentional?
What the hell, the automatic rainbow text is gone for fhlp
Testing: fucking loves her pussy
Everyone preferred the olf b tfo filter, but Lynxchan doesn't support filters over 32 char due to Stephen Lynx being a NIGGER.
you mean
Good point, I'd want him and Zachy watching me do it with tears in their slanted eyes.
Post more yakuza webms
Surely the file's not too big for this place.

I don't know how many more I have.
yeah, this is all i have. which is a real shame, the man's made some great material
Hey Gayhoole, have sex you ogre maybe you'll get better taste in movies and not watch garbage like Pacific Rim, Shaw and Hobbs and every single minority marketed Fast and the Furious movie ever made.

I was having sex when you were barely 10 years old.
>/cow/ and /tv/ have no actual retort for this correct statement
Open file (419.19 KB 750x451 GUNTED.png)
We don't need retorts, your waifu got GUNTED and she liked it.
>No. I'm the goslingfag.
>Maybe if he didn't throw a fit last night people wouldn't be interested in watching that movie. He didn't throw a fit bickers of "We're the Millers" but "Crazy, Stupid, Love" seems to strike a nerve.

Only one throwing a fit is the goslingfag
Can we add the short "Zack" (2009) to the stream if we can get it?
It's literally Zachy-chan kino
>16-year-old Zach wakes up one morning to find his 'guy parts' gone and replaced with 'girl parts.'
Who are you quoting?
Or maybe nobody gives a fuck about Emma Stone and don't care if you shit on her.
You ever think of that, or is your inferior hapa brain incapable of considering that possibility?
>Or maybe nobody gives a fuck about Emma Stone and don't care if you shit on her.
If that was true people wouldn't be obsessing me for saying stone is in fact shit
>he doesn't know we post stone bickers he loses his cool every single time we do it
>watson sucks
>lolk watson sucks
What is this kind of retardation called, where someone makes fun of something you like and then you pretend they like something you don't like even though there was no mention of said thing until you brought it up?
You hit the nail in the head. People make fun of Flopson being box office poison and he posts Roberts' grosses as if they make Flopson flop less or as if anyone gives a shit about Roberts.
He's even done it when people called her singing shit on youtube, brought Stone out of nowhere.
>Watson sucks
What an original opinion, oh wait that's what all the pleb incels say on cuckchan
>people make fun of Flopson being box office poison
And the numbers indicate she isn't, so you are making fun of literally nothing, she has an average gross higher than anyone her age and hundreds of millions higher than Stoneshit
Open file (343.79 KB 647x545 top.png)
>Watson is actually good
Yeah that's you. Emma Watson has had nine (9) movies that were top #2 in their year. Emma Stone and Emma Roberts both have none.

Every single fucking time I point out that Stone and Roberts are actually box office poison you cry a river.
>he doesn't know I post Watson bickers you and every other pleb faggot have lost their mind every time I assert she's better than any other young actress posted inculding Stone and Roberts

Yeah who's the one making constant threads about Zach and Watson in the bunker, not me, who's the one making this thread, not me, it's all of you being insanely upset that the actress I like is leagues ahead of any shitress you care about or even don't care about.
Open file (88.09 KB 270x412 47_quid_m8.png)
Open file (46.95 KB 585x621 1461893539623.jpg)
You make threads like this one instead: >>15436
Open file (161.79 KB 409x644 lel.png)
1. The movie was never released in the UK it was already released over seas for 6 months when it was screened on a technicality so that the UK company that bought the rights could stream it online.

2. It grossed $2.5 million dollars in Germany and Italy, that $2.5 million is more than 8 Emma Roberts movies combined and it's one of Emma Watson's least grossing movies, how about them apples

3. You forgot she had a huge billion dollar movie the following year?

4. The Circle even grossed 60 million dollars which was a shitton more than Battle of the Sexes grossed and was the directors highest grossing film

5. You're a faggot
You mean threads that are actually correct? Imagine defending the mongs on /tv/ that post about nothing by youtube ecelebs and cuckery
>Emma Watson
>10 billion dollars worth of movies
>/tv/ seething about this every single day and posting her most indie movie ever made as an argument against her status as being above all other actresses her age
Open file (56.63 KB 633x350 UH OHHH.png)
>uk box office
>it was never released at all in the UK
Bravo you fucking retard it's a luxembourg, french and german production

You are such a shithead dopefiend
>her boyfriend
How was she able to pretend she knew what it was like to still have a bf?

Oh wait, she can't act.
If it wasn't released how did it make 47 pounds? Donations?
Open file (3.14 MB 640x360 1573113496644.webm)
Imagine being a "self partnered" femcel and having to larp as a desirable chick for the cameras.
Open file (41.86 KB 889x262 big gross.png)

>Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has broken box office records after taking £18.4m over its opening weekend.

>The huge haul means the live-action version of the animated classic, which stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, is the fifth highest grossing three-day opening of all time and the highest grossing three-day opening weekend for a PG movie.

>The Saturday box office of £7.9m was the second highest grossing Saturday ever, only behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

>In the UK and Ireland it also delivered the biggest Disney live-action opening of all time, the biggest March opening weekend of all time and the number one opening of 2017 to date.

>Beauty and the Beast now has the biggest opening ever for a musical in the UK, ahead of Universal’s Les Misérables which had grossed £8.13m.


>he has less reading comprehension than Cuckchan did in 2016
Even they knew it wasn't released and just shown in one fucking theater on a technicality. Shows that you can't even fucking read.
How was it shown without it being released?
Open file (38.01 KB 618x213 40 mil.png)
I already fucking told you probably 10 times but you're too retarded to understand simple statements, it was bought after it already had it's entire theatrical run in countries where it was actually paid to be distributed. Then a company bought the rights in the UK and had to screen it in a theater on a technicality so they did so for one single night, so they could then make money off of showing it online or on television.
>zoomers are so retarded this doesn't make sense to them
Remember when she tried to start rumors that she was dating Draco to drum up interest for her dead career? How embarrassing.
Open file (57.92 KB 1024x642 compressor.jpg)
I'm gonna make sweet love to your tight little boipucci this Friday on a technicality, Zooey
Remember when you were such an underaged GAMERGATE you prove that you don't even pay attention and there's been gossip fucking articles about them both for a decade or more now recycled for clicks.

But you blame fucking Emma Watson kek you are obsessed.
Open file (680.40 KB 1898x2846 living in sunlight.jpg)
>When you can't even get fat old jewish men to fuck your way into a career so you have to resort to shipping
Yikes, aint a good look ngl
>REEEEEEEEE Emma Watson is so popular and so much of a movie star she has articles made about her
And then this same person
>consumes every single youtube video about her or not about her in the last two years as well

She's been worldwide famous since 2001, you're so made her careers has never depended and will never depend on that soon to be incarcerated jew
She shouldn't have abandoned ol' Harv. Now look where she is. Box office poison. Harv was willing to help her. He was willing to give her a future. Instead she tried to get in on the #metoo, suffering disastrously. While Stone is getting roles in her 40's, Flopson's going to be a bitter cat woman living in an apartment.
You know what isn't recycled? Enty's latest blind reveal.






This post is a masterclass in flhping all sides at once.


Open file (30.54 KB 600x535 member berries.jpg)
member when the robertsfags called >him the "red text devil"?
I member
I meant that in a future sense you nutter.

Hard mode: do you remember when Flopson had a good movie?
Remember when the robertsfag came from cuckchan bickers he was so mad at what I said about his waifu and I predicated she would get blacked in some movie bickers she had to take the part like her father has to take any role he can get, then remember when Robertsfag stopped posting her
Yeah she's had tons of good movies for two decades now. That's why she pisses off incel freaks



Name the last good one that isn't Harry Potter? I'll wait.
You just posted the "last" good one, and she's had a great handful of them this decade

SOFIA COPPOLA "Emma Watson nailed her portrayal of an American that's why I cast her

Yeah, we're totally the ones that are angry here.
Why do the groups of people who declare that the masses of comments and posters online end up being the ones who just repost every single shit meme online like they are that which they hate?
>harry potter
Bless him. You're truly the best lolcow, you come to this glorious board to get julayed. I'll be forever grateful to robertsfag for revealing your autism to us.
Now that I don't member.
>harry potter
>not good
Shit taste
wow, you reminded me that the BASED KINOPOUNDER flhp'd Flopson
Open file (86.22 KB 828x1033 1567317802160.jpg)
Would you like to try this post again so it's actually understandable?

What's it like knowing that /tv/'s next elected queen will almost certainly be Emma Stone?
>a fat plastic soy bitch


Open file (4.43 MB 500x750 Thanks Doc.webm)
Do you think she will say it?


Do you think you're anything other than a cringe fuck cuckchan tier zoommer capeshitter?

Open file (2.29 MB 2100x1504 OFFICIAL3.0.png)
Flopson is the one who enjoys the shitbag's company.



Open file (109.45 KB 686x1024 1568848091137.jpg)
There is no doubt in my mind. That's why she's the best. You certainly don't see Worst Emma saying the n-word anytime soon. That's the kind of cowardice film-makers pick up on, hence Flopson's failing career compared to Stone's ever rising star.

I really wish I had the power to make a better version of this.
Come on, Zach. At least try to fit in.
Open file (37.90 KB 720x587 VOTES.PNG)
But she didn't get elected yet.
She enjoys the company of
>Best Director: Clint Eastwood
>Best Shitpost: the fight
>Best Actor: Nicolas Cage
>Best Sex Offender: Harvey Weinstein
>Best TV Show: Better Call Saul
Neither of those have been elected anything ever.
Open file (519.66 KB 566x700 snap (2).png)
>when Emma Watson's modelling photos alone have better acting, charisma and beauty than anything Stone has "filmed"
Based Sultry Stone strikes again. How can frumpy flopson even compete?
Open file (608.33 KB 606x751 snap (3).png)
>when you make a better Harley Quinn without even trying

Open file (238.71 KB 855x1222 flopson stone.jpg)
>things that didn't happen
Refer to
You can't have it both ways Zooey
>a better Harley Quinn
Sorry, she loses that too.
>it hasn't happened for over a decade bickers I say so
>posts Emma Stone's shit tier fake smile


Sorry but the bitch you posted just lost by a landslide
Refer to Emma Watson fucking loves her pussy out those shitty cuckchan Stone shops
>that garbage bone structure
Open file (83.51 KB 625x908 watson vampire.jpg)
Open file (126.00 KB 191x255 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (16.26 KB 383x376 harold.jpg)
>shit tier fake smile
What is living in an alternate reality like?
>so furious, your brain shorts out and you make these posts that are just a collection of random words
Open file (4.25 MB 480x360 Thread theme.webm)
Two different smiles incel
I see best hapa has arrived, and I don't mean Zachary


>roberts does it better
>doesn't post any proof
>vampire roberts will give you eternal lust
>vampire flopson will just give you std's
Kinda like real life.
Open file (2.20 MB 1920x1032 BLACKED.webm)
Open file (515.63 KB 406x720 Hey Zach.mp4)
I'm always here fren
t. a tiny drunk oni
Open file (117.42 KB 704x1275 2h79W5b.jpg)
Damn Watson wins
So what were you saying when people called you out on the cuck shit?
One GAMERGATE dick vs. flopson's hazardous waste holes. Tough choice. Oh wait, it isn't, we already solved that issue.
Open file (4.27 KB 225x225 who neet here.jpg)
Absolutely based.
Lel that's from a movie, if that was Emma Watson it would be reposted nonstop. But thankfully most people don't care about Roberts so she doesn't get shamed too much for it.
If you were a robertsfag instead of a flopsonfag then it would be posted 24/7 bickers you would guarantee a meltdown every single time.
Open file (165.75 KB 1000x691 HARVESTED.jpg)
So which movies were all the BLACKED porn you posted from?

This, but unironically
But I don't waifu trash television actresses that predictably get blacked on screen.
Fun fact: I'm vol3 and I didn't post any of the Joker Stones ITT.
This post is mine, though: >>19868
You're the one posting nasty ass porn tier shit now, fam
>please pay attention to me
Not really, just highlighting that people repost my meme bickers I know Zach will cry about it.
If you didn't want to see it, you would've stopped Flopson from fucking Harv for roles.
Open file (161.85 KB 900x590 1574562772418.jpg)
She didn't, you would know that if you paid attention to things since the year 2000 and you comprehended that almost all her movies and all her most watched ones had nothing to do with him
>Best Actor: Nicolas Cage
Her most watched movies had little to do with her presence either
>best director
>clint eastwood
Fucking kek
Open file (168.94 KB 459x475 amerimunter.png)
Why are her knees so sharp?
Open file (27.76 KB 549x297 cage.jpg)
Well deserved, just like Nicolas
They in fact had tons to do with her presence that's why she was more popular than could be for over an entire decade spanning said blockbuster franchise.
flopson flhp
Kek who punched her arm? Gahoole?
Open file (2.80 MB 3539x4866 classy emma.jpg)
Open file (100.66 KB 634x1012 HARVESTED.jpg)
Oh, the trenchcoat look. I see she's a fan
>"the plan is to keep him there [on /cow/] so he doesn't shit up the board [/tv/]

The board is already shat up by incels
Oh look another picture from that one bafta event when they both almost got into an altercation with the paparazzi wanting her autographs
Open file (320.10 KB 774x804 beauty and the beast.webm)
Open file (4.32 MB 320x240 Q_predicted_this.webm)
>the plan
>no sound
Oh thank god, I was worried I'd have to hear autotune.
Boy oh boy
>/cow/ are now posting their own fantasies involving black people
Zach really got to you guys huh
Yw hun bun
If it is, stop being just as cringy.
Simple, no?
>he's still stuffing ballots on the poll
Make sure to vote for Crazy Stupid Love
Nobody is being as cringey as you
I heard they use Noah in Gitmo to torture prisoners, Clockwork Orange style
Makes sense seeing as all those attractive white people and the Christianity would piss off those muzzies
I think the bleeding ears are more of a concern.
>waterboarding Muslimes while making them watch God waterboard the Earth
Is there anything more Christian?
I see how your knowledge of religion is as lacking as your taste. All Abrahamic religions have Genesis in their holy books. In case you don't know it, Abrahamic religions are Judaism, Islam, Christianity and other minor ones.
Open file (63.83 KB 469x567 gahoolaccino.jpg)
You know if they really wanted to torture prisoners they could make them listen to emma flopson's "singing" from Beauty and the Beast 24/7. Guarentee they would be screaming for a merciful death within days.
Open file (60.84 KB 584x601 hapas.jpg)
>Guarantee they would be screaming for a merciful death within days.
Don't you mean within an hour?
>get picked up by the cia
>thrown into captivity
>speakers turn on
>find yourself somewhere between confusion and pain as something that sounds like chiptune remakes of beauty and the beast songs flood the room
How original, actually Emma Stone
'singing' aka screeching like a man would probably drive anyone, even muzzies to beg for death
>blah blah blah blah
Russell Crowe and Emma Watson are too pretty for muzzies
Not really. Flopson's singing is comparable to 2011 Rebecca Black.
Who by the way, evolved.
Here's current year Rebecca:
Not really, Emma Watson has a nice natural voice and has sung in three movies and two of them before Beauty and the Beast.
How many times are you going to meme the same shit lads?
Open file (72.62 KB 640x474 How it is.jpg)
I wonder how long it would take you to kill youself if we played Humble Harv's recordings of ememe flopson screaming and begging for more of his hairy hasidic hardon?
Naturally shit voice you mean.
No you see, everything you call shit is automatically, good since you're a faggot.
yawn, go back to cuckchan
emma stone looks like fucking dogshit
But Flopson's "singing" is so bad it can't just be heard but literally be seen on the waveform. It's square like certain type of synthesizer waveforms are. It's anything but natural.
>this cheese smells awful
>but I don't like or care about pancakes
t. hapa arguing about breakfast
>hapadup is now willingly dup posting
Fucking wew ladups, I wonder if we can get dup (flhp be upon him) himself to flhp watdup to the point that the hapadup's dupbrain gets so flhp'd that he attempts to flhp dup irl
>muh incel headcanon
>telling yourself you're correct
oof, not a good look
I wasn't, how about that, you're such a mentally challenged retard you think anything posted that agrees with me has to be me
>you're such a mentally challenged retard
Even the most oblivious faggot could tell it's you.
Besides, samefagging to agree with yourself is your SOP.
>even the most oblivious faggot could tell it's you
Than what does that say about you, bickers it wasn't me at all I just came online an hour ago
Get fucked, I'm not the virgin who is obsessed with someone who is actually patrician and contrarian to /tv/ niglets
>i'm not the virgin
Um, sweetie, Zach is self-partnered.
hapadup why do you even bother trying to samefag anymore, anyone who doesn't have a flhp'd dupbrain has been able to spot you throwing a flhp fit for years by now.
Sorry but I'm not the one who made youtube videos crying and screaming in a car over being a virgin.
Open file (59.42 KB 317x752 soirage.jpg)
The hapa is currently losing his shit bickers nobody wants to watch Flopson be ugly and suck for 2 hours and 18 minutes!
Open file (3.23 MB 9579x1074 poal meltdown.png)
I didn't get the parts from the last minutes but there's a lot here
Added the new posts
Imagine wasting your time logging shitposts and saying anyone else is losing it.
Imagine being cucked to a cuckime and C tier comedy "film" board
Imagine using stale cuckchan memes then saying you aren't cuckchan
Cuckime is a thriving meme bickers it rings honestly
And you just used the Imagine meme too, what that make you?
I was referring to the imagine meme.
Are you saying that I am THE REAL LOLCOW?
Yes and you used it in the process


Also pretty sure most anons haven't seen this one, took it from my dirt stash.
That's her actual roomate and friend, Sophie, try again incelGAMERGATE. You never hung out with Sophie and Emma?
Open file (59.53 KB 311x809 oh no no no no.png)
He's still at it lmao
>he's still archiving shitposts
Get a life nerd
Open file (10.56 KB 183x275 download (12).jpg)
Open file (281.92 KB 682x675 mossad.jpg)
>That's her actual roomate and friend, Sophie
>protip it was her roommate and the editor of vogue, have sex
Zach's fanfic keeps getting better
Open file (2.69 MB 3447x2733 img4365xg3.jpg)
Open file (2.15 MB 2673x2733 img4362mr4.jpg)
And here's the editor of vogue with Emma
Open file (536.49 KB 2048x2839 Sophie-Sumner.jpg)
It's not her. The nose gives it away.
they took turns with harv on flopson or what?
How bad of a tranny do you have to be that in a picture of you and Emma Watson, Watson is the one who looks like they are halfway trying to pass?
Yeah, you know he's going to keep at it until the stream happens on Saturday, right? He might not even stop so long as there's a response of any kind. You have, at least, a whole three more days of prospective screencaps to go before you'd have a proper compilation and I can guarantee you that it's likely gonna be massive.
It is her, you deny anything that proves you are wrong, KEK
Open file (1.09 MB 1968x2952 1496893977539.jpg)
how much of a gay are you?
you're extremely gay
>first image
<huh, that's almost kinda hot
>second image
<oh wait, it's two trannies, nevermind
same nose, different camera angles and focus lengths, try learning about photography zoomer

look at that friends getting into a car
this is what drives incel MAD
Except Emma is 11/10 in the second picture.
Do you not even see the second pic? Her facial structure is a complete mess when she's looking directly at the cam. And her friend, I dunno dude, there's something about that nose and face that just says "yeah, I have a penis, and Hermoine's taken it in the ass".
Facial blindness is a symptom of autism, I'm sorry. If you want to actually make sure look at the eyes they are the same color.
Open file (128.35 KB 866x1390 E3ADHD.jpg)
The photographer (WENN) didn't tag Sumner in the set in Alamy. However, he did take pics of Sumner in many other events.
It's not Sumner in Mahiki club. Sorry to break it to you.
Open file (8.28 KB 225x225 goldenratio.jpg)
Open file (149.40 KB 696x504 perfect.jpg)
>her facial structure is a complete mess
Sorry to break it to you but it's Sumner, now go slap your head in shame.
>feeding a photoshopped picture of flopson caked in make-up to a program and expecting anything other than the program being fooled
>reee photoshop
Cope more incel, Watson's face is perfection
here's another instance of Emma at the club again and the blonde haired chick is Sumner


Imagine thinking Emma just attended that club once when she lived in London most of the time back then
Moreover, the legs further prove it's not the same woman.
>>20140 is clear on that.
And the way she checks the surroundings proves she's security. Also you have Flopson's facial expression to remove any remnants of doubt.
>it's not Sophie
>they are literally photographed the same goddamn week together in london as that bafta party

Cope more you rageous incels

You fags deny deny deny deny anything that upsets the incel hardwiring in your brainstems
>same height
>same eye color
>same eye makeup as lots of her pictures
>same shade of blonde hair
Again, the nose knows. Not the same chick.
She's checking her surroundings bickers there's paparazzi everywhere and she's Emma Watson's friend
It's the same exact fucking chick
>accuses others of having bad eyes
>can't tell two women apart
Look at that, big ole beaker on Sophie
>no you
>same fucking haircut length and color as the pictures taken the same week with a woman the same exact height and with the same exact eye color
Faceblindness is a symptom of autism, but we already knew you had autism didn't we?
>it's not her
>that chick just happens to wear the same eye makeup and have the same color eyes and hair color

Pro tip the black dude is the "security"
Look at that other guy sheilding his face from the photography flashes, the photo you guys love to post is probably the one time Harvey did anything right and was gonna smack some paparazzi filth
You can clearly see the silhouette of what seems to be a LCP, TCP, XD-S or a P-3AT in some of the pics. That bitch is carrying heat.
This literally looks like a dude with long hair.
>that 20 year old model is packing heat in the United Kingdom
my sides shes probably packing some uber makeup kit or phone

Pro tip the body language of her with her hand on emmas leg proves they are roomates who are comfortable with eachother and just "girl friends"

Why do virgins try to make a mountain out of a molehill?
Yeah except that hair is pretty short in length, it looks like a stereotypical drugchic model, not attracted to Sophie.
Different eyebrows, different nose, different ears.
The Black Cube girl's antihelix is smooth, Sophie has a sharp angle.
>different eyebrows
Legitimately the EXACT same
Stop posting
She's packing bickers she's not a model, she's security and has an Israeli passport.
>Legitimately the EXACT same
Curved vs straight. Not the same at all.
She's Sophie Sumner attending the party with Emma Watson as they were attached to the hip from about 2010-2014 and were photographed the same week together in london. Same height and eye color, hair length and color as Sophie.
All three of those in the post you replied to have curved. What are you smoking.
I meant long for a guy. You.. you don't have long hair, do you? Hippy?
Open file (1.17 MB 777x704 ClipboardImage.png)
Pro tip Sophie and Emma were seen leaving the club to go home to their shared apartment in London

dupdupdupfucking loves her pussy
Open file (55.52 KB 102x293 ClipboardImage.png)
>Pro tip Sophie and Emma were seen leaving the club to go home to their shared apartment in London
With Harvey?
Let me show you how this is done.
Why does Flopson surround xirself with such ugly people?
No by themselves you jewish fuck
Their faces are completely different, downy.
Except the one on the left is round and probably a pearl and the one on the right is a BLACK CUBE
>lost after throwing a tantrum for over 30 minutes
>conveniently ignores it's the same exact black ring as Sophie was photographed with that week
Eh, you're so fucked you'd deny that Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald point blank.
lol dude you've been throwing a tantrum almost daily for like three years
Open file (38.48 KB 605x174 2010.png)
>like three years
Try 9. 10 next February.
Open file (176.94 KB 472x272 count me.png)
Lol dude proving your retarded takes wrong in shitposting format isn't throwing a tantrum, you have no clue what you talk about on topic and off topic. You might as well just solely post on cuckychan.

Not me at all, just some other absolutely based anon
Open file (57.64 KB 743x646 IMG_2536.jpg)
>zach's tantrum is older than 8chan and has outlived it
Jesus Christ Zach, take a step back and look at the absolute state of your life.
>Not me at all
See >>19960
It's you. Admit it already.
Bravo being such an autist you think dogshit hasn't been used by thousands of anons on 4chan
Neither the post calling Emma Stone dogshit in this thread is me, though I've called her dogshit before, and neither is that cooked up post you found 2010. Glad to know I will always be Rent Free though.
>and neither is that cooked up post you found 2010
Are you implying I hacked into the 4plebs mainframe?
I'm implying you searched the word faggot or faggots and Emma Watson and went to the last page, then assumed it was me. And you call me crazy.
You aren't crazy, you're severely autistic and the only person who goes to that kind of extreme defending a really shitty "actress".
>you're the only person who would call others faggots on an imageboard for hating on Emma Watson
Clearly not and clearly yes you're extremely autistic for not realizing just how fucking popular Emma Watson was and is still.
>you're the only person who would call others faggots on an imageboard for hating on Emma Watson
Clearly not and clearly yes you're extremely autistic for not realizing just how fucking popular Emma Watson was and is still.
Look he said Emma Watson was shitty again, when she's so much better than all the trash 2D and 3D anons post about!

>I'm not autistic!
<zach says, multipassing
You clearly are.

/cow/ FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !! by Zach's detective skills and taste
>le posts en masse about whatever "Zach" hates or calls shit
>le gets mad when "Zach" gets you mad everytime multiposting on purpose
You confirmed your identity already with your "detective skills" that couldn't spot an obvious catfisher. No need to use quotation marks.
Zach, in all seriousness, think about this. You spent years getting laughed out of every website community you got into. You don't work, you haven't had a gf since prom, you spend onwards of 24 hours straight yelling at people online, you make hour+ edits of Harry Potter music you upload onto Youtube, you live with your parents at just shy of being 30. My guy. Zach. Buddy. Come on now. Let's be serious. You're autistic. Severely.
Oh yeah, and you got catfished like a chump. You didn't fall for Lauren Gryffindor, you fucking DOVE into the trap with the deepest desperation. This isn't healthy, Zach. You are not well.
>you haven't had a gf since prom
Oh how wrong you are

In all seriousness, youre a fucking cuck to reddit and cuckchan memes and you actually think the internet isnt full of retarded low IQ takeGAMERGATEs like yourself

In all seriousness, it isn't healthy for you to try and think you know me and make up a headcanon of my life just bickers my superior shitposting and taste upsets you.
You mean that funny garbage that got Gayhooles channel taken down?
The Savior took down Gahoole's channel.
>/cow/ is so autistic they can't tell it's Sophie Sumner in the pictures with Watson
>then they conveniently try to talk about other shit when it's proven she's wearing the same exact ring and has the same hairdo/height
The Savior and I took down Gahoole's channel.
>same exact ring
>gray sphere and black cube are the same thing
Just bickers you wank to Emma Watson doesn't make her your gf. I'm trying to help you out, bud. Look at it objectively and honestly ask yourself, is this something a healthy person does with their life? Or, oof, might you be suffering from the type of autism that should have been picked up years ago?

I'm sorry that your parents let you down like this. First they made you mixraced with those horrid shitty chink eyes and then they simply didn't love you enough to get you help for blatant mental issues. I'm really sorry that happened. But you're an adult, Zach. You can brake the cycle. The first step, however, is to admit that you do in fact have a problem and that the problem is crippling autism.
Seek help Mr. 47 posts against based Zach
Same exact ring
Y'all should invest your time into getting Gayhoole laid instead of chimping out every time Zach responds to the same memeposts you make about certain topics.
>Zach is mentally ill bickers he knows Weinstein has had nothing to do with 15 of her movies and people only starting memeing about such nonsense when the /pol/sperg invasion of twitter screencaps happened to /tv/ around 2014

Zach is mentally ill but we call women trannies bickers we need to have sex!

Open file (215.32 KB 333x373 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (59.30 KB 150x155 ClipboardImage.png)
>black cube and gray sphere are the same thing
Meant for >>20245
How many posts ITT are yours, Zach? How much time do you spend daily throwing temper tantrums across multiple sites? What about what you do makes you think you are a healthy, well-adjusted person?
>no romantic attention since prom
>almost thirty now
>lives alone with mom and dad
>spends upwards of 24 hours posting about watson
What makes you think this is normal and healthy?
Black Ring
>How much time do you spend daily throwing temper tantrums across multiple sites?
Reminder that the Motherlode was brought by him having a tantrum on a porn website. He felt urged to "fact check" fetish drawn pornography.
Black truncated pyramid ring.
Not a cube like the other.
How much time do you spend daily looking up information on "Zach"? You think about me 24/7 and I live healthily and happily.

You think you're a well adjusted person getting this mad that I've consistently just called you a retard and anyone else online that insinuates Emma Watson was famous or rich or in all the movies shes been in bickers of Weinstein?

Same exact ring
It's almost unfathomable that a human being would go to such lengths and be in such complete denial that they are inherently flawed.
Goodnight Zach, you fucking jabroni mark without a life that don't know it a work when you work a work and work yourself into a shoot, mark
Nobody thinks about you. That's the thing. When you don't come rampaging through, nobody brings you up. You're a non-entity. I can only imagine what it's like at your house.
Open file (513.83 KB 944x804 gahoole over.png)
>mfw I don't go on /tv/ for days, weeks or even a month and people will still talk about me every single day
>but Zach is the problem
>It's almost unfathomable that a human being would go
A human being yes, but hapas are subhuman.
Say work one more time I don't think you said it enough
>nobody thinks about you
Except whenever someone shitposts hard against anything the /tv/ cuckimefags like they get called Zach

Eternal Rent Free Livin
Open file (6.74 KB 250x188 1463513813710.jpg)
So you're the one posting Gahoole's pics to leddit. Imagine my shock.
>inherently flawed
>100% white
>has had sex and isn't sexist
>so you're the one posting Gahoole's pics to leddit
Thanks Sherlock, but I just capped the picture after the thread was linked to /tv/. Brava
Your insistence on having had sex is just proof that you're full of shit about having a job, and probably about having sex too.
Your assuming is very very low IQ
You have no reading comprehension, specially when it comes to rasslin obviously. That's why you'll eternally be a jabroni mark who doesn't know a work a work and works himself into a shoot.
>you're insistence on having sex
Good looking people who have had many white gfs don't need to worry about having sex and know that sexists incels need to have sex. Have sex.
Seek some help for you mental state and well-being. It isn't healthy to get this mad at someone counteracting all your incel shitposting.
People who lead fulfilling lives don't brag about having had sex 10 years ago.
>implying I'm mad
Congratulations, you just worked yourself into a work once again.
I know it's hard for a virgin to understand but people who need to have sex always get mad when those who have had sex, and a lot of it, tell virgins to have sex. Have sex.
Congratulations you keep taking the bait bc ur mad and sad
>all this projection
You couldn't get laid bickers of your hapa microdick and that's why you were left for Ryan, is that true Zach?
Open file (1.59 MB 636x360 wew lad.webm)
But you're mad and sad, I'm laughing at you failing to interpret my post.
Everyone else in the thread gets it.
>all this projection
I'm laughing at you continuing to post bickers ur mad
Open file (24.35 KB 358x300 IMG_1833.jpg)
How am I mad?
You still haven't figured out what my message said and think I said "work" too many times.
You got played son, you're mad, thank you for the laugh. I'm still giggling.
>t-thanks for the laugh
You're not saving face with that statement. Tell me, what did my message say according to you?
>the multitude of gender porn shops of Zach ITT
>and those who made them or repost them call Zach the autist
hey z*ch
>trying to deflect attention
You don't have the slightest idea of what >>20258 means do you?
Why does this post piss of /cow/ so much?
Why does this post >>20258 puzzle Zach so much?
>a tantrum on a porn website
>posting on porn websites to begin with
Zach is that kind of guy, huh? Any sauce on that spergery? :^)
If people search the internet for Zachposts, do zach larpers start posting Zach posts on the internet for the zach searchers to find in a kind of extreme and subtle style shitposting endeavor?
As has been pointed out before, nobody cares about Zach when he isn't around making an idiot out of himself.
Zach barely posts on /tv/ probably bickers the board is dead
sure thing, z*ch
So you admit to working with known discord trannys? Jesus dude
Never spoken to him
Pretty much.
The original catfishing thread, here are some archives:
And the site itself:
>when your hapadupbrain is so flhp'd that you bump a bunch of unrelated threads with passive dupgressive flhp'hurt posts
>when you are a policeman for an autistic bunker and talk about other's having dupbrain symptoms
>dupbrain symptoms
You mean like imitating dup in your posts like you just did in >>20527 ?
Open file (33.85 KB 417x366 dup _.png)
Look at this magnum opus by Zachary
>defending Death Stranding
Allow me to be a Rational Septic™ on this issue and doubt that the autist that you got was indeed Zach. The dude who first got him exposed on 8chan is a massive Death Stranding shill, and there's a rumor that he is in the game itself.
That analysis, while autistic, doesn't make use of Zach's typical poorly constructed arguments and does not suffer from Zach's poor grammar either. It's obviously a highly subjective fanboy, but he's not presenting "arguments" like "it was well directed", nor does it try to attack an unrelated game. If that were Zach he'd accuse the people calling the game out of being Red Dead Redemption 2 plebs who "can't detect good playability" or some similarly inane shit. He would then boast about Kojima holding two Guinness records for being the most followed game director on Instagram and Twitter as if that made his games good. If the game happened to be the best seller of the year he'd say that it grossed X billion dollars to shut down any criticism of it. He would deny flaws rather than try to downplay them, and the problem would be the player. Just like calling Flopson's autotune and shitty accent out means "our ears don't work" according to his logic. Not every autistic fanboy is Zach, you need to look for certain tell-tale signs. If a game with Flopson in it got made in the near future (it won't bickers she has no career) he'd defend it relentlessly and would deny the worst aspects of it. And he'll throw tantrums, unlike that guy.
Your perception of zach is outdated, he knows he's easy to spot nowadays and so is changing his tactics, sometime even shitting on Flopson and Soywars to subvert.
You're confusing Zach with Zach larpers. Zach can't really help himself, and he would certainly never shit on Flopson. The most he can do sometimes is ignore people shitting on Flopson but if the shitting gets too intense he'll snap and reveal himself. He can't let her harvested honor go undefended. Didn't you see the meltdown in the movie poll? He can't help it.
He can't help it when he's already exposed but when he's - or thinks he is - undercover he'll now do even the unthinkable. Of course it's all for some higher purpose, he's not just gonna shit on Flopson for no reason, likely he wants to slide an argument in defense of some other no career hag.
There's no other no-career hag he gives a shit about, except Natalie Portman. He really lost it earlier this year when people made fun of her getting porked by Moby. I wish I had the archives handy but I can't seem to find them.
God bless my browsing history, I managed to retrieve the URL and from there the archive
Rent Free, never played or defended death stranding. del toro is a hack
Watson has a career and is paid 15 million dollars to be in movies like beauty and the beast, while making 100 million from harry potter and getting residuals on top of that every year

She's made millions of dollars from modelling for lancome and burberry alone. That's why she won't be some washed up television actor/actress or failed film actress in a video game.

Do you like being proven wrong all the time sweetie?
>the fags who meme like utterly retarded twitter tier zoomers about Watson are just bing bing playing plebGAMERGATEs

Never would have guessed, oh wait yes I did. Cuckime and bing bings go hand in hand. You all have such shit taste!
Those who live in glass houses shouldn't go around throwing stones, Zachy
>posting things that are a decade old bickers you were fucking loves her pussy that Stone is a garbage actress with no talent for retards who watch netflix shit with Jonah Hill

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST WAS MORE HIGH PROFILE AND GROSSED MORE MONEY THAN EVERY STONE "MOVIE" ever will, imagine thinking Stone would ever get offered to play the role of Belle
Open file (15.31 MB 1280x720 NicoSTEP.webm)
>post stone as part of the pun
>the humorless twat throws a fit again
Sasuga hapa
>doesn't find the humor in Watson's movies fucking loves her pussy out of that shitty American actress and /tv/ reeeeing otherwise
>d-do I fit in yet anons?
So since the hapadup is willingly dup posting now should we initiate him into the one true flhp religion that is flhp'ing dup and hopefully cure him of his flhp'd hapadupbrain somewhere down the line?
Zach is sperging over at /tv/ real hard, kek
>proving /tv/ is wrong again and are the ones sperging like autists who can only say the words shit and flop
>his soy director's film flops
>goes on full damage control for free
at least all those shill journos get paid, zach
>a director Zach likes has his movie gross 35% of it's budget before it's opening weekend even starts
>or before it's released internationally
>goes on full hate patros
At least virgins sometimes don't put themselves in positions to get fucked in the ass
Hey Zach, you looking forward to watching Akira, Crazy, Stupid Love and the Millers? Too bad about Noah. Of all the times your autism could have done something for you, you dropped the ball. Really represents the entirety of your fucked up life, doesn't it?
Autists stuffed the ballets by a combined 550 votes against Noah getting shown and then say Zach is autistic
Says the mental asshole lmao
Shut the fuck up and join the stream, hapa.
Come talk to us on the stream, Zach.
It's called counterstuffing, hapa
I don't stop by on streams that have all the squealing bologna. Nor do I waste my time with horrid movies on a stream. Gonna go watch Lawrence of Arabia or something. You aren't even playing those shitty movies you chose, at least I chose something good. Azkaban is the only film/kino in the lineup.
>You aren't even playing those shitty movies you chose
You little shit, we literally just watched the Millers. Akira's on now. Stop being a faggot, we're actually trying to be nice to you. This is why you don't have any friends irl.
>all the squealing bologna
What does this mean?
>we're trying to be nice to you by picking these garbage movies we know you don't want to watch like we're the millers
Eh and I have plenty of friends irl, that's why I don't need to brag about it
>I have plenty of friends irl
You don't. Join the stream.
So you're gonna rewatch some old movie with your "friends"? No, I don't buy it.
>garbage movies
Except We're the Millers was LITTY and RAUNCHY. I bet CRITICS must have hated it.
I thought it'd be shit, but I was proven wrong. The last half wasn't as good as the first though.
That kissing scene was absolute kino.
I hope guntopia plays that kino during the intermission
I'm hoping for more dramatic readings of Hapa Pottery.
Good job being a massive coward, Zach.
Good job at being a bunch of retarded zoomers who can only sit still when they watch cuckime or shitty comdedies or fantastic four
Show us on the doll where Semman Flopson touched you anon.
if you were here earlier you would know I censored the lewd scenes in EVERY movie zach
Absolute coward. How are you going to get anywhere in life if you can't take some bantz? This is the kind of personality flaw that makes your parents disappointed in you.
Madox animated by Hideki Anno
Absolute retard you can't do anything in life if you can't concentrate for a mere 2 hours 10 min.

You didn't censor that rape scene in Akira so nice try but no
>z*ch was the cuckime spammer
not surprised
>Absolute retard you can't do anything in life if you can't concentrate for a mere 2 hours 10 min.
Ironic for the guy that was only around for ten minutes of his own movie.
>Zach spammed every other board and attempted to blame /tv/
poor imitation
>Zach was the cuckime spammer
Just a patrician
Yeah bickers I like to watch films in higher than 720p without some slaphead child making noises and interjecting.
It's still shit in 4k.
I wasn't streaming akira that was guntopia doing it
The stream is in 720 but the copy was a 1080 blu ray rip
It's fantasitc and 4K and shits on everything you watch on that shitty channel.
Well then the problem was you, once again, you stupid fat zoomer
hapa fucking loves her pussy
Fix your shit, hapa. Stop being a joke.
I was doing it for both fucking movies whenever something sexual happened. I was doing it for every emma scene as a gag. We've all seen the harry potter films at least once so it was just supposed to be a fun thing for a bunch of friends watching together. We were shitting on the movie yeah but that's just cause we don't like the movie. None of us actually have any hatred for the movie or watson.
Also nobody ASKED me to stop, if you had I would have.
It was the first time I saw it and it was absolute shit. I made the right decision never watching Potter movies.
As the common knowledge goes, it is the dullest franchise.

>None of us actually have any hatred for the movie or watson.
Too bad it is the original
t. cuckime pro™
sir, do you have any loicense to prove you're the original cuckime spammer
Did anyone record it? That was hilarious. Based Robi.
You know what would be funny in a future stream? A reading of the catfishing by two people, one playing Zach and the other "Lauren".

>it's you BABY BABY that keeps me living

We didn't watch the fantastic shit. And coming from you it's ironic that you claim anyone else has ADHD.

He is the original, I vouch for it.
What I'm not sure about is his claim that he coined it, I thought he had taken it from /animu/ or something like that. But that's just a theory and he might well have coined it.

You're a humorless pussy Zach.
Gahoole is the reason we endured that shit for so long. It was depressing, not bickers it was gloomy but bickers it was BAD. At least the Rick and Morty episode that Guntopia streamed earlier and the Mandalorian episode were laughably bad. The pottershit was bad and not even in a funny way. The only thing to save the day were meta jokes about Dan Harmon's shitty meta jokes.

I shake my head (smh) in disbelief whenever I see him call Harry Potter "fun" to be honest (in fact of course), family (fam).

This is absolutely true. We were dogpiling on anything that appeared on the screen, no exceptions.

>None of us actually have any hatred for the movie or watson.
You don't believe this unironically right?

See, now you're making me jealous of the hapa. We all reeeed at you during "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and "Airplane!"

Shut the fuck up, you know damn well the only reason I came to be there was to watch the movie that I liked and you're sperging out constantly putting garbage up on the screen and then have the gall to actually blame me, sorry I'm not a retarded fat zoomer like you that can't just watch something verbatim. If I want to watch something that's why I don't watch a shitty stream Ill watch it on my television without having retards chime in.

Least dull franchise there is considering most franchises are actually insanely more dull, keep being cucked to cuckchan memes!

You fags don't like ANYTHING good you have an entire SJW channel.
>we don't hate this
>we just fucking don't like it and constantly whine about it and shit on it
Get fucked
It was already too late, sorry you're such a filthy retarded zoomer you can't comprehend someone wanting to watch an entire scene as it's presented and you putting shit up on screen just completely wastes my time and defeats the purpose.
Just like most retarded zoomers online, you can't watch anything that isn't on a shitty rip streamed on a fucking computer, god forbid you watch anything on a big screen without some fat fuck interjecting
>ironic that you claim anyone else has ADHD.
Right, that's why I'm the one who had to leave the stream bickers it was ADD and if I want to watch something I want to watch SOMETHING.

Try again.
>ironic that you claim anyone else has ADHD.
Right, that's why I'm the one who had to leave the stream bickers it was ADD and if I want to watch something I want to watch SOMETHING.

Try again.
>hapa completely lost his mind after Rian Flopson flop
>At least the Rick and Morty episode
Just the fact that you watched rick and morty at all means youre opinion is invalid and you completely showcase shit taste that is abundant on the internet and why the internet is such a dishonest retarded memefuck zone everywhere now.
Exceeding expectations
Imagine getting filtered by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, that's the state of the average retarded mental chimp zoom zoom online nowadays. No wonder all social media websites have gone to utter shit.

Holy shit it's already almost made double it's budget. See what i talk about when i say /tv/ is absolutely stupid and I'm always right?
flopity flop flop
its budget is 80 mil.
It's a flop.
40 million budget and it's made over 70 million already in less than one weekends total numbers
>you and every retard constantly being proven wrong by me
it's budget is 80 mil, 40 mil production budget and 40 mil marketing budget.
It needed 80 mil domestically to be a success. It couln't even do that worldwide.
Will you kill yourself now?
Lol, fuck you hapa. First off, I'm Gen Y, not Z. Second, I wasn't the one streaming, that's on Gahoole. I was merely in the chat. Third, stuff was put on the screen on every movie since "Crazy, Stupid, Love" until "Airplane!". Fourth, since you left the consensus was to not watch the depressingly dull movie and stream "Airplane!" instead. Wisest decision of the night. Fifth, you need to watch it on your own bickers you can't handle the banter from "retards".

>Least dull franchise there is considering most franchises are actually insanely more dull, keep being cucked to cuckchan memes!
Name one.
>Protip: you can't.

lololololol implying it's anything near watchable without Gahoole taking some of the dullness away

The only thing Harry Pooper is good for is taking the footage and adding some soundtrack that makes things hilarious. It completely relies on music to convey things bickers the things shown on camera are extremely bland. No wonder your ideal night involves jalapeno pizza, alcohol and drugs, it's the only way to endure Harry Pooper.

>posting the same thing twice
Hapa is mad.

We watched Reddit and Memey bickers being your day, it was reddit day. Harry Potter is reddit and so is Rick and Morty.

Open file (647.06 KB 718x1045 1488014474699.jpg)
Open file (671.74 KB 754x734 Reddit.png)
Spot the difference.
Harry Potter=Soy
Rick and Morty=Soy
Therefore, Harry Potter=Rick and Morty
>40 million dollars of marketing for Knives Out
Holy shit zoomers really are retarded and only repeat the same shit they hear online in completely different contexts


>name one
Literally everything besides Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter is a dull franchise
>fast in the furious (Gahooles favorite)
There's one that was easy
The differece is that harry potter has all time goat casting full of tremendouse British actors, and hired great directors and production staff, a series of 8 films progressing in nature so beautifully they all became instant classics and are immensly rewatchable for people who aren't deplorable.

And the right is a fucking cuckime made post 2010
The Fast and the Furious is anything but dull. It's LITTY, it's RAUNCHY.
>can't go one agument without citing a cuckchan meme
The fast and the furious movies are for stupid GAMERGATEs and latinos to enjoy, which shows that Gayhoole is nothing more than a subhuman GAMERGATE or spic mentally. They are absolute dull garbage movies that have nothing going for them.

Thanks for proving me right!
The only thing it became was the dullest franchise in the history of movie franchises dude. No need to lie to yourself like this.
They may be stupid, I'll concede that.
But they're stupid FUN!
Now Harry Pooper is stupid and DULL
They are dull shit for GAMERGATEs and HP is infinitely better made and fun.
>only thing it became was a reposted GAMERGATE meme on cuckchan bickers cuckchanners are retarded parroting zoomers with no ability to reason for themselves so much so they cuck their brain to a gay nog

People were begging Gahoole to pull the plug on Harry Potter last night. It's anything but fun. I wouldn't even use it as background noise. The sound of silence™ is a better option and unironically more interesting.

What you did last night was the internet equivalent of that dude that makes you go to see his daughter's school play, except this had the budget to be good. Shame about the lack of TALENT. And unlike the case of the friend's kid, here there's no need to pretend it's good, and it isn't cute either.

It's like they assembled a focus group to put together the most bland and inoffensive piece of audiovisual media ever conceived.

He might be a nigerfaggot but he's absolutely right about Harry Potter. Things rarely become memes if there isn't at least a kernel of truth in them.

"The dullest franchise in the history of movie franchises" is the most accurate description of Harry Potter that ANYONE could come up with.

On another note, you often say that Flopson having had commercial successes in the past negates the FACT that she has no career. Using your own logic we could say Macaulay Culkin has a bright future ahead of him. In reality, one poses for pics in Harvey Weinstein's company and the other tastes CUM samples for a living.
There were no people watching that stream but me everyone who goes on there is an unironic sjw asshole

Dude everything you like is dogshit and anything you call shit or bland is in fact superior to every single piece of media you consume on a daily fucking basis

You are fucking nothing

>Things rarely become memes if there isn't at least a kernel of truth in them.
You fags literally whine about actual online memes while creating your own set of shitty incel headcanon memes

The meme is that hp is a classic franchise and is unironically the best franchise with that many entries attached to it

Things rarely become memes if there isn't a kernel of truth to them

You picked the most dogshit low IQ nignog take ever to parrot, try again.

And look at you now talking more about garbage and unrelated fucking garbage shit bickers you're actually a fucking autist. Weinstein had nothing to do with Harry Potter or 16 other Emma watson movies.

You stupid sack of memeing shit

You know the meme that /tv/ was never good and /tv/ is always wrong? Wouldn't be a meme if there wasn't a kernel of truth to it, you're a retarded zoomer who actually forgot that /tv/ was supposed to be ironic and took everything shitposted there as truth so much so you constantly think about some fat jew that had nothing to do with emma watson being rich or film star, absolutely nothing.

You the most insane coping retard there is and that's saying a lot.
There were no people watching that stream but me everyone who goes on there is an unironic sjw asshole

Dude everything you like is dogshit and anything you call shit or bland is in fact superior to every single piece of media you consume on a daily fucking basis

You are fucking nothing

>Things rarely become memes if there isn't at least a kernel of truth in them.
You fags literally whine about actual online memes while creating your own set of shitty incel headcanon memes

The meme is that hp is a classic franchise and is unironically the best franchise with that many entries attached to it

Things rarely become memes if there isn't a kernel of truth to them

You picked the most dogshit low IQ nignog take ever to parrot, try again.

And look at you now talking more about garbage and unrelated fucking garbage shit bickers you're actually a fucking autist. Weinstein had nothing to do with Harry Potter or 16 other Emma watson movies.

You stupid sack of memeing shit

You know the meme that /tv/ was never good and /tv/ is always wrong? Wouldn't be a meme if there wasn't a kernel of truth to it, you're a retarded zoomer who actually forgot that /tv/ was supposed to be ironic and took everything shitposted there as truth so much so you constantly think about some fat jew that had nothing to do with emma watson being rich or film star, absolutely nothing.

You the most insane coping retard there is and that's saying a lot.
>incels are still seething about Harry Potter and Watson
Just makes me like both more
>having commercial success in the past
She has had commerical success for 2 decades so much so she stopped doing blockbusters and then still ended up doing a massively successful blockbuster by merely her presence.

Keep comparing Culkin to Watson when Watson was in 8 movies in a row that grossed over a billion dollars, then made millions off of modeling, then was cast and attached to tons of other movies for many high profile directors or new/ low profile directors >>21052
>>having commercial success in the past
She has had commerical success for 2 decades so much so she stopped doing blockbusters and then still ended up doing a massively successful blockbuster by merely her presence.
>hapadup is still samefagging this hard
peak flhp hapadupbrain, what set him off this time?
During Zach's birthday party yesterday four movies were screened and were universally shit on by all watching. Eventually a Harry Potter movie was put on and someone said it was tedious. That single comment was enough for Zach to leave his own party in a huff and immediately start shit posting all over the internet in an autistic rage as he was too much of a coward to try and stick up for something he liked whilst in a group of people and too much of a woman to roll with the punches and not take a single off handed comment as a personal attack on himself.
Five movies actually.
When he ran away like a woman anons decided it was pointless to keep watching Harry Poofter and we watched Airplane! instead.
>someone with ADD who can only watch retarded comedies or cuckime said this film that's a 2 hour movie is tedious bickers it's slightly slower filmed than the ADHD shit he's used to watching
Wow many such cases
>we decided to watch this other shit tier overrated comedy movie
No wonder you all have the worst taste in films possible and you actually constantly think about and call others reddit lmao
>that single comment was enough
No what was enough was me watching the goddamn movie that was playing and then seeing Gayhooles face prop up on the screen and him inserting a jpeg all over the screen, sorry there are people who actually enjoy watching movies and not acting like actual children you stupid fuckface

You are all so unironically hypocritical it's just stupid at this point.
Look, Zach, there's a problem. I have actually watched and enjoyed SLOW films, but they had SOMETHING to say! I watched The Turin Horse by Bela Tarr and loved it. I watched The 400 Blows and had a great time. I savored every minute of The Seventh Seal, I didn't want it to end.
When you have substance you don't need a fast pace.

But Harry Potter isn't dull and boring for having a slow pace. It's dull and boring beacause it is empty. It's a cynical, dishonest corporate product. It's proto-capeshit, without the few things capeshit does right. It fails to make you care, partly beacause of how infantile it is, partly beacause it has no cohesion, partly beacause the performances feel so fake and partly beacause it's so sloppily thrown together. A Rambo movie is easier to take seriously than Harry Potter, that's how much of a cliche parade that trainwreck of a movie is. I would MUCH RATHER watch First Blood than ANY Harry Potter movie.

Harry Potter is to kino what cuckime is to anikino. It isG ARBAGE!
>cuckimefag again at it with his shit tier arguments
>thinking anything is dishonest when he watches the turin horse and cuckime
>calls anything sloppily thrown together when he praises rambo sequels

Holy shit you are a mental fucking midget and you have zero taste. Your taste is capeshit tier, HP is one of the only good blockbuster franchises, go watch Rambo again and your cuckimeflickshit, theres no such thing as anikino, you are a retard.
>the performances feel SO FAKE
>literally one of the best casts ever assembled in blockbuster films
>the acting gets better every single entry
>the directing gets better every single entry
>the films focus on harry and actually make you care about him as a person more than the books did
Zoomers never once!!!!!
Just go watch John Wick potter haters, it's more your speed seeing as you can only enjoy the most garbage of garbage.
Go pop in the fast and the furious movies too they are fucking litty!! litty and shitty!
Open file (4.99 MB 5184x3880 soy faggot.jpg)
>he actually said capeshit does things right
>he thinks capeshit makes anyone with an IQ ovr 70 care
>he compares blockbuster he hates <:( to capeshit bickers he has no arguments at all and wants to seem smart and cultured
>the hapa is still shitting himself itt
>62 posts from one ID
>cuckimefag probably has this thread bookmarked
lmao zach is still at it?
Hey dude people messing around and joking while watching a movie is called BASIC SOCIAL INTERACTION. The censoring of sexy shit is what we like to call HUMOR. I know you have no real sense of humor probably why you think the LITERAL SLAPSTICK COMEDY BITS that make up the majority of the first half of prisoner of azkaban are proper TONE SETTING for a film that's attempting to be darker but lighten the fuck up you unbelievably retarded stick in the mud
John Wick is unironically good though. Based CHAD.
I'm pretty sure parents love Harry Potter movies. If parents have retarded children, they can just turn on Harry Potter bickers it's so mindless and there's so many of them. Plus the retards won't pick up any of the subliminal programming. They'll just keep being retarded and helpless.
So I think Zach is partly right.
>implying only one person likes anime and not the entire board except you and one or two other newfags
So shes a volcel?
The term is incel, anon. Flopson is an incel.
>John Wick is unironically good though

>Only one person or two newfags dislike cuckime
Even the best cuckime like Akira is weakshit! Nobody likes cuckime who has taste!

The term is self-partnered, Tom Felton is too, you should try it sweeties! Wait you probably already do!
>Nobody likes cuckime who has taste!
I guess Aronofsky has no taste then Zach.
You keep fhlp'ing your hapadupbrain
You don't have taste, zach. So you like anime then?
Zach that scene you cherrypicked from john wick is probably the most comedy esque thing in the whole series.
I could pick ANY scene from prisoner of azkaban and there's a 50/50 chance it's lowiq slapstick TRASH. Your taste is shit and you have to resort to attacking people's guilty pleasure KNOWN TRASH MOVIES to try and make your favorite franchise not look like shit AND IT STILL LOOKS WORSE

Take your "tone" back to the fucking preschool playground you uncultured illiterate pig
>Zach that scene you cherrypicked from john wick is probably the most comedy esque thing in the whole series.
It also shows that he felt compelled to watch the movies, but pretends to be above them. It's from JW 2 too, meaning that he decided to watch a JW film after having seen the first.
Also I think basically everyone agrees the first john wick is the best and the other 2 are decent action flicks but have some pacing and tonal problems. With 2 being the weakest of the ones made so far.
Hey faggot the entire movies are filled with comedy tier over choreographed headshot after headshot, you are a fucking retard who needs to stick to playing call of duty and only talking about call of duty.

Every single scene from prisoner of azkaban is good and better than all the trash B movie action flicks you watch and consume, soybitch. You are a fucking retard and have no idea what good filmmaking looks like

Cuckimefags seething
Open file (372.06 KB 1071x808 soy alt right.jpeg)
>Take your "tone" back to the fucking preschool playground you uncultured illiterate pig
Tone is just one of the many honest words that triggers your ass, I could name so many other elements that are good about Potter that your little head would spin and REEEE out of control. You are such a filthy zoom zoom anti-art faggot.
why does Alfonso Cuaron fillter every single pleb faggot on imageboards who try to act tough and as if they have taste?
Open file (659.60 KB 888x505 soybitch.png)
>that comment was actually Gayhoole
>he thinks Azkaban looks worse than the fucking shoot em up literal garbage movies he likes
Holy shit that's hilarious, you really have the worst fucking taste in movies Gayhoole, even your hairline knows it and fucked off from your brainlet head.
Open file (214.26 KB 310x526 mr gayhoole.png)
Open file (115.84 KB 1200x900 gayhoole.jpg)
Open file (271.10 KB 917x1109 gay boy.jpg)
>you uncultured illiterate pig
>you pig
Gayhoole you can't even get laid, no wonder you have absolute dogshit taste and the biggest mouth ever since you just spew the shit you shove down your pig face all day.

Do you honestly think anything you ever say about films or media is correct when you're a fucking 23 year old virgin piggy?

OINK fucking OINK you're such a pleb that Prisoner of Azkaban fucking loves her pussy all of your favorite flicks this decade. You have such utter shit taste and are the proof in the pudding as to why /tv/ has never been taken seriously, just full of loud mouthed virgins like you who can't even into cinema.
Open file (57.98 KB 631x752 gahoolemod2.jpeg)


Open file (549.73 KB 3548x664 gahooole.png)
>I'm not fucking happy
>I hate my life
>I watch shitty B tier and C tier production movies
>I love cuckime
>Did I mention I hate harry potter since I fucking hate my life and was bullied throughout school so much so that movies about school and friends and social lives with the opposite sex or not actual trigger me?
>I just want to fucking kill myself and never have to wake up ever again
>nothing makes me happy it all just makes me so fucking miserable
Oh it shows you bitter fat cunt, you're as ugly on the inside are you are the outisde, that's why you have utter dogshit taste in movies, so just end it, nobody will really give a shit.
Maybe you wouldn't want to kill yourself if you didn't cosume garbage cucktoons and youtube eceleb sjw bullshit all day gayhoole.

Your virgin status is bickers you're such a shithead zoomer. Also bickers women probably recognize that you have the the movie taste of the average middle school nignog. Dude Shaw and Hobbs lmao. Dude Fast and the Furryshit.
Zach is right. I don't know any parents of retarded children that let them watch John Wick. It just doesn't hold their attention span.
Hey Zach, this is the thread about you, there's a Gahoole thread already. Please don't try to derail this one and keep the Gahoole stuff to the Gahoole thread.
>10 posts in a row
What's your endgame, Zach? Was getting mocked part of your plan?
>Defending sub-three stooges level slapstick comedy this hard
Azkaban is shit zach, it is an objectively shit film with an incosistent tone, horrendous pacing, and a shitty fucking look/style

I will be back to fucking loves her pussy you once and for all
Gahoole your life is shit and that's why you want to kill yourself
You are a virgin ogrefaced faggot, and Azkaban is better than most of the shit you like and watch from the past two decades.

Stop trying to act like you have taste, you have none, you have cuckime posters and every single nintendo soy product you can buy up known to man.

You don't even have anything interesting to say, the tone is "inconsistent" wow aka you're assblasted that it melds drama and comedy perfectly and lightheartness and seriousness in such a good way

>such a shitty fucking look/style
Looks better and has more artistic style than the garbage you watch all the time

>horrendous pacing
No that would be the GAMERGATE tier movies you watch like fast and the furious and pacific rim, you are such a brainlet you only use shitty empty zoomer retorts

You fucking stupid GAMERGATE faggot, your life is slapstick comedy without the comedy, you're pathetic

Azkaban is objectively LITERALLY objectively one of the best blockbuster films of the 2000s you're just such a tastlet and such a virgin you were filtered hard by it since you can't deal with anything that isn't GAMERGATE tier movies
>getting filtered by Alfonso Cuaron this hard
>getting filtered by Harry Potter this hard
Just virgin things
>One of the best blockbuster films of the 2000s
<Dude fat lady turns into baloon lmao
<Dude funny monster book attacks harry and he has to hide on his bed
<Dude horrible stretch effect in terrible bus scene that lasts 10 MINUTES
<Funny jamaican accent shrunken head hahaha
>Is supposed to be a darker more serious film
>Color grading has changed to match this
<80% of the movie is slapstick

You have yet to defend the specifics of this movie zach. I am objectively right here and you are wrong. You don't even know the details of your favorite fucking movie dude stop shitposting all fucking day and actually watch a movie sometime you halfbreed freak
Gahoole is the retarded pleb who keeps thinking his opinoin on films matters when he's a fast and the furryshit faggot virgin who wants to kill himself.
better than being a virgin hapa like you tho
>can only literally describe plot points that happen
>litereally descibing magical events in a fantasy movie/book and getting mad at the fantasy elements

Oh wait there's more retardedness here

>horrible stretch effect
The effect looks amazing Gahoole you watch a shitty rip on a computer screen, the film legimately looks amazing in 4K, why is this so hard for your virgin brainstem to understand

Gahoole you really are extremely more stupid than I ever thought, you're impossible to reason with bickers you're an actual mental midget, incel freak. Have sex.
Open file (86.24 KB 1200x675 DHLqHVLUQAAZk2S.jpg)
Imagine having taste so shit that your favorite movie is literally part of the dullest Harry Potter franchise.
Oh how can I forget
<Snape in a dress HAHAHA
<Important scene where buckbeak attacks malfoy is played for laughs at malfoys expense
I can go on dude this movie has no fucking ability to balance comedy and serious drama and all too frequently plays serious scenes for fucking laughs. That combined with the shitty blue filter covering the entire film makes it feel like it was directed by a bipolar freak. Defend your fucking movie, I dare you, but you can't without blatantly lying about it.
>harry potter
>serious drama
Dude your "4k copy" is an upscaled 1080 copy how are you this dumb?
And no those aren't "plot points" they are FUCKING SCENES THAT TAKE UP A HUGE AMOUNT OF THE RUN TIME.

They are A PART of the movie, and they SUCK. They aren't "magical" they are slapstick bottom of the barrel humor TRASH.
Imagine having such shit taste you don't realize harry potter was the last good blockbuster franchise and was in fact the most consistent good one ever made

That's why you post shitty game of thrones screencaps you got filtered.

Imagine not thinking Alfonso Cuaron is a great director.

Imagine continuing to be a retard bickers you were filtered by Harry Potter.

>reeeee color grading has changed to match this
Same fucking color grading as the lord of the rings that was used to match serious tone changes in certain settings and scenes too. I just watched the two towers yesterday, fucking color grading reeeee!

You were filtered so hard gahoole, but it's to be expected since you watch cartoons and GAMERGATE tier movies like fast and the furious

Gayhoole can't into cinema!!!!

Oh look another empty post proving you were actually filtered by Prisoner of Azkaban while liking actual trash like Pacific Rim and Shaw and Hobbs
Gahoole dont kill yourself, we need this sort of zach roasting for entertainment
Within the context of the film obviously. Some scenes are meant to be comedy some are meant to be serious, The problem is they keep shoving shitty comedy into places it doesn't belong
How are you recovering after Rian Flopson flop?
Open file (9.78 MB 640x360 fuck you hapa.webm)
Oh and here you go
>dude shitty blue filter
I just watched the two towers and many scenes have that "reee shitty blue filter" bickers it's the same fucking color grader

Gahoole you are such a fucking mental midget it's unbelivable.

Imagine not understanding that a serioes of 8 movies progresses and that the directors and cinematographers wanted to light the sets so that they physically looked different from the previous entries in order to make the films stand alone on their own

Imagine not being able to understand this and having such a shit eye you constantly just get filtered by good visuals.

Dude why is so dark at night under moonlight and in a castle, why are the visuals dark inside a castle and under the moonlight lol!!!
Have you even watched the fucking movie dude? You just shout vague platitudes without defending the specifics I've brought up.
What is the main theme of prisoner of azkaban? What is the tonal direction of the film? What was the directors intent? Hell what even is the BASIC PLOT OF THE MOVIE? I doubt you can answer any of these questions bickers you know NOTHING about your supposed favorite movie
Gahoole you legitimately are such a self hating freak you don't understand the word eclectic

You need to have sex already
Gahoole you legitimately are such a self hating freak you don't understand the word eclectic

You need to have sex already
You absolute mongoloid that filter was added in the new blu ray releases. It isn't in the original versions. This is common knowledge.

Also blue filters work but they imply a DARKER TONE, which clashes with the SLAPSTICK COMEDY. Which makes it come off as TONALLY INCONSISTENT. This is basic film studies dude lmao
You think Harry Potter is a poorly made movie that only little kids can enjoy unironically? It's not bickers it's a shitty cash grab, it's bickers you need to have sex incel.
Why do the scenes at night look the same as during the day? Why do the scenes in fall look the same as the scenes in winter? The first two movies did this just fine so why does this one stop? It's almost like Christopher Columbus was the only talented director the series had huh?
>what is the main theme
There's a few main themes, but you can't detect them bickers you literally only watch for the the bare bones plot, which any film you could reduce to the same bullshit you spew.

I'm not gonna spoonfeed your virgin ass, it's really quite sad how much Azkaban filtered you. Maybe if you had a proper upbringing and social life in school besides being a mountain troll you would understand it slightly.
It looks real bad on 8k though.
>There's a few main themes
So you admit he's right about the movie being inconsistent and directionless?
Nobody is defending color grading.
It was memed hardest in the Matrix movies, and it doesn't seem to be depended upon too much anymore, thank god
You have yet to defend your favorite film at ALL dude, I am completely convinced you have never even watched the fucking movie dude.
Those also aren't plot points they are scenes within the movie that I am describing. A scene is not the whole movie but the amount of scenes whose purpose is primarily slapstick comedy is fucking astonishing zach. Maybe if you had seen the movie you would know this
>why do the scenes at night look the same as during the day
they don't why are you such a retard you continue to think anything that comes into your mind needs to be said and is correct at all
gahoole you can't even concentrate for anything that isn't cuckime that's why you post on a some stream channel that is the equivalent of annoying GAMERGATEs walking into a movie theaters and yelling shit randomly
>used to match serious tone changes in certain settings and scenes too
But Harry Potter is blue even when doing slapstick comedy.
I am at work so I can't post screenshots but you and I both know I can fucking loves her pussy you so hard on this. The day and night scenes have the EXACT same color grading
>can't even defend his obsession
>jacks off to a man
big oof
I never said it was my favorite film of all time, go watch fast and the furious GAMERGATE movies you retarded cunt.

every single actor and cast member in the movies knows that cuarons entry was better and even Columbus himself knows and would say that Cuaron's entry is better, you stupid muppet.

The writer of the series itself knew the tonal change and the change in direction was superior and more akin to the style the books were taking, you just get filtered hard all day dude

Why do you even continue trying to act smart, your hair has fucked off bickers your head has no thought in it.
Like the train scene early on is during the day but it looks like it's night time.
Gonna post the Kenny pasta, it's relevant.
GUNTOPIA and ROBI this is the pasta I mentioned the other day on the guntstream chat.
>It was four in the morning, when Kenny woke up like every other day and grabbed his laptop. The face of Emma Watson greeted him as soon as it booted up. He launched his browser and there it was, that site that he hated but couldn't stop visiting. It was time to show those fat neckbeards that their headcanon was wrong. Hollywood producers could have abused every starlet to grace the silver screen, but Emma was different. She was too rich to need to lower herself to the casting couch. He'd show those guys who is boss. He fired up his VPN and opened his bestiality folder. He looked at the 1:15 doll on his desk, the one that he had hotglued so many times he couldn't remember anymore. He looked at her in the eyes and said "I'm going to avenge you". The entire forum would be nothing but bestiality, at least until that loser who does it for free managed to find out. He was in the middle of his epic feat when he had to stop to release the arousal that had been building up. It didn't take him long, three minutes later he was done. Once again, the collectible figure was drenched in that thick fluid so typical of someone with fertiliy problems. It didn't worry him though, he hadn't as much as held hands with a girl since middle school. He cleaned himself with a Powerpuff scarf like the one Emma wore in the movies and got back to work. He kept going for half an hour and took a break. He looked through the window and saw his high school ex getting into a black muscle car. That was Randall's car, the guy who had bullied him the last three years of middle school. He felt drained and decided to take a nap. At nine he was awaken by his mother's voice. Once again, he had to go pick up the used condoms in the parking lot next door if he wanted to get tendies for lunch.
>and even Columbus himself knows and would say that Cuaron's entry is better
Oh you are so sure of that Zach
You said it's your favorite film in your favorite series, which I don't even believe you've actually watched any of. I seriously doubt you have watched a single harry potter film in the last 5 years and are just bullshitting your way through your paper thin defenses of them

Also what those people have said doesn't fucking matter especially rowling, only reason her books got anywhere was cause of the columbus movies. They're the only quality thing to come out of the entire franchise and they aren't even that great.
Open file (511.33 KB 1920x796 fgfdfdf.jpg)
Open file (179.72 KB 1920x798 harrypotter03_4174.jpg)
Open file (201.40 KB 1920x798 harrypotter03_5716.jpg)
Gahoole the type of tone that triggers you is called whimsical. Azkaban is serious yet whimsical, just like potter was. Things can be directed differently, Columbus and Cuaron both adapted their material 100% properly to the screen, you were filtered by a mexican, that's how shit your American taste is in movies, you only watch B movie tier shit most of the time.

>why does the movie look the same at night as it does during the day
You must be blind, here's three photos showing the movie looking different during the day, during dusk and during the night.
Open file (201.40 KB 1920x798 harrypotter03_5716.jpg)
Open file (179.72 KB 1920x798 harrypotter03_4174.jpg)
Open file (511.33 KB 1920x796 fgfdfdf.jpg)
Holy shit you stupid fucking GAMERGATE, the dementors were attacking the train in the middle of a huge rainstorm, you truly are fucking retarded.

Gahoole the type of tone that triggers you is called whimsical. Azkaban is serious yet whimsical, just like potter was. Things can be directed differently, Columbus and Cuaron both adapted their material 100% properly to the screen, you were filtered by a mexican, that's how shit your American taste is in movies, you only watch B movie tier shit most of the time.

>why does the movie look the same at night as it does during the day
You must be blind, here's three photos showing the movie looking different during the day, during dusk and during the night.
Gahoole I saw it in theaters when you were about 4 years old and have seen it countless times, you are such a stupid zoomer that you have nothing to say at all.

Everyone objectively agrees Columbus set up the movies to be worked with by god tier directors like Cuaron and that Cuaron did gods work in changing the tone similarly to how the books progressed.

Almost every single person on planet earth agrees with this and youre seething
I knew the absolute instant I saw the name Cuaron, it was going to be bad. I began to get anxiety bickers as a kid I enjoyed the first two. I went into the third one and realized I watched a nothing movie. Each movie after that was even more nothing except for maybe the 5th one or whichever one they felt like they were older during.
You mean inconsistent, not whimsical.
"The Grand Budapest Hotel" is whimsical, not your inconsistent flick.
I think he's saying that Harry Potter movies begin at whimsical and go from there.
>Knives Out Carved Up a Big Weekend at the Box Office

Gahoole you are like the little zoomer nazi kid in Knives Out except you look 400lbs heavier and like someone spliced your genome with that of pigs.
And goes where? To absolute shit? To tears of boredom?
>He's seen it.
Nowhere, bickers it can't negotiate serious with whimsical, so it sort of kills itself.
Where did I say that I said theres multiple main themes that are obvious and exist throughout the film, masterfully crafted and done.

>this wes anderson shitflick is whimsical
Top fucking kek Azkaban has infinite whimiscalness and technical directing than wes andersonshit

All you like is actual garbage kek

So you were filtered the instant a non- American director was hired since you don't know what auteur directing really is or looks like. Just like I said.

>I watched a nothing movie
You watched a black sheep entry for Prisoner of Azkaban which is widely accepted to being the "black sheep" entry of the books itself. And you got filtered hard by it dude, just go watch Pacific Rim trash it's all you can handle.
It's consistently fantastically directed from head to toe, moreso than any of the trash you like this decade or more. Try watching it on a actual setup and not a shitty rip on a screen that's minimized you galactic virgin.
>a non- American director
Just say "spic", Zach.
>You watched a black sheep entry for Prisoner of Azkaban which is widely accepted to being the "black sheep" entry of the books itself. And you got filtered hard by it dude, just go watch Pacific Rim trash it's all you can handle.
So you're saying that your favorite movie is widely acknowledged to be the worst of the whole lot?
The fact that you can't tell the difference between American directing and Mexican directing proves you should not be floating the term "auteur" around bickers there's no way you can know what it means.
If you think a director's flair is acceptable to a production company in a franchise movie, you're a god damn ignorant fool.
What did the guy do other than frame the shots he was meant to shoot? What real input did he actually have?
His resume included pic related bickers Harry is more of a tranny than a prince. His behavior matches everything wrong with SJWs in current world.
Gravity and Children of Men all have qualities, but at the end of the day, they're monotonous like the music Michael Caine was listening to.
He's a diversity hire, propped up by loads of money and talent support.
Witchcraft is inherently dark and the films progress this way with every entry starting with chamber of secrets, you are just insanely mad that the entry where the characters are actually teenagers now was different from when they were young kids who were more innocent compared to the state they were now in

You got filtered by the director of Y Tu Mama Tambien

The movies progress to the deathly hallows which itself is a fairy tale in the books movies but also have the characters then living out their own witchcraft tier fairy tale. This just in many fairy tales of old actually have rather dark elements to them like children being dismembered or eaten. One of the main themes is death in the series and the series ends up being quite a struggle for the main character who has his godfathing dying after his parents were murdered and other father figures/ friends dying around him as his innocence is lost in a magical world which ends up emulating the dark themes that are inherent to witchcraft.

But all you can think about is the aunt getting blown up when she was a cunt insulting harrys dead mother. You're just mad that someone else got to be as ballooned as you are irl.

Non-American director, all the directors besides Columbus are non-American and either Mexican or British. You are such a tastlet.
Just the opposite it's praised as being a masterpiece especially compared to the first two films, which I also really like.
>The fact that you can't tell the difference between American directing and Mexican directing
what the fuck are you even talking about the directing styles are completely fucking different

>What did the guy do other than frame the shots he was meant to shoot? What real input did he actually have?
Everything, but you can't even watch youtube videos of the director himself talking about the process and the things he was doing different with the actors and their acting process bickers apparently you can only watch literal eceleb garbage shilled videos online
>The fact that you can't tell the difference between American directing and Mexican directing
what the fuck are you even talking about the directing styles are completely fucking different

>What did the guy do other than frame the shots he was meant to shoot? What real input did he actually have?
Everything, but you can't even watch youtube videos of the director himself talking about the process and the things he was doing different with the actors and their acting process bickers apparently you can only watch literal eceleb garbage shilled videos online

You are such a fucking shithead Gayhoole.
>gahoole only like the most simple of movies and the most simple of directing styles so much so that Azkaban filters him
>he actually thinks wes reddit anderson is good at all too
You can't make it up
>Black sheep: a member of a family or group who is regarded as a disgrace to them.
Pick one, Zach. It's either the black sheep or a masterpiece, you can't have both. Was it a Freudian slip? Were you admitting that your favorite movie is indeed shit?
Open file (641.74 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>Witchcraft is inherently dark
Grazlebarth I summon thee. Smite mine bullies wtih the force of the abyssal darkness.
The one posting Wes Anderson wasn't Gahoole, it was me.
f924a4 isn't Gahoole either.
Open file (111.32 KB 1920x800 Daytime scene.jpg)
Open file (173.94 KB 1920x800 Technical directing.jpg)
Open file (203.94 KB 1920x800 High Art.jpg)
That day shot comes from a scene where later on it looks nearly identical to the night shots in the exact same environment. You argument falls apart if you actually watch the film which you haven't
I was 7 and saw it in theaters too, you clearly haven't watched the film since then.
<technical directing
>Witchcraft is inherently dark
<thus the film is 80% slapstick comedy
You haven't actually watched this movie
The change in directors is so obvious bickers the film looks worse, plays out worse, is worse at keeping a consistent tone, and has the worse dialogue scenes, It's not more mature, it's less so with more time dedicated to crappy goofy scenes and less to actually developing the characters, setting and story. It's a shit fucking film
>if I keep repeating this bullshit it will make it right
You can't deal with a total of 10 minutes of comedy in a 2 hour 10 min movie you absolute utter retard

>gahoole only like the most simple of movies and the most simple of directing styles so much so that Azkaban filters him and he can't deal with it
>he actually thinks wes reddit anderson is good at all too
You can't make it up
>that day shot comes from a scene where later on it looks nearly identical to the night shots
Gahoole you truly are a coping retard

This is a shot of the forest during the daytime and this is a shot of it at night
To prove my point, let's break down the movie scene by scene

>First Scene: Dudley's House
<Aunt gets blown up like a baloon in an extremely slapstick fashion completely clashing with the darker and cooler used in color theory terms here tone
>Second scene: Bus ride
<slapstick pointless "action" sequence that uses horrible effects and weird borderline parody jamaican accents. Literal key-jangling for babys
<scene goes on for like 5+ minutes
>Harry speaks to the minister of magic
<minute long exposition scene blatantly explaining the plot of the film so even the dumbest of brainlets can understand what is happening. 3Rd grade reading level scene
>Harry opens the monster book
<another slapstick scene this time lit even more like a non-comedy scene completely destroying the tone
>harry meets up with his friends
<Sets up the extremely lame cat vs rat dynamic for ron and hermoine this movie
<more heavy handed expositon
>Death eater on train scene
<first decent scene of the movie, took about 20 minutes to get here though and the stretch pull effect on the death eaters looks bad
>Great hall singing scene
<malfoy is established as a basic comedy bully here,
>fat lady screaming scene
<bad comedy scene
>Animal noise candy scene
<more slapstick dumb comedy shit,. youtube humor tear. Literal steam coming out of ears like a baby cartoon
>Bird flies around and is killed by tree
>fortune telling class
<Wacky professor is funny lmao
<at least the tea leaves are kind menacing and cool.

First half hour done and 7 of the 10 scenes are slapstick comedy. Literally 70 fucking percent.
>witchcraft isn't inherently dark
All those parents that burned the harry potter books and barred their kids from reading them proves me right you fucking asshats
Open file (87.25 KB 1920x798 harrypotter03_1886.jpg)
>The change in directors is so obvious bickers the film looks worse,
The change in directors is so obvious bickers the acting and film looks so much better as does the accompanying soundtrack oozing immensely more atmosphere.

>has the worse dialogue scenes
Say exact screenwriter as the first two films and Columbus also produced Azkaban

>it's not more mature
It's more mature in every single manner

You are such a fucking retard everything you are saying is literally just you seething at a fantasy movie that has some goofy moments, you virgin

A perfect fantasy movie that mixes light and dark elements and it absolutely triggers your basic bitch ass.

I love how you think Cuaron is even to blame when the material itself is being screenwritten by the same guy who did the first two and the film captures the TONE of the book perfectly.

Aka you're extremely fucking mad that your taste in cinematic tone is so dogshit and simple

Right dude that scene with harry listening to his aunt talk shit about his dead father and mother was SO slapstick
It was SO slapstick when he went back to his room and kicked his dresser as the camera zoomed in on the picture he has of his dead parents dancing and being happy
It was so slapstick when the dementor was sucking harrys soul on the train and then he heard his dead mothers scream as he was passing out

You're a fucking idiots delight my dude. You are actually like talking to a 12 year with autism.
Open file (168.08 KB 1920x800 Nightime outdoors 3.jpg)
Open file (124.00 KB 1920x800 Nightime outdoors 2.jpg)
Open file (202.54 KB 1920x800 Daytime Outdoors.jpg)
Open file (111.32 KB 1920x800 Daytime scene.jpg)
Also the environments are OBVIOUSLY different looking dude, the problem is the PEOPLE look the same in every scene. Look at the lighting on harry's face, the whie balance. The problem isn't the night scenes but too many of the daytime scenes look like they take place in the evening. This last photo takes place at the same time in roughly the same place as your daytime photo but looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

A 12 year old would at leat remember the movie he is watching zach. I didn't say the dementor scene was slapstick, but yeah he got mad at his aunt so he turned her into a baloon and then she floated away in a SLAPSTICK SCENE.

The film plays pretend at being mature, but a majority of its runtime breaks down to being keyjangling scenes for little babys to laugh at. Little babys like yourself. The tone is fucking schizophrenic in its inconsistency and there is no possible way to defend this incoherent pile of trash the way you are without either ignoring a majority of the film, or in your case, having not actually seen it

You have to fucking ignore the truth to defend this movie dude it's so pathetic. Either admit you haven't seen the movie or just say you fucking like it and don't care what we think. It is completely pointless trying to talk to you bickers you have no concept of how films work, how reality works, and most importantly, how HARRY POTTER WORKS bickers you haven't watched the movies
Open file (111.69 KB 734x729 1544101267394.jpg)
All you're proving is that evangelicucks overreact
>I love how you think Cuaron is even to blame
I thought you were calling him the auteur behind the film.
He's changing his arguments bickers he has no factual basis for them and is just bullshitting, it's really obvious and kinda pathetic

>gahoole gets mad at a fat aunt being blown up after she insults Harrys dead parents
>gahoole gets mad at The Knight Bus sequence which is themetically just like the book, bickers apparently gahoole can't deal with anything that is actually fun and seethes at a fucking fantasy bus that has beds and a chandelier inside of it
>gahoole is filtered by talking shrunken heads for some reason
>the monster book of monsters that was in the book is in the movie, WTF?
>harry is told the theres a mass killer on the loose who is the reason his parents were murdered SUCH SLAPTSTICK
>harry and ron and hermione brainstorm on if sirus black will be able to attack kids or harry at school
>the dementors attack the train in an extremely tense and spooky scene that ends with harry getting fucking loves her pussy only for Lupin to save him
>the opening speech of Dumbledore is serious but ends on a good note, "happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light"
>the fat lady sings
>gayhoole can't deal with this meta banter
>Harry has an extremely scenic and pretty moment riding Buckbeak around the grounds of Hogwarts and over a lake in Scotland where the camera is on point more than anything Gahoole watches
SUCH SLAPSTICK gahoole can't deal with it
>Harry gets mauled by dementors in the end of the movie and passes out
Such slapstick
>Lupin berates Harry for wandering around the school at night with a killer on the lose and bluntly tells him his parents didnt die for him to be so careless
>harry and hermione go back in time and prove what a closed loop is by seeing events that already actually happened before from a different perspective
>they save a nice Buckbeak from dying
>lupin is turned into a werewolf and beats the shit out of sirius
>hermiones howl saves harry from being attacked from the werewolf
>harry is able to do a patronus bickers there is no pressure and he knows he has already done it and casts a blinding white light
Open file (66.46 KB 1920x798 harrypotter03_1255.jpg)
Open file (498.05 KB 1920x796 fgfdfdf.jpg)
Open file (95.57 KB 1920x798 harrypotter03_4909.jpg)
Open file (201.40 KB 1920x798 harrypotter03_5716.jpg)
>talking about lighting while posting literally a compressed version of the film that doesn't even have it's proper lighting and dynamic range
Oh yeah it's a retard alert. Imagine thinking these forest shots look the same.
I thought I already expressed how the book is the black sheep and the film follows up on that. I thought I already stated that gahoole is literally just complaining about shit that happens in the book and complaining that it also happens chronologically in the movie.

Plot wise it's Rowlings book, with Cuaron's directing style amping it up on cinematic steroids. Everyone who isn't a retarded zoomer incel has agreed with this since it came out.
Gahoole is a blind mutt, what do you expect?
This is even a harder cope than your claim that Watson's autotune was youtube's fault.
>calls others plotfags
<ignores half the scenes of the movie and only focuses on the major plot points

My post clearly catalogs EVERY SCENE in the first 30 minutes of the film. You completely ignore half the movie and had to look up a wikipedia summary to "defend" it. Also the closed loop shit was GAY as was harry's entire arc. You have also yet to disprove those scenes are slapstick shit comedy.
your images look more compressed and is from an UPSCALED 4k RIP


The third book is where things start going downhill and becoming repetitive. but besides the point I'm not complaining about the plot I'm detailing why the execution doesn't work in the FILM
Hey samefag
>your images look more compressed and is from an UPSCALED 4k RIP
My images are not from an UPSCALED 4K rip and are the same compressed bluray rip you're posting, why the fuck do you think I post actual 4K rips here you utter brainlet retard, any 4K HDR pictures look washed when displayed on imageboards or on standard screens.

Now you're just actually coping and assuming every single statement you make you fucking asshole.
>the third book is where things start going downhil and becoming repetitive
Yeah the film and book that DOESNT have to do with Voldemort as the final boss was the one where things started getting repetitive.The film that introduces all this different shit is the reptitive one!!!

Gahoole you're fucking done, you got FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !! so many times you're just coping to say otherwise.
What? So your counterpoint to me posting screenshots is to say that they're from a low quality version, so you proceed to post equivalently low quality versions?
**it's not lo
It's not low quality by the way, it's the only version of the film out there, imageboards also don't further compress the image it's literally just viewing the file.

Voldemort not being the villain has nothing to do with it, the problem is the sequence of events that happens is very formulaic. It feels like going through the motions
Open file (2.93 MB 1920x800 bombarda.webm)
Gahoole the shit you were watching like we're the millers and airplane is slapstick comedy
Not this

You got filtered by a mexican, granted he's an all time great mexican, but still you're so stupid that a mexican is a genuis compared to the shit that goes on inside your skull.

That's why your hair fucked off and wanted nothing to do with your bullshit.
Open file (498.11 KB 1920x796 fgfdfdf.jpg)
Open file (156.05 KB 1920x798 harrypotter03_4868.jpg)
>very formulatic
>says the fucking dude who said Fast and the Furious 6 7 and 8 were some of his favorite movies of the decade
You are such a hypocritical retard gahoole, I don't take anything you say seriously. You are such an actual coping tard.

Gahoole do I need to keep posting these two pictures to blow your shit tier argument the fuck out? This first image compressed still LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THIS OTHER compressed IMAGE visually. One is during the day and one is during the night, clearly.
Incorrect, you are watching a slapstick baby's movie that is designed primarily to stop ADD kids from whining to their mom in the theater. You could air this shit on PBS kids and it would fit right in with littel einsteins. You have been unable to prove me wrong for several hours now so I will be taking that as a concession.


I'll take your ignoring of my argument as a concession that the harry potter movies are also formulaic. Glad we can come to an understanding. That being said

The second image DOES NOT HAVE PEOPLE IN IT The point is to compare the lighting of people in different scenes and how that impacts the tone of those scenes.

These are not compressed screenshots you fucking dip and no matter how much you scream it the visual style will not suddenly improve with a different version. It looks like shit across all copies.
Gahoole your life is a slapstick comedy of errors and Prisoner of azkaban filtered your virgin zoomer ass that loves the fast and the furious franchise when that franchise is for GAMERGATEs
>those-are n-not compressed screenshots you fucking dip
Yes they are just like any Star Wars bluray out there is compressed compared to the cleaned up 35mm prints in 4K that exist you utter mongo bongo

>it's the only version of the film out there,
If you actually had a 4K television you'd know that the 4Ks are light night and day compared to the bluray transfers even at a 2KDI.

The same night and day as watching the original Star Wars on the shitty Disney bluray and actually watching the 4K77 35mm print, the entire presentation is different and superior, even at a 2KDI bickers of the massive amount of bitrate a 4K disc can hold.

The first three potter films alone look like you're watching a completely different film if you watch the 4Ks bickers the color presentation and the bitrate is so much higher and wider.

Keep thinking that 720p rip you were streaming and watching on computer screen as it's minimized is good though.
Pathetic attempt zach, your favorite movie will and will always be a slapstick piece of trash
factually incorrect zach, I have a 1080 rip I was streaming at 720. And the "4k" rip of harry potter you have isn't true 4k from the 35mm print. It's an upscaled version of the 1080 rip they made years ago. I'm sure it looks better but it's not true 4k and still does NOTHING to affect the visual style. flat panel TVs also have inherrent color and display issues and are inferior to CRT tvs and actual film projectors in terms of accuracy. You are a fucking retard with 0 technical knowledge
Open file (5.54 MB 738x796 clearly.webm)
>gayhoole thinks this is bad lighting or cinematography
You have a shit rip and watch on your fucking computer

You cannot comprehend a 4KDI or 2KDI literally both of them having massive amounts of more information than what can fit on a normal bluray disc

You are a fucking retard with actual zero technical knowledge or eye bickers you've never even seen the difference for yourself.
>But all you can think about is the aunt getting blown up when she was a cunt insulting harrys dead mother. You're just mad that someone else got to be as ballooned as you are irl.

You're starting to get it, Zach. You feel how we feel. Witchcraft is dark, bickers it's based on real life shit. People actually do dismember and eat children, to this very day, satanists have been running amuck from Eastern Europe to Hollywood where they hide it in plain sight. Hell, even in China, you can see webms of people cooking dead babies in pots of soup.

Don't you find it a bit insulting for a UK based story with a UK based setting to hire a Mexican director?
The Life Aquatic was a great movie before thots and tweens fell in love with his quaintness. I haven't seen it in a long time though, so I don't know how I feel about it now.
I have a 4k monitor and tv and watch films on both. I HAD To watch on my 4k monitor that day bickers I was streaming it. You seem to be missing the point though, the 4k blu ray you purchased which has enough julay to store the data you are talking about btw that's why they SELL THEM is using the SAME RIP FROM THE ORIGINAL BLU RAY UPSCALED TO 4K. This is an advertising trick to get retards like you to double dip but you aren't getting any actual improvement in picture clarity as the scan is the exact same one in the regular blu ray just with the resolution increased using some decent computer tech. It's been an obvious scam everyone in the AV scene has been complaining about for years but somehow you completely missed it probably bickers you're a fucking retard
They hired an American director to begin with, did JK Rowling take offense? No
Did she take offense with Cuaron? No she loved his film
Slapstick was a minor component of "We're the Millers", it was more driven by bizarre situations. If anything it was a crime comedy and blue comedy crossover with surrealist elements.
Airplane is flat out surrealist comedy with some gallows comedy elements.
Open file (57.14 KB 358x319 snapshot o.png)
>The film is known for its use of surreal humor and its fast-paced slapstick comedy,
>and it's fast-paced slapstick comedy
Airplane is slapstick you fucking retarded mongo bongo, it's described as such verbatim right there

you watch shitty comedies and then complain about comedy and drama in a movie when theatrics have always had comedy and drama in them together
You actually seethe at comedy when melded together in an actual movie, while just eating up shitty comedies that are only vehicles for their comedy. Then get mad at comedy existing in a fantasy movie directed by a mexican.

You got fitlered by an actual mexican dude. A mexican who knows more about theatrics and crafting that any of the directors you like such as Wes Anderson
You can download the actual 4K rips and watch them on your "4k tv" that probably doesn't exist and see for yourself fam.

As long as you don't download another 2-5gb rip, if you actually dowloated 60+ 4K gb rips of the first three movies then put on their bluray rips on your computer and compared you would see that the quality and not just the quality but the physical coloring looks so much different on the 4K discs bickers they actually have more information
>Posts cropped shot of his favorite squeeze that he hopes to lay one day via gaining her acceptance by acting as her champion on web forums.
Good luck.
I mean that with all sincerity.
I hope she calls you.
>dude airplane is surreal and not slapstick
It's both actually
>dude prisoner of azkaban sucks bickers it's surreal and has slapstick
It's insanely better and supreme
It uses slapstick, it's not centered on slapstick.
Also why do you call Gahoole fhlp'd when it wasn't Gahoole you were replying to?
>such a virgin you have a one track mind and think I expect any attention from emma watson for fucking loves her pussy virgins online who consistently have the shittiest taste in movies across all genres
At least you tired
bickers she has to shill her product
bickers she's satanic
bickers she's globohomo
That's a male, isn't it?
>doesn't understand the concept of diversity hire
>bickers she's satantic
You stupid fucking mutt virgin.

>the author of the series, J. K. Rowling, describes herself as a practising Christian, and many have noted the Christian references which she includes in the final novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Seethe some more at actual good fantasy

Nobody is more of a globohomo than you since you're homogenized meme brain made your hairline say "fuck it im outta here"
there IS more data on a 4k disc but those SPECIFIC MOVIES are not TRUE 4k RIPS. This is well known. The visual style is also not that drastically improved by a 4k rip, only image quality. You are lying to yourself.
That literally is not me dude. I would not argue that airplane isn't slapstick. However difference being it IS FUNNY unlike harry potter. Which is bad
Azkaban is a bad film bickers it uses non-comedic styles/lighting to shoot comedic scenes, and uses too many of them for what is supposed to be a dramatic film.
Fantasy and surreal aren't the same concept.
Hello faggot
>everyone calling me out is gadup
Also azkaban is not a surrealist film, it has fantasy elements but to call it surreal shows a complete lack of understanding about the film
>doesn't understand that Satanists use Jesus archetype trope to get passed Christian filters to subvert their psyche and ideology by planting bad seeds in their minds using subconscious programming techniques
And if anything you could say the same exact thing about Prisoner of Azkban but since it's harry potter you have to make everything hyperbolic.

bickers gahoole got mad about "slapstick" elements in Cuaron's kino while following it up with Airplane, his mindset is so ironic that his hairline fucked off!
Anyways I won this argument so I'm off to play some fucking halo reach instead of talking to this 30 year old virgin harry potter fanboy. Smell ya later NERD
Airplane is a comedy
Harry potter is not
Airplane is FUNNY
harry potter is not
airplane shoots its comedy scenes like COMEDY SCENES
Harry potter does not

Do you understand the difference yet?
But as Gahoole explained, literally 70% of the movie is slapstick.
yeah fuck this hapa manchild
>i lost this argument that was related to films bickers im a bing bing playing retarded cunt
FTFY virgin
He's a quapa, not a hapa
>doesn't understand that fantasy uses comedic moments to filter ogrefaced balding faggots like yourself
>im so smart mommy i used the word subvert
You think you're insanely more smart than you are you community college babby wabby.
Can we have a moment to talk about how women FUCKING LOVE HARV'S DICK?
>reeeee movies that are serious and dramatic can't have comedic elements to them
>reeeee this harry potter movie had comedic moments and that triggered me
You're such a flaming homosexual
>can we have a moment to post this garbage gossip since that's all I consume and parrot
Nice cuckchan approved website you retarded bongo mongo
Also you know what is truly hilarious is that even Peter Jackson had slapstick moments and "tonally inconsistent" dialogue or scenes in fellowship of the ring or the two towers

You could actually even say that his slapstick moments were more tonally jarring overall but I still love the movies and think they are good.

Gahoole is just a fucking retard
>cuckchan approved
Just like Flopson then
Zach, you argue behind points that already counter your point. There's no point in arguing you bickers you aren't rational. You can't actually explain how even as a teen when it came out, I thought this movie was bad. 4 was better, but I lost interest and never watched the last one. They just started to seem really gay.
Went to Uni, bub.
You went to Uni and couldn't even get laid? No wonder you have such shit taste in movies.

>You can't actually explain how even as a teen when it came out, I thought this movie was bad
This movie came out when you were like 6 years old gayhoole don't kid youself and you looked like a mutt tard as a teenager, anything that you would dislike then is obviously patrician.

>There's no point in arguing you bickers you aren't rational.
You're talking about yourself, you speak like the most retarded cuckchanner, now go watch Pacific Rim.

Of course you thought 4 was better when it was probably even more tonally inconsistent and filled with probably even more intentional comedy, you're just a hypocritical pleb and plotfag, 4 is the most easily accessible entry bickers muh tournament!
Fucking retard, there's IDs here. That anon is not Gahoole. He made 19 posts in this thread.
You assume everyone is Gahoole to cope with the sad reality that you have shit taste and are an autistic poorfag.
I'm not Gahoole. LOL
I got laid quite often.
I only talked to the hottest chicks. Most had boyfriends or were lesbians, but I still got laid.
Pacific Rim... I didn't like it. I never was into monster movies though, so maybe it takes a patrician to enjoy it. I thought it had a lot of propaganda degrading Chinese and Russians while over promoting blacks and females. Typical globohomo shit.

Wait, Zach. Are you saying 3 was the best bickers it was the worst and by saying it's the best this somehow proves that you're a REAL fan?
Sorry that I assume everyone who parrots the same shit tier zoomer opinion as Gahoole is a virgin faggot with no taste

You all meme the same way and then actually get mad at others for being "soy" every single opinion you guys have is the same exact opinion that's spewed all over cuckchan, you have no original thinking possible.

That's why me, saying anything at all, triggers your austistic asses. Prisoner of Azkaban is fantastic.
Fantastically shit you mean
>You can't actually explain how even as a teen when it came out, I thought this movie was bad.
I was a teen when it came out and thought it was really good. Stop thinking your sole bitter opinion matters.
So you're trolling us bickers you project onto us a 1 dimensional way of thinking.
This is why you get banned a lot. It's like a schizo homeless person that we can't accept into our homes bickers you would literally destroy the place with 4 different elements at the same time while attacking us in our sleep claiming you're helping us.

Harry Potter is unironically bad, and the only reason you like it is bickers you were targeted by marketing campaigns when you were a child to hook you on subversive cocks and neverending product.
Just like how cigarette companies try to hook kids when they're preteen bickers they know that early teens smoke and will smoke the same brand their whole life.
Fantastically grand
Anything you call shit is guaranteed very good
Open file (46.22 KB 209x205 30 yo boomer.png)
>turns 30
>harry potter, now THOSE were movies
>project onto us a 1 dimensional way of thinking
>harry potter is shit
>Harry Potter is unironically great
If three is the worst than it's a god tier series and the best series ever made bickers 3 is great

Are you even trying?
This is literally schizophrenia.
All you have are uno reversal cards.
Ah okay, so that's your play.
I'm not even 30 and have been saying those were great movies for the past decade that has has historically pretty shitty movies
Go easy on Zach guys, he's developed diabetes and is morbidly obese. You're going to end up giving him a stroke like this.
t. a concerned guy who used to be his buddy in high school until one day I said something he didn't like, he turned mean and I ended up having to unfriend him from Facebook
Here's a question for you, Zach.
Which Harry Potter movie is the weakest of the franchise?
You turned 30 on November 30.
>this is literally schizophrenia
Calling out the hypocrisy of imageboard retards is schizophrenia?

>you project onto us a 1 dimensional way of thinking.
No I didn't I turned 29 and I've been saying they are a great series of films for this entire decade in my 20s
You can't read IDs and think that bickers we're all trying to help you understand a few key points about the criticisms that most of us arrived at, that we're all Gahoole.
You're usually rejected from /tv/, so you assume that all of us think the same way and make the same meme or memes.
You think like a schizophrenic homeless person that has no family.
I can't really pick a weak entry bickers all of them are unironically so good and do different things and feel different/ progress but 1 or 4 are probably the weakest entries if you had to pick, although there are times I think 1 is a pretty perfect, the other movies just build more and have better moments.
Zach, if you truly love Harry Potter and you can't see anything to be critical of, I can offer at a later date a breakdown of how the movies program your psyche. They function a lot like the original X-Men movie, the first one, in that they program people to think like trannies, degenerate, conflicted, broken minds.
You can't retort anything I say and I fucking loves her pussy every single "Argument" you or anyone else has come up with, that's why you're better off on cuckchan where the plebs roam free and say the same exact cold takes as you.
>If you had to pick.
Say, "If I had to pick."
Zach, you're so fucked up, that arguing with you is like arguing with an electrical fire.
>the function a lot like the original X-men movie
No, Bryan singer is a shit director and a hack and every single filmmaking element of potter is better than all those trash xmen movies

>no you
You and your filthy incels friends are the dumpsterfire that has ruined even imageboards and made most people realize they were never good
Movies are not sentient beings. They're not family members. Movies propped up by marketing campaigns are soulless cash grabs. They manipulate your psyche to get you to watch them, and they destroy your mental integrity to perpetuate your consumption.
You just sound really sad now. You sound like a sad guy.
I agree, Bryan Singer is a hack. He's also a massive pedophile with connections. That's why he got big titles.
If you don't see this side of hollywood, you're a compromised drone.
I'm saying that the X-Men movies tricked psyches into thinking like trannies. Harry Potter does the same thing. I can break it down for you someday.
>thinking like tranny
Basically it happens in the first 15 minutes of each movie. Characters are built up and do things that aren't actually good behaviors, but they get away with it bickers previous marketing tools have already made you like them in your mind, so they cast a spell in a way that makes you see their bad behavior as good behavior.
It creates a self-destructive behavior.
Harry's adoptive family are every day regular folk. They get home from work, something Harry knows nothing about, and they're tired, something Harry doesn't give a shit about. He's been bouncing off the walls practicing things he can't do in public (JERKING OFF?), so he has no patience for when they get home to let them relax, he annoys the hell out of them when all they want to do is relax. Then when he gets truth bombed, he jerks off on their faces, cracking their spirits, and making them bow down to worship a literal shit his pants and do nothing kid that has "magic powers" bickers of how forgiven he is bickers of how he lost his parents.
It's a bit like how late night hosts operate to psychologically force people to believe lies.

>The subject of john oliver came up when a colleague (fellow psychologist) and I were discussing politics a few months ago. Although we were both in agreement regarding the general shitlib inanity of the HBO show, my friend was surprised when I explained that the real insidiousness of it is its unmistakably hypnotic structure and pacing.

>I ended up pulling up an episode or two off of youtube to show her what I meant. All of the segments I've ever seen from this show follow the same repetitive format: present some "argumentation" and "facts" for about 10 seconds, then quickly follow these up with a snarky quip (which themselves overwhelmingly take the form of complete non-sequitur or otherwise absurd metaphor) before any rational processing of the preceding argument can take place in the mind of the viewer. Further telling is that the only 'beats' or mental pauses in the show's pacing exist solely to highlight the approving laughter or applause of the studio audience. Repeat this basic formula without variation 20-40 times in a row and you have one of the 12-20 minute 'segments' that form the backbone of the show.

>The end effect is (obviously) not to deliver information, but rather to literally teach the viewers -- on a subconscious level -- to mentally associate derisive laughter with any person or opinion that is at odds with the narrative's take on the chosen issue. And it accomplishes this by maintaining a strict adherence to a roughly 20-second cycle in which a stimulus is presented, and a response is cued. This is the sense in which the show is fundamentally hypnotic in effect -- even moreso