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/intl/ Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 22:02:42 ID: 411349 No.42051
Where is /intl/ now? Also, post /intl/ lore for great julay.
>>42051 They compromise all of ACF >>7486
The faggots are now spreading their shit all over (((8kun))), is pathetic how that site is now a big fed shit with the only active boards being pozzed as fuck and about porn, especially interracial shit.
>>76968 what happened to the julay.world /v/ users? That board was one of the very few good boards in the webring, and then some faggot got in the moderation and banned everyone.
You could switch the 1st pic /intl/ for Nuzach and it would encapsulate fatchan.
>>197344 Except that copypasta was 100 percent correct and /intl/ really were a bunch of subversive faggots, which also applies to nuzach as well.
>>197467 Nuzach is destroying tvch and scaring off users. Nuzach is costing tvch money. Nuzach is bullying users of this site. Nuzach is causing every problem on tvch. Every post that I disagree with is Nuzach. Nuzach is responsible for everything on every board at all times. Nuzach is every moderator and every shitposter. Nuzach is the pedo poster and the anti-pedo poster. Nuzach is every user everywhere at all times. Nuzach creates the dankest memes but they are too powerful so they will destroy us. How did this happen? How did 10-15 shitposters become so powerful that they are everywhere at all times. The answer is that he is a Jew. He was always a Jew. We must put an end to the Nuzach reign of terror. I say we raid zzzchan into oblivion and send him back to where he came from. Nuzach must be destroyed before it is too late. If Nuzach is not destroyed he will destroy tvch. Just as the Jews with to take over the world Nuzach wishes to take over tvch. Just today Nuzach posted BBC porn and blamed it on tvch Even though everyone on tvch is also Nuzach this cannot be allowed to stand We must take our website back from the dangerous shitposters that call themselves Nuzach. Nuach is the cancer killing tvch. Nuzach is spreading aids. Even though we ourselves are Nuzach. Nuzach is the G​AMERGATE of tvch. Nuzach is the illegal immigrant of tvch. Nuzach is the boat people. Nuzach is smell. Nuzach made the ogre sad. Nuzach will stop at nothing to destroy us all. Nuzach will destroy us for our own good. Nuzach is the hero we deserve but not the one we want right now. So we will hunt him. bickers he can take it. Nuzach is crashing this website with no survivors. Nuzach is a big guy for you. If we remove Nuzach will it kill him? It would be extremely painful. Remove the Nuzach now.
>>197483 Pretty much agree with the majority of this besides the obvious /intl/-subversiveness at the end. the 2-3 anons called nuzach and emojitroon are massive faggots.
>>197485 What is the musical equivalent of kino? Zoomers throw around retarded terms like bops and bangers, but is there a term for really great music, as opposed to the Jewish-produced slop they churn out to the unwashed masses?
>>197495 >What is the musical equivalent of kino? Renaissance-tier Classical music ofc. And a fair number of those great gentlemen were quite spoken-out against the kikery of their own days. I'm sure they would have fit right in on (previous generations of) /pol/, while still crafting their own masterpieces of human achievement and beauty.

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