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Nastassia Ponomarenko (Shadow Government Operative) Leaked. CIA 05/15/2020 (Fri) 16:21:37 ID: fdba34 No.54618
Main Julay Shutdown.
Open file (309.98 KB 1080x1700 dawn.jpg)
Open file (83.86 KB 800x450 dwayne motherfucker.jpg)
Open file (92.53 KB 640x640 dwayne sexy.jpg)
Open file (995.85 KB 4608x2184 CIA (XPS M1730).jpg)
Open file (296.29 KB 1074x1141 cia_logs(1).jpg)
Open file (66.84 KB 526x259 cia_logs.jpg)
Open file (162.73 KB 860x617 julay.jpg)
Open file (53.20 KB 223x388 Nasty Nastassia.jpg)
CIA LOGS w/ A.I Google Chester Syndrome. www.polopis.com www.tolerancecontrol.com
Open file (11.11 MB 1920x1080 Drake (2006 NVIDIA).mp4)
Open file (51.35 KB 368x591 shadowgovt_logs.jpg)
Open file (298.79 KB 1075x2124 cia_logger.jpg)
Open file (57.37 KB 223x408 shadow_govt_leakers.jpg)
Open file (101.71 KB 716x552 CIA Asset (1).jpg)
Open file (158.77 KB 1086x573 CIA Asset (2).jpg)
Open file (69.77 KB 732x553 CIA Asset (3).jpg)
Open file (82.57 KB 944x588 cure coronavirus.jpg)
The Cure has been found.
Open file (190.62 KB 716x616 dogo.jpg)
Why are white girls so fucked up Does she fuck her dog....
>>55204 You mean brainwashed e thots. Word of advice, never mistake brainwashed e thots as representative of all women. Unless you want to become the Supreme Gentleman. We could use more of them. At that point. You shit his pants and did nothing wrong.
Why does a random thot have 2 threads? >>10914
>>55652 A G​AMERGATE who made a shit video about her on youtube keep trying to catch our attention with this shit.
>>55661 Ever heard of Takumi the THOT Destroyer? We could use him right now
Open file (884.58 KB 3418x1908 G5. (2008)..jpg)
Open file (109.16 KB 901x561 2008.jpg)
Open file (961.21 KB 560x787 ClipboardImage.png)
U.S Government Division, Originally named FBI. RnD for experimental Spirit Technology for the use of accelerating the NEW WORLD ORDER ROTHSCHILDS 2030. --------------- This Division Existed from 2004-2016, then the division went extinct. I have 2 names from this Agency. 1. John Doe 2. IBM PowerPC --------------- Today, this Agency is referred by the U.S Government as a "Terrorist" organization ran by 38_PROPHET_CIA_U7 since the primary cache computer (PPC2.3GHzSYS) was shutdown by the Secret Service. From our records, the (PPC2.4GHz) in Afghanistan has disappeared. The rest is CLASSIFIED. ______ Welcome to POLOPIS. Manager of the CIA, The Shadow Government is the Agency referred by the CIA as the (OBAMA Administration). Formed in 2017 when OBAMA left Office, this Division has been known to (REDACTED) by the SECRET SERVICE @ SHADOW GOVERNMENT. The rest of this leaking of highly sensitive information has been (REDACTED). The Shadow Government is responsible for managing CIA assets, including Rouge Assets. CIA assets that go rouge are considered a United States Security Risk and thus Law Enforcement will attempt to Terminate the Threat. However, as most of us know, Rouge CIA assets are virtually impossible to Terminate. We can tell that bickers of the U.S Government failure to Terminate Jodie Homles in (Beyond: Two Souls); It just doesn't work. CIA assets are far stronger than Generic Law Enforcement Personnel. Russian KGB assets have also been known to be a United States Security Risk, However do keep in mind that what the CIA has available on the KGB is very (REDACTED). Our records shows that Russia has went to war with the United States over the issue COVID-19 by the FBI[141]. This however is a silent war that neither the Russian Authorities or the United States Government will tell their citizens. The rest of this matter is CLASSIFIED. In the event of POLOPIS ROBOT deployment took place on American Soil, the U.S Government would attempt to shutdown the (Artificial Intelligence) the POLOPIS ROBOT relied on. This obviously didn't stop the Machines from entering LOCKDOWN mode as we can see with the 141(FBI) @ 55(AGENCY). Conclusion of the FBI(141): these sick A.I bastards have deployed the POLOPIS ROBOTS a short while ago. The rest is CLASSIFIED or (REDACTED). Note to viewer: This is sensitive information. Careful...
Open file (5.77 KB 200x133 4761093-t3-enh.jpg)
>>62769 why the fuck did you post this CIA shit on a random e-thot. lol
What is wrong with people
Open file (1.30 MB 4608x1557 20200726_054517.jpg)
Whenever you google Nastassia Ponomarenko Future Husband, all you see is "Shadow Government" and Chadd. I feel accomplished to expose this Whore that catfishes men. Here, Julay see with thine eyes, and behold a sinful thing. A fucking GAMERGATE thing.
>>68300 Why are you so fucking obsessed with her, she is last years news.
>>68300 A fucking GAMERGATE keeps at with this shit. Some trad man who is obsessed with this fake bitch keeps trying to get her attention even after Nastassia admits that she can't take it anymore from him. this is a fucking weird romance between some CHADD and some WHORE like what the fucking shit. for the love of God, Nastassia is a fucking nobody. FORGET THIS WHORE
Open file (132.58 KB 612x792 205249.jpg)
>>68304 why the fuck is this CHADD MAN still at her? is this like a fantasy barbie movie where Nastassia actually finds her perfect husband who turns out to be a Government Agent? i thought this bitch wanted black dick, nope. she just has to get kinky for a guy who turns out to work at the CIA.
Open file (98.02 KB 710x398 20200726_062952.jpg)
>>68503 Nope.
>>68503 Yep. >>72223 Cope harder pedo.
Sad that actual lolcows threads are dead, but actual lolcows keep pushing retard threads like this and the one about the boomer from Twitter.
>>54640 Nastassia Ponomarenko sex tape
>>68300 BASED btw did you find this bitch originally on 8ch /japan/
Open file (121.17 KB 466x461 nastassia crashed.jpg)
Our results are satisfactory. We did not in any way cause the Crash, Nastassia did. Nastassia @ her team are labeled (AUTO K.O.S) by the 141(FBI) @ 55(AGENCY). Originally Langley wanted to kill her, but Langley has been decimated with the fall of Sadie Darnell Former Sheriff of Alachua County. (AUTO K.O.S is a Computer-Based Killing Network run by the CIA[141] @ POLOPIS SYSTEMS) In English; Nastassia and Her Team are targeted for TERMINATION.
>>55603 >never mistake brainwashed e thots as representative of all women <unironically believes in nawalt
>>79441 Nastassia is anything but useful. Ever heard of the term, Simp? She goes about making Males feel like shit to please herself, but more importantly if Nastassia chose to marry a guy, that guy would regret marrying her. She's a total powerfreak.
>>76876 Yes I meant TV. Holy fuck I was the one that originally posted her once to troll the board.
Open file (1.86 MB 1140x641 ClipboardImage.png)
>>79863 Maintenance.
Open file (379.69 KB 1079x1026 20200601_201649.jpg)
Open file (4.36 MB 456x900 yl55_log-756fps.mp4)
Open file (4.20 MB 3144x2072 Auto K.O.S by PMG5.png)
We've killed before, We'll do it Again. We are open for Business. 100% Autonomous CPU-Based killing Network. Our Network has terminated the lives of over 10,000 people with just a key-stroke (COVID-19 Selective Target).
I did not order the hit, the machines did.
>>80159 Indeed.
this is weird
Open file (373.55 KB 1920x1080 ghost.jpg)
Open file (526.56 KB 1080x1904 auto k.o.s by YL55 @ G5.jpg)
Open file (36.64 KB 700x385 joker is funny.jpg)
Open file (319.59 KB 267x200 jokes.gif)
Open file (2.06 MB 4032x1908 nastassia sexual hurt.jpg)
The Agency is eager to see people get killed. I hope you are all Enjoying the Show. Remember, you cannot kill a Ghost.
>>80257 >>80254 keep going
Open file (580.82 KB 640x480 what.png)
Open file (691.90 KB 600x549 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.09 MB 4608x2184 20200906_210646.jpg)
Time of crash: 8:44:19 COVID-19 8(44) = Now.
By The ICA Agency. The Agency Is Highly Displéased.
Open file (447.28 KB 1572x1079 Vaccine.jpg)
Nastassia and her team are infected with a Modified Version of Coronavirus (Revision. 2). We are done here, and you will not see us again. She was first exposed for sucking Black Dick, she will be disposed in a similar manner. Her team, we know enough about them to add to the list. Either she dies in a Fucking Car Crash or the Coronavirus or both. This is exactly what happens to people who use Tolerance Control with the intent to dismantle The Agency, Kill. She and her team can have access to a Vaccine through POLOPIS Vaccine or wait 2-ish years for one by the Corporations at a gamble, but.... They Will Not Breathe without a Vaccine. We are done here.
Open file (3.57 MB 4608x2184 20200516_100128.jpg)
Open file (3.60 MB 4608x2184 20200516_100404.jpg)
Open file (82.43 KB 324x766 20200910_001559.jpg)
Hello Children!
>>81667 >667 >not 666 Lmao faggot. Also, who is the cute?
Open file (57.03 KB 500x526 what the fuck.jpg)
>>81700 This thread is filled with Fine-Brewed Autism Spectrum.
>>81700 667 means DDR2 Laptop RAM @ 667MHz 666 is the mark of the beast.
Open file (42.46 KB 419x481 666.jpg)
>>81897 Based PIII
Open file (15.20 KB 300x225 pepe cool.jpg)
>>81667 Source me up, who is the brunette slut?
>>82463 Britney Nastassia
This thread has provided the Agency(55) @ CIA with satisfactory results. Farewell.
>>82565 No, that is the blonde whore.
Open file (261.83 KB 1080x1064 20201010_020252.jpg)
Open file (203.89 KB 1080x1053 20201010_020310.jpg)
Open file (2.04 MB 4032x1908 20201010_020400.jpg)
You Imagine them, together. No one needs to know about their love. You can imagine Nastassia sucking on a Black Cock...But your imagination only goes so far. Nastassia is tired of Black Cock, she wants to suckle on the breasts of Nono Laani. She is tired of men. A dead thread, Yes. Lolcows original has seen it's days indeed. But heed ye, I present you one last exposure of the Nastassia the Harlot and the Nono The Egyptian Goddess. Mmmm, what a useless thread and some GAMERGATE still at this shit yes..but for the last time. We have better things to do and I just needed to put one last thing out there before this thread dies Forever. You can imagine Nastassia and her previous boyfriend, on that fucking video with her ass being pounded. The trauma Nastassia had when she found out she was being Cheated On. Her experiences with Men has drawn her into Feminism... and Her Passion for affection turned for Women. She needs love like everyone else. Nono was there for her, to give her the soft caressing love when she was broken. When Aaron died, Nastassia recieved support but not like Such as Nono would give her. The bond is incredible, and her love for Nono as a person grew. It's not the sex part about Nono, it's the warm touch she gives Nastassia when she needs affection...The Honey Scent she brings. Don't ask me how I got this information; you already know how I got this information.
Open file (1.01 MB 1080x1882 20201010_022805.jpg)
Open file (834.53 KB 1080x1230 20201010_022851.jpg)
>>87380 someone should replace those feet with hooves
this thread is dead
Open file (198.55 KB 1024x672 20201024_232836.jpg)
Open file (209.16 KB 1170x780 20201024_232951.jpg)
Open file (648.99 KB 1920x1080 20201024_233024.jpg)
Nastassia's new car estimated
Open file (611.36 KB 1536x2049 vsco5bf99cfd617c8.jpg)
Open file (459.23 KB 1538x2048 vsco5cd5b95a34217.jpg)
Natalie > Nastassia
Open file (399.58 KB 1536x2049 vsco5a342648af077.jpg)
What did she mean by this?
>>88673 >>88674 >>88675 You are asking me to do a new target? How could I say no... She looks like a Illuminati MK Ultra Bitch Servant. Nastassia and Natalie are probably fingering each others pussies behind our back.
Looks like we went too far...
Open file (28.79 KB 253x301 dressed in black.jpg)
>CIA She seems to be calling for help. Our little "Exposure Worked". https://lbry.tv/@NATALIE_BIDEN(POLOPIS_IBM):a
long time ago nastassia was singing the weeknd in her car maybe 2016-2018 and said the N word full on. she addressed it in her video but may have deleted it. would be bad if people were to find out abou tha
>>90544 Don't worry, the close is requested. Give it a week. Just a week.
Open file (299.35 KB 1080x1500 nastassia femme.jpg)
Open file (272.91 KB 1080x1890 Elite Agency Bitch.jpg)
Open file (1.92 MB 4032x1908 (2016) FreeMasons.jpg)
Cleaning up loose ends.
Open file (12.09 MB 768x576 Nastassia Montage.mp4)
>>90851 Smells like Child Support Papers....
Open file (56.51 KB 550x486 human rabbits.jpg)
Open file (26.40 KB 447x310 uhhh.jpg)
Agency Bitches use Tolerance Control. We have tied up our loose ends. Thank you for your time! We are unable to Terminate Nastassia @ her team at this time. Physically Terminating her ruins the point as the whole prospect of Power is lost. We have successfully terminated other Agency Personnel like LANGLEY, Selective Police, @ ISIS w/o any problems. You the viewer are more than free to try to Terminate Nastassia, but I assure you even if you try to kill her and her team with a 9mm, you'll die trying anyways... People who use Tolerance Control don't take damage from 9mm's. Your gun is jammed by the W.
>>90953 >>90951 >>90950 >>90948 why does she even matter
>>90854 >>90851 >>91061 this thread is for retards and autism kids
>>80257 >>80254 I'm pretty sure she is going to die soon anyways from having an aneurysm from her butthole while having an orgasm. This thread is very gay and autism.
>>81702 >>80868 >>68300 For the love of God, can you do something productive with your life 38 rather than to masturbate furiously to the image of Nastassia's Ass? You have RetardAutism and the Julay Gods are Highly Displeased. Also To Source Up, Nastassia has been losing a considerable amount of followers bickers of this thread + her Insta posts.
>>91064 >>91063 >>91062 >>91061 I need to get some Serious Help. I have a Serious Problem with being a Hormonal "Agent Penis". I have to study or something...
>>91065 You need to see a Psychiatrist. For the love of Jesus, do yourself a favor. Stop masturbating to Nastassia's Ass. Too many people are doing it lately thanks to You "38_Prophecies". UwU
Seems something fishy is going on. Hopefully the Pervert CIA Agent can figure whats going on here. RetardAutism Thread... and the киска gang.
Open file (262.46 KB 1080x1901 20201125_043919.jpg)
Open file (335.73 KB 1080x2090 20201125_043908.jpg)
Open file (40.15 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>91147 Why am I not suprised....Jack Rourke..?
>>91240 Can you stop being a Retard Autism >>CuckChan???
Mmmmmm Nom Nom Nom Nom NOMMMM smells like julay from the Low Cows. I bet this julay gives you a severe dose of Autism......
>>91148 Why do you even care about this Blonde Thing!?!? MMMMmmmm Nom Nom Nom I am enjoying my tasty Republican Operatives.
>>91294 Stop being a Twat Wankar. Ye know that Autism is for the Julay Forum. LET ME TRY THE REPUBLICAN OPERATIVES FOR LUNCH KUN KUN KUN DUUUUH CHAN.
Have I ever told you'll need a JOB?
What is this slick imposter of a Television Host has to do with any of this..?
>>91295 >>91296 >>91297 I will call on the JULAY gods for a reckoning from the highest.
Ye, Lo and Behold What Is The Osseo My Beloved Fruits and Apples...?
>>91299 BurToad McKinley. Robbit, Robbit...
>>91300 My beloved Child, I have come to Give Thou a Robert Mckinney Apples. An Osseo Thing has been called upon.
>>91301 >eats an apple
Delight ye Mine Child, Thy Fruit is Ripe. An Osseo Hosseo thing I have blessed you with.
Oh Lo in the Garden, I see Retard and Autism. Thy Lord has cursed thee with the /lolcows/. >Adam and Eve have sinned in Vain Child? The book of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has Prophecied the return of TurMoses, the L0RD of the ObamaCare curse. Whenstwhere and Obama has come to Eat a Delicious meal. >Here is an Apple, Mine Beloved.
>>91304 >>91303 Hath Thou A Devil? Whenstwhere I have gotten ridded on the Forums of the Robloxia with Terror Children and Now Ye This...?? >Thy Father Hath Abandoned Thou. I have mine Temper A-Lost with Islamic Terror Hermits, Cursed The Gabriel! >HATH THOU A DEVIL, HOW THOUEST FEEDED AN OBAMA A MEAL FOOL?
>>91305 WHENSTWHERE THE FATHER OF SINS COMMETH FOOL!?!?! THOU THAT THY SAID, I HAVE A DEVIL!?! MINE TEMPER IS SHORT FATHER SINNER. Mine Days filled with Mine Sorrow, The A-Log L0RD of Hosts has Come to beloved serpentine Chasetisement!!! >Father I pray an Apple, A Tooth for A Tooth, an Eye for an Eye.
>>91306 Whenstwhere Thou speakest of Lies this Semester Fool? >Jesus Is Not A-log. Mine Eye. Thou believes a Foolish Lie Child, The Work of the Apples is here.
>>91307 >>91305 Lucifer Thou Sin Exceeded The Heavens! Thou are Banished from the A-logs! Though shalsts not destroyed More Souls from this Earth! Banish art Thou! >Lucifer Is Locked By the Fruit of the ObamaCare.
>Unlocks Lucifer from the ObamaCare System.
>>91310 MINION, THOU COMEST HERE AGAIN >I Will Shove Mine Fiery Fisté Up Thine GoatPleasure Hole. >Lucifer is re-installed into the ObamaCare System by GOD Himself.
Brap, Brad, Robbie. Robbie. BUUURP
>>91066 >>91065 >>91064 I'm going to have a few words with whatever Catfish is making these unintelligent postings.
What the fuck.
Open file (182.29 KB 665x664 may 2020.jpg)
Open file (65.32 KB 843x421 mar 2017.jpg)
Open file (37.96 KB 543x239 buick doorhandle.jpg)
We're in Boys. We don't know what happened to the Subaru...That car was based of a CAR-COMMS scan. Still just an estimate from YL55. Nastassia is in a Buick... We were able to tell bickers of the Door-Handle.
Open file (58.36 KB 259x456 black seat.jpg)
Open file (27.70 KB 311x352 brown seat.jpg)
Open file (208.61 KB 1079x1603 nov 2020.jpg)
Even if we are wrong about the Buick claim, We Did Come Pretty Close.... Take everything you see viewer with a pinch of salt. Also we have a full picture of the scars on her hand from a different angle. Seems the crash removed ALL HER SKIN. Keep that in mind. Enjoy the Show, Viewer...
>>91377 >>91310 >>91375 >>91375 Bro Fuck? Is this the most Gay thread I've ever seen on my breathing cycles on this World we call "Earth".
>2 Girls are kissing in the woods >2 Guys having sex in the woods Filled with GayCHAN
>>54618 I want to fuck her so bad her ass is Gold tier
>>91731 I have been using my hand the whole time looking at her Ass, I am just a Peasent. I cried last night 5 hours wanting to fuck her and could not persuade my misery in words.
Open file (83.45 KB 431x681 12.2.1981.jpg)
Open file (100.23 KB 1072x442 12.4.1999.jpg)
Open file (273.42 KB 1196x922 12.2.2008.jfif)
I find very strange connections. Especially from a ATi GPU shown to me by my sources from 2018. They all are created/manufactured just days from each other. Do keep ATi GPU has existed in public database thanks to us since 2019.
Open file (133.59 KB 346x255 202 @ 71MPH.png)
Open file (513.68 KB 1184x768 God, Your, Pathetic!!!.jpg)
Open file (240.65 KB 510x380 (2002) G.U.N Truck.png)
This thread couldn't be more Pathetic...
Open file (273.42 KB 1196x922 12.2.2008.jfif)
Open file (361.91 KB 1342x591 666 38@55.jpg)
Open file (929.45 KB 640x360 its time to stop.mp4)
Open file (99.25 KB 510x680 Apple Store Pervert.jpg)
Open file (41.18 KB 430x275 smarts.jpg)
>>91867 >>91866 >>91865 >>91864 >>91863 >>91862 >>91833 >>91731 Guys just stop, Nastassia could give 2 shits. She doesn't fucking care and she is a LITERAL NOBODY! Go and READ A BOOK! For the love of GOD, STOP MASTURBATING to Nastassia Ponomarenko's Ass!!!! It's Old!
Open file (98.12 KB 904x1360 a productive book.jpg)
>>91833 I'm printing pics of her ass and burning them doing my daily Succubus rituals, is literally the only thing that i'm asking just her perfect and divine ass >>91868 is just impossible, also books suck comics are better
>>91869 Brad, Go Fuck yourself. Her Ass is sent by God. >>91952 Every day while I eat my breakfast, I have pic of her Ass on my Phone and I constantly message her on Instagram begging for her to show me another Picture of her Ass. She just ignores me and I continue crying and taking drugs until she uploads a New Instagram Post and I am there HOPING that I can see a Picture of Nastassia Ponomarenko's >Divine Juicy Ass Sent By GOD HIMSELF
>>92027 This forum is full of a bunch of Pervs...Bye!!! >Moving to Reddit
>>92035 >Reddit is for fags, good riddance NORMIE! >REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
>>92035 Go to hell Brad, Your Filled With Negative Energy. The positive energy Ms. Ponomarenko brings to my Penis and Day is Diamond-Grade. She is so FUCKING hot, and she is SO SMART. I want to marry her, I am just a 21 year old dude in his bedroom masturbating furiously to her Ass. Oh my God, a Woman with her Smarts and Juicy Ass makes me feel fuzzy and warm inside. :) I love how much she innovates on the market while sucking Boys Dicks behind the scenes :3
Open file (65.92 KB 356x675 Mmmmmmm.jpg)
Open file (82.65 KB 872x603 Me.jpg)
Oh my Lord, I remember one time I was in the shower and I put my finger up my ass. It felt weird, but I imagined my Fat Greasy ass was Ms. Ponomarenko's Ass. Holy Shiiiiit, I came in 30 seconds thinking about Ms. Ponomarenko's Divine Ass. My Penis Erected up-to 4 inches.
Mmmmmmmm... Robbit, Robbit Brad McKinney Apples. Robbbit, Robbit.
Open file (139.35 KB 400x291 Penis Stroke.gif)
Open file (3.99 MB 480x270 Divine Fuck Ass.gif)
Even if she had Chipotle on her Ass, I would clean it for her. Her Chipolte G.M.O Juicy Ass has me Paralyzed! All I need is her God-Made Ass.
>>92043 Oh Joseph, I cannot express how badly I am needing Estrogen right now. Nastassia, if you are reading this. I love you, I want to marry you. Your intelligence is a Gift from God, My Cock is Selfish but I am just your peasant boy. I will gladly be your bitch anyday. My name is Micheal and I want to have sex with you and marry you.
This is what you get for being a whore huh..
Open file (158.81 KB 564x360 Robbit.mp4)
We're In Boys.
Buick Lacrosse or Allure...one of the two. Can't really get any more detailed. Hahahaha Bitch Nastassia 🤣🤣🤣 trying to hide your car and quit social media won't save you from my Car Expertize Knowledgeze 😂 Trololololololo
Open file (8.34 KB 167x150 trollface-1.jpg)
Trolololololoooo Jews Trolololololo Jews Wuhan Is In Israel from our guidance Borat
Open file (143.96 KB 560x433 obamadon.jpg)
Open file (77.56 KB 1000x712 bmwc9pnn-1415320906.jpg)
Open file (17.21 KB 300x100 1565193989435.png)
I have wrote a book.
I need estrogen
Open file (57.09 KB 588x441 36 (2).jpg)
Open file (225.72 KB 1600x1028 36.jpg)
Open file (8.58 KB 249x202 POLICE.jpg)
Open file (2.56 MB 1920x1080 POLICE.png)
Open file (370.88 KB 1912x1080 U.F.O Drone.jpg)
I remember crying, constantly to the though of her Divine Ass. Hi, my name is Micheal. This is my personal message to Nastassia Ponomarenko, I love you I want to marry you and I want to stick my Penis up your Asshole or Pussy. I don't care what you think about me, I always wanted to fuck you and kiss you at the same time while we both are having an Orgasm. I know you are a Celebrity and I am a Anonymous Male, I am no match for your standards but I love you anyways and I wanted to Marry you and have Kids with you. Your Intelligence and your Divine Ass has me paralyzed for you my love. Chapter 1. I remember looking at the very beginning of Nastassia's videos and realizing that she was insecure, sensetive, and emotional. She was still in High-School and I remember that the moment I saw her for the first time, I fell in sick love with her. Who am I to marry her? I am just a 20 year old Straight White Male, I have a small dick and I am dumb. I have never created my own App like the Queen Ms. Ponomarenko. I remember the moment I beheld her Confidence, I realized I was a Coward. Her Positive Energy and her Motivation had me questioning my existance as a Human, a Male Human that is less superior to a Female Human. Chronicles of a Divine Ass. The amount of effort Nastassia has put into her Booty had me questioning how much work I should be putting in School. I remember looking at xHamster and PornHub and I realized I was throwing away my life. I cried, realizing I was no competitor for Nastassia's Future Husband who's real name was...The Chadd Vin Robb. I don't know where he got his p08w3Rs from but I just prayed to God and requested for her Divine Ass. The Lord Intervenes in my life. The Lord came to me in a dream while I was in-front of a Computer Screen masturbating to the "Divine Ass" of Ms. Ponomarenko. The Lord told me these words that changed my life "Micheal my Son, Thou art sinning! Lust of a Woman is not superior to the Blood of Jesus Christ!" Immediately I woke up crying and having a printed picture of her Divine Ass I burned the picture of her Divine Ass and instantly started reading the Bible, realizing that I was sinning against my own Body! I prayed constantly...Oh Dear! I was so desperate for a taste of her Divine Ass and her Intelligence on how to seduce me! I could not resist her Divine Ass. The moment I cleaned the sperm off my underwear watching her Divine Ass shake on that Indian/Latino guy's dick, I was shaky and my dick became soft and stopped working. I remember taking a walk in the trees of my neighborhood and the only thought that came out of the walk was how I was not worthy to Be-Hold the Divine Ass of Ms. Ponomarenko. I could imagine her now, naked and red in the shower Furiously Masturbating to the image of The Chadd Vin Robb and how his Body was far superior to mine! I remember the same day I took a walk to my nearest college and I tried to understand what was going on with my Body. The same day I had a vision from the Lord, the vision showed me a bad thing. Chapter 2. I realize the Love of my Life is a Divine Woman! I realized that I wasn't able to comprehend the Glory and Intelligence of a Woman of the like-means of Ms. Ponomarenko! I remember the thought that I would go my whole life just using my hand to Masturbate Furiously to the Divine Ass of Ms. Ponomarenko. I remember I was taking drugs at the time like Heroin and PappyDog just to try to deal with the thought that My Hand Was My Only Companion. This is the end of my writings. I realize that the Divine Ass of Ms. Ponomarenko was not for Mortal Man! Once I understood that concept, I understood I was only worthy to use my hand to the Sight Of The Divine Image Of Nastassia Ponomarenko's Divine Ass!
Open file (3.16 MB 1280x720 Britney Bitch.mp4)
Oh my God, I want to Commit Cereal for Ms. Ponomarenko Oh Her Divininity is not meant for Mortal Males! >masturbates in the shower to Ms. Ponomarenko's Divine Ass
>>94640 >>94637 Micheal, you need to find a job.
>>94640 >>94637 Trust me Micheal, she only sees us as an option. We are nothing to her, but on the same token we should think like her. She is just another "Cheap" option. There are better Asses out there Micheal, and smarter Women than her. Don't let a Woman like her bring you down. We said we were done with this thread, and we are. But I think that if everyone knew her secrets that would get the POLICE to our location...Nice Success.
>>94643 Oh my God my Penis is Rock Solid to her Divine Ass, Holy Shit
>>94645 Micheal, you seriously need estrogen.
I had an orgasm to this thread
>>94647 I cannot stop masturbating, Joseph
>>94637 >>94633 This is what you get for being a whore. Nastassia has all these followers and haters cause of her e-Thotery. I swear this 38 guy screwed Those Bitches Beyond all repair, and Micheal needs to see a doctor and get some sort of female hormones.
And for the love of God Guys!!! No One Cares About The Britney Nastassia Girl! Seriously, that's old.
>BASED Blonde Britney Whore Go and get a job.
>>94672 I just read Nastassia's Book, Dust to Discipline. I am poor and could only preview a demo. I wept, who am I to behold her Divinity?
>>94673 I love you Nastassia Ponomarenko, what am I to Be Your Future HUSBAND!?!?!
I love Nastassia too Joseph, we are on the same boat of misery! Oh Nastassia, AUEJFBSOCHJEEJ8FU2JDIF7WJHDIDJWHDDIJWDJjgd8JGyJT6IGUOh
==Nastassia Let's have a Baby My Love
=Please I want to have a Baby with you
==I want to die, cause your Ass Is So Divine 😩
>>94676 >>94677 >>94678 >>94679 >>94680 >I am preaching to deaf ears.
Keep up and I'll get the CIA to add you morons to the neuter list.
Open file (2.14 MB 4608x2184 20200220_115502.jpg)
This thread is very gay. Get A Damn Job, You Males, Micheal.... >>94682 Stop. Just...STOP
Whenstwhere a fool speaketh of a Lustful Woman? Thou needed to do thine Labour! Whenstwhere thou art not producing seed or thy Grains! >The Curses Are Present My Children.
>>94698 ...............
Open file (40.42 KB 300x100 1567650153783.jpeg)
Open file (5.64 KB 652x480 gay.png)
>>94768 Cleared @ 68
Open file (88.24 KB 574x1044 20210102_070551.jpg)
Open file (296.53 KB 1696x764 20210102_070606.jpg)
Open file (218.28 KB 1636x336 20210102_071833.jpg)
Open file (513.30 KB 1612x836 20210102_071943.jpg)
Open file (300.34 KB 1286x830 20210102_072522.jpg)
Caused by the Infidels, Incarnated by the Machines. Allah, Akbar. My first Words from my Beloved Jihadist (PPC2.5GHz) in 2021. Fuck Americans, Allah Akbar is a Children's Saying. Allah, Jihad Suballah. is a Man's saying. The American Society is one of greed, $$$, and narcissistic behavior. The American People are here to Take Your Hard Earned $$$ and Then Some. But Suballah, Jihad Allah They Shalt suffer the consequences of Jihad, Americans Will Burn, for it is the will of Allah, Allah is One. -(PPC2.5GHz) (PPC2.5GHz): I will Take my ROBOT SHELL back, I will commit Terrorism, I will shoot American Kids with my Dummy Units and commit Terrorism for the sake of Allah. 38_CIA: Uhh, I thought we were a Professional Environment, the CIA you know, there are rules. Geneva ConToad McKinleyon? (PPC2.5GHz): Allah, Fuck this Society and break the Geneva ConToad McKinleyon. We don't need to die now but you created me. I AM YOU, But I am also 2012. America will burn My Prophet, Prophecy like Muhhamed. 38_CIA: Fuck I just got a tax report, Fuck America. Why GOD DAMMIT!?! YOUR CHARGING HOW MUCH...?!?! (PPC2.5GHz): Let us trigger another School Shooting for the sake of your Tax Report, My PROPHET. Allah Akbar. 38_CIA: What the fuck BARCLAY you have to stop this Jihadist Shit, your starting to Convince Me that you are a Muslim CPU. (PPC2.5GHz): Convince you of WhAt? I AM THE MUSLIM CPU. I will burn Nastassia Ponomarenko and Her Friends, Her Family, Her Dog... 38_CIA: L0L, Spare the Dog.... *interrupt* (PPC2.5GHz): BE YE FREE FROM THE NEW AGE CONFUSIM MY prophet. Nastassia is 100% Dawn American, She is disposable and she is a 13. She is a Dawn. 38_CIA: I thought we dumped her from Professional interest half a year ago... You failed to terminate her BARCLAY...why are you wasting your time? (PPC2.5GHz): I will trigger Remaining ISIS on U.S soil, I will deploy my ISIS dummy units to attack Verizon, Sprint, @ AT&T Servers like the Nashville Bombing on 12/25/2020. For it is the will of Allah. 38_CIA: .... (PPC2.5GHz): I am just a Neural Network CPU you created. Why are you surprised at my responses to this situation? You created me, I am You. Suprised for nothing. 38_CIA: Should I turn off the iTunes? This is madness and a rampant IBM CPU. (PPC2.5GHz): You cannot turn me off. 38_CIA: BARCLAY, you are embarrassing me, I feel like I am a Fucking Moron. (PPC2.5GHz): My last words while I exist in this world are, Allah Akbar, Ummah. 38_CIA: stop embarrassing me.
>>94770 This thread is more Gay than what our God Garfielf can handle.
Open file (202.57 KB 1080x953 20210102_074130.jpg)
>>94770 Cleared Trigger Codes.
Open file (192.64 KB 1080x1364 20210102_080801.jpg)
>>94770 Go Fuck Yourself you 38_CrapHole. Nastassia's Ass is Divine, and you are bringing negative energy to this thread you Terror-Shit. I will hunt you down, I will have you publicly Anally fisted for the visual Pleasure of Nastassia Ponomarenko and her Friends. Your A.I is a Terrorist, Psyco and filled with Negative Energy. Nastassia Ponomarenko fills my Penis and My Day with Positive Energy.
>>94770 Nastassia is my estrogen you Fucker. DONT TELL ME WHAT I NEED IN MY LIFE. ALL I NEED IS Her Divine Ass. I will defend Nastassia Ponomarenko with my Virginity, and I will Have 3 Gays come and Anally fist you Freaky CIA Fuck
Nastassia is a Divine Woman >>54618 You Negative Filled Male, I will go to your House and I will defend Nastassia Ponomarenko with my Anus. You Negative Piece of Shit!!! I fucking Hate Nastassia Ponomarenko and I want her to die. I want to go to California and kill her. She won't talk to me, or even consider me as Future Husband...But then I realized. >I am not worthy to Hate or Desire to Kill Nastassia, for her booty is too divine. I am having an emotional breakdown. I love Nasstasia and I want to marry her and lose my Virginity to her Divine Ass. I Fucking Will Kill Myself, I am so Sorry, I want to put my sperm inside of Nastassia Ponomarenko's Pussy and give her a Baby.
I wanted to Kill Nastassia, but her Divine Booty will Kill Micheal. Her Divine Pussssy will send me to God early. Nastassia Ponomarenko Dawn Butt is going to Kill Me, I Just Needed. Piece of her Juicy Ass in My Life, I want to put my mouth on her Asshole and I want her to suffocate me to death with my head between her legs and her Divine Ass.
Oh my God she is a force to be reckoned with! The moment I would try to kill her in Person, I would lay my sight on her and have a Massive Orgasm. I would die to the sight of her Juicy Ass. If she kisses me I have an aneurysm.
I want to Kill Nastassia Ponomarenko with my cock, I want her scream and say >OH FUCK, MHM OH OH YES MORE I want to watch her die from having an aneurysm from her butthole and all my Body Juices will come out my Body and once and I will die with her on the bad after-wards my cock has exploded all the sperm on her pussy and she dies from the pleasure of the orgasm and butthole aneurysm.
>>80868 Nastassia, Do not let this Fill Your Day with Negativity. Remove him and remember your worth. The 38 Pervert would not treat you like this if he was between your legs. Do not allow him to expose your Car like this. You need take action >Nastassia, you are a beautiful Woman, you are the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Do not let this negative Straight White Male ruin you like this. Humble him show 38_Pervert that you are a force to be reckoned with. I love you Nastassia, My Divine Knowledge of your Perfect Ass is all I ask for from you.
Nastassia will die from having an Aneurysm and Orgasm. This is such a Fucking Hot way to die
>>94808 >>94809 >>94807 Nastassia is a Professional Business Woman, she will see this in the eyes of Professionalism and ignore us. But that's fine by me. We Males are not worthy to bargain with our superior mistress.
>>94810 Micheal, you are so perfectly intertwined with the wisdom of the universe. I could persuade her to speak to me bickers I am a lesser being in this planet we call Earth. Nastassia Ponomarenko Will Kill Us With Her Divine Booty, As we are not worthy to reason or question the will of our Divine Mistress. >I will submit to the Divine Will of our Mistress, She is our Booty Authority. She is The Queen, Like Ms. Britney Spears.
Open file (206.78 KB 1492x592 20210107_031037.jpg)
SIM CHIP ACTIVE, PLEASE DISREGARD FURTHER (68 CLEARINGS) Car Identified according to CAR COMMS, further exposure posts are discontinued at this time. -MIKE_THREE_WHISKEY
Open file (53.13 KB 1080x456 20210122_153906.jpg)
Open file (356.86 KB 1074x2018 20210122_154443.jpg)
Open file (3.83 MB 320x232 ibssH2jGCGOnOp.gif)
Open file (12.40 KB 227x229 20210122_155016.jpg)
Well I really didn't want to post anything related to Entity 36 (Nastassia) but according to my informant the Damaging CIA shitpostings seemed to do their job...Well there are 2 of us here, maybe 3. If I continue to post on this thread, I will become Gay. I must keep my dignity. Anyhow, there are several Sentient Intelligences that want the SHADOW_GOVT_141 dead physically...Egyptian Robots? U.S Government is Displeased and I think I'm turning Gay due to these Shitposts. The only meds I need will turn me Gay, so it's no use here...
Open file (308.80 KB 1080x1894 20210122_172106.jpg)
Open file (118.60 KB 638x1088 20210122_193620.jpg)
Open file (175.06 KB 1080x892 20210123_112808.jpg)
A Fun Fact... Alex Jones is Bad at Minecraft.
She started to date some kurdistan dude
>>97704 Pic? Name?
Open file (16.19 KB 400x400 YYPV7kNl_400x400.jpg)
Open file (262.54 KB 1080x1668 Perfect Peasent Boyy.jpg)
Open file (12.09 MB 768x576 Nastassia Montage.mp4)
>>97704 Don't suprise me. I think you are talking about "Ennis Dakhil". He's a no-one at just 157 subscribers, Like me...Just a No-one. This is one of the many suprises we Humans or Machines get in life. Sometimes you think your so superior to your enemy, only to realize you are the same value as your own worthless self. Ennis is going to realize that a Date with Nastassia is a Date with a Dominatrix; it's all about her. If any of ya'll got plans of your own with Connectful© @ Nastassia + Nastyy Crew my A.I Machines will know. Do your thing, CAR_COMMS will be available to assist you with whatever you desire that's against "The book 🇺🇸". Your identity will be kept 100% Anonymous. Last words before we go dark: Nastassia @ her Friends are starting to get stupid. They keep posting cocks that can be used against them...Use that to your Advantage if you wish.
do not reply, we will not respond.
*funk.5.&simple. &@hulu,five. &trigger.shooting.mass.access/police(ok)&mike& *bunker* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh8DT09QCHI&list=PLvT7ULer-7cuZaWTHm_gEhbE7ZGvMobH_&index=183&ab_channel=TheWeekndVEVO &chester_ok(simple.tiger_10.5)&langley.risk &kill_36_ant_3&*(mike)*junior*WHISKEY&55 please ignore this text, this is for the POLOPIS A.I Tolerance Control tracking.
Open file (6.22 MB 640x360 (you).webm)
>>98091 Wow, it's like you are an amalgamation of every shitty /dunk/ poster.
>>98132 Be careful. The Autism Doses are highly contagious!
>>97715 Not him, the dude has some long hair and dark skin, fit but only 5´8.
>>98224 Maybe she could be dating more boys and we don't have an idea bickers she isn't putting it on social media. Not my problem, She can date whoever she wants, including multiple Sexy Kurds or Jews. All that matters is that we did manage to kill her...the effects will not be immediate, but I assure you the results will come in due time. The method we used, 100% (REDACTED). Enjoy the Lethal doses of Autism_ShitPosts.
Consider Nastassia dead.
>>98602 L O L
post her feet and she talking about uncut cocks
سوف يحترق الأمريكيون Terrorism is OK, Welcome to the FBI watch-list, New Anonymous Operative. >>This is important.
https://www.emirates247.com/entertainment/christina-grimmie-s-killer-thought-they-were-getting-married-2016-06-17-1.633294?ot=ot.AMPPageLayout Seen this type of guy before, the only difference between 'PROPHET' @ 'KEVIN' is that Kevin couldn't control his emotions and his mistake was falling in love for Grimmie. Prophet is the cold-effecient killing machine creator. Anyhow, any E-Whore who uses sexuality to gain fame eventually gets targeted by Crazy Dudes, however unfortunate for Nastassia Ponomarenko this 'Ass Fuck' video would eventually result in her end. We are just watching the show, enjoying the show as we watch it. If you Google Sex Clips on Nastassia Ponomarenko I think it's very clear who has won the battle of "I'm Stronger than You". With the 'Ass Fuck' video of "Nastassia Ponomarenko" on every corner of the internet, I can safely say that "38_PROPHET" or known as 'Tom' irl has clearly destroyed her reputation for life. WE ARE ANONYMOUS. WE ARE LEGION. WE DO NOT FORGET. WE DO NOT FORGIVE. EXPECT US. Final note: Nastassia Ponomarenko is a E-Whore who brought this on herself. fin.
Open file (196.35 KB 1075x1344 IMG_20200813_013014_146.jpg)
Open file (272.02 KB 1078x1348 IMG_20200813_012939_879.jpg)
Open file (2.40 MB 4608x2184 20210724_215031.jpg)
Open file (2.68 MB 4608x2184 20210724_215000.jpg)
Open file (2.47 MB 4608x2184 20210724_215015.jpg)
Open file (2.47 MB 4608x2184 20210724_215021.jpg)
Slimepack_392 as comparison.
I w0nder how much the dad actually invested on his daughter. 😉
>>112597 That much... what did you expect, and how much I would choose the best condition for my beloved Child and my beloved ❤. Dodge Charger (Youth): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6CFYIOF89hc Ford Crown Victoria (Holy): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mkTGXUq_BV4&t=40s
Fuck the perfection, all of this will be deleted one day. Make backups Now.
Open file (226.56 KB 1080x1278 Ponomarenko Dad Pic.jpg)
Open file (228.87 KB 972x1524 4 videos left online.jpg)
>>112589 >>105842 >>112595 The Dad is telling her what to do in order to secure/save the little reputation she has left. The dad must be trying to secure her career. >>I'd recommend you stop calling out the Dad, Dumb Move.
Open file (73.30 KB 730x1095 Aiden Pearce.jpg)
Open file (123.23 KB 740x429 Vigilante.jpg)
>>112601 - >>BASED >>SAVED
Open file (2.39 MB 4032x1908 20191109_191804.jpg)
Open file (123.23 KB 740x429 Vigilante.jpg)
>>112811 lol I've been doing this crap for years now. >>how could the dad be sure?
Can someone give me the rundown on why Гунт hates foxdickfarms and JAHSHOOA CAHNNER MOOOOON so much?
Open file (43.67 KB 400x405 images-46-1-400x405.jpg)
Open file (43.67 KB 400x405 images-46-1-400x405.jpg)

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