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Ashton Parks, the obese Mister Metokur fanboy and Christian larper Anonymous 05/29/2020 (Fri) 03:04:24 No.58308
Ashton Parks is an obese canadian who first tried to gain online fame as a conservative zoomer, after failing to get attention that way he tried to focus on internet drama and get attention by attacking low hang fruits like jcaesar187 on Stream.me and then on Youtube on his channel PeoplesPopularPress. Being an obese hypocrite and ironybro he show up his own butthole on a live stream to trying to get more attention of jcaesar187 and his haters. Since then he is trying to use /cow/ culture and people invested on all this drama to get views and constantly brag about his numbers and having fans who love him for being an obese tard with a High vocabulary. Oddly enough, he never miss an opportunity to hold attention and make friends with other e-celebs, including extreme left wing figures like Kraut n Tea and not whites scammers like Coach Red Pill and Josh Moon, [all threed are jews], which seems strange from a right-wing white nationalist.
is PPP really a old Jim fanboy? I've heard that he sucked Mister Metokur cock on a live stream about GamerGate.
>>58308 Yeah, but he is funny.
>>58308 >ironybro >white nationalist. No. You were alright with your bitching and moaning until then. >hypocrite How so?
PPP won
>>58308 You have to go back to foxdick sheryl nome.
>>58362 If Sheryl is OP, I want crotch pics. /cow/ already has more than it can ask for in >>58318
Open file (3.15 MB 640x360 PPP.webm)
Open file (16.25 KB 400x400 doubting_ravioli.jpg)
Open file (1.36 MB 640x480 starfish.webm)
>>58308 You know Kraut made that wojack, right?
>>58360 Calm down, Nansam, you only post cringe shit
Son of Tiamat is right about PPP fanboys You guys are cringe.
>>58364 How does someone so large maintian such a hairless nether-region?
>>58698 Josh knows
>>58698 Being fat raises estrogen.
>>58698 Some white guys are that hairless
is PPP actually gay or asexual? Surfer used to smash lots of girls, but PPP looks very similar to Nick Fuentes in that respect.
>>59879 he stands naked in kitchen with the hopes that surfer will walk in and see him
>>59881 our boy Surfer used to be a junk, but nowadays he is really based, he would never commit any sodomy act, but PPP seems more like an actual Gay guy instead of an "incel".
Did Josh deleted PPP thread?
>>59879 >>59881 PPP is asexual with some gay traits, and Godwinson is a feeder, look how fat PPP has become since he meet with Godwinson
>>60095 Those aren't tic tacs, anon. >>58364
He really acts like a sperg on discord?
Open file (3.59 MB 2500x2500 1507597098112.jpg)
Open file (281.51 KB 468x727 aut-rite gay 01.png)
Open file (3.26 MB 1500x3000 aut-rite gay.png)
Open file (56.83 KB 362x280 y30piR5.png)
>>60677 This thread belongs to Weasel chad
>>60677 >>gaybashing >>kinkshaming t.fascist
Open file (90.17 KB 300x169 chris chan tranny.png)
gator is that you
>>58308 He likes to pass of his anti-white/8 year old druggie political takes as a work from Professional Wrestling. I think he's being sincere. Furthermore, the fact that he's now parroting the same talking points as Mersh from Revenge tof the CIS is also eyebrow raising.
>>60677 redpill me on weeno teh dawg
Open file (91.66 KB 985x613 the starfish seethes.png)
jcaesar187 2.0, it's incredible how delusional and narcissistic PPP or any other z-celeb is, including Weaselfag
>>66380 oh no the PPP doesn't want to spend hours arguing with a literally who a-log whatever will we do? >>64235 >anti-white >dude went to a black lives matter rally and mocked everyone there, going so far as to start revealing the starfish ok bro
>>66761 Yeah god forbid he argues with someone who he loses his shit about on his stream regularly. He truly is winning by getting angry about him on his stream but being too afraid to actually confront him.
>>66761 Lmao dude, are you really shielding PPP?
>>66837 it's PPP
Why Weasel hate PPP so much?
>>66761 Cope harder bitch. Guy's as much of a virtue signalling fraud as Mersh, Jim, and Spicolas are.
>>66994 Why PPP hate Weasel so much?
>>67162 PPP B T F O him on discord or some tranny drama like that
>>67162 Zach ruined PPP's life via a short discord chat. >>67259 That's a very interesting way of reinterpreting events.
>>67555 >Zach ruined PPP's life via a short discord chat. Actually it was robi that pointed out Adam's alias as the same as PPP's when he came to kick the hornets' nest. Weasel just took the brunt of the ip scraping mega hacker paranoia bickers PPP is a technophobe that doesn't know any better.
Open file (682.51 KB 3508x2480 3PMafia.jpg)
>>67069 >>67555 >>67820 >imagine seething and coping this hard >imagine being a cucknime fanboy and troonstream low life faggot
>>67821 >that image It's funny how Ashton keeps morphing more into the Гунт and his fanbase into the Гунтguard. Foxdick, not even once.
>>67874 Yeah some of ppp fans are cringe, but yet, your post is very similar to what son of tiamat post daily on tea clips channel
PPP is a pleaser, he love to suck e-celebs cock.
>>67821 Someone's projecting hard about seething and coping. Good lord, PPP and his fans are becoming more like Jim/jcaesar187 and their fans every single day. And how do my posts indicate me as fan of anime and the troonstream? I don't even know what a troonstream is. I'm just a guy who came to his senses, realizing that PPP is as much of a lolcow as jcaesar187/Jim and you just proved it for me.
>>68207 So much this. The guy has no principles and is tthe fakest of Christians. Evangelicals tend to be that way.
>>68213 >>68215 I agree with you, but I must ask, are you Son of Tiamat? Can you explain with details why you started to hate him when before you used to be part of his fanclub in the olc channel. It's about Daddy Mister Metokur?
>>68220 Dude, PPP is a faggot lolcow bickers he followed Jim, a faggot lolcow. All I know about Son of Tiamat is that he's named after a shitty Razer headset, is a scaly, and needs to be thrown off a building.
Why the obese fucker is afraid of naming Weasel to his cringe audience? Same about /cow/, he only talk about kiwifarms.
>>68825 You cant compare weasel to what Kiwifags did with him.
>>68854 implying. seethe and cope ashtonio
PPP is shadowbanning or just replying like a passive aggressive fat white wan anyone talking about troonstream and weasel on his recent videos
>>69577 Yep, he's already become jcaesar, Mersh, and Jim.
>>69577 True, but Weasel and troonstream fags are far from better, I got banned from watching their Pokemon shit even tho I don't have acc or posted on their chat before.
>>70185 The only one who's banned on there are a couple of dolphinbots proxies, go push your bullshit narrative somewhere else.
>>70197 this post smells like seething and coping of course in fact, like I said, I didn't posted nothing there, only here on julayworld, and I only watch streams there by using tor. And yet showed me as banned.
>>70692 Dolphin uses Tor for his bot on occasion, and also for some of his proxies. That's likely why it showed you as banned when you were running Tor. Either that, or you were connected as an anon during one of the times Dolphin was connecting 10 bots at a time to the cytube and robi blocked anon connections for a bit.
Open file (4.70 KB 128x330 download (1).jpg)
>>70692 >the photographer
>>70705 >Dolphin uses Tor for his bot on occasion, and also for some of his proxies. That's likely why it showed you as banned when you were running Tor I'll accept that. Anyway, PPP is really deleting comments he doesn't like on youtube and it says a lot.
PPP is sperging out bickers people in the discord are questioned what he said about Martin Luther King Jr and if is true or not about his previous addition to interracial cuck porn. He is calling me and others of "Weasel capos" and kicking us from the server.
>>71395 Who are you, where are the screenshots and what discord?
>>71395 do u have screencaps?
Neets and trannies seething and coping
>>71535 Yes, that's the real news here, not that PPP was supposed to help Robi do a restream commenting on the Гунт but all he was interested in talking about was the weasel.
Imagine being Weasel or a tranny.
Imagine being a morbidly obese canadian homosexual.
>>71501 >>71502 Yesterday Ashton Parks decided to had a panic attack and act as true Гунтed sperg and kicked or banned people from a discord server used by webring people to discuss /tv/ related subjects. The shit started when two people asked to him he is true about him coming to Гунтstream in the past to talk about his sins, including enjoying interracial porn. Initially he didn't kick off people from the server, but reasonably reply the first person, then he started to act cringly saying "buabuabua I used to be your fan, PPP!" and he lose his shit when the same person replied "I never said I used to be your fan, pal". After that PPP started to acussing random people from the server of being part of "troonstream" and "Weasel capos", he kicked me even tho I was only lurking. related to >>71386 >>71388 >>71390 >>71394 >>71396 cyclical thread That was a few hours before Гунтstream with Rob on dlive, I feel that Ashton after feeling that /cow/ is slowly and steadily turning against him decided to use Robi as his Гунтshield.
>>71502 i got banned from the server before i could take screenshots.
>>71751 What server though?
The whole board hate you, ppp Do you believe that having some cringe kiwifarm fanboys will protect you from the destiny of being a cow in the slaughterhouse? Do you really believe that being fren with people like Josh, Bryan and Dispatch makes you important and better than >us? Be ready, pal. You day will come.
>>71862 im smelling a false flag
>>71871 Just some butthurt PPP fanboy trying to look ebin and sarcastic.
It seems like someone posted an interracial hentai shitcord screenshot today, with PPP discord ID. Myself or someone else will probably screencap and post here another time. This happened on cyclical thread.
>>73546 >Гунтstream is going to falseflag someone else into a pedo Should be fun
>>73590 isn't that what this whole board is dedicated to doing?
>>73590 Sure thing, Koipedo, not their fault if you guys are into loli, poo or interracial cuck shit.
>>71048 PPP has been deleting comments for a good long while now. Especially to defend his pet G​AMERGATEnerd Peepeepoomer.
New PPPathetic stream for his foxdickfarms audience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTD6IsE9sZs >foxdickfarms destroyed jcaesar187 together with me (no /cow/) >I'll stop attacking jcaesar187, he is not worth my time, people want to watch my kino projects like Kinodrome Also shadow banning people talking about Weasel or saying he is dick sucking Jewsh cock
Open file (973.22 KB 1024x672 Pppathetic.png)
Ashton is already coping about his recent views, and yet he says he not need Гунт for cocks. What will be next? He talking about Shota with Josh?
Open file (130.09 KB 1556x1240 fag.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbtyNDoHMkw PPP being B T F O while discord spics are defending him on chat Meawhile, the cyclical thread has lots of "oldfags" defending him and seething about "Troonstream"
PPP discord server is filled with plategang members as mods giving special roles for some people.
Wow guys, PPP is uber based and red pilled and Not a fat Canadien hick. It's totally cool that he goes after jcaesar187, bickers it's not like an even fatter gay, Canadien, virgin version of jcaesar187 is the one man on the planet who could make jcaesar187 look good in comparison. And PPP is not that besides.
I was thinking about what truly burns my gullet about PPP and it is his overt anti-white rhetoric (calling people "white supremacist" like it's an insult, for example) but then implying he's secretly pro white for the grift. He's always hiding behind 2 things: 1 is some gay stream he supposedly did that nobody ever saw where he supposedly insulted some "antifa" or some such bullshit, pretty obviously fake. 2 is Surfer, the legit retard who screams "I GONNA KILL KIKES" while cooking and that's supposed to prove PPP is based and red pilled bickers PPP is his live in caregiver. Let's face it, PPP despises white people. Every stream he's coping hard and spewing the same old damage control "look at muh surfer" "muh first stream where I bullied antifa" bickers it's so painfully obvious he hates white people.
>>75740 >>75742 Are you some discord fag from PPP server trying to larper and falseflagg?
>>75745 Not at all. Can you tell me where I am looking wrong in my assessment if that's what you are getting at?
>>75748 You only seems to be trying toooo hard, almost like some fan of PPP is trying to make the board look like seething low IQ tards.
jcaesar187 got PPP excommunicated by his church, absolutely decimating his afterlife. What did PPP do in retaliation? He made like 50-60 hours of streams where he was crying about how fat and retarded jcaesar187 is while looking like a fat lesbian. Why didn't he reach out to jcaesar187's parole officer? Why didn't he visit the crackshack? Why didn't he call the IRS, DEA? Why did he just cry on stream? PPP needed to declare total war on jcaesar187 to redeem himself in God's eyes. But he totally failed to do that, very poor showing.
>>75755 PPP seems to be acting like the typical cuckstian imo, so he is being honest about his faith.
Is PPP serious with his nasty ass kinodrome bullshit and other faggot shows? Nobody wants to see that shit. People want to see his drama commentary with Godwinson and Kraut, he needs to drop all the faggot shit with ronnie jcaesar187 and all that and just put out TWIN regularly.
>>75773 Be ready to be called Troonstream or Гунтguard.
PPP is shook bickers he failed to take down jcaesar187 and is failing to take down Masterton. His audience is turning on him, chat is 100% against him now. You can hear the quiver in his voice when he checks his chat on stream, he knows that deep down he is a Canadian jcaesar187 and TWN is his destiny like killstream is jcaesar187's. He's trying to deny that and make lame variety shows but they are soooo bad, like kinodrome is gay as hell and the cast will stay bad. The facts are these: Godwinson = Gator. Surfer = Rand. PPP = The Гунт. This Week In Nector = The Killstream.
ashton is fat.
Many evangelicals are actually ethnically Jewish.
Ashton is a fat faggot, he love cock and cum.
The end of this stream say a lot about Ashton and Earwinson https://youtu.be/Cvo2BMs6SH0
I'll create a foxdickfarms account just to show others how scum and pathetic you're, Ashton. Toad McKinley can't protect you, for him, you're a more submissive version of Jahans. But now now, I'll wait to the Гунт kill himself or go to prison. But be ready, budy, after this arc will be your time.
>>76293 Poooooooo, that's some nasty ass cope right there. 1. you created a foxdickfarms account bickers you are trans-adjacent. 2. The Гунт will never kill himself or face justice, ergo you will never act.
homowinson's streams today were pretty bad. I ended up switching it off and listening to boulder talk radio, it was like yeah we get it goonwinson, you're gay.
>>76316 All your posts are dick riding Toad McKinley while trying to pretend to be some impartial (((anon))), fuck off already discord piggie.
>>76330 t. Ashton Parks foxdick ballwasher
>>76332 nice cuckchan tier reply, piggie.
>>76335 t. seething Ashton Parks foxdick ballwasher
You're an incel fat attention whore, Ashton. You fears Toad McKinley, you fear Toad McKinley, you fear ME!
Open file (7.36 MB 1280x800 PPP-WHERE_IS_JIM.mp4)
Ashton is running scared, he hasn't dared put out a stream in days out of sheer terror of his own audience. Even the Гунт is currently dabbing on him over Twitter, it's over for Ashy.
>>77148 This. So much this. Ashton Parks, part of an incestuous gay Ouroboros with Surfer, Toad McKinley, Blackcel Peepeepoomer, and cucks like Kraut, were always destined to fail to the Гунт. For while they would always fail to live up to any principles that claim to follow (Degenerate liars they are), jcaesar187 is being true to himself as Drama is his life, his passion. When jcaesar187 dies from over drinking, it will be his final Гунтed victory over all of reality, a pyrrhic ascension the likes of which wer eonly matched by Attila.
>>77148 >>78769 Cringeposting. Ashton Parks is in fact afraid, of Orcfruit and TheToad McKinley.
why people at here are mad at P P P? i imagined this place as super pro P P P and against jcaesar187
>>79040 Well, you can be both against the Гунт and Ashton since he's been on a path slowly morphing into the Гунт for a while now.
>>77087 Reminder that this was almost 2 years ago. Can Ashton even reach his ass cheeks anymore? Does the starfish even still exist?
Open file (1.16 MB 1440x1440 Untitled.png)
>>79167 >Can Ashton even reach his ass cheeks anymore? Does the starfish even still exist?
>>79202 God, he is transforming into jcaesar187. Shave this "beard" and stay away of foxdickfarms and "Yes men", Ashton.
Platespics cucked Ashton Parks. Surprising, isn't it? >get Гунтguard mad enough to finally get some extra attention and be flagged >finally more eyes are looking at him and how shit is the Гунт >Get's addicted to Foxdickfarms attention >Let Earwinson play him around, including saying who he can be friends with or not >Become a Prima donna >Stop being friends with /cow/ members and LeoPirate bickers they are honest and don't kiss his ass constantly. >Becomes strictly intimate with Jewsh Moon >He surrounds himself with "Yes men", including e-celebs and platespics bickers they don't criticize him, just suck his dick and say he's kino king >Still letting Earwinson and Jewsh Moon rule his mind >Seeth about Weasel in hugboxs while deleting comments related to /cow/ and Гунтstream >Ego out of control, thinks Kinodrome is a brilliant idea, that he doesn't need jcaesar187 to be relevant >Is shit >he sees /cow/ and other people becoming tired of him >Start coping about it by saying "I used to be your fan P P P!!!" as an excuse against criticism >JMK (some autistic boring retard) proves that P P P is a pussy and can only handle hugboxs >Platespics and other "yes men" that he surrounded himself prove to be scum
Found this in my archives. The new years stream on youtube after getting kicked from streamme, and the second time that night when he spread the starfish. Wasn't sure if anyone else recorded the whole thing. https://mega.nz/file/4t8wiI5L#LgxyveXnc--i0hrUkTEuL8Sbn3SywAK-d43ETnNmrmQ
Open file (570.51 KB 1594x622 ppp btfo.png)
>>79608 Trank you, bro.
Toad McKinley is doing some cringe stream, hours ago he did a stream and asked to people hit the like buttom to b t f o HEJAS and his a-logs now he is banning people calling out his bullshit
>>79917 don't even dare to mention that guy or he will come here to shitpost and chimp out about redditfarmers, platespics and Dax on a second thought, talk mention him more, his damage control is funny to witness
>>79918 What are you about?
>>79994 don't even dare to mention that guy or he will come here to shitpost and chimp out about redditfarmers, platespics and Dax on a second thought, talk mention him more, his damage control is funny to witness
They did a very homosexual stream yesterday with Surfer masturbating on camera, and now Ashton's grifter instincts are coming out to try to bleed more shekels from the foxdickers.
>>80188 Toad McKinley is jcaesar187.
He did a new stream with the kike "lawyer" and said he wanted to be an e-celeb making money talking about movies years ago.
Anyone has invitation to Jewsh shitcord server? I've see people posting screenshots of Ashton there recently,but I need to confirm it by myself.
Imagine being a furfag or tranny seething and coping about this holy man https://youtu.be/jXW9PkqOE94 P P P WON, TROOMFAGS PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD
>Ashton says he wanted to be an e-celeb making money by doing reviews about movies >Baron Edge is ignoring Ashton wanting to stream together with him again >Meawhile LeoPirate is doing comfy streams
Ashton, I know that you lurk here. Is time to you repent, take some time away of your snake circle of foxdickfarms friends. Stop trying to be an e-celeb, you've lost all your mojo. Repent.
Never thought I'd see the day where Toad McKinley would moralfag for cartoons and call loli pedophilia. Dude really thinks people should be killed for loli, it makes me think he's hiding something.
Ashton, your time is over, this is what you deserve for betraying the board.
WOW Ashton is jealous that people here and in the comments say they prefer Surfer over him. Wow This stream only shows how boring Ashton is by himself while acting like a cunt with Surfer wow, nice hot takes Ashton! https://youtu.be/cnmHj939R9M wow
How are you feeling, buddy? You noticed people turning against you? First /cow/, then discord spics, your e-celeb frens and now even the average brain dead foxdickfarms. Maybe you should look for a psychologist instead of just watching sports and larp as religious guy when you're an actual homo.
>>87823 he can't help himself, he act like a woman with daddy issues. Look at the Daddy Gym stream, Asthon really hates it when someone says that Leopirate did well in that stream and that he just sucked Gym cock. Obviously a behavior far from being masculine. Same about him trying to have e-daddies approval, like taking side with Earwinson even tho Earwinson is now manipulating him psychologically.
>>87782 why he feel the need of saying wow so many times? he himself was boring as fuck on that stream while baked and surfer delivery some cocks
Thread archived if someone need it some day https://archive.vn/6Vewl
>>71541 btw anyone archived that Гунтstream from dlive with Ashton and Robi? I missed that and wanted to check how much Ashton acted like a woman
>>88135 More important and interesting, Zachfag should post the audio he recorded with Ashton, I myself would post and shill it on youtube to a-log Ashton.
The fat fucker loves blacks and jews and is an obese soy bitch wanting to be an e-celeb for his whole pathetic life. he will have Andy future, lol
what's his new channel
Is time to you join forces with the all might Гунтopia again, Ashton. I hope you have learned valuable lessons from the events that happened in the last months, don't try to be friend with snake e-celebs and kiwifags. Say sorry to us, and maybe we will help you again against those spics and pedos.
>>88648 He disrespected the we­asel father. Ashton will be sleeping with the geese soon enough.
>>88829 >>88830 Moliberry is the true master of this board, copetopia.
>>88830 there's way more spicy and fuck up secret records of him, he's doing his bast to make people delete those shit
Open file (1.41 MB 1556x1106 ashton poopteeth.png)
He is banning people from his chat for making fun of his teeth.
>>88911 Imagine the smell in that shit shack he lives with his gay lover Surfer. Jesus lord, the stench of this pig sweating and waddling around with his 500 pound ass.
>>89099 Robi said the place is very clean and smells nice, cope more.
>>89120 But surfer said he wouldn't even touch Toad McKinley's couch bickers of how disgusting and foul it is from having Ashton's unwashed half naked body on it 24/7.
>>89169 Where he said it? Post webm or video link.
Let's be honest here. Nothing hurt Ashton more than this fatal true: People watch him not bickers of him or his hot takes, but bickers of the cocks they expect from others, be those jcaesar187, Baked, or other e-celeb. No only that, what really fuck with his mind is this amazing fact. You said you wanted to be an e-celeb making videos about movies and shows, and yet, SURFER has better hot takes than you, for real, look at the X-files videos, all that Ashton do is saying facts from the X files wiki and a small review while Surfer is the one really saying interest things about the episodes and the meta-text.
Open file (61.49 KB 1024x576 imaginemyshock.jpg)
>>89232 >people watch the incarnation of /cow/ for the same reason they go to /cow/
Open file (491.00 KB 487x717 aborted.png)
>>89270 >Ashton is /cow/ incarnation
Ashton Parks still extremely butthurt about LeoPirate doing a better job than him on Daddy Gym interview.
I'm at least glad /cow/ boys haven't stoop to ass kissing, seriously the foxdick thread on Ashton got filled with his Simps
Open file (1.63 MB 3396x1088 TROONSTREAM PPP.png)
>>89966 >SIMPS look at this tro0m trying really hard to look a cool internet person
Ashton Parks is fat and unfunny. TeaClips is fat and unfunny. Fat people are not real people.
Open file (3.28 MB 320x200 ppp_hell_1.gif)
The unfunny dyke without talent love Jewsh Moon, the pedo.
>>89968 that trannyberry goblin still makes me laugh
Open file (199.51 KB 1555x416 ppp e-gf.png)
from the cyclical thread
Y'all are pathetic
Earwinson did a video about how shit Ashton irish gf is and a few hours late his channel is gone.
>>92442 No u
>>92374 jcaesar187 2.0 of course in fact
Open file (182.49 KB 769x1024 zoe.jpg)
Open file (1.91 MB 1400x1050 ClipboardImage.png)
>>93034 If zoe actually looked as good as she does in this pic I would in fact coom in her aids infested crib ridden pussy. too bad in reality she is a hag
>>92374 Holy God, you guys are pathetic.
Open file (1.15 MB 1500x1000 PPP2.png)
732 George Street North Suite 2b
>>93298 a few months ago Moliberry paid me some memecoins to fallow Robi to Ashton house like some autistic spy and get his address and with the prospect fuck Ashton for more memecoins I never imagined he actually is so close to me, almost one hour away lmao, and Moli never made me the same offer to fuck with Koi, what a faggot
>>93298 The indoor preview shows very similar decoration/layout to what we see in cooking with surfer, however there is a window above the sink in the listing while in the video there are cabinets. Looking at other listings by the same person, I found one that more closely matches the layout of his kitchen, but is still off: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-apartments-condos/peterborough/jan-1:-beaut-100-compl-renod-4brm-rotary-tr-util-laund-inc/1538480903 Same address though, so there is probably a set of homes in that area all owned by the same landlord and one of them is rented by him.
>>93561 misread the dox, my bad
>>93564 yeah, slightly different layout than the ones in either listing, but consistent style. I thought they were claiming it was the one in the listing not a different one.
>>93565 Watch the video at 1:17:30 its final confirmation. You won't regret. 723 George Street North Suite 2b Peterborough Ontario
>>93567 Nice.
>>93568 A fat guy that doesn't like pizza? Well I never!
>>93573 >sending pizzas to him wow, nice trolling bro!
>>93619 Stay mad ashton
anyone has a full list of ever single e-celeb, z-celeb and randoms which P P P sucked their dick while on VC or streams???
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auRiBpbRMpo >Mama JF is retard and can't learn anything As far I know, she can play violin, what about you, buddy? Ashton is four things. 1-Love to fuck e-celeb cocks 2-Daddy issues traits being part of the subtext 3-Eat like a pig 4-Recite kike fairy tales
>>97558 H-He can r-run on a football field...Oh wait!
Ashton is sperging on cuckchan /pol/ https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/308658716
Toad McKinley faggots are already seething and bitching about 3P for one year fucknig pathetic
>>97811 Why does Toad hate triple pee so much?
>>58308 Bruh you have any evidence on Janny Jewsh is jewish? I am pretty sure Kraut is jewish based on his (((german))) politician mom/his nose and CRP based on his behavior. But I haven't see any evidence for Janny Jewsh. And I am reasonably sure the only reason Toad McKinley associates with Kraut is bickers (((Toad McKinley))) wants to just like Toad McKinley brought in Leo even thought Toad McKinley was against it. Honestly Toad McKinley is a big of a spreg but most of his faults are probably due to Toad McKinley who flip flops much more than Toad McKinley. Most recently on Faith Vickers
>>97811 kys pedochu
>>93034 >>93048 lol that has to be a man
Croc AKA Braydon Parks Business Phone: 705-808-0484 Linkdin: https://archive.vn/KicyV
>>98075 I swear kraut admitted to being jewish early on, but that might have been him trying to shield himself from getting called racist.
Open file (308.75 KB 436x446 FuzCopeFace.png)
Open file (25.73 KB 352x207 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (35.31 KB 368x279 ClipboardImage.png)
>>100907 >fuz >b t f o'ing anyone Fuz, the butter golem in its own way is more pathetic than Jewsh, Andy and Tonka. Understand the following, I criticize Ashton, yeah, but at least the fat canadian can delivery something nice from time to time, Fuz has zero personality, is extremely fuck up and still doesn’t stop bitching about P P P and other z-celebs while trying to be friend with anyone online, even people bulling him, to think that he is better than Ashton is an absurd even for me, who constantly shit on Ashton when he deserve, and yet, Fuz don't shut up about how superior he is to any other z-celeb, especially P P P for some reason. The better that Fuz can do is is shit talk Ashton from time to time on Emptyhero streams like this week and for the last months, nothing else, as matter of fact, he shit himself every time someone threatens to make a thread about him.
Even fuz mom hate him, everyone hate him He's a discount Jewsh, his only views are obese cat ladies and foxdickfarms trannies Even TripleP has a better and more healthy life style Also Fuz has zero balls to debate anyone, especially TripleP, he will keep doing the same, shit talk P P P from time to time on Empty streams while the entire chat shit on him
Open file (6.86 MB 1280x720 i_miss_him.mp4)
>>100996 Fuz is a fucking faggot in fact of course, 3p would be able to probably become kino again if he ditched the barons mind control and lost some weight.
>Fuzhou keep dabbing on P P P, Sargon and Britbong Our hero
Recently tvch is having at least two christiansfags sperging out about Varg and pagans even in threads that religion isn't even being discussed. One is probably a spic follower of Nick Fuentes, but another one is giving the impression of being the fatcanadian himself! https://tvch.moe/dup/res/74324.html
Open file (27.23 KB 499x303 ClipboardImage.png)
Yep, one is a groyper for sure.
Open file (303.76 KB 972x632 tiamat_spotted.png)
>>108245 >>108247 Ahahahaha it does certainly look like ashton and a gayper are on the thread, I know sperg of tiamat is on tvch as well.
>>58308 Metokur fanboys have turned on Ashton. The cycle repeats itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOGDkPGBtUQ
>>108247 https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/56678.html#q57548 Lmao imagine if it's really some lost groyper. >>108254 >There has never any proof that he ever used or posted in nu/cow/ One year ago he was sperging out about Kraut and Ashton on the cyclical, some shit about how SoT created all OC's of Sargon. >>108257 What about? SoT and the bronie are the few mister reddikur fanboys who constantly shit talk Ashton.
Archived the /dup/ thread. https://archive.is/ovTxu
pathetic board and thread
Open file (1.24 MB 1920x1080 andy_ashton_gay_2.png)
Randbot and others should take notes about the number of pedos who are closely related to Ashton Parks >Toad McKinley "Moon" >Gayhoole >Corey Barnhill >Robi from julayworld But wait a moment, you say, Corey and Robi??? Ashton and Corey had some flirtation during the early days of TWIN and new project 2 era, Toad McKinley was interested in knowing if they could use "Zoom", LeoPirate tried to intercede pro Corey since both always had a friendly situation with each other, then for a few weeks behind the scenes Ashton and Corey kept in touch, only for Corey fuck up the Baron goals. Only God's know what both are talking with each other, but take note, there's photos of Ashton together with naked little kids. Robi who usualy visit Ashton and Surfer only have rumors about being a pedo, I've never seen evidence like the other names mentioned. But take into account that he was publicly accused of being a pedo once. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10QVUw0D1-M
I'm listening the original Twin streams and some of my old mirrors of P P P. Man, those are the times, the streams had soul. Sad.
>>114188 Toad McKinley is a fed who works for fucking hope not hate kikes. Rand should cover all the jewish pedophiles who are close to Aston Parks on the Petrol Hour. Corey Barnhill and his plate gang have been attacking Randland for years. They have constantly harassed me, Rand, and our group.
>>92374 BASED
>>92374 BASED
Open file (24.68 KB 601x508 ppp_juan.jpg)
Open file (14.90 MB 900x506 ppp_stressed_out.webm)
Who is the Louisiana sucubus?
>>60677 Why do I continue to see TRS screencaps from between 2014 and 2016? Are there people here who have just discovered this now? It's at the point where the moaning over TRS is like 7-8 years old in some cases. Someone on cuckchan sperged out over a fall of 2012 screencap. It's getting sad.
you guys didn't hear it from me, but if Toad McKinley keeps picking on surfer, dm's and videos of Toad McKinley having gay rp tranny sex with britbong may be leaked to the public
>>119968 Hotter than Fuz onlyfans whore of course in fact >>92374 She deleted her channels?
MrDeadMan as showing photos of Asston dad together with black dudes and saying he got molested as child, big if true.
Since he started to e-date the whore he's being more and more weak, without spirit and flame and shilling for lefty-wing shit like the vaccine.
Open file (28.47 KB 750x919 cowardice .jpg)
Why does Toad McKinley fear the Daimyo so much? He won't even debate him
>>125475 Same happened with me, Гунтopia (Zachfag/Weasel) and ofc JMK. The fat Canadian only go after low hanging fruits. And do his best to obscure any alogs who in fact can hurt his "popularity" among foxdickfarms.
Open file (84.55 KB 373x205 ClipboardImage.png)
WolfSpider (pedophile and simp for trannies and twinks) is butthurt about P P P getting egirls giving him gifts, while him, the ugly and fat manlet brit, need to pay to trannies to show him nudes
>>58308 >>77087 i didn't know twinks could be fat...
>>68428 Seethe, SoT is based and smart.
dead ass thread
Open file (34.56 KB 668x862 ClipboardImage.png)
>>159309 >dead ass no cap
>>159490 fr ong muh nigga ong ong
The zoomers have infiltrated this board and will now prepare to bro kinda lowkey slap bussing muh nigga thot though.
>>159922 muh G​AMERGATE bussin fr no cap
P P P will never die. Blessed by God, kino maker, he will never lost.
>>164858 Kino Casino is dead in the water though. TOTAL R A L P H A M A L E VICTORY
has this Beautiful Hog ever gone full frontal?
Open file (1.97 MB 868x468 1661629239748608.webm)
Assthon Parks is a faggot who love to hang out with discord subhumans like EarJuice, KoP and Perspic Assthon Parks lied about his height.
>>169582 TheGatorGamer is 6,1ft at best
Old and shitty meme, but aged like wine.
Open file (3.17 MB 471x576 asston burning.gif)
>>176492 Yes I remember when this was first posted, and it still is true to this day.

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