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Open file (62.66 KB 575x442 latest_version.jpg)
Shitch 2 Anonymous 02/28/2023 (Tue) 21:04:42 No.1017
Will it just be a hardware update or will they actually go with a new gimmick? I assume the former since it's presented as a new shitch and not a new console. With that in mind, will Soytendo ever make a new console or are they content with selling glorified ram updates at full price every 5 years? The money certainly flow, why bother trying.
Open file (756.40 KB 1080x1491 46.jpg)
>>6811 What, you don't want to be this guy?
Open file (696.13 KB 958x956 ClipboardImage.png)
sad statistics
>>7471 Wii at least had a lot of family shovelware. What is Shitch's excuse?
Open file (41.84 KB 852x356 soyman.jpg)
>>7476 >What is Shitch's excuse? these guys
>>7476 It has no games.
Open file (595.91 KB 930x771 ClipboardImage.png)
it's over
>>8140 >underpowered garbage 2 will still be an underpowered gabage what a shocker
Open file (64.79 KB 750x418 IMG_3225.jpeg)
>>8143 >B-b-but it’s almost as powerful as a 10 year old console…AND ITS PORTABLE YOU FUCKING CHUD, TAKE MY MONEY SOYTENDO!
>>8147 is this real?
Open file (431.96 KB 2518x1024 IMG_3228.png)
>>8149 Yes anon, it unfortunately is. I don’t remember exactly what avgn/cinemassacre episode this was but James unironically embraced the soy and shilled that shit in an ad right in the middle of an episode. He got cucked by a nigger in his own dogshit movie about 10 years ago ( I remember watching that turd and feeling nothing but disappointment and second hand embarrassment for lil jimmy), he has an obese libshit landwhale for a wife, he’s bald, and he has a tiny dick. Meanwhile Motherfucker Mike has a 10 inch schlong, a full head of hair, is plowing young tight gamer girl pussy all day every day, and is an infinitely better gamer than james will ever be. Mike is also redpilled and had his own based comic series called “The Loco Bandito” or something like that. Mike won.
>>8149 here’s the jewtube link of the episode with the soylent ad, its right at the beginning of the video too. The comments are a goldmine. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ujGgYD8wL3c
Open file (40.55 KB 640x640 6.jpg)
>$400 for ram expansion
>taiwanese economic forum reports the nintendo switch 2 will have only 8gb of ram and 64gb of storage https://money.udn.com/money/story/11162/7694628 <almost portable ps4
>>8240 >>8178 It doesn't matter how powerful or not powerful Shitch 2 is, at this point Soytendo has groomed an entire generation of conditioned mouthbreathers who will make any of their products a success.
Open file (2.22 MB 640x620 laugh-laughing.gif)
>>8240 >8GB of ram
>>8250 good enough to run BOTW expansion game #3
>>8241 This. The nintenddolers don't care about it having good enough specs to run a N64 game or games there aren't ports from 20 years ago. It's about brand loyalty.
>>8253 It's a fail proof setup because there are no expectations. If the game looks like shit - well nobody expected anything better. But if you're a Snoyer and you buy game that doesn't look like a AAA movie slop, you're disappointed so they have to engage in this never-ending loop.
>>8256 At least they found a way to escape from the muh graphics, muh frames, muh resolution expectations of bandwagon gamers and zoomers. If you call your console portable it creates a loophole in this particular destructive psychology.
>>8258 >At least they found a way to escape from the muh graphics, muh frames, muh resolution It's the opposite end of the spectrum. Also not good. Now all they make is shitty underpowered garbage at full price that nobody would even touch if it wasn't from Soytendo. 5th and 6th gens were the nice middle ground - all consoles were roughly equal in terms of performance, not pushing for the bestest console melting processors but nor being complete slouches either; instead they all had widely different architecture that produced unique approaches to game development.
Open file (518.68 KB 2063x1299 1691357287468.png)
I don't understand why people want a high spec nintendo console. Pokemon is still going to look like an indian mobile game. Third party is always going to be better on PC. What is switch 2? A security patch for HWFLY / PicoFly. You're wifes son wants one, and you'll buy it or else.
>>8263 They bought [product] and are getting excited for [next product].
>>8263 >Pokemon is still going to look like an indian mobile game That's an insult to indian mobile games everywhere
>>1090 I genuinely don't understand the appeal of smash. It's so fucking stupid. I hate the control scheme, I hate the general gameplay loop, mechanics, everything. It's hardly a "fighting game", It's more like volleyball, but the ball fights back. Why is this shit an esport? Are people so genuinely retarded, that they think watching this shit is entertaining? Hell, most of the pedophiles who play this game don't give a shit about the actual characters, and are more interested in grooming kids and prize money. Aren't the characters the whole draw to the game? Is this just a game I don't understand?
>>8263 >Third party is always going to be better on PC. lmao
>>8267 I said better, not best. I don't even give a shit about pee sea gay men.
Open file (908.53 KB 1502x1226 ClipboardImage.png)
So, is this even a real thing or just a rumor? I don't believe it's real at this current point in time, this shit has been swirling around for 4 years. It's not even 10 years old at this point.
>>8774 I mean, Shitch is somehow 7 years old by now which is at any rate the end of a console lifespan, so a new one is a granted.
>>8775 I know they're gonna Jew this one up somehow (I'm guessing no backwards compatibility, you have to buy the games again, soyboys eat it up, etc.)
>>8776 It's gonna be the Wii U all over again. Same basic gimmick which will not sell as well because it's nothing new.
>>8777 But the soyboys will defend their billion dorra corporation nonetheless...
>>8779 Naturally, they've been conditioned.
>>8782 Nintendo employees could shit in a box, call it "Mario", and they would still buy it. Nintendo is but a shell of its former self. I blame a multitude of factors, but one of the biggest is their allergy to good specs, because cross-eyed 3D and waggle is more important than making your game console look pretty.
Why can't nintendo make a normal console?
>>8862 They did. It's the most normalfag console.
>>8863 I mean, a console with no gimmicks. Like the gamecube.
>>8862 why bother? they're outselling their competition by doing the bare minimum effort because they amassed an entire generation of brand loyal mouthbreathers who will buy anything with their logo on it. if switch 2 comes out and it has sub PS2 graphics but has a new Soyda and Soykemon, they will buy it and make it the second best selling console of all time
>>8864 Gamecube was a flop, while Wii made gorillions, so...
>>8865 I miss OOT
>>8867 Yes.
Open file (139.79 KB 928x952 ClipboardImage.png)
No doubt bullshit but can you imagine.
Open file (856.11 KB 1440x1671 ClipboardImage.png)
No Swicchu tsu
new direct coming
Open file (484.57 KB 986x1186 ClipboardImage.png)
Oh no. Anyway..
>>9118 Such tragedy, now I won't be able to buy Soyda DLC #3 for $70 for whole another year!
>>9120 Nintendo peaked at GBA. Back when Zelda was dungeons and not twinkbait soyshit sandbox that the cat shit in. And back when Nintendo cared about other franchises that weren’t bingbing wahoo or Pokeslop.
>>9121 Gamecube broke them.
>>9123 Physically or mentally?
>>9135 Both. Literally.

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