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Open file (62.66 KB 575x442 latest_version.jpg)
Shitch 2 Anonymous 02/28/2023 (Tue) 21:04:42 No.1017
Will it just be a hardware update or will they actually go with a new gimmick? I assume the former since it's presented as a new shitch and not a new console. With that in mind, will Soytendo ever make a new console or are they content with selling glorified ram updates at full price every 5 years? The money certainly flow, why bother trying.
>>1017 They won't ditch the portable aspect of the next console. It's made way to much money and gives them a unique aspect over their sony-microsoft rivals. I bet we'll see the next switch round next holiday season 2024.
>>1025 yeah, the switch isn't within the console rules of releasing in November. So it can be in March next year or even in May this year when the the new Zelda is released, it is crazy enough for Nintendo to do also. But kinda feel like there are too many games that are being released on the Switch this year, that Nintendo would do it this year, so I am kinda expecting it next year.
>>1025 >It's made way to much money But so did Wii and then WiiU flopped. The same gimmick doesn't work twice.
>>1028 >too many games that are being released on the Switch this year Most are just remasters.
do you think nintendo will ever go back to making powerhouse consoles?
>>1043 They cultivated an entire generation of mindless soys who will buy their every product, a-la Yidsney, they don't need to actually put effort into their products anymore like it used to be. They used to compete hard against Sega and then Sony. Now they don't really have competition because they created their own soycult.
I want Sega back...
>>1050 dreamcast 2 let's fucking go
Can't wait for a Pokemon game, a Zelda game, a Mario game and nothing else.
Open file (4.93 KB 250x231 OOO.jpg)
>>1044 >>1040 Telling that those and virtual consoles are getting so much work, isn't it?
>>1092 virtual consoles?
Open file (239.22 KB 748x895 1.jpg)
>>1709 >even high end PCs' performance can get fucked by (((denuvo))) if the game isn't optimized good enough >hey let's put that shit on the switch Brilliant. Good job. Keep making the big brain plays Nintendo.
>>1730 Soytendo wants to milk every last dime out of Switch before they are forced to make something else.
My money is on both anon.
>>1745 I can't imagine them doing any actual new gimmick, first of all why bother and secondly what else can you do at this point.
>>1747 why attach it to the console, why not just make the last gimmick even more cheap and have to be replaced even more often. you do remember labo don't you? Damnit, the wii was the only fun gimmick in any console.
Open file (2.80 MB 1600x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1764 Nintendo has been degrading with their gimmicks, they started with a whole different method of control, the went to just an optical illusion with 3D, then to a basic docking mechanics. Whatever they come with next is gonna be even more basic.
Open file (129.71 KB 588x377 74.png)
>switch 2 will be a mobile phone heh
>>2049 I can see a gimmick like that, a mobile phone that docks into switch
Open file (149.01 KB 1865x616 2.jpg)
Open file (75.10 KB 540x296 Super Smash Bros FX.jpg)
>>2049 The new Super Smash will also be a card battle game with all the requested characters finally making it into the final cut.
ain't buying anything made after CY
Open file (120.11 KB 540x296 knux.jpg)
>>2515 broken file
>>2516 >arithmetic coding in Firefox is WONTFIX Thanks Mozilla. Works if you save it though.
>>2517 >Works if you save it though. Unfortunately it doesn't. File completely haram.
>>2518 What are you opening it with? Works in GIMP.
Open file (153.33 KB 540x296 kk.jpg)
>>2519 Ah, works in an editor.
Open file (146.99 KB 540x296 mgs2.jpg)
Open file (151.29 KB 540x296 poochy.jpg)
Open file (169.45 KB 540x333 reggie.jpg)
>>2530 Should be a banner.
Open file (217.06 KB 540x333 banner.gif)
>>2531 Maybe like this?
>>2537 heh nice. Though the backwards process isn't really necessary.
Open file (161.27 KB 540x333 banner2.gif)
Open file (115.85 KB 1068x1056 3ebcf6b21.jpg)
>>2540 Yeah I'm thinking that's good.
Open file (551.24 KB 878x902 sh2.png)
No Shitch 2 just yet.
>>2873 >we're already at gen 10 jesus christ...
>>2873 that switch 2 or an actual new console?
>>2873 They are probably being cautious to avoid another Wii U.
>>2921 And Shitch is such a success they are reluctant to drop off this gravy train. A new console is always a risk, they want to milk Shitch for as long as possible. This is Sega Genesis all over again.
>>2922 and they'll get away with it too. i miss when there were consequences in the medium
Open file (253.12 KB 586x744 u.png)
It's habbening I guess.
>>4061 Just like with NuZelda, don't expect anything actually new from Soytendo ever again.
>>4061 >oy vey goyjin we're going to make it super easy to rebuy all your favorite decades old nintendo games on the switch 2 for only $30 each!
>>4068 And they're gonna get away with it too.
Open file (177.74 KB 691x653 12.png)
WOW! It's almost as powerful as a 10 year old console!
Open file (41.84 KB 852x356 soyman.jpg)
>>4191 >another undepowered meme console with no games other than zelda and mario
Open file (216.85 KB 1080x1000 1.jpg)
Open file (19.33 KB 653x256 2.png)
>>4230 >say they're hire more retardswomen >doesn't hire more retardswomen >best june sales ever That is kinda funny.
>>4233 And also follows logically.
Open file (156.78 KB 680x680 166869.png)
>>4230 lol
Open file (416.16 KB 480x480 dabsvult.gif)
>>4230 kek
Open file (589.49 KB 940x698 1.png)
Here we go, almost as powerful as PS4!
Place your bets, Shitch 2 or a new gimmick?
>>4738 no more gimmicks left
>>4738 Shitch 2, but called something weird.
>>4740 Nintendo Dilate
I honestly don't know how else to appeal to normalnigs, Switch as already the casul heaven, incorporating previous gimmicks as well. Hell, they'll probably turn it into a smartphone next.
>>4744 VR.
>>4750 vr is a dead gimmick by now
Open file (892.77 KB 4096x2338 n.jpg)
Shitch got a new "pro" controller, by which they mean it's just a regular Fagbox-style controller.
>>5159 why would you need a pro controller on Switch lol?
Open file (1.03 MB 1080x1101 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5353 wow, 5 year old game at launch!
Open file (92.23 KB 640x480 OutRun2.jpg)
>>4191 >cinematic gaming killed gaming >gaming peaked with PS2 <MACHINE IS POINTLESS WHERES MY REALISTIC RAYTRACING MY HECKIN IMMERSION
Open file (41.84 KB 852x356 soyman.jpg)
>>5378 >asking money for a brand new piece of hardware >it's as powerful as a 10 year old hardware
More details about Switch 2: >It is backwards compatible >New cartridge format >New camera feature
>>5380 >New camera feature that's the new gimmick?
Open file (218.44 KB 1079x1481 shi.jpg)
>>5436 A reminder that Steamdeck can emulate Switch.
Open file (318.14 KB 1130x605 s2.png)
>almost as powerful as PS4 lmao I laugh, but soytendo drones will make it another best selling console despite shit performance and no games.
>>5758 >no games It'll have games. They'll just games that have been on at least two other jewtendo consoles before.

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