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Open file (284.42 KB 1113x687 latest_version.jpg)
Open file (102.02 KB 768x268 latest_version2.jpg)
Squeenix Thread Anonymous 03/12/2023 (Sun) 20:04:07 No.1335
Squeenix is losing money. I won't be surprised if they're bought by Soyny or something. Really sad state of things thinking back on their illustrious work in the past. FF16 won't be a big hit that's for sure and Forwoken undermined their brand really hard.
>>2781 Fornoggin was a giant flop, they literally won't survive FF16 flopping.
>>2785 >define safe consoles aren't their only business model. Their model are mobile and mmo's that is what they've really made money from. >>2791 no niggers in the game was confirmed by the director. >>2795 If 16 don't survive they are just going full out on mobile and probably MMO's. Hell, I can even speculate on a mobile MMO game that gets ported to PC and consoles when it's mobile success has been achieved.
>>2801 >no niggers in the game was confirmed by the director Director has no say in anything, if the studio mandated niggers there will be niggers.
>>2802 he is the director and just adding a nigger because north armerican branch got a bit of panic would delay the game by months. And if you also believes that the game is the literal last legs of Square Enix then adding and substracting things in the game costs money, that they don't really have and can afford to lose.
>>2803 Skin-swapping a character model with a nigger isn't hard or expensive.
>>2801 >Their model are mobile and mmo's that is what they've really made money from. And what are those?
Open file (64.95 KB 583x640 16.jpg)
>pandering to zoomers Big mistake.
>>2846 i read that japanese fans are complaining that ff16 isn't advertised anywhere. i wonder if squeenix is trying to quietly sunset the game to avoid the massive public flop
>>2808 >take out a model >then make a new character model that is work that could've been used to fix bugs or done something else. >>2809 FF14 is a big MMO and still has a playerbase because the updates and expansion sets make sense compared to wow. Mobile games then you have the some light-novels or Live A Live, triangle strategy, dragon quest for android and iphone and so on, even gatcha games. Like that is what they are really making money on, but unlike lets say konmai, square enix is still pretending that consoles and PC(non-mmo's) makes money because of the future of making new games, or media of the IP. >>2846 I am personally of two minds of this. They are pandering to the people that bought into FF15 being good and the shills for that game, and forgot that they shilled the game for more sales of the game. But yeah, zoomers don't have money and they aren't into singleplayer games to begin with. >>2858 Yeah, the Japanese expect like streamers start to stream the game and new trailers almost non-stop and a bunch of trailers during the week of release, and so on. Kinda like what would happen to games back in 2010-2015 when marketing of games was a thing. But it is interesting over how little new games have gotten advertisements and in general information about he game. Like the big new game from Bethesda that is called red fall or somethnig has had little to no advertising and trailers.
>>2866 >that is work that could've been used to fix bugs or done something else. Yeah but keep two things in mind: First from what I understand SE is on the verge of being bought by soyny. Second soyny is far more interested in shoving niggers and faggots into everything then anything else.
>>2866 This year only game that actually got a ad campaign was atomic heart and kuz the coomer bait, that i remember.
>>2866 >that is work that could've been used to fix bugs or done something else. <modern vidya <fixing bugs lmao
>>2867 >on the verge of being bought by soyny A fate worse than cancellation.
>>2867 Soyny is just interested in building up their IP and having more developers in-house, they are now doing what Microsoft is doing by buying publishers to create a form of monopoly when it comes to the console space, or that is my wildest guess. When the HR department taking over development is just something that happened by mistake and, my wildest guess is to see how far they can put random feminist shit before they lose money. Like Microsoft released Red Fall by far in this game they've put as much poison as a soyny game would. and that game was developed by Bethesda or Arkane Texas before the acquisition, then it became a console exclusive to series x. Now, the interesting thing. Is that it also has the insane feminist shit that was in The Last of Us Part 2. Like a pregnant woman being a bad-ass and can totally kick ass, even when she is pregnant and in reality would be a liability. Then you have stronk female roman catholic priest(for some reason also is probably a lesbian) then there is more retarded shit in there but these are the glowing things. The overall problem is that every development studio is doing it, and going overboard. I actually think that as modern video game developers and publishers go, Square Enix is reasonable compared to EA, Activision and Ubisoft.Then you have Bandai Namco being quite reasonable since they are just releasing cash grabs to begin with. So I trust the devs when they said no niggers in the game, probably because it was content locked at that point. Meaning they aren't adding and just subtracting shit in case it should be a Jewy DLC thing or not. >>2868 weirdly enough, that is true. There have almost been no trailers or previews of games, they release the game and then there is a preview or something. >>2870 that's why they have day one patch for the game. That is work done while the game was content locked and shipped out to be copied to multiple discs and so on. Because you torrent games and probably just play it on PC, and since PC games are jank when they fuck with the DRM protection and then you have the DRM protection fucking with the game to begin with, does not mean the same problem is on consoles.
>>2885 >that's why they have day one patch for the game Day one patches don't fix jack shit. You need to wait for like 3 months for any modern game to be made playable, and then it's still full of bugs anyway.
Open file (19.82 KB 582x329 1310712451203.jpg)
>>1716 >this was a soyfueled reboot of Agni's Philosophy Haven't checked this board in probably a year and i stumbled upon these news, that one tech demo that never came to be got america'd? Goddamn, we truly live in evil, dreadful ages.
>>2888 (heil'd) Nice to see you back anon. Yeah, they sacrificed their last original vision for the brown virtue points. I wonder what the game could have been.
Open file (263.41 KB 891x947 1.jpg)
>>2858 nujaps don't care
>>2908 To be fair kids don't care anymore, we probably played 25+ classics in our heyday, i probably did 50+ but nowadays some kids grew up their entire childhood/teenage years (2013-2023) on only GTA V, Mineycrafta, Fortnite and some other thing like Roblox or Genshin. Even dudes our age who never really got into the hobby got at least 10+ games played even if briefly. The lack of taste and palette in the younger generations is a thing, like somehow they don't have a narratively-rich palette either for movies or music, things are oversimplified and take too long to get replaced by something else, maybe an exception is modern TV series.
>>2889 Another classic dev is seemingly getting their closing hours, we are reaching a sort of dev entropy because all the big names are simply not releasing stuff or putting some shit if not eaten by the monster of current-day identity politics culture which has permeated things with a veil of seriousness that sometimes should not be in entertainment products, it is escapism after all for so many. >back Yeah i am lurking more again but i get bored quicker because i lurk many boards to get my fill when a couple of years ago i couldn't finish reading all the new posts. Seems we are sadly also reaching a point of not posting, only the most persistent are still here. I am scared what will happen in a year or two, i will keep going nevertheless.
>>2909 Kids play games for the social aspect of it, not the gameplay; it's all mobile, all online, all about social media zeitgest, Fortnite, Roblox, Genshin etc. It's all just glorified facebook farm.
>>2910 The board got revived only recently, a few months ago, it's doing alright with that in mind. Every single person counts at this stage, being proactive is the important thing, even 5-6 people having consistent conversations is good activity and then more people will naturally join. >we are reaching a sort of dev entropy because all the big names are simply not releasing stuff Gaming is in the worst possible state, all AAA games are bloated broken messes that can never earn profit because they cost $300 million to make. No wonder game remakes became so ubiquitous and are seemingly the only "good" games of any given year - all you have to do is just copy something already good, all the hard work has already been done, yet you reap the reward as if from a brand new game.
>>2912 yeah there's gonna be more and more remakes because that's an artificial way to make the industry appear in good condition - look, all these highly acclaimed games are selling well! The fact that all of them are remakes is omitted. They, to the general normalfag audience who has never played the originals, come of as good games and millennials swarm to them out of nostalgia, so it's a win/win situation and the publisher/developer takes no risk
>>2919 The mentality of the public nowadays allows remakes to not only get away with terrible decisions but also be praised. There is a way out of this as it has become a successful formula. It is very weird that you can't criticize these new titles without being treated as a pariah.
>>2923 >It is very weird that you can't criticize these new titles without being treated as a pariah. Well it's part of what I mentioned. You have zoomers and normalfags, who got into gaming through playing nothing but modern garbage, are suddenly exposed to these games with incredible stories and concepts, far above anything made today. So to them you're an obvious weirdo for criticizing "a good game". The fact that it's a remake and vastly inferior to the original does not concern them, even if they know they're not gonna play those old musty games, just look at those graphics, they don't even have ray tracing. And this is a perfect displacement strategy for the globohomo, old games are forgotten and replaced but you still can use their IP strength and brand recognition.
>>2923 > There is no* Fixed. >>2924 Not only are older graphics constantly brought up as a negative aspect, but the gameplay of older games is also often criticized. Many of these older games were designed with specific philosophies influenced by even older arcade games. If a game lacks generic modern gameplay mechanics and instead utilizes more traditional elements, it is immediately labeled as "old" and "janky".
>>2925 This is very true, since they got into gaming through modern vidya they have zero tolerance and appreciation for the vast majority of video game legacy, since all game are made identical nowadays regardless of their supposed genre: Horror? Third person open world shooter. Platformer? Third person open world shooter. RPG? Third person open world shooter. etc. It wasn't like this before, all the previous generations always retrained genres from the earlier generations - there were turn-based RPGs on PS3, games with fixed camera and so on. >Playing a game without a 3D camera? Ugh, jank, needs to be fixed and improved, pls a remake! This is literally how they operate.
Open file (221.57 KB 2036x1084 11.jpg)
Open file (623.84 KB 850x682 1.png)
I don't feel so good, ff16bros...
>>3103 yikes
Open file (522.28 KB 1079x1603 1.jpg)
>no airships
Open file (36.10 KB 604x604 oy vey.jpg)
>>3296 DLC airship here we go.
>>3296 >fast travel Can't say I'm surprised. This is just going to be skyrim with a FF paint job.
>>3307 More like Elden Ring. I like how he phrased it like as if they needed airships/cars and whatnot in the classic games because there just was no other, more convenient way travel. They could have had fast travel on PS1 if the wanted to, but instead they meticulously designed the games to implement different types of transportation in different stages and capacities, justified and underlined by the story, culminating in free roaming at the end of the game. Nowadays devs think that if you just plop the character into a sandbox and give him insta fast travel that's good game design. Final Fantasy is dead after all.
>>3296 i really hate this trend of fast traveling in modern games as a basic feature
Open file (72.94 KB 609x356 15 v 16.jpg)
16 is a guaranteed flop.
>>3430 time for a woke reboot
That Sakaguchi dream of reaching XX will remain a dream.
>>3430 IT'S OVER
Open file (169.18 KB 1080x1080 u78.jpg)
Forspokensistas, we are BACK
Open file (91.24 KB 1200x2048 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>3493 Redditfall blown the fuck out.
Open file (3.06 MB 640x640 cat what.gif)
>>3493 >compare smaller pile of garbage to larger pile of garbage >wow this pile of garbage is so great you have to play this >still both piles of garbage
>>3504 it's over
>>3506 I predict this trend will continue. Their (((point))) being to memory hole even the very idea that there ever was once any gud geimu to be played. We'll have to take the bull by the horns ourselves if you ever want to escape the GH's clutches lol, their golems are still lost spouting out the same 'anti' vitriol from gamergate, here today :^) I'd suggest /kong/ at least give's Cafe /agdg/ game jam a try if you have time to.
Open file (878.40 KB 590x1222 ff.png)
Open file (729.24 KB 1170x1779 y6.jpg)
Gaming truly is dead. This is no longer a blackpill.
>>3730 >gayming is following the pedowood example of remaking everything what a degenerate timeline
>>3730 >in the vastly improved ending that was written with diversity and inclusion in mind tidus watches from the corner of the room while yuna has sex with several black men Stunning and brave.
>>3741 >Tidus >not black

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