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Open file (284.42 KB 1113x687 latest_version.jpg)
Open file (102.02 KB 768x268 latest_version2.jpg)
Squeenix Thread Anonymous 03/12/2023 (Sun) 20:04:07 No.1335
Squeenix is losing money. I won't be surprised if they're bought by Soyny or something. Really sad state of things thinking back on their illustrious work in the past. FF16 won't be a big hit that's for sure and Forwoken undermined their brand really hard.
Open file (153.08 KB 1280x720 g5.jpg)
>this face wasn't moving copies whaaaa
>>1335 Square Enix has always been kinda doom and gloom, I don't think this game was such a gamble that they have to sell off all their stocks to Sony, since Square Enix is a multimedia company meaning they release anime, novels, manga and lastly vidya gaymes. And I think they are actually the ones that are having stage plays/theater play from Yoko Taro, also. Based on the NieR series. So, if you are interested so with every game or IP that Square Enix makes they plan on ahead, meaning they planing on that the game is going to be a series or have spin-off games,novel, manga and anime in the series. So the best example is FF12 and that universe or known as Ivalice universe or lands then the games in that series are as follows: Final Fantasy Tactics 97, Vagrant Story 00, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 03, Final Fantasy 12 06, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings 07, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions 07, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift 07. So when Forespoken failed then they figured that they cannot really milk it like with other games they have made. With FF16, I am worried but for other reasons than it not selling well, Because the gameplay that I have seen I can only say it looks like an action game with quicktime events and then you can turn into your summon so it becomes a semi fighter but with the big summons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbZOF2iB9j4 I am still going to buy the game since I do like Square Enix games when they aren't too pozzed.
>>1337 >I don't think this game was such a gamble that they have to sell off all their stocks to Sony They're losing money in general, not just due to Forwoken. They haven't actually had a big successful game in over a decade if not more. Both 15, KH3 and Nu7 straight up flopped or underpoerformed https://archive.vn/RJy01 (Squeenix copes otherwise of course). >since Square Enix is a multimedia company meaning they release anime, novels, manga Their "multimedia" branches aren't making money, this isn't 2010 when they were at their publishing peak, and it was always just an extra income. They could reorganize, sell their gayming division and retain their other branches. >with every game or IP that Square Enix makes they plan on ahead, meaning they planing on that the game is going to be a series or have spin-off games,novel, manga and anime in the series. They don't, they only did that with two Final Fantasy games. And the only planned one was FF15, which of course failed spectacularly. >So the best example is FF12 and that universe or known as Ivalice [...] Neither Final Fantasy Tactics not Vagrant story were ever planned to be part of the same universe and were only retroactively fitted into one much later because Matsuno. The rest what you listed are just remakes/ports and sequels post-factum of the same two games. >With FF16, I am worried but for other reasons than it not selling well It will not sell well and that will likely force SE to stop making mainline FF games for the foreseeable future and focus on nostalgia baiting with smaller fake retro titles/remakes.
Open file (512.82 KB 979x891 lol.png)
Yeah I don't see big success for XVI.
>>1343 Fuck me, modern fans of final fantasy are giant faggots.
>>1344 Literally.
>>1342 >losing money in general >haven't had a big successful game in over a decade they had FF14 and then Dragon Quest online game was successful and then the Dragon Quest 11 broke even or sold well. >FF15, KH3 and NU-VII flopped That is a bit of an exaggeration these games broke even or even was successful. If not why make a new Kingdom Hearts game and then a number 2 to nu-FF7? >multimedia isn't making money I have no idea of what Square Enix has released as-of late when it comes to Manga or novels, but from my dumb understanding is that manga hasn't gone down. >They don't, they only did that with two Final Fantasy games. no, most big games after 04 are within a plan to be a universe or coherent universe, or a series. With spin-off novels, manga,anime,film and vidya. So when they make an IP they are thinking how they can milk it in other ways.Hell, Square Enix have been proud of that fact. >the only planned one was FF15, which of course failed spectacularly. No, FF13 as a universe was the most planned with Fabula Nova Crystallis. FF15 was semi planned and got at-least a 3d cgi movie so to hype the game. >SE to stop making mainline FF I doubt that, but we will see when it is released and then can see how well it preforms. >>1343 >>1344 this was a nice clickb8 title, it was just too dark to see what was going on in the video. that is like normal stuff that can happen with gameplay that is set during the night and it is still under development. but this is just like the spin off game of Strangers of Paradise which was edgy overly violent game.
Open file (115.15 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
I just learned something about Fornoggen, so the MC is a niggress but her mother is white. So to all the woke shit in this game you can also add literally blacking. jfc Square...
>>1363 That's a man.
>>1364 It's ma'am.
remember when square used to be the most creative developer...
Open file (205.67 KB 517x720 t.jpg)
>Forspoken disks found in literal trash heap kek
>>1373 >have to throw the steelbox because no one bought or wants to have it. that is rather amazing.I thought they would just
>>1374 just what?
>>1373 Funny, but not unexpected. Other then shitposters on imageboards who were laughing at how shit is I don't think anyone even knows this was a thing.
>>1376 Oh no, it became like a big dunking meme for normalfags. They say there's no bad publicity but considering a lot of normalfags "play watch" games on jewtube through funnymen ecelebs, there really is.
>Sakaguchi wanted FF to go to 20 >likely won't happen now
Open file (836.97 KB 742x900 1.png)
>>1387 It will happen but it might be mobile/smartphone instead of consoles and PC. So it would go in the direction of Sakaguchi or the guch himself. Would be interesting if Square Enix would hire his studio to make a vidya game. >>1531 Not really surprised by this information.Just wait until the next Final Fantasy game, it is probably going to be like Diablo 4 where it is like an MMO in many respects.
>>1537 >It will happen but it might be mobile/smartphone instead of consoles and PC I don't see it happening. Once 16 will flop, they will focus entirely on regurgitation with even more remakes. Maybe another MMO with 17 but I don't see even that. The mainline games will be put on a hold indefinitely.
>>1541 Don't think 16 will flop it is something journalists and people that hate modern nugayming in general want it to flop. FF is not as popular as PS1 or 2 days, or a reason why some bought a PS3 with 13 but it is still a game people or PS5 owners are looking forward to even when it is actiony and not turn based. It isn't looking like it is going to be overly political and be generally apolitical game which is a plus, and the biggest problem I can see is that it comes in the same month as Diablo 4 which people are also looking forward to. It will probably recoup it's development costs, heck it might be successful if PS5fags are overhyped about the game but we will see. But if it's a flop then Square Enix is going to make sure to make the next one a mobile game, also make an MMO because the MMO's or live games have been successful for Square Enix so far.
>>1558 There is zero hype for 16, 15 completely killed the series and this one is made by the MMO people so it's not gonna have the highly investive story and characters that autists gravitate to. It's gonna best case scenario do okay but SE needs it to sell Zelda gangbusters, which it obviously won't. 16 was already a stretch, they just got Yoshi P to do an offline 14. Who the hell can manage the next huge game considering everyone left SE at this point? Nomura? They're not stepping on that rake again.
Good! They wanted the nigger game. Well, pay the nigger tax too!
>>1561 >there is zero hype there is hype for the game, it isn't the same hype like a new cod game gets, but there is hype from PS5 owners and when the game was able to be pre-ordered in Japan then on Amazon then it came to number 2, right next to Zelda. >15 killed the series No, it didn't but it has people that didn't like the game be a bit more cautious because some like the turn based combat more than action based combat. >it needs to sell OK then it has recoup costs and that means that they will probably move over the series over to mobile like the new handheld console from Nintendo and then probably to smartphones. >It needs to do zelda numbers I bet you mean zelda breath of the wild and not twilight princess or Links Awakening numake numbers which is around 6 to 8 million units sold. >who can manage the next big game there are many directors still at square enix like Takashi Tokita and they can contract it to other people or promote someone else, that is one of the reason why Japanese development is more interesting than the western developmen. Since the Japanese can promote a random dude or even just hire another studio to do the next game like Acquire, this isn't the last FF game, I know that people that do not like nu-games hate anything modern but Square Enix can just at random hire someone or get another studio to do it, so it get away from business unit 3 and goes over to another one. FF is still an IP that they are going to milk like I would not be surprised if FF and Dragon Quest becomes like Genshin Impact a pure gatcha game. >>1563 There is no niggers in this game, that is why the game journalists hate this game they want ff16 to be like Forespoken in theory.
>>1570 >there is hype for the game There isn't. When it was announced people went "huh, I guess it exists". All the FF fan sites are dead, I see barely any discussion about it online. >No, it didn't Yeah it did. It was the last attempt to convince people to invest into FF after the failure of 13 and then 15 flopped as well. FF7 NuMake is the only thing keeping the series afloat. >there are many directors still at square enix There aren't. Literally everyone left. They only have the hacks. >can just at random hire someone or get another studio to do it They will never do it, that in of itself means that FF is dead. >There is no niggers in this game He was talking about Fornoggin.
>>1571 >all fansites are dead most internet sites are dead, most of the fan shit is kikebook groups and plebbit. >FF15 was the last attempt to convince people you do know there are retards that liked the game? And most of the PS5 fags I know have already pre-ordered it online. >There aren't any directors just hacks There are still a bunch and if not then they can promote someone or give it to the Dragon Quest unit and that producer will find someone. >a Japanese studio will say no to money to make an FF game that's retarded, and don't forget that Koei Tecmo with Team Ninja is more than happy to be hired. So far from a dead series, also like I said they can do so much sinister things with FF and FF as an IP like I said a gatcha game.
Open file (3.03 MB 1920x1080 good boy.webm)
You can pet the dogger in 16.
>>1639 that is a day1 buy for me then.
Open file (291.92 KB 376x401 ClipboardImage.png)
>Flopspoken already on sale for 33% only 2 months after its release
Open file (3.82 MB 700x386 16.webm)
>>1703 This game is amazing in a certain sense. There is literally nothing good about it. There are a lot of shit games, but there's usually something here and there that okay or even good about it. But this game has nothing. The graphics are shit, the animation is shit, the story is shit, the dialog is shit, the characters are shit, the character designs are shit, the gameplay is shit, the music is shit, the level design is shit. The only positive(sort of) thing I can really say about it is at least they tried to do their own thing instead of taking an existing IP and giving it a soyfueled reboot.
Open file (224.74 KB 1000x435 image_421.jpg)
>>1713 Yeah it's DmC of the modern era where nobody likes it, except for the people who like it in spite. >instead of taking an existing IP and giving it a soyfueled reboot They did tho, this was a soyfueled reboot of Agni's Philosophy. In fact, it's why a lot of people hate it even more, myself included. Agni's Philosophy was Squeenix's last original vision and with a cute white waifu too, and they turned it into this shit.
>>1710 I'm cautiously optimistic bros. This doesn't look like 15.
>>1716 >Agni's Philosophy Never heard of it, but I can't say I'm surprised to find out.
Open file (100.19 KB 1280x720 maxres.jpg)
>>1729 It was a tech demo SE released in 2012. Many expected it to become their next game, even FF15 before it was revealed. https://y.com.sb/watch?v=UVX0OUO9ptU 10 years later and this is what became of it.
Open file (1.03 MB 1000x562 3440.webm)
Gives me FF12 vibes.
Open file (1.88 MB 1414x797 3578.png)
16 doesn't look too good tbh
Open file (809.47 KB 1030x890 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1825 Looks amazing to me.
Open file (48.05 KB 640x444 Nugaming.jpg)
>>1842 There must always be infinity niggers....because Hitler.
Do you think japs are like "yeah no more burakku demons" after Forwoken flopped?
>>1842 This screenshot makes me want gamergate 2 unironically but tbis time she dies anons.
>Yoshi P is based Okay anons, level with me - day one buy
Open file (734.66 KB 640x800 kween.mp4)
Open file (441.46 KB 748x413 lol.png)
>>1868 What is it with KH and troons?
>>1867 I'd rape her so hard right there and then.
>>1868 See the thing is, once you start hiding guns, next thing you know you're shooting up the local preschool. Just say no, bros. Keep your full armory on public display at all times
>>1882 But then they'll know for who to come...
>>1871 >(((disney))) character >anime >really fruity >let's the player self-insert into (((disney))) movies and interact with (((disney))) characters >babymode gameplay Because it's tailor made for autistic adult children and troons are severely autistic adult children.
>>1892 >babymode gameplay That's not true at all, maybe in 3 which I haven't played, but definitely not the rest of the series. By modern day standards KH is a Dark Souls game.
Open file (171.38 KB 1280x720 6h.jpg)
I wish they made 16 look like this. But muh realism.
>>1889 Heh, true. Definitely hide your power level Anon, in all areas of life. I was merely ridiculing the (((nusoyJourno's))) >implication that hiding your weapons makes you evil. Obviously guns are there to help you deal with evildoers and their demonic shit. Ones such as this despicable faggot, for instance. Cops are no one's friends, and clearly are just part of the ZOGbot system of thugs--enemies of mankind at large, obviously. But the basic fact is they did the world a service by putting this POS down.
>>1896 >That's not true at all Are you missing both your hands or something? Even on hard 1 and 2 were mindlessly easy other the optional Sephiroth fights. 2 especially with the addition of the 'press triangle to awesome' feature. >By modern day standards KH is a Dark Souls game. Given modern day standards are walking sims, interactive movies and watching games on youtube rather then actually playing them that's not saying much.
>>1949 >Even on hard 1 and 2 were mindlessly easy Ask me how I know you've never played either. KH1 was a decently challenging game during its day, which makes it impossibly hard by today's standards. But you would never beat it mindlessly in a million years, it required careful developing of abilities, equipment and team mates to get anywhere past mid game. Even KH2, despite being made more accessible, had several progress stoppers like the dancing water boss and would punish for not developing. I assume you watched some eceleb faggot's reviews of the games and called it a day.
>>1950 It's fine if you like KH, but they're in no way challenging games. Accept it or not I beat both on hard and never found anything outside of the Sephiroth fights to be a challenge.
>>1952 It's not fine to youtube play video games.

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