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Open file (284.42 KB 1113x687 latest_version.jpg)
Open file (102.02 KB 768x268 latest_version2.jpg)
Squeenix Thread Anonymous 03/12/2023 (Sun) 20:04:07 No.1335
Squeenix is losing money. I won't be surprised if they're bought by Soyny or something. Really sad state of things thinking back on their illustrious work in the past. FF16 won't be a big hit that's for sure and Forwoken undermined their brand really hard.
Open file (153.08 KB 1280x720 g5.jpg)
>this face wasn't moving copies whaaaa
>>1335 Square Enix has always been kinda doom and gloom, I don't think this game was such a gamble that they have to sell off all their stocks to Sony, since Square Enix is a multimedia company meaning they release anime, novels, manga and lastly vidya gaymes. And I think they are actually the ones that are having stage plays/theater play from Yoko Taro, also. Based on the NieR series. So, if you are interested so with every game or IP that Square Enix makes they plan on ahead, meaning they planing on that the game is going to be a series or have spin-off games,novel, manga and anime in the series. So the best example is FF12 and that universe or known as Ivalice universe or lands then the games in that series are as follows: Final Fantasy Tactics 97, Vagrant Story 00, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 03, Final Fantasy 12 06, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings 07, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions 07, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift 07. So when Forespoken failed then they figured that they cannot really milk it like with other games they have made. With FF16, I am worried but for other reasons than it not selling well, Because the gameplay that I have seen I can only say it looks like an action game with quicktime events and then you can turn into your summon so it becomes a semi fighter but with the big summons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbZOF2iB9j4 I am still going to buy the game since I do like Square Enix games when they aren't too pozzed.
>>1337 >I don't think this game was such a gamble that they have to sell off all their stocks to Sony They're losing money in general, not just due to Forwoken. They haven't actually had a big successful game in over a decade if not more. Both 15, KH3 and Nu7 straight up flopped or underpoerformed https://archive.vn/RJy01 (Squeenix copes otherwise of course). >since Square Enix is a multimedia company meaning they release anime, novels, manga Their "multimedia" branches aren't making money, this isn't 2010 when they were at their publishing peak, and it was always just an extra income. They could reorganize, sell their gayming division and retain their other branches. >with every game or IP that Square Enix makes they plan on ahead, meaning they planing on that the game is going to be a series or have spin-off games,novel, manga and anime in the series. They don't, they only did that with two Final Fantasy games. And the only planned one was FF15, which of course failed spectacularly. >So the best example is FF12 and that universe or known as Ivalice [...] Neither Final Fantasy Tactics not Vagrant story were ever planned to be part of the same universe and were only retroactively fitted into one much later because Matsuno. The rest what you listed are just remakes/ports and sequels post-factum of the same two games. >With FF16, I am worried but for other reasons than it not selling well It will not sell well and that will likely force SE to stop making mainline FF games for the foreseeable future and focus on nostalgia baiting with smaller fake retro titles/remakes.
Open file (512.82 KB 979x891 lol.png)
Yeah I don't see big success for XVI.
>>1343 Fuck me, modern fans of final fantasy are giant faggots.
>>1344 Literally.
>>1342 >losing money in general >haven't had a big successful game in over a decade they had FF14 and then Dragon Quest online game was successful and then the Dragon Quest 11 broke even or sold well. >FF15, KH3 and NU-VII flopped That is a bit of an exaggeration these games broke even or even was successful. If not why make a new Kingdom Hearts game and then a number 2 to nu-FF7? >multimedia isn't making money I have no idea of what Square Enix has released as-of late when it comes to Manga or novels, but from my dumb understanding is that manga hasn't gone down. >They don't, they only did that with two Final Fantasy games. no, most big games after 04 are within a plan to be a universe or coherent universe, or a series. With spin-off novels, manga,anime,film and vidya. So when they make an IP they are thinking how they can milk it in other ways.Hell, Square Enix have been proud of that fact. >the only planned one was FF15, which of course failed spectacularly. No, FF13 as a universe was the most planned with Fabula Nova Crystallis. FF15 was semi planned and got at-least a 3d cgi movie so to hype the game. >SE to stop making mainline FF I doubt that, but we will see when it is released and then can see how well it preforms. >>1343 >>1344 this was a nice clickb8 title, it was just too dark to see what was going on in the video. that is like normal stuff that can happen with gameplay that is set during the night and it is still under development. but this is just like the spin off game of Strangers of Paradise which was edgy overly violent game.
Open file (115.15 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
I just learned something about Fornoggen, so the MC is a niggress but her mother is white. So to all the woke shit in this game you can also add literally blacking. jfc Square...
>>1363 That's a man.
>>1364 It's ma'am.
remember when square used to be the most creative developer...
Open file (205.67 KB 517x720 t.jpg)
>Forspoken disks found in literal trash heap kek
>>1373 >have to throw the steelbox because no one bought or wants to have it. that is rather amazing.I thought they would just
>>1374 just what?
>>1373 Funny, but not unexpected. Other then shitposters on imageboards who were laughing at how shit is I don't think anyone even knows this was a thing.
>>1376 Oh no, it became like a big dunking meme for normalfags. They say there's no bad publicity but considering a lot of normalfags "play watch" games on jewtube through funnymen ecelebs, there really is.
>Sakaguchi wanted FF to go to 20 >likely won't happen now
Open file (836.97 KB 742x900 1.png)
>>1387 It will happen but it might be mobile/smartphone instead of consoles and PC. So it would go in the direction of Sakaguchi or the guch himself. Would be interesting if Square Enix would hire his studio to make a vidya game. >>1531 Not really surprised by this information.Just wait until the next Final Fantasy game, it is probably going to be like Diablo 4 where it is like an MMO in many respects.
>>1537 >It will happen but it might be mobile/smartphone instead of consoles and PC I don't see it happening. Once 16 will flop, they will focus entirely on regurgitation with even more remakes. Maybe another MMO with 17 but I don't see even that. The mainline games will be put on a hold indefinitely.
>>1541 Don't think 16 will flop it is something journalists and people that hate modern nugayming in general want it to flop. FF is not as popular as PS1 or 2 days, or a reason why some bought a PS3 with 13 but it is still a game people or PS5 owners are looking forward to even when it is actiony and not turn based. It isn't looking like it is going to be overly political and be generally apolitical game which is a plus, and the biggest problem I can see is that it comes in the same month as Diablo 4 which people are also looking forward to. It will probably recoup it's development costs, heck it might be successful if PS5fags are overhyped about the game but we will see. But if it's a flop then Square Enix is going to make sure to make the next one a mobile game, also make an MMO because the MMO's or live games have been successful for Square Enix so far.
>>1558 There is zero hype for 16, 15 completely killed the series and this one is made by the MMO people so it's not gonna have the highly investive story and characters that autists gravitate to. It's gonna best case scenario do okay but SE needs it to sell Zelda gangbusters, which it obviously won't. 16 was already a stretch, they just got Yoshi P to do an offline 14. Who the hell can manage the next huge game considering everyone left SE at this point? Nomura? They're not stepping on that rake again.
Good! They wanted the nigger game. Well, pay the nigger tax too!
>>1561 >there is zero hype there is hype for the game, it isn't the same hype like a new cod game gets, but there is hype from PS5 owners and when the game was able to be pre-ordered in Japan then on Amazon then it came to number 2, right next to Zelda. >15 killed the series No, it didn't but it has people that didn't like the game be a bit more cautious because some like the turn based combat more than action based combat. >it needs to sell OK then it has recoup costs and that means that they will probably move over the series over to mobile like the new handheld console from Nintendo and then probably to smartphones. >It needs to do zelda numbers I bet you mean zelda breath of the wild and not twilight princess or Links Awakening numake numbers which is around 6 to 8 million units sold. >who can manage the next big game there are many directors still at square enix like Takashi Tokita and they can contract it to other people or promote someone else, that is one of the reason why Japanese development is more interesting than the western developmen. Since the Japanese can promote a random dude or even just hire another studio to do the next game like Acquire, this isn't the last FF game, I know that people that do not like nu-games hate anything modern but Square Enix can just at random hire someone or get another studio to do it, so it get away from business unit 3 and goes over to another one. FF is still an IP that they are going to milk like I would not be surprised if FF and Dragon Quest becomes like Genshin Impact a pure gatcha game. >>1563 There is no niggers in this game, that is why the game journalists hate this game they want ff16 to be like Forespoken in theory.
>>1570 >there is hype for the game There isn't. When it was announced people went "huh, I guess it exists". All the FF fan sites are dead, I see barely any discussion about it online. >No, it didn't Yeah it did. It was the last attempt to convince people to invest into FF after the failure of 13 and then 15 flopped as well. FF7 NuMake is the only thing keeping the series afloat. >there are many directors still at square enix There aren't. Literally everyone left. They only have the hacks. >can just at random hire someone or get another studio to do it They will never do it, that in of itself means that FF is dead. >There is no niggers in this game He was talking about Fornoggin.
>>1571 >all fansites are dead most internet sites are dead, most of the fan shit is kikebook groups and plebbit. >FF15 was the last attempt to convince people you do know there are retards that liked the game? And most of the PS5 fags I know have already pre-ordered it online. >There aren't any directors just hacks There are still a bunch and if not then they can promote someone or give it to the Dragon Quest unit and that producer will find someone. >a Japanese studio will say no to money to make an FF game that's retarded, and don't forget that Koei Tecmo with Team Ninja is more than happy to be hired. So far from a dead series, also like I said they can do so much sinister things with FF and FF as an IP like I said a gatcha game.
Open file (3.03 MB 1920x1080 good boy.webm)
You can pet the dogger in 16.
>>1639 that is a day1 buy for me then.
Open file (291.92 KB 376x401 ClipboardImage.png)
>Flopspoken already on sale for 33% only 2 months after its release
Open file (3.82 MB 700x386 16.webm)
>>1703 This game is amazing in a certain sense. There is literally nothing good about it. There are a lot of shit games, but there's usually something here and there that okay or even good about it. But this game has nothing. The graphics are shit, the animation is shit, the story is shit, the dialog is shit, the characters are shit, the character designs are shit, the gameplay is shit, the music is shit, the level design is shit. The only positive(sort of) thing I can really say about it is at least they tried to do their own thing instead of taking an existing IP and giving it a soyfueled reboot.
Open file (224.74 KB 1000x435 image_421.jpg)
>>1713 Yeah it's DmC of the modern era where nobody likes it, except for the people who like it in spite. >instead of taking an existing IP and giving it a soyfueled reboot They did tho, this was a soyfueled reboot of Agni's Philosophy. In fact, it's why a lot of people hate it even more, myself included. Agni's Philosophy was Squeenix's last original vision and with a cute white waifu too, and they turned it into this shit.
>>1710 I'm cautiously optimistic bros. This doesn't look like 15.
>>1716 >Agni's Philosophy Never heard of it, but I can't say I'm surprised to find out.
Open file (100.19 KB 1280x720 maxres.jpg)
>>1729 It was a tech demo SE released in 2012. Many expected it to become their next game, even FF15 before it was revealed. https://y.com.sb/watch?v=UVX0OUO9ptU 10 years later and this is what became of it.
Open file (1.03 MB 1000x562 3440.webm)
Gives me FF12 vibes.
Open file (1.88 MB 1414x797 3578.png)
16 doesn't look too good tbh
Open file (809.47 KB 1030x890 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1825 Looks amazing to me.
Open file (48.05 KB 640x444 Nugaming.jpg)
>>1842 There must always be infinity niggers....because Hitler.
Do you think japs are like "yeah no more burakku demons" after Forwoken flopped?
>>1842 This screenshot makes me want gamergate 2 unironically but tbis time she dies anons.
>Yoshi P is based Okay anons, level with me - day one buy
Open file (734.66 KB 640x800 kween.mp4)
Open file (441.46 KB 748x413 lol.png)
>>1868 What is it with KH and troons?
>>1867 I'd rape her so hard right there and then.
>>1868 See the thing is, once you start hiding guns, next thing you know you're shooting up the local preschool. Just say no, bros. Keep your full armory on public display at all times
>>1882 But then they'll know for who to come...
>>1871 >(((disney))) character >anime >really fruity >let's the player self-insert into (((disney))) movies and interact with (((disney))) characters >babymode gameplay Because it's tailor made for autistic adult children and troons are severely autistic adult children.
>>1892 >babymode gameplay That's not true at all, maybe in 3 which I haven't played, but definitely not the rest of the series. By modern day standards KH is a Dark Souls game.
Open file (171.38 KB 1280x720 6h.jpg)
I wish they made 16 look like this. But muh realism.
>>1889 Heh, true. Definitely hide your power level Anon, in all areas of life. I was merely ridiculing the (((nusoyJourno's))) >implication that hiding your weapons makes you evil. Obviously guns are there to help you deal with evildoers and their demonic shit. Ones such as this despicable faggot, for instance. Cops are no one's friends, and clearly are just part of the ZOGbot system of thugs--enemies of mankind at large, obviously. But the basic fact is they did the world a service by putting this POS down.
>>1896 >That's not true at all Are you missing both your hands or something? Even on hard 1 and 2 were mindlessly easy other the optional Sephiroth fights. 2 especially with the addition of the 'press triangle to awesome' feature. >By modern day standards KH is a Dark Souls game. Given modern day standards are walking sims, interactive movies and watching games on youtube rather then actually playing them that's not saying much.
>>1949 >Even on hard 1 and 2 were mindlessly easy Ask me how I know you've never played either. KH1 was a decently challenging game during its day, which makes it impossibly hard by today's standards. But you would never beat it mindlessly in a million years, it required careful developing of abilities, equipment and team mates to get anywhere past mid game. Even KH2, despite being made more accessible, had several progress stoppers like the dancing water boss and would punish for not developing. I assume you watched some eceleb faggot's reviews of the games and called it a day.
>>1950 It's fine if you like KH, but they're in no way challenging games. Accept it or not I beat both on hard and never found anything outside of the Sephiroth fights to be a challenge.
>>1952 It's not fine to youtube play video games.
Open file (589.91 KB 1206x617 oof.png)
Square merged with Enix 20 years ago. Happy birthday I guess...
>>2006 press S
Open file (254.49 KB 1280x720 ll.jpg)
Open file (316.87 KB 580x622 4b90f6.jpg)
Open file (207.14 KB 642x824 1681317923226358.png)
Absolute state of play tomorrow
Open file (239.38 KB 492x378 1.png)
A reminder that Rinoa is Ultimecia.
Open file (136.82 KB 1178x800 г6.jpg)
>>2336 A lesson from Forewoken's book.
>>2336 >>2348 gross, why fill your franchises mudsharks? Forwoken was shit and had shit reviews.
>>2350 16 is heavily targeted at the western market.
>>2336 It is Unreal so it has really nice lighting or ray tracing. >>2348 >>2350 >complains about not any white people <never seen a campfire in real life fucking burgers man. >>2351 It is targeted to the whole world. So going to be interesting to see how it sells since it is exclusive for a year or so?
>>2364 I think they're talking about how plain and unattractive XVI's grill is compared to hot bimbo with DSL from XV, anon.
>>2364 >It is targeted to the whole world. No it is targeted to the west, there is no "world market". Japs only target games at america.
Open file (272.51 KB 707x363 ClipboardImage.png)
Matsuno no
>>2477 Why isn't Matsuno making games? I'd fucking buy anything he'd make.
Open file (1.01 MB 802x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2512 dead and forgotten already
Open file (686.13 KB 955x1151 1.png)
It's over. Fags and niggers inevitable.
>>2756 Based sandniggers.
>>2757 That they are, but the game is now confirmed to have some pozz. And I was looking forward to it.
>>2756 >"unwilling to make necessary changes" to be sold in sandniggerland >bends over backwards to pander to (((western sensibilities))) So troons or just run of the mill faggotry?
>>2762 I can't even imagine based on all the available game material how the fuck the managed to introduce pozz into it, but I guess they found a way. The Forwoken experience didn't go to waste.
>>2758 Of course one always wants to look forward to something good coming down the pike. Hope springs eternal so the saying goes. And I hate being a niggerpill, but do you really expect anything good in vidya to happen during CY outside of the Russians, Anon?
>>2766 I don't expect anything good but you can still expect something neutral, which FF16 seemed to be. Now there's something afoot there as well.
>>2768 Fair enough, as long as you're awake & aware. BTW, have you noticed the little niggerpill golem hereabouts? Rent free, lol. Markets tend to eventually supply what a consumer wants. This nuWoke shit isn't what the vidya market wants, clearly. It's entirely (((esoteric))). Eventually their plots will run out of steam, as this kind of shit always does. In the meantime I'd say just 'vote with your wallet' (the only "voting" that actually counts during CY), and don't buy any of the hog-swollop they're dishing out. >tl;dr Patience. Don't count on anything with FF16, or you'll play right into their hands.
>>2770 >This nuWoke shit isn't what the vidya market wants It is. Gaming isn't what it used to be 15 years ago, it's been marginalized and made part of everyday normalfag life. Therefore it's now part of the same cultural zeitgeist, woke and all.
YoshiP you were the chosen one...
So unironically there is a game that is being made in Korea called Chrono Odyssey that looks more like Dragon's Dogma and Final Fantasy combined even when it isn't a Final Fantasy game but an MMO. My biggest scare is that's it is going to be a grindfest.
>>2775 >MMO You had me hooked until this.
Open file (650.82 KB 900x826 o.png)
it's fucking over
>>2778 >hide faggotry and get caught when you try to release it to a country that hates faggotry. that is a genius move by square enix. Like, I get that most of the cast in Final Fantasy has looked really, really gay. But making them real gay and forcing people to watch gayporn cutscene is a real bad idea, that is a repellent for normalfags, so this is an automatically something that is bound to fail. If it's dudes and not attractive women,obviously. >>2776 check the trailer for it, it was released today. Looks like a fun game like an actual game instead of pretending to be a game.
>>2778 Stunning and brave. Good luck with the sales number though, because twitterejects don't buy vidya. Maybe we'll get lucky and this will be such a massive financial disaster it'll finally kill the shambling rotting corpse of what was once Squaresoft.
Open file (510.26 KB 667x742 6908.png)
disgusting virtue signalling on the Squeenix part >oh, gaijinu piggu rike gay sexu in butt? >make gemu sell? >satoshi, put gay sexu in gemu
>>2781 Because I was a bit interested I checked sales and for now, when it comes to pre-orders. when it comes to online, it is in the top 50 since the state of play presentation. Also don't forget that Square Enix is making money on MMO and the "HD 2D" games and they released the 2d FF 1-6 collection, so that means they can be really safe. >>2782I I hope that it is Lesbian.
>>2781 This.
>>2783 >so that means they can be really safe. heh define """really"""
>>2783 >I hope that it is Lesbian. No way. And even then it's gonna be some fat negro.
>>2781 Fornoggin was a giant flop, they literally won't survive FF16 flopping.
>>2785 >define safe consoles aren't their only business model. Their model are mobile and mmo's that is what they've really made money from. >>2791 no niggers in the game was confirmed by the director. >>2795 If 16 don't survive they are just going full out on mobile and probably MMO's. Hell, I can even speculate on a mobile MMO game that gets ported to PC and consoles when it's mobile success has been achieved.
>>2801 >no niggers in the game was confirmed by the director Director has no say in anything, if the studio mandated niggers there will be niggers.
>>2802 he is the director and just adding a nigger because north armerican branch got a bit of panic would delay the game by months. And if you also believes that the game is the literal last legs of Square Enix then adding and substracting things in the game costs money, that they don't really have and can afford to lose.
>>2803 Skin-swapping a character model with a nigger isn't hard or expensive.
>>2801 >Their model are mobile and mmo's that is what they've really made money from. And what are those?
Open file (64.95 KB 583x640 16.jpg)
>pandering to zoomers Big mistake.
>>2846 i read that japanese fans are complaining that ff16 isn't advertised anywhere. i wonder if squeenix is trying to quietly sunset the game to avoid the massive public flop
>>2808 >take out a model >then make a new character model that is work that could've been used to fix bugs or done something else. >>2809 FF14 is a big MMO and still has a playerbase because the updates and expansion sets make sense compared to wow. Mobile games then you have the some light-novels or Live A Live, triangle strategy, dragon quest for android and iphone and so on, even gatcha games. Like that is what they are really making money on, but unlike lets say konmai, square enix is still pretending that consoles and PC(non-mmo's) makes money because of the future of making new games, or media of the IP. >>2846 I am personally of two minds of this. They are pandering to the people that bought into FF15 being good and the shills for that game, and forgot that they shilled the game for more sales of the game. But yeah, zoomers don't have money and they aren't into singleplayer games to begin with. >>2858 Yeah, the Japanese expect like streamers start to stream the game and new trailers almost non-stop and a bunch of trailers during the week of release, and so on. Kinda like what would happen to games back in 2010-2015 when marketing of games was a thing. But it is interesting over how little new games have gotten advertisements and in general information about he game. Like the big new game from Bethesda that is called red fall or somethnig has had little to no advertising and trailers.
>>2866 >that is work that could've been used to fix bugs or done something else. Yeah but keep two things in mind: First from what I understand SE is on the verge of being bought by soyny. Second soyny is far more interested in shoving niggers and faggots into everything then anything else.
>>2866 This year only game that actually got a ad campaign was atomic heart and kuz the coomer bait, that i remember.
>>2866 >that is work that could've been used to fix bugs or done something else. <modern vidya <fixing bugs lmao
>>2867 >on the verge of being bought by soyny A fate worse than cancellation.
>>2867 Soyny is just interested in building up their IP and having more developers in-house, they are now doing what Microsoft is doing by buying publishers to create a form of monopoly when it comes to the console space, or that is my wildest guess. When the HR department taking over development is just something that happened by mistake and, my wildest guess is to see how far they can put random feminist shit before they lose money. Like Microsoft released Red Fall by far in this game they've put as much poison as a soyny game would. and that game was developed by Bethesda or Arkane Texas before the acquisition, then it became a console exclusive to series x. Now, the interesting thing. Is that it also has the insane feminist shit that was in The Last of Us Part 2. Like a pregnant woman being a bad-ass and can totally kick ass, even when she is pregnant and in reality would be a liability. Then you have stronk female roman catholic priest(for some reason also is probably a lesbian) then there is more retarded shit in there but these are the glowing things. The overall problem is that every development studio is doing it, and going overboard. I actually think that as modern video game developers and publishers go, Square Enix is reasonable compared to EA, Activision and Ubisoft.Then you have Bandai Namco being quite reasonable since they are just releasing cash grabs to begin with. So I trust the devs when they said no niggers in the game, probably because it was content locked at that point. Meaning they aren't adding and just subtracting shit in case it should be a Jewy DLC thing or not. >>2868 weirdly enough, that is true. There have almost been no trailers or previews of games, they release the game and then there is a preview or something. >>2870 that's why they have day one patch for the game. That is work done while the game was content locked and shipped out to be copied to multiple discs and so on. Because you torrent games and probably just play it on PC, and since PC games are jank when they fuck with the DRM protection and then you have the DRM protection fucking with the game to begin with, does not mean the same problem is on consoles.
>>2885 >that's why they have day one patch for the game Day one patches don't fix jack shit. You need to wait for like 3 months for any modern game to be made playable, and then it's still full of bugs anyway.
Open file (19.82 KB 582x329 1310712451203.jpg)
>>1716 >this was a soyfueled reboot of Agni's Philosophy Haven't checked this board in probably a year and i stumbled upon these news, that one tech demo that never came to be got america'd? Goddamn, we truly live in evil, dreadful ages.
>>2888 (heil'd) Nice to see you back anon. Yeah, they sacrificed their last original vision for the brown virtue points. I wonder what the game could have been.
Open file (263.41 KB 891x947 1.jpg)
>>2858 nujaps don't care
>>2908 To be fair kids don't care anymore, we probably played 25+ classics in our heyday, i probably did 50+ but nowadays some kids grew up their entire childhood/teenage years (2013-2023) on only GTA V, Mineycrafta, Fortnite and some other thing like Roblox or Genshin. Even dudes our age who never really got into the hobby got at least 10+ games played even if briefly. The lack of taste and palette in the younger generations is a thing, like somehow they don't have a narratively-rich palette either for movies or music, things are oversimplified and take too long to get replaced by something else, maybe an exception is modern TV series.
>>2889 Another classic dev is seemingly getting their closing hours, we are reaching a sort of dev entropy because all the big names are simply not releasing stuff or putting some shit if not eaten by the monster of current-day identity politics culture which has permeated things with a veil of seriousness that sometimes should not be in entertainment products, it is escapism after all for so many. >back Yeah i am lurking more again but i get bored quicker because i lurk many boards to get my fill when a couple of years ago i couldn't finish reading all the new posts. Seems we are sadly also reaching a point of not posting, only the most persistent are still here. I am scared what will happen in a year or two, i will keep going nevertheless.
>>2909 Kids play games for the social aspect of it, not the gameplay; it's all mobile, all online, all about social media zeitgest, Fortnite, Roblox, Genshin etc. It's all just glorified facebook farm.
>>2910 The board got revived only recently, a few months ago, it's doing alright with that in mind. Every single person counts at this stage, being proactive is the important thing, even 5-6 people having consistent conversations is good activity and then more people will naturally join. >we are reaching a sort of dev entropy because all the big names are simply not releasing stuff Gaming is in the worst possible state, all AAA games are bloated broken messes that can never earn profit because they cost $300 million to make. No wonder game remakes became so ubiquitous and are seemingly the only "good" games of any given year - all you have to do is just copy something already good, all the hard work has already been done, yet you reap the reward as if from a brand new game.
>>2912 yeah there's gonna be more and more remakes because that's an artificial way to make the industry appear in good condition - look, all these highly acclaimed games are selling well! The fact that all of them are remakes is omitted. They, to the general normalfag audience who has never played the originals, come of as good games and millennials swarm to them out of nostalgia, so it's a win/win situation and the publisher/developer takes no risk
>>2919 The mentality of the public nowadays allows remakes to not only get away with terrible decisions but also be praised. There is a way out of this as it has become a successful formula. It is very weird that you can't criticize these new titles without being treated as a pariah.
>>2923 >It is very weird that you can't criticize these new titles without being treated as a pariah. Well it's part of what I mentioned. You have zoomers and normalfags, who got into gaming through playing nothing but modern garbage, are suddenly exposed to these games with incredible stories and concepts, far above anything made today. So to them you're an obvious weirdo for criticizing "a good game". The fact that it's a remake and vastly inferior to the original does not concern them, even if they know they're not gonna play those old musty games, just look at those graphics, they don't even have ray tracing. And this is a perfect displacement strategy for the globohomo, old games are forgotten and replaced but you still can use their IP strength and brand recognition.
>>2923 > There is no* Fixed. >>2924 Not only are older graphics constantly brought up as a negative aspect, but the gameplay of older games is also often criticized. Many of these older games were designed with specific philosophies influenced by even older arcade games. If a game lacks generic modern gameplay mechanics and instead utilizes more traditional elements, it is immediately labeled as "old" and "janky".
>>2925 This is very true, since they got into gaming through modern vidya they have zero tolerance and appreciation for the vast majority of video game legacy, since all game are made identical nowadays regardless of their supposed genre: Horror? Third person open world shooter. Platformer? Third person open world shooter. RPG? Third person open world shooter. etc. It wasn't like this before, all the previous generations always retrained genres from the earlier generations - there were turn-based RPGs on PS3, games with fixed camera and so on. >Playing a game without a 3D camera? Ugh, jank, needs to be fixed and improved, pls a remake! This is literally how they operate.
Open file (221.57 KB 2036x1084 11.jpg)
Open file (623.84 KB 850x682 1.png)
I don't feel so good, ff16bros...
>>3103 yikes
Open file (522.28 KB 1079x1603 1.jpg)
>no airships
Open file (36.10 KB 604x604 oy vey.jpg)
>>3296 DLC airship here we go.
>>3296 >fast travel Can't say I'm surprised. This is just going to be skyrim with a FF paint job.
>>3307 More like Elden Ring. I like how he phrased it like as if they needed airships/cars and whatnot in the classic games because there just was no other, more convenient way travel. They could have had fast travel on PS1 if the wanted to, but instead they meticulously designed the games to implement different types of transportation in different stages and capacities, justified and underlined by the story, culminating in free roaming at the end of the game. Nowadays devs think that if you just plop the character into a sandbox and give him insta fast travel that's good game design. Final Fantasy is dead after all.
>>3296 i really hate this trend of fast traveling in modern games as a basic feature
Open file (72.94 KB 609x356 15 v 16.jpg)
16 is a guaranteed flop.
>>3430 time for a woke reboot
That Sakaguchi dream of reaching XX will remain a dream.
>>3430 IT'S OVER
Open file (169.18 KB 1080x1080 u78.jpg)
Forspokensistas, we are BACK
Open file (91.24 KB 1200x2048 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>3493 Redditfall blown the fuck out.
Open file (3.06 MB 640x640 cat what.gif)
>>3493 >compare smaller pile of garbage to larger pile of garbage >wow this pile of garbage is so great you have to play this >still both piles of garbage
>>3504 it's over
>>3506 I predict this trend will continue. Their (((point))) being to memory hole even the very idea that there ever was once any gud geimu to be played. We'll have to take the bull by the horns ourselves if you ever want to escape the GH's clutches lol, their golems are still lost spouting out the same 'anti' vitriol from gamergate, here today :^) I'd suggest /kong/ at least give's Cafe /agdg/ game jam a try if you have time to.
Open file (878.40 KB 590x1222 ff.png)
Open file (729.24 KB 1170x1779 y6.jpg)
Gaming truly is dead. This is no longer a blackpill.
>>3730 >gayming is following the pedowood example of remaking everything what a degenerate timeline
>>3730 >in the vastly improved ending that was written with diversity and inclusion in mind tidus watches from the corner of the room while yuna has sex with several black men Stunning and brave.
>>3741 >Tidus >not black
>>3730 it is cheaper to remake the classics than to make a new game that might or might not sell. >>3733 Ever since the Japanese had to resort to re-release games to stay afloat the Japanese market have this jewrywood mentality. >>3741 They cannot go so far because FF9 and 10 has fans in Japan. And the reason why FF7 succeed was that it didn't stray too far from the FF7 movie and Anime thingy, along with spin off games. While also introducing new things to FF7, that big tank nigger was always in the game.
>>3766 >it is cheaper to remake the classics than to make a new game that might or might not sell. This was true always. But only now has this become an actual industry-wide standard, where remakes are considered and counted as "new games".
>>3766 >And the reason why FF7 succeed The reason why NuFF7 success is 100% nostalgia and nothing else. Millennials remember FF7 from the 90s. They never played none of that "compilation of FF7" crap.
>>3770 >The reason why NuFF7 success is 100% nostalgia and nothing else This. I pirated the remake and while it wasn't completely irredeemable it wasn't anything special unless you're still fanboying out really hard for FF7. It was pretty, but the gameplay was on the shit side of mediocre. It's felt like an improved version of KH's attempt at real time battles with a menu system. Story beats were mostly predictable for obvious reasons. The fact they're doing some time loop fuckery is thrown in your face really early so there's no build up or subtilty with the big reveal that things aren't going how they're suppose to. So anyone with an IQ above niggertier saw coming from the first hour or so of the game. Plus, they downgraded Tifa and somehow made the crossdressing part even gayer.
>>3774 >while it wasn't completely irredeemable It was. Nothing good about it.
I fail to understand all the praise for FF16 after the demo. I guess all you need to impress gamers is spectacle and good music.
>>3849 It's an open world game, normalnigs don't need anything else to be impressed.
so boring...
Open file (147.00 KB 1151x800 3.jpg)
>>3922 200gb patch here we go!
>>3922 >rest assured we will be releasing updates to improve performance >feedback from the demo Okay am I understanding this wrong or did they actually release a demo with performance problems?
>>3931 I'd imagine the demo runs so bad and they can't do anything about it at this point so they're already promising a patch for the final release.
What would a real Final Fantasy game be if released nowadays?
Open file (3.44 MB 320x240 t.webm)
I just want turn based back, anons.
>>3936 lol
>>3936 300gb day 4 patch will fix this...
>>3936 >it's better than we imagined We're less then 10 years away from a game just getting to the title screen without crashing consistently will be "better than imagined".
>>3944 >less then 10 years away Make that 3.
>>3933 Before 13 came out and fucked everything up in the dirt, all I wanted was 12 but with next gen graphics.
Open file (77.58 KB 1024x768 5.jpg)
>gay shit in FF it's quite over
Open file (91.16 KB 610x445 rip nippon.png)
Open file (303.56 KB 1440x876 1f.jpg)
Modern gaming experience.
>>3979 when indian niggers optimize your games
Open file (299.64 KB 550x484 angry kot.jpg)
>>3964 >sakaguchi died for this
>>3936 yeah, that is something that grinded my gears with the demo.The combat was just alright, and the titan or kaiju fights that would be a cut-scene are much less impressive to play, like it felt stiff. Oh, the whole feel of one of the cutscenes is literally first game of thrones kind of retardation when it comes to fantasy dialog, where every cunt is scheming, there is no on the nose if they are shceming or not. They are just in the open, then you have the really stupid ebin war scene which is actually epic, and that reminded me more of something out of Lord of the Ring beginning rather than game of thrones since they are just talking about war but never really showing it. Then the gameplay becomes uncharted unironically, then it is a prologue. That's the demo, at-least they had a demo unlike many, many games. I am kinda wondering, who this game is for and if it's going to recoup. If it's not recouping then I can see FF going back to turn based combat even maybe making the mainline games into a mobile/handheld only sorta deal, where it will get ported on a later date. .
>>3988 > and if it's going to recoup. > If it's not recouping If its woke, it will go broke. And good riddance tbh.
>>3988 >The combat was just alright It gives my a headache. It's just spastic movement with a wall of sparks and flashes that obstruct everything. All for very little result too as we can see enemies just stand there and take it awkwardly. >I am kinda wondering, who this game is for People who hate Final Fantasy. There's one thing as trying to reinvent the formula, back in the day FF12 also had a lot of arguments about its new combat system, but it still managed to retain that more tactical, methodical approach from the classic games to combat. It was a nice balance of new and old. But with 16 they're literally advertising how it's just an action game where you have to mash X to win. What about it is even remotely a Final Fantasy game other than the name drops of classic Summons and other paraphernalia? Like with every other franchise that got nubooted, all they want is the famous brand recognizable IP to harvest while slapping it on a generic modern game.
>>3964 Final Fagtasy.
It's so bad that it's making me reconsider how much I dislike the 13 trilogy and 15. Yes, they are still bad. Feels like they used Niggerspoken as a benchmark for this trash. I fucking hate video games.
>>3992 13 is kino in comparison
>>3992 I made and extensive look into FF13, if you're interested. >>629 >>986
Open file (380.25 KB 1149x993 7.jpg)
>>3989 There is huwhyte folks in in the game and everyone looks like a fag. The women aren't bad looking, but they aren't fantastical beautiful either, or really sexy. But for some reason every main males are nothing but homosexual looking fags, the first two or three hours are linear as all hell but then it opens up a bit. >>3990 This is an rpg and the spacstic movements is more or less trying to make it more actiony, and if you have it on game journalist difficulty then the combat plays itself. But without the ring of the game playing itself, then the combat is fun and the dog is fun to use. This Final Fantasy is hard to describe because at one hand it is European fantasy, on the other it has taken liberty of showing people with power as the Jews of the world, or the subhumans, and then they have a climate message like FF7. They are also smoking tobacco products. The whole game is weird, because they have taken inspirations from The Witcher and game of thrones. Like, it isn't even hidden it is so blatant, and this final fantasy does feel in some aspects like final fantasy in it's fantastical nature or level design, on the other hand it feels like what the Japanese thinks the witcher 2 should be like, or Tales of Arise.It is truly a weird game. I am enjoying the game because the combat is competent, and it has a nice feel when you get used to it. The Waifub8 that is Jill is just mkay, has a pretty face and that's it, then you have an antagonist or a whore, like there is hints that she has fucked 4 people in the game and then there is a sex scene of her fucking a dude and being a general whore, that wants another man, also there are hints of sex slavery. Like this isn't final fantasy game this is something else, and I do believe this is going to be the big splitter of the series fans or those that kept up to now. Unlike 13 and 15, both of them weren't special and 13 did have it's fans back in the day, while 15 had shills and some fans but generally hated. Now this 16 game, I can see it being liked by the Japanese and then new people that didn't know that final fantasy was more innocent and wasn't this pretend maturity that it is now.
Open file (106.77 KB 609x356 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4003 >the combat is fun If this is your first acion-RPG maybe. >This Final Fantasy is hard to describe because at one hand it is European fantasy, on the other it has taken liberty of showing people with power as the Jews of the world, or the subhumans All of this was already done by previous FF games. >The whole game is weird, because they have taken inspirations from The Witcher and game of thrones. Nothing weird about it, it's targeted at the western goyslop market. >I can see it being liked by the Japanese Japs hate it because it's made for the gaijins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsscdbjeFoo >and then new people that didn't know that final fantasy Zoomers would only play this because they've heard of the Final Fantasy name before. Nothing with 16 in the title is going to have a large zoomer audience outside of the curiosity factor; you either target it at the core audience or you get a flop on your hands.
>>4002 it's over gaybros...
Open file (380.65 KB 1260x763 1t5.png)
this is why vidya is dead
>>4030 I want to punch all these faggots who don't even play video games in the fucking face.
>>4030 >jade king Now that's a fat niggertranny name if I've ever heard one.
>>4033 definitely a fake troon name
>>4030 the game is more or less pandered to these people that don't play games. Yes, it is more or less a parody of slavery and it isn't clever but the development team, probably realized and recognized that gajin cannot handle clever things anymore. So now, it is so heavy handed that you are wondering a few things, because there seems to be no logic in the world. So the summoners are powerful and can murder people and creatures without any problem but for some reason they are the bottom at the foodchain, that doesn't make any sense. Square Enix tried to make The Witcher 2 thing, with the elves being few in number but do these terrorist things,to survive and get a better future for themselves,because they have their own culture and heritage that humans do not have, in the fictional universe.In the FF universe there is an overwhelming number of these summoners and magic users compared to humans, and they are canon fodder, and forced into slavery. So there is a good reason why they didn't want niggers in the game, that would've unironically caused a fake gamer rebellion of wanting to cancelling the game. The problem, is obvious there is no logic how the magic users and those blessed with whatever are slaves, when they have so much power they could level down a city or towns.. Then you have there is a thing that is destroying the world and sucking up all of the magic in the world so nothing can grow, which is fine if they would've just focused on that, kinda like FF7 but instead they are focusing on this weird tale of an ex-slave that is basically a demi-god murdering humans so to set his people fwee. Because they should be able to live and so on. Yes, it is that stupid. At-least in Tales of Arise, the protagonist couldn't feel any sensations and he just wanted the humans to be free because the aliens, are super human demi-gods that has zones and playing a game to see whom is the most powerful or whatever it was. And just wanted humanity to be able to survive, so the slavery thing was a bit more clever and something you didn't notice because each new government or kingdom had a completely different rule on how they harvested magic substance/souls from humans. what is so weird about FF16, it has the art, it has competent gameplay, likable characters, lore around the world which your autism can read until it's heart is filled, but then it has this really stupid fucking plot, where you are more interested in the background story that is the blight that is turning the land into black ash. I am liking the game but there are things there that are so retarded, stupid and not forgetting to mention dumb.
>>4037 >a race with magical powers is enslaved and oppressed by an inferior race that by no logic should be able to either enslave or oppress them DAS RIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE
>>4037 >the game is shit but I like it Why do zoomers be like that?
>>4044 >i have never had a guilty pleasure game So you just admitted to not really being a gamer.
>>4047 >guilty pleasure reddit buzzword for "shit taste"
>>4049 >complain about the story in the game >like everything else <shit game so you are one of those people that love cinematic games?
>>4044 It's the consumer mindset that's been drilled into them by kikes. It's more about just owning every bit of goyslop they can rather then owning something they enjoy. Quantity over quality if you will.
Open file (348.75 KB 664x915 1.png)
>Well, let me start by saying that this year marks the 37th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series, and to coincide with the 35th anniversary, an HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest III has been announced, and there are rumors that the latest title, Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate is about to be released? >Horii: Mmm, I guess it will take a little while. This time we are making a game directed toward an adult audience*, so we are having a lot of trouble (laughs). Great, DQ is about to get gay'd and nigger'd as well.
Open file (548.70 KB 1292x987 1.png)
>16 shipped just 3 million copies in a week >15 sold 5 million copies in 1 day Probably the biggest Squeenix flop.
Open file (3.87 MB 452x690 1628727161989-2.webm)
>>4064 >DQ is about to get gay'd and nigger'd as well. might not be nigger'd but it will be gay'd because when you think of DQ, you think of how much of a mature franchisee it is, and not a children's franchisee. This should scare you, because SE only do these big changes in development when a gamble worked.This would mean that FF16 during pre-orders on PSN, amazon and other stores to have broken/break even, or recouped costs. So, the next FF game is going to have niggers and more gay sex.
>>4073 nigger, games are 70 to 80 bucks now. That means they have a bigger percentage per sale. I thought it would fail because of diablo 4 but, nah. The few people that are into FF or Japanese games, bought it.
>>4075 >games are 70 to 80 bucks now So was 15, retard.
>>4074 >This would mean that FF16 during pre-orders on PSN, amazon and other stores to have broken/break even, or recouped costs. Probably not in sales, but they got ESGbux for fagging up the game.
>>4077 Yeah they bent the knee and got gay'd so now the game will be supported by all the kike media.
>>4076 No, at that time it was a 60 bucks a game in Burgerland, and a multiplat game for Xbone and PS4, while FF16 is a timed exclusive for PS5 with 70 to 80 bucks for the cheap edition of the game. The big feature with PS5 and Xbox Series X is that games went up 10 bucks in the land of the burger, like if you don't follow vidya news then you wouldn't have known about this little feature in vidya. >>4077 the interpretation I have of square enix is that sales is everything, so when they recoup then they are sad but a bit glad, If a game flops on the other hand then they are merciless towards a vidya dev team.
>>4081 >dumb retard doesn't know what inflation is $60 in 2015 is $74 dollars nowadays you stupid nigger.
Open file (1.61 MB 4382x3231 1645718623328.jpg)
It's fun to watch fans of XIII, XIV and XV attempting to defend their goyslop, simply because this one is even worse. I have yet to come across an even more useless picture than this one.
>>4083 >dumb tard doesn't understand that vidya from triple A publishers had a set-price, in burgerland. >Price was 60 US dollars for PS2, PS3 and PS4 Maybe you should need some context because you are mentally challenged tard, That for some reason doesn't understand what set-price is and how it affects the US market(now) and some European markets(the stores in some European markets on the other hand will increase or decrease to satisfy the recommended retail price). So developers and some publishers have bitched and complained that they are losing money when they are developing a game.and to make or to break even the games had to be increased during the PS5 and xbox series x generation. So when the PS5 was released and you bought a game on PS5 in 2020, then in theory it was increased with 10 dollars (without inflation). Unfortunately for them, they didn't increase it today for 80 bucks in America because it is a set-price, and a retail recommended price-point, to have it at 70 bucks, so now they are loosing 10 bucks instead of getting the 10 extra bucks, they thought they would get. So to be a bit recitative, at the point of 2020 when they released information and at the price increase of game, it wasn't because they saw that in the future it was going to be an inflation, Soyny, Microsoy and other publishers thought that they would get 10 extra dollars for each retail game, then bidennomics came with it's inflation and then increased the inflation but not the price of vidya, so vidya is selling now at a 12,15% loss.. I hope this helps you to understand, that the increase was not meant to be ready for inflation, but to get a better profit for each retail game.That is why I said 70 to 80 bucks because outside the US it is 80 bucks in some countries just to break even on the inflation, in the US it is being sold for 70 bucks or at a loss.. >>4086 >pic >release of FF15 on consoles has an average good score(if 70 is considered good) >PCucks are liking the debacle that is FF15 Also video games is goyslob to begin with, it is more subversive than a film or a tv-series. The modern fans feels a need to having to defend their favorite goyslob, obviously. But you kinda messed up because that pic is gajin defending the honor of FF15 against FF14 or the MMO but that is probably rather because they(FF15 fans) are feeling that FF is turning into an MMO because the development team of 16 is the MMO guys.Or they are thinking that FF 14 is getting more spotlight. Which makes sense since FF 14 is the cash crop of Square Enix at this point ever after when some wowfags moved away from wow to FF14, and they are the autistic kind that moved. I bet money, one would see the same tard logic from plebbit of how DQX is just a maymay, if it was released in the western market.
Open file (539.48 KB 976x731 45.png)
Gaybros, not again!
Open file (1.03 MB 1440x3120 16.png)
>>4073 it's over
>>4176 >"It's totally the PS5 exclusivity!111" <not at all the niggers, faggots, wokeshit on every hand
>>4176 With this and Flopspoken, Squeenix might get bought by someone.
>>4178 I've heard SE has been looking to get bought by soyny. So we might see SE go from pandering to (((western))) sensibilities to actually being a (((western))) company pretty soon.
>>4183 All game developers will soon be owned by 2 giant globohomo corporations that will try to outdo each other in progressiveness.
Open file (1.20 MB 720x1280 2d.png)
>FF16 is such a flop, there's a genuine movement of people picking up and re-evaluating 13 Lightningsisters, we won!
>>4073 >>4176 >the twitter troons on twitter praising the gay butt sex didn't equate to actual sales Who could have seen this coming? Other then anyone who's brain hasn't been destroyed by soy I mean. >>4199 This reminds me of the Star Wars prequels. Everyone shit on them at the time, but then some years later (((diversity))) and (((inclusion))) got ham fisted in ruining it and people started thinking the prequels weren't so bad after all.
>>4201 Every film is subversive today, prequels were good, they weren't hamfisted much till redditlettermedia and gen x'rs bitched about them and it became a super reddit opinion. Than reddit latched onto e-celebs video essays latching on to /tv/'s debunking of redditlettetmedia and gradually the majority of prequel "enjoyers" today are also redditors only doing it for le memes. FF13 had some interesting ideas but it was pretty badly executed, as most nu-ff games are. The FF game that reddit ironically liked last year was actually okay tho.
>>4204 >FF13 had some interesting ideas but it was pretty badly executed Sure, but at least it wasn't 15/16 and it avoided the open world slop.
>>4201 >people started thinking the prequels weren't so bad after all i always thought that
Open file (733.40 KB 1137x911 oh no.png)
>be SquareEnix >need a surefire hit <what do, Kobayashi-kun? <rets pander to the white devils <what do they rike? <gay sex and open world <ok, we got this in the bag
>>4212 >sad news >the stock price of square enix continues ot fall every day But that's happy news.
>>4216 It's ironic. Although it is sad news for Squeenix.
16 doesn't have: >dungeons >secret super-bosses >minigames >actual exploration >airship or vehicles of any kind >basically any RPG elements It's a full-on action game.
>>4228 Shocking. The Final Fantasy game that's was basically nothing like Final Fantasy is in fact nothing like Final Fantasy. Why not just make it a spin off title if it's going to be such a big departure from what the series usually is? It's be like crapcom making DMC6 and making it a tactics game.
Open file (138.02 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4232 Without Sakaguchi, Squeenix is a headless chicken. He always had a vision for every project and a strong sense of direction of what it should be. Under him Square was setting trends, not chasing them like what we see today - "uh, I dunno, what is popular today, open world action games? Have you played Zelda and Elden Ring? Yeah, that's our new Final Fantasy".
Open file (264.05 KB 808x721 oof.png)
oof and yikes
First square kills itself with the retarded movies now it dies an even newer death lol. No fullmetal alchemist or Final Fantasy to keep them afloat now.
>>4241 >No fullmetal alchemist Huh?
>>4240 Soyny buyout guaranteed now.
>>4241 All this is the result of pandering to the gaijin and the egalitarian approach to media.
>>4240 >why you no rike gay butt sex gaymu? shekelberg-san say you would rike gay butt sex gaymu Considering gay butt sex game is obviously targeted at a (((western audience))) I'm more interested to see how it's selling it 'murrica.
>>4268 >I'm more interested to see how it's selling it 'murrica There are no niggers in FF16 so it will flop as well.
Open file (138.02 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
This game is neither a character action game nor a jrpg. It does not have an identity because it is a hollow game. The equivalent of a pretty whore with no brains. It lures you in with the spectacle of Eikon battles, the GoT-esque plot, and the allure of a character action game that has its roots in JRPGs. However, as you dive into the game's plot you quickly find yourself realizing you're only ever ankle deep in this games' story, mechanics, and gameplay. I won't focus on the story because that is more subject to opinion than the factual shortcomings of this game when it comes to its gameplay/game progression and character action/jrpg mechanics but to keep it brief, to the point where I'm at which I'd say is 60 to 70%, the story is a solid 6.5/10. The Eikon battles have to be in the top five worst things of this game. Pure spectacle with zero substance to it, just an on rails set piece that serves to give you this sense of epic scale and power that you end up bored with as you have to mash buttons for upwards of 10 mins till you reach the next QTE. There is never any difficulty to them, and you don't even have to dodge any attacks since the game gives you plenty healing items so that you can just barrel your way through it without care. Even the ones where you have full control of Ifrit are nothing more than mash the combo sections while dodging (if you want) till you get to the next QTE. Which brings me to this game's enemy roster and difficulty, that in my opinion are two out of three of its worst traits (I'll get to the third one further down the line). Enemies have the worst qualities out of the DMC games, I can probably count the times I actually got hit or had to dodge an attack from a regular mob with one hand. The enemies with stagger meter are no better either. It gotten to the point where I just do Raging Fist (with the hugely generous block window), in to a 50% stagger, Embrace, Windup, Upheaval into a completely staggered state in which I semi-primed and wait till the end to hit with the two Phoenix abilities. Do that twice, and the mob is dead. Wasn't that much different with the mini bosses, just had to do MMO mechanics that extends the fight. The lack of difficulty options till you beat the game and go through it a second time is a desperate attempt to make you replay the game, I can already tell. Because of this, the game fails as a character action game. The abilities you get are very basic with no depth to them, where you just end up going on an MMO rotation to delete the enemies health bars and the regular mobs are so easily interruptible and passive that you never have to fear getting hit by one before it dies to one of your abilities. It has the worst parts of DMC5 as its core gameplay and it shows a lack of understanding of what makes a character action game good. Forgettable passive enemies, abilities with cooldowns that suit an mmo, and a difficulty in general that makes the game feel on rails 80% of the time. Now the worst offender, in my opinion, out of the three worst traits of this game. The game's progression and rpg mechanics. There is no point to them. I am literally at the Bahamut fight, and I'm using some platinum, diamond, whatever the fuck sword I crafted. I wouldn't doubt it if you could just go through the entire game with the gear you get at Eastwood and only suffer the fact that encounters might last a minute or two longer. There is no incentive to explore the world, no incentive to craft or buy gear. It is all incredibly superficial, and the game's quests don't reward you with anything that's worth it except for the ones that give you upgrades. The missions are all MMO type fetch quests, where you talk to someone, they give you a sob story you talk to someone else or gather/fight somewhere. The only ones that I actually had any interest in were the ones dealing with the people at the hideout and their background, and even then, at the point of the Bahamut fight, I started skipping them completely. There is no selecting which party members you'd like to take out, there is no upgrading them and making them better. They give you a stat screen for Torgal and it is literally nothing because you can't actually change anything about it. It somehow managed to have worst RPG mechanics than games like Spider-Man and God of War. I could go on and on, but I will end it here. This game fails as a character action game, this game fails as a JRPG. It has no identity because it never commits to being either. It is nothing more than a spectacle that takes the name of Final Fantasy hold itself up and lure you in. This game is a solid 5 out of 10. It was scared to try and be anything because of its predecessor and it shows. At this point, I am debating if whether or not I should finish the game because I do find the story interesting enough but with a lot of wasted potential, and also because I did pay 80 dollars for this game.
>>4380 95% video 5% game
Open file (224.60 KB 621x677 16.png)
>>4380 >made to appeal to zoomers >doesn't appeal to anyone because zoomers: <A. are shit at video games <B. don't care about Final Fantasy
>>4398 I don't feel so good final fantasy bros.
>>4242 Square also runs a magazine that fma was serialized in as well at one point. >>4243 And when that happens the kikes will rape final fantasy.
>>4405 >Square also runs a magazine that fma was serialized in as well at one point That was like 15 years ago anon.
Open file (14.48 KB 619x194 sales.png)
>>4404 it's over
FF17's protag will be an ugly nigger lesbian.
>>4410 >selling worse than a remake Well that means Square will double down on remakes now. RIP.
>>4418 Doesn't matter. Either way they'll just be pumping out complete shit.
>>4418 I hope they will leave FF8 alone...
>>4420 first and foremost, they're gonna milk ff7 for about a decade. we're talking completely bone dry, a Tifa spin off and a Barrett tv series. Then it has permission to die.
>>4422 A (((netflix))) series where Tifa is fucking Barrett and Cloud is a bumbling moron who can't do anything himself and Mexican for some reason.
>It's being reported by the Yomiuri Shimbun that Square Enix has suffered a significant loss from the launch of the recent Final Fantasy video game. >According to sources that spoke on the condition of anonymity due to sensitive nature of situation, the project was meant to be the foundation of a series of games and media projects. >The failure of the 16th Final Fantasy installment means there will be significant downsizing in the company. However, the true extent of the damage is being hidden as long as possible so that SE can find a way to inject some capital into the company from an outside source. This would alleviate the complications from the project's failure. >However, it seems there is more than financials involved. Many of the key staff involved had staked much of their reputation on the project. Its failure has left many demoralized. It has even been revealed that there were some shocking events that followed, including the suicide of a number of the top staff. >Mostly via jumping out of the highest floors in Square Enix's HQ, leaving an unrecognizable array of crimson splotches on the ground. >The personnel were only recognized by their clothing when emergency workers asked Square Enix employees to identify them for their families. Sadly, the families would soon followed suit.
Open file (15.26 KB 474x266 th-188549500.jpg)
>>4435 I wanna habeeb
>>4435 If this doesn't bankrupt Squeenix I don't know what will. I guess they still have the remakes trump card that Crampcom has been milking for years now.
>>4477 Unfortunately squeenis isn't going anywhere for the foreseeable future no matter how big of a flop Final Faggotry 16 is or how much money they lose. Soyny is just bucking to buy them and use the rotting corpse that was once Squaresoft to pump out more shitty tranny moviesgames using their IPs.
>>4478 I dunno, why would Snoy want a sinking ship?
>>4479 Because they can get their hands on all of SE's IPs for cheap that way relatively speaking. Like them or not, failing or not SE does have brand recognition.
>>4480 Yeah but those brands are not making money. I guess you can say those are new games, like them or not, and Snoy or the whatever buyer is more interested in the numakes.
it's over for the squeeninx
>>4639 We're going to see Final Fantasy owned by a commiefornian jew company. I'm dreading when they try to make a Chrono Trigger repboot.
Open file (21.78 KB 550x322 3r.png)
This is what you get when you make a fake Final Fantasy game.
>>4718 buyout is inevitable, pour one for the old Squaresoft
>>4718 There are rumors now that Microsoft might buy SE. Basically everyone is already rubbing hands dividing the pie.
>>4729 >becoming a gaijew bitch Seems appropriate seeing how Squaresoft died due to trying to appeal to the Holyjew with the film that killed the company basically.
I have seen a few people saying the sales aren't bad and that if digital sales are considered then it is closer to 5 million that played the game, out of 38 million ps5 consoles in the wild. But they haven't told what the budget for this FF game is or was, and that is conserning in a way. >>4719 Squaresoft is long gone, it is Square Enix and has been for a long time, and Square Enix is quite different from old SquareSoft. >>4729 >>4734 Doubt it, Square Enix makes money from mobile games and licensing franchises to mobile devs So can see them making a new MMO or mobile game before selling, or considering a buy out of all their shares to a platform publisher, also I believe that microsoft might've gone a bit too brazen with buying Bethesda and Activision blizzard plus many other devs. They have basically bought up the western dev, and the eastern publishers/Japanese for consoles and computers is just Square Enix, Capcom, Namco Bandai and Sega the rest are small publishers and developers. Hell, square enix releases most of their things on nintendo switch.
Open file (127.49 KB 616x533 tvaz.jpg)
>>4742 >Squaresoft is long gone, it is Square Enix <for the old Squaresoft
>>4743 that was a long time ago, so long that one could almost say that no one today knows what games Squaresoft made before. if you aren't an autist that played every jrpg that was made by squaresoft, or random jrpg and experimental game on playstation.
>>4742 >Square Enix makes money from mobile games and licensing franchises to mobile devs They really don't.
Open file (391.55 KB 2555x1037 1r.jpg)
Based Kamiya delivers once again, BTFOing the gaijin cocksuckers.
Open file (221.32 KB 550x689 16.png)
it's so over
Open file (114.45 KB 1080x610 13.jpg)
>>4776 Soon.
i actually wonder if Square and Enix might separate now
>>4798 Why, is all the CY literal faggotry coming from one side and not the other? If so then that would probably be a good move.
>>4802 At this point Square is the limping horse while Enix just makes Dragon Quest games that are well received and successful. Why get dragged down.
>>4801 which is laughable since PS5 sold some gorillions now
Open file (564.94 KB 789x765 14.png)
>>4824 okay now it's definitely getting disbanded and bought in chunks
Open file (240.35 KB 686x845 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (361.83 KB 1080x1052 owatta.jpg)
Goodbye sweet prince.
>>4848 Lmao that's brutal
>>4848 what happened i thought ff 16 is a good game
>>4851 Is it a good game? Debatable and a matter of opinion. Is it a good Final Fantasy game? Hell no.
Reminder than Squaresoft released FF6 in 1994, then Chrono Trigger in 1995. Good god. FF7 in 1997. FF Tactics in 1997. Xenogears in 1998 (even though the game was rushed and not finished). Chrono Cross in 1999. Vagrant Story in 2000. So many interesting and inspired RPG's in the SNES and PS1 era. Even little gems you never got to play. Now Square-Enix can't release a good game in a decade it seems. If Square-Enix can't make AAA games with 400 people working on a game, then perhaps they should go back to making smaller-scale games like on SNES or PS1. I would take some interesting small AA or Square Indie games over a game that takes 8 years to make and is garbage. I guess they already do this to a degree on the Switch with games like Bravely Default and Octopath Traveller. They only did this due to the Switch's weak power. I know that development is bigger now and takes more money and requires more assets rathe than drawing a lot of sprites on the SNES. But just think about FF6 and Chrono Trigger being released back to back.
>>4855 Squeenix isn't interested in making games, that's the problem. They're just a faceless corporation now only interested in having their product sell 5mil copies, that's the job well done. All creative people left the company over the decade.
>>4851 From what I hear it's fun to play, for what little you actually get to play. Sort of like a watered down DMC with jury rigged in FF elements, but cut scenes are 90% of the game. >>4856 This.
Open file (743.18 KB 828x1219 ClipboardImage.png)
>this is Squeeshit's greatest
>>4232 Publishers spend years building up an IP like Resident Evil or Final Fantasy. So after years of pushing the IPs and making them famous, you slap the IP on as many games as possible hoping they sell more. After all, half the time, it's a friend of parent buying the game as a gift for someone in the store and they see an established brand like Resident Evil and at least have heard their son talking about it or seen a commercial. So they buy it. New IP's are risker from a business perspective. >>4380 >I did pay 80 dollars for this game. Lol. >>4435 You had me until the employees starting jumping from the roof. Lol. >>4719 It's quite ironic the game (and name) Final Fantasy was started as a Hail Mary for Square when they thought it was their last game before going bankrupt. Now it's coming full circle. >>4729 I hate Microsoft so much. They have unlimited money so they buy up all the competition to have a monopoly. This means less competition and shittier games while Microsoft can pretend to be the big dog.
>>4872 >New IP's are risker from a business perspective. Squaresoft had a different opinion in the '90s. It was make as many new quality IPs as possible and have them build up the reputation of the company, so that the company logo would sell games. While making sequels and spin off was considered low grade. >Hail Mary for Square when they thought it was their last game before going bankrupt It's more of a legend though. >I hate Microsoft so much. They have unlimited money so they buy up all the competition to have a monopoly Yeah fuck Microsoft although to be fair everyone else is just as bad so it doesn't matter.
Open file (198.78 KB 593x531 1.png)
Is he right?
>>4977 Lmao what a cope. More people would buy your game if they were forced to? Xbox tards would buy your game if it was on xbox? No shit, what a genius asian IQ.
>>4978 soysoles are identical now, with identical multiplat games, so there's already a single game console
It's owatta
Open file (943.56 KB 1184x1109 9.png)
Open file (315.01 KB 640x705 ClipboardImage.png)
In fact, Tifa is a man now.
>>5058 >mastectifa procedure complete
>>5058 >>5060 These should be sold one at a time as NFT. Squeenix will make a fortune. Am I bid 1 gorillion for Tifa's Hank's right one?
Open file (496.38 KB 1171x653 10.png)
it's fucking OVER
>>5066 Hopefully, and there's an actual possibility, Squeenix goes bankrupt before they get the chance to ruin any more classic FF games...
Open file (494.29 KB 500x667 heh.png)
>>5155 lmao, such petty fucking drama
>>5070 We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your nostalgia. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your classic games and movies will be remade to service us. Resistance is futile.
Open file (3.10 MB 2800x1768 ff7.jpg)
>>5170 That's modern day SE for ya
>>5178 Even if you only count screen shots from Midgar from the original, they're still more visually diverse then the numake.
>>5180 Yeah a miss pre-rendered backgrounds, you could do so much detailed atmospheric stuff, all unique and unlimited. With this 3D slop all you get is reused assets and blurry textures.
>>5181 Me too. I love prerendered backgrounds, especially in RPGs and games like RE. Loved the detail, and they also peaked the imagination.
>>5182 The worst thing is that you can do so much with pre-rendered backgrounds nowadays, the resolution, the multilayering, the effects... a game like that could look amazing but everything must be muh open world 3D now or it won't sell
>>5178 >>5181 >>5182 >>5183 My rule for pre-rendered static backgrounds vs real time 3D worlds is that you're allowed to transition to 3D if you can preserve the detail from the 2D flat image. When RE went fully 3D for Code Veronica, I don't think the detail was there. It was approaching RE1's detail level but not quite and only bc that game largely took place in square flat rooms in a mansion. When Starcraft 2 released, the detail was as rich as Starcraft 1's pre-rendered graphics so it was a justified leap. I think RE2 remake was justified in its 3D graphics, but ofc that was 3 console generations later so it was more expected to deliver visually. People always clamored for 2D games to go 3D in the PS1 era. But it would just mean losing a lot of detail in some cases. Like Castlevania SOTN was sort of overlooked bc some gamers thought they'd seen the 2D Castlevania before. But as time settled on it, it ended up being the greatest Castlevania game to most people. Bc it used the PS1's power on a 2D game and its sprite graphics have aged better than early 3D games. >>5183 That is why RE 1 remake on the Gamecube (and RE0 at least visually) was so amazing. It still used the pre-rendered graphics on the backgrounds and they were moving and not just static background. Some of the finest 2D game art ever.
Open file (512.40 KB 640x440 latest_23.51.32.png)
Open file (235.15 KB 500x281 RESIDENT-EVIL-2.png)
>>5223 >I think RE2 remake was justified in its 3D graphics Same 3D slop with reusable assets, simplified geometry and shitty textures if you look anywhere other than the general direction your sight is directed to look. Doesn't hold a candle to the original pre-rendered backgrounds. Not to mention the lack of kino angles that are instrumental to the atmosphere. >That is why RE 1 remake on the Gamecube (and RE0 at least visually) was so amazing. It still used the pre-rendered graphics on the backgrounds and they were moving and not just static background. Some of the finest 2D game art ever. That is the highest point, you can still find some rare examples during the early PS3 era but what could have been given the usage of HD images and expanded memory capacity to produce complex parallaxes and multilayering will forever remain a hypothetical sadly.
Open file (160.85 KB 640x448 000604dY.jpg)
Open file (505.15 KB 1223x721 fmvu9b2hl4411.png)
>>5226 Well, we'll disagree. I understand what you're saying but I think the remakes reach that level of visual fidelity. Keep in mind, the pre-rendered backgrounds are 2D paintings/renders while the remakes are fully explorable environments. So it's kind of like having to be perfect in one frame vs having to be perfect at all times, from all angles, in every corner, in constant motion, etc. 2D vs 3D. I think they succeeded overall. Yeah, I know you can find blurry textures here and there. The angles don't bother me as that is a game design decision to bring the game into fully 3D, as it as remake, not a remaster. You don't think these are detailed?
I miss when a new Final Fantasy game was a generation-defining event. The reception of 16 was so passive, just another game soon to be forgotten. And how can it not be when all it offers are the exact same things every other game on the market does right now. I genuiely think at this point making a classic turn-based party RPG would have been more benificial because of how different it would have been.
>>5228 Numakes don't come nowhere near the fidelity of the originals. There are money shots they want you to look at and think that's how the entire game looks but in actuality they are cutting corners wherever possible. And even their best doesn't come close to what the originals were depicting because they weren't constrained by memory and poly count.
Open file (1.59 MB 1141x1114 t5.png)
>Squaresoft: we make the best games >SquareEnix: we study the best games
https://archive.ph/YUBcR >August top downloads >FFXVI falls to 17th place It's over.
>>5518 >>5493 Yoshi-P, you were supposed to be the chosen one...
>>5493 >>5519 >Chosen one Have you heard anyone that plays fa14 talk about him? Crazy stuff, legit act like he's some kind of messiah figure.
>>5520 >Have you heard anyone that plays fa14 talk about him? Everyone that plays FF14 knows him. He was supposed to save SE after Nomura's folly.
>>5521 >knows him No, they don't know him, they worship him. Cult of personality going on there for a guy that helped reboot a really bad mmorpg into a mid mmorpg. Want to make someone that plays ffa14 mad? Point out that Elder scrolls online does just as good as Final Fantasy 14 playerbase wise, never needed a reboot, and you don't have to dickride some midget jap freak pedo(since he plays as a lalafell I automatically assume he's a pedo because they all are all the time no matter what they say five minutes in guild chat or get an invite to a discord and yep they're a pedo or lolicon.)
>>5522 >never needed a reboot Lmao, talk about a tourist who wasn't around when 14 launched.
>>5523 >tourist >no reading comprehension Blaine unless you can understand the posts you're attempting to reply to then just don't. Unless you're just trying to ragebait.
>>5524 >seething right on schedule
>>5525 >ragebaiting Are you mad because you looked in the mirror by accident again?
Open file (462.57 KB 723x909 12.png)
It's over for the Squeenix.
>>5559 Problem is that the story was fucking dumb and none of the characters were interesting. Asian storytelling sensibilities are childishly dramatic and overblown. FF14Basically repeats itself over and over again. Evil general with strange powers and bad army, characters need to go somewhere new to find allies, betrayed! Fight back, defeat betrayers, defeat bad general. Go to new place, be introduced to bad general with strange powers and bad army. Characters need to go somewhere new to find allies. Betrayed! Fight back...defeat betrayers...defeat evil general...and it's done in a stupider and gimmicky wrapping each time so nobody playing actually notices they've been doing the same story loop for ten years. Now they're emo gothi girl lesbians? OR was that last season and now everyones a furry transbian on the moon? Something stupid. But I bet there's a evil general with strange powers and a bad army that needs to be defeated by finding new allies to help them in the battle...
>>5560 >Asian storytelling sensibilities are childishly dramatic and overblown. You say that like it's a bad thing. That's the entire point and what makes it charming.
Open file (4.93 KB 250x231 OOO.jpg)
>>5560 >Asian storytelling sensibilities are childishly dramatic and overblown As opposed to the heckin based westoid storytelling sensibilities amirite
Open file (811.52 KB 2000x2000 15.jpg)
>>5559 >it's true Press S That being said, now that they're gonna get bought, their output is only gonna get worse.
>>5561 >>5562 I mean yeah, that's why asians ape Shakespeare and other western classics constantly for their most acclaimed movies and media. Sorry you guys think Assassin's Creed and God of War is the peak of western storytelling. I mean, they do it constantly. Fuck, people were going on about the lion king ripping off Kimba without mentioning that Kimba stole every beat and plot point from Babar the Elephant years previously.
Open file (185.94 KB 1437x716 j.jpg)
>>5570 Holyjew been ripping off Japan for 40 years now, sonny.
>>5572 >40 years Just reparations. Nah, that's some nepo piece of shit plagiarising something way beyond their own skill level because they thought nobody would notice. It happens back and forth all the time. The funny thing I think and something that most otaku weebs ignore or deny is that jap devs and creative types are often the biggest westaboos alive, Berserk and The soul games, One Piece, Attack on titans, three quarters of ff14 is jerking off some gay eurotrash elfboi...there is a huge western influence in tons of big mainstream jap anime and videogames. I'm not going to deny that anime doesn't get ripped off, but I'd say the japanese borrow from us more than we borrow from them (unless your like...rebecca sugar and that doesn't count.)
Open file (547.84 KB 583x527 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (50.06 KB 597x698 ClipboardImage.png)
Da East has farren...
>>5690 i don't get it...
Open file (750.02 KB 987x817 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (145.83 KB 1147x679 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5691 Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince covers up Manya’s classic outfit Character is supposed to look like the right.
>>5692 They also made her fat
>>5693 Is it just me or are her tits a bit smaller? Maybe just less perky? You'd think if they were going move her towards being a cow, they'd chunk up those boobas just a bit too. Apparently not.
>>5694 Tits smaller and covered, made her fat, face is no longer seductive, gave her pants. I feel sorry for the zoomers who have to play all this shit, we at least can always go back to playing the good ol vidya but they're stuck with this crap.
Open file (686.41 KB 700x900 cloud on segway.png)
>>5696 Lmao. Look at his little turkey drumstick legs. What were the character designers thinking?
>>5697 they thought of turning him into a complete sissy femboy
>>5698 On a similar vein, I've never understood the obsession with trying to turn Link from the Zelda series into a sissy femboy. That is a popular hentai genre for gays. And trying to pair with him bbc. I think it's a tranny thing.
>>5721 Link has always been a femboy, look at dem legs.
>>5721 Muh dik isn't even real, more like tiny black pecker also ol' Ganon is a literal Germanic-Italian-Middle-Eastern Rape baby because his race rely on aryan studs from Hyrule to reproduce as they only make one truw male every now and than, think Goblin slayer in reverse. >>5722 Link can be a pretty man but their is nothing effeminate about him, the hero of hyrule is not to be trifled with by tranny faggots.
>>5722 the guy is called zelda idiot
Open file (57.13 KB 450x360 shiet.jpg)
Open file (3.91 MB 1280x720 2023.webm)
The state of SE.
>>5745 What the fuck is this? Why are there hijabis and trannies in a turn based game?
>>5748 Because SE is taking ESGbux.
>>5745 >soundless webm
>>5791 and?
Open file (18.53 KB 588x198 roru.png)
>>5817 Final Fantasy is a dying series. The games have too much budget put into them that game sales can't make back. Marvels avengers cost square enix millions of dollars to make and even with over 7 million sales they considered it a failure and lost money on it. Evidence of this is the sales of FF16 and how square is lowering the price. FF7 remake only sold 7 million and square is making up for it by pushing out as many easy to make sequels and shitty spinoffs as possible. Remember FF first soldier which was shut down in two years? Despite what squeenix fans will say final fantasy is on the edge of death and has been for years. The only thing keeping it alive is final fantasy online.
>>5821 >FF7 remake only sold 7 million Really? I heard the numake sold really well and saved SE from bankruptcy.
>>5823 Let me guess, you head that from Sqeenix. https://archive.vn/RJy01
>>5824 No, but it wouldn't exactly be surprising if they were the ones to spread it. Good. I was kind of worried the FF7 numake would keep them afloat for a little longer.
>>5821 Its due to their incompetence. Dragon Quest 11 of all things sold like crazy and it was a by-the-numbers turn based rpg. Squeenix keeps trying to make Final Fantasy more than it is and they're paying for it.
>>5828 Now they're trying to turn DQ into muh serious RPG as well.
>>5830 And it's already getting censored.
Open file (145.80 KB 948x1024 7.jpg)
>Once the KING of Japanese publishers/devs >King of JRPGs >King of innovation >Everything they touched turned to gold >Now a shell of it's former self in every aspect >Lagging behind Capcom/Sega >Still relies on shoddy timed exclusive deals >FF brand has fallen off hard >Sold off big IPs like Tomb Raider for cheap
>>5987 All of the talent that made Squaresoft what it was left the company years ago. Leaving only untalented and uncreative hacks and greedy bugmen to lean on past successes that weren't even theirs'. Actually now that I'm thinking about it when was the last time SE actually made something good? I don't mean like publish or farm out something that turned out to be good, I mean when was the last time they made something good in house.
>>5994 It is true, all the big talent left the company, I even remember making a collage of all the names that left over the years. Basically everyone comprising Square's "dream team" of old has left. >when was the last time they made something good in house Squeenix hasn't made a single new and by that extent good game, that isn't some regurgitation of FF/KH, since The Last Remnant which is 2008. So by and large, they haven't made anything new and/or good since the merger.
I love old Squaresoft so much bros.
>>5996 >I even remember making a collage of all the names I remember this being a thing in old /vg/ and my jewish mother-era, this is what really makes the cookies crumble when discussing games, same as movies with technicians and directors and music with musicians and producers. Time ago i did one for Hitman and it was very obvious most of the upper echelon left after Blood Money, which was premeditated as that game has plenty of clues (often explicit) that it would the last of the series. Also "discovering" some other names that functioned as creative forces but got forgotten over time, like Peter Morawiec.
Open file (66.53 KB 668x508 1.png)
>>6064 With the power of PS6 we'll finally be able to play games in 60FPS at 1080p!
Open file (72.20 KB 1024x432 ps.jpg)
>>6064 >(game) runs at 144p to achieve a stable 40fps and that's a good thing! >still drops to 14fps in some areas Just got to love (((modern gayming.)))
>>6080 They have to do something to justify the constant need to upgrade graphics cards and consoles. So they make the games run like shit.
>>6086 I love how the technology keeps getting more powerful and more spyware and yet games keep getting worse. Almost like diversity hires, pajeet cooders and jews don't make good video games....
Open file (158.21 KB 1074x649 owatta.jpg)
>Final Fantasy XVI cant even hit 4 million copies
Open file (652.61 KB 1170x1647 y.jpg)
>remake remake remake reboot reboot Even if this isn't true, you know this is what they're gonna do.
>>6190 >5 sequelsdon't know if FF17 would really count though. most mainline titles have nothing to do with each other past a few similarities and references >4 numakes >1 remastershitty upscaled HD textures >2 reboots I wonder how old Sqauresoft devs feel about what the soulless ghouls turned the company into.
>>6212 Literally the first thing Squeenix did after the merger is greenlit FFX-2 to make some quick buck off it. Regurgitation is in their DNA.
>>6190 >>6213 sequels to Final Fantasy are some of the dumbest most desperate things you can make
Open file (696.14 KB 2048x2048 16.jpg)
FF16 is in bargain bins in Japan already, dropping to 2500 yen
>>6279 Lol even the japs got sick of the uberweeb garbage. Final fantasy 16 is a perfect example of why jap devs run away from thier own storytelling methods and stereotypes, they're tired of them. They've got a massive trove of new and interesting stories and ideas across the ocean.
>>6281 >ff16 >uberweeb It's completely gaijin oriented, you wouldn't even know it was made in Japan. It'd likely do better if it was uberweeb.
Open file (940.55 KB 1080x1463 ff8.png)
Still the best FF theory.
>>6281 >Kike post of the day >>>/out/
>>6281 retard
>>6283 >>6291 >>6292 >jimmies rustled You don't like it but it's true, take a look at some of the biggest jap franchises right now, all westernboo shit. FF16 hit every jap cliche in the book to the point where japanese players couldn't even be bothered to play it because they've played it already a million times before. You fell for that ff14 veneer they slathered on, you know, the other big ff franchise dedicated to jerking off western aesthetics with their gay elves and sand nigger lolis.
>>6296 I don't think you've played a single japanese game in your life.
>>6297 >I don't think Sorry to hear that. Why are games like resident evil, silent hill, rule of rose all set in western countries? Why do all the metal gear solid games take place in other countries than japan? Why are all the biggest franchises in japan either games set in japanese high schools or europe? Japanese gamers are playing harry potter and minecraft and animal crossing right now so I'm not sure what you mean by 'japanese game.' like a game played by japanese people or a game made by japanese people? I suspect you might not have played any jappy games recently, you think it's dragon quest and shenjiki no bitches instead of pokemon and eldenrings.
Open file (338.40 KB 753x440 saka.png)
Sakaguchi will announce something in a week. Hopefully a new game to show 'em how it's done.
Open file (53.44 KB 616x358 lol.png)
>>6354 >16 will actually be the final fantasy sad
Open file (24.42 KB 654x528 e4.png)
>>6354 tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down
>>6355 many such cases
>>6354 >>6371 It's over.
It is really sad to see the decline of squire, again. Honestly I am gonna give CHAOS and the newest one a try and see if they are any good, Jack certainly is a pretty based MC in the current year.
>>6394 Chaos?
Open file (482.89 KB 940x1120 53j.jpg)
>>6463 >The offline mmo final fantasy Reddit can have her
>>6483 >offline mmo final fantasy Retard.
>>6484 Wow you're dumb
>>6485 >n-no u based retard
Open file (121.89 KB 640x1136 JL.jpg)
>>6463 J-Law knows what's up.
Open file (323.40 KB 700x384 sniff2.gif)
>>6494 imagine the smell
Open file (338.94 KB 600x400 gY4.png)
It's over, Sakaguchi approved 16, it's an official Final Fantasy now. >"With each new title, you should carry that sense of adventure and courage to take on new challenges. If you can continue with that mindset and move forward, then the gravity of Final Fantasy will start to work and pull people in, which then results in a Final Fantasy for everyone. >"I think Final Fantasy 16 did exactly that and faced those challenges, and the game truly made me feel that this is Final Fantasy." https://archive.is/TJjCQ In reality this is more of a James Cameron situation praising the shitty sequels because you're on good terms with the creators and it's just an industry rule.
>>6574 such a generic token praise
Open file (232.14 KB 1920x1080 13.jpg)
I can't believe FF13 will now forever be the last "good" Final Fantasy.
>>6631 I at least want to mating press Lighting.
Reminder Square killed themselves once for LARPing as movie makers and they are now gonna take Einix with them, what a way to repay them from buying them out of death. RIP S-Sha bros...
>>6656 very true
>>6661 At least Sakaguchi took responsibility and left the company. Nobody in Squeenix is going to take responsibility and they'll just double down with more shit.
Open file (302.71 KB 1186x775 12.png)
Place your bets how are they gonna fuck this one up.
>>6690 Gee no thanks I think I've had enough deconstruction for one decade.
>>6696 Sephiroth descends onto Aeris with a sword, she dodges, she takes out a sword and kills Sephiroth. Screencap this.
>>6690 She goes ahead and dies, but turns into a shiny caterpillar, then is magically metamorphed into a beautiful, hideous, stronk independynt, morbidly-obese, F-M tranny, nigger.
>>6690 Tifa saves her and then they become lesbians together.
Open file (10.61 KB 268x268 ddg.jpg)
>>6704 Uh, I wouldn't mind that actually.
>>6704 >>6705 Yeah that would be the best way to ruin it.
>>6709 busty lesbians improve games anon
>>6690 Will she say "shit" when she's stabbed?
Open file (342.46 KB 1133x757 56.png)
Open file (177.88 KB 1170x1576 42.jpg)
>Let's just ruin the whole point of Zack by making him a playable character
Open file (501.32 KB 1920x2640 S-Sha.jpg)
>>6785 >Lets subvert the plot so much it isn't even remotely what it originally was. Uhhhh S-sha bros I think we should have just died as movie directors.
>>6786 Not like they care anymore after the first part where it was basically a fanfic masquerading as a "remake" but now they're doubling down on subversions as a feature.
>>6785 inb4 Zach is now bisexual and wants to fuck Cloud
>>6788 Yeah they're making all the classic characters randomly homo now.
>>6789 How hard is it to have a Reinhard-Kircheis male friendship.
>>6792 >"male friendship"
>>6792 I wonder (((who))) could be behind the push that men can't be friends with each other unless they're faggots.
Open file (390.25 KB 742x712 lol.png)
Yup, fanfiction ghosts are back.
>>6861 well, here goes the hope that they decided to course correct and ignore the meta shit
>>6861 Is it too much to ask that SE goes bankrupt and this shit get shelved before they take any more of a shit on FFVII?
>>6872 No, not at all. Lend it your energy and maybe we'll all have a nice Christmas present along these lines Anon.
>>6872 see >>6371 they're almost done
>>6879 2 more weeks
>>6886 Till what?
>>6887 Till another 2 more weeks
>>6888 Of what?
>>6889 It's a joke. 2 more weeks to wait for them to have some real consequences for failure or being incompetent. It means it's never gonna happen but people have boundless optimism about these things.
>>6890 my one optimism is that they go bankrupt ASAP
>a musical stage adaptation of "Final Fantasy XVI" ("FF16") has been announced. >the show will be performed by the Sorugumi group and is scheduled to be performed at the Takarazuka Grand Theatre in Hyogo Prefecture from May 17 to June 23, 2024, and at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre from July 13 to August 25, 2024. >from today's issue of Shukan Bunshun: >the number of applicants to leave the troupe is now in the dozens, and the situation is getting out of hand. It is psychologically hard for me to respond to interviews by the investigation team. There are many students who say, 'I want to quit. lol
>>7024 >the number of applicants to leave the troupe is now in the dozens lol
Open file (248.56 KB 588x669 ff7.png)
Well, at least we know Zach isn't buttplowing Cloud in Demake VII-2.
>>7031 Doesn't that only mean that any gay shit got removed from the jawa version?
>>7033 They didn't remove it from FF16.
>>7031 I'm sure there are many ways in which it will shit the bed otherwise.
>>7039 >I'm sure there are many ways in which it will shit the bed otherwise. Open world ubishit style map with a shit load of pointless bullshit to pad out run time.
>>7041 Wasn't the first demake like that already?
>>7042 Not sure, but it doesn't sound like it's as bad as the typical ubishit asscreed game.
>>7045 it's all the same shit, all openslop games borrow from AssCreed formula
Open file (279.16 KB 890x1220 ty.jpg)
FF16 is a complete flop. Squeenix is in trouble.
>>7069 it's over
Open file (1.50 MB 500x288 soft.gif)
>>7200 Zidane is an assman which makes his the de-facto best FF protagonist,.
Open file (1.32 MB 1251x1152 ClipboardImage.png)
Truly the end
>>7268 >some shitty Splatoon ripoff is more popular than your flagship series yikes
>>7274 It was never about the money for the (((ones))) pulling the $tring$ at the studios. After all, they own the money-printer-go-brrrrrrr on both sides of the Pacific. A billion here or there? Pocket change. It's all about degenerating young White males, so the entire civilization is easily captured thereafter. After all this is the single group that represents any natural obstacle for their conquest for world domination. Thankfully, it's all going to blow up in (((thier))) faces, as should be heh.
>>7268 it's gaijin-made to boot
Open file (243.79 KB 743x759 1700173043604855.png)
>>7317 Good taste.
>>7317 Osama would have hated the Numake.
>>7319 >"Al-Queda proclaims jihad on Square Enix and the country of Japan for running FF7"
>>7320 *ruining
>>7320 best timeline
Open file (566.87 KB 1153x780 y5.png)
Open file (15.85 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>7329 they should pay you to play that shit
Open file (95.03 KB 1024x768 h5.jpg)
No bikini for the Dolphin Girl.
>>7348 soul vs soulless
>>7348 All it does is make me want to replay the original.
>>7346 They should have paid someone at least. I can't imagine anyone with a functioning brain played that shit at any point in development and thought it was okay to release onto an unsuspecting public.
>>7363 Everything about Forewoken was misguided. Poor japs thinking that if they make super woke shit with a nigress, those white devils who are into that sort of stuff will sweep it of the shelves.
Open file (170.44 KB 1280x720 4.jpg)
>there's Kingdom Hearts 4 huh?
Open file (1.96 MB 498x259 2138740642.gif)
>>7403 KH3 killed the series.
Open file (189.58 KB 1024x768 aeris_1024-3082510962.jpg)
Open file (379.37 KB 1200x1600 nu.jpg)
Soul vs soulless
Open file (770.76 KB 971x1818 35.jpg)
>>7329 it's over
>>7440 it's amazing how generic photorealism ruins everything it's applied to.
>>7445 >FF16 is officially the lowest selling mainline FF in history
>>7451 maybe now they'll put it out of its misery
>could literally single handedly decide what console wins >constant back to back good to amazing games >on top of the world unstoppable >even normalnigs could talk about cloud strife like he was mario >until they had to pair with Enix and became utter jokes >Square-Enix together are way worse than they were separately What the fuck happened
>>7485 Chasing the MMO trend with FFXI
>>7487 Back then it wasn't a trend. At the turn of the millennium MMOs were seen as the way of the future. If you look at contemporary media, everything was supposed to be online soon.
>>7491 Either way, they got caught up in it and it was a mistake. Going all in on in it with their mainline franchise and alienating their audience was not very smart.
>>7492 They didn't go all out on it tho. They had several projects at the turn of the millennium - FFIX as the last hurrah to the classic style, FFX as the next gen and FFXI as the, as they saw it, the future of gaming.
>>7493 Derailing the entire numbered mainline franchise is going all in as far as I'm concerned. They took the flagship FF franchise to an MMO only game using a numbered entry. Even XII was still like an "offline MMO".
>>7493 >as they saw it And they were wrong. Why do you care so much about intentions? It proved to be a mistake. It was stupid. I remember thinking it was stupid at the time too because I was an FF fan who had no interest in MMOs.
>>7494 >Derailing the entire numbered mainline franchise is going all in as far as I'm concerned. How did it derail anything? >It proved to be a mistake How was it a mistake? It's one of the most popular MMOs of all time that people still play to this day.
>>7496 >How did it derail anything? How is that not obvious? You completely change the type of game you're making drastically and alienate your main audience. >It's one of the most popular MMOs of all time It wasn't at the time. I recall it being initially a failure. It's only been popular again relatively recently as people have rediscovered it due to youtube influencers, etc. Also, I completely forgot about the Spirits Within. That failure is always cited as being a main reason for the merger. But I still think, in terms of FF losing its direction, the FF XI and XII era were far more damaging.
>>7497 >You completely change the type of game you're making drastically and alienate your main audience. Like mentioned >>7493 they didn't make just one game, they made 3 games both for old fans and new. If anything, they expanded their audience with XI. >It wasn't at the time. I recall it being initially a failure. It's only been popular again relatively recently as people have rediscovered it due to youtube influencers, etc. Er, no, completely wrong. It's was a big success right away. By 2004 it was one of the best selling games. After 2005 it exploded even more as PCs and broadband internet became commonplace.
>>7498 Then why has FF been obviously completely derailed? There were no more turn based games after X. It's sounds like you are just being a contrarian.
>>7498 >Like mentioned It doesn't matter if there was an overlap in their development. They were released in an order. IX and X were a lot alike. X was still more of the same formula, just with better graphics. XI was the big change. >If anything, they expanded their audience with XI. You sound just like what their board was probably telling each other. Except it's a completely different market. There's some overlap, but not that much. I'm an example of someone it alienated. Never have wanted to play an FF game since after X. Tried XII and hated it because of the MMO style combat and world.
Open file (623.95 KB 2048x1176 ff8.png)
They're gonna do it, aren't they...
Open file (429.43 KB 616x353 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7661 think that's bad?
>>7740 I hate how every little small moment from FF7 has to be the big extravaganza set piece now
>>7744 >I hate how every little small moment from FF7 has to be the big extravaganza set piece now May as well get used to it until the DOTR. The J*wish women running the show now, will simply attach, vampire-like, to whatever they perceive from the past and direct their hordes of highly-enriched, highly-vibrant, highly-diverse, highly-incompetent staffers to wear it into the ground. Xir does this ofc to placate their own ineptitude as a manager, and in the faint hope of squeezing out a few more drops of blood from the now-dead franchise. RIP.
>>7744 They're turning a single game into three at least. Have to find some way to stretch it out like their axe wounds. I assume the first numake was a 40-50ish hour game despite only being Midgar. I don't remember how long Midgar took originally it's been decades since I last played it but I'm pretty sure it's not even half that.
>>7757 Midgar section is real FF7 is about 10 hours long but if you take your time, do everything there is to do it's about ~20 hours.
Open file (1.31 MB 1080x1830 ClipboardImage.png)
FF16 is officially over. What a colossal failure.
>>7788 it will surely go down in history as the most forgettable FF. 15 might have been a worse game but it's far more memorable and stands out in some ways, including its turbulent production history. Most people already forgot 16 even came out.
>>7789 >Most people already forgot 16 even came out. Waitwat, something came out?
>>7788 FF16 also came after XIII and XV. The franchise is in a definite slump at this point. FF16 is probably the best FF which came out recently but that isn't saying much still. I think the game is decent but I wouldn't call it excellent. But that's about it. I found it relatively fun to play but there's no real depth to it. It's definitely not an RPG considering how shallow everything is. It's a pure action game in my opinion. It should've been an FF spin-off instead of a mainline FF. Still a decent game though but it would be considered a disappointment if it came off the back of actual good FF games.
>>7810 There used to be a time when each and every mainline Final Fantasy game was a monumental event that sent ripples throughout the entire industry. Nowadays a new game is barely a footnote that's forgotten after what, 3 months of its release. This is a microcosm of modern gaming in general.
>>7788 lol even 13 got two fucking sequels
>>7814 But was that a good thing.
>>7788 Maybe if they didn't make it such a fucking boring slog, shove in forced gay shit and and didn't lock it to the PS5 of all things it would've sold.
>>7818 Exclusivity is a good thing and never hampered any of the previous games. But being boring gay shit definitely played against it.
13 is looked at as good now.
>>7820 well I like it
>>7820 It's still complete shit. It's just that what came after was somehow even worse.
>>7822 >It's still complete shit I disagree. Though it's very lackluster and disappointing in many ways, it's the last Final Fantasy that anyone actually wanted to make over at SE and that people were excited about.
Open file (120.58 KB 300x168 ClipboardImage.png)
somebody put them out of their misery
>>7842 soon
Open file (466.49 KB 1451x2160 h.jpg)
Will you buy a PS5 to save her?

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