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Open file (1006.42 KB 1080x1344 some.png)
GTA and GTA accessories Anonymous 03/24/2023 (Fri) 10:14:22 No.1678
>GTA6 to have 12 towns But it's gonna be woke on the other hand. Since GTA games are so modable maybe people will unwoke it in a year.
Open file (2.14 MB 2560x1600 4.jpg)
>>4474 I gotta say, GTA4 is hands down the best in the series for me. The dark and gritty atmosphere of Liberty City just hits different. San Andreas was fun, I get it - the whole East Coast vs West Coast battle and all that gangsta flavor, but the realistic take on GTA4 reigns supreme for me. the graphics in GTA4 blew my mind when it released, the city felt alive, the attention to detail was insane, I'd just walk around sometimes soaking in the vibe.
>>1680 >No Black or Asian chicks to make women in power seem even more diverse Every time!
>>3017 >>4385 DO I HEAR $3 BILLION?
>>4694 4 gorillion
Open file (9.74 KB 402x226 GothCard.jpg)
>>4703 7 GORILLION never leave the NEET-cave without it
Open file (768.07 KB 1080x1069 160.png)
You could have prevented this.
Open file (84.08 KB 998x838 Deus Ex Soy.jpg)
>>5395 Soyboys will pay for it, just pirate it and move on in life this is the current paradigm.
>>5396 >Soyboys will pay for it I dunno, will they? Back in the day there would be an outrage over this but now...
>>5397 >I dunno, will they? Back in the day there would be an outrage over this but now... you answered your own question slightly there and you know soyfaggots will buy it
>>5398 I think it's too much to swallow even for the soyboys, especially considering there won't be any visuals upgrades since GTA5. You're basically asked to pay $150 for an expansion pack.
Open file (913.35 KB 1070x1010 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5541 I'm sure it will not be a complete dumpster fire at all.
>>5541 >750GB GTA6 IS NEARLY 1 TERABYTE AND THAT'S A GOOD THING BIGOTS articles inbound. >400 hours Of boring radiant fetch quests.
>>5546 Imagine the day 1 patch size.
>>5547 Gaming is dead, long live gaming!
>>5541 >400 hours Of woke liberal agenda.
>>5547 Going to be 200GB minimum. I wouldn't be surprised if it was twice that though.
>>5551 every radio station will be leftist as shit
Open file (15.69 KB 298x277 angryjoe.jpg)
>>5541 >750gb Not even gonna pirate it. That's so retarded.
>>5584 There will be one right-wing station with a Alex Jones type conspiracy theorist nut job host meant to be laughed at. He'll be wrong about everything in the game's context and have a one sided rivalry with a left-wing host of another station.
>>5713 >There will be one right-wing station with a Alex Jones type conspiracy theorist nut job host meant to be laughed at Every GTA game had that. The difference here is that it's not gonna be funny or ironic.
>>5718 I think another big difference is that they typically shit on leftistfags too. They 100% will have the liberal DJs be beacons of diversity and inclusion who are right about everything and some mixture of shitskin, woman and faggot.
>>5719 Yeah GTA games always made fun of fags, trannies and leftoids in general. None of this will happen now because fags, trannies and leftoids are writing the script now.
Open file (138.42 KB 1600x900 gta.jpg)
>leak was from a very early stage of development >work on VI has been scrapped/restarted from scratch at least twice >most likely these will not be the main characters
>>5831 Where's the tranny flag at (or at least the color scheme)? Also, isn't that a CIS White male as the MC? Literally shaking r/n
>>5844 That's why that version got scrapped.
Open file (1.28 MB 640x360 lol.gif)
>>5831 >work on VI has been scrapped/restarted from scratch at least twice Always a sign of a quality product.
>>4494 I really liked it but i kinda still hope someone attempts (or attempted because nowadays i don't think so) the original idea the Housers had, which was a Shenmue-tier GTA game as in low-level criminal simulator that expanded into the professional hitman that was the latter half of the game. That's why in the Little Russia and upper neighborhoods there were stores with cash registers, ATMs, weapon system in your car's trunk and the whole melee system that still holds up alongside the admitingly more complete system of The Godfather game. Chinatown Wars had some concepts recycled like the molotov maker and wire meddling in carjacks but we never got that small but densely-packed version of street criminal.
>>5831 >scrapped/restarted Ohnoooooo It's gonna be shit lmao
>>5860 >low-level criminal simulator that expanded into the professional hitman that was the latter half of the game Isn't that exactly GTA4?
>>5831 56% face
>>5852 Dont forget that Diablo 3 was scrapped at-least 6 times before it became what it is today.
>>5878 Absolute shit?
>>5864 Yes but i meant that the low-level criminal part would've been expanded or more developed, it was left as one-time only missions in Little Russia rather than the first third or half of the game with the mechanics introduced (and forgotten) also used in side-activities to make money. The stun punch used only once, the cash register jacking used only once, melee combat with thugs akin to TBoGT, molotov making like Chinatown Wars, grabbing stuff and throwing being much more used, extortion that happened in only one mission, stealing and storing cars as a side job which did happen and is the bulk of the money making (5000 per Cavalade) Brucie's custom cars, ATM assaults, silenced weapons, stealth mechanics along with other more "realist" shit like more interiors for stores or businesses. A criminal Shenmue rather than the mostly third-person shooter gallery that was 2/3rds of the game which i liked a lot but needed more recurrent variety... and even so a couple of shooting features weren't that much explained or expanded like the sliding cover runs. That kind of game, a second half of the 20th century-tier crime simulator in a densely-packed urban area with shitloads of interiors with interactive objects and mechanics, is what i thought i would see in the next decade after i played GTA IV, and before that i thought we would see a bigger San Andreas with more stuff and better graphics. Instead both games are some of the best in their respective niches along with Saints Row 2, Sleeping Dogs and The Godfather. Maybe The Saboteur with its climbing mechanics.
>>5883 Depends on how you play the game. If you breeze through the earlier portion of course it's gonna feel less substantial. I always took my time and enjoyed that low profile gameplay much more than the extravagant mayhem of the later half, so to me GTA 4 is characterized specifically by that down to earth immigrant aesthetic where you can actually live a life in the game instead of just doing whatever you want with endless money.
>>5879 That was the implication yes.
>>5887 Diablo 3 was no doubt shit even before any revisions.
>>5888 This. If the piece of shit we got was the version of the game they released just imagine how bad the scrapped versions where.
>>5888 Yes, that was also implied.
>>5879 >>5887 Not shit, but different than what diablo 2 was which is the best game in the series. What they focused on was more of an action-like gameplay and then they added and scrapped the skill system several times because they weren't sure what to do, because they wanted casuals, and didn't want them to fuck up if they put skill points in the wrong place in the skill-tree, so if you wonder how much they scrapped. Some say that many of the builds could've been their own games, but the problem is that they didn't know what kinda of a game diablo 2 was, so the artstyle wasn't gritty or dark, and the gameplay was a bit easier and the same was with loot, you didn't need to worry about it and it was basically made for wow gamers instead of fans of the series. >>5883 GTA4 was a serious game compared to Saints Row and Saints Row was a shallow San Andreas copy but it was a stupid fun one at that. But it is interesting to see how much is actually in GTA 4 that not even today's Jewbisoft can add in their games, like the detail on just how he falls and how they are using physics to do it and the sliding is really impressive. It is kinda sad that these under the hood stuff stopped because of some delusions of cost effectiveness and probably diversity hires, so such details is probably not going to be seen again, and it isn't going to be seen in a rockstar game because the Houser brothers fucked off from the vidya business because they said it was too sensitive and stuff. Also, allot of the stuff they added in is that they kinda expect the gamer to make their own fun in the game.
>>5896 >always online >not shit
>>5898 Because it came to ps3 and 360 then lost the always online or live service aspect of the game. And it became a great game. also the biggest problem was and is, that blizzard wanted the wow fags to play diablo 3 but forgot that these tards just wants to play an mmo, and not a singleplayer game.
>>5904 >And it became a great game lolno
>gta 4 >good Hello Reddit
>>5907 This is thebgood post police soeaking: you are now ordered to cuckchan back to 9gag
>>5896 >these under the hood stuff stopped because of some delusions of cost effectiveness and probably diversity hires It always was because of the Online aspect, tons of details means tons of metrics which means tons of sync/ping variants which means potential for massive lag, which is something that happened very often in IV's online as cars glitched often because of their suspension simulation going out of sync all the time in full servers. Airport was popular for many reasons and one of those is because the game didn't load many things compared to Manhattan hence running better than usual. Cops N Robbers mode was lag galore for example. Obviously these don't mean a thing for single player other than abusing and getting your fps down to 20 but that could be tolerated due to happening in special occasions (exploding 10+ cars in a crowded area) Taking away all those little things meant that Online ran much better and optimized, it was a streamlined experience. >the Houser brothers fucked off from the vidya business because they said it was too sensitive and stuff. They lost the plot since V due to their personal problems in life, writing sucked major ass and their respective supervision seemed to be pretty bad due to several plot holes and seeming lack of knowledge from the previous game which is why people are still debating if V is canonically in the same realm as IV. Benzies which was the gameplay producer had a quarrel with them since mid-development and was fired unceremoniously after the release, sued, won and is currently making some MMO. RDR3 also sucked hard for the same reasons along with a poor gameplay concept, it's a game with great gameplay mechanics and details yet the plot justifications for actions (aka missions and "rules") and map (aka areas of applied mechanics or "levels") do not take advantage of these advancements. It's like being given a sports car but you can only drive it at 60kmph in an empty one-way street. Rockstar had their days counted since the exodus of the old dev teams around 2009 and 2010 along with the major employment of nudevs to fill those voids for the release of Max Payne 3 and V. >>5884 That is true, last time i replayed i spend much more time in early game going around fighting hand to hand with thugs, getting ATM and armored car money along with ammo hoarding from knocking out fat cops. I still think it needed more side activities for that extra immersion like San Andreas had with burglaries, drug transport, hood safehouses and so on. Even the randomized vigilante minigame had potential if it wasn't for the limited timers that reset (unlike old games that accumulate) and the armored thugs that appear sometimes making the only option to stop them being via assault rifle or RPG... and this is in early game. >>5907 It wasn't San Andreas but it was very solid, V on the other hand was a step down in many aspects alongside the actual Reddit-tier plot which even had the cutscenes made in the annoying modern fashion: Shaky camera, random zooms, random humor, lack of development from characters (while otherwise changing their scenarios drastically yet not their personality), too many characters and lack of coherent priorities for a discernible end goal... it is hilarious to think that Franklin, the unchanging blank state nigger meant to be a pseudo-spectator/player's avatar, is the best character of the bunch mainly because it doesn't do anything aside from smoking weed and being forced to pick ending options which punishes you for picking anything but the one the writers intended to despite the story's inertia and motives implying other options.
>>5907 Reddit and cuckchan don't like it, so go back to your circlejerk chamber.
>>5910 V is truly shit and VI is gonna be even worse.

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