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Open file (1006.42 KB 1080x1344 some.png)
GTA and GTA accessories Anonymous 03/24/2023 (Fri) 10:14:22 No.1678
>GTA6 to have 12 towns But it's gonna be woke on the other hand. Since GTA games are so modable maybe people will unwoke it in a year.
>>7857 Then explain it to me. What is your critique here? >>7812
>>7846 >the main characters are a slut and cuck respectively and why that's a good thing bigots >unnamed partner >by heather (((gerblickstein))) If this were fiction it would be criticized for being too on the nose and lacking subtlety.
Open file (2.25 MB 1740x920 ClipboardImage.png)
12 years
>>7872 Games cost too much to make and take too long to make these days, esp AAA open-world ones that require >500 people to craft. The days of amazing AAA games being released regularly are over. That was back on PS1 and 2. So you must cherish the good stuff that actually arrives these days. You mock that this game will take 11-12 years to get here (not including RDR2 btw), but that just means you should be grateful for what you get. GTA6 is going to be your only Rockstar game for the next 5-10 years. It's going to still be here 10 years from now getting remastered and upgraded to 60 fps and ray tracing on PS6 and PS7. So you might not wanna shit on it so badly and make up your mind before the game is even out. You can always play the old ones.
>>7886 >GTA6 is going to be your only Rockstar game for the next 5-10 years How about the "These candy ass roodypoos and their slag enablers will never do another project, because their greedy kike overlords will pull the plug on the whole operation." option, Anon? Because I vote that option as the better outcome tbh.
>>7886 >but that just means you should be grateful for what you get <ugh, be grateful for slop goyim! >GTA6 is going to be your only Rockstar game for the next 5-10 years No it's not going to be my anything as I'm not playing this shit.
Open file (1.67 MB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7912 >GTA 6 killer. Those humanoid robots tho! Nice. :D
>>7912 India Super Gaming Power by 2034
Open file (208.29 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K (2).jfif)
>>7912 Can you shit in the streets?
>>7915 You must build up a poo meter first by collecting 10 loo statues.
>>7912 >"story is the most important part of a game" Oh no bros, based pajeets have been ruined by the west, it's over
>>7912 It's refreshing to see something like this. Wokestar would never show gameplay or physics in a demo anymore, let alone an nps being ran over. That being said, something is weird about the shadows. They pop in and out to the point that it's distracting.
>>7918 It's a literal poojeet game anon. It's a miracle it's even working at all.
Open file (2.08 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 880x759 Designated8.png)
>>7918 >>7918 >It's refreshing to see something like this, I love telemarketer scammers programming vidya curry shit slop for me to slurp up kek let me know how much fun it is if it ever delivers :^)
>>7934 better than AAA goy slop
Open file (3.04 MB 1920x1080 8944981259512.png)
>>7935 >wanting to slurp up street shitter slop I bet you let pajeets shit on your lawn.
>>7931 you know what would have improved this? If it was generic photorealism
Open file (408.40 KB 540x405 ClipboardImage.png)
>forced female protagonist Not interested
>>7951 >female I'm not sure if you'd consider it good news or but the mysterymeat protag isn't female.
>>7961 She's a robowaifu?
Open file (701.33 KB 270x480 o9YOVtGeCiaB.mp4)
leaked trailer
>>7963 I threw up a little tbh.
Open file (287.74 KB 1432x1080 hippos-fantasia.jpg)
>>7963 That's from the live action Fantasia remake.
Open file (972.68 KB 640x358 spiderman-vomiting.gif)
Open file (112.37 KB 634x815 1695767923179207.jpg)
>>7965 Kek. I like how they gave them ГунтS.
Open file (1.27 MB 1080x3951 GTA6 hacker.png)
Open file (820.25 KB 245x209 wew.gif)
>Life in a mental hospital for leaking gta6
>>7971 My hatred for the Globohomo knows few bounds
>>7972 Its pretty crazy judgement especially if you compare it to the dude doing life in prison for running the SilkRoad but its the UK and it involves Goystar's "intellectual property" so I guess this was to be expected.
>>7973 I expect when this type of thing continues, they'll bring back hanging (but only for Anglos cutting into their j*wgold of course). I'm wondering just how long until 110?
>>7934 All the times I've seen this picture and I'm just now noticing there's barbed wire in it. Why? The sight river is already disgusting and dangerous enough to prevent anyone saner and more human than a pajeet from ever setting foot in the country at all. Is it to prevent sacred cows from falling in and blessing the radioactive open sewer with holy rotted flesh?
>>7989 >the sight river sight of god damn
>>7971 >if Rockstar does not contact me on Telegram within 24 hours I will start releasing the source code What did he expect it happen? He tried to blackmail the jew. Of course they're going to put him away for life for being a bad goyim.
>>7997 Welp seems it should count for something then. Source code archive?
>>7997 Imagine ruining your life over Slop Trans Auto 6 of all things.
Open file (703.91 KB 640x759 ClipboardImage.png)
>Rockstar has been secretly developing a new game that will take place in medieval times.This new IP promises to BEAT HEAD with big names in the genre, such as Skyrim and Elden Ring >the name of this project is "Project Medieval" >this new game will have an emphasis on combat with swords, rather than firearms, featuring weapons such as crossbows and war axes
Open file (119.21 KB 524x535 rs.jpg)
>There were 8 DLCs planned for GTA V >Bully 2 was in early production in 2014 when it got cancelled >Major Expansion for GTA V would bring back Liberty City >Midnight Club 5 was in the works.
>>8041 >Bully 2 Just imagine if Bully had lasted as a franchise into (((current year.))) There would be mandatory classes on gender identity and nigger history.
>>8042 I remember I saw a LP of Bully by some soys and they were triggered over literally everything.
>>8036 Slopfield 2 here we go.
>>8041 I'm glad none of this happened.
>>8041 >>8042 It makes sense they couldn't have made any of it because how much gaming just changed in 2014 with feminism taking a real hold on gaming, and it just got worse and worse with each year. So I bet money it was diversity hiring that destroyed rockstar from the inside.
>>8036 Didn't kingdom come deliverance already perfect this? They just didn't get a bunch of influencers to hype it enough to soys.
Open file (88.83 KB 430x350 relief.jpg)
>>8053 >Skyrim made by NuRockstar
Open file (907.55 KB 1314x1354 ClipboardImage.png)
Translation: the game is a hot mess
>>8972 > 'optimized creatively' So, is this something similar to the j*ws they do a little 'creative accounting'?
>>8972 They can add even more negroes.
>>8972 >errs on the side of perfection Except when it comes to gameplay, character design, world design, sound track, every aspect of writing. I'm sure it'll be well optimized slop. >>8973 >jews are the biggest reason for anti-semitism Yeah, no shit.

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