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Open file (1006.42 KB 1080x1344 some.png)
GTA and GTA accessories Anonymous 03/24/2023 (Fri) 10:14:22 No.1678
>GTA6 to have 12 towns But it's gonna be woke on the other hand. Since GTA games are so modable maybe people will unwoke it in a year.
Open file (384.04 KB 632x766 r4.webm)
modders on standby
Open file (1.25 MB 1024x732 ClipboardImage.png)
Say hello to NuRockstar.
Open file (48.05 KB 640x444 Nugaming.jpg)
>>1680 That really puts it into perspective. I never played RDR2 and I never will, not will I ever touch any other Nustar shit.
>>1681 Yeah, pretty much everyone who made original GTA games left Rockstar. GTA5 was the weakest in the series but it still retained at least some GTAness. This one will be made entirely by the woke crowd.
The series peaked at SA but GTA4 is also underrated.
I'm actually surprised they didn't just remake Vice City and then San Andreas.
>saint's row numake 2: electric pozzaroo will have 12 towns Each more empty and with nothing of substance to do then the last.
>>1714 But dem graphics and diversity tho
>>1714 I wouldn't say there's nothing to do in 5 if you think about it from a modding perspective.
>every GTA clone is better than GTA
Open file (551.85 KB 720x480 true crime NY.png)
>>1878 I don't know about every, but it's true that a lot of gta clones strived to improve on many aspects of the gta formula and presentation, and often succeeded but were swallowed by the gta hype machine.
>>1681 Theres a good video about it by American Krogan on odysee.
Open file (216.32 KB 853x480 24 The Game.jpg)
>>1918 Yeah, it's funny back then these games were laughed at for being lesser copy-cats but now I enjoy some of them more than the actual GTA games.
>>1918 Just because they are copycats don't mean they aren't fun. reviewers at that time just expected so much more than the developers could reasonably develop and release. Like Driver 3 was probably the game that people looked most forward to because of the reputation from the 2 other Driver games but unfortunately for Driver 3 they kinda sold more and tried to developer a game that wasn't realistic.
>>1973 But then Driver 4 was pretty good but it kinda went unnoticed because Driver 3 poisoned the well and ostensibly killed the franchise due to unreasonable hype.
Open file (608.13 KB 720x1254 1g.png)
GTA 6 will be dead on arrival.
>>2436 I think back to early 00s when GTA games were not just mocking but outright laughing at trannies, and now we got to this point. Truly a cursed timeline...
>>2443 >Truly a cursed timeline... Well gee, I wonder (((why))) anon? Don't blame God for evildoer's evil. Just fix the evildoers, God will take care of the rest. Soon your timeline will be right as rain!
>>2457 this is our punishment
Everything you love will be niggered.
Open file (358.60 KB 1140x570 gt.jpg)
>>2779 >white guy never happening
>>2461 GTA has always been steeped in niggery anyway. Anyone surprised by it being pozzed has a niggertier IQ.
>>2804 >always >just one game had niggers
Open file (231.14 KB 1169x852 r4.jpg)
and it's gonna be shit
>>3017 >another over bloated production I'm sure it won't backfire
>>3017 >cost 1 billion to make >marketing puts woke shit front and center Nothing could go wrong here. Then again it's GTA and normalniggers eat that shit up no matter how shit it is.
>>3022 GTA5 was only popular due to mods and online, the new woke crowd in charge of the series might be retarded enough to not know this. Also, mods are detrimental to their woke agenda so they might actually crack down on them, wouldn't want them racist Dup nazis replacing a strong woman with a man.
>>3022 Rockstar is the marvel of games for soyboys, anything they do soys gonna buy it.
>>3052 Same with Nintendo. Gaming devolved into this autistic cult of brand loyalists who've been groomed and conditioned since pretty much childhood to like and consume the one specific line of product, Disney-style.
MP3 was already pozzed, not going to expecting anything from Nustar 11 years later.
>>1725 >if you think about it from a modding perspective Never a good insight or point to make for a game, especially if they get constantly updated which makes the mods outdated every month or so.
>>3055 MP3?
>>3057 >Never a good insight or point to make for a game Except GTA 5 has become the best selling thing (not game, thing ever made) almost entirely thanks to mods.
It's not even gonna look that different from modded 5
>>3066 >best selling thing If you mean selling as in getting money i think the shark cards are more of a factor than the 1000s of mods.
>>3089 zoomers like mods, you can post lolclips on tiktok and socialcancer
>>3064 outdated music format?
>>3886 The People's format?
>>3920 The Plebes' format?
Open file (248.12 KB 588x510 mamamia.png)
Open file (321.80 KB 750x547 kek.png)
>the teenager hacked Rockstar and sent a Slack message to all Rockstar staff, threatening to release the source code. >the teenager has now been "assessed by psychiatrists as not fit to stand trial", and a jury will not determine if Kurtaj is guilty, but instead decide if they did or did not commit the acts. https://archive.is/pqcdo
Open file (327.74 KB 608x640 7u.png)
Open file (439.14 KB 1059x720 latest_version.jpg)
>GTA 6's map is even biggerer Great, more empty generated space and diminishing detail level. I wish they would make one "small" city that's actually detailed and highly interactable but the race for muh empty wastelands are bigger than yours continues.
>>4411 >GTA5 <2/3 of the map is mountains >GTA6 <2/3 of the map is forest
>>4411 >even more empty featureless space with nothing to do to spawn nigger and tranny NPCs
>>4411 Looks like the same map tbh.
>>4437 it looks like a before and after map. also >another modern GTA game zero creativity
>>4411 Let me guess, you still can't dive underwater.
>>4411 literally the same map lmao
>>4411 Holy shit lol, GTA 6 is gonna be even worse than five or four, will likely be even more subversive.
Open file (127.49 KB 616x533 tvaz.jpg)
>>4466 >4 >bad
>>4467 I mean its okay I guess, better than a lot of stuff today, you could see more cracks if honesty in the leftist agenda of rockstar tho, an agenda that is completly busted open today.
>>4468 >I mean its okay I guess It's great.
GTA 4 is my favorite GTA tbh.
Open file (2.14 MB 2560x1600 4.jpg)
>>4474 I gotta say, GTA4 is hands down the best in the series for me. The dark and gritty atmosphere of Liberty City just hits different. San Andreas was fun, I get it - the whole East Coast vs West Coast battle and all that gangsta flavor, but the realistic take on GTA4 reigns supreme for me. the graphics in GTA4 blew my mind when it released, the city felt alive, the attention to detail was insane, I'd just walk around sometimes soaking in the vibe.
>>1680 >No Black or Asian chicks to make women in power seem even more diverse Every time!
>>3017 >>4385 DO I HEAR $3 BILLION?
>>4694 4 gorillion
Open file (9.74 KB 402x226 GothCard.jpg)
>>4703 7 GORILLION never leave the NEET-cave without it
Open file (768.07 KB 1080x1069 160.png)
You could have prevented this.
Open file (84.08 KB 998x838 Deus Ex Soy.jpg)
>>5395 Soyboys will pay for it, just pirate it and move on in life this is the current paradigm.
>>5396 >Soyboys will pay for it I dunno, will they? Back in the day there would be an outrage over this but now...
>>5397 >I dunno, will they? Back in the day there would be an outrage over this but now... you answered your own question slightly there and you know soyfaggots will buy it
>>5398 I think it's too much to swallow even for the soyboys, especially considering there won't be any visuals upgrades since GTA5. You're basically asked to pay $150 for an expansion pack.
Open file (913.35 KB 1070x1010 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5541 I'm sure it will not be a complete dumpster fire at all.
>>5541 >750GB GTA6 IS NEARLY 1 TERABYTE AND THAT'S A GOOD THING BIGOTS articles inbound. >400 hours Of boring radiant fetch quests.
>>5546 Imagine the day 1 patch size.
>>5547 Gaming is dead, long live gaming!
>>5541 >400 hours Of woke liberal agenda.
>>5547 Going to be 200GB minimum. I wouldn't be surprised if it was twice that though.
>>5551 every radio station will be leftist as shit
Open file (15.69 KB 298x277 angryjoe.jpg)
>>5541 >750gb Not even gonna pirate it. That's so retarded.
>>5584 There will be one right-wing station with a Alex Jones type conspiracy theorist nut job host meant to be laughed at. He'll be wrong about everything in the game's context and have a one sided rivalry with a left-wing host of another station.
>>5713 >There will be one right-wing station with a Alex Jones type conspiracy theorist nut job host meant to be laughed at Every GTA game had that. The difference here is that it's not gonna be funny or ironic.
>>5718 I think another big difference is that they typically shit on leftistfags too. They 100% will have the liberal DJs be beacons of diversity and inclusion who are right about everything and some mixture of shitskin, woman and faggot.
>>5719 Yeah GTA games always made fun of fags, trannies and leftoids in general. None of this will happen now because fags, trannies and leftoids are writing the script now.
Open file (138.42 KB 1600x900 gta.jpg)
>leak was from a very early stage of development >work on VI has been scrapped/restarted from scratch at least twice >most likely these will not be the main characters
>>5831 Where's the tranny flag at (or at least the color scheme)? Also, isn't that a CIS White male as the MC? Literally shaking r/n
>>5844 That's why that version got scrapped.
Open file (1.28 MB 640x360 lol.gif)
>>5831 >work on VI has been scrapped/restarted from scratch at least twice Always a sign of a quality product.
>>4494 I really liked it but i kinda still hope someone attempts (or attempted because nowadays i don't think so) the original idea the Housers had, which was a Shenmue-tier GTA game as in low-level criminal simulator that expanded into the professional hitman that was the latter half of the game. That's why in the Little Russia and upper neighborhoods there were stores with cash registers, ATMs, weapon system in your car's trunk and the whole melee system that still holds up alongside the admitingly more complete system of The Godfather game. Chinatown Wars had some concepts recycled like the molotov maker and wire meddling in carjacks but we never got that small but densely-packed version of street criminal.
>>5831 >scrapped/restarted Ohnoooooo It's gonna be shit lmao
>>5860 >low-level criminal simulator that expanded into the professional hitman that was the latter half of the game Isn't that exactly GTA4?
>>5831 56% face
>>5852 Dont forget that Diablo 3 was scrapped at-least 6 times before it became what it is today.
>>5878 Absolute shit?
>>5864 Yes but i meant that the low-level criminal part would've been expanded or more developed, it was left as one-time only missions in Little Russia rather than the first third or half of the game with the mechanics introduced (and forgotten) also used in side-activities to make money. The stun punch used only once, the cash register jacking used only once, melee combat with thugs akin to TBoGT, molotov making like Chinatown Wars, grabbing stuff and throwing being much more used, extortion that happened in only one mission, stealing and storing cars as a side job which did happen and is the bulk of the money making (5000 per Cavalade) Brucie's custom cars, ATM assaults, silenced weapons, stealth mechanics along with other more "realist" shit like more interiors for stores or businesses. A criminal Shenmue rather than the mostly third-person shooter gallery that was 2/3rds of the game which i liked a lot but needed more recurrent variety... and even so a couple of shooting features weren't that much explained or expanded like the sliding cover runs. That kind of game, a second half of the 20th century-tier crime simulator in a densely-packed urban area with shitloads of interiors with interactive objects and mechanics, is what i thought i would see in the next decade after i played GTA IV, and before that i thought we would see a bigger San Andreas with more stuff and better graphics. Instead both games are some of the best in their respective niches along with Saints Row 2, Sleeping Dogs and The Godfather. Maybe The Saboteur with its climbing mechanics.
>>5883 Depends on how you play the game. If you breeze through the earlier portion of course it's gonna feel less substantial. I always took my time and enjoyed that low profile gameplay much more than the extravagant mayhem of the later half, so to me GTA 4 is characterized specifically by that down to earth immigrant aesthetic where you can actually live a life in the game instead of just doing whatever you want with endless money.
>>5879 That was the implication yes.
>>5887 Diablo 3 was no doubt shit even before any revisions.
>>5888 This. If the piece of shit we got was the version of the game they released just imagine how bad the scrapped versions where.
>>5888 Yes, that was also implied.
>>5879 >>5887 Not shit, but different than what diablo 2 was which is the best game in the series. What they focused on was more of an action-like gameplay and then they added and scrapped the skill system several times because they weren't sure what to do, because they wanted casuals, and didn't want them to fuck up if they put skill points in the wrong place in the skill-tree, so if you wonder how much they scrapped. Some say that many of the builds could've been their own games, but the problem is that they didn't know what kinda of a game diablo 2 was, so the artstyle wasn't gritty or dark, and the gameplay was a bit easier and the same was with loot, you didn't need to worry about it and it was basically made for wow gamers instead of fans of the series. >>5883 GTA4 was a serious game compared to Saints Row and Saints Row was a shallow San Andreas copy but it was a stupid fun one at that. But it is interesting to see how much is actually in GTA 4 that not even today's Jewbisoft can add in their games, like the detail on just how he falls and how they are using physics to do it and the sliding is really impressive. It is kinda sad that these under the hood stuff stopped because of some delusions of cost effectiveness and probably diversity hires, so such details is probably not going to be seen again, and it isn't going to be seen in a rockstar game because the Houser brothers fucked off from the vidya business because they said it was too sensitive and stuff. Also, allot of the stuff they added in is that they kinda expect the gamer to make their own fun in the game.
>>5896 >always online >not shit
>>5898 Because it came to ps3 and 360 then lost the always online or live service aspect of the game. And it became a great game. also the biggest problem was and is, that blizzard wanted the wow fags to play diablo 3 but forgot that these tards just wants to play an mmo, and not a singleplayer game.
>>5904 >And it became a great game lolno
>gta 4 >good Hello Reddit
>>5907 This is thebgood post police soeaking: you are now ordered to cuckchan back to 9gag
>>5896 >these under the hood stuff stopped because of some delusions of cost effectiveness and probably diversity hires It always was because of the Online aspect, tons of details means tons of metrics which means tons of sync/ping variants which means potential for massive lag, which is something that happened very often in IV's online as cars glitched often because of their suspension simulation going out of sync all the time in full servers. Airport was popular for many reasons and one of those is because the game didn't load many things compared to Manhattan hence running better than usual. Cops N Robbers mode was lag galore for example. Obviously these don't mean a thing for single player other than abusing and getting your fps down to 20 but that could be tolerated due to happening in special occasions (exploding 10+ cars in a crowded area) Taking away all those little things meant that Online ran much better and optimized, it was a streamlined experience. >the Houser brothers fucked off from the vidya business because they said it was too sensitive and stuff. They lost the plot since V due to their personal problems in life, writing sucked major ass and their respective supervision seemed to be pretty bad due to several plot holes and seeming lack of knowledge from the previous game which is why people are still debating if V is canonically in the same realm as IV. Benzies which was the gameplay producer had a quarrel with them since mid-development and was fired unceremoniously after the release, sued, won and is currently making some MMO. RDR3 also sucked hard for the same reasons along with a poor gameplay concept, it's a game with great gameplay mechanics and details yet the plot justifications for actions (aka missions and "rules") and map (aka areas of applied mechanics or "levels") do not take advantage of these advancements. It's like being given a sports car but you can only drive it at 60kmph in an empty one-way street. Rockstar had their days counted since the exodus of the old dev teams around 2009 and 2010 along with the major employment of nudevs to fill those voids for the release of Max Payne 3 and V. >>5884 That is true, last time i replayed i spend much more time in early game going around fighting hand to hand with thugs, getting ATM and armored car money along with ammo hoarding from knocking out fat cops. I still think it needed more side activities for that extra immersion like San Andreas had with burglaries, drug transport, hood safehouses and so on. Even the randomized vigilante minigame had potential if it wasn't for the limited timers that reset (unlike old games that accumulate) and the armored thugs that appear sometimes making the only option to stop them being via assault rifle or RPG... and this is in early game. >>5907 It wasn't San Andreas but it was very solid, V on the other hand was a step down in many aspects alongside the actual Reddit-tier plot which even had the cutscenes made in the annoying modern fashion: Shaky camera, random zooms, random humor, lack of development from characters (while otherwise changing their scenarios drastically yet not their personality), too many characters and lack of coherent priorities for a discernible end goal... it is hilarious to think that Franklin, the unchanging blank state nigger meant to be a pseudo-spectator/player's avatar, is the best character of the bunch mainly because it doesn't do anything aside from smoking weed and being forced to pick ending options which punishes you for picking anything but the one the writers intended to despite the story's inertia and motives implying other options.
>>5907 Reddit and cuckchan don't like it, so go back to your circlejerk chamber.
>>5910 V is truly shit and VI is gonna be even worse.
Open file (243.76 KB 1920x1080 6.jpg)
>>6062 >looks no different from V >V with mods actually looks better the $100 it will cost sure are worth it...
Open file (1.03 MB 1290x1486 shill.jpg)
>>6248 When did this meme that GTA must be some muh realism tech demo started? The classic trilogy looked liked ass but was very well crafted gameplay wise.
>>6257 It's because the niggercattle don't care about anything but appearances.
>>6248 Left looks better.
>>6266 Yeah petty much every game must be muh realism tech demo now.
Open file (1.46 MB 2500x1406 68.jpg)
looks so bland and boring
Open file (125.93 KB 1100x1332 gh.jpg)
>>6780 Yeah right, she's gonna be wearing a burka.
>>6782 based
>>6780 Going to go out on a limb here and guess that the butterfaced mysterymeat is going to be a dyke.
>>6790 Her black girlfriend is in Paris and she's a total badass kicking men twice her size.
>>6780 >the new face of america
Open file (655.57 KB 1290x1381 12.jpg)
That tranny cock will swing in the most realistic way.
>>6825 what's wrong with mocap? They already moved as realistic as need be
>>6826 Needlessly complicated technology to justify the 600 gorrilion they spent on this game's development. People still to this day play San Andreas despite its shit graphics because they game is fun but the scum in charge of Rockstar now can only think of games in terms of visuals/tech.
>>6825 Playing modern gaymes is embarrassing at this point. Imagine splurging for a top of the line graphics card using nearly 500 watts to render some woke and purposefully ugly assets from creatively bankrupt and actively subversive/malicious and incompetent developers.
>>6840 Not to mention the press X to perform complicated action and cinematic "gameplay" with no physics. Waaooowz it feels like I'm really controlling the character from this over the shoulder cinematic perspective. And the graphics waooow! >Walks up to boulder >Press x to climp up >Walks up to pebble >Gets stuck
Open file (50.37 KB 640x480 4e.jpg)
>>6841 Prompt-based gameplay is what completely killed gaming. I can't stand it. It used to be that you actually played games, now you just press play on a remote to watch games play themselves. In MGS you actually had to sneak behind an enemy, judge the correct distance between him and you, press the choke-hold button or knockout button at the right time and position to choke-hold or knock him out, or keep it pressed to keep him hold. No visual indication, only your visual judgement and understanding of the controls. Now you guessed it, everything is just a promt, press X to choke-hold, press X to release, press X to knockout, press X to sneak, press X peak, press X to win.
>>6846 i only play point and click adventure games so eat dong loser
>>6846 I think prompts came from portable games, or rather portable versions of games, where controls couldn't be as verbose and so needed some shortcuts. But then they slowly started to get integrated into regular games because they're way easier to do than programming complicated mechanics and normalfags are better at games with them = more sales.
>>6850 >and normalfags are better at games with them = more sales. After gaymergay, once it was (((decided))) that vidya must be tranformed into gaymes to kill of Whitey (and targeted at stronk independynts, troons, other soyim, & niggers to do so), this shit was literally inevitable. But this too shall pass. MAKE VIDYA GREAT AGAIN
>>6851 Based post from a based anon.
>>6850 Yeah I distinctly remember MGS Peace Walker, which was Snake Eater lite, having to use prompts for everything because PSP didn't have enough buttons. And then all that shit transferred to 5 and beyond.
Open file (1.23 MB 3190x980 i67.png)
>>6964 Lol, it already got leaked? Again? No way this isn't intentional.
>>6968 >Lol, it already got leaked? Nah. But yeah stuff like this is just viral marketing even for fake leaks.
>>6968 Might just be someone trying to scam some nigger out of $60 for a flashdrive with god knows what on it.
>>6972 and someone's gonna buy it
>GTA6 trailer announced for december are you ready of disappointment
>>7104 I'd have to have some sort of positive expectations in the first place for it to get disappointed.
>>7105 Is wanting to laugh at it a positive?
>>7104 >>7105 >>7106 I think they have wind that nobody is buying what the globohomo (((merchants))) are selling (how could they not, just look at sales numbers). I predict they will tone down the nuNiggery for the salespitch. OTOH, they've already loaded up the C-suite with so many stronk independynt White tokens that it will be impossible for them to keep it from being jammed in anyway (short of firing all the cat ladies/dykes from the studios).
>>7112 >I think they have wind that nobody is buying what the globohomo (((merchants))) You're forgetting about Blackrock and ESG money. Sure the sales from the soycucks on reddit are nice, but the real profit comes from getting paid to purposely infest their IPs with the globohomo.
Open file (265.05 KB 474x355 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7114 >>1680 Not a looker among them.
Open file (514.32 KB 917x1005 pathetic.png)
>>7105 Agreed. GTAV was such a disappointment after IV, and RDR2 was an even bigger disappointment. That game was basically a walking sim and the gunplay was awful. I have no interest in GTA6 at all beyond just how big the dumpsterfire will be.
>>7119 I never played RDR2 but normalfags love it very much so it must be not very good.
>>7120 its the darksouls of minecraft
Open file (46.91 KB 627x529 send help.jpg)
>>7120 >it must be not very good. Not unless you're suspiciously interested in a horse's balls shrinking in cold weather. Just to give you some perspective: There's an annoying feminist NPCredundant somewhere in the game doing what annoying feminist do, complain and demand men fix everything for them. So some letsplayer or something durring a streamI think tied her up and threw her to gators as all feminists should be. In response to this literal holocaust the devs made her unkillable in an update. There's also a section in the game where you go to an inidan reservation so characters can talk about how evil white men are and that the cannibalalistic savages were gud bois who dindu nuffin. And surprise surprise it's the one of the few -if not only- place in the game you're not allowed to draw your gun.
Open file (2.94 MB 4724x7094 gta6.jpg)
Here's the GTA6 map
>>7123 >Not unless you're suspiciously interested in a horse's balls shrinking in cold weather Is that a game mechanic? >So some letsplayer or something durring a streamI think tied her up and threw her to gators lol I remember seeing that. I hope they didn't arrest they guy.
>>7126 So, clearly the southern half of Florida after the Great Canary Island Tsunami event wipes out the entire central section of the state?
>>7134 Shame it stopped tbh.
>>7135 Well, you can at least take some comfort that the megatsunami continued on across teh Gulf of Mehico, and wiped out all but the central mountain range of CA, leaving nothing but a new sea between Corpus Christi, and Panama. :^)
>>7136 is LA finally destroyed?
>>7132 >Is that a game mechanic? Yes, that's a real thing in the game. In fact I think it was part of there OMG ITZ SO REEEEELZ marketing.
>>7139 So how does that work?
>>7138 Yes. Sadly, both San Diego, Orange County, and the LA basin (but not including the San Fernando Valley), were all washed off the continental shelf and down into the depths of the Pacific Ocean floor. ;_;7
>GTA 6 will mock certain political figures such as desantis, trump and a few other politicians >they’ll give them different names but they will look and act like flanderised versions of themselves
>>7210 Dup derangement syndrome still going strong.
>>7210 That'd be fine, but they're going to suck off Obongo and that Mexican slut that sucked cock into a state governor possession like there's no tomorrow.
>>7211 >rent free It's the gift that keeps on giving!
>>7212 They will only mock the republicans/right while promoting all the leftoid pozz. The original games made fun of everyone but especially the left, especially the degeneracy and the faggotry, all this will be gone and instead promoted.
>>7210 800 gorillion well spent
Open file (826.81 KB 882x1393 yy56.jpg)
>>7221 wew I'm so great that they specified she's a Latina
So you can now kill a child in GTA?
Open file (643.01 KB 1900x1907 9292MEM131123.jpg.jpg)
>>7223 > a child > a Get with the times, bro.
>>7221 >the taconigger stronk female mary sue is a single mother LOL
>>7221 >make a brown character >make her a single mother Lel
Open file (850.24 KB 1197x673 6.png)
It's gonna look and play just like GTA 5. Literally another full price expansion.
>>7245 >Literally another full price expansion. Well, if they don't have a team in place to actually build good content b/c diversity, what else is a jew to do?
>>7245 I'll give this to them: They really nailed that vacant fluoride stare.
>>7248 not hard to do muh photorealism
It's gonna cost like $80 and there will be articles how that's a good thing.
>>7245 And didn't they spend a billion plus for the development? I wish people would just ignore it and let it flop, but they won't. People will clamor for the slop. Consoomers gonna consoom to fill the emptiness inside.
>>7251 Yeah it's now officially the most expensive thing every made. And these are the people making it >>1680
Open file (62.33 KB 562x486 gta6.jpg)
This is the real in-game model btw.
>>7263 >no ass >ugly >dressed head to toe that's a modern game alright
>>7263 > yfw blaxican SHEEEEIT, PAYUP GRINGOS!
>>7263 At least GTA still stars a man.
>>7263 This bitch is flatter than a pancake wtf...
>>7283 heh
Open file (466.12 KB 828x811 o6.png)
Lmaoo, it's happening.
Open file (102.33 KB 720x720 ashit.jpg)
Don't punch down m'kay.
>>7296 >>7297 Not even gonna pirate.
>>7297 But of course making fun of ypeepo and dup is a-okay.
>>7296 lol, a literal scam
>>7297 the absolute state. what's next a live reddit feed?
>>7296 >dollars per hour Cuck Star fans get what they deserve. >>7297 Getting nuSaints Row flashbacks.
>>7296 They want it to be a live service arcade where you don't own anything, pay for the time that you "play", data-mine you and profile you while you do it, and the "games" never have to be finished or have any standards.
>>7305 That was obvious when they announced it's gonna cost 800 gorillion dollars. You can't recoup those expenses in any traditional way.
Open file (662.71 KB 774x593 ClipboardImage.png)
>gta 6 releases >costs like $100 for singleplayer wokeslop and a separate subscription for gta online (in addition to your xbl/psn account and shark cards) >still insta-hits best seller and makes a million-kajillion bucks >devs learn the truth depth of goyim that gamers are >industry-wide apocalypse as $100 games (betas, maybe alphas) are the new norm while articles incel-ify anyone who questions it Are you ready?
>>7325 >Are you ready? DOTGlompf? Sure, ofc.
>>7325 Other then games costing $100 that's already how things are. And if you count collectors editions, season passes, DLC, etc. they're already more then 100 freedombux.
>>7332 that's a good thing articles defending $100 a game will be pretty funny
>>7322 Another game to be saved by the mods.
>>7325 And that's a good thing >Here's why.
>>7336 >you can kill ypeepo as a woman of color in GTA5 and that's worth $100
Open file (213.58 KB 462x593 1700343394625939.png)
>>7356 yeah I'm sure that kike believes that
>>7356 They should just pull the trigger on that. Either the goyim will be retarded and pay for it or the most expensive game ever will fail spectacularly. Either way I'll get a laugh out of it.
Open file (2.57 MB 3840x2160 peak.jpg)
This is it. This is when the series reached peak SOUL and it never reached there again
>>7369 they're gonna numake it soon enough
>>7369 I don't remember there being that many NPCs on the beach at once when I played it last. Does the game generate fewer of them if your PC is shittier or something?
>>7372 it's a cheat code I'd imagine
<Rockstar cleans up its "frat boy culture" for gta >With a new tone at the company and a change in creative direction,GTA VI will probably feel very different from its predecessor. >In the summer of 2020, after a police officer killedGeorge Floyd, Rockstar Games quietly shelved a mode of play it had planned to release for its Grand Theft Auto Online game. >Called Cops ‘n’Crooks, the mode was a twist on the children’s game where players organize into teams of goodguys and badguys, but seemed especially tone-deaf during the global reckoning over police violence. Senior executives at the company, concerned about how the narrative might be interpreted during a time of heightened skepticism and mistrust of American police, put it aside. They still haven’t made plans to bring it back, according to people familiar with development. >This was one of several politically sensitive actions Rockstar, a division ofTake-Two Interactive Software Inc., has taken in recent years. The company removed transphobic jokes from the most recent console release of Grand Theft Auto V andsignificantly narrowed its gender pay gap. Rockstar’s next game, Grand Theft Auto VI, will include a playable female protagonist for the first time, according to people familiar with the game. The woman, who is Latina, will be one of a pair of leading characters in a story influenced by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde, the people said. Developersare also being cautious not to “punch down” by makingjokes about marginalized groups, the people said, in contrast to previous games. >Moves like these once seemed unthinkable for a company whose best-selling franchiseis a satirical depiction of America thatinvolves playing gangsters who kill civilians and where women are mostly depicted as sex objects. Grand Theft Auto V was a nihilistic parody that threw insultsat everything, from right-wing radio hosts to liberal politicians. Inside the company, the tone wasn’t much different. Rockstar employees described a workplace culture full of drinking, brawling and excursions to strip clubs. The company was an early symbol of an industry-wide problem of long hours at the office, known ascrunch, in which staff were expected to be at their desksmany nights and weekends in order to keep a game on schedule. >That strategywas financially successful and turned Grand Theft Auto V into the second-best selling game of all time, with 165 million copies sold. It also led to burnout, attrition and a public controversy in 2018 that promptedhundreds ofRockstar employees to speak outabout the difficult work environment. >Since that outcry, Rockstar has attempted to reinvent itself as a more progressive and compassionate workplace, according to interviews with more than 20 people who work there or left recently,all of whom requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly. One employee described it as “a boys’ club transformed into a real company.” A spokesman for Rockstar declined to comment. >Can a kinder, gentler Rockstar still produce the chart-topping caliber of game the studio has become known for? Some employees aren’t sure. Morale across the company is higher than it’s ever been, according to many staffers. But the development of Grand Theft Auto VI has been slower than impatient fans and even longtime employees have expected.
>>7416 >One employee described it as “a boys’ club transformed into a real company.” It's the boy's club that was the real company that made real games. Now it's nothing. Dead.
>>7416 Kek. What's next? >GTAVII: Stronk PoC Girls Step Out! ngmi. BTW, whenever you read >"According to sources" or >"Some people claim" or >"Spoke anonymously" you can be sure it's a complete line of bullshit, created on the spot by the (((journos))) involved.
>>7416 never forget >>1680
Open file (406.79 KB 658x628 1700690466179459.png)
YOU WILL DILATE THE AXE WOUND AND BE HAPPY That's a good thing. >And here's why...
>>7431 I predict a mission-failure rate of 41%
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
>>7431 >franchise's first transgender yeah no fucking shit
>>7431 Anyone that still buy this shit deserve whatever slop cuckstar deems to shit down their throats.
>>7461 true
>>1680 What's a bit humorous to my mind, is the fundamental dichotomy that must be going on with nuStar right now. On the one hand, the globalist kikes plot to destroy the company itself -- indeed all vidya suited to White men -- from both without and within. On the other hand, the 'from within' bit necessarily implies they load the studios up with niggers, troons, stronk independynts, and other vile degenerates (this clearly includes nuStar ofc). This has two effects, both pure pottery: 1. It induces a competency crisis in the studio itself, since these sluts & browns are worthless as gamedevs. 2. It requires a surreptitious, disingenuous agenda on the part of the upper management; who, while they know secretly that they are working to kill the studio itself -- yet must act to the girl golems & other cocksuckers as if everything is beautiful green meadows, loaded up with sunshine & roses. KEK
Open file (834.22 KB 680x680 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7543 BIG
Open file (563.60 KB 979x833 ClipboardImage.png)
It begins. Save everything physical.
>>7543 >look guys, it's even bigger now! Great, even less attention to detail and personality.
Open file (121.62 KB 1024x576 1701043225648382.jpg)
>>7546 >Save everything physical. /Throd. The globalist kikes know that you know that they know that you know. It's a race against time now. DON'T TALK -- DO.
>>7546 woo boy, the great purge begins
Open file (913.35 KB 1070x1010 ClipboardImage.png)
Are you ready for Bloat Theft Auto?
>>7573 >1t games >and that's a good thing
>>7574 Hey, diverse enrichment is going to come with a few costs, Anon!
>>7573 >400 hours of gameplay My guess is there are radiant missions and they're counting doing those for hundreds of hours.
>>7579 More likely it's gonna have a 400 hours worth of micro tasks on the map like every shitty open world game nowadays. Collect 5 rainbow dildos. Well done.
>>7581 Good point. Just placing hundreds of pointless collectables/similar tasks that might as well have been generated by an algorithm and calling it gameplay is pretty common in open world slop.
>>7582 Yeah it's gonna be made by AI for sure.
>>7573 Oh yes, the "leaks" that only serve to generate buzz and promote the game. Almost like it's an intentional advertising strategy. >>7579 Of course it is. That goes without saying.
>>7584 >Almost like it's an intentional advertising strategy. It's not just an advertisement strategy, it's to probe the waters and course correct.
Can you imagine the absolute awfulness that GTA 6's OST is going to be?
>>7587 it won't have any because zoomers don't have music
Starslop 2.0 let's fucking go.
>>7587 It's going to be mostly nigger music with some Mexican and reluctantly included pop rock sprinkled in.
>>7599 GTA6 is present days again? What is current music?
Open file (129.56 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
Here's your GTA 6. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=QdBZY2fkU-0 Looks exactly like 5 and niggers galore.
Open file (178.30 KB 1280x720 1.jpg)
Open file (158.91 KB 1280x720 2.jpg)
>>7639 I don't even care what it looks like but knowing what I know about who the developers are and what is their agenda, I'm not touching it with a ten foot pole.
>>7639 so many nogs... and this ain't no grove street
They had the opportunity to make something distinct, some different time period. But no, it's just the generic Current Year again.
Open file (182.03 KB 1280x1138 1701774111910586.jpg)
>>7645 >it's just the generic Current Year again. < just Actually this is ~US$2 billion being spent for niggers, troons, and stronk independynts to shit up the world, b/c destroy White men reasons. This will surely be unprecedented levels of kikeshit in 'modern' (((gayming))). The salt and cope by the libshits when it invariably bombs on an also-unprecedented scale will be humorous enough, but ofc making money isn't even remotely part of the globalist kike's plans here.
>>7646 They really captured how ugly niggers are and the degenerate retardation of the nigger community.
>>7646 Jesus, there weren't that many niggers in San Andreas.
Open file (127.88 KB 1024x820 20231204_203522.jpg)
Nothing but niggers
Open file (248.12 KB 588x510 mamamia.png)
>>7639 >>7640 More niggers than San Andreas. This looks like dogshit.
>>7657 no refunds
Open file (326.99 KB 657x705 1699047097118.png)
Open file (1.85 MB 1280x720 y.webm)
How was this allowed? In the game she's gonna be wearing a burqa, right?
Open file (79.73 KB 1173x680 ClipboardImage.png)
Not looking good.
Open file (2.09 MB 1918x1080 usa.png)
>>7639 X'ing to doubt this is rendered with the in game engine. No story. Just random cgi scenes targeting tiktok zoomers. Trash.
>>7667 Since they spent 100 trillion dollars on it I don't doubt the game looks like that. On PC. The Soystation 5 version will be a massive downgrade and run at 30fps(already confirmed).
Open file (987.07 KB 500x334 Eyeroll.gif)
Why are y'all mad at this game? You bitch about everything and nitpick anything to death. The game looks good. It's not going to be woke. You are all going to buy it day 1 or torrent it on pc, desperate to play the game on anything that will run it. PS5/Xbox/PC or PS6. >There are too many niggers in the game! There has always been niggers in these games. How new are you? Did you never play the previous ones? If you hate the nigs so much, you can kill any NPC. So what exactly is the problem? You can make the game into a nigger-killer simulator if you wanted to. It's not nearly as bad as GTA San Andreas where the lead character was a nig and all his buddies and side characters were nigs from the hood so there was no escaping it. If anything, this game stands against "woke" culture bc it has a solid, respectable white male lead character. Unlike the last one, which had a bald, murdering psychopath as the lead, a thug nig, and a suit-wearing sleazy white guy living in Hollywood suburbs. I guess that guy was ok and not too degenerate. >Letting you play as a woman also, for the first time in the series doesn't make it "woke." I like it. The only problem is how believable is it. As men are way more violent and aggressive than women in most crime. I guess you just have to make peace with the idea that all the lead characters in a GTA game are mass murdering psychopaths if you want them to be. >The game runs poorly at 30 fps. Yes, that is the price you pay for graphics being more detailed. The open world is just too big and too detailed for 30 fps on current consoles. Especially if the fuck with ray tracing. If this is a problem wait until next gen when they re-release it for 60 fps or buy an expensive gaming pc. Vice City looks great and I think Miami was the coolest setting in these games probably my personal favorite. No one does open-world as good as Rockstar. They are the kings. They set the bar that all other open-word games try to emulate, but fail to meet. The level of detail and coding wizardry is unmatched. Those little moments where you're stunned that they thought of what you're thinking of doing and programmed a response for you. Anybody struggling with the idea this game has too many nigs or something pisses them off, you have to relax and open your mind a little. You've been watching too many anti-sjw Quartering videos. GTA has ALWAYS been a parody of American culture. It's satire. It's poking fun at everything. You gotta relax. The game will be released to a Metacritic record review score of 98 from 200 reviewers. It will sell the most copies of any game of all time (Minecraft doesn't count as it's not a real game and released on mobile which has a larger install base). And you will all eat it up. And it will make Cyberpunk's broken release look like a joke next to this polished masterpiece.
Forget the niggers, you can play starslop if you want niggers. GoyTA is all about the faggots & troon wannabes: To quote Anglin: >"Although the developer kept a pretty tight ship, there were GTA6 leaks several months ago, and they were real. You play as a Mexican woman. And it’s a love story, so you’re going to be playing as a woman having sex with a man." What more could a literal cum-drinker want? >>7670 Fuck off kike. Die in a fire.
>>7671 Nigger, you're quoting Andrew Anglin, a rapist pedophile hiding from his lawsuit in Asia where he fucks underage ladyboys. Get real, nigger.
Open file (1.52 MB 828x480 4GZdCkfkLtoq.mp4)
>>7671 neeegerr neeeeeger neeeeeeger nigerniegerniegerniger
>>7672 Go slurp a dick. >>7673 Based.
>>7674 >Go slurp a dick. That would be your gay pedo hero Anglin who sucks off Asian dudes roleplaying as women, in Southeast Asia. Cry harder.
Open file (737.12 KB 1500x1791 18292MEM041223.jpg.jpg)
>>7675 No, actually that would be you, Rabbi Shlomo. Go vacuum a baby's dick then die in a fire.
>>7663 >interest in pozz theft auto has already dropped below fagnite's lol
>>7670 tl;dr
>>7677 Yeah just goes to show that zoomers don't care about video games and it's all about pandering to the manchildren from reddit.
>>7683 You'd figure all the niggers and troons in the trailer would by right up reddit's alley.
https://boundingintocomics.com/2023/12/06/nexus-mod-removes-baldur-gate-3-dame-aylin-gender-swap-mod-because-it-erased-characters-original-lesbian-romance-we-are-for-inclusivity-we-are-for-diversity/ They are not going to let you mod the niggers out. Modding is dead. You are not allowed to mod videogames anymore. We are a society that does everything it possibly can to save the official narrative while erasing every aspect of personal freedom.
>>7691 Not only can you not mod niggers out, whoever will mod them out will get banned, blocked, swatted and probably arrested. Remember the guy who unnigged Little Mermaid with deepfake?
Open file (5.01 MB 576x1024 1699801596439.mp4)
>>7693 What was Rockstar thinking with this GTA6 commercial?
>>7691 >We are a society that does everything it possibly can to save the official narrative while erasing every aspect of personal freedom. Anon, that's a funny way to spell "Jews did this"
Who the fuck uses that nexus shit at this point?
>>7696 normalfags
>>7696 Are there any big unpozzed alternatives to (((nexus?)))
>>7704 What did people use before Nexus?
Open file (826.32 KB 1280x963 ClipboardImage.png)
It begins.
>>7706 Gamergate won.
>>7706 There were trannies in the trailer? All I saw was 100% of niggers.
This is how you do a trailer.
>>7710 That's some certified kino.
>>7709 You yourself play the tranny, Anon. I thought that was already clear. >>7671
>>7713 Hot latina is a tranny?
>>7714 You're a guy playing the game. This story-based geimu's self-insert is that 'you are now a hot latina woman (and it's a romance, so you have sex with the male protag). Gay af, simple as.
>>7719 this actually happened, im shaking r/n
Open file (528.14 KB 750x421 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7718 Wait what, I don't get it. It's some meta shit?
Open file (1.51 MB 1000x1126 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7723 America before and after Bidup.
Open file (58.95 KB 533x620 Keemstar1.jpg)
Open file (48.76 KB 421x612 Keemstar2.jpg)
>>7723 >4x more NPC's and detail Looking good. >>7718 Except that you also play as the white male protagonist so that's quite the gay fanfic stretch you've invented there in your head. >He's scared of a cutscene where the 2 main characters have sex. Lol. >>7714 >>7721 The main Latina woman is not a tranny. Guy in the thread is lying to you, hoping he can ruin the game for you, before it's even out. Tranny woman was a joke and fake news from Reddit that fooled Keemstar.
>>7728 >4x niggers
>>7728 >4x more NPC Since when that's a good thing here's why? They don't do anything, just eat up space and memory. In real GTA games they just made enough pedestrians. Knowing how modern slop is made they all have 700 trillion polygons and are unoptimized, affecting the performance. Imagine shilling for this.
>>7730 NPC's do stuff in the game though. Dynamic events like fight each other, rob each other, get into car accidents and so on. Those are some of the coolest bits of previous GTA games, where you'd come across 2 people burying a body in the countryside. Or people trying to get you to stop using a woman, and then trying to rob you. Things like that make the world feel alive rather than just reducing NPCs for performance. >they all have 700 trillion polygons and are unoptimized, affecting the performance. Are you really complaining that the graphics are more detailed? C'mon bro. Previous games used performances tricks like using the same car models many times in a scene or repeating a lot of the NPCs already loaded into memory. This was fine given the graphics restraints of each console, but graphics tech has improved. I'm not going to cry about the graphics or world being more detailed. It's the biggest and most detailed open world available. There are always compromises between vision and tech.
>>7731 ok shill You can buy the game and run up your power bill rendering hundreds of high res npcs put in by affirmative action game devs. I'll pass. Second, that trailer may not represent game footage at all. That's a big assumption. >Dynamic events like fight each other, rob each other, get into car accidents and so on. We'll see. They're more likely too incompetent to do this convincingly.
>>7728 Is it too much to hope for that the retarded diversity hires at cuckstar decide to make the ugly shitskin being a tranny canon to 'spite the trolls' or some such retarded reason then brag about it on twitter? I'd love to see the sales numbers after that stunt.
Open file (477.90 KB 1920x1372 Rockstar North.jpg)
>>7732 >We'll see. They're more likely too incompetent to do this convincingly. Shouldn't be too hard. They already did all this within GTA5 back on the PS3/360. I am describing to you events I saw while playing GTA5 at 60 fps on my PS4. >ok shill If the game comes out in a year and is trash, I'll trash it too alongside you. It's not so much that I'm shilling it, but pushing back against negative-Nancy's that are nitpicking or just flat-out lying about it (main character is tranny omgerd). >Second, that trailer may not represent game footage at all. That's a big assumption. Not really. GTA5 was back 2 generations ago on PS3/360. GTA6 will not appear on PS4 and XboxOne. So PS5/Series X is the base console. So it's not gonna be bottle-necked by the weaker previous gen of consoles. The trailer was not some mind-blowing jump in graphics fidelity that looked too good to be true. It looked good but reasonable considering the large open world of it. Just like RDR2. >You can buy the game and run up your power bill rendering hundreds of high res npcs put in by affirmative action game devs I'm not sure that's how it works buddy. Your PC or consoles drain a set amount of power based on Voltage. I don't think rendering a big world will run your bill up like mining BTC on your graphics card all day will. Maybe it will? I don't know. But it you are that hard up for cash, you probably shouldn't be playing games and should be looking for a better job. >affirmative action game devs These ~73 women happen to work for Rockstar North. Probably taken for international women's day or some shit. Not shown is the other 577 male employees. This pic is incredibly misleading that I've seen other posting. You cannot make GTA with 75 people, let alone all women. To post this to suggest the game will suck, or is woke, is nothing but anxiety fear porn. >>7733 It would be funny but I'm not sure Rockstar would agree losing billions in revenue is funny for them.
>>7730 Gotta individually 3d model each nigger's baboon lips and gorilla nostril.
Open file (605.41 KB 720x518 ClipboardImage.png)
This is gonna be the entire game, isn't it.
>>7776 cant wait until the >gta6 is so life like the fbi is using it to simulate terrorist hiv scenarios and real life school shootings training videos roll out
>>7777 (checked) I dunno about that but FBI sure is shit watching you over your online profiles. Soon if you shoot some feminist NPC they will swat your house. Remember RDR2?
>>7782 >Remember RDR2? What, was there some sort of 'Feds doing surveillance of online players' debacle or something? Sauce?
Open file (1.62 MB 1465x824 ClipboardImage.png)
Really makes the noggin' joggin'
>>7790 AYO HOL UP
Open file (995.59 KB 1268x720 ClipboardImage.png)
GTA peaked here, all the way on PS2.
>>7794 pre-HD... Home...
Open file (744.80 KB 2994x1406 90.jpg)
>i-it will really look like that! yeah no
>>7812 >Final game looks higher-resolution that the fuzzy, blurry trailer. So the final game exceeded visual expectation? Nice. Or is your image comparing the PS3 version to the PS4 version and misleading people?
>>7840 you're blind or something?
Open file (491.44 KB 549x521 ClipboardImage.png)
lmao, so stereotypical
Fake news
>>7846 >"Here's why..." kek nice one. i wonder how the Twattersphere / TikTok will play out in this version?
>>7841 You're the one posting misleading visual comparisons and not understanding what you're viewing. The final release exceeded the target trailer in visual fidelity. Trailer is blurry. Final is sharp. Again, that is assuming you're not comparing the PS3 version with the sharper PS4 version. Which would be retarded.
>>7856 If you think the "sharpness" is the only difference you are blind.
Open file (689.89 KB 695x675 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7857 Then explain it to me. What is your critique here? >>7812
>>7846 >the main characters are a slut and cuck respectively and why that's a good thing bigots >unnamed partner >by heather (((gerblickstein))) If this were fiction it would be criticized for being too on the nose and lacking subtlety.
Open file (2.25 MB 1740x920 ClipboardImage.png)
12 years
>>7872 Games cost too much to make and take too long to make these days, esp AAA open-world ones that require >500 people to craft. The days of amazing AAA games being released regularly are over. That was back on PS1 and 2. So you must cherish the good stuff that actually arrives these days. You mock that this game will take 11-12 years to get here (not including RDR2 btw), but that just means you should be grateful for what you get. GTA6 is going to be your only Rockstar game for the next 5-10 years. It's going to still be here 10 years from now getting remastered and upgraded to 60 fps and ray tracing on PS6 and PS7. So you might not wanna shit on it so badly and make up your mind before the game is even out. You can always play the old ones.
>>7886 >GTA6 is going to be your only Rockstar game for the next 5-10 years How about the "These candy ass roodypoos and their slag enablers will never do another project, because their greedy kike overlords will pull the plug on the whole operation." option, Anon? Because I vote that option as the better outcome tbh.
>>7886 >but that just means you should be grateful for what you get <ugh, be grateful for slop goyim! >GTA6 is going to be your only Rockstar game for the next 5-10 years No it's not going to be my anything as I'm not playing this shit.
Open file (1.67 MB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7912 >GTA 6 killer. Those humanoid robots tho! Nice. :D
>>7912 India Super Gaming Power by 2034
Open file (208.29 KB 1024x1024 PooHammer40K (2).jfif)
>>7912 Can you shit in the streets?
>>7915 You must build up a poo meter first by collecting 10 loo statues.
>>7912 >"story is the most important part of a game" Oh no bros, based pajeets have been ruined by the west, it's over
>>7912 It's refreshing to see something like this. Wokestar would never show gameplay or physics in a demo anymore, let alone an nps being ran over. That being said, something is weird about the shadows. They pop in and out to the point that it's distracting.
>>7918 It's a literal poojeet game anon. It's a miracle it's even working at all.
Open file (2.08 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 880x759 Designated8.png)
>>7918 >>7918 >It's refreshing to see something like this, I love telemarketer scammers programming vidya curry shit slop for me to slurp up kek let me know how much fun it is if it ever delivers :^)
>>7934 better than AAA goy slop
Open file (3.04 MB 1920x1080 8944981259512.png)
>>7935 >wanting to slurp up street shitter slop I bet you let pajeets shit on your lawn.
>>7931 you know what would have improved this? If it was generic photorealism
Open file (408.40 KB 540x405 ClipboardImage.png)
>forced female protagonist Not interested
>>7951 >female I'm not sure if you'd consider it good news or but the mysterymeat protag isn't female.
>>7961 She's a robowaifu?
Open file (701.33 KB 270x480 o9YOVtGeCiaB.mp4)
leaked trailer
>>7963 I threw up a little tbh.
Open file (287.74 KB 1432x1080 hippos-fantasia.jpg)
>>7963 That's from the live action Fantasia remake.
Open file (972.68 KB 640x358 spiderman-vomiting.gif)
Open file (112.37 KB 634x815 1695767923179207.jpg)
>>7965 Kek. I like how they gave them ГунтS.
Open file (1.27 MB 1080x3951 GTA6 hacker.png)
Open file (820.25 KB 245x209 wew.gif)
>Life in a mental hospital for leaking gta6
>>7971 My hatred for the Globohomo knows few bounds
>>7972 Its pretty crazy judgement especially if you compare it to the dude doing life in prison for running the SilkRoad but its the UK and it involves Goystar's "intellectual property" so I guess this was to be expected.
>>7973 I expect when this type of thing continues, they'll bring back hanging (but only for Anglos cutting into their j*wgold of course). I'm wondering just how long until 110?
>>7934 All the times I've seen this picture and I'm just now noticing there's barbed wire in it. Why? The sight river is already disgusting and dangerous enough to prevent anyone saner and more human than a pajeet from ever setting foot in the country at all. Is it to prevent sacred cows from falling in and blessing the radioactive open sewer with holy rotted flesh?
>>7989 >the sight river sight of god damn
>>7971 >if Rockstar does not contact me on Telegram within 24 hours I will start releasing the source code What did he expect it happen? He tried to blackmail the jew. Of course they're going to put him away for life for being a bad goyim.
>>7997 Welp seems it should count for something then. Source code archive?
>>7997 Imagine ruining your life over Slop Trans Auto 6 of all things.
Open file (703.91 KB 640x759 ClipboardImage.png)
>Rockstar has been secretly developing a new game that will take place in medieval times.This new IP promises to BEAT HEAD with big names in the genre, such as Skyrim and Elden Ring >the name of this project is "Project Medieval" >this new game will have an emphasis on combat with swords, rather than firearms, featuring weapons such as crossbows and war axes
Open file (119.21 KB 524x535 rs.jpg)
>There were 8 DLCs planned for GTA V >Bully 2 was in early production in 2014 when it got cancelled >Major Expansion for GTA V would bring back Liberty City >Midnight Club 5 was in the works.
>>8041 >Bully 2 Just imagine if Bully had lasted as a franchise into (((current year.))) There would be mandatory classes on gender identity and nigger history.
>>8042 I remember I saw a LP of Bully by some soys and they were triggered over literally everything.
>>8036 Slopfield 2 here we go.
>>8041 I'm glad none of this happened.
>>8041 >>8042 It makes sense they couldn't have made any of it because how much gaming just changed in 2014 with feminism taking a real hold on gaming, and it just got worse and worse with each year. So I bet money it was diversity hiring that destroyed rockstar from the inside.
>>8036 Didn't kingdom come deliverance already perfect this? They just didn't get a bunch of influencers to hype it enough to soys.
Open file (88.83 KB 430x350 relief.jpg)
>>8053 >Skyrim made by NuRockstar
Open file (907.55 KB 1314x1354 ClipboardImage.png)
Translation: the game is a hot mess
>>8972 > 'optimized creatively' So, is this something similar to the j*ws they do a little 'creative accounting'?
>>8972 They can add even more negroes.
>>8972 >errs on the side of perfection Except when it comes to gameplay, character design, world design, sound track, every aspect of writing. I'm sure it'll be well optimized slop. >>8973 >jews are the biggest reason for anti-semitism Yeah, no shit.

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