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Open file (1006.42 KB 1080x1344 some.png)
GTA and GTA accessories Anonymous 03/24/2023 (Fri) 10:14:22 No.1678
>GTA6 to have 12 towns But it's gonna be woke on the other hand. Since GTA games are so modable maybe people will unwoke it in a year.
Open file (384.04 KB 632x766 r4.webm)
modders on standby
Open file (1.25 MB 1024x732 ClipboardImage.png)
Say hello to NuRockstar.
Open file (48.05 KB 640x444 Nugaming.jpg)
>>1680 That really puts it into perspective. I never played RDR2 and I never will, not will I ever touch any other Nustar shit.
>>1681 Yeah, pretty much everyone who made original GTA games left Rockstar. GTA5 was the weakest in the series but it still retained at least some GTAness. This one will be made entirely by the woke crowd.
The series peaked at SA but GTA4 is also underrated.
I'm actually surprised they didn't just remake Vice City and then San Andreas.
>saint's row numake 2: electric pozzaroo will have 12 towns Each more empty and with nothing of substance to do then the last.
>>1714 But dem graphics and diversity tho
>>1714 I wouldn't say there's nothing to do in 5 if you think about it from a modding perspective.
>every GTA clone is better than GTA
Open file (551.85 KB 720x480 true crime NY.png)
>>1878 I don't know about every, but it's true that a lot of gta clones strived to improve on many aspects of the gta formula and presentation, and often succeeded but were swallowed by the gta hype machine.
>>1681 Theres a good video about it by American Krogan on odysee.
Open file (216.32 KB 853x480 24 The Game.jpg)
>>1918 Yeah, it's funny back then these games were laughed at for being lesser copy-cats but now I enjoy some of them more than the actual GTA games.
>>1918 Just because they are copycats don't mean they aren't fun. reviewers at that time just expected so much more than the developers could reasonably develop and release. Like Driver 3 was probably the game that people looked most forward to because of the reputation from the 2 other Driver games but unfortunately for Driver 3 they kinda sold more and tried to developer a game that wasn't realistic.
>>1973 But then Driver 4 was pretty good but it kinda went unnoticed because Driver 3 poisoned the well and ostensibly killed the franchise due to unreasonable hype.
Open file (608.13 KB 720x1254 1g.png)
GTA 6 will be dead on arrival.
>>2436 I think back to early 00s when GTA games were not just mocking but outright laughing at trannies, and now we got to this point. Truly a cursed timeline...
>>2443 >Truly a cursed timeline... Well gee, I wonder (((why))) anon? Don't blame God for evildoer's evil. Just fix the evildoers, God will take care of the rest. Soon your timeline will be right as rain!
>>2457 this is our punishment
Everything you love will be niggered.
Open file (358.60 KB 1140x570 gt.jpg)
>>2779 >white guy never happening
>>2461 GTA has always been steeped in niggery anyway. Anyone surprised by it being pozzed has a niggertier IQ.
>>2804 >always >just one game had niggers
Open file (231.14 KB 1169x852 r4.jpg)
and it's gonna be shit
>>3017 >another over bloated production I'm sure it won't backfire
>>3017 >cost 1 billion to make >marketing puts woke shit front and center Nothing could go wrong here. Then again it's GTA and normalniggers eat that shit up no matter how shit it is.
>>3022 GTA5 was only popular due to mods and online, the new woke crowd in charge of the series might be retarded enough to not know this. Also, mods are detrimental to their woke agenda so they might actually crack down on them, wouldn't want them racist Dup nazis replacing a strong woman with a man.
>>3022 Rockstar is the marvel of games for soyboys, anything they do soys gonna buy it.
>>3052 Same with Nintendo. Gaming devolved into this autistic cult of brand loyalists who've been groomed and conditioned since pretty much childhood to like and consume the one specific line of product, Disney-style.
MP3 was already pozzed, not going to expecting anything from Nustar 11 years later.
>>1725 >if you think about it from a modding perspective Never a good insight or point to make for a game, especially if they get constantly updated which makes the mods outdated every month or so.
>>3055 MP3?
>>3057 >Never a good insight or point to make for a game Except GTA 5 has become the best selling thing (not game, thing ever made) almost entirely thanks to mods.
It's not even gonna look that different from modded 5
>>3066 >best selling thing If you mean selling as in getting money i think the shark cards are more of a factor than the 1000s of mods.
>>3089 zoomers like mods, you can post lolclips on tiktok and socialcancer

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