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Metal Gear appreciation thread Anonymous 01/23/2023 (Mon) 21:55:23 No.208
>Discuss your favorite and least favorite games in the series >Post memes >Kojima is a hack
>>7921 Bwingu on de Wooshinzu!
>>7932 >seething hohol kek
>>7933 It's double funny because he condemned the Russian invasion so they're whining about a guy who doesn't even support Russia.
>>7987 It's triple funny considering how much role he always gave to the Russians in MGS.
Open file (1.58 MB 1000x1126 19.55.07.png)
Open file (27.66 KB 1200x500 yy.jpg)
Kojima is the king of cringe now. He completely displaced Rawhide Kobayashi as the stereotype of westaboo.
>>8195 He spent years blowing everyone even tangentially related to pedowood he could for a chance at directing a movie. I guess kike cum contains a high amount of soylent because everyone that worships kikes becomes a hyper liberal soyboy. Worked though, seems like he's being allowed to make a Death(to whites) Standing movie.
>>8195 Cuckjewma is the first japanese man I'm embarrassed to know.
Open file (46.86 KB 402x94 5.png)
jfc, they even got Kojewma on that pretentious Criterion collection pick-a-movie shit
>>8323 >closet picks I dunno. Sounds kinda gay.
>>7932 Also known as "when the kike gets kike'd" Niggers.
>>8329 No wonder Kojima is right on it.
Open file (4.20 MB 2048x1380 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (467.26 KB 706x780 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8583 I find it hard to believe the first one sold well enough to justify a second. Then again people are fucking sheep.
>>8616 >I find it hard to believe the first one sold well enough to justify a second It didn't, it was a massive flop: https://archive.vn/Vs0bO#selection-1463.0-1463.15 But we live in the age of doubling down and since Kojewma is a leftoid weastaboo asslicker now and Shit Standing had overt leftoid agenda, they're sinking money into him despite no returns.
Open file (27.87 KB 996x378 lol.png)
>Kurt Russell Explains Why He Didn't Voice Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid https://archive.is/vh2Yi Kojewma bros...
>>8711 >Let’s go do something new. Let’s go do something fresh. Let’s go create another iconic character rather than saying, ‘What can we bleed off of this iconic character?’” Movies, TV and vidya for the last 10+ years btfo.
>>8711 But I thought Kojewma was making movies... I thought he was a real director... It's over.
Back in 2016, Hayter said he also heard they wanted to use Russell for MGS3 >“I had to re-audition for Metal Gear 3 to play Naked Snake. They made me re-audition to play Old Snake, and the whole time, they were trying to find somebody else to do it. I heard that Kojima asked one of the producers on Metal Gear 3 to ask Kurt Russell if he would take over for that game. He didn’t want to do it.” https://archive.is/L3qDJ This fucking weasel was trying to get holyjew celebs into his game since the fucking PS2 days.
Open file (623.04 KB 680x680 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8793 truly the future
Open file (2.32 MB 2000x2000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8998 Maybe if your mom is deaf and blind
>>8999< and plays pinball
>>8999 Well no, that's what a mom would think.
>>8998 Creativedad is coming for your mom.
>>8998 So is Cuckj*wma the world's first documented case of a man getting pregnant!? STUNNING & BRAVE
>>8998 BIG
Open file (82.70 KB 455x612 17.jpg)
>>9009 BOSS
Open file (714.78 KB 1076x1270 slop.png)
what in the fuck is he talking about?
>>9146 >ugly mystery meat is the protag of new death standing lol >what in the fuck is he talking about? I think it's something about having to give handjobs to soulless kikes to get his movie greenlit.
Open file (38.09 KB 400x400 doggo.jpg)
>>9146 >see the latest covid information >in fucking 2024
Open file (4.14 MB 2047x1487 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9156 Somehow I feel degraded having to even look at this picture. I can't even imagine being forced into the same room today with Cuckj*wma tbh.
>>9159 Yeah, his desperate attempts to act like a 16 year old white girl online are extremely cringe.
>>9156 true cringe
>>9156 What you don't know is that can is full of fermented kike and nigger semen and he has to drink it all or they'll cancel his movie.
Open file (522.27 KB 667x529 ClipboardImage.png)
Revengeance demake?
>>9181 >it's so problematic. How can se improve it?
>>9182 >raiden and kingnigger talk about white privilege and straight people being the cause of all evil in the beginning instead of the 'one sword keeps another in it's sheath' talk >everything doing with wolf will be punctuated by le epic reddit doggo memes >mistral made to look like a tranny and be the actual brains of desperado's operation and her backstory will be about how ebil huwite peepo killed her family >monsoon's dialogue will be nothing but reddit memes >sundowner will be an alt-right chud incel conspiracy theorist >sam will be a flaming faggot >armstrong completely rewritten to be generic evil not-trump so people don't agree with his problematic beliefs >courtney made to look like a tranny and be a girlboss that tells raiden what to do all the time >kevin will a BLM activist >boris will be subservient cuck who's always wrong >doktor will be a stereotypical mad scientist turned up to 11 for "comedic" effect >fagflags everywhere >blade mode no longer slices enemies apart because that would be too violent and problematic for "modern audiences" >OST replaced with shitty hipster and nigger "music" >lewd cutouts replaced >fagflags added >the post credits scene is replaced with one where raiden sees rose fucking a nigger and decides that letting her fuck feral apemen is the feminist thing to do There really are so many ways (((they))) could ruin a MGR "remake" aren't there? Shitposting aside I can see all of that happening except for the last one, and that's just because they couldn't get away with it yet.
>>9181 It's already the quintessential modern gaym...
>>9156 I hate this man...
>>9291 >man Being pretty generous there.
Open file (845.90 KB 844x950 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9317 >troonjima lol
>>9317 it's over
Hideo Kojima quits after 99 confirmed sexual harassment incidents https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20240229/p2a/00m/0na/017000c
>>9375 creativedadbros...
Open file (1.76 MB 950x1255 ClipboardImage.png)

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