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Open file (4.03 MB 5100x2636 mgs.png)
Metal Gear appreciation thread Anonymous 01/23/2023 (Mon) 21:55:23 No.208
>Discuss your favorite and least favorite games in the series >Post memes >Kojima is a hack
Open file (170.02 KB 678x422 1467922737988.gif)
Open file (805.98 KB 678x422 1461715125610.gif)
>>208 I played Phantom Pain I thought it was alright but that is all I have played from the Metal Gear Series. Got any specific recommendations for ones I should play?
>>210 The good ones, aka 1 through 3. Retro 2D Metal Gears are also good, though you'd play them for a different vibe.
>>212 I'll check them out, what's the preferred emulator for playing them?
>>215 MGS1 is on PSX - ePSXe. 2 and 3 are on PS2 - PCSX2. I'm pretty sure Retroarch can do both cores. Although really just buying a PS2 is an optimal solution. 6th gen emulation is still wonky.
>>217 Thanks for the recommendations, I'll start with MGS1 then, I should be ale to emulate that no problem. Got any good sites for ROMS?
>>220 https://archive.is/9soec Most stuff should still work.
Open file (995.41 KB 257x194 1463021176062-0.gif)
>>222 Hell yeah that is good link.
Open file (793.60 KB 400x300 bridge.gif)
>>224 No problem. Post your thoughts about the game where you're finished.
Open file (8.48 MB 640x358 thrill.gif)
Open file (438.30 KB 640x480 sam fishter.webm)
Open file (631.27 KB 640x480 gabe logan.webm)
>>390 BUT 4U
>>389 Just a reminder than MGS2 warned us about AI.
>>515 IN A DREAM
I love 4 for retarded it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeHgrf5z4C0
>>665 4 is fun to deconstruct and laugh at. https://invidious.baczek.me/watch?v=93-_r0w7ykI
>>667 yeah that was a really good video that made me think kojima actually did something by himself right for once.
>>688 >kojima actually did something by himself right for once i don't think that's the takeaway from that video
>>693 The way he purposefully aged the metal gear franchise super fast in an attempt to show what happens eventually to stuff that wasn't let go was a good move by kojima the hack for once, also it lead to metal gear rising which was literally an esoteric meme game until last year when after 8-9 years normalfags finally found it in mass.
Open file (793.60 KB 400x300 bridge.gif)
>>700 >The way he purposefully aged the metal gear franchise super fast in an attempt to show what happens eventually to stuff that wasn't let go was a good move by kojima the hack for once Not really. There actually was a fuckton of story still left to be told as set up in MGS2, but since Cuckjewma is a hack and Fukushima wasn't around anymore the best thing he could come up with is this terrible mess that needlessly tried to "wrap up" the series but not really so he could go and do pointless Big Boss hack sequels.
Kojima is hack game dev dreamer that wishes he was making movies his whole career.
>>707 Well he finally got his wish and his movies suck ass.
>>708 yeah it did and for some restarted reason he is being allowed to making DS2.
>>706 Well it would have been nice had we actually gotten that instead.
>>709 Because we live in the age of doubling down. Death Stranding flopped but they are throwing money at it because it had some woke messages. Many such cases.
Open file (82.17 KB 500x362 still waiting.jpg)
>MGS4 is 15 years old
>>724 Yeah I know I feel so old already anon.
Open file (458.08 KB 452x604 ClipboardImage.png)
>>732 >MGS4 is older than the original 8-bit Metal Gear was when MGS2 came out
>>771 It's not so much the age that's the issue but the fact that nothing good came out since. Now the retarded goofy entry into the series is its last good game and is so old it's more related to the classic games than to anything now.
Open file (2.10 MB 300x168 n.gif)
Open file (3.32 MB 640x360 MetalGear.webm)
Open file (162.96 KB 600x335 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1253 faggot killer 9000
>>1306 she wants uhh peace bros. I love kojimas retarded excuses for fanservice in MGSV. <quitu just hasturu be almost n-naked becasuru she justa doesu
>>1309 About the only based thing Cuckjewma has ever done.
>>1310 It really is, the excuse is lame, I wish he just said he was fantasizing about his hot western-Russian waifu and wanted to jerk off to her while playing metal gear solid five but of course he has to pretend their is some esoteric reason, he didn't do that for paz, meryls butt, or the beauty and the beast unit girls and their literal objectification mode in MGS4. which was fucking based btw OH MAI GAWDU I LOVRU THE WESTU! I LOVU HROYYWOODU AND NORMAN REDDS! I wish I got respect for my autistic love of Japanese culture, meanwhile this westaboo faggot is the game dev of a generation!
>>1347 >he didn't do that for paz, meryls butt, or the beauty and the beast unit girls Because he was only nominally the director and didn't have full control over the production.
Open file (322.62 KB 912x2048 m.jpg)
Open file (451.90 KB 1080x1255 o.jpg)
what a hack
>>1556 Unironically Ground Zeroes was better than the full game or MGSV
>>1574 To an extent yes, but that doesn't change the fact that Kojima is a jew.
Open file (158.55 KB 1280x720 1.jpg)
Ground Zeroes, despite the jewy practice of releasing it for money, felt more like an actual MGS game where you had to infiltrate the enemy base that had actual design and atmosphere to it, reminiscent of the real MGS. Literally should have been the entire game but obviously more of it.
>>1579 What made Hackjima change his mind?
Open file (43.95 KB 1332x393 1e.png)
It's over anons, they're gonna do it. They're gonna numake MGS3.
They already numade mgs3 for arcade, graphics-wise at least.
>>1826 >They already numade mgs3 for arcade They haven't.
>>1829 I must be smoking crack, I swear to god their was some graphical remaster in some Japanese arcade somewhere anon.
>>1831 Unless you're thinking of the pachiko, that crack must be whack. They remade a few cutscenes for the pachislot on the Fox engine but that's about it. https://y.com.sb/watch?v=ziwuudqfLxY
>>1833 yeah it was that one.
>>1834 It is exactly how the numake gonna look like so there's that.
>>1727 His obsession with gaijin of course, literally the cause of all evils in japan.
Open file (540.76 KB 2048x1380 cockjimma.jpg)
jesus fucking christ...
>>2051 Who's the nigger?
>>2052 The holyjew director who makes anti-white nog movies.
Open file (917.10 KB 1079x1141 3.png)
Looks like MGS is royally fucking fucked, they're gonna numake the entire series. Castlevania too.
>>2055 To be fair, Hayter was always a lib, and MGS after 2 was really bad. https://www.google.com/amp/s/boundingintocomics.com/2022/11/17/metal-gear-solid-voice-actor-david-hayter-pushes-back-against-anti-woke-commentator-says-series-is-thematically-against-everything-you-believe-in/amp/ Sutherland was a far better Snake imo. But since this is the Current Year + 8 I doubt Sutherland comes back. They will find a way to coonify/troonify/cuntify the series.
>>2051 For 8 years I said Hackjima was a lib. I was right.
Open file (9.18 KB 220x220 wakka.jpg)
>>2063 >MGS after 2 was really bad >Sutherland was a far better Snake imo bait post
>>2066 Hayter is still politically a fag but well that's life.
>>2055 RIP
Open file (791.79 KB 659x697 1.png)
>>2280 god I hate this faggot
>>2332 >this He is an insufferable over rated dev who wishes he he made movies but never got to so once he got crumb of credibility he turns his games into them.
>>2334 He was tard wrangled for years over at Konami and managed to produce decent content as part of a collective, but him transitioning to "auteur" and trying to weasel his way into Pedowood by rubbing shoulders with B-list celebrities is beyond cringe.
Open file (123.22 KB 680x910 r5.jpg)
>Steve Jobs of video games the absolute state soyjournos
Open file (271.83 KB 640x908 308179.png)
>>2055 >suddenly Twin Snakes is not utter shit anymore I hate this trope of modern demakes making the previous black sheep in the series look less bad by compassion.
>>2340 >Steve Jobs of video games so a hack?
Open file (82.79 KB 622x680 7.jpg)
I don't think there's a single image of Kojima doing something video game related.
>>2585 Cuckjewma really thinks that making moobies is better than making game, he has this idealized, country bumpkin perception of pedowood, how he's gonna go there and rub shoulders with Martin Scorsese and shit. He doesn't understand that pedowood is cringe and hell, and nobody there needs some shitty jap ""auteur"" wannabe who directed some video games.
Open file (143.31 KB 1024x982 y6.jpg)
>Herro, my name is Rawhide Hideo
>>2585 >>2590 how did he become so pathetic..?
Open file (32.06 KB 720x458 04934367.jpg)
>>2599 This is what westaboo does to your brain. Keep in mind that being a weeb looks just as bad.
Open file (561.77 KB 647x924 ht.png)
It's over.
Open file (330.46 KB 540x578 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2835 i hate this gay earth
Open file (33.04 KB 567x708 dog.jpg)
I assume the numake will be done by Konami without Cuckjewma? It might actually be better than MGS5.
>>2844 >piss better than shit eh...
Open file (22.56 KB 474x812 th-4114454962.jpg)
>>2835 >>2840 >Snake, did you know that transgender is a broad term that can be used to describe people whose gender identity is different from the gender they were thought to be when they were born. "Trans" is often used as shorthand for transgender. To treat a transgender person with respect, you treat them according to their gender identity, not their sex at birth.
Open file (450.50 KB 1073x759 1.png)
>now it's more like a mobie!
>>2865 If you had only those two you better drink the piss If you had any other kind of food laying around then go pick it of course
>>2914 Thankfully you can just avoid both in this scenario. That being said, Kojima became such a clown that I legit would rather play a Konami-made numake than touch anything made by him. Not that I would anyway, but just as a hypothetical.
Open file (424.34 KB 911x1248 acid.jpg)
>>2915 Time has proven Konami ironically right, Kojima is an excellent producer and quality manager when on a tight leash but left to his own devices he makes stuff within a very personal niche that leaves plenty dissatisfied, which would be passable if he didn't try to scam us or leave the company with a budget catastrophe. I would also rather play anything from Konami but i would also like to have it foreign to the main plot, as flawed and comical as it is, and have a different story with the same aspects. Preferably with designed levels rather than open world but that's asking a bit much.
>>2916 Yeah, Kojima was tard wrangled hard at Konami. He worked as a part of the team and his movies obsession just added an extra flavor to the games. Now that he has full control over the production, all he does are just barren intractable movies with gameplay as an afterthought, vicariously living out his movie director inferiority complex. If Konami made a new MGS game, with a new director, it would actually have chances of being good as that's what the series needed for a long time, and like you posted Acid was pretty good. But a remake is gonna be shit regardless, especially considering that the japs are now aiming for the western sensibilities in their games, and also they will most certainly turn MGS3 into an open world game.
i can't believe they're just randomly remaking MGS3 lol
>>3082 The era of remakes, also i think they already had that plan when they remade some cutscenes for the pachinko machines.
>>3088 MGS3 Pachislot was like 7 years ago so we can rule that out. But not remaking a series in an order is truly retarded even for the retarded remake era. At least there used to be the justification of "oh, we're rebooting the series for a new beginning with new ideas!" Now it's just so blatantly "heh dumb goyim, which game are you the most nostalgic for?" I guess it was like that already with FF7.
>>3090 >7 years ago Fucking hell, yeah you can disregard the idea then Nothing but garbage since a long time ago, it really is the dark ages
>>3098 But the reason why they made the MGS3 pachinko and MGS3 remake now is the same.
Open file (35.20 KB 702x529 1h.jpg)
Bwahahahahahaha it begins.
>>3106 >Last of Soy >stealth games also where are the "The Snake Eater remake will fix the racism and sexism problems of the original and that's a good thing" articles?
>>3106 How is nuHitman any different from Contracts and Blood Money? the medium is filled with buzzwords and fish memory
>>3108 They think TLOU is a stealth game, what do you expect from NPCs. The stealth genre has died out like many other genres so now they think any game where you can crouch and throw a bottle is a stealth game.
>>3106 Pretty sure it can because they haven't.
Open file (256.10 KB 410x603 ClipboardImage.png)
i got goosebumps at the end of the mgs3 "trailer" i feel kinda soy rn tbh
so many characters you can make black
>>3215 >>3216 mgs trailer needed more melanin
Open file (1.71 MB 1920x1080 nu.jpg)
More info on the numake: https://archive.is/z8bbo Basically: >No Shinkawa or Kojima involvement in MGS3 delta >Konami is considering remake the other games >Konami will stay faithful to the story >Japan version will use the original voices of the voice actors that passed away >No info yet on which engine they will use for the remake
>>3342 >No Shinkawa Why even call it MGS then...
>>3342 >Konami is considering remake the other games How can they possibly remake MGS2, a game so thought provoking and provocative that it basically predicted the current world including this pathetic trend of remakes?
>>3344 MGS2 has not one but TWO(2) niggers, oh lord, it's so progressive. Peter Stillman second protagonist!
>>3346 Yes anon but it is still a based game overall. also it has three niggers and one of them is gay and a lover of a bad the vamp
>>3360 Who's the third one?
>>3361 Fortunes dad.
>>3376 We see him for like 3 seconds.
Normalfags will eat all the shitty remakes...
Open file (99.03 KB 681x418 lol.png)
>>3392 The saddest part is that they will do it. You cannot make video games in the year of social media cancer when any fucking faggot can address his whining directly to the creator. Just another day I saw some gaijin fag tweet to some anime producer and he actually replied to him. Jesus fucking christ.
>>3392 >>3393 Fuck this gay earth
>>3392 >remove optional scene of woman changing >add mandatory scene of gay butt sex from start to completion and have snake comment about how wonderful what he just saw was and it makes him sort of curious about how it would feel
Open file (31.73 KB 639x283 MGS_codec-1236770981.jpg)
>>3413 >Snake, did I ever tell you that Pride Month starts today >Hmm, tell me more Colonel
MGS has always had a lot of booba and lewd moments, since it was made by men for men. Now troons are soys are gonna sanitize it.
>>3722 The fact that you already can't tell the difference from the real thing is scary.
>>3723 The patriots are a lot cooler than the jews tbh.
>>3725 Solidus did nothing wrong.
>>3722 This is pretty insightful. Props to whoever created it. The answer is simple: we have to create our own physical waifus. Robowaifus if you will. And they need to be entirely DIY from the get-go, even down to creating micro fabs for chips to systems.
>>3722 then they'll numake MGS2, Colonel will call Raiden to tell him about proper pronouns
Open file (285.42 KB 1920x1280 56.jpg)
Oh god
>>3891 Kojima is like a parasite. The second some movie celeb does anything game related, he goes "oh, I'm gonna take a photo with him, it's rike I'm a Horywood director myserf."
>>3892 prese be in my mobie game, Nicoras Cage
>>3891 Cage has no idea who that even is.
Open file (588.09 KB 844x950 Farewell sausage.png)
>>3947 What did he mean by this?
>>3948 kojima trooning out arc
>>3950 Kojimabros... we got too cocky.
Open file (452.30 KB 1159x452 tranjima.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 320x289 85.gif)
>>3952 Shit Standing 2 is looking good.
>>3952 And pedowood still will never let him direct a movie.
>>3956 They will, it'll flop massively, and he'll go back to Japan to make fake movies again.
>>3956 >>3957 He basically made a movie indirectly with Death stranding, its like 8 or 12 hours worth of cutscenes, a really long fucking movie. Nobody needs anymore of that.
>>3959 >its like 8 or 12 hours worth of cutscenes Doesn't even hold a candle to MGS4's 14 hours.
Open file (278.41 KB 578x662 i7.png)
>>3966 when will he come out already?
>>3891 He put him in Shit Standing 2 for sure.
Open file (435.77 KB 913x1148 miya.jpg)
Cuckjewma BTFO
>>4302 based
>>4302 /ourguy/
>>4302 Truer now then it was when he said it. Movies get worse every year.
>>4312 There's nothing sadder than imitating an inferior medium like film.
>>4313 I like a lot of pre-kike film but cuckeo games are the ULTIMATE form of time wasting/entertainment, give or take, when done right that is. Well maybe tabletop games are even nore superior but they don't have as immersive autism for more visual autist. Either way cuckjewma is a dumb faggot and he is btfo.
>>4324 Film only has any upper hand at all because there's just more of it and it has been going for a century. Whereas videogay only had a 20 year window to find its way before it got dragged down to shit. That being said, the BTFOing of cuckjewma is palpable. Miyamoto's contributions are actually important.
>>4324 >pre-kike film no such thing
>>4327 >no such thing No really, there were many such films. It's just exceedingly-rare to find anywhere within the Globohomo's strong domains (basically, anywhere in the so-called '9 Eyes' countries). But globally -- particularly in the past -- there were plenty of works that hadn't been grimed by jew's greedy, filthy little hands.
Open file (17.11 KB 400x400 Joakim.jpg)
>>4391 What about him?
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 waitwat_cat.gif)
>>4392 But wait...that's a white man!? How can this be
>>4394 Just a regular Norwegian guy.
Open file (523.75 KB 1080x1074 cringe.jpg)
A hack is one thing but when did Kojima become the cringe man.
>>4414 Since he decided he wanted to make movies not games.
>>4414 Cuckjewma is the worst, I didn't rike it my friend.
>>4414 he should give up his nip card
>>4425 He really wants to. He spends so much time tongue washing hollywood pedophiles' balls, but they'll never let him direct an actual movie.
>>4430 They will because they are bombarded by retarded normalfags on twitter about Kojima being the genius director, so they will give him a cart-blanche to direct some film in hopes that he has enough of a pull to have it be a success. It will be a complete garbage that's gonna flop and then they'll pack his ass back to Hokkaido.
Open file (360.57 KB 640x480 vif_08.43.45.png)
>>4414 they will cancel him in no time when somebody shows them all the lewd stuff from pre NuMGS
Open file (204.95 KB 1200x866 9.jpg)
fresh cringe
>>4777 This might have been cool in 2015. Kojima just sucks. He hasn't made a good game in over 20 years.
>>4813 at this point MGS4 is a good game
>>4814 Well, the game portions were good at least.
>>4820 it's a good 30 minute game
>>4302 He is just like me
Open file (126.08 KB 719x623 1u.jpg)
Hideo Kojima celebrates the anniversary of Japan's most popular yaoi series
>>5093 He should just release his Geoff gay porno already.
Open file (709.51 KB 950x642 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5198 >where duh rite vroman arat?
Open file (97.95 KB 946x1051 k.jpg)
What did he mean by this?
>>5374 He's trying to fit in with pedowood by letting (((them))) know he's into little girls.
>>5376 Movie greenlit!
Looks like Metal Gear Triangle is censored to all fucks.
>>5377 Digits confirm. Prepare for the next rising star of directors, Burgers!
Open file (1.91 MB 1024x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5377 Kojima cuties adaption when?
>>5979 More like Goonies.
Open file (123.66 KB 700x394 5.jpg)
>MGS5 is now getting memoryholed as being good due to retrograde bias Truly deplorable.
>>6032 I did enjoy it for a bit but gameplay got old really fast, story was really, really boring and bad for the most part. Huey being a piece of shit was about the only thing I liked, Skullface as well, even though he meant nothing in the scheme of the plot mgsv is filler and his plot was so stupid and autistic it was just to dumb.
>>6038 Ironically Ground Zeroes was the best part of the whole thing, it actually felt like an MGS game and didn't have most of the cancerous modern gayming elements that ruined the full game. It still felt more like a fan game imitating MGS but at least you could find some enjoyment in sneaking around the enemy base, which is not something you can say about the main game.
The second the trailer revealed that MGS5 will be open world I already knew it's gonna be shit.
Open file (206.06 KB 479x447 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (130.53 KB 1087x2026 c00.jpg)
Open file (83.38 KB 860x532 5.jpg)
how bad are they gonna ruin MGS...
>>6218 Even HD collection fucked it up badly and this shit will likely have censorship and pozz rewrites.
Open file (142.23 KB 1024x755 nig.jpg)
Jesus fucking christ.
>>6229 >if i suckah dis brack penisu wirl horrywood let me directu movie? <SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEIT NIGGUUUUH I DUNNO BUT YOU GONS TA DO I ANYWAYS How long is it going to take for that soulless bug to realize pedowood isn't going to let him direct movies?
Open file (182.78 KB 335x330 f0c1a.png)
>>6230 What if they let him direct a movie and he makes a video game instead.
>>6229 >Peele I kikejewma never ceases to amaze me with his intense faggotry.
>>6237 There isn't a holyjew scum he wouldn't take a photo with.
>>6233 I like MGS4 but he's already directed a movie before anon.
>>6250 >joke >you
>MGS trilogy remaster is coming out >the series is getting attention from normalnigs >ecelebs are giving their awful shit takes about it I fucking hate it, gives me the anxiety attack when dirty normalniggers are talking about classic games, can't wait for it to die out and go back to being forgotten by the bugmen
Open file (124.95 KB 768x1024 koj.jpg)
What is he thinking?
>>6567 >where them white women at
>>208 >normalfags dun no bout em gee esss How fucking stupid and autistic are you MGS has been full on mainstream for decades.
>>6585 Meant for >>6560
>>6585 That's not the point you retard, just because MGS has already been "mainstream" in 2006 doesn't magically mean that zoomers in 2023 played and know those 20 years old PS2 games. Only MGSV has been "full mainstream" anyhow, literally 90% of zoomers and normalfags jumped the MGS bandwagon due to it and it's the best selling in the series.
welp looks like the new remaster is just as shit as the old remaster and can be promptly forgotten as well
>>6632 >each game is just the iso disk file being run on some horrendous emulator with terrible input delay and no graphical settings for resolution, brightness/gamma, aspect ratio, or fps >game is mandatory fullscreen and alt-tabbing kills the process >Konami has used the Unity engine as a wrapper/launcher for a hidden emulator that emulates the code of the Xbox 360 release of the Metal Gear Solid 2 HD Collection version slop/slop
Open file (1.21 MB 1440x1068 heh.png)
Open file (234.45 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
Here's your Metal Gear Triangle. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=wUOsNavOluw Generic muh photorealism, Completely soulless Unreal look. No style, no art direction, as if made by an AI.
>>6693 zoomers will love it
>>6694 Yeah it's gonna be 'their game', just like with MGS5 and they're gonna defend it and shit on the original because it doesn't have regenerating health and prompts to win. It's gonna have nothing to do with the actual MGS3, it will have every horrible modern gayming trend. And then they're gonna remake MGS1 and MGS2.
>>6693 gave him the logan paul jawline.
>>6693 What's the point of a screenshot of just a wall?
>>6693 i hate photo realism so fucking much bros
Open file (189.95 KB 614x461 ClipboardImage.png)
Modern gaming...
Open file (762.16 KB 1161x684 mgs2.png)
This costs $20.
>>6729 >metal gay soy costs money lol whats a fail
>>6729 >can just emulate this 20 year old game for free in any resolution you want <pay money for a horrendous inferior port that actively ruins the game zoomers always choose the latter
>>6729 >ps2 game looks better then a xbox one x plus 2: electric boogaloo remaster What else is new?
>>6753 >What else is new? Pay $70 for it.
Open file (1.33 MB 1440x1206 12.png)
>and that's a good thing!
>>6774 SHEEEEIT Kek. I literally thought this was a nigger for a half-second, glancing quickly at the thumbnail image. I was like > the soyim will eat this up! :^)
>>6775 >I will play the nugame instead of playing the original because I just will okay Why are people like this today? What the fuck is wrong with the world?
Open file (238.41 KB 2048x1972 4.jpg)
>>6775 They removed the literal blackface from the original game.
Open file (163.91 KB 1148x833 1697916651141995.png)
>>6776 You already know the answer Anon > >>6777 Checked & kek'd
>>6774 I like how they try and slide it as a negative, "ugh, those purists, laugh at them!"
Open file (261.28 KB 480x270 ClipboardImage.png)
What do anons think about Revengeance?
>>6858 Cut what you will!
>>6858 The last good MGS game.
Open file (73.98 KB 1280x720 maxres.jpg)
Can't wait for grandpa Snake. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=bIM8hiHWUN8
>>6864 pretty desperate
Open file (2.27 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6885 Rook, today I met with Sam Fisher!
Open file (89.78 KB 474x296 ClipboardImage.png)
>MGS3 demake apparently plays exactly like MGS V
Open file (117.56 KB 1919x1026 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>6858 It's pretty fun but I'm more interested in the original pre-Platinumslop version. Though action-based, it was much more of an MGS game with a spin rather than a Platinumslop game with an MGS skin swap.
>>6905 >metal cock solid rising erection faggot
Open file (4.51 MB 400x224 2p0a.gif)
>>6905 Was this ever feasible in-game?
>>6685 /ourguy/
>>6907 Probably not, otherwise they would have kept it.
Open file (108.71 KB 364x329 snek.png)
>>6915 This presumes that sound, rational minds are at the head of the studio. Clearly this is not the case, Anon.
>>6917 It's not like Platinum are irrational. But they're clearly not gonna do any extra work.
Open file (135.75 KB 768x1024 76.jpg)
The cunt who Kojewma digitized for MGSV is whining and metooing about sexualization. https://archive.is/3DiCP See, this is why you create new fucking characters for games, you can do anything lewd you want with them with no consequences, instead of scanning some celebs.
>>6959 unwanted lewd is better, it makes it more lewd in a way
>>6961 Be that as it may coom-wise, both creatively and logistically having your characters just be some digitized celebs is a shit idea.
Open file (215.81 KB 580x523 koje.png)
The cringe continues.
>>7401 and here I thought he already reached rock bottom
>>6961 >unwanted lewd is better, it makes it more lewd in a way A hoe is a hole. It's neither more nor less 'lewd' IMO, but rather brings out the basic essence of the female's role (that is, as a baby-making/housekeeping machine for her husband) in flat opposition to Current Year (((society))). This fact is of course gratifying to every redblooded male that thinks (and also for those who don't).
>>7401 Cuckjewman is like a whore sucking up to every minor celeb.
>>7404 Some holes are hotter.
>>7401 is his whole thing now to show up with pedowood guys and do selfies? Is he trying to get his own film?
>>7438 >is his whole thing now to show up with pedowood guys and do selfies? Pretty much. Who hasn't he selfied with by now...
Open file (188.92 KB 353x475 2023.png)
>>6959 this is her now. You can see some wallage going on. This is just how white women are. Kojima was actually trying to do a pretentious "Jewish Jacques Derrida subversion of phallocracy" thing with the character in MGS5 but it flew over the dumb bitch's head and apparently Kikejima didn't send out the memo.
>>7441 Cojewma immortalized her as a hot babe in a bikini which is something any woman should be grateful for as they all start hitting the wall extremely fast.
Open file (634.46 KB 1224x2658 dds.jpg)
>>7446 >you buird a warr to keep peepurr out >you buird a bridgearu to rure peepurr over and bro it up when they're half way acrossu
>>7446 lol
>>7448 Visionary.
Open file (2.89 MB 1326x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.06 MB 640x640 cat what.gif)
>>7739 wait this is actually real
>>7741 Poe's law.
>>7739 Can I direct a movie now prease?
Open file (1.55 MB 1080x1864 ClipboardImage.png)
Can somebody assassinate Kojima already? I can't take all this cringe.
>>7749 Jesus.... Cuckjima...
>>7446 I told people at the time that Death Stranding was pure Trump Derangement Syndrome. Kojima went from lambasting "political correctness" and censorship in MGS2.....to sucking off literal hyper woke niggers and bitches. He should be assassinated.
>>7749 Gee, let me guess. Another movie not game with a lot of B tier celebs.
we is da do dat metoy gay soiled need mo bla peepo
>>7752 Many such cases. I blame social media. Normalfags, who were previously disjointed, began to organize into groups and communities on shitter and plebbit where they began to spread retarded opinions like that Kojewma is some sort of "auteur".
Open file (144.38 KB 1520x1016 20231208_102450.jpg)
I hate this piece of shit so much
>>7756 i wish somebody would shoot this fag already
>>7749 >new form of media 400 hours of cutscenes with no gameplay is not a new form of media.
Open file (554.83 KB 891x746 ClipboardImage.png)
>Movie of a game that is a movie
>>7862 >I finary did it, I'm a real director!
>>7862 >the film you got to make is about your shitty walking 'game' Embarrassing.
>>7862 Seems odd to make a live-action version of a CGI movie, but whatever floats their boat I guess.
>>7896 >Seems odd to make a live-action version of a CGI movie Well actually it makes perfect sense. All these nugames are embarrassed to be videogames and try to be movies so it's easy to make a movie out of them compared to trying to figure out how to make a movie out of an actual video game.
>>7863 >>7866 It's actually impressive in its own laughable way.
>>7921 Bwingu on de Wooshinzu!
>>7932 >seething hohol kek
>>7933 It's double funny because he condemned the Russian invasion so they're whining about a guy who doesn't even support Russia.
>>7987 It's triple funny considering how much role he always gave to the Russians in MGS.
Open file (1.58 MB 1000x1126 19.55.07.png)
Open file (27.66 KB 1200x500 yy.jpg)
Kojima is the king of cringe now. He completely displaced Rawhide Kobayashi as the stereotype of westaboo.
>>8195 He spent years blowing everyone even tangentially related to pedowood he could for a chance at directing a movie. I guess kike cum contains a high amount of soylent because everyone that worships kikes becomes a hyper liberal soyboy. Worked though, seems like he's being allowed to make a Death(to whites) Standing movie.
>>8195 Cuckjewma is the first japanese man I'm embarrassed to know.
Open file (46.86 KB 402x94 5.png)
jfc, they even got Kojewma on that pretentious Criterion collection pick-a-movie shit
>>8323 >closet picks I dunno. Sounds kinda gay.
>>7932 Also known as "when the kike gets kike'd" Niggers.
>>8329 No wonder Kojima is right on it.
Open file (4.20 MB 2048x1380 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (467.26 KB 706x780 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8583 I find it hard to believe the first one sold well enough to justify a second. Then again people are fucking sheep.
>>8616 >I find it hard to believe the first one sold well enough to justify a second It didn't, it was a massive flop: https://archive.vn/Vs0bO#selection-1463.0-1463.15 But we live in the age of doubling down and since Kojewma is a leftoid weastaboo asslicker now and Shit Standing had overt leftoid agenda, they're sinking money into him despite no returns.
Open file (27.87 KB 996x378 lol.png)
>Kurt Russell Explains Why He Didn't Voice Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid https://archive.is/vh2Yi Kojewma bros...
>>8711 >Let’s go do something new. Let’s go do something fresh. Let’s go create another iconic character rather than saying, ‘What can we bleed off of this iconic character?’” Movies, TV and vidya for the last 10+ years btfo.
>>8711 But I thought Kojewma was making movies... I thought he was a real director... It's over.
Back in 2016, Hayter said he also heard they wanted to use Russell for MGS3 >“I had to re-audition for Metal Gear 3 to play Naked Snake. They made me re-audition to play Old Snake, and the whole time, they were trying to find somebody else to do it. I heard that Kojima asked one of the producers on Metal Gear 3 to ask Kurt Russell if he would take over for that game. He didn’t want to do it.” https://archive.is/L3qDJ This fucking weasel was trying to get holyjew celebs into his game since the fucking PS2 days.
Open file (623.04 KB 680x680 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8793 truly the future
Open file (2.32 MB 2000x2000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8998 Maybe if your mom is deaf and blind
>>8999< and plays pinball
>>8999 Well no, that's what a mom would think.
>>8998 Creativedad is coming for your mom.
>>8998 So is Cuckj*wma the world's first documented case of a man getting pregnant!? STUNNING & BRAVE
>>8998 BIG
Open file (82.70 KB 455x612 17.jpg)
>>9009 BOSS
Open file (714.78 KB 1076x1270 slop.png)
what in the fuck is he talking about?
>>9146 >ugly mystery meat is the protag of new death standing lol >what in the fuck is he talking about? I think it's something about having to give handjobs to soulless kikes to get his movie greenlit.
Open file (38.09 KB 400x400 doggo.jpg)
>>9146 >see the latest covid information >in fucking 2024
Open file (4.14 MB 2047x1487 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9156 Somehow I feel degraded having to even look at this picture. I can't even imagine being forced into the same room today with Cuckj*wma tbh.
>>9159 Yeah, his desperate attempts to act like a 16 year old white girl online are extremely cringe.
>>9156 true cringe
>>9156 What you don't know is that can is full of fermented kike and nigger semen and he has to drink it all or they'll cancel his movie.
Open file (522.27 KB 667x529 ClipboardImage.png)
Revengeance demake?
>>9181 >it's so problematic. How can se improve it?
>>9182 >raiden and kingnigger talk about white privilege and straight people being the cause of all evil in the beginning instead of the 'one sword keeps another in it's sheath' talk >everything doing with wolf will be punctuated by le epic reddit doggo memes >mistral made to look like a tranny and be the actual brains of desperado's operation and her backstory will be about how ebil huwite peepo killed her family >monsoon's dialogue will be nothing but reddit memes >sundowner will be an alt-right chud incel conspiracy theorist >sam will be a flaming faggot >armstrong completely rewritten to be generic evil not-trump so people don't agree with his problematic beliefs >courtney made to look like a tranny and be a girlboss that tells raiden what to do all the time >kevin will a BLM activist >boris will be subservient cuck who's always wrong >doktor will be a stereotypical mad scientist turned up to 11 for "comedic" effect >fagflags everywhere >blade mode no longer slices enemies apart because that would be too violent and problematic for "modern audiences" >OST replaced with shitty hipster and nigger "music" >lewd cutouts replaced >fagflags added >the post credits scene is replaced with one where raiden sees rose fucking a nigger and decides that letting her fuck feral apemen is the feminist thing to do There really are so many ways (((they))) could ruin a MGR "remake" aren't there? Shitposting aside I can see all of that happening except for the last one, and that's just because they couldn't get away with it yet.
>>9181 It's already the quintessential modern gaym...
>>9156 I hate this man...
>>9291 >man Being pretty generous there.
Open file (845.90 KB 844x950 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9317 >troonjima lol
>>9317 it's over
Hideo Kojima quits after 99 confirmed sexual harassment incidents https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20240229/p2a/00m/0na/017000c
>>9375 creativedadbros...

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