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Open file (379.42 KB 640x675 dd8.jpg)
Comfy edition Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 06:39:04 No.2117
Games that always had that comfy feeling. What is your go-to comfy game?
Open file (3.50 MB 540x300 61.gif)
Diablo 1
>>3320 What's comfy about it?
>>3323 The music of Tristram, the personalities of the townspeople, the foreboding nature of the cathedral, all make it a very comfy and daunting game.
>>3326 >foreboding >daunting <comfy not too sure about that one anon
>>3328 Tristram is very comfy because it is like anons safe-zone in the game, the music and the art really do give the small little town a comfy feel and in my opinion the lingering darkness makes one want to further hunker down and not want to go back down into the demonic catacombs. If anything it is why I don't want to go outside and why I think being a NEET is comfy as opposed to being a non-NEET, but in vidya geimu form.
>>3329 Being NEET is comfy.
>>3319 comf, shame they ruined the sequel with niggers
>>2558 >due to poor draw distance I'd argue the first two Turok games were very pleasing to play at the time of their release in large part because the draw distance fog enhanced the fantastical and eerie feeling of the levels. Which is fitting because the Lost Land is supposed to be a bizarre and hellish shithole even at the best of times. That third game was fucking trash though, I had high hopes because Turok 2 was so fucking fun despite how ridiculously labyrinthine the levels could get and then that piece of shit came along. They didn't even bother putting in any cool gore effects, while even the first one had a couple of funny death animations and you could use the grenade and rocket launchers to send motherfuckers flying and screaming while raining blood everywhere.
Open file (457.30 KB 2048x1534 open world plague.jpg)
>>4016 Yeah, there are a lot of games like that, that used technical limitation to their advantage, Silent Hill being one of the most notable. Art truly comes from adversity. Nowadays it would have been generic looking open world made in Unreal.
>>4019 the fake comfy games
Open file (1.16 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (92.32 KB 800x600 Dirty_Muriel's.jpg)
Open file (235.98 KB 1920x1080 2.jpg)
Isle Delfino. Home.
Open file (111.44 KB 736x981 comfy kot.jpg)
>>2124 very comfy
Open file (102.62 KB 1280x720 hitman.jpg)
Open file (10.20 KB 175x250 ClipboardImage.jpg)
Open file (129.33 KB 1280x720 Minecraft.jpg)
Alpha to release 1.2.5 had a super comfy feeling to it tbh.
>>6306 It's hard to remember the time when Minecraft was an obscure indie game that you can enjoy but there was a time like that.
>>6307 I remember when I first saw the merch everywhere, it was like when I first got redpilled, seeing normalfags take over mc reallt fucking got to me, and it still does.
*really It depresses me how many troons have infected mc's modding community as well.
Open file (265.66 KB 1920x1080 nzcy9u94y.jpg)
>>6309 Yeah there were so many autistic indie games back at that time but for some reason Minecraft is the one that went viral (and doomed itself). I suppose it makes sense with the whole building aspect but you'd think the whole hard 8-bit aesthetic (at the time) would have deterred normalfags but of course now they got fucking ray tracing in Minecraft to make it look "appealing".
>>6311 I despise the shaders that minecraft "players" use to no end. I can get it from an autistic developer perspective, but the normalfag "muh looking good" reason for making their pc's run at 80 degrees c is the most retarded shit I can think of, the game looks FINE the way it is. This retarded idea of making every game widescreen heckin' HD and having "good graphics" needs to die. Sadly I don't ever think it will. Diablo HD mod is the only mod I've ever liked that made a game widescreen and HD, that's because it added a ton to the game and is sort of its own experience.
>>6313 Yeah the necessity of normalfags to turn Minecraft into a regular looking video game is extra ironic considering its original appeal was specifically the disregard of the conventional look. It already came out during the widescreen HD muh realism era.
Open file (862.33 KB 540x380 sora.gif)
Open file (14.19 MB 1024x576 24.gif)
Open file (3.00 MB 640x480 re2.gif)
>>6902 Kino.
Open file (125.04 KB 1240x993 1.png)
Open file (97.70 KB 640x448 7197.jpg)
Open file (80.74 KB 400x348 h45.jpg)
Open file (939.76 KB 500x339 mm.gif)
Open file (418.51 KB 500x369 mm2.gif)
>>7187 Fuck I love the first Paper Mario. I like TTYD too but not as much, and everything after that shouldn't exist. I get that Nintendo wanted to try being innovative with the IP or whatever but I don't get how they thought destroying the perfectly fine gameplay from the first two and turning the others into some gay bullshit was a good idea.
>>7191 Back then devs just couldn't help themselves to try something new and different.
>>7193 Yeah but what happened to Paper Mario was forced innovation on behalf of dumbass suits and probably Miyamoto's meddling as well. As in the devs if left to their own devices probably wouldn't have altered it as drastically as with whatever the fuck they were told to do with Super Paper Mario and Sticker Star.
>>7205 what happened?
>>7207 the mario aint even on atario, mario aint even gabario
>>7207 With Super Paper Mario instead of having interesting party members based off of different creatures they just went with Peach Luigi and Bowser, the combat system was changed and is no longer turn based, it's all side scrolling levels instead of a 2.5D (or whatever you'd call it) overworld that links to other levels that you can explore and come back to later, and their stupid "innovative" gimmick with switching perspectives was lackluster at best. With Sticker Star instead of having a leveling system where you choose between HP/FP/BP to permanently upgrade you get stickers that very temporarily help you. That's the amazing innovation there. It also had ugly as fuck aesthetics imo. I'm sure there's more to shit on with Sticker Star but I've forgotten most of it.
Open file (1.37 MB 859x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7213 That happened a lot when the second/third game is literally nothing like the original because the developers were chasing some trendy thing. See picrel.
Open file (1.17 MB 900x621 kilika.png)
Final Fantasy Z always is a comforting game for me, it's stuck with me ever since I first played it. The atmosphere was just what i needed at the time and the beautiful soundtrack definitely helped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC1VmGXiEFw
>>7254 X is the last real final fantasy as far as I'm concerned. I like X better than IX. IX came across as too try hard, and soulless even, to me. It's like they were too self conscious about making a nostalgic cutesy final fantasy game. X, otoh, tried something new, like 7, and it turned out great. Really glad it has the pre-rendered backgrounds too. My only gripe would be the endgame and how grindy it is.
>>7256 *postgame is the correct term not endgame
>>7256 >X is the last real final fantasy as far as I'm concerned I mean, it's quite literally is. It's the last Sakaguchi game, it's the last Uematsu game. Hell, it's literally the last Squaresoft Final Fantasy before the m*rger. It's really interesting to see how they were trying to evolve the formula and the tech, and you can only image what the series would have been if Sakaguchi stayed at the helm.
>>7258 >It's the last Sakaguchi game, it's the last Uematsu game. Hell, it's literally the last Squaresoft Final Fantasy before the m*rger. >11 was a fucking MMO >12 was a weird attempt at making a single player MMO >13 was hallways, auto battle and crybabies >14 was another fucking MMO >15 was a gay road trip >16 is more gay shit I didn't pay attention to it at the time, but yeah. FF died along with Squaresoft. While I didn't like Tidus or Yuna much, 10 was at still a good game.
>>7260 12 was great but even twenty years later it still doesn't feel like a Final Fantasy, it should have just been its own game like Vagrant Story 2 or something. Such was the strength of the PSX trilogy that it forever personified what a FF game is.
Open file (57.34 KB 783x391 4h55.jpg)
Majula feels like home for me. Plus the music is so calm. And you can see your waifu who can level you up, a depressed warrior, a guy who can sell you a fashion souls, a blacksmith with a limited shards, those pigs who really wants to kill you, a giant hole and a talking cat?!
>>7187 I have a special attachment specifically towards Paper Mario N64. I was particularly severely sick as a kid and had to stay home from school for a month. My mom said she'd go to video store for me and pick up a game for me to play, it happened to be Paper Mario. The medication I was on made me extremely relaxed and it was pure bliss coupled with the world of Paper Mario. I had thoughts of "these could be my last moments" like feeling on the verge of life and death, but I had nothing but content happiness. It was like the game came at the right point in time exactly when I needed it, calmed me down and made me feel like everything was all right.
>>7276 the only good thing about DS2
Open file (111.44 KB 736x981 comfy kot.jpg)
>>7316 Seems like comfy time.
Open file (1.54 MB 506x434 44_y.gif)
>>7350 Is this from a SMW mod?
Open file (428.27 KB 1280x798 kt.jpg)

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