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Open file (190.10 KB 1414x1414 71uIuQopuAL.jpg)
Handhelds Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 16:20:27 No.2130
So Soyny is making a new handheld console that requires constant internet and can only work via remote play off a PS5 - https://archive.is/H63Pt But enough about horrible flops, what is the best handheld system? What are your favorite games?
>>8824 The only reason Shitch got so popular is because you can doc that fucker in your living room and continue to play Soyda off the same disc, or whatever the fuck Shitch uses. I can't image this PSP2 using blurays, so it's gonna be streaming games off the console, like Vita could do as well. Or you would have to buy another version of the game, just like with Vita again. Both are terrible, third world solutions in comparison to what Soytendo is offering.
>>8825 I'm sure psp2 would have some kind of video out as well as bluetooth for controller hookup. Probably an optional dock. I don't know how they're going to avoid shooting themselves in the foot if they try to make it a full blown ps5 replacement (because then it would be directly competing with their own flagship product, unless it was just really expensive so people still would buy ps5s, and then they still will have trouble competing with soytendo). So maybe it will never happen. They had a sweet spot with vita since it was it's own thing and they should have nurtured that but they pissed it away and now they are stuck with no good way to get into portable market. No one but the biggest consoomer would want their stream only portable.
Open file (119.90 KB 1200x800 based PSP.jpg)
>>8826 PSP worked because it was released at the right moment during the golden age of gaming where most games were AA titles from small teams, so PSP's library was full of unique standalone titles. It kinda was like PS2-2, many people were basically making a choice between the two. But nowadays where every game is a bloated AAAAA open world monstrosity ain't no fucking way will anyone make exclusive games for your handheld, so the only option is to do what Soytendo did, BUT, there you're getting both things at the price of one, that's kinda the point. So whatever PSP2 is using to ran games from PS4/PS5, you basically need to buy another console to play those games on the go, it's literally Vita2 but they're calling it PSP2 because everyone loved that one and it was a success lol, 'member PSP.
Open file (1.34 MB 4032x3024 yh4.jpg)
just look at this pile.
>>8909 what's the one under Vita?
>>8915 Shitch Lite?
>>8909 >the only good handheld on top As it should be
>>8916 Looks like a bootleg.
>>8918 But Vita is not on top there.
>>8920 Because thats the worst handheld ever made
>>8940 3DS is right under it.
>>8909 PSP has the best design.
Open file (76.56 KB 500x412 Snake-2k-1844914300.jpg)
>>8987 Kino.
Open file (274.58 KB 1080x1475 6.jpg)
Zoomers are getting nostalgic for the PSP.
Open file (395.78 KB 603x768 ju.jpg)
What does the n stand for?
Open file (92.20 KB 1076x1422 erman.jpg)
>>9036 This is never happening but could Xbox compete in handheld market?
Open file (1.52 MB 1000x1062 5f6fbe187622cf9a.png)
>>8568 Game Gear anon here. I was able to clean the corrosion off, but that didn't seem to be the problem. So I opened the fucker up, and found that 4 capacitors inside had burst at some point. I don't know jack shit about soldering, but I could give the affected circuit to my dad, he probably would know what to do if I buy replacement capacitors. With how long the capacitor corrosion sit on the surface, am I still fucked?
>>9144 >am I still fucked? Likely. Also soldering capacitors on complex motherboards is virtually not a thing, this isn't a radio.
>>9036 to play what games?
>>9144 By "burst" you make it sound like these are aluminum electrolytic caps, which, in the world of PCB components are relatively huge and easy to solder/desolder, SMD or through-hole. Post pics and I can probably walk you through finding out what values they are and replacing them. t. electrical engineer not afraid to take an iron to 0402 parts without magnification unlike this bitch >>9145
>>9150 One fried Game Gear coming up.
Open file (1.76 MB 4032x3024 IMG_0769.jpeg)
>>9150 The capacitors that burst were actually quite small. They gave little to no resistance when I ripped them off. This is the nastiness they left on the board.
Open file (2.66 MB 3024x4032 ouch.jpg)
Open file (31.68 KB 800x800 captopbottom.jpeg)
Open file (2.52 MB 3024x4032 thefix.jpg)
>>9157 >actually quite small Compare them to the little brown ceramic caps nearby, C4 and C8. Those look like 0603 size, which is quite small for beginners maybe. The ones you removed are relatively large, like I said they'd be. Which is good for you, because now you've got some PCB surgery on your hands. Get a soldering iron and some solder, and see just how much, if any of those pads are left on the board. Not gonna lie, it doesn't look good. One should never "rip off" components from a PCB, ever. They need to be properly heated and desoldered or you risk: losing the solder pads, which it looked like you may have done here, lifting and breaking traces, bending the board and breaking internal traces or creating cracks in nearby solder joints. Just don't. Anyway, if you're still dedicated to this thing, it can be saved. See my pic for a possible fix using leaded electrolytics laid on their sides to hopefully fit in the same vertical space as the old SMDs. You can either scrape solder mask off of the remaining traces to get a point to solder to, or, you can find a component lead on the same net, as I highlight in a few places. As for your replacement parts, I found documentation here that has everything you need - https://gamesx.com/wiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=schematics:service_manual_-_game_gear_va1.pdf See section 8-3-3, "Sound Circuit Board" for the parts we're talking about here. You're not gonna find those mid-90s Japanese parts anywhere though, but I can find you modern equivalents if you want. These are bulk capacitors used for power regulation and maybe some audio filtering stuff IDK I didn't really look, but they're not critical components in the sense that we need to match ESR or they gotta be CG0 or something or it won't work. Any cap with the same capacitance and voltage range will work here. Let me know if you want to try to tackle it.
Anon if you actually fix this thing on your own, you will be the greatest gaymer of all times.
>>9145 >>9154 >>9162 Fixing this is like the electronics version of making a PB&J sandwich. They should be teaching it in schools.
Open file (89.07 KB 548x456 subassembly.png)
Open file (162.19 KB 520x614 topbottom.png)
Open file (80.42 KB 866x559 schem.png)
Something I should have asked first - does it work? Did you try putting new batteries in and turning it on? This sound sub-assembly seems to be analog output only, and it being broken or even missing should not prevent you from turning the thing on and playing - you just won't have sound. How do the power supply and main PCB look? Any burst caps or heavy corrosion there?
>>9164 It's not hard to solder. To solder and make it actually work is the challenge because usually something goes tits up, even just by looking at stuff like techmoan.
Open file (9.34 KB 129x199 th-4239710428.jpeg)
>>9164 not everyone has this type of screwdriver
>>9169 Or soldering gun, or soldering shit, and many other shit to fix this. You need to buy all this. Quite an investment.
>>9170 >>9169 was a joke; you're an idiot. >Quite an investment. A servicable iron, solder, flux, desolder braid, and a tip cleaner will run you less than a triple-ayy game these days.
>>9171 >instead of buying a game buy all this crap that will do you no good unless you're an engineer and who's an idiot here
>>9172 you fail to realize this is the darksouls of gaming
>>9165 It does turn on, but the screen is just white.
Open file (634.90 KB 3552x2000 psp.jpg)
psp should have stayed in production indefinitely. perfect system for low-medium budget jarpigs, VNs, arpgs etc. you literally do not need more
>>9413 True.
Open file (754.55 KB 936x1029 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9425 talk about being late to the party, the only reason Shits is popular is because you can play the same shitty underpowered game as back at home
>>9425 To play what games? Just emulation?
>>9425 That's a big handheld.
>>9484 for you

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