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Open file (104.61 KB 900x675 6e62c5e6423a7.jpg)
/vroom/ Anonymous 04/16/2023 (Sun) 11:54:31 No.2368
Welcome to The Garage, a thread where fans of racing vidya can discuss their favorite arcade, sim, kart, and any other kinds of racing games. Interested in a series to get started with? >Daytona >Tokyo Xtreme Racer >Dirt/Colin McRae >F-Zero >Ridge Racer >Forza >Gran Turismo >Burnout >Mario Kart >Midnight Club >Midtown Madness >Need for Speed >Outrun >Project Gotham Racing/Metropolis Street Racer >Rush >Sega Rally
Open file (58.20 KB 560x840 weinermobile.jpg)
Hate hairpins Hate double apexes Hate Laguna Seca Simple as.
>>3828 >Laguna Seca Why?
Open file (97.37 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>3830 So i suck at Laguna Seca's very first double turn (double apex as they call it) and the corkscrew because in the former i get rammed/PIT'd all the time and the latter i can't see shit because it's a camera dive and i always enter it wrong or downright go into it at 50km while everyone rams me back or win seconds because they go at it perfectly. Forza 1 on hard is tough as nails when you reach the R class, i drive with a pad and no assists other than auto gears and the line sometimes because i forget the tracks after weeks, still the AI rarely makes mistakes if they are not tailing you and are also very aggressive. Then the AI has all the assists, thus they have anti-lock and brake at full efficiency while i have to soft brake 10 meters before so they get the position or ram me. I now understand Turn 10 invented the Replay feature not because of the noobs but because the AI was made to not play around and will fuck you up in late-game if you are close to them even if you don't touch their cars. I often compete in demolition derby by causing accidents if i want to win stock races in tracks i suck and doing these in R GTS class is hell. Guess i need to get better at Laguna and Bathurst but doing perfect times for 10 or 12 laps straight is a grind, want to cut my nuts when i reach Endurance.
>>3833 Based autismo.
>>3837 It's called trying, normalfag
Open file (226.36 KB 1200x794 60.jpg)
>>2880 >hey, GTA is popular
Apparently GT is coming to the big screen. www.hollyjew reporter.com/movies/movie-reviews/gran-turismo-review-orlando-bloom-david-harbour-neill-blomkamp-1235557511/
>>4815 BTW, daily reminder this film is based on the gaymer nigger who drove his racecar of peace into the crowd at Nürburgring. heguardian.com/sport/2015/mar/28/spectator-killed-nurburgring-nordschleife-jann-mardenborough-vln-nissan-crash
Open file (1.28 MB 640x360 lol.gif)
>>4816 lmao what the fuck?
Open file (36.10 KB 604x604 oy vey.jpg)
Making films out of games with no story just to monetize the brand recognition is peak kikery.
>>4815 This is made for who exactly?
>>4826 Shabbos goyim whose pockets still contain a few of the highly-coveted sheqels that rightfully belong to Hollyjew?
>>4832 why would they care about GT tho
>>4835 Why ask why? It's all jewgold to the kikes. Kikes run HollyJew. Kikes love jewgold. Simple as.
>>4835 Chances are they heard the name Gran Turismo somewhere.
Open file (65.36 KB 480x526 car.jpg)
Which car view do you prefer?
>>4862 Cockpit view is the only time VR is actually useful and yields great results.
>>4862 Pilot when possible, if not then the closest camera in the back
Open file (549.57 KB 1920x1080 gt.jpg)
>>5015 i really don't want to believe that GranTurismo has succumbed to the slop, I mean it's just an autistic racing game...
Open file (211.90 KB 1078x883 lol.jpg)
>>5028 Why would troons play racing vidya?
Open file (1008.63 KB 1687x1592 lol.jpg)
>cancelling split screen is a creative choice lmao, right, and black bars in games are for "cinematic effect"
Open file (243.86 KB 850x1186 d2.jpg)
https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/after-25-years-sega-is-bringing-daytona-usa-2-to-consoles-for-the-first-time/ >After 25 years, Sega is bringing Daytona USA 2 to consoles for the first time
>>5435 Is this a nuMake incoming, or the dawn of a whole new era of refreshing for all?
>>5150 >thought modern consoles would be an improvement
>>5437 >Classic Sega arcade racing game Daytona USA 2 will receive its first ever home port, 25 years after it was released in arcades.
>>5440 Remember how /kong/ said that studios catering to the West had reached levels of vibrant enrichment that shouldn't even be possible, and therefore could never create good games now? < *reach into the time travel vault* < *extract 6502-based arcade IP* > "Behold the new current thing!111"
>>5440 It's not even a standalone release like the first one on PS3 and Xbox 360, it's only playable in the new Yakuza Like a Dragon game. Hopefully, it does gets one in the future.
>>5466 >like the first one on PS3 and Xbox 360 Might as well recall the stone age, anon. Back then there were still videogames. Still, it's nice to see an actual re-release of something and not a horrible numake.
Open file (1.19 MB 1855x913 tt.png)
Open file (633.70 KB 3840x2160 7.jpg)
Anyone looking forward to this?
>>6051 Does heckin Mario Cart count anon!?
>>6051 I hope that when you drive, your hands aren't black.
Open file (452.51 KB 779x591 ea.png)
>>6077 About that...
>>6231 >sheboon Never in my life have I seen a real life non-white male mechanic. But maybe that's just because when I have to take my truck to a mechanic, I go with a competent one.
>>6243 Just like with film, randomly dropping niggers into everything, even places where they don't belong historically and logically, breaks any and all immersion and realism.
>>6244 That's strictly a Jewish behavior AFAICT anon.
>>6245 What, you don't like niggers? You're upset with the daily nigger quota we've got to meet? Oy vey and gevalt someone get this mashugana a bagel and calm him down before his foreskin grows back!
Open file (351.21 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (103.40 KB 1061x1500 gt4.jpg)
Open file (3.98 MB 960x540 ray tracing.webm)
what do you think of ray tracing?
>>6561 ray tracing? more like gay racing
>>6562 racing is very non-gay
Open file (871.37 KB 3840x2160 ex.jpg)
Open file (97.47 KB 713x713 iu.jpg)
Most people focus on the soundtrack and graphics for understandable reasons, but do any other racing games manage the level of simple yet effective story telling and "cinematography" this one does? >Race results and the number of tries it took you to win change the dialog you get between races >Has an actual plot on top of "you becoming the best racer" >Courses are colorful and perfectly lit for dramatic effect, with moving set pieces like helicopters and airplanes >Replays have the perfect camera angles to always look exciting
>>7370 I'm there for Reiko.

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