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kong /meta Anonymous 01/26/2023 (Thu) 17:49:05 No.277
/meta, offtopic, & QTDDTOT you know the drill faggots
>>6717 >mary jane has to look like a 70-year-old tranny >the girl on the BLACKED advert is allowed to be young and attractive I'm sure it's just another (((coincidence.)))
>>6717 lmao
Open file (496.78 KB 1179x1036 1698979544876637.jpg)
>>6948 How fucking over is it boyos?
>>6949 It could be worse. At least it's not a Jew.
>>6948 I thought it's gonna say US
>>6950 It's a sheboon in a position of power. It's a jew puppet at best.
>>6948 and now theyre going to make a big deal about it to try and blame their garbage sales on racism to get tax gibs cant wait till we goomba stomp these niggers and jews for real
Open file (117.14 KB 1280x720 x.jpg)
>>6984 That would've been /retro/-cool, actually. But then ofc Elon would have had to sue M$ over this flagrancy.
Open file (40.82 KB 475x640 0378.jpg)
Reminder: play good games, avoid the slop and don't troon out
Open file (610.02 KB 675x800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6717 das rite
>>7054 sheeeeeeeeeeeit
>>7054 The future of Snoy.
"They are turning the friggin’ frogs gay!" DON'T LET THEM TURN THE FROGS GAY, ANON!
>>7327 >official Did he actually sign off on a vidya game? Funny enough it's probably better then 99% of the trash that gets shit out these days.
>>7327 lol
>>7374 Gaming was forever ruined 25 years ago.
/retro/ has a nice geimu throd. https://anon.cafe/retro/res/3480.html#3480
Open file (292.31 KB 474x355 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7374 Which edition?
Open file (181.39 KB 595x606 ClipboardImage.png)
These people have never played video games in their life.
>>7388 Why do people play their gaymes anyway? It's clear they hate us. Stop participating.
>>7389 zoomers and normalfags don't know anything else
Open file (425.67 KB 931x682 13b-3116632286.gif)
>>7390 zoom zoom
Open file (97.50 KB 675x732 p8.png)
More globohomo please.
Open file (221.38 KB 1094x1048 x.jpg)
xbox is going out of business
>>7406 Didn't they just put a nigger, and a stronk independent at that, in charge there? M$ surely wouldn't pull the plug r/n. Bad optics with the libshit crowd.
>>7407 yeah classic nigger shield, now their going to cry racism for their garbage sales
>>7407 you hire a diversity hire when it's all over
Snoy sued for $7.9 billion over high game prices. https://archive.is/hHx5M >LONDON, Nov 21 (Reuters) - Sony (6758.T) must face a mass lawsuit worth up to 6.3 billion pounds ($7.9 billion) over claims the PlayStation maker abused its dominant position leading to unfair prices for customers, a London tribunal ruled on Tuesday.
>>7410 I hope Snoy goes bankrupt.
>>7410 They're gonna win and games will cost $100 a piece. >And that's a good thing, here's why...
Open file (1.31 MB 640x360 Jimmy Boy.mp4)
Open file (294.47 KB 750x616 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (376.74 KB 1170x1395 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (415.38 KB 1549x1500 hbrtw53b7xz11.jpg)
Happy Thanksgiving, /kong/ !
Open file (605.29 KB 740x416 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7436 Happy thanksgiving!
>>7435 is Xbox going out of business a good thing tho? It'll just give Snoy and Soytendo more monopoly
>>7466 Not like much will change either way. There will still be almost nothing but ESG compliance for the foreseeable future regardless of if it's a numake, reboot, sequel or something new. The only difference would be xboxfags will have to buy an overpriced paperweight with a different logo then they're use to. Now all but one console manufacturer is pushed out we will probably see some pretty serious price gouging.
Open file (33.58 KB 1004x443 EbYa17MXYAAVKco.jpg)
>>7468 >Not like much will change either way. I don't think so. There was a great deal of corporate rivalry going on, especially between Sony and MS. When one would fuck up, the other would try and do the opposite to look better, like the infamous sharing games for PS4. They were all stuck in a sort of equilibrium where you didn't want to do something egregious because the others will try and exploit that. If you remove one player, the balance will be ruined and even shittier practices and trends will start flooding in.
Open file (155.95 KB 765x401 ClipboardImage.png)
>Xbox Its just a prebuilt PC for people too dumb and/or poor to build an actual PC >Playstation Everything is overpriced, have to pay extra to use your own internet and all its exclusives are "cinematic" slop with shit gameplay and stories written by white liberals from California >Nintendo Outdated hardware that can be easily emulated on PC for free, library is 90% remasters of old games
>>7484 >that can be easily emulated on PC for free I thought emulating anything past the 64 was pretty iffy.
>>7530 Unlike playstattion, I think every nintendo console is emulated pretty accurately. Not like Shitch is some complex powerhouse either.
>>7531 Except for the gimmicky motion controls or multiple screens. DS games, for example, I have never really wanted to play on an emulator because of the two screens.
>>7532 >Except for the gimmicky motion controls or multiple screens Well yeah you can't emulate that. But that's only for the better.
>>7533 Who would want to play a wii game without the only thing that makes it unique? There are some wii games that are just traditional controller games, but for the ones that aren't it doesn't sound very fun to play them without motion controls to me. It's like playing a light gun shooter with a joystick.

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