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kong /meta Anonymous 01/26/2023 (Thu) 17:49:05 No.277
/meta, offtopic, & QTDDTOT you know the drill faggots
RCE exploit in GTAV >>>/robowaifu/19067
Open file (479.86 KB 300x200 1.gif)
Open file (23.40 KB 300x100 2.png)
Open file (11.20 KB 300x100 3.jpg)
Do we have BO or vols here? I have some old banners.
>>281 We got a BO but no vols, haven't seen the BO in a while though.
Open file (654.01 KB 300x100 bb.gif)
>>284 Well fug. Cool gif, here's a new banner of it just in case tho.
Open file (129.25 KB 1212x902 1465026528509.gif)
>>285 Nice banner, I'll see if I can get in contact with him, he is probably lurking just doesn't check /kong/ I'm guessing cause nothing has been happening here for a long time.
Open file (5.42 KB 300x100 banner2.gif)
>>286 Auuugh, and whose fault is that... But anyway, let bygones be bygones.
Open file (1.06 MB 300x200 ban-.gif)
>>285 Also, I just remembered we used to have yuge banners here.
>>284 >>285 Somebody just claim the board as it's 'dead'. I'm sure Robi will accomodate that.
>>290 I don't think it's dead.
>>293 Heh, yeah you're right anon. Thought it was.
Let's keep the banners to 300x100. I still have the old banners, but it would be best to create new ones.
>>309 But big banners are cool... You can't have them in most places.
So quick question. Who here plays OpenRA? I'm thinking it might be fun to spin up Dune2000 again, but I don't Windoze any longer. Any advice konganons?
>>310 Sure, but they have to be less than 500kb.
Open file (654.01 KB 300x100 kong.gif)
>>309 >>318 Add gif related that anon >>285 made i just optimized the file size.
Open file (145.49 KB 300x100 kong banner.gif)
>>319 oops wrong one here is the right one
Open file (180.39 KB 300x200 uy.gif)
>>318 Oh, it's been so long I forgot.
Open file (494.09 KB 300x200 kkkong.gif)
Open file (2.90 KB 300x100 yj5.png)
Open file (226.82 KB 1280x574 latest_version.jpg)
>there are subhumans out there who play games like this
is it worth playin the new harry potter shite , are trannies seething about it enough ?
>>437 People are buying it to make trannies seethe but the game itself is shit.
>>437 >>438 When it gets cracked in about about week I'll pirate it and give it a try but I'm not gonna pay for it.
>>440 It's silly really, there are many other ways to make trannies seethe, all free of charge. They pretty much seethe from everything. I'm not gonna buy a shit game just for that.
Another site falls to a monumentally retarded decision of [likely] troon admins https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=36499.0
Open file (1.12 MB 1392x1563 Pirate gigachad.png)
>>442 >buy But you don't need to buy it you can just be a PirateChad
>>459 Why would I want to pirate it? The whole point is to buy it so it has good sales and that makes troons seethe. But I'm not wasting my money on some shit game just for that.
>>451 FUUU
>>451 so what does this mean exactly?
>>510 No more retro gamez for u.
>>511 why
>>512 Because they don't appear out of thin air, someone has to do them. When you can freely do mashups, etc., then it's an open-sauce utopia world. Submit to screeching trannies & stronk, independynts, then it becomes a Current Year dystopic hellhole. Understand?
Open file (2.00 MB 540x960 JewJew.mp4)
I don't get it, this new Harry Potter game is woke as all fuck, there's a tranny, pronouns etc. but it's also making the troons mad? I ain't buying or playing that shit either way.
>>525 thank god that microsoft rejected muh phone bill payment when I was going to buy it. Because up to now, I have thrown money in the toilet for Fire Emblem Engage, Forspoken and nu-Dead Space. But Nu-Dead Space and Fire Emblem is actually good compared to Forspoken. Please god, let Octopath traveler and Atomic Heart be good!
>>530 Just play older games, you haven't touched even 1/10 of what's out there.
Open file (228.16 KB 300x200 bnr.gif)
>>593 Nice banner anon.
Open file (111.99 KB 300x200 банер.png)
Open file (871.04 KB 680x627 IT'S ALL OVER.png)
>Be me >wow, finally not a zzzchan vidya board where we will have discussions about games without coomers fags spamming loli shit >checking /kong/ >just shitty memes with pepe, chad, etc, like cuckchan or discord, with rarely discussions sad, almost all imageboards are just like this now
>>783 >complete lie Go back, bad faith nigger.
>>783 Plenty of decent discussion here anon.
Open file (118.91 KB 299x292 quite.png)
>>798 And we're only getting started.
>>783 this, I don't know why I had hope about the webring having anything good outside of /christian/
>>845 Already replied to you >>784
After years I decided to check in cuckchan /tv/ I decided to check the New Vegas thread, now the place is full of NCR faggots who hate Legion and Mr House. I post two replies to the thread, but seems like I am shadow banned (the absolute state of cuckchan, least ban me instead of shadow banning). I never imagined I would see something so faggy and out of character going on there. Disgusting.
>>932 >After years I decided to check in cuckchan /tv/ why tho
>>960 I didn't want to necrobump a 3 year old thread my nigga, especially since we're having a new beginning.
>>961 You're right.
Open file (917.16 KB 400x225 DSP_clap.gif)
Open file (179.03 KB 474x355 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1019 Good to see /intl/ is here lol
>>1018 this is already the best /v/ in existence.
Open file (18.18 KB 640x480 dkm.png)
hey nerds since this is /kong/ and i got a donkey kong themed mush so i just thought to share it its a multi user shared hallucination running pennmush. donkey kong 64 was the base of the map. some golden bananas and coins to collect.chill hangout on dk island, text version. its a mush so it has all the common mush features like building. mail, global chats, boards to post on. stupid tutorial like dk 64. check it out or dont idc. its just my text island telnet dkmush.cyou 6250 http://www.dkmush.cyou
Anons, what should we use instead of the generic spoiler pic?
Open file (215.22 KB 673x483 492846185.jpg)
>>1068 interesting site even tho shill >>1227 yeah seems like a decent image to use, got that rustic island vibe to it.
>>1227 Needs moar lensflare question marks tbh.
>>1227 Fuck this janky software, I believe it needs to be a .png file but I keep getting "board not found" error when I try to save it.
>>1275 have you tried turning your computer off and back on?
>>1275 Swap your JS active setting, then reload the administration page and try again BO.
Open file (467.88 KB 673x483 1.png)
Open file (467.37 KB 673x483 2.png)
Probably better this way.
>>1278 I like the second one better tbh.
Open file (475.60 KB 673x483 spoiler.png)
How about like this?
>>1283 I like that you've cutout around the chest, but IMO the ? mark is too bold fonty. Maybe half the height, a non-bold font, and a duller blue more in keeping with the rustic & sketchy-looking chest.
Open file (488.21 KB 673x483 spoiler 2a.png)
>>1285 lookin' good anon.
>>1285 Yeah I think that's pretty good Anon.
So what do you think, BO?
Open file (132.07 KB 573x800 rr.jpg)
Here's your new Aragorn, son of Arathorn. Sheeeit.
Open file (548.61 KB 1020x576 brokebuck.png)
>>1385 Elvin bucks need breaking anon.
>>1385 Tolkien explicitly made (((Sauron))) and his Orcs black for a reason.
>>1393 >>1399 Orc Lives [Don't] Matter.
>>1399 Actually Sauron was a fallen angel/demigod basically who thought he was in the right, even though he clearly wasn't, and the orcs/and by extension the urak-hai were corrupted elves/mixed with corrupted men. The Easterlings and Haradrim who serve Sauron, were Eastern-Europeans, East-Asians, Turkroaches, and Arabs/North Africans with it said only some of the Haradrim and being from the farthest south being niggers. Also the Orcs unlike niggers were capable of mining/creating clever contraptions for war so comparing niggers to them is actually an insult to them, and the corrupted hwite folks who were sadly tortured into becoming them courtesy of Saurons Master, Morgoth. I do agree that their mongrelized appearance truly does represent a future that (((they))) wish us to become regardless of lore implications, but much like apes, orcs in tolkiens universe are still far to intelligent and civilized to be compared to nogs. Kinda sad that Sauron and his obviously catholic biased-depicted Ubermensch Philosophy is ironically a far more desirable alternative to the (((people))) who rule us today. I'd rather even be ruled by the combine from half-life 2 who are at least honest in their brutality than (((our benefactors))).
>>1404 Man I really hate the extended Tolkien lore.
Open file (69.14 KB 1280x720 to each his own.jpg)
>>1413 I mean to each his own anon.
>>1404 Yes, I'm well aware of the Silmarillion, et al. Doesn't change a thing. Tolkien explicitly made (((Sauron))) and his Orcs black for a reason.
>>1419 Orcs were also pigmen.
So, BO? >>1285
>>1485 I notified robi about the issue, just waiting for a response.
Open file (121.12 KB 500x375 deer trouble.png)
>>1490 then it's never getting done...
Open file (131.54 KB 1024x732 nf.jpg)
Open file (269.15 KB 1162x908 state.jpg)
The absolute state.
>>1591 Its ogre.
>>1591 >>1611 it is no shit, really. I mean imagine you got burned by Hogwarts or by some other game. Then you remember that Dead Space, Metroid Prime and RE4 was good, so there is no way they can fuck up these games. Like Metroid Prime is the same game over again just a remake and it was actually good and it was fun, something I had forgotten about. Same with Dead Space, it was a fun game for once it was an actual game and not an interactive experience with an open world/sandbox. RE4make is the same deal but more gruesome than the first and original RE4.
>>1612 >Dead Space, Metroid Prime and RE4 was good, so there is no way they can fuck up these games. Yet they did, all of these remakes are hot pozzed garbage. Kill yourself you subhuman nigger scum zoomer faggot.
Open file (983.03 KB 1170x951 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1612 >RE4make is the same deal but more gruesome than the first and original RE4. die
>>1613 how are they bad? they are actual games. Sure the new RE character models are realistic 3d scanned instead of an artist making it from scratch, and just takes some artistic renditions on the models instead. Also you probably didn't play metroid prime which is a remaster more than a remake. >>1614 How convenient saying no head decapitation but forgets to say that the chainsaw duder chainsaws Leon in half from the chest and up to the head, and down the anus, and you see this gruesome death. So it isn't cut content, it is added content at that point.
Open file (419.00 KB 1391x497 tej.png)
Hey BO, I've noticed something. The board's thumbs are too big so 5 can't fit in the same row and always have to transfer after 4. Is it possible to make them slightly smaller so that 5 can fit in a row? It triggers my autism and I think it's just ugly and clutters a thread.
Open file (471.42 KB 1080x1293 rip.jpg)
Japan has fallen. It's over.
Open file (1.39 MB 3316x4044 1595297842147.jpg)
Open file (2.05 MB 1080x1528 1595283662378.png)
Open file (2.63 MB 1158x1637 1606331714450.png)
>>1640 Did you personally buy the games or not? And from the looks of it, you cannot see her tight shorts, where you can see her nice butt, so no more butts and cleavage. Which was one of the selling points along with Reisalin"Ryza" Stout being the oldest in Atelier series by being 17 years old and 19 in 2 and now in 3 is a fully grown woman..
>>1614 Let's let the game come out first and play through it before we decide that it sucks. Or if that infographic is true or made up bullshit. We already have RE4 (original) so I'm open to changes if Capcom can improve some bits.
Open file (1.33 MB 535x650 megasoy.png)
>>1654 >Let's let the game come out first and play through it before we decide that it sucks. Or if that infographic is true or made up bullshit. We already have RE4 (original) so I'm open to changes if Capcom can improve some bits.
Open file (554.85 KB 1080x666 1.png)
Open file (96.94 KB 256x184 spoiler.png)
Woah BO, I assumed you would resize the spoiler pic.
Open file (350.59 KB 575x821 robi (1).png)
>>1782 That might have actually been robi working his magic and finally getting it working.
Also BO >>1632
Open file (663.33 KB 1386x253 2131341`3.png)
>>1632 >>1785 works fine for me
>>1786 Weird, I tested it on different browsers and the result is the same, it transfers. What could it be?
>>1787 Are you using a monitor in portrait orientation? Cause that does it for me, normally I use one monitor in portrait orientation for browsing boards and it will usually put the fifth image on the next row, so I'm used to it. But when I view it on my landscaped orientated monitor its fine.
>>1788 I have a regular monitor with regular heterosexual orientation. The thing is, only /kong/ does this on jewlаy.
>>1790 It does it for me all across alogs, alot of it boils down to the size of the image, the size of your monitor and the aspect ratio its set to. So in portrait for me it will almost always move image to the fifth row but on landscaped monitor it doesn't. What is your regular monitor size?
Open file (1.18 KB 1x1 bypass.gif)
Open file (1.18 KB 1x1 bypass.gif)
Open file (1.18 KB 1x1 bypass.gif)
Open file (1.18 KB 1x1 bypass.gif)
Open file (1.18 KB 1x1 bypass.gif)
Well lets test it with these 1x1 pixel gifs to see what happens
>>1792 yeah still does it on the portrait monitor but not the landscape, could be some kind of issue with the board software.
Open file (160.00 B 1x1 bypass.jpg)
Open file (160.00 B 1x1 bypass.jpg)
Open file (160.00 B 1x1 bypass.jpg)
Open file (160.00 B 1x1 bypass.jpg)
Open file (160.00 B 1x1 bypass.jpg)
Testing just a 1x1 jpg
Open file (7.04 KB 647x104 test.png)
>>1794 That worked in portrait, they are all on the same row. So not really sure what it is, could be board software and or also monitor size in conjunction with it?
>>1792 I tested it on different boards on jewlау and it does that everywhere so I guess it's not just /kong/. But then some other pic sizes do line in a row x5 so it depends on image aspect ration I suppose. I think the solution is to make thumbs slightly smaller on the site but I doubt Robi will ever get to that so I guess it is what it is.
>>1796 Well, at least we have the place to begin with, it does bother me as well tbh.
Open file (44.89 KB 717x332 rip.png)
It's over. (Don't switch to 10 and higher under any circumstances)
>>1812 11 is dogshit but 10 isn't bad when you turn off all the spy shit. 11 has the Global Warming hoax hardwired into its genes.
>>1819 >when you turn off all the spy shit Nearly impossible if at all. You have to be a codemonkey to truly nullify all the spyware. The thing is, there's really no difference between 7/8 and 10 except for all the spyware and now they're literally forcing people to stop using the safe stuff despite it being barely a decade old. It's like with electronics stuff where they now make all the tech break in 5 years so that you have to buy new stuff, only now it spies on you.
Open file (809.79 KB 3868x1080 r.jpg)
a reminder that ray tracing is a meme
>>1880 Is ray tracing the new 3D?
>>1880 Kinda looks like ray tracing just washes out the colors a little. Isn't also a massive resource hog if you don't have a 2K+ graphics card?
>>1894 >Isn't also a massive resource hog if you don't have a 2K+ graphics card? Yes, that's the scam, you're supposed to dump money into new high-end graphics cards because 'muh ray tracing will make gamed look better' while in most cases there's a negligible difference. It's like the 5G scam.
Open file (79.48 KB 1125x1125 w2.jpg)
>>1924 I'm getting more diverse just in anticipation!
>>1925 no more Keanu Reeves for you nazi, it's Idris Elba and that's a good thing!
>>1924 I actually gave this game a shot recently pirated of course and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I like the aesthetics and driving around can be strangely comfy. The actual gameplay is kinda standard for a FPS, but made a little more interesting with whatever cybernetics you have. But then you start noticing things. Pretty rampant faggotry. The only straight romance options are shitskins. You can murder innocent people on the street for shits and giggles, but aren't allowed to even point your gun at prostitutes. The only good politician is a taconigger(i think). While it's not nearly as all encompassing as I expected there's definitely a certain slant to the identity politics in the game.
>>1929 Anon, it's literally woke the game. How you have noticed only 2 or 3 things is beyond me.
>>1930 >How you have noticed only 2 or 3 things is beyond me. Nigger, I'm not spending all day typing up a comprehensive list of woke shit in a mediocre game. I just listed a few things off the top of my head from the time I spend giving it a chance.
>>1947 You don't need all day when the second you boot the game you're assaulted with woke shit from every corner.

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